Joe Biden’s Senior Moments Aren’t Endearing, They’re Terrifying

The ghoulish scene of a 79-year-old Joe Biden eulogizing Bob Dole, who was 98 at death, wouldn’t be out-of-place in a typically depressing Swedish movie or in a horror flick, but it’s disconcerting in real life, to say the least.

The last few survivors of the Greatest Generation belong in a nursing home or in a Wal-Mart greeting customers, not in the White House.

Our septuagenarian, soon to be an octogenarian, president suffered another senior moment while speaking at the memorial service for the late Senator Bob Dole.

Biden read aloud instructions written on his script, saying “End of message.” It’s endearing when your grandpop has a senior moment, but when the Leader of the Free World and commander-in-chief has a senior moment it’s terrifying.

It may soon be “End of Message” for western civilization if our cognitively compromised president mistakes the red button on his desk for God knows what! I exaggerate of course, but it’s no exaggeration to say that Biden is too freaking old to be the President of the United States.

Donald Trump: ‘Fuck Netanyahu’

The twice-impeached disgraced former present Donald Trump in interviews published by Axios turned on his onetime ally, Benjamin Netanyahu, for congratulating Joe Biden once it became clear that the Democrat had won the 2020 election in a popular vote and electoral college landslide.

“Fuck him,” Trump was quoted as saying of his erstwhile friend. “The first person that congratulated Biden was Bibi Netanyahu, the man that I did more than any other person I dealt with.”

Trump is correct in stating that he bestowed on Netanyahu many political gifts including moving the embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Trump treated Netanyahu kindly to curry favor with his evangelical base who are besotted with the nation of Israel.

But he’s wrong in declaring that Netanyahu was the first world leader to congratulate Biden on his victory. Many heads of state including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron beat Netanyahu to the punch.

Many of Trump’s most loyal followers, white evangelicals, condemned his attack on the Israeli leader. Mike Evans, one of Trump’s early evangelical backers, said he was “horrified” by Trump’s outburst and said they would offend significant numbers of evangelical voters.

Keep in mind that evangelicals have stuck by their Dear Leader through sex scandals, tens of thousands of lies including the Big Lie that he won the election, vicious attacks on political enemies, and even his attempted coup.

But they draw the line at attacking the racist, indicted former Prime Minister of Israel. Israel can do no wrong in their eyes, and authoritarian leaders can do no wrong as long as they are pro-Israel and anti-abortion.

Fuck Netanyahu? Amen! Fuck Trump and white evangelicals as well.

It’s Time for the Fake ‘War on Christmas’

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go. There’s a Santa in every mall, and a tree in every hall. Salvation Army’s bells are ringing, and everybody is singing tiding of comfort and joy.

The greatest Christmas icon, and I’m not referring to Jesus or Santa, I’m talking about the Queen of Xmas herself, Mariah Carey is blaring from every radio.

But once again a discordant sound is heard: Republican evangelicals bleating about a “war on Christmas,” Talk about fake news, godless liberals aren’t burning down every Christmas tree they see and they aren’t cursing out anyone who wishing them a “Merry Christmas.”

The war on Christmas is yet another cultural issue created entirely out of whole cloth by televangelists who are experts at creating myths and fake stories like the Rapture, for example.

The faux war on Christmas is a money-raising grift for televangelists and Republican politicians. Every year, sure as clockwork, evangelicals scream that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” while they go in debt buying gifts for friends, family, co-workers, most of whom they don’t even like.

And every year they proclaim that they beat back the godless liberals and once again saved Christmas. After all, it’s easy to declare victory when there isn’t a war.

Will an Online Sex Shop for Evangelicals Succeed?

“Andrea Dos Anjos opened her online store, Memorias da Clo, in 2019, offering Evangelical women a safe space to ask questions and seek advice on products designed for a part of life that remains taboo for many conservative Christians in Brazil.

The 43-year-old Baptist is based in Rio de Janeiro, but counsels her clients mainly via private messaging app.

Marques’s business, ConSensual, offers an online catalogue of ‘auxiliary products for relationships,’ such as erotic toys and flavored lubricants — all tactfully presented, steering well clear of the wilder side of the sex-toy trade.”


In America evangelicals are the biggest consumers of online pornography, they enjoy every genre of porn including girl-on-girl porn, bondage, gang rape and dozens of other sexual practices condemned by the Bible.  

Dos Anjos’ sex light online store doesn’t sell dildos, anal sex toys or sex dolls. “I don’t want clients to feel like they’re doing something wrong,” she says.

That’s not a good business model, evangelicals visit brothels, consume porn, and pick up hookers precisely because it’s a sin. Unbelievers will never experience the transcendent ecstasy achieved by indulging in sex acts you believe are morally wrong and condemned by the Bible.

Lubricants in flavors such as cotton candy and aphrodisiac perfumes are well and good, but if Dos Anjos really wants to make a killing she will sell vulgar sex merchandise like a giant dildo shaped like the mushroom shaped penis of our “orange Messiah, Donald Trump.”

But her online sex store is a good thing, anything that teaches evangelicals that sex is a fundamentally pure, natural and spiritual is a step in the right direction.

Despicable, Deplorable & Despised Hillary Clinton Teaching a MasterClass

The coin of the realm in America is fame, and once an entertainer, politician, athlete, televangelist, journalist, educator or (fill in the blank) has achieved even a modicum of celebrity it’s utterly impossible for him not to be able to live a comfortable existence for the rest of his life, regardless how badly his talents have diminished. Even a celebrity who commits murder or rapes a child is guaranteed a financially comfortable life for the remainder of his wretched existence.

In our digital age of dozens of streaming services, thousand and one cable networks, tens of thousands of satellite and earthly radio stations, millions of podcasts and billions of web sites, there are just too many revenue streams.

Every celeb worth his salt has a podcast, fans only page or a revenue-producing Instagram account. Even a D-List celebrity who enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame 15 years ago will always find work in a web series.

Celebrities who are filthy rich always find the time to endorse one more product and to make a cameo appearance in one more television show.

Which brings me to Hillary Clinton who’s made millions (billions?) after a lifetime in politics. Her government pensions, ghostwritten books, paid speeches and legal work made her filthy rich, yet she’s still trying to make a buck any way she can.  

Clinton is the latest celeb to offer a MasterClass, an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. (Wikipedia) A MasterClass is just a glorified YouTube tutorial on your favorite subject.

She will begin teaching a new MasterClass on “the power of resilience.”  With all due respect, Fuck Hillary Clinton. She’s a corrupt elitist professional politician who thought she was entitled to be president of the United States, and she ran such an ineffectual campaign that she lost to the bumbling, stumbling circus clown, Donald Trump.

I don’t have shit to learn from the likes of Hillary about the power of resilience. When you have millions in the bank, you can always bounce back and force yourself back in the spotlight.

You lost to Donald Trump! Curse God and die, please!

The Rapture is a Goldmine for Evangelical Scam Artists

White evangelicals promulgate an eschatology that has been wrong for generations and they will continue to prophesy that the End Times is right around the corner until the World ends as a result of climate change, nuclear annihilation or an errant asteroid. Jesus has as much connection to the End Times as Megatron or Hella.

For over two thousand years Christians have been preaching that the return of Jesus is imminent. Tithe, attend church and convert the heathen, lest Jesus finds you slacking when he returns.

For centuries Christians have imagined the return of Christ as a triumphant event in which he returns to punish sinners and reward the saints.

The Rapture in which Jesus returns in the air to evacuate his sinners from the world, followed by seven years of tribulation for the sinners left behind, is a relatively recent invention.

The Rapture has been one of the most lucrative inventions of the church: entrepreneurial Christians have made billions writing books, producing movies, and hosting seminars depicting this fantastical event.

Evangelists, pastors and other evangelical leaders know that the rapture is a scam, but lay Christians actually really believe this nonsense.

Word to the wise: Chill out! Smoke a joint! If Jesus does return, he is so chill that he will just ask you to pass him the bong.

Movie Theatres Are as Anachronistic as Malls

The pandemic was the coup de grâce, but going to the movies was already as anachronistic as going to the mall.

I’ll stipulate that I’m a misanthrope who considers three or more persons mingling together a crowd to be avoided at all costs, but in the age of pandemics and terrorist attacks, I’m no longer a solitary figure who looks askance at the great unwashed.

Action and comic book hero movies rule at the box office, and fans of Star War or Harry Potter flicks would flock to movie theatres, and waiting in line and socializing with other cult members was almost as much fun as watching the film.

But now stans of a particular movie franchise can socialize with their kind in online forums, chat rooms and web sites.

Why go to a movie theatre when you need to take out a second mortgage to afford a large tube of popcorn, when many new releases are available simultaneously on streaming services?

What killed the movie theatre experience?

Wide screen TV’s! Streaming services! Fear of crowds! Spiraling prices of movie tickets! Expensive popcorn! Spree killers! Cell phones ringing sporadically! And of course, the pandemic!

GOP Congressman Sparks Outrage for Family Christmas Pic with Guns Days After School Shooting

“A US congressman has posted a Christmas picture of himself and what appears to be his family, smiling and posing with an assortment of guns, just days after four teenagers were killed in a shooting at a high school in Michigan.

Thomas Massie of Kentucky tweeted: ‘Merry Christmas! ps. Santa, please bring ammo.’”

The Guardian

When politicians mail Christmas cards to their constituents or post Christmas images on Twitter, they usually take one of the following routes:


They will don nauseatingly cheesy yuletide sweaters and pose in front of a Christmas tree, hoping that the self-deprecating image will elicit votes.


They will pose in front of a nativity scene with a banner reading “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” in the background, trusting that their display of religiosity will translate into votes.


They will dress like Santa and pose in front of a sleigh laden with gifts, believing that their secular take on Xmas will appeal to voters of all religions.

Rep. Thomas Massie took a different approach, he posted a pic of himself and his family wearing shit-eating grins and brandishing assault rifles. I guess he wants to appeal to the Republican base, gun-toting fanatics.

It’s an indictment of our democracy that Massie’s Christmas image will be successful in burnishing his image.

Donald Trump and White Evangelicals Were Made for Each Other

The disgraced twice-impeached Donald Trump is precisely the commander-in-chief white evangelicals lusted after, and he is exactly the Messiah they deserve.

Evangelicalism and Trumpism are fueled by anger, resentment and fear of changing demographics, empirical science and loss of white privilege.

Evangelicals don’t care about what’s right or wrong in the sight of their God, it’s all about halting their losing streak, and winning at any costs under the leadership of Trump.

They dream of a theocracy led by their orange Messiah where the only acceptable greeting during the holiday season is “Merry Christmas”, where fans who don’t stand for the National Anthem will be arrested, and where prayers in the name of Jesus will be restored at public schools.

Evangelicals don’t care about “winning souls for Christ”, but owning the libs and gaslighting them.

By their words and actions, they have rejected the loving and compassionate Jesus Christ and made common cause with the hateful and vengeful Donald Trump.

If their scripture is true, hell awaits Donald Trump and his white evangelical enablers and supporters.

Anti-Vaxxer Evangelical TV Mogul Marcus Lamb Dies of Covid-19

Marcus Lamb, the evangelical founder of a prosperity gospel television network died of Covid-19 on Tuesday after he and his network advocated against the Covid vaccine. He was 64. His son announced his father’s death on Twitter.”


I don’t celebrate the death of Lamb, a televangelist huckster, enabler of Trump and spreader of false conspiracy theories, but I do rejoice that the voice of this prominent anti-vaxxer has been silenced.

As the founder and CEO of Daystar Television Network, the worlds’ second-largest Christian television network, Lamb had a huge platform to spread his pernicious falsehoods about the coronavirus.

God only knows how many people needlessly died after following his advice to eschew vaccinations and to forego wearing masks.

His son Jonathan had this on the death of his father:

“My father was promoted to heaven at 4 a.m. this morning. His life was truly well-lived and there’s no doubt that he heard ‘well done my good and faithful servant’ when he entered heaven’s gates.”

Bullshit! We can debate whether or not there’s a heaven, but I think most of us can agree there’s no place in heaven for grifters, liars, and con artists.

As a person wittier than me said: Finally silence of the Lamb.

My Heart Skips a Beat Whenever Betty White Trends on Twitter

The atrocious words and unspeakable behavior of Donald Trump and his MAGA sycophants and acolytes like Representatives Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, pillow maven Mike Lindell, and the Rev. Franklin Graham usually dominate the top Twitter trends.

Betty White trends every few weeks, and her wholesomeness, awesomeness, and intrinsic beauty is an antidote to the vile and venom that thrives on Twitter, and you’d think I’d be happy when I see the iconic queen of TV trending.

But my heart skips a beat every time I see her trending on social media, and that’s a very bad thing for someone afflicted with a serious heart condition.

The reason my heart palpitates when I see the legend trending on Twitter is because the first thing that comes to my mind is: OMG! Is Betty alright? I hope to God she didn’t die!

Betty White should be blocked from trending; my heart can’t take it! Or at least Twitter should automatically put a “the Queen is OK” caption whenever she starts trending. I hope Betty White doesn’t trend again until her 100th birthday on January 17, 2022. If I live long enough to celebrate Betty’s 100th birthday, by life will not have been in vain.

Pro-Trump Painter Depicts Him as a Deity and Superhero

“Lena Ruseva, a 44-year-old Soviet emigre, is causing a stir with her provocative series of paintings depicting the former president.

In ‘Trump: Parallel Universe’ — a collection of 30 paintings — Ruseva imagines Trump as Neptune, a Buddhist monk, Tarzan and the face of the sphinx. One image shows him making contact with alien life; another features him riding a great white shark while draped in an American flag.”

The New York Post

Donald Trump is as physically repulsive as he is morally degenerate, and if I was commissioned to depict him in a heroic light in a series of paintings, I would kill myself. There is no amount of artistic license in the world to transform an ugly fat gnome into a God or superhero.

Trump’s evangelical supporters speak of him in a reverential tone, and treat him like the Second Coming of Christ. It comes as no surprise that an artist would paint him as a deity and a superhero.

Ruseva’s collection of 30 Trump paintings is entitled “In Trump: Parallel Universe”. How appropriate, Trump’s sycophants live in a parallel universe where white is black and evil is good.

Trump lovers attribute the virtues of patriotism, courage and wisdom to a cowardly moron who cares only about himself.

Ruseva’s work has been well-received in MAGA land, however her paintings have been skewered by art critics. I’m not a Republican or a critic, all I know is that her paintings make me want to hurl.

Link to vomit-inducing Trump paintings:

Donald Trump Jr. Ruins Thanksgiving by Posting Video Depicting Trump Bursting Out of a Turkey Dancing to YMCA

“Donald Trump Jr. was mocked for missing the mark after he shared a viral video on Twitter that appeared to show his father, Donald Trump, bursting out of a turkey on Thanksgiving.

The ex-president’s son shared a doctored version of the ‘save the neck for me’ scene from the film ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ in which steam blows out of a bird that Chevy Chase’s character Clark Griswold is carving because it’s overcooked.”

Huffington Post

This video perfectly depicts a typical Thanksgiving dinner, in hell! Imagine sitting at the dinner table waiting to gorge on the succulent Turkey and all the delicious trimmings and as the patriarch of the family is carving the turkey a grinning Donald Trump burst out of the bird dancing to YMCA.

If such a scene unfolded in hell, I would immediately launch a rebellion against Satan, because I’ve never committed a sin that merits such sadistic torture.

If such a travesty occurred in heaven, I would beg the Almighty to cast me down to hell. I can tolerate a demon ramming hot coal up my bunghole, but I couldn’t survive a dancing orange orangutan bursting out of the Thanksgiving turkey.

Damn Donald Trump Jr. for ruining my Thanksgiving. Considering the movie’s scene centers on Christmas and not Thanksgiving, I hope Junior doesn’t ruin our Christmas but releasing the video again on Xmas.

I am certain God will smite me if I embed this satanic video on my page, instead I will provide this link:

Trump Presented With Honorary Black Belt in Taekwondo! WTF?

“Former President Donald Trump was presented with an honorary ninth dan black belt in taekwondo over the weekend by the head of one of the sport’s governing bodies at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla.”

New York Post

Donald Trump wouldn’t know Taekwondo from Kimchi, and he has never attended a Taekwondo match.

Trump’s honorary ninth dan black belt carries as much credibility and gravitas as a diploma from Trump University.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was bestowed with the same honor during a visit to Seoul in 2013, but at least he’s a martial arts master who has a black belt in Judo.

The twice-impeached former president said he will wear the taekwondo ​outfit to Congress if ​he is elected president again. Sure, why not, it beats wearing a Bozo the Clown outfit.

An emphasis on speed and agility is a defining characteristic of Taekwondo. The short-fingered vulgarian can’t even change his diapers without an assist from Mike Pence.

This Korean martial artis discipline has a focus on mental and ethical discipline, etiquette, justice, respect, and self-confidence. The orange orangutan is the last person that comes to mind when I think of these virtues.

The presentation of this honorary black belt took place in Mar-a-Lago, a most appropriate venue for this farcical ceremony.

Norwegian Commercial Depicting Romance Between Santa & Harry is the Heartwarming Video We Need This Christmas

Good will and good cheer are hard to come by, especially during the holiday season. People are too busy dodging shoppers in malls, getting drunk at Christmas parties and fighting holiday traffic to contemplate peace in the world and good will in their neighborhoods. At this time of the year there’s a plethora of Grinches and Scrooges and nary an angel to be found.

But in the midst of all the chaos, confusion and strife of the Xmas season I’ve found a small treasure, a commercial from Norway of all things.

I rarely watch broadcast TV because I hate commercials; I barely have the patience for a ten second Internet ad. But a four-minute commercial for Norway’s postal service called “When Harry Met Santa” kept my attention for every blessed second.

This commercial depicts the sweet romance between Santa Claus and a man he only sees annually. Harry is heartbroken that he must wait so long in between visits.

At the end, Santa tells Harry, “Well, I arranged some help this year, so I can be with you,” and then the two kiss.

If this sweet and innocent commercial doesn’t give you the Christmas spirit, your heart is smaller and stonier than that of the Grinch.

Photo Depicts Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and His Madam Ghislaine Maxwell Being Blessed by Pope John Paul II

A newly unearthed photograph depicts pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and socialite and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell being blessed by John Paul II in 2003.

Reportedly they took a private plane to the Vatican to receive the papal blessing.

The pontiff did not know that Epstein and Maxwell trafficked underage girls to the wealthy and powerful, all he knew was that Epstein was a financier and Maxwell was a socialite. Nothing inherently wrong with those professions, but how did that qualify them for an audience with the pope?

This photo speaks of the utter corruption of the Roman Catholic Church, this patriarchal organization is infamous for coddling, condoning and protecting an army of pedophile priests.

Pedophile Epstein and his madam were able to manipulate their way into the Vatican, to be blessed by His Holiness, Pope of the pedophile priesthood.  

Link to photograph:

Trump Releasing ‘Our Journey Together’ Photo Book in Time for Christmas

The functionally-illiterate Donald Trump previously teased that he was writing “the book of all books.”

His evangelical supporters, who treat him as the Messiah, were probably expecting a tome destined to be included in the canon of Scripture.

The rest of us who were expecting a coloring book or at best a graphic novel, weren’t far off the mark:

“Today I am thrilled to announce I will be publishing a wonderful book in time for Christmas!” Trump said in a statement. “‘Our Journey Together’ is a collection of beautiful photos captured during our very successful time in the White House.”

The coffee table book features hundreds of photographs that were “handpicked by the President” and captions that he wrote.

What publishing company would stoop so low as to publish a book written by the twice-impeached disgraced president? A publishing company founded by his son Donald Trump, is the answer.

I wouldn’t give my worst enemy Trump’s book for Christmas, but I don’t doubt that most MAGA households will have his book on their coffee tables.

White Evangelicals are as Execrable as Their Orange Messiah, Donald Trump

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

Exodus 20: 3 & 4

Anything a Christian places before God, whether it’s something material, a philosophy or a human being is an idol.

Admiring a human being isn’t a sin, there are many individuals worthy of admiration: who doesn’t admire the intelligence of Albert Einstein, the, the physical prowess of Lebron James, the courage of Martin Luther King Jr., and the integrity and eloquence of Abraham Lincoln?

But the most admirable human being in the world falls far short of the perfection of God, and a believer must never ascribe the qualities of deity to any man or woman.

White evangelicals are guilty of the sin of idolatry, they have elevated the physically and morally repulsive Donald Trump to the level of a deity. Evangelist Franklin Graham compared House Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment to Jesus’ betrayer, Judas Iscariot. Pastor John MacArthur proclaimed that true believers had to vote for him. Donald Trump, not Jesus Christ, is the Messiah that evangelicals worship.

They accept every utterance that emanates from Trump’s sphincter-shaped mouth as the Gospel, and they take umbrage at anyone who ridicules or criticizes his vain babbling.

You will become like the person you worship. White evangelicals have become as racist, misogynist, homophobic, vindictive, xenophobic and just plain evil as their Orange Messiah.

History will judge Donald Trump and his evangelical followers as one of the greatest threats ever posed to our secular democracy.

Pastor John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church Holds Rally Where Audience Chants ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio hosted the Reawaken America Tour when a speaker led the audience in a chant of “Let’s Go, Brandon,” a euphemism for “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Several prominent Christian figures condemned the chant, arguing it was out of place at a gathering held in a Christian church.

I agree that such a hateful and disrespectful chant is out of place at a Christian house of worship, but it’s not out of place at an evangelical church. I draw a distinction between Christianity and the Evangelical movement, which is a bastardization of the faith.

John Hagee is an influential evangelical leader and a vehement defender of former president Donald Trump, and the evangelical movement has made common cause with Trump and every vile thing he stands for.

Instead of abjectly apologizing the Cornerstone Church issued the following press release:

“This past week, Cornerstone Church facilities were used by an outside organization. Cornerstone Church is not associated with this organization and does not endorse their views.”

Hagee rented his facilities to an organization he knew was far-right and white nationalist in its leanings, and he is responsible for everything take takes place in his church. Unlike Hagee I’m not a sanctimonious asshole who pretends to be shocked by the use of profanity. All I have to say is Fuck John Hagee, Fuck Reawaken America and Fuck Evangelicals.  

Passage of the Infrastructure Bill a Monumental Victory for Biden Administration

On August 2021 the Senate gave overwhelming bipartisan approval to a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to rebuild the nation’s deteriorating roads, bridges, waterways ports and airports.

The vote, 69 to 30, was shocking, considering the toxic atmosphere of the Senate where bipartisanship consensus is almost impossible to achieve. If the Democrats in the Senate passed a resolution stating that the world is round, the vote would be 50 to 50, with all Republicans voted against the measure, if their Dear Leader Donald Trump declared that the Earth is as flat as Taylor Swift’s butt.

This was a monumentally historical legislative victory, and the Democrats who control the House should have immediately approved the bill and sent it to President Joe Biden to sign.

But progressive Democrats held the infrastructure bill hostage until moderate Democrats committed to supporting the social policy and climate change package, known as the Build Back Better Act.

On November the House finally passed the infrastructure bill and a couple of weeks later Biden finally signed the bill. Shame on the Democrats for playing politics and needlessly delaying passage of the infrastructure bill that will rebuild and repair our failing infrastructure, make our buildings more energy efficient, create thousands of good jobs and stimulate the economy.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that administrations going back decades punted the ball, and the Trump administration famously held an infrastructure bill almost every other week.

So, congratulations are certainly in order for the Biden administration. Bravo!

Fascist Michael Flynn Wants to Establish a Christian Theocracy

At a far-right rally Michael Flynn uttered the following words which should terrify anyone who treasures our democracy:

“If we are going to have one nation under God which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God & one religion under God”

Flynn is the former national security advisor in the Trump administration who was pardoned early this year by the former president after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.

I vehemently disagree with Flynn’s fascist declaration. No nation, least of all a democracy, should be under the thumb of any deity. It’s not the Bible, but the Constitution that unites our pluralistic society. Organized religion seeks only to destroy every secular institution and power structure that doesn’t bow down before their myths and superstitions.

Flynn and his ilk despise our democracy, and they seek to establish a theocracy for a white Christian minority. Imagine if a Muslim politician said:

We must have one nation under God, and we must have one religion. And that God is Allah and that religion is Islam.

Evangelicals would have their panties in a twist, and they demand that politician to be removed from office.

We must have one nation under the Constitution where every individual is free to worship his God, or no God.

Twitter Permanently Bans Newsmax White House Correspondent For Tweeting COVID Conspiracy Theories

“On 1 November 2021, Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson tweeted a warning: ‘Dear Christians: the vaccines contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so that you can be tracked’. Robinson’s tweet was soon deleted, and her Twitter account temporarily locked for repeated violations of Twitter’s COVID-19 misinformation policy (before being permanently banned on 10 November 2021).

Health Feedback

My first thought is why was a crazy conspiracy theorist who works for Newsmax, a cable news network that spews rightwing propaganda and conspiracy theories 24/7, granted credentials to serve as a White House correspondent?

My second thought is, I’m not surprised that Robinson, an evangelical Christian, believes that the COVID vaccines contain a marker so they can be tracked by the federal government.

After all, evangelicals believe in all types of nonsense like the notion that we are living in the End Times and that Jesus will soon Rapture his believers out of this world, meet them in the air, and I guess transport them to paradise.

WWJD? Jesus would rapture the racist, judgmental, and hateful evangelicals out of this world and dump them in the Lake of Fire.

Newsmax disavowed Robinson’s claims and she is currently off the air, but she hasn’t been fired. This screwball who plays at being a journalist should have been summarily fired by Newsmax, and her White House credentials should have been revoked.

Donald Trump Will Win if He Faces a Frail Joe Biden or a Cackling Kamala Harris in 2024

Donald Trump almost destroyed our democracy during his tenure, and after his landslide election loss to Joe Biden only his incompetence and the courage of a few key Republican election officials prevented his coup from being successful.  

The Trump administration was marked by chaos, corruption and criminality, there were no guard rails and no adults in the house to curb his worst instincts.

America breathed a collective sigh of relief after Joe Biden was inaugurated, and many of us fooled ourselves into thinking that Trump would never be elected president again.

But Trump retains complete control of the Republican Party and his base is as committed as ever to their orange messiah.

If the physically frail and mentally impaired Joe Biden survives his term in office, he will be 82 if he runs for reelection. I don’t think Biden will have the energy or the inclination to run for reelection, and I don’t think the Democratic Party would allow such a farce to play out.

I don’t think Vice President, Kamala Harris, is perceived as Biden’s likely successor, currently her approval rating is a dismal 28 percent.  The Elmo of the Biden administration doesn’t have the gravitas, charisma or political skills to run a successful presidential campaign.

Donald Trump will win if he faces Harris or Biden in 2024, and this time he will be completely out-of-control, with no worries about reelection to curb his behavior. It’s not too early to worry about who will succeed Biden, and it’s incumbent upon Democratic presidential hopefuls to start planning their presidential campaigns.

Kellyanne Conway is Like a Tinder Date From Hell

You finally meet your Tinder date and you are appalled to discover it’s Kellyanne Conway, your testicles shrivel, your eyes turn glassy and you swear on your mother’s grave that you will never swipe right again.

Then after a few drinks the clock strikes midnight, and she turns into the Crypt Keeper and starts uttering racist garbage and you determine to sue Tinder if you survive your date from hell.

Kellyanne is trending on Twitter because in a Fox News interview she uttered this patently ridiculous statement:

“I worked in that White House for four years. We never even heard of a such of a thing. There was no supply chain crisis”

Conway is stuck in a twilight zone where alternative facts are accepted as Gospel. No supply chain crisis during the Trump administration? Really? Bitch, please!

I remember a shortage of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, PPE Gear (masks, gloves, ventilators), COVID tests and vaccines.

Conway the Crypt Keeper is really more like Freddy Krueger or any of those movie monsters who are seemingly invincible, who keep coming back from the dead to terrorize a new generation of clueless teenagers.

Conway please just shut up; I don’t ever want to see you trending on Twitter again.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden Take a Stroll Along Delaware Beach

“President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden spent the weekend in Delaware, where they went for a late afternoon stroll Sunday along the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park.

Like any other couple there enjoying the last days of fall, the casually-dressed Bidens — they both wore sneakers and she wore jeans — snapped a selfie together (above), with the president holding the camera and wrapping his arm around the first lady.”

President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden taking a stroll on a beach shouldn’t be news, but this normal activity by a loving couple is noteworthy because it’s a contrast to the chaos, confusion and criminality of the Trump administration.

Notice all the ways this Biden date is different from a typical Trump date. Was there ever a Trump date night during his administration?

Biden was wearing a baseball cap emblazoned with the seal of the president of the United States, not a red MAGA cap that is a symbol of racism.

Joe was wrapping his arm around Jill, and she wasn’t swatting away his hand.

Jill’s coat didn’t have a snarky or mean message.

The Bidens were taking a stroll on a beach located in a state park, not in a private luxury resort. I treasure the normal behavior of the Bidens; I hope Donald Trump never runs for president again