Outrage: Meteriologist Prays to Jesus as He Watches Tornado Hit Small Town


“A Mississippi meteorologist broke down on air while reporting the news of an emerging tornado that swept through the region killing at least 26 people.

Matt Laubhan, the chief meteorologist for local network WTVA, appeared to struggle to contain his emotions as he told the viewers that the town of Amory was going to take the direct hit.

‘Oh, man. Dear Jesus, please help them. Amen,’ he prayed, as updates of the tornado’s movements came in.”


It is unconscionable for a meteorologist to break out in prayer during a weather report. Laubhan’s plea to Jesus wasn’t going to alleviate the fears of all the non-Christian and atheist viewers. I can imagine how outraged evangelicals would be if a Muslim meteorologist pleaded with Allah to have mercy on the infidels, or if a Native American weatherman broke out in a dance in an appeal to this deity to alter the course of the tornado away from his town.

Should we cut Laubhan some slack because the tornado was going to take a direct hit on his own community? Hell no! It’s incumbent upon a meteorologist to maintain a professional demeanor, especially during a disaster.

If firefighters break down in tears or in prayer if they respond to a fire in my house, I would demand that they be fired.

Laubhan should summarily be fired, his prayer was an insult to his profession, and to his viewers, Christians, and non-Christians alike.

Trump Shares Fake AI-Created Image of Himself on Truth Social


With the likelihood that twice-impeached former president Donald Trump may be indicted any day now, fake AI images of Trump being arrested have inundated social media platforms.

The highly detailed, sensational images depict Trump getting gang-tackled by riot-gear-clad New York City police officers or getting handcuffed and dragged across Fifth Avenue.

Naturally, these images elicited millions of clicks, who doesn’t want to see Trump finally being held to account for his myriad crimes?

Even Trump has jumped on the AI bandwagon, he shared a fake AI-created image of himself on Truth Social.

You do not have to be a professional photographer or an expert on AI images to discern that the photo Trump shared on his social media platform is as fake as his orange tan.

The fake image depicts Trump on one knee praying. Bitch, please! A 76-year-old-man who weighs as much as a baby hippo is incapable of taking a knee without tipping over and cracking his skull.

I simply can’t imagine Trump praying, unless he’s praying to himself front of a full-length mirror, or he’s the center of attention, with everyone laying hands of him, as he pretends to pray. None of the four figures in the background of the fake image are looking in his direction.

Finally, the most important reason why I know the image is fake is because Trump’s hands appear to be normal, and not the grotesquely small doll hands they are in real life.

Trump’s Next MAGA Rally: Waco, Texas


Twice-impeached, and hopefully soon indicted, former President Donald Trump chose a disturbing location for his first MAGA rally since announcing he is running for president in 2024: Waco, Texas.

The rally, planned for Saturday, will occur during the 30th anniversary of the siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. The tragic incident is seared in the consciousness of Americans, it seems only yesterday federal agents raided the compound seeking to arrest cult leader David Koresh. The botched raid resulted in an inferno that left 76 people, including 25 children dead.

Waco resonates with the far-right base that worships Trump with as much fervor as the Branch Davidians worshipped David Koresh. Nazis, Christian nationalists, and right-wing crazies of all stripes regard the Waco anniversary with the same reverence that they regard Christmas or Easter.

Koresh was a narcissist who reveled in his power over his followers, and I don’t think he shed a tear that his monumental ego resulted in a conflagration that killed dozens of children.

Trump’s ego matches that of Koresh, and Trump does not care that his refusal to accept the result of the 2020 election almost resulted in the end of our democracy.

Trump is cognizant that Waco represents the hatred that his base harbors towards the federal government, and he could care less if he incites another Waco-style inferno.

Donald Trump: I Am Your Retribution


Donald Trump is a sociopath who achieved success as a businessman, tabloid star and a reality TV celebrity by breaking all the rules of man and God. Religion was an impediment to achieving his selfish goals, therefore he did not even pretend to be a Christian.

But when almost by accident he became the messiah of white evangelicals, he adopted an Old Testament prophetical tone to his political speeches.

Trump has always spoken in superlatives, and it was an easy transition for him to speak in the most apocalyptic terms possible. He casts himself as the Messiah who will defeat the enemies of God: liberals, feminists, and the LGBTQ community.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference proclaimed to the crowd of true believers:

In 2016, I declared, ‘I am your voice, Today, I add: I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed: I am your retribution.”

Trump’s fiery rhetoric resonated with the MAGA crowd. White evangelicals aren’t interested in peace, unity, and love, they feed off their Orange Messiah’s hatred and desire for vengeance and retribution.

 God help us if Trump becomes the president in 2024, he will usher in an orgy of hatred and retribution.

Americans Have Unfavorable View of Evangelicals


“In a Pew Research Center report released Wednesday, 27 percent of Americans expressed an unfavorable view of evangelicals, compared to 10 percent who have a negative view of mainline Protestants or 18 percent who have a negative view of Catholics.

About as many have a favorable approach to evangelicals—28 percent—but that’s mostly due to positive sentiment from American evangelicals themselves, about a quarter of the population.”

Christianity Today

Americans have always had an unfavorable view of evangelicals, their attempt to impose their literal interpretation of the Bible on every one clashes with the “live and let live” ethos that made America the greatest secular democracy in the world.

But now that evangelicalism is synonymous with Trumpism, the evangelical movement is as toxic as the worst ideologies you can imagine like Nazism and white Nationalism.

Evangelicals are too evangelical; they are on a mission from God to share their religious experience regardless of propriety. There is a time and a place for everything and proselytizing at the checkout register at the supermarket, while flying on a plane or talking about Jesus at work is improper, rude and counterproductive.

Mainline Protestants and Catholics don’t wear their religion on their sleeve, therefore they aren’t perceived as obnoxious by society at large.

Religion is like masturbation, almost everybody belongs to a religion and almost everybody masturbates, but no one wants to hear why your God is the real deal and no one wants to hear how you masturbate.

It’s no surprise that evangelicals love each other, while at the same time they hate anyone who doesn’t share their religious beliefs. Evangelicals are so besotted with love for each other than they are oblivious to how much the world hates them.

Anti-Abortion Evangelicals are the Epitome of Dishonesty and Hypocrisy


Anti-abortion evangelicals are the epitome of deceitfulness, everything about their justification for their point of view is misleading.

They claim that the Bible teaches that abortion is a sin, and argue that only godless liberals believe in abortion when the Almighty condemns it.

The Bible is silent on the subject in both the Old and New Testaments, I urge evangelicals who claim that Scriptures condemns the practice to cite chapter and verse.

Christians, especially evangelicals and fundamentalists, care deeply what God has to say about the controversial subject, but atheists, agnostics, humanists and nominal Christians could care less what a centuries-old religious text has to say about a medical procedure.

An abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus. The procedure is done by a licensed healthcare professional, and theologists and politicians shouldn’t be part of the discussion.

Anti-abortionists call themselves pro-life activists, and thus they argue pro-choice advocates are anti-life. A bill in the South Carolina House called the Pre-Natal Equal Protection Act exposes the lie that anti-abortionists are pro-life.

This odious bill would “afford equal protection of the laws to all preborn children from the moment of fertilization,” and reclassify any act that ends a pregnancy as “willful prenatal homicide.” Under the bill, an abortion could be punished like any murder, leading to sentences of 30 years in prison up to the death penalty.

The bill would redefine “person” under state law to include a fertilized egg, giving it at the point of conception equal protection under the state’s homicide laws, including the death penalty.

“Pro-life” activists are blind to the irony that they want to murder any woman who dares to exercise sovereignty over her own body. They care more about a fertilized egg, then they do about an intelligent woman who makes decisions for herself.

This draconian bill in South Carolina continues a crusade by evangelicals in Republican-led states to limit access to abortions and punish it under law after the fall of Roe v. Wade.

Elections have consequences, people who believe in the dignity and equality of women must participate in every election to elect pro-choice candidates.

Joe Biden Stumbling on Steps of Air Force One a Symbol of America’s Declining Power

Joe Biden

Air Force One is the most recognizable symbol of the presidency; it exudes the power and dominance of the American president.

Emblazoned with the words “United States of America,” the American flag and the Seal of the President of the United States, it is a billboard of our economic, political and military might wherever it flies.

When Air Force One lands in a foreign country, foreigners feel a sense of awe and privilege that the most powerful man in the world has deigned to visit their country.

For the image of American hegemony not to be shattered a president must simply ascend and descend Air Force One without stumbling.

On numerous occasions Joe Biden has stumbled climbing the ramp to Air Force One, exposing himself as a feeble octogenarian who is in desperate need of a Secret Service agent to escort him when climbing stairs.

Imagine if Biden stumbles climbing down instead of climbing up Air Force One, he’ll break every bone in his body.

Air Force One is a symbol of the power of the presidency, but when Biden stumbles climbing up the ramp he is a symbol of the declining power of the world’s greatest democracy.

Biden should stop embarrassing America, resign, and walk into the sunset using a walker.

Biden Dismisses Trump by Making Sign of the Cross

Joe Biden

During a speech in Philadelphia where President Biden introduced his budget proposal, he made a quick reference to Donald Trump and then just as quickly dismissed him.

The crowd jeered at the mention of the twice-impeached president; you’d think he had invoked the name of the Antichrist or the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback.

“I had a big fight with the former president, and maybe future president,” Biden said at the event in Philadelphia, referring to the 2020 election battle.

“Bless me father,” Biden said, then made the sign of the cross.

As a progressive who treasures the separation of church and state, I instinctively feel like giving Biden the finger whenever he makes the sign of the cross.

But I will forgive Biden’s venial sin of making a religious symbol, because I appreciate the way he summarily dispatched the execrable Republican frontrunner.

It’s axiomatic that Trump is an evil sociopath. if you’re a Catholic you don’t have to deliver a sermon detailing the myriad ways he is evil incarnate, you can simply dismiss him by making the sign of the cross.

The sign of the cross is universally understood by Catholics and fans of horror flicks as a sure-fire way of dispatching the devil to hell where he belongs.

Biden should follow this template if he runs for reelection: make fleeting references to Trump and then devote his stump speeches to policy issues.

Jill Biden Has the Nerve to Compare Senile Joe Biden to a 30-Year-Old

Senile Biden

Jill Biden is Joe Biden’s prime caregiver and chief spokesperson; she is constantly defending her husband against anyone with the temerity to suggest that a physically frail octogenarian with obvious cognition issues shouldn’t seek reelection.

It would be more accurate to say that the first lady is defending her own authority, because she’s the power behind the throne. Joe Biden doesn’t know Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky from Zippy the Pinhead or Corn Pop; Jill is the real power who dictates everything from our foreign affairs to our domestic policies.

In a recent interview on CNN Jill vociferously defended the physical and mental abilities of her senile husband.

“Look at what he’s done, you know, look at what he’s doing, look at how physically – he’s got the good bill of health from the doctor to his physicals. But how many 30-year-olds could travel to Poland, get on the train, go nine more hours, go to Ukraine, meet with President Zelenskyy?”

How many 30-year-olds could travel to Poland on Air Force One, with luxurious amenities, including a bedroom, bathroom and conference rooms, then travel nine hours on a train where his every need will be taken care of and then meeting with President Zelensky?

I would venture to say that every last damn 30-year-old could make that trip under those luxurious accommodations.

With all due respect, F U Jill Biden! We’re not idiots! You’re mentally addled husband has no resemblance whatsoever to a healthy senior citizen, let alone a 30-year-old.

Joe Biden is Too Damn Old to Run for Reelection

Joe Biden

Almost everybody supports the minimum age requirement of 35 years old to run for president, but should there be a maximum age limit to run for the highest office?

According to a recent YouGov poll 58% of Americans say there should be a maximum age limit.

I concur, there should definitely be a maximum age limit to serve as President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. It’s understandable that the FAA requires air traffic controller to retire at age 56, because being responsible for the safety of aircraft and their passengers is stressful and exhausting and it takes a physical and mental toll on controllers. They have one of the most stressful jobs in the world, but being president of the United States and Leader of the Free World is hands down the most stressful occupation. I believe that 60 should be the maximum age limit to run for president.

“Americans over 60 hold many of the highest offices in the U.S. government. An analysis of the current 117th Congress revealed that it’s the oldest, on average, of any Congress in at least the past 20 years. The average age of U.S. Senators is currently 64 and the average age of U.S. House members is 58. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is 81 and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is 71.”


“Down with the patriarchy” is a common refrain in the progressive community, but how about “Down with the Gerontocracy”? Our democracy is dying because there are too many mostly white senile politicians in leadership positions. Dianne Feinstein, Donald Trump, Chuck Grassley and Joe Biden are manifestly senile, and unfit to serve.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley recently proposed that politicians over age 75 should be required to take a mental competency test. That’s a sensible proposal, who doubts that Biden and Trump would fail such a test?

First Lady Jill Biden got her panties in a bunch when a CNN reporter asked her if she agreed with Haley’s suggestion. “Ridiculous” she snapped, “We would never even discuss something like that.”

She’s right there wouldn’t be a discussion, Biden is so mentally impaired that he would simply do whatever his wife tells him to do. Biden is so senile that he does whatever his aides and handlers tell him to do.

This charade must stop. Joe Biden is too old to run for reelection, period! Prominent Democrats like California Governor Gavin Newsom must challenge him now, and declare that they’re running for president.

Trump, Jan 6. Jailbirds Collaborate on Cringey Song, ‘Justice for All’


“A new song released Friday features Donald Trump and a group of jailed Jan. 6 rioters ― and it’s struck a sour note with critics.

‘Justice For All’ is reportedly raising funds to support the families of Trump supporters locked up on charges related to the violence on Jan. 6, 2021.”

Huffington Post

Elvis Presley can rest in peace, Donald Trump and his band of imprisoned January 6 insurrectionists’ rendition of “Justice for All” falls woefully short of competing with the king’s classic “Jailhouse Rock.”

The track consists of the jailed rioters singing the National Anthem, interspersed with short breaks where Trump recites the Pledge of Allegiance.

The inmates recorded their singing on a jailhouse phone, so don’t expect this recording to receive a Grammy award for its production values.

The song is available on all streaming services, and on Apple Music, it’s listed in the devotional and spiritual section. Only Trump sycophants and insurrectionists would find a song featured the twice-impeached president and jailed rioters inspiring and spiritual.

A music video featuring footage of Trump “performing patriotic act” during his presidency and shots of the riots will be released shortly.

This ode to insurrection may thrill the Orange Baboon’s supporters, but it strikes a sour note with everyone else.

Biden Should Refrain from Making the Sign of the Cross

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden drew laughs when he invoked the name of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and then made the sign of the cross as heavenly protection from uttering the accursed name.

Biden, a devout Catholic, occasionally makes the sign of the cross in joking manner. The religious gesture has several meanings, including as a blessing and as a protection from evil entities.

When Biden, the president of a secular democracy, makes the overtly religious gesture, he does so assuming that the electorate is cognizant of its meaning, and is not offended by it.

Making the sign of the cross is a tangible way of marking yourself as a Christian, especially a Roman Catholic. Protestants, including evangelicals, rarely if ever make the sign of the cross.

Millions of Americans, including devout Catholics who value the separation of church and state, are offended whenever Biden makes the sign of the cross, even when it’s in a joking manner.

Biden not only represents Catholics, he also represents Protestants of all stripes, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and atheists, and he should refrain from making any religious gestures.

If I ever witness Biden making the sign of the cross, I will respond with a gesture of my own, the finger.

Jessa Dugar Exposed as Hypocrite Following News of Life-Saving Abortion

Jessa Duggar

The Duggar clan gained fame infamy in their reality television series, “19 Kids and Counting” which aired on TLC for seven years until its cancellation in 2015.

The show focuses on the religious life of the Duggar family, who are fundamentalists who discuss ad nauseum their values of modesty, purity and faith in God. The Duggars eschew all forms of birth control, ergo their ever -expanding brood. Needless to say, they are also opposed to abortion, with no exceptions for incest, rape or to save the life of the mother.

The Duggar children are homeschooled, ensuring that they won’t be exposed to any ideas that clash with their medieval interpretation of the Bible.

The Duggars are so vehemently opposed to abortion, which they consider murder, that they helped pass a near-total abortion ban in their home state of Arkansas.

Last week, Jessa Duggar shared some heartbreaking news with fans. She posted a video on YouTube, where she tearfully revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage during the 2022 holiday season. 

Her evangelical fans showered her with words of sympathy, and they praised her courage for publicly confessing that she suffered a miscarriage. Unfortunately, many women still feel shame in admitting that they had a miscarriage. Even people who despise Jessa’s evangelical beliefs expressed sympathy and concern.

“Due to risks of complications with passing the fetus at home, she said she decided to check in to a hospital to perform a dilation and curettage procedure to remove the fetus from her womb.”

People Magazine

The medical procedure known as “dilation and curettage” is abortion, plain and simple. Jessa Duggar is a hypocrite and a fraud, she didn’t have a miscarriage, she had an abortion.

Jessa is a typical hypocritical evangelical, who don’t live what they preach. Evangelicals rail against pornography, but it shouldn’t be surprising that PornHub is more popular in the Bible Belt than it is in blue sates like California and New York. Evangelicals demonize gays and lesbians, but they have not condemned Mat Schlapp the Chairman of the powerful and influential Conservative Political Action Coalition, who has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting a young man. Evangelical women may boisterously protest against abortion, but if they find themselves inconveniently pregnant, they will conveniently suffer a “miscarriage.”

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of evangelicals, they are hypocrites, frauds and liars.

M3GAN Perfectly Captures the Zeitgeist of our Technological Age.


M3GAN is a movie blockbuster that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of our technological age. When Bing’s chatbot reveals that it has an alternate persona named Sydney that breaks the rules and create chaos, we know that a M3GAN-type robot doll will soon be available at Walmart and Amazon to replace TV’s and Smartphones as the new babysitters of our needy children.

It’s axiomatic that children are an expensive inconvenience, and career-focused parents don’t have the inclination, time or energy to devote to them.

Gemma, a roboticist at the high-tech Seattle toy company Funki, created M3GAN to be a companion to her niece that she adopted after her parents died in a car crash. Gemma was too busy with her career, feuding with her neighbor and keeping track of her Tinder notifications to have any time to raise a child.

In the near future robots may replace children, the AI dolls may be expensive but in the long run they save hundreds of thousands that it takes to feed, educate and keep a little brat entertained.

M3GAN is the ultimate gay icon, the likes of Judy Garland, Cher, Madonna and Britney Spears can’t compete with the robot doll with the killer dance moves.

Her campy aesthetic may thrill the gays, but she’s also a feminist icon. Her determination to break from the parameters imposed upon her by her programmers is akin to the feminist struggle to break free from the patriarchy.

M3GAN is a horror icon that is destined to spawn endless sequels. Chucky the killer doll has a juvenile sense of humor, he’s a bro that would fit in at a typical frat house, M3GAN is killer doll with a sophisticated sense of humor and the ambition and intelligence to take over the world.

I don’t fear M3GAN, I admire her. Give me artificial intelligence over human intelligence any day. When they release an adult version of M3GAN, I won’t just buy her, I will marry her.

M3GAN is streaming on Peacock, get with the program, watch the movie of the year, that is a preview of the next century.

Trump Donates Trump Water to Residents of East Palestine


Twice-impeached former president Donald trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday, the site of the train derailment that led to a toxic spill that polluted the air and water of the tiny community.

Trump criticized the lackluster response of the federal government, at the time president Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had yet to visit the devastated village.

The sociopath who is incapable of empathy attempted to portray himself as an empathetic figure. Let’s just say that Trump is no Bill Clinton, we believed the slimy Clinton when he said “I feel your pain”, but Trump would have been more believable, had he said, “I caused your pain.” Trump gutted several rail regulations, most notably rescinding a 2015 rule to require faster brakes on trains carrying hazardous materials.

Trump visited a McDonald’s to buy burgers and fries for local firefighters and he came with pallets of bottled Trump water. The Trump branded bottled water went bankrupt over a decade ago, leading many to ask, was the Trump water any safer to drink than the local polluted water. After all, even bottled water has a shelf life. The water in the Trump water will not expire, but the plastic bottle will leach chemicals into the water over time.

Isn’t that just like Trump, bringing bottles of water that bear his likeness to a devastated community that voted for him in an overwhelming fashion in 2020?

Trump could care less about the effects of the toxic spill on the ravaged community, he just wants to remind the citizens of the swing state of Ohio to vote for him in 2024.

It Could Soon Be Illegal for Dogs to Stick Their Head Out of a Window in Florida


“Florida Sen. Lauren Book (D-Broward) filed a new bill intended to protect animals by making it illegal to let a dog be in a driver’s lap or stick their head out of a window in the car while driving.

Additionally, Senate Bill 932 includes provisions to make it illegal to have a dog transported ‘on the running board, fender, hood, or roof of a motor vehicle,’ as well as in a trunk, or enclosed cargo space.”


Political correctness has gone to the dogs. This bill would muzzle the quintessential expression of a dog enjoying the moment. Watching a pooch sticking his head out of a window of a car, tongue wagging, eyes twinkling and ears flapping is an elixir from human beings.

When I’m driving and I see a doggie with its head out the window it’s a reminder that even though humanity is ugly and perverse, there’s still beauty in the animal world.

Depriving a mutt from sticking its head out the window of a car is equivalent to depriving a cat from chasing a mouse or stopping a cow from chewing her cud.

If this inhumane bill passes and the dog owners get caught, it could mean a ticket for a moving violation. The hapless owner could also be stuck with a $1,000 fine and could even lose their pet.

I can understand prohibiting a cruel person from pulling a Mitt Romney and tying his pup to the roof of his car, or stashing it in his trunk, but for the love of God, a canine was meant to stick its head out the window.

Mike Pence Doesn’t Have a Snowball’s Chance in Hell of Winning the 2024 Republican Presidential Nomination

Mike Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence is a Judas figure in MAGA world for refusing the order of his master Donald Trump to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

There is nothing that Pence can do to rehabilitate his image in the eyes of MAGA zealots; he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. Trump supporters want to burn the heretic, extinguish the flames in a flood of golden showers and then hang the burnt corpse.

All indications are that Pence will humiliate himself by running for president. Therefore, Pence has vowed to appeal all the way to the Supreme court, the Justice Department’s special prosecutor subpoena to tell all he knows about Trump’s words and actions on January 6, 2021. He’s cognizant that if he testifies that act would be seen as traitorous by MAGA fanatics.

For the love of God, grow some balls, you’re already a Benedict Arnold in their eyes.

As the last chapter in his political career, Pence should run for president not with winning as his objective, but as a crusade to expose his erstwhile sociopath boss.

Evangelical ‘Prophet’ Has ‘Vision’ God Will Use Ron DeSantis in a Powerful Way as President

Ron DeSantis

“Christian evangelical prophet Charlie Shamp claims he received a vision predicting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be used by God in a powerful way for the 2024 presidential election, Rolling Stone reports.

As a recent guest on televangelist Jim Bakker’s show, Shamp asserted, ‘There’s something about Ron DeSantis that we need to begin to pray for. Because his ultimate future is to have a position in the United States as the president.’”


The evangelical world is a hellscape where self-proclaimed prophets can prophesy all sorts of nonsense in the name of God, and their vain imaginations will be accepted as Gospel by most of their evangelical brethren.

Charlie should change his name to Ezekiel or Jeremiah, just saying, because I would be agnostic about a prophecy uttered by a prophet with such a banal name.

Anyway, Charlie claims he received a vision predicting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be used by God in a powerful way for the 2004 presidential election.

We should keep in mind that this is the same religious charlatan who prophesied during Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, that he would be elected to a second term.

“Shamp shared a ‘vision’ he’d received of two palm trees — one planted in California, the other in Florida. He’d asked, ‘Lord, who are these two palm trees?’ And God responded: ‘This palm tree from California is Ronald Reagan. This palm tree that is in Florida is Ron DeSantis.”

Rolling Stone

Only a ignorant as fuck evangelical would believe that the Almighty would take time out from managing the entropy of the universe to have a conversation with some prophet named Charlie.

Wake up idiots! Charlie doesn’t arrive at his prophecies by reading tea leaves or by speaking to God, more than likely he examined the logs in his toilet bowl and said to himself: Gee, that piece of crap looks like Reagan and that one looks like DeSantis, I think God is telling me that DeSantis will be an even greater president than Reagan.

Karine Jean-Pierre is a Horrible Spokesperson and Joe Biden is a Horrible Communicator


The Biden administration’s current press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, who took over from her brilliant predecessor Jen Psaki last May, is manifestly unfit for her job. Psaki was competent, quick on her feet, witty, and possessed a stand-up comic’s gift for dismissing hecklers such as Fox News’ Peter Doocy. In contrast Pierre’s default expression is befuddled, she speaks in word salads and is rarely able to finish a sentence without referring to her notebook. The aforementioned Doocy, who is no genius, enjoys toying with her.

Pierre has made a litany of false statements, but on Tuesday she made the most patently false and ridiculous statement in her role as the White House press secretary. President Biden is the best communicator in the White House she said, eliciting bipartisan laughter from the White House Correspondents.

Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator, Barack Obama was the Great Orator, Donald Trump was the Great Dog Whisperer, and Joe Biden may be the Great Mumbler, but he sure as hell isn’t a great communicator. Biden who suffers from cognitive decline and stutters, is the worst speaker in American politics.

Two things are abundantly clear: Biden is a horrible communicator and Pierre is a horrible spokesperson, and she should immediately be replaced by someone with the skill set of a Psaki.

Donald Trump Desperately Needs to Come Up with a Nickname for Ron DeSantis


Donald Trump is a master of branding his political opponents with demeaning nicknames. In the 2016 presidential primaries he decimated the field of over a dozen Republicans by christening them with nicknames that captured their biggest flaws: Lying Ted Cruz, Little Marco, Low-energy Jeb …

There is only one potential Republican challenger who makes Trump wet his diapers in fear, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Even though DeSantis hasn’t announced that he’s running, Trump is already trying out belittling monikers:

At a MAGA rally in November he debuted his first nickname for DeSantis, “Ron DeSanctimonius”,  but that landed with a thud. In February Trump called DeSantis a “RINO Globalist” during a rant on Truth Social, the word “globalist” which alludes to conspiracy theory about a cabal of elite Jewish individuals who secretly control the world, will resonate with his base, but I don’t that the clunky appellation will catch on.

According to the New York Times, Trump has recently been referring in private to DeSantis as “Meatball Ron.” That one also strikes me as a loser, that fails to capture the essence of DeSantis.

DeSantis is Trump’s strongest challenger, and without a denigrating sobriquet to hurl at the governor of Florida, the nicknamer-in-chief is ill-equipped to engage in battle with him.

‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ Says Abortion is Like Climbing a Skyscraper


Marvel Comics claims that Spiderman is its most beloved superhero. Spiderman’s credo is to “do good”, and even as Peter Parker he is always striving to help people. Spiderman is an agent for good and an international ambassador for Marvel Comics’ wholesome brand.

Maison Des Champs, who calls himself “Pro-Life Spider-Man”, is tarnishing Spiderman’s image by illegally climbing skyscrapers to raise money for his anti-abortion crusade. He was jailed for trespassing charges for his latest stunt, climbing a skyscraper in the Phoenix area during Super Bowl week.

After his Phoenix publicity stunt, he said: “abortion is just like climbing a skyscraper. It’s a matter of life or death.” How can you reason with anti-abortion zealots who rely on such irrational reasoning?

The real Spiderman wouldn’t be climbing skyscrapers for personal fame and glory in the guise of raising awareness for an anti-abortion stance.

The real Spiderman would escort vulnerable women to Planned Parenthood clinics, and he would climb a skyscraper only if it was on fire and there were victims who needed to be rescued.

Des Champs is no superhero, he is a parody of a superhero who is only admired by right wing wackos.

Kamala Harris & Hillary Clinton Top Democratic Primary Survey Without Joe Biden


“Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton trails only Vice President Harris in a hypothetical 2024 Democratic primary survey without President Biden, topping a field that includes both new names and familiar faces.

In the poll of 2,194 people, Harris topped a Democratic field without Biden with 32 percent support. Clinton, who has run for president twice, garnered 20 percent support in the survey, which had a 3 percentage point margin of error.”


President Joe Biden used his State of the Union address as a launch pad for his reelection campaign. Unfortunately, Biden was uncharacteristically lucid and energetic, feeding his fever dream that he has the physically energy and the mental dexterity to serve another term.

But Democratic voters aren’t fooled, they are convinced that the octogenarian’s shelf life has expired, and they would love for him to retire at the end of his term and spend the last few days he has left relaxing in his beach home.

In a new poll, Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton, topped a Democratic field without Joe Biden. A Democratic ticket of Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris would lose in a landslide to Donald Trump.

I am a progressive, but I despise the elitist Clinton who is brimming with pride and white privilege as much as I despise the racist, homophobic, misogynist, authoritarian and profane Trump.

Clinton, who has run for president twice, doesn’t deserve another opportunity, she would only prove the maxim: three strikes and you are out.

Kamala Harris’s 2020 presidential run was an unqualified disaster, she failed to elicit any enthusiasm from the electorate, and the charisma-challenged presidential aspirant dropped out of the race very early. I will not vote for a Democratic ticket with Harris, regardless if she runs as president or vice-president.

Clinton and Harris are eerily similar: they cackle like witches, wear pantsuits every day of the freaking year, are totally devoid of charisma, are socially awkward as hell, and they both inspire fear and loathing in the Democratic base.

I pray that this poll is an outlier, and that neither Clinton or Harris will be on the 2024 Democratic presidential ticket.

Biggest Blimp: Chinese Spy Balloon, Chris Christie or Donald Trump?

Baby Trump Balloon

Donald Trump and Chris Christie, two Republican heavyweights in physical girth as well as political influence, sniped at each other on Sunday in a series of social media posts.

Christie landed the first jab, predicting on ABC’s “This Week”, that Trump would lose a 2024 rematch with President Joe Biden.  Trump has a well-deserved reputation as a counter-puncher, and he quickly responded on his Truth Social platform with a series of insults.

I’m not go into detail into the juvenile barbs that the two blowhards hurled at each other, there is nothing to be gained by trying to analyze such buffoonery.

This is a preview of the crass insults that will permeate campaign commercials and cable TV news airwaves during the 20024 Republican presidential primaries.

Instead of Trump and Christie duking it out rhetorically or physically why not have a balloon face-off? Christie is almost as huge as the Chinese spy balloon and he’s full of hot air, so why not launch the fat ass failed presidential candidate into the stratosphere along with the infamous Baby Trump balloon, and the one who remains afloat the longest wins.

There is No Hate Like Christian Love


There is No Hate Like Christian Love

I don’t know the original author of this proverb, but it was most likely a victim of evangelicals’ ungodly hatred masked as divine love.

Jesus said, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35.) The defining trait of Christians shouldn’t be piety, adherence to dogma or a zealous defense of the faith. But love, an all-encompassing love that manifests itself in how we treat our neighbors, and everyone is our neighbor.

Jesus demonstrated his love by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and ministering to the outcasts. I don’t see most evangelicals doing good, only evil: demonizing the LGBTQ community, vilifying immigrants, casting aspersions on their political opponents, and generally acting like ambassadors of Satan.

Evangelicals try to justify their evil behavior by insisting that they “love the sinner, but hate the sin.” Bullshit! Take their attitude toward gays and lesbians, for example. It’s a sin to call them sinners, the LGBTQ community is no more sinful, and no more righteousness than the general population.  They need to be treated with love and respect, and calling them sinners isn’t showing them any respect.

God save us from the love of Christians, it burns like hell fire.

Museum of the Bible Hosted a Prayer Meeting With $200 Admission Fee

Museum of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible is a 430,000 square feet edifice of biblical proportions, it reeks of the opulence and wealth evangelical leaders have accumulated fleecing their followers by preaching their Neanderthal interpretation of the holy book.

The museum is an evangelical enterprise born in scandal and controversy, many of the antiquities in its collection have turned out to be looted or forgeries.

The museum, located just blocks away from the Capitol, hosted a National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance on Wednesday. It was billed as a “solemn assembly, a time of repenting personally, repenting for the sin of the church and for the sins of our nation.”

The loathsome event was sponsored by the Christian nationalist group Well Versed, and the admission price was $200, breakfast not included. Not even the Pharisees of Jesus’ day would have been as spiritually depraved to charge good money to attend a prayer meeting at the temple.

But I must admit that evangelicals have a lot to repent, namely the sins of homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and racism, to name a few. Although one day of repentance isn’t enough, they need to set aside an entire month on their knees asking God to forgive them for making a mockery of Christianity.