Bedford, VA Needs an Amtrak Train Station

I’m a senior citizen who rarely drives: the stress of rush hour traffic, the irritation of traffic scofflaws, and the anxiety of skyrocketing gas prices means that my car rarely leaves my driveway.

I’m even more in dread of traveling by air: the humiliation of being groped by TSA Agents, the fear of terrorism, and the boorish behavior of passengers means that I only fly when there’s no other way of reaching my destination.

But I love Amtrak, I don’t have to worry about nodding off at the wheel, or being pinned between two large passengers in a cramped airplane cabin.

Trains invoke a sense of nostalgia when folks weren’t in a rush to get to their destination as quick as possible. Riding a train is a therapeutic experience, the gentle swaying of the cars lulls you to sleep as you sit in your cushy and ample seat.

I love taking the Amtrak to Washinton D.C., and I’m delighted to learn that there may soon be an Amtrak station in Bedford. I’ve lived in Lynchburg for 23 years but I’ve never been to the D Day Memorial, but as soon as Amtrak comes to Bedford, I will purchase my train ticket.

I hope Bedford secure the funding for the Amtrak train station.