Trumpism is a Virus

“Trumpism is an authoritarian political movement that follows the political ideologies associated with Donald Trump and his political base. Trumpism is a movement that incorporates a wide range of right-wing ideologies such as right-wing populism, national conservatism, neo-nationalism, and neo-fascism. Trumpist rhetoric heavily features anti-immigrant, xenophobic, nativist, and racist attacks against minority groups.”


Wikipedia describes Trumpism as a political movement, but is could also be characterized as a religious movement with Donald Trump as a sociopathic messiah of a religious cult.

But in this essay, I will liken Trumpism to a virus that’s found fertile soil in redneck trailer parks, Nazi compounds and white evangelical churches.

White evangelicals are especially susceptible to this insidious and virulent virus because they have been conditioned to unreservedly trust and believe in their pastor and religious leaders. So, it’s an easy transition for them to accept any stupidity, obscenity and lie that emanates from Trump’s sphincter-shaped mouth as the Gospel truth.

Trump is all about vengeance, hatred and racism and these vile sins resonate with white evangelicals who are marked more by what they hate (immigrants, LBGT community, feminism, Muslims, liberals) than what they supposedly love, peace, liberty and religious freedom.

Pre-Trump white evangelicals hoped that Jesus would rapture them out of this evil world, where they would spend eternity with Him in heaven. Today’s evangelicals are hoping that their orange messiah will establish the Kingdom of God in heaven, with them ruling over liberals and racial and religious minorities. Their white nationalist Christian regime which they consider a paradise would be a dystopian nightmare for everyone else.

The sociopath Trump and his gullible supporters are a blight on the American landscape, but is there any cure for Trumpism? The Truth is the only antidote, but very few evangelicals will humble themselves, accept the truth, and admit that they have been hoodwinked by a grifter and pathological liar.

The good news is that voters who believe in racial diversity, religious freedom and democracy outnumber the neo-fascist Trumpists. But evangelicals vote as a bloc, and Trump may win if we don’t vote and encourage all of our friends and family to vote.