Omarosa Claims Trump Wanted to Get Sworn in on ‘The Art of the Deal’ Instead of the Bible at his Inauguration

“In her new memoir, `Unhinged,` former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman claims President Donald Trump considered getting sworn in for the presidency on his book, `The Art of the Deal.`

In the days leading up to his inauguration, Trump allegedly said, `Omarosa, what do you think about me getting sworn in on `The Art of the Deal?`

Though it`s not mandatory for presidents to use the Bible for the swearing-in portion of an inauguration ceremony, it has been standard practice throughout US history. Manigault Newman questioned Trump as to why he wouldn`t continue this trend.

`The Art of the Deal` is a bestseller! It`s the greatest business book of all time,` she says Trump told her. `It`s how I`m going to make great deals for the country. Just think how many copies I`d sell-maybe commemorative a inauguration copy?!`”

Business Insider

If Donald Trump ever writes a book it will be an autobiography, he couldn`t possibly focus on any subject other than himself for more than a few minutes.

Unfortunately, he doesn`t have the intellectual acumen to write a children`s book, much less a memoir.

Trump`s 1998 bestselling memoir was ghostwritten entirely by Tony Schwartz, not a jot or a tittle was written by the Stable Genius. Of course that doesn`t stop the functional illiterate from claiming credit.

It would have been appropriate for a fake president to get sworn in using a fake book as opposed to the Bible. I doubt that Trump has read either book, although he`s more familiar with “The Art of the Deal.”

Trump never misses a chance to make a buck, and he would have been delighted with the prospect of selling commemorative inauguration copies of “The Art of the Deal.”

Omarosa convinced her erstwhile reality TV buddy to follow convention and use the Bible. If Trump had used his memoir or a Penthouse Magazine his fervent white evangelical supporters would still have worshipped him as the Messiah.

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Donald Trump Vs the Press: Whose Side Are You On?

Autocrats, whether they are right-wing fascists or left-wing dictators, consolidate power by attacking all rival spheres of power and influence. It`s Dictatorship 101 to emasculate an independent judiciary, intimidate the legislative branch and ridicule the press.

Donald Trump doesn`t have the intellect or patience to adhere to any particular political ideology, the only philosophy that he subscribes to is that of the narcissist, self-aggrandizement and burnishing his brand at any cost.

Trump`s attacks on individual judges and the justice system has been well chronicled, he expected the judicial system to vindicate his anti-constitutional executive orders.

Trump has the GOP-controlled House and Senate under his complete control, to the point where no Republican leader, with the exception of those who aren`t running for reelection, dare call him out on his racism, misogyny and just plain stupidity.

Trump`s campaign shtick included belittling the press, and he branded the news media “the enemy of the American people” a month after taking the oath of office. In the intervening months he has intensified his attack on the press. He can`t hold a press conference or deliver a stump speech without labeling the media “fake news” a dozen times.

In the last few months Trump has amped up his attack on journalists by labeling them, “the enemy of the people, a phrase made popular by Joseph Stalin.

This has been a one-sided war, Trump regularly blasts the press, and the fourth estate cowers under his belligerence.

But enough is enough! The editorial board of the Boston Globe is urging newspapers and online news outlets across our democracy to express their disgust for the president`s anti-press rhetoric on August 16, by writing editorials extolling free speech and condemning Trump`s war against the press.

So far over 100 news outlets have agreed – from large metropolitan newspapers to low-circulation small town weekly newspapers. I urge bloggers to join the bandwagon, in the last two years I`ve written over 200 anti-Trump essays, and I`m not going to stop until Trump is impeached and removed from office.

The press represents the American people, they uncover the truth, and speak that truth to power, to hold our elected officials accountable to the people.

At this critical juncture in the history of our democracy, I have made it crystal clear where I stand on this issue. How about you, will you stand with the press, or will you continue to enable an autocratic racist moron?

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Madonna Thinks all Modern Music Sounds the Same

“Although this year has brought us some pretty good albums and singles – Scorpion, Liberation, the numerous G.O.O.D. Music releases, Everything Is Love, Lost and Found, Testing and lots more in different genres, Madonna`s still left unpleased saying there`s no distinction between all the sounds. The 59-year-old pop singer recently chatted with Vogue Italia and talked about the current landscape of music, in her eyes.

Madonna is currently preparing an upcoming album and living in Lisbon, Portugal, telling the publication how her new city provides a lot of inspiration for her craft. `It`s also such a nice antidote to what`s going on in the music business now where everything`s so formulaic, and every song has 20 guest artists on it, and everyone sounds the same. Something`s gotta give,` she explained.”


The Material Girl turns 60 this month, but she`s not at home in her mansion knitting thongs, and complaining about how today`s music sucks.

The sexy sexagenarian tours regularly, and she`s working on a new album to be released later this year, but actually she does criticize the state of today`s music.

The pop icon is entitled to her opinion, and aspiring singers and established artists would be well-advised to listen.

First of all they should listen to Madonna`s classic albums like: Like a Virgin, Ray of Light, Confessions on a Dance Floor, and Like a Prayer. The Queen of Pop made a huge impact on music with her originality, innovation, strong lyrical skills, and mediocre vocals.

Then they should listen to her criticism of the current landscape of music, the shit all sounds the same.

Why does almost every artist, especially in the hip hop genre, feel compelled to include 20 guest artists and a dozen producers in their albums? This insanity makes it almost impossible for a singular voice to rise to the top, and revolutionize the music industry.

I`m just going to listen to Madonna`s albums until today`s musical “stars” grow some balls, have faith in their music, and not include a dozen guest singers and rappers on their albums.

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Old Man, 70, Mounts 11 Phones to Bicycle to Play ‘Pokemon Go’

“A 70-year-old Taiwan man has become a local celebrity after being spotted around the city playing Pokemon Go on 11 smartphones mounted to his bike.
Chen San-yuan who said he sometimes stays out until 4 a.m. hunting for Pokemon, said he became hooked on Pokemon Go after his grandson showed him how to play in 2016.”


Most senior citizens have a basic flip style cell phone with big, easy-to-read, raised buttons with large print, and a limited number of apps.

But Chen San-yuan aka “Uncle Pokemon” has 11 smartphones mounted to his bicycle to enable him to capture, battle and train virtual creatures. I`m not sure that`s a good idea, he may ride his bike over a cliff in search of Pokemon. Why can`t he be like most septuagenarians and prowl the attic in search of German soldiers?

The old codger became hooked on Pokemon Go when his grandson showed him how to play, and he spends $1,300 on his hobby. I suspect the grandson`s parents want to choke the stupid kid, gramps is burning their inheritance.

At least Uncle Pokemon isn`t driving while playing the damn game, an elderly Asian driver in search of virtual creatures — that wouldn`t end well.

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Woman Tells Cops She Shouldn’t be Arrested Because She’s a Clean White Girl

“A 32-year-old Bluffton woman tried to talk police out of arresting her Saturday by telling them she was a very clean, thoroughbred, white girl, a sorority sister and a cheerleader who is dating a cop.

Officers said they saw Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw speed through a stop sign in a four-way stop intersection at about 1:45 a.m.

A Bluffton police report said when officers pulled Cutshaw over, she was slurring her words and she failed a Breathalyzer test.”


Blondie is the poster girl for white privilege, she expected to be let off with a warning even though she failed a Breathalyzer test, sped through a stop sign, and was in possession of marijuana. She expected her freshly scrubbed white face to be her “get out of jail free card.”

Becky`s argument isn`t as silly as it sounds, she was not so subtly reminding a white police officer that they usually spend their time stopping black motorists for trivial reasons and then blowing them away to Kingdom Come when they reach for their wallet.

Barbie`s “innocent white girl act” didn`t work, she was arrested and incarcerated. I hope they threw her in the drunk tank, where she would no doubt become intimately acquainted with inmates of color who have no tolerance for her white privilege.

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Top Ten Ways to Celebrate International Cat Day

Flood the inbox of all of your friends and acquaintances with cat pics.

Respond only with a “meow” or a “purr” all freaking day long.

Act finicky, for example when the cashier at McDonald`s ask you “Do you want fries with that?” answer “Yes, but make sure they are lightly salted, uniform in size, and not too hot.”

Knead your coworker`s belly, and when they stare at you in amazement, say “You`re Welcome” and walk away.

Take a crap in your neighbor`s flower bed.

Take a nap on your coworker`s keyboard.

Wake up your partner by biting her toe.

Walk on your girlfriend when she`s napping on the sofa, and when she screams, “What the hell is wrong with you? reply “I`m hungry bitch, feed me.”

Yell in a crowded restaurant, “Someone Heimlich maneuver my punk ass, I have a hairball stuck in my throat.”

Take a Garfield stuffed animal to work and set up a shrine to Lord Cat in your cubicle.

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Do You Talk to Your Cat in ‘Cat’ or ‘Human’?

“How often do you meow or purr at your cat? Are you more likely to talk to your cat in `cat` or in `human`? Occasionally I find myself purring back at my cat Lovie, if she has wandered up to say hi to me while I`m working and is busy purring in my direction. Sometimes I`ll give her a little meow, too. Until I read a new study on cat-human interactions, it hadn`t occurred to me to notice that although I `talk` to Lovie using cat sounds, I never talk to my dog Bella using dog vocalizations-I don`t ever bark or growl at Bella. I talk to Bella all the time, but in human language.”

Psychology Today/ Jessica Pierce Ph.D.

I take a lot of heat from my coworkers for being an unabashed cat lover, they look at me askance when I have the temerity to post photos of my kitties Tico and Ebony on my computer desktop.

Even though they know I also own a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix, they don`t exactly regard me as a paragon of masculinity.

I kiss, cuddle and pet my feline companions, but if I ever greet them with a purr or a meow, I will turn in my man card. That`s where I draw the line!

My cats have little respect for me as it is, they walk on my keyboard when I`m writing my essays, and they plop on my face when I`m taking a nap. If I talked to them in cat language, they would lose all respect for me, and I just might find a hairball on my pillow every night.

Women, on the other hand, have a penchant for talking to cats in cat language and nobody bats an eye. It looks cute and sexy when a female purrs at a kitten, but if a guy does it he looks like a total pussy … cat.

Vive la difference! Ladies keep talking cat to your pets, and I will continue to talk to my pooch and my two cats in human.

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Joe Arpaio Tells Sacha Baron Cohen He Would Accept Oral Sex From Donald Trump

“Plenty of people have accused Joe Arpaio, the Donald Trump-pardoned former Arizona sheriff, of not knowing what he`s talking about. Arpaio handed them even more ammo than necessary when he got duped by Sacha Baron Cohen into an impossibly bizarre conversation in which Arpaio spoke sternly to a tiny toy donut about the need for guns, conceded that President Trump has most likely had a “golden shower,” and admitted that he would accept an offer of “a blow job” from Trump.”


Sacha Baron Cohen has the easiest gig on television, making fools out of Republican conservatives the likes of Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and Judge Roy Moore.

Forgive me for the explicit language, but it seems that whenever I write about a Trump-loving conservative I am forced to wallow in filth.

Arpaio, you might remember is the blatant racist best known for illegally detaining Latinos and for housing inmates in concentration camp like tent cities.

President Trump issued his first ever presidential pardon to Arpaio in August 2017, and you`d think he would defend the moral virtue of the president. But instead he conceded that Trump probably enjoyed a golden shower.

Trump`s base, made of white evangelicals and other assorted riff-raff, knows that their Messiah is a racist and a moral degenerate, but they don`t give a fuc*.

I wouldn`t be surprised if every night Trump`s God-fearing Cabinet pisses into his golden tub, and then hold hands and pray as Mike Pence baptizes him.

Baron Cohen asked the sheriff: “If Donald Trump calls you up after this and says, `Sheriff Joe, I want to offer you an amazing blow job,` would you say yes?” “I may have to say yes,” Arpaio replied. There`s a long line of Trump sycophants and enablers waiting in line to pleasure Trump`s puny presidential pecker, and I`m sure Mike Pence enjoys the privilege of cutting in line, whenever the Spirit moves him.

To top things off Arpaio lectured a tiny plastic donut about gun rights. White evangelicals and white conservatives are such freaking wankers, we may need a revolution to rid our democracy of these moral degenerates.

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First Lady Melania Trump Praises LeBron James

“First lady Melania Trump praised LeBron James less than a day after President Donald Trump lashed out at the NBA star on Twitter.

She also said she is open to visiting the school for underprivileged children James recently opened in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, which he said in an interview that aired last week prioritizes a holistic experience for students.”

Business Insider

This is a follow-up to my essay: Donald Trump Attacks LeBron James on Twitter!

Trump`s racist tweet was universally condemned, even the First Lady defended the character and integrity of the superstar athlete.

The tweet was blatantly racist, Trump invariably attacks the intelligence of prominent African Americans who disagree with his policies, he`s questioned the intelligence of Maxine Waters, Don Lemon and LiAngelo Ball.

First Lady spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham issued this statement:

“It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation and just as she always has, the First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today.”

The statement also mentioned “responsible online behavior” and said that Melania would be open to visiting the school.

I don`t expect Melania to vociferously protest her husband`s online bullying behavior, but at least she subtly rebuked him by citing “responsible online behavior” in the same statement in which she defended James.

I hope she does visit the school for underprivileged children James opened in Akron, wouldn`t that be a slap on the face to Trump?

More Republicans need to “Be Best” and follow Melania`s example and rebuke Trump when he waxes racist on Twitter.

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Donald Trump Attacks LeBron James on Twitter!

“Tweeters erupted in anger after President Donald Trump trashed NBA superstar LeBron James on Friday night:

`LeBron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made LeBron look smart, which isn`t easy to do. I like Mike!`

Trump used Twitter to bash both James and CNN host Don Lemon, after finally watching an interview between the pair that aired on Monday.

During the interview, James (who in July signed for the Los Angeles Lakers) accused Trump of enabling racists and using sports to divide the country.”

Huffington Post

I was born in San Francisco, and in my 20`s I moved to Oakland. As a native San Franciscan I followed the San Francisco Giants closely, the fortunes of my Giants took a back seat only to my career and personal relationships.

When I moved to Oakland I found a good job in that blue collar city, and my loyalties were divided, I still bled orange and black, but I developed a fondness for the Oakland A`s.

I attended my games at the Oakland Coliseum, and I always wondered how many of my bleacher buddies had divided loyalties like me. San Francisco and Oakland are connected by the Oakland Bay Bridge, and there are some baseball fans in the Bay Area who root for both teams.

But I never wondered how many fans in the stadium were liberals like me, and how many were conservatives. For those three hours that we were at the ballpark, we weren`t liberals or conservatives, black or white, rich or poor, Christians or atheists, we were damn Oakland A`s fans.

Sports unifies a community like nothing else, when the Giants or the A`s wins the World Series you will see hundreds of thousands of citizens of every ethnicity, religion and social class celebrate together is the streets.

With his wizardry on the basketball court, King James unites the thousands fortunate enough to watch him play in person, and the millions who watch him on television.

Millions of kids who watch LeBron are colorblind to his ethnicity, it`s his mad skills that captivates them, and makes them want to be just like him.

LeBron is spot on, Trump enables racists and uses sports to divide the country. Instead of celebrating the athleticism of NFL players and the community work that many of them do, Trump demonizes the mostly black players who take a knee during the National Anthem as a protest against police brutality and racial profiling.

That`s why millions of Americans want their children to grow up to be like LeBron a gifted athlete who is involved in many philanthropic enterprises, including building a school for at risk children in Akron.

And only the most deluded Trump supporters want their children to grow up to be like the orange racist moron.

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