Rep. Bob Good and Challenger John McGuire are ‘Stains on America’s Underwear’

Donald Trump is such an affront to humanity and such an existential threat to our democracy that he’s often compared to a stinking pile of human excrement.

Instead of recoiling in horror and distancing themselves from the orange sociopath most Republicans think that the only way they can remain viable is by copying Trump’s amoral behavior and inflammatory rhetoric.

In 2020 Republican challenger Bob Good defeated Denver Riggleman, the U.S. representative from Virginia’s 5th congressional district by attacking him for committing the unpardonable sin of officiating at the same-sex wedding of two campaign volunteers.

Since becoming a congressman Good has tried to establish his bona fides as a MAGA zealot by among other things voting to oust GOP Speaker Keven McCarthy and throwing the House into chaos. He is the chairman of the ultra-right House Freedom Caucus.

Good is running for reelection and he is facing a primary challenger from John J. McGuire, an election denier who has pledged fealty to Trump and promised to bring a “Biblical worldview” to Congress.

Good is vulnerable because he made the cardinal sin of endorsing Ron DeSantis in the Republican presidential primary. Although he immediately endorsed Trump after DeSantis withdrew from the race, he forever gained the enmity of Trump and his MAGA supporters.

Riggleman characterized Good and McGuire as “two amoral stains on America’s underwear.” They don’t have the heft and substance of Trump’s pile of dung, they are merely stains on the GOP’s underwear.

Virginia’s 5th congressional district is a safe Republican seat; therefore the winner will be a stain of human excrement.