Pathological Liar Trump Calls Himself ‘Honest John’

In the early morning hours of Tuesday when all decent and honest people are sleeping, Donald Trump had the unmitigated gall to post this on his Truth Social media platform:

“For the good of our now failing Nation, and in order to inform the American people of what is going on in our Country, we must immediately have a full scale debate between Crooked Joe and Honest Don. I’m ready to go, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE!”

Trump the pathological liar, the mendacious miscreant who told over 30,000 lies during his administration christened himself with the moniker “Honest Don”

If a used car salesman at “Honest John’s Auto Emporium” tells you the rusted heap he’s trying to sell you is in cherry condition, if the Madam at the brothel tells you that the new working girl with dead eyes and heroin track marks all over her arms is a virgin, and if “Honest Don” known to everybody else as a lying piece of shit tells you anything, don’t believe a word they say.

It’s fair to label Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe”, “Skeleton Joe” or “Hospice Joe”, but he’s basically a decent person and it’s a disservice to refer to him as “Crooked Joe”

However, it would be fair to call the twice-impeached, twice divorced and 4 times indicted former president Trump “Crooked Don.”

If there is a debate between Biden, 81, and Trump, 77 there should be an AI powered Truth-O-Meter on stage to call out Trump in real time every time he tells a whopper.

And there should be a device on the floor under Biden that delivers an electrical shock every time he starts nodding off or goes off on a tangent about Corn Pop or some other nonsense.

Dementia Joe or “Honest Don” is going to be the next president. We’re Fucked.