White Evangelical Leaders Want Senate Republicans to Crucify Christine Blasey Ford

“Worried their chance to cement a conservative majority on the Supreme Court could slip away, a growing number of evangelical and anti-abortion leaders are expressing frustration that Senate Republicans and the White House are not protecting Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh more forcefully from a sexual assault allegation and warning that conservative voters may stay home in November if his nomination falls apart.

Several of these leaders, including ones with close ties to the White House and Senate Republicans, are urging Republicans to move forward with a confirmation vote imminently unless the woman who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford, agrees to share her story with the Senate Judiciary Committee within the next few days.”

New York Times

Evangelical leaders haven`t expressed any frustration over the culture of corruption that thrives in the White House. List of cabinet officials under investigation for ethical lapses:


Evangelical leaders haven`t expressed any frustration over the moral depravity of Donald Trump, they give him a mulligan every time he indulges in one of the seven deadly sins.

Evangelical leaders haven`t expressed any frustration over the racist atmosphere in the Trump administration that bears bitter fruit in racist immigration laws.

However these anti-women Pharisees have their panties in a twist because the White House isn`t doing enough, in their estimation, to protect Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh from the credible charge that he attempted to rape a student when he was in high school.

Jesus defended and protected children and social outcasts from powerful religious leaders, evangelical leaders protect powerful corrupt political leaders.
White evangelicals care more about advancing their political agenda than they do about the victims of sexual predators like Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

The woman who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford, should be treated with respect, and that means having her allegations investigated by the FBI before she testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
If white evangelical leaders had their way, she would be stoned to death, so that Senate Republicans can swiftly confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

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Staring at Your Phone Makes Your Dog Sad

“Spending hours staring at your phone is making your dog sad, according to one expert.

When we pay more attention to our phones than to our dogs, we damage our emotional bond, making our dogs feel lonely and isolated. That can lead to doggy depression and behavioural issues.

`If it`s sitting there looking up at you, but you`re too busy gawping at someone`s irrelevant snap on Facebook, you`ve got a problem.

`You do that consistently for weeks, months and years on end and you`re going to get some real behavioural issues.`”


My cats could care less if I waste the entire day and night staring at my phone, as long as I remember to feed them, and clean their litter boxes.

My pooch, Mandy, is a different story, she stares at me when I`m slouched on the sofa watching TV, when I`m pecking away at my keyboard writing essays, and even when I`m taking a bath.

I occasionally stare back at my muse to let her know that I appreciate her company, and to reassure her that after I complete my daily chores that I will spend some quality time with her.

Canines have an intimate bond with their owners, and if you stare at your cellphone hours on end, completely ignoring your furry friend, you will strain your most important relationship.

I never get so caught up with a movie I`m watching, an essay I`m writing, or a CD I`m listening to, that I forget to occasionally smile at Mandy or pat her on the head.

Most of the interaction that we have with our dogs is non-verbal, and it`s the pat on the head and the smile that sustains and nourishes the love that they have for us.

Pretend your dog is a needy wife or girlfriend, and don`t let more than a few minutes go by without glancing in his direction.

A responsible dog owner will walk his pet, play with him, and never ignore him by staring at his phone for hours on end.

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Joe Biden: Donald Trump’s Supporters are ‘Dregs of Society’

“Speaking to guests at the Human Rights Campaign dinner on Saturday night, Biden accused President Donald Trump of using the White House as a literal bully pulpit and of being an ally to forces of intolerance.

`Forces of intolerance remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you have made,` the former vice president warned his audience.

`This time they-not you-have an ally in the White House,` he said.

`They`re a small percentage of the American people, virulent people. Some of them, the dregs of society,` Biden said.”


In September 2016, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was roundly criticized for making the following astute observation:

You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump`s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic-you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.

Clinton was spot on when she opined that you could put half of Trump`s supporters into a basket of racist, sexist, homophobic deplorables, and I would add that you could put the other half into a basket of fucking morons.

After almost two years of Trump`s chaotic and racist rule, his base, roughly 36% of the population, is still strongly behind him.

At this point in time to call Trump`s supporters a basket of deplorables almost sounds like a term of endearment. Joe Biden is spot on, some of them (I would say most of them) are the dregs of society. Screw Trump`s white evangelical supporters who worship an execrable abomination who is is the antithesis of everything that Jesus preached. Screw Trump`s racist supporters who demonize immigrants, and seek to make America white again. Screw Trump`s redneck supporters who want to see women, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen fixing apple pie and fried chicken.

Screw these dregs of society, who are nothing but a speed bump in history as our democracy races to a multi-culture future.

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Mike Pence Evangelical From Hell Will Turn America into a Theocracy

When Indiana Gov. Mike Pence accepted the Republican vice presidential nomination, he declared:

“I`m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.”

Since then he has repeated this refrain in interviews and speeches, he has warned us what kind of a president he will be, in the not unlikely event he succeeds Donald Trump prior to 2020.

Most Americans identify as “Christian,” but very few fit Pence`s definition of a Christian. Pence is an evangelical Christian, who doesn`t believe in evolution, women`s rights, human rights or science.

A person can be defined by what he hates: Martin Luther King, Jr hated racial discrimination and social injustice, Mother Teresa hated poverty and human suffering, and Pence hates gays and lesbians, science and educated women.

If Pence becomes president that doesn`t mean that his brand of Christianity will compel him to fight poverty, and seek racial harmony, his interpretation of Christianity will drive him to disenfranchise gays and lesbians, and turn back the clock on women`s rights.

Pence`s faith can`t abide abortion or homosexuality, but it will turn a blind eye to a corrupt and moral degenerate president as long as he continues to appoint far-right judges to the Supreme Court.

Pence is a Christian and a conservative, but he`s not a John McCain type conservative who believes in bipartisanship, and putting the good of the country above party. He`s a Freedom Caucus, Tea Party type conservative, who is willing to let the country go to hell in a handbasket for the sake of ideological purity.

Lastly, Pence is a Republican because that`s the only major party that welcomes Pharisees and scantimonious jerks.

Pence is Vice President because of the support of Paul Manafort, and he`s as complicit as Trump in the Russian collusion scandal, and we must impeach Trump and Pence.

My worst nightmare is Mike Pence being sworn in as president after Trump`s impeachment and declaring: I`m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order

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The Weather Channel Meteorologists Are Drama Queens

I tune into the Weather Channel (TWC) once or twice a week for their Local on the 8`s segment that`s devoted to my local weather.

I devote about five minutes per week to the TWC programming, but when there`s a major hurricane threatening the east coast, TWC is Must See TV.

The on air talent on TWC are required to have degrees in meteorology and in theatre arts. Every tropical storm that TWC covers whether it`s a Cat 5 hurricane or only a tropical depression is a storm of biblical proportions. I`m afraid to switch to another channel lest I miss the entire eastern seaboard being flooded.

A TWC meteorologist in Wilmington, NC was caught on video bracing for what appeared to be Cat 5 gale force winds, and then two men appeared on screen casually walking behind the drama queen weather dude.

That dear friends and neighbors is why I watch TWC!


Donald Trump Tried to Remove Braille From Trump Tower Elevators

“President Trump in the early 1980s asked an architect to remove Braille from planned residential elevators in Trump Tower in New York, saying blind people would not live there, according to a former longtime executive with the Trump Organization.”

Washington Post

This incident illustrates the moral depravity of Donald Trump. The real estate mogul wanted the Braille markings removed from elevators in Trump Tower because he`s an a-hole plain and simple, not because they offended his aesthetic sensibilities or he considered them a symbol of an out-of-control federal government regulating every aspect of our lives.

Trump has no empathy for the blind or for any disabled person, witness how he mimicked New York Times reporter, Serge F. Kovaleski`s disability.

A normal person sees braille elevator buttons and thinks, “I`m glad someone is looking out for the blind,” Trump thinks, “I hope no blind loser moves into my beautiful building.”

Don`t look for a political motive for Trump`s cruel and heartless policies, such as his zero tolerance immigration policy, he`s simply an a-hole being an a-hole.

Trump is a sociopath, he has no empathy or conscience, and when a sociopath becomes becomes President of the United States millions it`s a disaster, but there`s a political remedy: Impeachment!

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Does Your Cat Hate You?

I don`t need to hire a soothsayer or a pet psychologist to determine if my pooch, Mandy loves me. Mandy loves me to death, her love is manifest in her sloppy kisses, wagging of her tail, and the love-struck look in her eyes whenever I`m with her.

Dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves, but you never know where you stand with your feline companions. I love my kitties, Tico and Ebony, but I sometimes wonder if they hate me, and if they`re plotting to kill me. Mind you I`ve had Ebony for 18 years, and Tico for about five years, and I still don`t know if they would miss me if I got run over by a Mack truck.

An expression vaguely resembling love, or at least an absence of hatred, flits across their face, and I rush over to pet them, and they reward me with a hiss or a scratch.

Even though I don`t know if my love is reciprocated, I still adore my cats. I suspect that they really do love me, but have issues expressing their affection.

I am dealing with serious medical issues and I take a nap every day before going to work, and I call Tico, and he always, without fail, snuggles next to my face, and naps with me. If that isn`t love …

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Stormy Daniels Memoir ‘Full Disclosure’ To Be Released Next Month! Who Cares?

“Stormy Daniels announced Wednesday that she has a book coming out Oct. 2 that will detail her alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump and her life as a stripper and porn star.

`It will blow your minds,` Daniels said about the book – a memoir titled `Full Disclosure.`

She made the announcement on ABC`s `The View` with her attorney, Michael Avenatti.

Daniels said she had been working on the autobiography for about 10 years, focusing on her `adventures` in strip clubs and on the road, traveling from show to show.”

USA Today

I am not going to waste an hour of my life reading the autobiography of a porn star.

Allow me to digress by asking, “Why are all porn actresses described as “porn stars”? Aren`t there any supporting or character actors in the porn industry?

Daniels started stripping while she was still in high school, and she never attended college. Her autobiography will most likely be ghostwritten by a writer with experience penning articles for Penthouse Forum.

Daniels screwed Donald Trump only one time, and by her admission the tryst lasted only a minute. The chapter depicting her one-night stand with the racist pig should be only a couple of pages long, but of course she will fluff the incident and describe every last nauseating detail.

I could give a flying fuc* about the adventures of a stripper/porn star in strip clubs and on the road.

As you can tell by the tone of my article, I don`t perceive Daniels as a star of the Resistance. What she is in fact is a stank ass hoe.

Read my article: Stormy Daniels Isn`t An Icon of Female Empowerment, She`s a Disease-Ridden Skank


With all due respect to Daniels, which amounts to zilch, the only anti-Trump book I plan on reading is Bob Woodward`s “Fear.”

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Donald Trump Still Can’t Believe Alleged Pedophile Roy Moore Lost

“President Donald Trump continues to wonder why Republican Roy Moore – once considered a sure thing to win the U.S. Senate seat from Alabama – lost to Democrat Doug Jones, according to a recent report.

Audio obtained by the New York Times revealed Mick Mulvaney, White House budget director, telling fellow Republicans the president isn`t over Moore`s 2017 Senate loss.

`The president asks me all the time, `Why did Roy Moore lose?` Mulvaney said.”


Donald Trump doesn`t subscribe to any political ideology, before he became president the real estate mogul made campaign contributions to any candidate that could help his business endeavors, regardless of their political affiliation.

Trump ran as a Republican because he correctly discerned that he could ride the GOP anti-immigration wave all the way to the White House.

Trump doesn`t endorse candidates based on their faithfulness to Republican values, he could care less about conservative principles. He endorses candidates who are loyal to him, regardless of their moral character or fealty to traditional Republican dogma.

Trump has the Midas touch, any candidate whom he endorses in the primaries or special elections usually wins.

That`s why to this day Trump can`t believe that a candidate that he endorsed, Roy Moore, lost to a Democrat in the red state of Alabama. In fact, Moore was the first Republican to lose a Senate election in Alabama since Richard Sellers in 1992.

Moore was an alleged pedophile who in his 30`s cruised high schools and shopping malls in search of dates, but Trump feels that his endorsement should have trumped any reservations that Republicans had about voting for a pervert.

Why did Roy Moore lose? For the same reason that Trump will be impeached when Democrats seize control of the House in the midterm elections: Though white evangelicals my worship Trump, regular folks can`t stomach pedophiles, perverts, and sexual predators.

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The Sky is Blue, Grass is Green and Donald Trump is a Liar!

“Trump doesn`t lie to be believed, he lies to be repeated. Even fierce opponents can be unwitting viral marketers for his lies. Don`t fall into the trap.”

Jason Sattler, USA Today

Donald Trump`s braggadocios output exceeds that of a rapper or a WWE wrestler. The carny barker exploits every appearance, whether it`s an impromptu press conference or a formal presidential address to brag about his accomplishments.

The Players Ball is an annual gathering of pimps, held in Chicago, Illinois, and every year they crown a “Pimp of the Year.” The Player of the Year will strut on the stage with his hoes following him with their heads down; he will brag about his handsome physique and intelligence, and boast about the obedience and loyalty of his hoes. Pimps Up, Hoes Down is his mantra.

Trump is the Pimp-in Chief, he never misses an opportunity to boast about his greatness, and he loves to hold Cabinet meetings where his staff is forced to laud him with extravagant praise. President Up, Staff Down is his mantra.

Trump is a liar, plain and simple. If his sphincter-shaped mouth is moving, he`s lying.

Trump is a habitual liar, he doesn`t care that his lies strain credulity, and he doesn`t lie to be believed. He lies so that his lies will be retweeted on Twitter, exposed by cable news pundits, and condemned by newspaper opinion writers. He lies so that he will always be the focus of cable news.

Only his base believes him, their default mode is willing suspension of disbelief. They believe every stupidity that emanates from his foul orifice, if Trump declared that there was a blizzard in Los Angeles in the middle of summer, his fans with plans to vacation in LA would pack winter coats and gloves.

Should we simply ignore Trump`s lies, considering his goal is attention, and he actually likes it when we debunk him on social media?

I don`t think so, that would be giving in to cynicism. Everybody from university professors to journalists to bloggers to regular folks should debunk him every time he lies.

It may get boring and tiresome to continue to point out the Emperor isn`t wearing any clothes, but it`s incumbent upon us to denounce the world of alternate truths, subjective reality and simulated reality.

Rest assured that I will continue to call Trump a fuc*ing liar until he`s impeached and removed from office.

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