Stable Genius Donald Trump Lays Candy on a Minion Child’s Head

As a child Halloween was my favorite holiday, after all what kid doesn’t love to dress up as his favorite comic book hero and extort candy from his neighbors. As an adult Christmas is one of my least favorite holidays, because I hate buying presents for co-workers that I despise, and family members that don’t deserve a Merry Christmas greeting, let alone a gift. But Halloween is still my favorite holiday because I love handing out candy to little kids whose dental bills aren’t my responsibility.

I even enjoy watching other adults hand out candy to little trick-or-treaters, but I was filled with a sense of revulsion when I saw video of Donald Trump and his wife handing out candy to costumed kids at the White House.

Trump took a break from his usual routine of vilifying political opponents on Twitter and making racist comments to participate in one of the ceremonial aspects of his job, namely giving out candy to children on Halloween.

The buffoon-in-chief screws everything up, including the simple task of handing out candy to children. The stable genius plopped a candy bar on the head of a child dressed as a Minion, instead of in its outstretched bag. Melania followed her husband’s example and laid a candy bar on the Minion’s head. Of course, the candy bars slid of the child’s head, leave it to the fucking moron to disappoint children.

Cruelly teasing children should be added to the Articles of Impeachment.

Link to video:

Is There a Prayer Enough Republican Senators Will Do The Right Thing and Remove Trump From Office?

Even as polls show that support for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office is supported by over 50% of Americans and despite damaging new testimony almost every day in the impeachment inquiry, roughly 40% remain solidly on Trump’s side.

Trump finds himself on precarious ground with over 50% of registered voters supporting his eviction from the White House, but the president is betting that the rock solid support of his base will intimidate Republican senators from voting to remove him from office.

The buffoon’s solid core of supporters provides a political foundation that energizes him and inoculates him from criticism from political leaders, pundits and educators. I expect that as the impeachment drive heats up, Trump will be holding rallies every week.

Some patriots think that Trump will be impeached and removed from office only if he loses the support of his base and therefore they are imploring his hardcore supporters to accept the overwhelming mountain of evidence that the president is guilty of obstruction and abuse of power.

Unfortunately, Trump will never lose the support of his base, his base of white evangelicals has a religious devotion to him that isn’t shaken by facts or evidence.

The only hope for our democracy is that enough Republican senators will put our country over their party, and democracy over the zeal of white evangelicals, and do the right thing and remove the fascist from office.

Trump Showered With Boos at Game 5 of World Series, Fans Chant ‘Lock Him Up’

For over a century every president has thrown out a ceremonial first pitch during their time in office, either for Opening Day, the All-Star Game or the World Series. Watching the president throwing out the first pitch is as American as apple pie or baseball, but leave it to Trump to disregard precedent and tradition.

Trump notified Major League Baseball (MLB) that he wasn’t going to throw out the ceremonial first pitch or make other public appearance, ostensibly because he didn’t want to be a distraction. The real reason may be that he didn’t want to expose himself to ridicule and humiliation.

Another reason why Trump may have refused to throw out the ceremonial first pitch is that his tiny hand has trouble handling a baseball. Pick up a golf ball no problem, throw a baseball and look like an uncoordinated fool, no way.

Trump may have tried to keep a low profile to spare himself from the crowd’s wrath, but he was greeted with a thunderous chorus of boos when he was introduced after the third inning during the Nationals’ salute to veterans. As the next inning began, fans shouted “lock him up”, illustrative of the fact that Trump wasn’t in Kansas anymore or at a Trump rally where the chant “lock her up” is ubiquitous, but in the nation’s capital where citizens are cognizant that he’s the real villain.

Trump and wife Melania sat in the Washington Suite and were joined by sycophants the likes of Lindsey Graham, Matt Gaetz and Mark Meadows. I’m sure these weasels tried to comfort the stable genius by telling him that MLB and the Nationals were part of a conspiracy to allow only Democrats into the game in order to embarrass him.

I hope this will be the last appearance that Trump makes in the World Series, baseball is supposed to be a temporary respite from real life, and the president screws up everything he takes a part in.

Why Doesn’t Melania Defend Trump From Impeachment Charges?

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned, and Donald Trump is tweeting frantically while the fires of corruption and chaos that he ignited and fanned encircle him ever more closely.

When President Bill Clinton was facing impeachment and removal from office, his ardent feminist wife stood by and defended her misogynist husband whose serial sexual harassment of women, culminating in his inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky led to his predicament.

Which leads me to ask, Where’s Melania? The first lady has studiously avoided answering any questions about the impeachment inquiry. If she plans on helping her husband, now is the time. If she’s going to expend her political capital, now is the time to speak out on behalf on her husband.  

When Melania visited Capitol Hill on her own last week for the first time since entering the White House, she avoided answering any impeachment questions.

Melania has made the coldhearted calculation that her bottom line (her net financial worth) wont’ change if her spouse is impeached and removed from office.

A trophy wife is expected to smile, look pretty and offer vacuous compliments on behalf of her better half, she isn’t expected to offer a robust intellectual defense when her husband gets in trouble.

We may not hear much from Melania, even when he faces removal from office I the Senate.

Only 10 Black Students Invited to Trump’s Speech at a Black College

It’s axiomatic that Donald Trump is a blatant racist, everyone is familiar with his countless racist words and actions that span decades. Even some of Trump’s most ardent supporters will stipulate that he’s a racist, in fact this see his bigotry as part of his charm.

Cadet Bone Spurs is as much of a coward as he is a racist, naturally I was shocked that he had the gonads to deliver a speech at the historically black Benedict College. Trump is anathema to most African Americans, and I’d never thought I would see him play Daniel in the Lion’s Den by speaking to an audience of black college students.

It turns out that the hero of Charlottesville agreed to speak at the historically black college because students were instructed to remain in place or leave campus during his speech. They were essentially sheltering in place in their dormitories like you would during a disaster, and in a way, it makes sense because there’s no bigger disaster than Trump.

The black college students were replaced by Trump-friendly Uncle Toms and other supporters of the racist-in-chief, and it wasn’t surprising that he received a rousing reception.

There were more black students protesting outside the venue than there were inside the auditorium listening to Trump babble incoherently.

There’s a lot more anti-Trump than pro-Trump black people, and if America wasn’t still such a racist country, there would be a hell of a lot of more anti-Trump white folks as pro-Trump white folks.

Is Trump Losing Evangelical Support Over His Betrayal of the Kurds?

Is Donald Trump finally losing his ironclad grip on the white evangelical voter? Conservative Christians have remained faithful to Trump through hush money payments to porn stars, Charlottesville, hundreds of toxic tweets and countless of scandals, but his betrayal of Kurds is giving them pause.

White evangelicals are unconcerned that Trump isn’t a true Republican, they turn a blind eye to his moral failings, and they don’t lose any sleep over his unconstitutional polices, but his shocking treatment of the Kurds, is finally making them have second thoughts about their religious devotion to their orange Messiah.

Reportedly, Trump has sought counsel from prominent evangelical leaders on how to protect his unholy alliance with conservative Christians amid criticism over his withdrawal of American troops from Syria.

These evangelical leaders, whose allegiance isn’t to the Bible or the American Constitution, but to their right wing platform which includes blind support for the state of Israel have advised him that his Syrian policy poses an existential threat to Israel.

Trump has no loyalty to anyone or anything except himself, he’s remained loyal to white evangelicals only because he can’t win reelection without their unwavering support. But evangelicals are wondering: if Trump can abandon, betray and leave the Kurds to the tender mercies of the brutal Turkish army, what’s to say their precious Israel won’t be the next ally to be thrown under the bus?

Evangelicals don’t lose any sleep because Trump is turning our democracy into a fascist state, but they lay awake at night worried that the mercurial and impulsive Trump may suddenly reverse course and abandon Israel. And if America turns her back on Israel, and if the Jewish state is destroyed that means that their interpretation of the Bible is wrong, and everything they believe in is wrong.

Evangelicals need to wake the hell up, when the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free World is a corrupt, racist and vulgar sociopath it may lead to genocide of the Kurds, the destruction of Israel and the disintegration of our democracy.

Trump’s Presidential Proclamation on National Character Counts Week

Great American presidents are defined by eloquent speeches that were delivered at critical junctures in our history, these addresses have stood the test of time and continue to comfort and inspire future generations. Think of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address, Dwight Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” speech to the United Nations, Lyndon B, Johnson’s “Great Society” speech at the University of Michigan, John F. Kennedy’s speech on the space effort and Ronald Reagan’s address on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Not all of our presidents have been great and not all of them have delivered great speeches, but their ceremonial duties require all presidents to issue declarations and proclamations intended to inspire us to heed our better angels. These presidential proclamations rarely make the news, but when an amoral businessman and sociopath who happens to be president issues a proclamation declaring “National Character Matters Week” we take notice.

I doubt that the moron has read the proclamation that was written in his name, but if he did he would be oblivious to the irony of the most immoral president in history writing a treatise on character.

Trump’s proclamation emphasizes the importance of inspiring future leaders to “lead lives of virtue and integrity,” and providing them with a strong “moral compass.” Trump has the unmitigated gall to issue this proclamation on character at the same time that he betrayed the Kurds and left them to be massacred by the Turks.

If Trump really believed that character matters he would confess that he has filed to live a life of virtue and integrity and resign in disgrace.

Link to Presidential Proclamation on National Character Counts Week, 2019:

Stable Genius Donald Trump Calls Secretary of Defense Mark Esper ‘Mark Esperanto’

“Mark Esperanto, Secretary of Defense, ‘The ceasefire is holding up very nicely. There are some minor skirmishes that have ended quickly. New areas being resettled with the Kurds.’ USA soldiers are not in combat or ceasefire zones. We have secured the Oil. Bringing soldiers home!”

Donald Trump

In an error-ridden Sunday morning tweet, President Donald Trump attributed a statement about the U.S.-Turkey ceasefire to his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, but he referred to the top military official as “Mark Esperanto.”

I labeled the tweet “error-ridden” because the US military hasn’t secured any oil installations in Syria, the American soldiers that were stationed in Syria aren’t coming home, they’re going to Iraq, and the ceasefire that’s not really a ceasefire isn’t holding up very nicely.

Trump can be forgiven for butchering name of members of his administration, a person can get dizzy watching members of Trump’s administration come and go through the White House revolving door. Esperanto is a simple language that even a stable genius like Trump could master.

But Trump has a history of mangling people’s names, during a meeting at the White House to discuss technology he introduced Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple.”

Here’s a video chronicling the many times Trump has called people by the wrong name:

Esperanto is the most appropriate language to eliminate language barriers and to allow international communication for everybody on a basis of mutual respect and understanding. Perhaps Trump and his staff should learn Esperanto so they can communicate with each other effectively.

Pastor Wilson Notorious Sex Video: A Scandal Worthy of the Trump Era

Pastor David E. Wilson has become a sensation on Twitter and a meme machine for the ungodliest of reasons: The senior pastor of Bibleway Ministries was caught on tape performing cunnilingus and anilingus on a fair maiden who isn’t his wife.

A family member came to the man of God’s defense by stating: That’s a fake video, Rev. Wilson practices what he preaches, and he would never cheat on his wife.

Just kidding, what he said was:

I don’t know if the video is real. Whoever is spreading the video is trying to become famous off of Pastor David Wilson’s name.

The relative seemed unconcerned that the good reverend may have been the star in a sleazy porn video, but he was outraged that someone was profiting from his good name.

In the old days (pre-Trump) an evangelical preacher who cheated on his wife donned a trench coat and sunglasses and engaged in his illicit tryst in a motel in the bad part of time where he wouldn’t be recognized.

But in this Trumpian age when evangelicals worship an orange false messiah whose speech, behavior and actions are antithetical to everything that the Bible teaches, preachers feel emboldened to commit their sins openly and brazenly.

Pastor Wilson knew he was being videotaped, a couple of times he looked right at the camera with a shit-eating grin on his face. His sexual gratification was more important than the chance that the video might be leaked, thereby exposing his unfaithfulness to his wife and to the Gospel he preaches.

There is no shame in Pastor Wilson’s game, he’s unashamed that he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or should I say that he was caught with his tongue in a woman’s love box and poop hole.

I hope the Lord will forgive me for watching the execrable video, but curiosity got the best of me. For the love of God don’t be tempted to follow my example, believe me there’s nothing sexually titillating about watching an old ass reprobate preacher eating a hoe’s nasty-looking genitalia.

The only way I can be cleansed is by praying for forgiveness and watching a couple of episodes of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

Trump Embarrassed by Blunder During Live Call With Female Astronauts

DONALD TRUMP was humiliated by two female astronauts after they fact-checked his lack of space knowledge during a live call. The embarrassing moment came when Trump contacted the International Space Station to congratulate Jessica Meir and Christina Koch for completing an all female spacewalk outside of the craft. Trump, however, congratulated the pair for being the ‘first ever female spacewalkers’.


Donald Trump, the Leader of the Free World, President of the United States, Founder of the Space Force, and self-described Stable Genius is such a screw up that he can’t even handle his ceremonial duties.

The ignorant buffoon was supposed to have congratulated Jessica Meir and Christina Koch for completing the first all-female spacewalk. If he had read his briefing notes he would have learned that the first female spacewalk took place in 1984 and 14 more have since followed.

But as we all know the fucking moron has an aversion to reading, and he relies on his instinct and intellect to comment on occasions great and small, naturally he allows mucks things up.

Meir politely fact checked Trump on live TV saying:

“We don’t want to take too much credit because there have been many other female spacewalkers before.”

Had the conversation been private, and not viewed by millions around the world it might have gone a little bit like this:

Trump: Congratulations for being the first female spacewalkers! Quid pro quo is my middle name, and if you space bitches let me screw you when you return to Earth, I will award you with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Female astronauts: Stunned silence. Praying that they can remain in space forever, or at least until Trump is impeached and removed from office.

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October 2019 Has Been the Worst Month in Trump’s Presidency

Two years ago the stable genius came up with the brilliant idea of discussing, for an entire week, the only subject under the sun for which there was bipartisan agreement, the dire need to rebuild the nation’s road, bridges, and broadband networks, namely our ageing infrastructure.

Nothing concrete resulted from the initial infrastructure week (no pun intended) and infrastructure week has been revived several times, but each time it’s been sidetracked and derailed by a Trump scandal du jour.

Infrastructure week has become a running joke and there’s no hope of passing an infrastructure package before 2021 given the stupidity of the president and the paralysis and gridlock in Washington.

Just as the Trump administration has announced “infrastructure week” several times, the media has declared several times “this is the worst month of the Trump administration”. Granted, the entire three years of the Trump administration has been a shit show, but this month has really been the worst stretch of time in the fucking moron’s entire presidency.

In foreign policy, the feckless commander-in-chief sparked bipartisan outrage by yanking our troops out of northeastern Syria, leaving our Kurdish allies, who defeated ISIS almost single-handedly, to the tender mercies of the brutal Turkish army.

On the domestic front Trump is besieged by a rapidly expanding congressional impeachment inquiry. The inquiry is moving forward at warp speed, and the House will likely approve articles of impeachment before the end of the year. The Ukraine scandal is the Mueller Report on steroids, and it may result not only in the impeachment of Trump by the House, but in his removal from office by the Senate.

State Department officials are defying orders to stay silent, and they have given devastating testimony in the impeachment inquiry.

This has been the worst period of time in the Trump presidency, but it’s the best of times if it leads to his impeachment.

Donald Trump Tweets ‘Impeach the Pres’ Amen!

“Just out: MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME IS AT THE HIGHEST POINT EVER, EVER, EVER! How about saying it this way, IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY! Also, MORE PEOPLE WORKING TODAY IN THE USA THAN AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY! Tough numbers for the Radical Left Democrats to beat! Impeach the Pres.”

Donald Trump tweet

Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is a toxic cesspool of narcissism, obscenity, buffoonery, racism and deceit, but every once once in a blue moon a kernel of truth is embedded in the crap emanating from his diseased mind.

On Tuesday the stable genius signed off a rambling message about the US median income with the tagline “Impeach the Pres.” Trump has basically impeached himself by publicly calling on China to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, and maybe this was a Freudian slip, and not sarcasm. Could it be that deep inside Trump realizes that he’s committed a litany of crimes and ethical lapses worthy of impeachment?

Spineless Republican congressional leaders are terrified to speak truth to power and criticize any of Trump’s impeachable offenses, and they don’t make a move unless they are convinced that that fearless leader would approve. Inadvertently or otherwise Trump has given them the opening to call for his impeachment, or to at least call him out for his treasonous behavior.

“Impeach the Pres.” is a chant that should be repeated on Twitter and other social media platforms, cable TV news outlets, blog posts by Democrats, Independents and Republicans.

The electorate should shout out “Impeach the Pres” until the House approves articles of impeachment, and the Senate removes Trump from office.

Evangelical Hypocrite Karen Pence Claims Trump Empowers Women

“Second lady Karen Pence faced fierce backlash on Twitter after she reportedly praised President Donald Trump for the way in which he treats young women.

According to The New York Times’ White House correspondent Katie Rogers, the wife of Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday told a ‘Women for Trump’ discussion in St. Paul, Minnesota, that she likes the respect Trump has for his daughters and claimed he’d ‘empowered women like no other.’”


Isaiah 5:20 King James Version (KJV) “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Karen Pence is the Mother of all sanctimonious hypocrites, and there’s a special place reserved in hell for “Christians” like her who praise evil men.

At a “Women for Trump” meeting (that’s even more disturbing than “Virgins for Ron Jeremy”), she said that she likes the respect Trump has for his daughters and claimed that the serial sexual predator empowered women like no other. I’m overwhelmed by the “respect” Trump has for Ivanka, he’s been touching her inappropriately since she was a prepubescent girl. Prison is full of fathers who respect their daughters in similar fashion.

Mother needs to spend less time reading the Bible and more time reading the newspaper accounts of Trump’s long and disturbing history of insulting, groping and downright sexually assaulting women. Has Pence forgotten about the 2005 “Access Hollywood” video where Trump bragged about grabbing women by their genitals?

Because of women like Karen Pence real Christians and non-believers alike have lost all respect for white evangelicals. That special place in Hell reserved for Mother should be a room where Pence is locked in with a nude Trump and an endless supply of Viagra.

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Mike Pence Desperately Tries to Distance Himself From Donald Trump

A footman servant was never too far behind his Lord and Maser, he had to be close by to serve meals and open and close doors, in short, he had to be at his Lord’s beck and call.

Mike Pence is always by his boss’s side, gazing lovingly at him while he spews nonsense. Pence’s brown nose is testament to how close he is figurately and literally to Trump’s fat ass.

Even though Trump and Pence are joined at the hip, the vice president is desperately trying to keep his distance from Trump’s intensifying Ukraine scandal. Those efforts are going particularly well, Trump deliberately enmeshed his second-in-command in his campaign to exert pressure on the leader of Ukraine. If Trump goes down, so will Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, Pompeo and all the other spineless cowards who are covering up for him.

When the shit hit the fan and the news of the Zelensky call broke, Trump told reporters:

“I think you should ask for VP Pence’s conversation, because he had a couple of conversations also.”

Trump rewarded Pence for his obsequiousness by throwing him under the bus.

NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard asked Pence several times if he was aware the Trump administration was delaying aid to Ukraine to pressure Ukrainian President Vlodomyr Zelensky to go after Biden. A simple “yes” or “no” would have sufficed, but Pence filibustered and otherwise avoided answering the question.

Nothing illustrates Pence’s futile attempt to distance himself from Trump’s Ukraine scandal that his exchange with Hillyard.

Link to video:

Kamala Harris Eviscerates Donald Trump Jr on Twitter

There is no love lost between Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and the pathetic joke of a president Donald Trump. The Twitter feud between Harris and Trump rivals that between Rosie O’Donnell and the stable genius. Harris has demanded that Trump’s twitter account be suspended, saying that “Others have had their accounts suspend for less offensive behavior.”

Donald Trump’s idiot son Donald Trump Jr. came to his daddy’s defense tweeting:

Why is Kamala Harris the only person that laughs at her jokes… always way to long and way too hard?” The most disingenuous person in politics… after Hillary.”

I don’t know about Harris being the most disingenuous person in politics after Hillary, but they both have a penchant for laughing apropos of nothing. A journalist may ask Harris a serious question about policy and Harris will burst into laughter, leaving the reporter bewildered and viewers wondering what she’s been smoking.

Harris may be the only one who laughs at her own imaginary joke, but the entire nation is laughing at the all too real joke that is Donald Trump.

Harris absolutely torched Junior with her response:

“You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you.”

Donnie would be well-advised never again to tangle on Twitter with Harris. Harris destroyed Trump Jr., and that’s no joke.

Mexicans Show Us How We Should Treat Politicians Like Trump Who Don’t Keep Their Promises

The mayor of a Mexican village is pressing attempted murder charges against locals who tied him to the back of a truck and dragged him through the streets for failing to deliver on an election pledge. Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez, who managed to escape without any major injuries, also wants those responsible for the incident on Tuesday to be charged with abduction. According to national newspaper Excelsior, they are unhappy that he has failed to deliver on a campaign promise to repair an important local road.

Sky News

All politicians make grandiose and gratuitous promises, I.e. they lie their fool heads off to win elections. They can always bank on the electorate having a short memory, thus they are empowered to lie with impunity.

When a politician who made wild promises wins and he fails to enact any of his pledges, we usually give him a pass if he doesn’t turn out to be a total incompetent buffoon. It’s like when a prostitute promises the best fuc* of your life, but the nasty business is over in a couple of minutes because she yelled at you to hurry up. You’re disappointed, but you’re just glad you didn’t catch the clap and delighted that your wife didn’t catch you cheating.

I applaud the Mexican villagers for holding their mayor accountable, he failed to keep his promise to repair an important local road, and in a beautiful example of poetic justice they tied the lying bastard to the back of a truck and dragged him through that very same street for failing to deliver on his election pledge.

Donald Trump won over enough racists, white evangelicals and rednecks to win the election by promising to build a 30-foot wall from sea to shining sea, that Mexico would pay for. Trump’s base had wet dreams of Mexican rapists and gang bangers from El Salvador stopped in their tracks at the border by Trump’s magnificent wall.

Trump knew damn well that he would never build his damn wall, he considered the “build the wall” chant just a rhetorical device to rally his base. If Trump supporters had a lick of sense, which they don’t, they would wake up, smell the coffee, and tie Trump to the back of a pickup truck and drag him down Fifth Avenue.

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Iowa Teacher Placed on Leave After ‘Sniper’ Comment about Greta Thunberg Visit

“A high school teacher in Iowa has been placed on administrative leave after he posted a threatening comment on Facebook Thursday in response to a news story about the local visit of 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Waterloo West High School science teacher Matt Baish posted “don’t have my sniper rifle” next to a story about the Swedish student’s trip to Iowa City Friday, The Des Moines Register reported.”


A teacher is entrusted with teaching basic educational subjects and life skills to our children while making them feel safe in a world where violence often invades their refuge in the terrifying form of a school shooter.

A high school teacher, Matt Baish, threatened 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg with gun violence on social media and what makes this cowardly threat even more despicable is that Thunberg is the same age as his students.

Baish is teaching his young charges that if they don’t agree with the political views of someone else, they should threaten them with violence. Trump may honor Baish by inviting him to the White House, but rational folks should be outraged and demand that this teacher be summarily fired.

The Waterloo Community School District released this statement:

“We are aware of a social media situation involving one of our employees. The nature of the content shared rose to the level of putting this employee on administrative leave pending an investigation. We appreciate your patience as we sort through the details and thank you for respecting the process.”

What is there to investigate when Baish posted “don’t have my sniper rifle” nest to an article about the Swedish climate activist’s trip to Iowa? Baish should be immediately fired and investigated by the police for making a terror threat. Our children shouldn’t have nightmares about own of their own teachers mowing them down with a rifle.

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AOC Owns Trump on Twitter

President Donald Trump who is facing impeachment, a pending recession, and a world in turmoil, fired off a storm of tweets lashing out at AOC, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff and the media.

“AOC is a Wack Job”, Tweeted Trump, oblivious to the irony that for a president to unleash a tweet storm while the country is going to hell in a handbasket is the very definition of a “wack job.”

This tweet illustrates that the stable genius is a master of projection, he never fails to accuse his opponents of the moral, intellectual and physical failings that he’s guilty of. Thus, the pathological liar christens Sen. Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” and the treasonous Putin-worshiping commander-in-chief accuses Schiff of treason.

When you are known simply by an acronym for the initials of your name you’re a rock star, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a genuine rock star. Trump can’t stand the fact that a 29-yearl old Latina congresswoman elicits more respect and admiration that him and he demeans and ridicules her whenever he gets a chance.

AOC demonstrated that she has more wit in her pinkie than the bloated Trump does in his entire body by responding to Trump’s offensive tweet with this rejoinder:

“Better than being a criminal who betrays our country.”

Bernie Sanders Survives Heart Attack, But Heart Problems Deal Death Blow to His Campaign

The Democratic presidential field is dominated by three septuagenarians: the surly septuagenarian Sen. Bernie Sanders, the studious septuagenarian Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the silly septuagenarian former vice president Joe Biden.

Biden, 76 has been sliding in the polls because of his gaffes and as a casualty of the Ukraine Whistleblower scandal. Neither Joe Biden nor his son, Hunter Biden, did anything illegal in Ukraine, but it’s the epitome of swampy behavior that Hunter was given a job in Ukraine that paid $50,00 a month as a board member of a natural gas company, while dear old dad was the point man on Ukraine for the Obama administration.

Warren, 70 has eclipsed Sanders as the progressive alternative to the moderate Biden, and she is now the favorite to win the nomination.

On Friday Sanders, 78, suffered a heart attack that’s invited new scrutiny of his age, health, and physical ability to keep up with the rigors of a national campaign. Sanders may have survived the heart attack, but it probably delivered a death blow to his campaign.

Sanders released a video hours after he was discharged from a Las Vegas hospital, thanking well-wishers and displayed a huge smile and a promise to return soon to the campaign trail.

But Sanders isn’t fooling everyone, the surly and cranky socialist is too damn sickly and old to be president of the United States. His progressive ideas of Medicare for all, free college tuition, and an aggressive climate change agenda have been embraced by almost all the Democratic hopefuls, so why not step aside and allow a younger candidate to challenge the decrepit, unethical, immoral and vulgar septuagenarian, Donald Trump?

George Conway: ‘Pathological Narcissist’ Donald Trump ‘Must be Removed From White House’

After a lengthy, carefully reasoned argument about why ‘pathological narcissist’ Donald Trump must be removed from the White House, conservative lawyer George Conway tweeted urgently later Thursday: ‘This is insane. Trump’s gotta go.’ The husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was responding to news reports that Trump also urged China’s President Xi Jinping in a phone call to investigate his political rival Joe Biden and Biden’s son Hunter. A call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to push him into similar action that would affect a U.S. presidential election is the focus of an impeachment inquiry.

Huffington Post

George Conway is spot-on, Donald Trump is a pathological narcissist who puts himself ahead of his party and country. The stable genius doesn’t give a damn about our democratic principles, Republican ideology or America’s best interests, he only cares about his brand, and his bank accounts. He can always be counted on to do what’s best for himself.

Trump is also a pathological liar, pathological racist and a pathological bully, but those are realities worthy of their own essays.

George Conway wrote a massive 11,337-word treatise investigating the stable genius’s “Mental Stability and Connection with Reality.” Conway may not be a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing when a tornado hits your neighborhood, and you don’t need to be a mental health expert when you’re living in the chaos unleashed by Hurricane Trump, to discern that our president is batshit crazy.

A few thousand policy wonks and political junkies may have read Conway’s brilliant essay explaining why “pathological narcissist” Donald Trump must be removed from the White House, but the noted conservative lawyer knows that he can make a bigger impact on Twitter with just a few words. Therefore, shortly after publishing his carefully reasoned article he tweeted: This is insane. Trump’s gotta go. No kidding, this shit is bananas and Trump must be impeached and removed from office.

In his lengthy essay Conway wrote:

“Simply put, Trump’s ingrained and extreme behavioral characteristics make it impossible for him to carry out the duties of the presidency in the way the Constitution requires.”  

Let me break it down for you in Twitterspeak: Trump is fucking nuts and unfit to serve and we must impeach the MF traitor!

Link to Conway’s editorial:

If Trump is Impeached Would a Pence Presidency be any Better?

President Donald Trump is melting down under the  heat of a serious impeachment inquiry, Democrats are emboldened and some Republicans are beginning to entertain the possibility, however remote, of Mike Pence becoming the 46th President of the United States.

Even though the evidence is overwhelming that Trump committed bribery and obstructed justice in the Ukraine whistleblower  scandal, the odds that a two-thirds majority of a Republican-controlled Senate would remove Trump from office are slim to none.

But events are moving at warp speed and momentum may lead to the unimaginable: enough Republican senators succumb to a mountain of evidence that Trump committed impeachable offenses, and they act like statesmen, put country over party and remove Trump from power.

Humor me and try to imagine a Pence presidency: on the plus side obscene tweets and toxic comments would be replaced by innocuous  thoughts and sanctimonious prayers and trysts with porn stars and Playboy bunnies would be replaced with prayer sessions with Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress.

Some devout Muslims get prayer bumps on the forehead due to the friction generated by repeated contact of the forehead with the prayer mat during daily prayers; Pence the devout evangelical gets a brown nose by repeated contact of his nose with Trump’s rectum during his daily devotions.

Therefore I suspect little will change,  a sniveling little man who was obsequious to a tyrant won’t suddenly turn into a champion of the poor and disenfranchised when he assumes power.

Immigrants, minorities, gays and lesbians, and women will still be treated like dirt under a Pence administration, the only difference is that the new boss who is same as the old boss, will say a benediction before signing a bill that screws them over.

Republicans Who Excuse Donald Trump’s Incitements to Violence Are Beyond Repugnant

“Republican congressman and Air Force veteran Adam Kinzinger slammed President Donald Trump for suggesting that his impeachment could lead to a ‘Civil War.’

‘If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal,’ Trump tweeted on Sunday, quoting Robert Jeffress, an evangelical pastor and loyal Trump supporter who appeared on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

The suggestion of a civil war was met with widespread backlash — even from Trump’s own party, including Kinzinger, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

‘I have visited nations ravaged by civil war,’ the Illinois lawmaker tweeted. ‘I have never imagined such a quote to be repeated by a President. This is beyond repugnant.'”


Donald Trump’s default mode in dealing with critics, whether it’s protesters at his campaign rallies or Democratic opponents, is to employ violent rhetoric.

This is dangerous because many of the stable genius’s followers are as mentally unstable as their fearless leader. When Trump demonizes Latino immigrants as invaders, whistle-blowers as spies and Democrats as traitors, he is inciting violence, after all his jingoistic sycophants will reason “shouldn’t invaders, spies and traitors be shot?”

Trump aka Cadet Bone Spurs doesn’t hesitate to incite violence against his critics, he’s surrounded by Secret Service Agents and he has no empathy for private citizens who are at the mercy of his bloodthirsty followers.

Republican leaders twist themselves into pretzels when trying to rationalize Trump’s inexcusable incitements to violence such as his suggestion that “impeachment could lead to Civil War.”

Republican congressman and Air Force veteran Adam Kinzinger is not one of this spineless Republicans, he condemned Trump’s statement in no uncertain terms, calling it “beyond repugnant.”

Republican leaders who put their party and their careers ahead of the rule of law and common decency and either ignore or try to justify Trump’s violent rhetoric are beyond repugnant.