Trump Doesn’t Deserve a Second Term, He Deserves a Life Term Behind Bars

When reality star and pompous businessman Donald Trump descended the golden escalator in his garish Fifth Avenue building to the perfunctory applause of curious onlookers and paid actors, he opened his trap and toxic racist rhetoric emanated from his sphincter-shaped orifice.

Who can forget his infamous remarks in which he labeled Mexican migrants rapists, criminals and drug dealers. Trump is a master at projection, and he projected his fraudulent criminal and sexual predatory behavior on the hardworking Mexican undocumented workers in search of the American Dream.

Needless to say, immigrants are model citizens, they are loathe to break any laws of their new home country, lest it hinders them from obtaining a green card, and one day citizenship.

Sadly, when America elects its Republican and Democratic presidential nominees, all too often they don’t select the best candidates. Witness the physically frail and senile Democratic nominee, Joe Biden and the morbidly obese and senile racist, Donald Trump.

Mexican immigrants aren’t the criminals, the twice-impeached and four times indicted Trump who is facing 91 criminal charges is one of the most notorious criminals to ever seek a political office.

Hispanic immigrants aren’t the rapists, it’s Trump, the serial sexual predator, who was found guilty of rape in a civil trial.

Brown and black immigrants aren’t the ones who have a problem with drugs, it was Trump’s White House that was awash in uppers, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. That should come as no surprise to anyone, how else could aides and staffers survive working in such a chaotic and corrupt administration?

Trump doesn’t deserve a second term; he deserves a life term behind bars.