Trump’s MAGA Rallies End with an Altar Call

An altar call is a tradition in most evangelical churches. After the pastor finishes his sermon, he issues an altar call. While the choir quietly sings an invitational hymn like “Just as I am”, the pastor beseeches his congregation to bow their heads, close their eyes, and pray for the Holy Spirit to harvest souls. The minister will plead with church members to come to the altar to rededicate their lives to Jesus and with unbelievers to walk down the aisle and make a public profession of faith. Even if only one or two souls respond to the altar car, it’s perceived as validation that the Almighty has blessed the service.

Trump’s MAGA rallies have always commenced with a local evangelical pastor saying a benediction, but lately his rallies now conclude with an altar call MAGA style. With music softly playing in the background, the orange messiah delivers a ten-minute finale that evokes an evangelical altar call.

Many MAGA cultists even bow their heads during Trump’s altar call, the only difference between a church altar call and a MAGA altar call is that Trump doesn’t ask his followers to come forward and rededicate their lives to him.

But I’m persuaded that after an hour of hearing their orange Savior rail against migrants, racial minorities and the LGBT community, Trump’s disciples leave his rallies inspired and motivated to spread his Gospel of hatred and violence.