Joe Biden Goes Off the Rails in His Voting Rights Speech

A firebrand, Joe Biden is not.

Biden won the 2020 presidential election by running as a moderate with a decades-long history in the Senate of achieving bipartisanship by cultivating personal relationships with his Republican colleagues.

He was perceived by the electorate as a level-headed statesman who was best equipped to unite our country after the chaos and division of the Trump administration.

We saw a different version of Biden in in a speech announcing his support for changing the filibuster rules to allow a simple majority to pass new voting rights legislation.

“Do you want to be the side of Dr. King or George Wallace?,” screamed Biden. “Do you want to be the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis? This is the moment to decide, to defend our elections, to defend our democracy. If you do that you will not be alone.”

Biden’s rhetoric was over the top and shrill, and his demeanor was off-putting. Even some Democrats criticized Biden’s rhetoric comparing the current opposition of Republicans to the voting rights legislation to segregationists.

Barack Obama often employed a professorial tone in his speeches, but he was capable of employing fiery oratory when he was led by the spirit. And it worked for him, because he was a relatively young for a politician.

Fire and brimstone verbosity doesn’t work for an old politician who looks like the Grim Reaper. Biden looked unhinged and deranged. Not a good look.

What the hell did Biden accomplish? Nothing. It’s Democrat senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema who have sabotaged his voting rights bills by refusing to agree to change the filibuster rules. If Manchin and Sinema have proven anything, it’s that they are immune to public pressure from their Democratic colleagues.

Unfortunately, the voting rights bills are dead. Biden should chill the hell out, and stop promising things he can’t deliver.

Evangelicals Don’t Get It: Having More Than Two Children is a Sin

“A majority of Americans in a new survey reject the idea that society is better off if marriage and procreation are prioritized. However, white evangelicals – who often hold more traditional views on the issue – think just the opposite.

The Pew Research Center survey found that only 34 percent of U.S. adults believe society is better off if ‘people make marriage and having children a priority,” while 64 percent believe society is ‘just as well off if people have priorities other than marriage and children.’

Yet among white evangelicals, 56 percent say society is better off with marriage and procreation being prioritized, while 41 percent say other priorities are fine.”

Christian Headlines

When Jehovah commanded Adam & Eve to “be fruitful and multiply”, it made perfect theological and evolutionary sense, if human beings were to survive as a species, an exponential growth spurt from day one was a biological necessity.

The first couple living in a pristine world could afford to procreate like rabbits without feeling a tinge of guilt, but today people living in an overpopulated and polluted world should think twice before bringing another child into this godforsaken world.

Americans get it, a life focused on getting married and having children is no longer a moral imperative. The opposite is true, a moral couple will take their financial situation and a surging world population into account, before having one or at the most two children.  

Evangelicals on the other hand are living in an alternate reality, where a woman’s greatest achievement is bearing children, and birthing a lot of little polluting monsters is somehow a good thing.

Once again, evangelicals are on the wrong side of history. Evolution doesn’t always get everything right, or else evangelicals would embrace birth control, be in favor of a woman’s right to choose, and stop having so many damn children

Why are White Evangelicals So Angry?

What emotion best describes white evangelicals?

Is it not seething anger? It doesn’t take any effort to picture a white evangelical shouting: Get off my lawn! Get out of my country! Stay out of my neighborhood! Don’t you dare enter my church!

Evangelicals used to place a high premium on repentance; they sought to repent of sins that angered their God, in the hopes it would bring them in harmony with their community.

Why are 21st century evangelicals so angry? It all stems from the fact that they have exchanged their compassionate and merciful messiah Jesus Christ for the sociopathic and vengeful Donald Trump.

Make no mistake about it, Trumpism has thoroughly corrupted the evangelical movement, in 2016 and in 2020 about 85 percent of evangelicals voted for their orange savior.

Evangelicals don’t measure the sincerity of their faith by how much they model the behavior of the kind and gentle Jesus Christ, but how they much they channel the vindictiveness, resentment and obnoxiousness of Trump.

Evangelicals judge the authenticity of your faith not by how closely you adhere to traditional Christian orthodoxy like the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ but by how loyal you are to the MAGA-controlled GOP.

Anger has corrupted the evangelical movement and destroyed the the Republican Party. It’s imperative that true Christians denounce the evangelical movement and that genuine Republicans cut out the cancer of Trumpism.

Evangelicals Love Their Long-winded Pastors

“Fewer than 10% of evangelical Protestants want to have shorter sermons during worship, while nearly a third want more in-depth teaching, according to recently released survey data.

According to the report, a copy of which was emailed to The Christian Post on Monday, only 7% of respondents want sermons to be shorter, while 85% believe the sermon lengths are acceptable as they are. About 8% percent said they wanted sermons to be longer.”

Christian Post

Sermons by evangelical ministers are devoid of empirical evidence, established science and common sense. You’d think their homilies would be short and sweet considering they appeal to the blind faith of their parishioners and they don’t engage in logical reasoning or a recitation of facts.

It shouldn’t take long for a bible-thumping preacher to bellow: The Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it! Ya’ll go out there and convert the queers, commie liberals and feminazis to our Lord and Savior, Donald Trump!

But as anyone who has attended an evangelical service knows, pulpiters have a penchant for getting caught up in the Spirit, and they babble incoherently, seemingly endlessly.

When you are a cult member, and most evangelical congregations exhibit cult-like tendencies, you need constant reassurance. You need more than a ten-minute sermonette to cement your belief in your church’s myths, fables and conspiracy theories.

Hearing a televangelist screech for a minute is all the bullshit I can tolerate; thank God my mind and my spirit aren’t exposed to such toxic rhetoric.

To Demonstrate the Transparency of His Administration & His Mental Acuity Biden Must Hold a Lengthy Press Conference

“Biden has held seven total press conferences – formal settings where he takes traditionally unvetted questions from the press – four joint, and three solo, according to a count by the University of California at Santa Barbara’s American Presidency Project.”

Daily Mail

This is unacceptable for a president who pledged to run a transparent White House, and very telling for 79-year-old man who claims not to have cognitive issues.

Biden averages less than a dozen news conferences per year, in comparison Trump averaged 22.00 and Obama 22.38.

We all have a senile uncle that we don’t let interact with friends and acquaintances during large gatherings for fear he may make a spectacle out of himself.

Uncle Joe’s handlers keep him on a short leash, during press conferences he is given a list of reporters to call on, and they are rarely allowed to ask any follow-up questions. He provides short answers, and the only conservative journalist he calls on is the hapless Peter Doocy from Fox News. Doocy is good for comic relief, but there are serious conservative White House correspondents that Biden habitually ignores.

In order to demonstrate the transparency of his administration and his mental agility it’s imperative that Biden hold a lengthy formal press conference where he takes questions from all the journalists present, and allows each correspondent at least one follow-up question.

Millennials Turn in Their Treasonous Boomer Parents for Their Role in the January 6 Capitol Attack

“Many young Americans are still reeling from their parents’ involvement in the violence of a year ago – and some reported them to the police.

A year on from the Capitol attack by loyalist supporters of Donald Trump, many families are still reeling from members outing each other to law enforcement and offspring traumatized by their parents’ involvement in the insurrection.

The Guardian

Many young people turned in their parents for their role in the Capitol attack.

It’s incumbent upon anyone whose parents were involved in the insurrection to turn them in to the FBI, it’s the patriotic and Christian thing to do.

Indeed, if children turn them in, it’s evidence that their parents taught them to be civic-minded and to love their country before they became enthralled with Donald Trump and lost all perspective.

Young people would be well-advised not only to reject the terrorist actions of their parents, but also to reject the evangelical faith and the Republican ideology that inspired their treasonous and despicable crimes.

The evangelical movement and the Trump-enabling GOP are incompatible with democracy and patriotism.

There are still hundreds of insurrectionists that law enforcement has been unable to identify, millennials need to step up and do the right thing and turn in their treasonous Boomer parents.

Pope Francis: ‘Choosing Pets Over Children is Selfish’ Pope is Dead Wrong!

“Pope Francis criticized people who decided not to have children, but to have pets instead.

Pope Francis said “many couples do not have children because they do not want to, or they only have one and not more. But they have domestic animals – two dogs, two cats.” He called the decision not to have children a form of “selfishness.”

CBS News

The Grand Poopah of a patriarchal religious organization that maintains and celebrates a celibate priesthood has no business chiding conscientious couples who choose not to bring any children into this godforsaken overpopulated world.

Having children can be a form of selfishness, many parents, especially fathers, spit out children primarily to carry on their family name.

I can see how it benefits the Roman Catholic Church for their parishioners to be fruitful and multiply, every baby born to a Catholic family will most likely grow up to be a Catholic who supports the church financially.

Let’s not forget that a pedophile priesthood needs children to sate their perverse desires.

Would to God more couples chose adopting a pet over having a baby, nothing humanizes a family more than having a pet.

Jehovah commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, not an unwise mandate for a couple tasked with populating the world.

But in a world of nine billion souls, nobody Catholics, Protestants, Muslims or atheists should obey Jehovah’s obsolete commandment.

Joe Biden is Sending Mixed Messages on Wearing a Mask

Former president Donald Trump famously eschewed wearing a mask. After all, a face covering might project vulnerability and weakness, and that would conflict with the macho image the grotesquely obese clown with the double-chin and the sphincter-shaped mouth sought to cultivate. Suffice to say, Trump didn’t model good behavior when it came to COVID mitigation efforts or anything else.

President Joe Biden isn’t much of an improvement, nearly two years into the pandemic he’s still sending mixed messages. He is wearing a mask outside alone with his wife while walking his dog yet takes it off when he goes indoor to a retail store surrounded by people.

Wearing a mask while playing with his puppy on a deserted beach with the Secret Service more than ten yards away isn’t virtue signaling, it’s a sign of dementia.

Biden is fully vaccinated and boosted, there is no damn reason for him to wear a mask on a deserted beach, none whatsoever!

A good citizen who’s done the right thing, been vaccinated and boosted, washes his hands frequently and wears a mask, when necessary, has earned the right not to don a mask on a deserted beach.

The president by all means should model good behavior but wearing a mask in a sparsely populated beach is anal-retentive conduct.

News Networks Should Boycott Trump’s January 6, 2022 Mar-a-Lago Press Conference

When Franklin D Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, delivered the “Day of Infamy” speech to a joint session of Congress on December 8, 1941 Americans were united in the belief that Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany posed an existential threat to America. Decades later, December 7, is still a national day of mourning and remembrance that binds us together as a nation.

January 6, 2021 when a mob of Donald Trump supporters attacked the Capitol in Washington, D.C., seeking to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count electoral votes that would formalize then President-elect Joe Biden’s landslide victory is also a day that should live in infamy.

But a year later only Democrats and a relative handful of Republicans perceive January 6, 2021 as a day of infamy when a safe and secure presidential election was almost overturned by an attempted coup.

Most Republicans accept Trump’s Big Lie that he won the election as the Gospel and they consider the violence of January 6, 2021 as a false flag event.

On December 6, 2022 the twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is going to hold a press conference at Mar-a-Lago, and he is expected to downplay the violent insurrection, reiterate his Big Lie and use the event as a kick-off for his 2024 presidential campaign.

It is critical that the cable news networks and broadcast stations do the right thing, and refuse to carry Trump’s shit show live. They should not give him a platform to promote his lies and disinformation.

Enough is enough!

Organized Religion is Anathema

Organized religion poses a greater threat to humanity than organized crime or organized political tyranny.

Organized religion is responsible for more genocide, slavery and oppression than any political movement or authoritarian government.

If you find meaning in life by believing in a personal deity or by accepting the Bible or the Koran as the Word of God, it’s all good, just don’t share your personal revelation with anyone else.

Any organization with a deity as the ultimate power is inherently evil and will result in the enslavement and oppression of believers and unbelievers alike.

Religions claim to derive their power, authority and wisdom from God, and accusing them of the subjugation of women, demonization of gays and lesbians or oppression of minorities is tantamount to criticizing the Almighty.

Found Jesus? I’m happy for you, if you must share, do so only with family members and intimate friends. For God’s sake, don’t join a megachurch or any church for that matter. The more organized a church, the more equipped it is to do evil.

We all need to fellowship with people who share our interests and hobbies. Become a member of a gym, join a book club or attend a sporting event, just don’t let religion be what brings you together with other people.

Organized religion is anathema.  

‘Creepy Weirdo’ Steve Cortes Fixated on Feet of AOC’s Boyfriend

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) vacationed in Florida with her boyfriend.

A New York liberal vacationing in the red state of Florida didn’t sit too well with Steve Cortes, a rightwing commentator who was too extreme for Newsmax. They sacked him for vocally opposing their policy requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Cortes posted a photo on Twitter of AOC and her boyfriend on vacation in the Sunshine State. The two were pictured at a table with drinks, and neither of them were wearing masks.

His photo included the following snarky comments:

“If Leftists like AOC actually thought mandates and masking worked, they wouldn’t be frolicking in free FL.” He gratuitously referred to her boyfriend’s “gross pale male feet” and “hideous sandals.”

AOC quoted Cortes’ tweet with a reply. “If Republicans are mad they can’t date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet,” she wrote. “Ya creepy weirdos.”

“Creepy weirdo” perfectly describes the physical and psychological essence of Cortes, in high school he was the socially-awkward boy who stood in the outskirts of the dance floor criticizing the shoes of his more popular classmates.

Why is Cortes infatuated with the feet of AOC’s boyfriend? Was he checking out his feet, in the belief that the size of a man’s feet reflects the size of his penis? Is Cortes a repressed gay man like many of his anti-gay Republican colleagues? It’s 2022 come out of the freaking closet, you creepy weirdo!

And of course, they weren’t wearing masks, they were drinking you stupid creepy weirdo!

There is No Place for White Evangelicals in Our Secular Postmodern Democracy

New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection and contemplation, a time to look back on all the horrendous events that took place this year, and a time to look forward to what steps we can take to make the new year better.

This isn’t my annual New Year’s Resolutions essay, the state of our democracy is in such dire straits that we must not focus on improving our lives, but on saving our republic.

I’m persuaded that with increasing vaccination rates, and due diligence with mitigation efforts we will eventually defeat the coronavirus.

But there’s a virus that’s more virulent, contagious and poses an even more existential threat to our country than the omicron variant.

White evangelical Christianity is a cancer that has metastasized and put democracy on its deathbed. Evangelicals have traded a compassionate and loving Jesus who preached about the Kingdom of Heaven for an inhumane and vicious orange messiah who’s trying to establish a white Christian nationalist theocracy.

Today’s white evangelical Christians put the Crusaders of old to shame, they hate Muslims and other religious and racial minorities with a passion and they are determined to reinstate their Savior by any means necessary: military coup, intimidation of election officials, undermining of the courts …

We must fight evangelicals with the same vigor and determination that we have exercised in our war with the virus. I’m not advocating for the literal extermination of white evangelicals, although the world would be better off without them. We must fight their racism, ignorance, anti-science stance, intolerance and anti-Christian philosophy with by exposing them with the truth. There is no place for evangelicals in our postmodern secular society.

Donald Trump Jr. Articulates the Nihilism of White Evangelical Christianity

“If we get together, they cannot cancel us all. Okay? They won’t. And this will be contrary to a lot of our beliefs because—I’d love not to have to participate in cancel culture. I’d love that it didn’t exist. But as long as it does, folks, we better be playing the same game. Okay? We’ve been playing T-ball for half a century while they’re playing hardball and cheating. Right? We’ve turned the other cheek, and I understand, sort of, the biblical reference—I understand the mentality—but it’s gotten us nothing. Okay? It’s gotten us nothing while we’ve ceded ground in every major institution in our country.”

Donald Trump Jr.

In an address to the far-right Turning Point USA conference on December 19, Donald Trump Jr. spelled out in simple and stark terms the new Gospel of white evangelicals.

Evangelicals overwhelmingly voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 despite the fact that his behavior and political philosophy are the antithesis of the teachings of the peaceful, loving and compassionate Jesus Christ.

Evangelicals faithfully supported Trump precisely because he was rude, boastful, arrogant and vengeful; finally they had a champion who owned the libs and sought to make America Great Again for white nationalists by any means necessary.

Junior articulated the New Gospel: stop playing by the rules, reject the “turn the other cheek” mentality and crush their enemies without mercy.

I have been warning my readers for years that evangelicals aren’t true Christians. Thank you, Donald Trump Jr., for making my point.

Texas Educator Calls Evangelicals ‘Kooks’ Who Hate Reading

Some parents in Austin, Texas have their panties in a twist over books they claim contain pornographic content in their schools.

In truth, these religious bigots consider any book that affirms the dignity of the LGBTQ community pornographic. If they were really serious about blocking access to pornography, they would take the time to learn how to set parental controls on their children’s phones and other electronic devices. Although, truth be told, that’s a losing battle, children’s curiosity will always win out over their parents’ feeble attempts to restrict pornographic content.

In response, a teacher, Krista Tyler, mocked them as anti-reading bigots at a school board meeting by reading a Dr. Seuss-style poem:

“Everyone in Leander liked reading a lot, but some evangelicals in Leander did not. These kooks hated reading, the whole reading season. Please don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason.  It could be perhaps critical thinking causes fright.  It could be their heads aren’t screwed on just right. But whatever the reason, their brains or their fright, they can’t follow policy in plain black and white.”

It’s patently true that evangelicals hate reading, especially books that depicts a reality that exposes the unscientific basis of many of their cherished myths and fables.

By the way, they also hate reading the Bible, the average evangelical is unaware that it endorses slavery and genocide.

In their churches evangelicals can ban any reading material they don’t fancy, and exalt the Bible few of them have read from cover to cover. But in public schools children should be exposed to science and history textbooks and great books of literature that may be anathema to their parents.

Trump Supporters Candace Owens & Alex Jones Rail Against Him for Being Vaccinated & Boosted

Donald Trump revealed that he had received a COVID booster shot during a live appearance in Dallas with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly who pointed out that both men were vaccinated.

When O’Reilly asked Trump if he has received his booster, the disgraced former president responded, “Yes” – and was booed.

The Trump/O’Reilly tour has been a major disappointment, only the most faithful Trump supporters have bought tickets. O’Reilly is a washed-out conservative pundit without a major platform, Trump touring with him is like Kiss touring with a 2nd-rate tribute band. What I’m trying to emphasize is that only the most diehard Trump fans were present at the Dallas event, and they booed their Messiah when he revealed he was vaccinated and boosted.  

The day after the Dallas event Trump told conservative talk show host Candace Owens: “If you take the vaccine, you’re protected. The results of the vaccine are very good. If you do get COVID-19, it’s a very minor form. People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.”

Owens explained to her followers on Instagram that Trump is too old to know how to navigate the internet and do the research and find the obscure websites that prove that COVID vaccines are dangerous.

Another fervent Trump supporter, Alex Jones issues an “Emergency Christmas Day Warning” to Trump:

“You are either completely ignorant or you are one of the most evil men who has ever lived … What you told Candace Owens is nothing but a raft of dirty lies.”

Although Trump was addicted to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook before he was banned by them, he doesn’t have the inclination or the expertise to go down the cyber rabbit hole in search of lunatic conspiracy theories about vaccines.

Trump is too old: Too old to be president! Too senile and too old to be taken seriously on any subject. But he is right about the vaccines, and when his cult members turn a deaf ear to his exhortations to get vaccinated, you know that it’s a lost cause trying to encourage them to get vaccinated.

Joe Biden Says He Will Run for Reelection, if He’s in ‘Good Health’

In an interview with ABC News Wednesday President Joe Biden said he would run for re-election if he was “in good health.”

“If I’m in the health I’m in now – I’m in good health – then, in fact, I would run again,” Biden said.

Joe Biden is 79-years-old and if ran for reelection in 2024 he would be 82 on inauguration day.

Biden claims to be “in good health” but he’s demonstrably in poor health, physically and mentally. He walks gingerly as if bracing for a fall should his legs give out on him. If he didn’t have a retinue of Secret Service Agents trailing him day and night, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the front door without a medical alert bracelet. He’s not a spring chicken, if he gave up the ghost his remains would be so calcified, they would be rejected as McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

You don’t have to be a physician to deduce that Biden has lost a couple of steps physically speaking, and you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to notice that he’s lost more than a couple of steps speaking in cognitive terms.

Is there a respected Democrat leader with the courage and good conscience to counsel Biden privately that he’s too old to be president? The fact that he’s considering running for reelection is proof that he’s suffering from narcissism, white privilege and dementia.

If Biden doesn’t do the right thing and promise not to run for reelection, Democrats with presidential aspirations should start their presidential campaigns today. Running for president is a years-long endeavor, and there’s no time to waste.

Wheel of Fortune Fans Outraged When Contestant Loses Audi Over a Technicality

On Wheel of Fortune a contestant missed out on winning an Audi over a technicality.

While solving a puzzle under the “What Are You Doing?” category, Charlene Rubush correctly guessed “Choosing the right word” before the buzzer sounded.

Geriatric host Pat Sajak delivered the devastating verdict:

“You know, this one’s tough, because you said all the right words, including the word ‘word’ but, as you know, it’s gotta be more or less continuous. We’ll allow for a little pause but not four or five seconds. I’m sorry.

Sajak or the producer who whispered in his ears is anal-retentive. And that’s the right word, not “picky” or “persnickety.” Anal-retentive! Or to use street vernacular: full of shit.

Once again, I remind my readers that Rubush solved the puzzle within the allotted time, but because she first guessed “Choosing the right card”, and because she hesitated a few seconds before saying the right word, she was robbed of the new car.

We watch game shows like “Wheel of Fortune” to momentarily distract us from the pandemic, inflation and the imminent zombie apocalypse. We enjoy watching regular folks win prizes when they have the intelligence and presence of mind to solve word puzzles.

We don’t need to be reminded that the world is a horrible place by witnessing a contestant who answered a puzzle robbed of a prize over a technicality.

Bidens Welcome ‘Commander’ a New Puppy to the White House

I pay very little attention to the comings and goings in the White House, staffers are bureaucrats and political hacks and indistinguishable from one another.

But the arrival of a new puppy at 100 Pennsylvania Avenue – just in time for Christmas is the best news in the world of politics this year.

The Biden family has welcomed a new German Shepherd, “Commander,” the president announced in a tweet on Monday.

At the same time the White House announced the sad news that Major, the first shelter dog to live in the White House, would be leaving to live with family friends following several biting incidents involving White House staff this year.

Can’t say that I blame Major, if I lived in a high-stress environment infested with politicians I would also have reacted in a similar manner.

More good news: A cat will join the First Family in January. Nothing humanizes human beings more than pets, the Bidens should consider adopting a hamster and a rabbit as well.

White Evangelicals Have Traded Surfer Dude Jesus for Morbidly Obese Trump Jesus

A Google search of “Jesus” will pull up a plethora of images depicting a tall, white guy with long, blond hair and a beard. But the blond surfer dude Jesus is historically and ethnically incorrect.

In New Testament times men in Judea tended to have brown eyes, black hair and olive-brown skin. According to skeletal remains from that era the average male was about five foot five inches.

If Jesus returned claiming to be the King of Heaven and Earth, white evangelicals would look askance at the short brown fellow, and reply:

King of Heaven and Earth? Please! We doubt if you’re even in this country legally! Show us your green card!

White evangelicals will only accept a Jesus who is tall, white, blond handsome cisgender male.

Which makes it surprising that they have substituted this Adonis Jesus as their savior for a man who may be white, but’s who’s morbidly obese, hideously ugly and has doll hands and a tiny Ken doll penis.

I guess white evangelicals are comfortable worshipping the grotesque Trump as their messiah as long as he clings to his abhorrent beliefs: white supremacy, anti-immigration, anti-abortion …

Bret Hart ‘The Hitman’ Wants to Wrestle Donald Trump

Bret Hart retired in 2000, but he has wrestled a handful of matches since then. The Hitman wants to return to the WWE for a final match with Donald Trump with Vince McMahon serving as the referee.

I know what you’re thinking, the 64-year-old retired professional wrestler is just trying to regain the relevance he enjoyed decades ago as one of the WWE’s top attractions.

But I think a Hart vs. Trump wrestling match is within the realm of possibility. Let’s not forget that Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame, having hosted WrestleMania IV and V in 1988 and 1989.

There is nothing real about professional wrestling, it’s 100% hokum and Trump could be persuaded that there’s zero chance that he’ll be injured if he engages in a wrestling match with Hart.

Every step in a WWE wrestling match is choreographed but the morbidly obese twice-impeached, disgraced former president could unduly exert himself and suffer a fatal heart attack.

It would be poetic justice if The Hitman unintentionally ended the sad and pathetic life of the steaming pile of excrement known as Donald Trump.

Mike Lindell and his Ilk Have Done More to Undermine the Evangelical Movement Than Any Atheist or Agnostic

“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell told CNBC he is ready to go broke pushing the false claim that the election was stolen from Donald Trump while proclaiming that the election system needs extensive changes.

Lindell said he has spent $25 million of his own money since Election Day to fuel his campaign. And he plans to keep spending to continue his crusade going into the 2022 midterm elections.


Mike Lindell is an evangelical, and as such his primary focus should be to evangelize, i.e., spread the Good News that Jesus saves. You would expect him to use his national platform, his immense wealth and his time preaching the Gospel.

Instead, the Pillow huckster is prepared to go broke promulgating the Big Lie that his messiah, Donald Trump, won the election.

The legitimate cable news networks and the broadcast evening news programs are loathe to give him any air time to spread his false conspiracy theories, but he is willing to appear on any podcast, YouTube channel, and 3rd rate cable news network to spread the Gospel of his Orange Messiah.

Lindell spreads a litany of false conspiracy theories, but his main obsession is the Big Lie. It’s manifest that Joe Biden won in a popular vote and electoral college landside over Donald Trump. Only cultists who live in an alternate universe and immerse themselves in ultra-right web sites, TV news networks and podcasts believe in the Big Lie.

If Lindell and his fellow evangelicals are dead wrong when it comes to the Big Lie, then it’s only fair and prudent to question the validity of their core evangelical beliefs.

If they are wrong about the Big Lie, are they wrong about the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ? His resurrection? The reliability of the Bible? Lindell and his ilk have done more to undermine the evangelical movement than any atheist or agnostic.

Joe Biden’s Senior Moments Aren’t Endearing, They’re Terrifying

The ghoulish scene of a 79-year-old Joe Biden eulogizing Bob Dole, who was 98 at death, wouldn’t be out-of-place in a typically depressing Swedish movie or in a horror flick, but it’s disconcerting in real life, to say the least.

The last few survivors of the Greatest Generation belong in a nursing home or in a Wal-Mart greeting customers, not in the White House.

Our septuagenarian, soon to be an octogenarian, president suffered another senior moment while speaking at the memorial service for the late Senator Bob Dole.

Biden read aloud instructions written on his script, saying “End of message.” It’s endearing when your grandpop has a senior moment, but when the Leader of the Free World and commander-in-chief has a senior moment it’s terrifying.

It may soon be “End of Message” for western civilization if our cognitively compromised president mistakes the red button on his desk for God knows what! I exaggerate of course, but it’s no exaggeration to say that Biden is too freaking old to be the President of the United States.

Donald Trump: ‘Fuck Netanyahu’

The twice-impeached disgraced former present Donald Trump in interviews published by Axios turned on his onetime ally, Benjamin Netanyahu, for congratulating Joe Biden once it became clear that the Democrat had won the 2020 election in a popular vote and electoral college landslide.

“Fuck him,” Trump was quoted as saying of his erstwhile friend. “The first person that congratulated Biden was Bibi Netanyahu, the man that I did more than any other person I dealt with.”

Trump is correct in stating that he bestowed on Netanyahu many political gifts including moving the embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Trump treated Netanyahu kindly to curry favor with his evangelical base who are besotted with the nation of Israel.

But he’s wrong in declaring that Netanyahu was the first world leader to congratulate Biden on his victory. Many heads of state including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron beat Netanyahu to the punch.

Many of Trump’s most loyal followers, white evangelicals, condemned his attack on the Israeli leader. Mike Evans, one of Trump’s early evangelical backers, said he was “horrified” by Trump’s outburst and said they would offend significant numbers of evangelical voters.

Keep in mind that evangelicals have stuck by their Dear Leader through sex scandals, tens of thousands of lies including the Big Lie that he won the election, vicious attacks on political enemies, and even his attempted coup.

But they draw the line at attacking the racist, indicted former Prime Minister of Israel. Israel can do no wrong in their eyes, and authoritarian leaders can do no wrong as long as they are pro-Israel and anti-abortion.

Fuck Netanyahu? Amen! Fuck Trump and white evangelicals as well.

It’s Time for the Fake ‘War on Christmas’

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go. There’s a Santa in every mall, and a tree in every hall. Salvation Army’s bells are ringing, and everybody is singing tiding of comfort and joy.

The greatest Christmas icon, and I’m not referring to Jesus or Santa, I’m talking about the Queen of Xmas herself, Mariah Carey is blaring from every radio.

But once again a discordant sound is heard: Republican evangelicals bleating about a “war on Christmas,” Talk about fake news, godless liberals aren’t burning down every Christmas tree they see and they aren’t cursing out anyone who wishing them a “Merry Christmas.”

The war on Christmas is yet another cultural issue created entirely out of whole cloth by televangelists who are experts at creating myths and fake stories like the Rapture, for example.

The faux war on Christmas is a money-raising grift for televangelists and Republican politicians. Every year, sure as clockwork, evangelicals scream that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” while they go in debt buying gifts for friends, family, co-workers, most of whom they don’t even like.

And every year they proclaim that they beat back the godless liberals and once again saved Christmas. After all, it’s easy to declare victory when there isn’t a war.

Will an Online Sex Shop for Evangelicals Succeed?

“Andrea Dos Anjos opened her online store, Memorias da Clo, in 2019, offering Evangelical women a safe space to ask questions and seek advice on products designed for a part of life that remains taboo for many conservative Christians in Brazil.

The 43-year-old Baptist is based in Rio de Janeiro, but counsels her clients mainly via private messaging app.

Marques’s business, ConSensual, offers an online catalogue of ‘auxiliary products for relationships,’ such as erotic toys and flavored lubricants — all tactfully presented, steering well clear of the wilder side of the sex-toy trade.”


In America evangelicals are the biggest consumers of online pornography, they enjoy every genre of porn including girl-on-girl porn, bondage, gang rape and dozens of other sexual practices condemned by the Bible.  

Dos Anjos’ sex light online store doesn’t sell dildos, anal sex toys or sex dolls. “I don’t want clients to feel like they’re doing something wrong,” she says.

That’s not a good business model, evangelicals visit brothels, consume porn, and pick up hookers precisely because it’s a sin. Unbelievers will never experience the transcendent ecstasy achieved by indulging in sex acts you believe are morally wrong and condemned by the Bible.

Lubricants in flavors such as cotton candy and aphrodisiac perfumes are well and good, but if Dos Anjos really wants to make a killing she will sell vulgar sex merchandise like a giant dildo shaped like the mushroom shaped penis of our “orange Messiah, Donald Trump.”

But her online sex store is a good thing, anything that teaches evangelicals that sex is a fundamentally pure, natural and spiritual is a step in the right direction.