Creepy White Evangelical Couples Brandish ‘Don’t Abort. We Will Adopt Your Baby’ Signs

Following the Supreme Court’s devastating ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, protestors on both side of the abortion debate attended rallies and protests. The passion that the abortion issue elicits was illustrated in the many homemade signs demonstrators held high.

Photographs of Stepford couples brandishing signs stating “Don’t Abort. We Will Adopt Your Baby” went viral on Twitter. The prospect of these creepy ass white couples adopting a baby is a great premise for a Stephen King novel.

These signs perfectly illustrate the hypocrisy of white evangelicals, and they demonstrate that virtue signaling isn’t reserved for the left only. There are more than 400,000 children are languishing in foster care in the United States, why haven’t they adopted children already?

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s execrable ruling in a few years there will be a million children suffering in foster care.

If evangelicals really cared about pregnant women and girls who are torn about giving birth because of diverse reasons: victims of rape or incest, living in poverty, emotional instability, medical problems, etc., they wouldn’t add to their anguish by brandishing their taunting signs.  They would skip the rallies, stay home and look after their own children.

Biden Ranks Near the Bottom of List of Presidents from Best to Worst

Where does Joe Biden rank in the list presidents from best to worst? He’s not at the bottom of the list with the likes of Richard Nixon, Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson, and he’s not at the top with heroes like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and John F. Kennedy.

Biden doesn’t have the eloquence of Barack Obama, the wit of John F. Kennedy, the charisma of Ronald Reagan, the courage of Abraham Lincoln or the mastery of the Senate of Lyndon Johnson.

What Biden does possess is a penchant for plagiarism, a well-documented predilection for fondling young girls and a stubborn streak a mile wide. Biden’s liabilities, especially his declining cognition skills, rank him just above the aforementioned losers at the bottom of the list.

If Biden had any self-awareness, he would realize that he became president only because his opponent was the reprehensible, execrable and demented Donald Trump. He would acknowledge that time takes its toll on all of us, and his mental acuity has diminished to the point where he isn’t qualified to be the president of the Bingo Club at a nursing home.

Biden is the embodiment of the Peter Principle, and he might have ranked in the middle of the list had he been elected president a couple of decades ago when he was still mentally competent.

Thanks to Trump’s Supreme Court America Will be Flooded with Unwanted Babies and Unneeded Guns

The Trumpian Supreme Court overturned almost 50 years of federal abortion rights in its execrable decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Thirteen states have trigger laws that will soon make abortion illegal, and many other red states are expected to enact laws that outlaw abortion. Bottom line, abortion will be illegal in about 25 states.

This egregious ruling robs women of sovereignty over their own bodies and will result in tens of thousands of unwanted births.

Middle class and affluent women won’t be as severely impacted as poor women, they can afford to take time off from work and travel to a state where abortion is still legal. But poor women may not be able to afford to take time off from work and travel to another state.

According to the latest census the population of the United States is 329 million, with 37 million citizens living in poverty. The atrocious Dobbs ruling will add multitudes to the poverty rolls.

A week earlier the far-right Supreme court ruled that the Constitution protects an individual’s right to carry a handgun in public for self-defense.

There are estimated to be over 400 million guns in the United States between police, the military, and American civilians. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling even more citizens will be walking around packing heat. The Wild Wild West was never as chaotic, dangerous and uncivilized as modern-day America.

Thanks to Trump’s Supreme Court we will have millions more unwanted babies, and millions more unneeded guns.

Outrage: Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

“The Supreme Court on Friday overruled Roe v. Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion after almost 50 years in a decision that will transform American life, reshape the nation’s politics and lead to all but total bans on the procedure in about half of the states.”

The New York Times

The January 6 Committee Hearings have exposed in stark relief how close the authoritarian Donald Trump’s machinations came to keeping him in power in spite of his landslide loss to Joe Biden. We are living in perilous times and we can’t take anything for granted, not democracy or our constitutional rights.

This is a dark age in the history of our democracy, this execrable ruling may be a precursor of horrors to come. Today the far-right Supreme Court dealt a crushing blow to women’s rights, will they strike down marriage equality next?

Welcome to the Handmaid’s Tale America, racists and Christian nationalists and far-right reactionaries have taken over the Supreme Court and the Republican Party.

These religious conservatives are in the minority, the majority of Americans wanted Roe to remain the law of the land. The vast majority of Americans support sensible gun control laws, but yesterday the Supremes struck down New York’s law limiting guns in public.

To hell with fascist red, white and blue fake patriotism, America is a rainbow country. America is a “live and let live” democracy, and we must take our country back from white evangelicals, far-right Justices, and Trumpian Republicans.

White Evangelical Ministers are Fluffers for Trump

Kevin Smith, an African American Baptist pastor, criticized his fellow pastors for being whores for twice-impeached former President Donald Trump during a speech on the first day of the annual Southern Baptist Convention.

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the world’s largest Baptist denomination, and it was organized in 1845, when it split from northern Baptists over the issue of slavery. The SBC was strongly opposed to its abolition.

Almost two centuries later racism is still firmly entrenched in the SBC; many SBC ministers got their panties in a twist when Barack Obama was elected president in 2012.

Kevin Smith demonstrated what it means for a prophet to speak truth to power, he chastised the SBC for whoring themselves to the racist Donald Trump at their annual gala.

The honorable Smith compared Trump-supporting ministers to whores, I would compare them to fluffers. A fluffer is a person employed on a pornographic film to ensure that the penis of a male actor remains erect.

White evangelical clerics are ever-loving fluffers, their main focus is to make sure Trump’s enormous ego remains erect. They are more concerned with fluffing the vain, racist, vindictive, petty steaming pile of human shit, than they are in glorifying Jesus Christ.

Is there anything more pathetic than being a fluffer for Trump?

Mike Pence a Hero? Hell to the no!

In the January 6 committee hearings Mike Pence is being depicted as a hero for his refusal to obey Donald Trump’s unconstitutional demand that he to reject key electoral votes on Jan. 6, 2021.

Pence doesn’t deserve a place in the Mount Olympus of American patriots for dutifully performing his ceremonial role on Jan. 6, 2021.

Pence is not a hero, he’s a sniveling sycophant, an egregious enabler and a yellow-bellied yes man.

If Pence had smidgeon of the courage of the police officers who protected him and his congressional colleagues on Insurrection Day he would testify before the January 6 committee to ensure that Trump never becomes president again.

Pence is still an ineffectual wimp, witness his answer to Larry Kudlow when he asked him if he’s ever seen a president say as many falsehoods as Joe Biden. “Never, in my lifetime”, responded the great man of courage and integrity.

Pence was by Trump’s side when the twice-impeached former president uttered tens of thousands of false or misleading claims during his tenure, and yet he has the temerity to say that Biden is a bigger liar than the pathological liar and chief proponent of the Big Lie.

Pence a hero? Hell to the no!

Joe Biden’s Bike Fall a Timely Reminder He’s Too Old to Run for Reelection

President Joe Biden tumbled when he tried to dismount from his bike at the end of a ride Saturday at Cape Henlopen State Park near his beach home in Delaware, but he insisted he wasn’t injured.

Biden’s $599.00 Trek FX 1 Bide was tricked out to the max with a ton of accessories, including a wireless computer, a coiled cable lock, a bottle cage, and a rear-view mirror attached to the handlebars.

But the accessory that the accident-prone septuagenarian really needs are training wheels.

A reporter caught Biden walking gingerly out of church later that day, and asked him if he was OK, and he “hopped” a millimeter off the ground to “prove” he was just fine.

Biden is far from OK; his diminished mental acuity and physical agility should make him reconsider running for reelection.

Biden needs physical therapy for balance training and strengthening of his muscles and he would be well-advised to engage in brain training games to improve his cognition skills.

Biden rides his bike, with his retinue of Secret Service in tow in an attempt to prove he’s healthy, but he’s not fooling anyone. Not a good look, even Brad Pitt looks awful silly wearing a bike helmet.

Evangelicals Are an Existential Threat to Democracy

Evangelical Christians prioritize their “individual god-given rights” over love thy neighbor.

This self-centered sentiment was exposed during the pandemic, evangelicals took pride in refusing to obey mask and vaccine mandates that were put in place by medical experts for the good of society. They trust in Jesus to protect them from the coronavirus, and to hell with the faithless masses who don’t abide by the “Jesus is my vaccine” principle.

It’s easy for them to adopt this egocentric attitude when they consider everyone outside their tent godless sinners unworthy of the almighty’s protection.

Evangelicals are the largest and most pernicious cult in America, and their ultimate goal is to overthrow our democracy and establish a Christian nationalist theocracy.

The “we are God’s chosen people” narrative isn’t confined to COVID narratives. Under a Christian nationalist regime there wouldn’t be any legal protection for religious minorities, gays and lesbians and immigrants. Universal healthcare would be abolished, abortion clinics would be burned to the ground, and universities would be closed down. Evangelicals are an existential threat to our democracy and liberty, and we must fight these selfish bastards with the same energy that we fight Nazis and other racist organizations.

PAC That Destroyed Madison Cawthorn Claims Lauren Boebert Was an Escort & Had 2 Abortions

The American Muckrakers PAC, Inc. issued a press release claiming Rep. Lauren Boebert was an unlicensed paid escort and had two abortions. The release also claims Boebert met senator Ted Cruz in Aspen, Colorado through an introduction by a Koch family member and ‘client,’ and that Cruz donated ‘at least $136,250.00 to the Boebert Campaign and helped her raise large sums of money during trips Boebert made to Texas.’

Rep. Boebert responded to the allegations by tweeting: ‘Fact Check: Not true. Fake News. Four Pinocchios. Also… Y’all need Jesus!’ To which American Muckracker’s PAC replied, ‘No. Second. Term. For. Boebert. If it’s fake news, then sue us.’”


These salacious allegations haven’t been confirmed by a major media outlet, but I wouldn’t dismiss them out of hand. After all, the American Muckrakers PAC leaked lurid photos and creepy videos of former Rep. Madison Cawthorn that directly resulted in his primary defeat.

Boebert calls the allegations that she was a paid escort and had two abortions “fake news”, but this is the pathological liar who is the leading proponent of the Big Lie in Congress.

I believe the allegations made by the PAC; Boebert’s Pinocchio nose is longer than any dildo she employed as an escort.

If a congresswoman had a history of working as an escort and she’s had a couple of abortions, that’s not disqualifying. The average escort has more dignity and respectability than the average politician, and there’s no shame in having an abortion.

But when a congresswoman runs on a platform of family values, and she’s vehemently anti-abortion, her blatant hypocrisy is a disqualifying factor.

Allegedly Boebert was a paid escort who met clients through Imagine paying for a high-priced call girl, she knocks on your door, you excitedly swing the door open, and standing there is Boebert.

I won’t delve into the likelihood that Ted Cruz was a client of the evangelical escort, I don’t want to gross out my readers.

Let’s pray that Boebert will meet the same fate as Cawthorn.

Democrats Must Face Reality: Joe Biden is Too Old to Run for Reelection

The sky is blue, the grass is green, the ocean is wet and Joe Biden, 79, is too old to run for reelection. That’s not a remark born of ageism or anti-Democrat sentiments, it’s common sense.

After all I’m a progressive to the left of Biden, who appreciates how the septuagenarian president restored America’s faith in democracy, and the rule of law.

Biden has his defenders, notably House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 82, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, 71.

It’s time to turn the page, it’s time for a new generation to take over, it’s time to refresh and revigorated democracy by getting rid of this white gerontocracy.

The geriatric leadership of government is a disease that affects both parties, the Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is 80, and the wretched dictator of the GOP, Donald Trump is 75.

These decrepit and doddering old politicians are the epitome of white privilege, and they should be holding court is a rest home community room and not the White House and Congress.

The average age of the Senate is 64.3 years — the oldest in history. Seven senators are in their 80s. This is an intolerable and untenable situation. By all accounts Dianne Feinstein, 88, can’t complete a coherent sentence because she has the attention span of a gnat.

Enough is enough. Joe Biden is too old. Donald Trump is too old. These old-timers think of Baby Boomers as youngsters, and they need to be put out to pasture.

Evangelicals: ‘We Have a Sin Problem, not a Gun Problem! What BS!

White evangelicals have replaced trust in the Bible with allegiance to Republican orthodoxy.  Fidelity to the GOP’s toxic platform of anti-abortion, anti-climate change, anti-science, anti-gays, anti-immigration and anti-gun control is more important than belief in the inerrancy of the Bible, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

White evangelicals are fervently pro-NRA, and they are vehemently opposed to even the most basic gun control measures like red flag laws, raising the age to purchase a long gun from 18 to 21, and enhanced background checks.

Needless to say, evangelicals don’t offer sophisticated reasons for opposing gun control laws. The following meme is ubiquitous on evangelical social media platforms:

“Cain killed Abel with a rock. The Lord did not get rid of the rocks. He blamed Cain, not the rock. We have a sin problem, not a gun problem. “

This meme doesn’t have the eloquence of the King James’ translators, but I admit it’s catchy. We don’t live in the Stone Age when prehistoric Cains and Abels settled their disputes with rocks and sharpened bones, we live in a technological age when sociopaths massacre schoolchildren with semi-automatic assault rifles, not rocks.

We do have a sin problem, more accurately referred to as a mental health problem, and we must allocate more resources to mental health, but at the same time it’s incumbent on us to make it more difficult for psychopaths to purchase assault rifles.

The Lord didn’t get rid of the rocks after Cain murdered Abel, and in spite of billions of thoughts and prayers, he hasn’t got rid of the guns, even though almost every day there’s another mass shooting in America.

Beseeching the Almighty will get us nowhere, we must vote out of office pro-NRA politicians, ridicule and expose evangelicals who are beholden to the gun lobby, and declare a holy war on the gun merchants.

Burger King Austria Debuts Pride Whopper with Same-Side Bottom Buns

Businesses all over the world celebrate Pride month by featuring limited-edition rainbow-colored products. Children from nine to 91 enjoy eating rainbow-colored ice cream cones and cookies.

However, Burger King Austria is taking the concept a bit too far with its Pride Whopper, which is the same Whopper served with the same half of a bun on each side. According to Burger King Austria, the special Whopper represents equal love and equal rights.

The Whopper with two same-side bottom buns is a nod to gay men prefer to be the bottom person when engaged in anal sex.

This ad is problematic because it gives the impression that gays are obsessed with sex, and that it’s the sex act that defines them. Anal sex doesn’t define gays any more than sexual intercourse defines heterosexuals.  

Sex is wonderful and beautiful, but it’s wrong to define a person by his sexual preferences.

I believe in Burger King’s motto “Have it your way”, but for me that means extra pickles, not two bottom buns. When I’m eating a Whopper the last thing I want to think about is anal sex.

Heroic Pro-Choice Activists Strip Down to Their Panties During Joel Osteen Church Service: ‘Overturn Roe, Hell No’

“Three abortion activists stripped down to their underwear in protest to interrupt a Sunday service at pastor Joel Osteen’s Texas megachurch.

After Osteen had finished leading a prayer and congregants began to sit down, the women stood up and began chanting, ‘my body, my fucking choice.’ Two of the women removed their dresses, with one shouting, ‘Overturn Roe, hell no!’”


A church is a safe place, a sanctuary, for believers to gather together to worship their God and fellowship together. It’s sacrilegious and blasphemous for pro-choice activists to invade this holy place, strip down to their drawers and shout expletives, right?

Maybe not! A hospital or clinic is a safe place, a sanctuary, for patients to avail themselves of medical care, and its’ an outrage for pro-life activists to harass women and medical staff at abortion clinics, screaming at them, calling them murderers. This harassment of women seeking medical care at Planned Parenthood clinics happens so frequently that it rarely makes the local news.

I applaud the activists, a trio from Texas Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, for speaking truth to power! Jesus, looking down from heaven, most likely applauded their performance art.

My only quibble is that the brave holy women should have targeted the more reactionary Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, led by Trump-supporting John Hagee, instead of Osteen’s church which rarely tackles controversial subjects.

John Waters: ‘Donald Trump Has Ruined the Allure of Bad Taste for all Eternity’

Queen of camp filmmaker John Waters is a connoisseur of bad taste, for decades his flicks have tied up the panties of polite society.

But the auteur’s trashy, kinky and quirky cinematic vision has delighted enlightened members of society.

Waters’ magnus opus is “Pink Flamingos”, a movie reportedly with an art department budget of around $200. In the final scene Divine, a morbidly obese drag queen, eats real dog feces. I don’t know what is the greatest offense: naming a movie after the ultimate symbol of bad taste or having the lead actor eat dog shit.

In a recent interview Waters complained that former President Donald trump has ruined the allure of bad taste for all eternity. Trump was “the nail in the coffin”, Waters told the Guardian.

When a philistine with a mouth that resembles a sphincter becomes president of the United States and turns everything he touches to shit, there is no longer any room in society for genius with a trash aesthetic like John Waters.

Donald Trump Should Declare Himself to be a Messiah Greater Than Jesus Christ

With the midterm elections only five months from today, Donald Trump has increased the frequency of his MAGA rallies. Once Trump cultists made a pilgrimage to as many MAGA rallies as they could afford to attend, but with a clambake almost every week they elicit shrugs from the faithful.

Trump pep rallies have lost their pep, and are as exciting as watching grass grow. The stilted reading of lame remarks of the teleprompter. The tossing of MAGA caps into the crowd. The ridicule of Rhinos and liberals. The spastic dance moves. The airing of grievances. The familiar refrains of “Lock her up” and “Build the Wall.”  The ennui. The boredom. The angst.

Trump needs to revive his rallies and what better way than by explicitly declaring himself a messiah like the world has never seen before. Not a loser messiah who allowed himself to be tortured, ridiculed and crucified like Jesus Christ, but a messiah who will torment, ridicule and obliterate his enemies.

The time is right for Trump to declare himself the new Messiah, white evangelicals already treat him with awe and reverence. Only by declaring himself the Lord’s anointed will he inspire his sycophants to go to the polls.

Evangelical Sermons Full of Sound & Fury, Signifying Nothing

Countless sermons are delivered in evangelical pulpits every Sunday, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. These exhortations disappear into the ether, without adding anything of weight or substance to the national discourse.

Historians will little note nor long remember these harangues, they are just footnotes in the arc of the moral universe that ultimately bends towards justice.

These homilies serve as a porn soundtrack for the weekly evangelical circle jerks. These sanctimonious cultists may roll down the aisles, dance in the Holy Ghost and cry out to the Almighty, but their prayers don’t ascend into the heavens, and only dark forces take note of their histrionics.

White evangelicals are an existential threat to our democracy, but let us not be unduly exercised. Fight them tooth and nail, but comfort yourselves in the knowledge that they are doomed to irrelevancy. Freedom, liberty, and science will prevail over theocracy, superstitions and ignorance.

Hate Preacher Franklin Graham on a UK Tour Called ‘God Loves You’

Donald Trump is a vessel of unbridled hatred, and his malignance seeps out of his decrepit soul and defiles all those who support him. Trump has a cadre of white evangelical ministers who amplify his Gospel of Vengeance, and who strive to win converts to his MAGA worldview.

Franklin Graham is one of the belligerent buffoon’s most vehement defenders, and he demonizes gays, immigrants, liberals and Muslims in the name of his Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.

Graham isn’t content with poisoning political discourse and defiling the Christian religion in the homeland, currently he is on a United Kingdom tour called “God Loves You.”

I would urge the citizens of the United Kingdom to heed the biblical warning:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits.”

The headliner of the UK “God Loves You” tour has made a name for himself in America by preaching hatred against gays, immigrants, Muslims, and anybody else who doesn’t subscribe to his Neanderthal religious beliefs.

But his greatest sin is comparing the sociopath Donald Trump to Jesus Christ, and supporting his racist, misogynist and homophobic agenda.

Some venues have cancelled Graham’s tour events, but that’s not enough, the preacher of hate should be expelled from the UK.

The NRA & White Evangelicals are Sickening

“For $45, one can attend the prayer breakfast sponsored by Trijicon (an arms manufacturer that sparked controversy in 2010 for putting Bible verse references on gun sights sold to the U.S. military), Kel-Tec (a gun manufacturer whose products include semi-automatic guns), and Universal Coin & Bullion (that sells silver coins honoring the NRA and Donald Trump.”

Word & Way

It’s should come as no surprise that the NRA convention in Houston included a prayer breakfast to pander to the many evangelicals who attended the gun merchants Gunapalooza.

When I think of white evangelicals, “guns, god and gullibility” come to mind. The gun lobby and the GOP both use Christian symbols to separate evangelicals from their money.

Evangelicals are so spiritually blind that they can’t discern the sickening spectacle of gun manufacturers hosting a prayer breakfast, and charging a $45 fee.

Putting Bible verses on gun sights is exponentially more sacrilegious than putting an image of Jesus on a dildo. The Almighty might be pleased if a lady exclaimed “Oh Jesus” after using a Jesus dildo but he would be horrified if a soldier exclaimed “Yes Jesus” after using a biblical gun sight to kill an enemy.

Gun merchants & white evangelicals make me sick to my stomach, I wouldn’t attend a prayer breakfast sponsored by the NRA if they paid me $450.

Trump’s Detestable NRA Speech: an Insult to Uvalde Victims

Former President Donald Trump’s mangled recitation of the names of the 21 Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting victims at the National Rifle Association’s convention on Friday made Twitter critics’ blood run cold.

The names of the 19 children and two teachers, broken up into hardly recognizable syllables in Trump’s stumbling pronunciation, were interspersed with the funereal sound of a gong.”

Prominent NRA supporters Lee Greenwood, Don McLean, Larry Gatlin and Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick pulled out of the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas, they realized it would be disrespectful and hurtful to attend less than a week after 19 schoolchildren and two teachers were massacred at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

But Donald Trump, a sociopath with no empathy, decency or sense or propriety, gave a speech at the NRA convention where gun merchants had assault rifles on display, the same killing machines that the shooter used to murder the defenseless schoolchildren.

To add insult to injury Trump read the names of the 21 Uvalde mass shooting victims, predictably butchering the pronunciation of the Hispanic names. 

Any pretense that the reading of the names was meant as a dignified and solemn tribute to the victims was nullified by the theatrical sounding of a gong.Trump ending his speech with his patented spastic dance moves.

The twice-impeached former president is a perfect representation of the typical clueless and heartless NRA supporter.

Manufacturer of Uvalde Shooter’s Assault Rifle Posted Image of Toddler with Gun Before Massacre

“Gunmaker Daniel Defense posted online an advertising photo of a toddler holding one of its AR-15-style rifles just days before one of its firearms was used in the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Tex.

The photo shows a young boy holding the rifle on his lap, along with the caption: ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’”

Washington Post

The Daniel Defense tweet is meant to strike a chord with evangelicals, the caption is taken from Proverbs 22:6. The evangelicals love for God and guns begs the question: If they trust the Almighty to be their protector why do they feel the need to tote assault rifles?

The advertisement includes an emoji of two hands held together in prayer. Most appropriate because religion and violence go hand-in-hand.

A giant dildo shaped like an armor-piercing bullet with an image of a cross would sell like hotcakes at Christian bookstores.

Daniel Defense posted the controversial image to Twitter on May 16. The next week, the 18-year-old gunman used a Daniel Defense DDM4 Rifle to gun down 19 children and two teachers at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

The gun manufacturer is beneath contempt. The parents who allowed their toddler to hold a weapon of war in his tiny hands in the advertisement are beneath contempt. Those who think thoughts and prayers and armed teachers are the answer are beneath contempt.

Shortly after the school shooting, Daniel Defense deleted their offensive tweet, but the damage has been done, and the gun merchant must be held accountable.  

Ted Cruz Blasted for Offering Freaking Prayers After the Uvalde School Massacre

Heidi and I are fervently lifting up in prayer the children and families in the horrific shooting in Uvalde.”

Ted Cruz tweet

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is facing backlash for his response to the May 24 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

I echo the sentiments of Rep. Ruben Gallego who tweeted:

“Fuck you @tedcruz, you care about a fetus but you will let our children be slaughtered.”

The pro-gun zealot Ted Cruz is a typical elected Republican who blocks all action on gun control and offers “thoughts and prayers” in the aftermath of every school shooting.

Cruz is a political animal with no genuine spiritual inclinations, he claims to be an evangelical out of political expediency. He’s smart enough to realize that thoughts and prayers are as effectual as farts and belches, and I doubt he prayed for the children and families of the horrific shoot shooting.

“Fervently praying!” Give me a break. Cruz’s evangelical supporters may believe that he was on his knees fervently praying for the victims, and that this is an effective action plan to stop violence.

But the time for “thoughts and prayers” was over a dozen school shootings ago, it’s time for concrete plans and effective legislation to fight gun violence and save our school children from being slaughtered.

Cruz is scheduled to speak at an NRA event in Houston in a couple of days, and the massacred children will be the last thing on his mind as he schmoozes with the gun merchants.

Trump Weighs in on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Trial

Donald Trump weighed in on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s salacious trial in this post on his Truth Social platform:

“Has anybody been watching the Johnny Depp/ Amber Heard trial? What a lovely couple. First of all, Johnny sued her for writing an article in a tiny ‘outlet’, that practically nobody read, because he didn’t want to get bad publicity. How did that work out? She countersued for $100 million.

The charges are many & salacious, the nicest of which is that she threw a bottle at him and it took off his finger – she must have a Sandy Koufax type arm. Will they get back together and live happily in PEACE?”

Neither Depp nor Heard have commented on Trump’s remarks, probably because Truth Social is a tiny outlet that nobody outside of MAGA world has even heard about.

The thrice-married, serial philanderer Trump has a tiny pecker, but he must have gonads the size of bowling balls to have the gall to opine on the state of anyone’s relationship.

But I’d rather see Trump commenting on pop culture than politics, in fact the world would be much better off if he retired from politics and devoted himself to instigating feuds with other celebrities.

This is the best take I’ve seen on the Depp/Heard shit show:

Nancy Pelosi Banned from Receiving Communion Over Her Position on Abortion

“San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone announced Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is barred from receiving Holy Communion due to her pro-abortion stance — marking an escalation in a decades-long tension between the Roman Catholic Church and liberal Democratic politicians on abortion.”

Fox News

Most American Catholics are nominal Catholics or Cafeteria Catholics, they don’t blindly follow the dictates of their priests but use reason and common sense to decide which rules they will obey, and which ones they will reject.

Most intelligent people reject the bullshit offerings available at the Catholic cafeteria, and most priests are cognizant that their Neanderthal theology isn’t palatable to most of their parishioners and they’re usually tolerant of Cafeteria Catholics.

But when prominent lay Catholics are openly pro-choice, the clergy get their panties in a twist and discipline them, sometimes by denying them the Holy Sacrament of Communion.

I’m not the least bit surprised that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been barred from receiving Holy Communion.

Catholic clerics teach that when a parishioner eats a communion wafer, he is eating the actual body of Jesus Christ, and when he drinks the grape juice, he is drinking the actual blood of Jesus Christ. Holy Shit, what absolute nonsense.

Catholic clergy who believe this utter bullshit have no business opining on when life begins, or on any medical procedures, including abortion. They should stick to debating how many angels can dance in the head of a pin, and shut the fuck up when it comes to abortion.

The Christian Academy of Louisville’s Homophobic Assignment

“A Louisville private school is facing criticism after a viral Facebook post showed a class assignment where students had to write a letter to a friend of the same gender who “is struggling with homosexuality.”

The assignment told students at Christian Academy of Louisville that the aim of the letter was to ‘lovingly and compassionately speak truth to the person’ in a way that ‘does not approve of any sin.’”

WHAS 11 News

The instructions to the middle schoolers of the Christian school read:

 “In at least 8 sentences, try to show the friend from the Bible, reason, and your personal friendship: that God’s design for them is good, that homosexuality will not bring them satisfaction, that you love them even though you don’t approve of their lifestyle.”

This assignment is deplorable in so many levels:

These instructions assume that there aren’t any gay, lesbian, bi or trans students enrolled at the Christian Academy of Louisville. It’s telling all the LGBTQ students that they are invisible, and that if they come out of the closet in an evangelical environment, they will be subject to judgment and condemnation.

It’s not our sexuality, whether is heterosexuality or homosexuality, that brings us satisfaction. It’s confidence in our intrinsic worth that makes us satisfied and beneficial members of society.

These evil assignment assumes that gay sexuality is a lifestyle that can be discarded or prayed away. Being gay isn’t a lifestyle or a choice, it’s a biological imperative that can’t be “cured” with conversion therapy.

The love of evangelicals comes with a lot of strings: we will love you and open our hearts and pews to you, if you aren’t gay, atheist, or liberal.  

The LGBTQ community doesn’t need the approval of religious Neanderthals, but they do need legal protection from discrimination by evangelicals and their ilk.

Post Roe Churches, Corporations & Citizens Must Help Women Seeking an Abortion

America is on the verge of a catastrophe of Biblical proportions. If Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court in late June or early July, many states will impose stricter restrictions on abortion, or ban the procedure altogether.

There are at least 13 states that have trigger laws in place that would automatically outlaw abortions immediately when Roe is officially overturned.

It’s incumbent upon us to prepare for the imminent overturning of Roe; thoughts and prayers won’t get us anywhere; we must take concrete actions.

Some of America’s largest corporations, like Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, are leading the way by pledging to cover the costs of employees who need to travel to get an abortion.

Protestant churches, mosques, and Jewish temples need to demonstrate that anti-choice evangelical churches are in the minority, by following the example of Starbucks et al.

Religious organizations should go further and pay not only for travel costs but for the procedure itself.

It’s going to take all of us (enlightened religious organizations, forward-thinking corporations, empathetic politicians, and ordinary Americans to defeat the forces of evil that seek to take us back to the 19th century.