Demographics and the Moral Arc of the Universe That Bends Toward Justice Spells Doom for Trump’s Racism

It seems that in a nanosecond we went from the dreams of Obama’s post-racial America to the dystopian nightmare of Trump’s White Nationalist administration. Hope and change have devolved into despair and the same old bigotry, and people of color have never felt so disenfranchised in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Trump’s cancerous racism has metastasized and consumed not only his administration, but the entire Republican Party. For the sake of deregulation, conservative judges and tax cuts for the wealthy, Republican leaders turn a blind eye to the the racist rhetoric and policies of the Trump administration. The GOP may have attained these short-term victories, but their cynicism and complicity in Trump’s racism spells doom for the long-term future of their party. Demographics and the moral arc of the universe that bends towards justice ensures that the GOP is destined to become irrelevant in the near future.

The Trump administration, whether it survives for four years or eight, is racism’s last hurrah. Future generations won’t comprehend why we didn’t impeach a president who called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, African nations shithole countries, and mocked predominantly black cities as rat-infested hellholes.

One day when I wake up and our long national nightmare is finally over, I won’t have any regrets or feelings of guilt. In the last three years I have written hundreds of essays exposing the racism, bigotry, and corruption of the Trump administration. What about you my friend?

Stable Genius Trump Accidentally Tweets Praise at Parody Account Mocking Tom Homan

“Seeking to praise former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan in a tweet on Sunday, President Donald Trump accidentally ended up drawing attention to a pro-immigration parody account mocking the former ICE chief instead.

‘The Democrats hate this President so much, they’re forgetting about their duty to secure our Border,’ The U.S. leader wrote, appearing to quote from an interview between the real-life Homan and Fox News’ Steve Hilton. ‘Sad but true!’ Trump said in agreement, as he tagged Hilton and the account: @ThomasHomanICE.”


Tom Homan served as Acting Director of ICE from January 30, 2017 to June 29, 2018. Since his retirement from public service he has been a vitriolic defender of Trump’s racist immigration policies in his capacity as a Fox News contributor.

Trump often praises Fox News hosts and contributors on Twitter, these sycophants are an embarrassment to their profession, and they thrive on such compliments.

Trump is the worst president in history, and he’d wouldn’t be much better as a journalist. He’s too lazy to do any research, had he taken the time to click the @ThomasHomanICE account he would have discovered it’s a parody account with less than five thousand followers.

The parody account is run by pro-immigration advocate Domenic Powell, and you can follow this resistor @_vectorist.

It’s taken me years to build up my Twitter feed to almost 20 thousand followers, but if I create a parody account @MikePenceChristianPatriot and tweet “Donald Trump is not a racist and he deserves an NAACP Image Award”, the fucking moron might retweet it to his 62 million followers and almost immediately my parody account would be more popular than my genuine page.

SNL Skit Depicting Donald Trump Hawking Trump Branded Fried Chicken Resurfaces

A 2004 Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit that spoofs Donald Trump’s affinity for hawking dubious Trump branded products (Trump University, Trump steaks, Trump deodorant) has resurfaced much to the dismay of the short-fingered vulgarian.

The megalomaniac is not into self-deprecating humor, and he probably considers participating in this skit one of his biggest blunders. I urge my readers to post this SNL skit on their social media platforms to humiliate the fucking moron who’s embarrassing America.  

The fake commercial features the buffoon at the height of his fame as a reality TV host wearing a yellow suit hawking “Donald Trump’s House of Wings.” The yellow suit matches Trump’s urine-colored hair and it looks like he was in a Golden Showers orgy with a bevy of Russian hookers.

In the skit, SNL regulars Kenan Thompson, Seth Myers, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph sing a parody of the 1984 hit “Jump,” by the Pointer Sisters, dressed in ridiculous chicken costumes.

This skit captures the essence of Trump: tackiness and a voracious appetite for the limelight that blinds him to the fact that he’s being made a fool of by the SNL producers.

I believe in the multiverse theory of Quantum Mechanics, and in an infinite number of universes ours is the only one where Trump is President of the United States and not just a clownish reality TV show host.

During Mueller’s Testimony Melania Trump Was Tweeting about Planning for Christmas

Trophy Wife

“#Christmas planning has begun in the East Wing at the @WhiteHouse. I’m looking forward to sharing our final vision for this unique tradition in the coming months.”

Melania Trump tweet

When Robert Mueller, the former special counsel named to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to the Russian government was testifying before Congress, Melania Trump has more pressing issues on her mind: Christmas planning.

You’d think Trump’s trophy wife, the crusader against online bullying, would be counterbalancing the racist-in-chief’s racist and vitriolic tweets by tweeting some #BeBest pablum.

Or at least offering her thoughts on the fashion choices of the congresswomen interviewing Mueller. You’d be wrong. Melania is already planning on how she can top last year’s garish red Christmas trees desecration of the religious and secular holiday.

If there was any justice in the world the only thing Melania would be planning right now is how to sneak in an industrial size jar of Vaseline to her husband in the Big House.

Donald Trump’s Racist Attack on Elijah Cummings


Republicans argue that Donald Trump is an equal opportunity offender, that the list of individuals the president has publicly insulted in speeches and on Twitter spans the gamut and crosses party lines, gender lines and racial lines.

While it is true that Trump is notoriously thin-skinned and reflexively attacks anyone who criticizes him, he reserves his most vitriolic rhetoric for people of color.

Trump’s base finds it amusing when their false Messiah ridicules a celebrity like Rosie O’Donnell or Cher, but they practically have an orgasm when he mocks a prominent black politician, entertainer or journalist.

This weekend the racist-in-chief viciously attacked Elijah Cummings, the African American chair of the House oversight committee who is a prominent critic of the president.  

In a classic example of projection Trump called Cummings “a brutal bully” for, he said, “shouting and screaming at the great men of Border Patrol about conditions at the southern border.

The stable genius also said that Cummings’ Baltimore district is “a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess.” Of course, Trump’s followers interpreted that screed to mean that the African Americans in the district are the rats. At least Trump restrained himself from saying that Cummings’ district was a shithole.

Characteristically, the fucking moron also advocated an investigation of the widely respected representative. Trump is never content with just insulting a political foe, he threatens to sue them and launch investigations against them.

Trump’s vitriolic attacks against the four Democratic congresswomen of color, and now the baseless attack on Cummings cement the fact that he’s a blatant racist.

GOP Challenger Bill Weld Calls Trump a ‘Raging Racist’

“Donald Trump is a raging racist, Okay? He’s a complete and thoroughgoing racist. And he made that choice, a choice a long time ago, when he was engaged in the housing business in New York with his father,”

GOP challenger Bill Weld

Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld uttered these words at the NAACP convention in Detroit. He was preaching to the choir, but Republicans need to be reminded by a fellow Republican that their standard bearer is a racist.

Weld didn’t mince words, he labeled Trump a “raging racist” which is good use of alliteration and the Gospel truth. If Weld does nothing else than constantly refer to Trump as a racist, he’s performing a vital role. There are hundreds of GOP leaders making excuses for Trump’s blatant racism, it’s inspiring that the President’s only Republican opponent so far in the 2020 election recognizes him as a bigot.

Weld has little name recognition, he’s primarily known as the vice presidential nominee on the Libertarian Party in 2016. His vice presidential run with New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson at the head of the ticket ended in abject failure, but even if he doesn’t win any primaries this time around he will have performed an invaluable service simply by reminding voters, especially Republicans, that Trump is a racist.

Weld is a staunch critic of Trump telling CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead” in April that it would be a “political tragedy” and he would “fear for the Republic” if the country had six more years of Trump as president. Weld is just a thorn on Trump’s side, but if a Republican with more name recognition and gravitas challenged Trump, like  John Kasic, Jeff Flake or Ben Sasse, they might deliver a meaningful blow and weaken him in the general election against the eventual Democratic nominee.

“If Donald Trump is an American patriot, he should resign from office,” Weld wrote in an op-ed published online in April. Trump isn’t a patriot and he isn’t going to resign from office, and since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi isn’t gong to impeach Trump, the only way we’re going to get rid of him is if Democrats and Republicans who honor country over party, remind the electorate that Trump is a raging racist.

Robert Mueller’s Disastrous Testimony Before the House Judiciary Committee

In preparation for today’s appearance by Special Counsel Robert Mueller before the House Judiciary Committee, I watched some of his previous appearances before Congress, he was terse and concise, but sharp, alert and always on point. 

Mueller hadn’t testified before Congress for six years, and he’s a reticent witness even under the best of circumstances. I can now comprehend why Muller was a reluctant witness and why he agreed to testify only after he was subpoenaed. I was shocked by the septuagenarian’s shoddy performance, he struggled to hear and/or understand questions, and he repeatedly requested that queries be repeated. When members read verbatim from his report, he appeared dazed and confused as if they were reading from the Kabbalah.

Mueller looked liked he had just been dragged away from a convalescent home, there wasn’t a spark of intelligence emanating from his dead eyes. He wasn’t at the top of his game, in fact I don’t think he possesses the mental acuity to play Tic-Tac-Toe.

Democrats were hoping Mueller’s testimony would be the movie version of his report, with a straight-out-of-central-casting prosecutor convincing the American public that Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. The only thing that the ageing prosecutor proved is that septuagenarians are too old to serve as Special Counsel or President of the United States.

Mueller contradicted himself (and the report) when he told Doug Collins, the ranking Republican member on the committee, that collusion and conspiracy were not the same thing. If he contradicted himself on such a major point, it invalidates his entire testimony.

Mueller’s report is a damning indictment of Donald Trump, it didn’t exonerate him from charges of obstruction of justice, it examined ten times Trump may have done so. It’s only Department of Justice policy that a sitting president can’t be indicted that prevented Mueller from filing charges.

It’s the responsibility of the House of Representatives to follow-up on Mueller’s report and impeach Trump for obstruction of Justice, but the Special Counsel’s shaky performance will make it more difficult for Democrats to start impeachment proceedings.

Fox News Reporter Geraldo Rivera Finally Has an Epiphany: Trump is Racist

Geraldo Rivera, a roaming correspondent at large for Fox News and a Donald Trump pal for 40 years has dutifully defended the president whenever he utters a blatantly racist comment or supports a policy that is detrimental to people of color.

Rivera failed to call out Trump’s racism in June 2015 when the then presidential candidate referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists, in December 2015 when he proposed a Muslim ban, in June 2016 when he disparaged American born Judge Gonzalo Curiel as “Mexican” and even after the August 2017 Charlottesville “fine people on both sides” comments.

After Trump’s “go back” demand to four Democratic congresswomen of color Rivera finally had an epiphany and  confessed “as much as I have denied it and averted my eyes from it, this latest incident makes it impossible.”

I realize that being a correspondent for Fox News and a close friend of Trump for decades made it difficult and awkward for Rivera to speak truth to power and denounce his racism, but it should have been impossible to defend him from charges of racism after all of the other aforementioned examples of his pal’s racism.

In the past Rivera has defended Trump from charges of racism by saying that he has always been very kind to him, but the journalist’s celebrity status trumped his ethnicity and made him acceptable to be part of Trump’s social circle. If Rivera was a carpenter working at one of Trump’s building projects, I’m sure he would have cracked jokes about his Jewish/Puerto Rican heritage.

In an interview Rivera conceded:

“I do insist that he’s been treated unfairly. But the unmistakable words, the literal words he said, is an indication that the critics were much more right than I.”

No shit! Trump’s words and actions, over the decades, have demonstrated that he is a racist. Unfortunately, most Fox News reporters and commentators will continue to make excuses for the racist buffoon’s racist words and deeds.  I don’t expect any other of the bobble head dolls at Fox News to finally see the light like Rivera.

White Evangelicals Are a Perfect Fit for Donald Trump

Charles Spurgeon “Prince of Preachers’

Today’s evangelical ministers possess none of the oratory skills of the 19th century London preacher Charles Spurgeon. Even atheists and agnostics attended his services, they were fascinated by his mastery of the English language, rhetorical skills and precise exposition.

Today’s evangelical preachers speak at a 6th grade level and preach a prosperity Gospel or a soothing and comfortable theology that is easily digested by morons. They don’t rely on insightful thought and precise exposition but emotional appeals and catchy slogans and chants.

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump appeals to white evangelicals, he speaks at a 3rd grade level and his mission to Make America Great Again resonates with their inherently racist beliefs.

Trump also relies on catchy slogans and chants, the call and response interplay between Trump and his supporters resembles the call and response at a Baptist church. When Trump waxes racist or xenophobic the crowd responds with chants of “Lock her up!”, “Build that Wall!” or Send her Back!”

Trump encourages these chants to normalize misogyny and to stoke prejudice, and we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that they aren’t going to motivate his base enough to win him reelection in 2020.

The arc of the moral universe bends toward justice and demographics spell doom for the racist GOP in the long run, but racists may have one last hurrah in 2020.

Those of us who believe in equality, freedom and democracy must redouble our efforts to defeat Trump and his sycophants.

White Evangelicals are OK With Donald Trump Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain

At the now infamous North Carolina rally Donald Trump’s supporters echoed their messiah’s racist tweet by chanting “send her back” when he attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar. The lawmaker makes the perfect foil for Trump, she’s a progressive female Muslim woman of color.

Needless to say Trump didn’t channel John McCain by trying to silence the unpatriotic and racist chant. Instead he remained silent for 13 seconds, basking in the racism of his followers, before he continued speaking.

The controversial “send her back” crowd chant garnered all the headlines, but something else happened at the campaign event that’s been overlooked. As usual Trump sprinkled his speech with obscenities, now that’s not breaking news for we all know that a skunk is going to stink, a pig is going to wallow in mud and Trump is going to swear like a sailor on crack.

The hypocritical white evangelicals in the audience weren’t bothered by Trump’s swear words, they regard the vulgarities as part of his endearing charm. But this time Trump took the Lord’s name in vain, not once, but twice. Trump said “goddamn” twice, once when he quoted himself telling a businessman that he was going to be so goddam poor, if he didn’t support him, and the second time in reference to how hard America’s military was going to strike Iran, should their conflict escalate to a war.  

Evangelicals go ballistic whenever a heathen takes the Lord’s name in vain, they see it as overwhelming evidence that they are in the presence of a demon-possessed individual. If a Trump supporter tried to win me over to his side, I could stop him dead in his tracks if I blurted: I will never support your Goddamn racist president. He would make the sign of the cross, and make a quick escape.

Trump’s sycophants don’t have any problems with his racism, vulgarity, greed, intolerance and vanity, and apparently they don’t have any issues with his taking the name of the Lord in vain either.

In fact, if Trump took a dump on the Bible in the middle of 5th Avenue he wouldn’t lose more than a handful of his white evangelical supporters. His base thinks he’s above the law, and therefore unimpeachable, and a Messiah, and therefore any obscenity he utters is a fragrant scent to Almighty God.

What a bunch of goddam reprobates!

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