CNN Reporter Ruins Christmas Meal with Nancy Pelosi by Invoking the Name of Donald Trump


Donald Trump leaves a bad taste in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mouth.

The 82-year-old California Democrat did not hide her disdain for the 76-year-old former president during a lunch interview with CNN.

‘I don’t think we should talk about him while we’re eating,’ Pelosi rebuked the network’s Jamie Gangel after the reporter asked ‘what it would mean’ if Trump was returned to the White House in 2024.

The New York Post

It’s gauche at the least and an unpardonable sin at the worst to bring up the topic of Donald Trust during a holiday meal. When we break bread in December the conversation should center on peace on earth and goodwill toward men and women and invoking the name of Trump isn’t calculated to elicit good vibes.

By the time you’re an octogenarian your tolerance for BS is very low, and I don’t blame Pelosi for looking aghast at the CNN reporter for bringing up a creature that reeks of manure.

Invoking the name of Trump during the holiday season is like reminiscing about your old girlfriends when you treat your current sweetheart to a Valentine’s Day dinner.

It’s in bad taste! It’s a faux pas that even Jesus Christ wouldn’t forgive! It’s an affront to the Christmas spirit! Anyone who mentions that execrable sociopath during a holiday meal deserves to be pimp slapped by the Grinch and beaten to a pulp by Scrooge.

I hope Gangel didn’t completely extinguish Pelosi’s holiday spirit, the Speaker of the House deserves to have a peaceful Trump-free Christmas.

Joe Biden: ‘You Think I Don’t Know How F—ing Old I Am?’

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has complained that people are focusing too much on his age as he decides whether to run for a second term….

The US president recently lashed out, telling an ally: ‘You think I don’t know how f—ing old I am?’ according to Politico.”


Joe Biden is complaining that voters are focusing too much on his age as he contemplates running for a second term.

Well Duh! Biden is 80 and would be 86 at the end of his second term, of course we are alarmed that an adle-brained octogenarian wants to run for a second term.

An 80-year-old nanny with impeccable credentials and a sterling resume will find it difficult to find any parents willing to entrust her with their children. Parents wouldn’t focus on her qualifications; they’d be worried that she doesn’t have the physical energy or the mental dexterity to keep up with rambunctious toddlers.

It’s manifest that Biden’s elevator doesn’t reach the top floor, and it’s only a matter of time before the rusty elevator crashes down to the basement.

Biden, we know how fucking old you are: too old to run for reelection. We suspect that a feeble old man who has a habit of shaking hands with his imaginary friends is too fucking old to remember that he his too fucking old to run for reelection.

Roger Stone: ‘There’s a Demonic Portal Over the White House’

Roger Stone

“I think that…  a portal, a demonic portal, opened above the White House around the time that the Bidens moved in. This was brought to my attention by a Christian who lives in north Florida who sent me a bunch of documents and also a bunch of notations from the Bible about portals.”

Roger Stone

There’s a right-wing news and entertainment ecosystem of fringe cable news outlets like Newsmax, online news organizations like OAN, and a plethora of web sites where weird conspiracy theories are par for the course.

Stone uttered this insane statement on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show, a prime example of this conservative media cesspool.

If an evangelical, from Florida no less, sent me a bunch of documents and a bunch of biblical verses purporting to be evidence that there is a demonic portal over the White House, I would immediately dispatch the documents in the garbage.

Evangelicals who believe in the Rapture, the Big Lie and in a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles that run the world, don’t have credibility when it comes to religion, politics or anything else.

Stone said he was initially skeptical but was convinced of the reality of the demonic portal when he discovered a live cam where you can actually see it in real time.

There might have been a demonic portal over the White House during the previous administration, how else can you explain the torrent of lies, the endless scandals and the sheer perversity that emanated from the White House during Trump’s tenure.

Stone complained that the mainstream media isn’t covering the demonic portal. Don’t worry Stone, perhaps Elon Musk will do a Twitter files dump on the demonic portal as soon as he is finished chewing on the Hunter Biden nothing burger.

Snoop Dogg: ‘F*ck Donald Trump! Amen Snoop!


Donald Trump is a pathological liar, serial philanderer, insufferable narcissist, soulless sociopath, bumbling buffoon, vicious racist, sick misogynist, cowardly homophobe and an outright fascist. In short, he is a steaming pile of human shit.

If an evangelical attempts to persuade me to vote for Trump, I’m not going to waste a precious second arguing that he is the antithesis of the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ.

I would simply tell him/her: Fuck you, Fuck Donald Trump and fuck the God you have created in your image.

It’s folly to attempt to have a nuanced discussion employing facts, reason and logic with a fool who is completely in the thrall of a Hitler or a Trump.

No political analyst has provided a better political assessment of Donald Trump than Snoop Dogg:

“Fuck Donald Trump. We ain’t voting for your punk ass. Go get you a new hairdo bitch ass.”

I’m down with Snoop! Fuck Donald Trump! I’m not voting for his punk ass! Snoop is right, his urine-colored combover hairdo is played out.

Fuck Donald Trump! Can I get an Amen?

God is God, All the Time. All the Time God is Good? Prove it By Being Good to Everyone


The seemingly innocuous phrase “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good” is ubiquitous in evangelical circles. It is used as a greeting and as an affirmation, often in call-and-response pattern.

It’s the favorite mantra of evangelical pastors, it teaches their congregations to give their assent to whatever “truth” he utters.

The correct response to “God is good, all the time” is not “All the time, God is good” but:

Sometimes it doesn’t seem so!

If God is good why are evangelicals such assholes?

If God is good why does evil reign supreme in the world?

Or with silence.

Fundamentalist Christians will demonize and persecute other Christians who don’t share their extremist interpretation of the Bible, and leave people thinking that the God they worship can’t possibly be good.

They remind me of fundamentalist Muslims who greet each other with “Allahu Akbar” and regard everyone else including moderate Muslims with disdain, contempt and hatred.

God is good? Prove it to me by being good to everyone.

Christian Walker Provides Best Autopsy of Herschel Walker’s Defeat

Herschel Walker

Christian Walker, Herschel Walker’s son and an Instagram influencer who has used his platform to promote Republican politics, provided the most astute autopsy of Herschel Walker’s doomed Senate campaign:

“Don’t beat women, hold guns to peoples heads, fund abortions then pretend your pro-life, stalk cheerleaders, leave your multiple minor children alone to chase more fame, lie, lie, lie, say stupid crap, and make a fool of your family… And then maybe you can win a senate seat.”

Walker won the Georgia primary by virtue of being Donald Trump’s hand-picked candidate. The most radical elements of political parties dominate primary elections, and the MAGA faithful overlooked all of Walker’s fatal flaws and gave him a landslide win.

But in the general election and in the run-off independents and establishment Republicans couldn’t vote for the most unqualified Republican senatorial candidate in recent history, and instead voted for Raphael Warnock.

Christian Walker is spot-on: a candidate who beats women, has serial affairs, forces his girlfriends to have abortions while pretending he’s pro-life, makes incoherent statements every time he opens his mouth, and lies all the time is not going to win a Senate seat, not even in Georgia.

Herschel Walker was the final nail in Trump’s reputation as a kingmaker, almost all of Trump endorsed election-denying candidates lost in the midterms.

Republicans would be well-advised to kick Trump to the curb.  

My Annual Mariah Carey Christmas Essay

Queen of Christmas

It’s Christmas time and some writers will wax eloquent about peace on Earth and good will toward men, and others will expound on the religious significance of the holiday, but for me the most important aspect of the Yuletide season is the heavenly voice of the Queen of Christmas singing “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

It’s not Christmas until I hear Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas song for the first time on the radio. When I heard the diva’s signature holiday song on the radio in late-November for the first time, it reminded me that it was time to turn the page from Thanksgiving to Noel.

Christmas without “All I Want for Christmas” is like Thanksgiving without a turkey, Halloween without candy and Valentine’s Day without someone special in your arms.

I live in a part of the country were it almost never snows on Christmas, but I can do without the snow, the tinsel, the presents and the tree decorated with ornaments. I’m good, as long as “All I Want for Christmas is You” in playing on a loop in my home.

It’s Christmas and I don’t have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head, I have visions of the Queen of Christmas dancing and cavorting with Santa Claus while singing her classic song.

Merry Christmas and may you experience the true meaning of the holiday: enjoying the heavenly voice of Mariah as everyone else is running to and fro buying presents, getting plastered at parties and hanging decorations.

Herschel Walker is a Moron

Herschel Walker

Before his debate with Raphael Warnock Herschel Walker said that his opponent was going to embarrass him because “I’m not that smart.” Walker is a pathological liar but for once he was telling the truth, he’s the most stupid candidate ever to run for the Senate.

His campaign has been characterized by sheer stupidity, from telling patently obvious lies that only a fool would utter to uttering incoherent and ridiculous statements to using a fake police badge to try to prove that he’s a former police officer. (he’s not)

Stupid is as stupid does, it was stupid for Walker to run against an intelligent and respected statesman like Warnock, and he’s ending his campaign on a stupid note. Here is his closing argument at a rally Sunday:

They’re bringing pronouns into our military, they’re bringing wokeness into our military. I don’t even know what the heck is a pronoun. I can tell you that I’m sick and tired of this pronoun stuff. What I want our military men and women to do is to be at war fighting. Fighting whom? Doesn’t matter—just go to war, please. We love a good war.”

I’m not surprised that an individual with the intellect of a kindergartner doesn’t know what a pronoun is, that’s something you learn in elementary school.

The last person we need in the Senate is a moron who’s desperate to send our young men and women to war. I prefer a senator who is desperate to keep our soldiers from dying in wars. No reasonable person loves a war, good or otherwise. In fact, there’s no such thing as a good war, only a just war.

Enough with the gaffes, tomfoolery and buffoonery; I beg the citizens of Georgia to reject the simpleton and vote for Warnock.

Herschel Walker Takes Credit for Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr’s Intelligence


Herschel Walker has room temperature IQ; he doesn’t have any brain cells to spare. Believe it or not, a video has surfaced on social media where he takes credit for Donald Trump’s children’s intelligence.

The GOP’s illustrious Senate candidate for Georgia bragged that he spent quality time with Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. while they were growing up and was responsible for their intelligence.

In the video posted on Twitter, Walker said:

“I don’t know if y’all know this, but I knew Donald Trump before he became ‘The Donald.’ Matter of fact, little Ivanka and little Donald lived with me for a week, for five years, during the summer. Every amusement park, Disney World, Sea World—every place they went, I was the one to take them. I kept them for a week, so the intelligence of those two kids right there—not from Donald.”

The moron claims that Ivanka and Junior lived with him for five weeks over a period of five years. That would be five more weeks that the serial philanderer has spent with his out-of-wedlock children that he never publicly acknowledged until just recently, and that he never financially supported. Walker is a pathological liar and this is another of his tall tales.

Can you imagine racist Trump allowing his beloved blond brat to live with Walker for a week? Hell to the NO!

If Trump sees this video he may retract his endorsement, watching a black idiot take credit for his children’s intelligence will be too much to take.

A Few Evangelicals Have Finally Turned Away from Trump


“In his biweekly email to evangelical Christian pastors, David Lane, a political operative based in Texas and leader of the American Renewal Project, described former President Donald Trump as out of touch, driven by personal grievances and self-importance. 

Unfortunately, the former president’s penchant for settling political scores and his compulsion to keep the spotlight upon himself have both become threadbare and trite,’ Lane’s email said.”


In is email to some 70,000 evangelicals, Lane praised Trump’s accomplishments to high heaven before describing the former president as out of touch, driven by personal grievances and self-importance. Lane also decried Trump’s “compulsion to keep the spotlight upon himself.”

Gee, Lane you think so?

Why Lane’s sudden epiphany that Trump is an egomaniacal monster rather than a messiah who will make America great again? Why are some evangelicals suddenly wondering how to quit Trump?

Is it because they finally read the Bible and realized that Trump’s policies, behavior and rhetoric are antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ? Is it because it finally dawned on them that Trump is a petty and vindictive sociopath that will destroy the GOP?

No! A few evangelicals have second thoughts about Trump only because the red wave failed to materialize and most of Trump’s hand-pick election deniers went down to a bitter defeat. It’s pragmatism not a realization that Trump is an evil Fuck that’s made them consider other options than Trump.

Most evangelicals will stick with Trump to the bitter end, only when Trump is defeated once again in 2024 will we see the end of Trump and Trumpism.

Herschel Walker is a Moron

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker suffers from multiple personality disorder and there’s no proof that his multiple personalities have been integrated into one cohesive entity. Walker is like a classroom of special needs children.

But that’s not even his worst psychological or mental malady, to put it kindly he’s intellectually-challenged, or to express it in street vernacular he’s a freaking moron.

Walker isn’t morally, ethically or intellectually capable of serving as dog catcher. If he was a dog catcher, I’m convinced he would round up not only dogs, but cats, raccoons, squirrels and God only knows what other critters. The dog pound would house a menagerie of animals.

Walker’s Senate campaign has been a traveling circus, with the clown as the ringmaster. He babbles incoherently about every issue from climate change to immigration to foreign affairs. Walker’s idiotic comments aren’t gaffes like Joe Biden or malapropisms like George W. Bush, they are the utterings of a person cursed with a room temperature IQ.

Walker’s Crazy Town campaign is running at full speed, but what if the dog catches the bus? What if, God forbid, he actually wins? Can you imagine this ignoramus pontificating on the well of the Senate? Can you imagine him putting in his two cents worth in a debate over an issue of consequence? Can you imagine hm having the mental awareness that he’s supposed to sit with the Republicans?

Walker is a pathological liar, a serial philanderer and a shameless hypocrite, which means he would be like the majority of senators. But he’s also has the intelligence of a kindergartener, which makes him unqualified to serve in the Senate.

Outrage: Franklin Graham Dispatches Chaplains to Club Q Nightclub to Provide ‘Emotional Support’

Franklin Graham is one of the most vociferous homophobic evangelical ministers, he never misses an opportunity to demonize and marginalize the gay and lesbian community. He’s made dozens of anti-gay comments including this doozy: “legalization of same-sex marriage was orchestrated by Satan.

Franklin who leads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse dispatched chaplains to Colorado Springs to provide “emotional and spiritual support” after a gunman murdered five people in a gay nightclub.

This is the epitome of hypocrisy and cynicism, that’s like an Aryan Nations’ congregation dispatching their pastor to lend support to the community where an African American church was fire bombed.

For someone who incites violence against the LGBT community pretending to engage in ministry after such a violent act does nothing but further traumatize the victims. Franklin’s brand is synonymous with misogyny, homophobia and racism, and he and his minions aren’t welcome in Colorado Springs.

Fortunately, LGBTQ ministers who embody the loving and caring spirt of Jesus Christ are on scene at the nightclub providing comfort and love.

Trump Screams at Kanye West When the Rapper Asked Him to be His Running Mate in 2024

At Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s palatial resort, he holds sway over his sycophants and hanger-on’s like the Pope at the Vatican.  Mar-a-Lago is the evangelical Mecca where anyone who seeks to be a power player in Republican politics makes a pilgrimage to kiss the Orange Messiah’s ring.

Imagine Trump’s incredulity and outrage when renowned anti-Semite Kanye West visited him at Mar-a-Lago to inform him that not only was he planning on running for president in 2024, but he wanted Trump to be his running mate. That’s like a house slave telling the master of the plantation that he’s planning on marrying his daughter.

Trump reacted with outrage, screaming at Kanye that he was going to lose and insulting his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Kanye has an ego as huge as Trump’s, but he doesn’t know his role as an Uncle Tom. He’s supposed to praise Trump, don a MAGA hat and wear an Uncle Tom grin whenever he’s in his presence, but he’s never supposed to forget that he is an inferior by virtue of his black skin.

Trump is correct that Kanye will lose if he runs for president in 2024. The moron ran for president in 2020, appeared on the ballot in only 12 states and collected around 60,000 votes out of an estimated 160 million.  

I wouldn’t pay a dime to watch a Kanye West concert, but I would have paid thousands of dollars to witness the disgraced rapper ask Trump if he wanted to be his running mate.

Naomi Biden’s 7-foot Tall Wedding Cake Leaves a Bad Taste in My Mouth

Naomi Biden, the recently married daughter of the black sheep of the family, Hunter Biden, has been living rent free in the White House for months along with her now-husband Peter Neal. These high-priced attorneys can afford their own place, and it’s a shame they’re living at the People’s House.

The president’s granddaughter was married at the White House is an extravagant wedding that was closed to the press, with the exception of Vouge magazine.

According to Vogue Naomi Biden’s wedding dress train was six-foot long, and her wedding cake was 7 feet tall. The newlyweds had to use a ladder for the ceremonial cut-the-cake ritual.

This kind of extravagance in the middle of a recession takes Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” attitude to a new level. The only freaking reason why any cake should ever be as tall as a basketball player is because a tall stripper is hiding inside.

This colossal cake leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and it’s a reminder of the decadence and corruption of Hunter Biden.

Happy Birthday Joe Biden!

President Joe Bien celebrated his 80th birthday on November 20 at the White House. To commemorate the milestone, his spouse, first lady Jill Biden posted a sweet note on Twitter.

She shared a pic of the two dancing at the birthday bash, the caption read, “There is no on else I would rather dance with than you. Happy Birthday, Joe! I love you.”

The pic depicts them holding hands, and that reminds me of Melania’s penchant for swatting away her husband’s tiny hands whenever he attempted to hold her hand. If the Trumps return to the White House, I will beg the Grim Reaper to visit me before he visits Joe.

Joe, 80 and Jill, 71, aren’t exactly spring chickens, but these love birds are still full of love and affection for each other. It’s heartwarming to see this elderly couple brimming with love and life, even as the Grim Reaper is ready to tap Joe on the shoulder.

Happy birthday Joe! You are lucky to have such a lovely wife!

Biden Turns 80 This Sunday, Time to Turn the Page


Questions about Joe Biden’s age have loomed over his presidency ever since he entered the White House. We were relieved that the previous occupant, the boorish, crude, vulgar and racist Trump had been fired by the American people, but we wondered how long the feeble Biden would maintain residence at 1600 Pennsylvania before a stroke or simply the ravages of old age would force him to move to the Villages in Florida.

On Sunday, Biden will reach a major milestone when he is expected to spend his 80th birthday with his family in the White House. The average lifespan of an American male is 77.28 years, the lucky males who reach this milestone celebrate their birthdays in nursing homes or in a retirement community.  

On his birthday Biden will reminisce about old times, hug his grandchildren, and relish his major milestone comfortably ensconced in the White House.

But I’m wondering if Biden’s wife and his aides have advised him against running for reelection.

During a news conference last week, when he was asked about whether he had it in him to run for reelection, Biden replied “Watch me.”

Sir, we have been watching you. We have watched you fall from a bike. We have watched you shake hands with your invisible friends. We have watched you dazed and confused wondering how to exit a stage. We have watched you lose your train of thought repeatedly during a speech. We have watched a physical frail and addle minded septuagenarian and now octogenarian prove that time catches up with every one of us.

COVID-19 saved Joe Biden from campaigning in 2020, he almost never ventured outside of his basement. He can’t use that excuse this time, and I don’t think he has the energy to run a presidential campaign, and he certainly doesn’t have the wherewithal to run the greatest country in the world.

Why Are White Evangelicals So Mean?

If somebody asked me to describe white evangelicals with one word, I wouldn’t choose, pious, spiritual, kind, compassionate, friendly or any other word that could be used to describe the founder of their religion, Jesus Christ.

I could choose many of the adjectives used to describe their new Orange Messiah, Donald Trump: vindictive, cruel, arrogant, petty, malicious and hateful. But the word that stands out is mean, they are just mean to the core.

Their favorite ministers don’t preach the values of the New Testament, a humility, love and compassion that’s made manifest by ministering to the poor, friendless and outcasts of society. They prefer to listen to flat out assholes like Greg Locke who thunder homophobia, misogyny and xenophobia from the pulpit.

White evangelicals had a mean streak well before Trump entered politics, but now that he is the de facto leader of their religion it’s bubbled to the surface.

The meanness of evangelicals is evidenced by their hatred of immigrants, demonizing of gays and lesbians, and lack of concern for their neighbors reflected by their refusal to get vaccinated.

Their meanness also comes across in every day interactions with them, if your hairstyle, tattoos, dress or vernacular leads them to conclude that you don’t belong to their tribe, they give you a wide berth.

White evangelicals will be mean to the die they die, because they won’t be happy until turn our democracy into a White Christian Nationalist regime, led by their god, Donald Trump. That’s never going to happen.

Trump’s ‘Very Big Announcement’ Will Fall Flat


The time has come for Donald Trump’s “very big announcement”, the big reveal will take place at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on prime time (of course).

Despite being impeached twice, inciting an insurrection, undermining democracy by spreading the Big Lie that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, and notwithstanding suffering the humiliation of his anointed election deniers going down in flames in the midterms, his big announcement is expected to be that he’s running for president again.

I’m not surprised that a man with such a huge ego, has the audacity to run for president in spite of such a dreadful legacy. After all, Trump believes that the rule of law doesn’t apply to him, and he thinks he can get away with anything, including murdering someone in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue.

I’m not surprised that his evangelical base is still soundly behind him, they will support the sociopath until the bitter end because his determination to establish a White Christian Nationalist government trumps all of his grievous faults.

Trump’s very big announcement will be met with cheers and amens from his sycophants and cultists at Mar-a-Lago, but it will fall flat with most of the electorate, including many Republicans who won’t forgive him for costing them control of the Senate in the midterms.

Jon Voight: ‘Trump is a New Light and He Will Return to the Presidency’

I watched the election coverage with apprehension and dread, like most lovers of liberty and truth I expected a red tide of fascism and lies to wash away the bulwarks of democracy.

But the midterms turned out to be a rejection of Trump and his infernal MAGA movement, most of the conspiracy theorists and proponents of the Big Lie that he foisted on the Republican Party went down to ignoble defeat. Against all odd the Democrats retained control of the Senate, and there’s still a chance they might keep control of the House as well.

Jon Voight, one of Trump’s most vociferous defenders wasn’t too happy with the midterms:

“It’s a dark web. A dark world. But not for long. A new light will emerge. The one president who understood truths .. Trump will return to the presidency. Allow Trump to rebuild our soil and our land so we can rise to our glory.”

I agree with Voight’s first statement, it’s indeed a dark world, because dark entities like Trump often rule the world before they are brought down by the forces of goodness and light.

Voight perceives Trump as a new light. The Bible says that Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and I’m not surprised that an angry old white man sees the dark sociopath as a new light.

“The one president who understands truths.” Are you freaking kidding me? Trump is a pathological liar whose administration was marred by tens of thousands of lies and misleading claims. Trump is infamous for disseminating the Big Lie that he won the election.

Voight is wrong, dead wrong, about Trump being an ambassador of light, and he is dead wrong about Trump returning to the presidency. The midterms have conclusively demonstrated that the electorate is sick and tired of Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories, and he will be humiliated if he runs again for president.

Twitter Verifies Account for Jesus Christ


When a zillionaire, who believes that we live in a simulated reality, buys Twitter, you don’t have to be a theoretical physicist to know that he will turn it into his virtual playground where anything goes. Elon Musk has set the tone by tweeting conspiracy theories, firing thousands of employees by email and verifying Jesus Christ’s Twitter page with the cherished blue checkmark.

Jesus’ Twitter page feature a profile picture of a Jesus statue pointing its right index finger and raising its left thumb with a smile and a wink. The smile and the wink are clues that this isn’t the Republican Jesus who frowns at anyone having fun, and has a penchant for condemning liberals, gays and feminists to hell. That last thing Twitter needs is a MAGA Jesus egging on the demonic antics of Donald Trump.

The Jesus of the Gospels had twelve disciples, but Twitter’s Jesus has 830,000 followers, and he doesn’t follow anyone, not even Elon Musk. Trump-worshipping white evangelicals have made it embarrassing for anyone to admit that they are a follower of Jesus Christ, but I’m not ashamed to say that I am a follower of Twitter Jesus. I’m not even ashamed to spread the word: Follow Jesus at:

Evangelicals Support Herschel Walker Despite the Fact He Paid for His Lovers to Have Abortions

Herschel Walker

Most white evangelicals are vehemently opposed to abortion, and their rhetoric isn’t nuanced or restrained, they flat-out call abortion murder. They firmly believe that anyone who is pro-choice is morally unqualified to be a minister, physician or a politician.

For decades they have demonized pro-choice politicians as Marxist and Satanic baby killers who are undermining Christianity and democracy.

The Republican nominee for senator for Georgia, Herschel Walker, is a self-proclaimed evangelical who is strongly opposed to abortion with absolutely no exceptions.

Two women have credibly claimed that Walker paid for them to have an abortion. Walker’s had out-of-wedlock children with several women, children he hadn’t publicly accounted for or privately supported.

Evangelicals should have turned away from Walker with disgust, after all by their reckoning he’s a serial baby killer, a serial philanderer and a deadbeat dad.

Instead, evangelicals have rushed to his defense, proving that owning the libs and advancing their racist MAGA agenda is more important to them than their principles and fidelity to the Bible.

I will celebrate when Walker is defeated in the runoff election, proving that God hates these religious assholes as much as most Americans.

Trump Warns DeSantis Not to Run in 2024


“Donald Trump has called on Ron DeSantis not to run in 2024 for the good of the Republican Party and warned that he could ‘hurt himself badly’ if he does.

The former president claimed he knew things about Mr DeSantis that were not flattering, adding: “I know more about him than anybody other than, perhaps, his wife.”

The Telegraph

Donald Trump sees himself as the MAGA king who’s destined to reclaim his throne, and his evangelical supporters see him as the Messiah who’s been ordained by God to establish a White Nationalist Christian theocracy. Therefore, the MAGA toad considers any Republican who dares run against him a heretic and a loser.

Trump has strongly hinted that he will launch his 2024 presidential campaign on November 15 in Florida, and he expects to run unopposed by any serious Republican challenger.

Most Republican leaders have balls the size of marbles, and I don’t think any of those cowards will have the courage to challenge him. With the possible exception of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who embraces Trump’s MAGA platform without prostrating himself before him.

DeSantis is just as racist, obnoxious and homophobic as Trump, but he’s younger, smarter, more eloquent and the natural heir apparent. Trump wants to nip any prospective DeSantis run in the bud and that’s why he’s already warned him not to run.

I don’t know if DeSantis is going to run, but he wouldn’t be much of an improvement over Trump. I hope that a Republican who doesn’t subscribe to Trump’s toxic “America First” platform will run against him.

Donald Trump Jr Mocks John Fetterman as ‘Brain Dead’

Anything goes at a Trump rally, discretion and civility fly out the window and chaos and cruelty reign supreme.

At his father’s “Save America” rally in Miami, Florida, Donald Trump Jr mocked Senate candidate John Fetterman over his stroke, uttering these vile and heartless comments.

“I believe that if you’re going to be in the United States senator, you should have basic cognitive function. It doesn’t seem that unreasonable — to have a working brain.”

We’re up against a Democrat party today that doesn’t believe that a United States senator should not have mush for brain.”

I will stipulate that Fetterman’s health should be a major campaign issue. He suffered a stroke in May and he claims that he developed an auditory-processing disorder, but doesn’t suffer from any cognitive issues. A physician’s note he released last month said that Fetterman was recovering well and could carry out public office.

That’s not nearly enough, Fetterman should release his medical records and allow his physicians to be interviewed. It’s incumbent upon him to prove to the citizens of Pennsylvania that he’s mentally and physically capable of serving as their senator.

But it’s patently cruel to mock a person who’s suffered a stroke. Although the stroke has clearly affected Fetterman’s ability to express his thoughts, it’s equally clear that his brain isn’t mush. It takes a working brain to deliver campaign speeches and answer reporters’ questions.

Donald Trump Jr is the one who has mush for brains, otherwise he would realize that his cruel words will backfire, and motivate people to vote for Fetterman.

Herschel Walker: ‘I Would Pit My Resume Against Barack Obama’s’

“Herschel Walker said on ‘Fox & Friends’ Wednesday he’d pit his résumé against former President Barack Obama’s ‘any time of the day.’”

Yahoo News

In a perfect world, and we all know this is far from a perfect world, Herschel Walker wouldn’t be taken seriously as a candidate for dog catcher in a small town.

Despite no experience in government, credible accusations of paying for two women to have abortions in contradiction to his vehement anti-abortion stance, history of violence against women, history of multiple personality disorder, having almost as many out-of-wedlock children as Nick Cannon, and lying almost as much as Donald Trump, Walker is in a tight race with the incumbent, Democratic Sen. Ralph Warnock.

In today’s highly polarized electorate, Republicans would vote for a wilted head of cabbage instead of the highly qualified Warnock. A case could be made that a wilted head of cabbage has more gravitas, intelligence, personality and good looks than Walker.

This Walker, this sorry excuse for a human being, this steaming pile of human shit dares to declare that he would pit his resume against Barack Obama.

Before Obama made history as the first black president of the United States, he already had an illustrious resume: he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law, won election as President of the Harvard Law reviews and was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School.

All I have to say to Walker is: Bitch, please!

UK Bans Prayers Outside of Abortion Clinics! Thank You, Jesus

“In a 297-110 vote, members of Parliament backed an amendment to the Government’s Public Order Bill that would outlaw the offering of prayer and advice to women outside of abortion clinics.”


Labor Member of Parliament Stella Creasy introduced the bill to protect vulnerable women as they run a gauntlet of anti-abortion activists at the entrance of abortion clinics.

Religious fanatics rain invectives, prayers and threats at these women whose only crime or sin is seeking a lawful medical procedure.

Women visiting abortion clinics aren’t seeking advice or prayer from strangers, these pregnant women have already carefully considered their decision, and they don’t need any sanctimonious or judgmental prayers or unsolicited advice.

A fanatic caught praying outside of an abortion clinic in England can now face up to six months in prison. Thank you, Jesus! They can use the time behind bars to pray for God’s forgiveness for harassing women when they are at their most vulnerable state.

Thoughts and prayers, even when offered sincerely, are as effectual as farts and burps, and they have no place in the abortion debate.