Michelle Wolf Rips Sarah Huckabee Sanders a New One at the WHCD

Comedian Michelle Wolf was the evening`s headliner at the annual White House Correspondents` Dinner (WHCD). And her comedy routine ranged from raunchy to very raunchy to oppressively raunchy.

But I`m not a prude and I respect a person who speaks truth to power to the elite, be they politicians, journalists or entertainers.

Everybody, especially politicians, who attend the WHCD know they will be roasted, they should don their asbestos underwear and not complain when they are toasted to a crisp.

Here are some of the elites that Wolf savaged:

Kellyanne Conway

“If you don`t give her a platform, she has nowhere to lie, It`s like that old saying: If a tree falls in the woods how do we get Kellyanne under that tree?

Roy Moore

“I`m 32 years old, which is an odd age. Ten years too young to host this event and 20 years too old for Roy Moore.”

Donald Trump

“I would drag him here myself, but it turns out the President of the United States is the one pussy you`re not allowed to grab. He said it first. Yeah, he did.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The White House Press Secretary got a front-row seat to a brutal roasting. Not to but too fine a point on it, but Wolf ripped her a new arsehole, and then shat into it.

“I`m a little starstruck I love you as Aunt Lydia in The Handmaid`s Tale.”

“I actually really like Sarah. I think she`s very resourceful she burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. Maybe she`s born with it, maybe it`s lies. It`s probably lies.”

I would have given my life savings to call Sanders a liar to her face, bravo to Wolf for calling a filthy liar a liar.

But Wolf went too far making fun of her personal appearance. God knows Sanders is an ugly woman, but Wolf ain`t no beauty queen herself. The comedian is only 32, but looks 62. She has an aquiline nose, frizzy hair, and a cackling voice, when I see her I don`t know if I should burn her at the stake, or offer her $5 for sexual favors.

Outrageous Robert Paul Reyes you may be thinking, right Sherlock, exactly my point.

Whole Foods Draws Flak for ‘Yellow Fever’ Asian Restaurant

“Earlier this week, Whole Foods opened a new Asian-themed restaurant called Yellow Fever at one of their Long Beach, California locations – and Twitter immediately pointed out how racist the name was.”

The Raw Story

“Yellow Fever” is a slang term for white men who prefer Asian women, and the name of a viral disease that killed hundreds of thousands of people during the 19th century.

You`d think an Asian restaurant would avoid such a racist and unappetizing name like the plague, but I guess some folks still abide by the proverb that there`s no such thing as bad publicity.

Will Whole Foods open a fast food restaurant in their stores called Herpes Burgers, and when customers order a burger, will the staff be instructed to ask them, “Do you want an STD with that?”

The controversial restaurant is not owned by Whole Foods, it`s an independent restaurant chain that has partnered up with the grocery chain to open in its store. However by letting the restaurant open in one of its locations, Whole Foods is endorsing racism as a marketing ploy.

I love Asian food, but I will avoid the Yellow Fever restaurant and The Whole Foods grocery stores like the plague.

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ABBA Announces New Music! Hallelujah!

Some 35 years after their split, the four original members of Abba announced today that they have recorded two new songs. One, `I Still Have Faith in You,` is set for release in December.

That song will be part of a `Virtual Abba` experience in collaboration with `American Idol` creator Simon Fuller first announced in 2016, and it will premiere, via digital versions of band members, on NBC and ABC at the end of this year. There are no details as yet about the second song.”

In a statement, the band wrote:

`The decision to go ahead with the exciting ABBA avatar tour project had an unexpected consequence. We all four felt that, after some 35 years, it could be fun to join forces again and go into the recording studio. So we did. And it was like time had stood still and that we only had been away on a short holiday. An extremely joyful experience!`”


I cannot emphasize how earth-shattering this proclamation is, imagine if you will the Pope declaring that a new book has been added to the canon of the New Testament or President Donald Trump and Congress announcing that a new amendment will be added to the Constitution making weed legal, and you will begin to understand the euphoria of ABBA fans.

Today many ABBA fans who weren`t alive in the 1970`s have an ironic appreciation for the Swedish superstars, but Baby Boomers worship them as cameltoe Messiahs of the music industry.

After 35 years ABBA will be releasing two new songs, but time doesn`t stand still, and the Second law of thermodynamics is still in full effect and entropy has taken its toll on pop music (Cardi B), the culture at large (Trumpism) and on the septuagenarian disco queens.

Thank God the new songs will be issued in virtual format with digital versions of the band members, seniors wearing tight-fitting outfits isn`t a good look.

The new songs will be released in December, this will be the happiest Christmas in decades for ABBA fans.

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Donald Trump’s ‘Breeding’ Tweet Racist as Hell

There is a Revolution going on in California. Soooo many Sanctuary areas want OUT of this ridiculous, crime infested & breeding concept. Jerry Brown is trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border, but the people of the State are not happy. Want Security & Safety NOW!

Donald Trump Tweet April 18, 2008

President Donald Trump`s tweets are a real-time glimpse into the sewer of racism that breeds in his mind.

One word (breeding) jumps out at me, you will find this word in the writings of racists who opine on the subject of race and immigration. They like to compare immigrants from Mexico and Latin American countries to animals breeding and populating.

There is a chance that this was a “senior moment” or a “covfefe moment” and Trump meant to write “breeding contempt.” But Trump is a virtuoso at dog whistling, and he knew that if he inserted the word “breeding” in his tweet, even if it wasn`t grammatically appropriate, that it would resonate with his racist base.

A sanctuary city is any jurisdiction which doesn`t require local police to enforce federal immigration law. You`d think anti-big government conservatives would be in favor of sanctuary cities, but their racism trumps their fears of a big government.

Trump would like us to believe that sanctuary cities are hellholes where MS-13 gang members are breeding like rats, and committing crimes while police look the other way.

Sanctuary cities are jurisdictions where immigrants are welcomed and treated with respect and dignity. We need more sanctuary cities, and less tweets from Trump that breed contempt.

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Thug Cat Knocks Over Laptop

Cats are drawn to laptops like mice are drawn to cheese and dogs to bones. Whenever I power up my laptop my cat wakes up from hibernation and plops down on the keyboard, making writing my articles a tedious and cumbersome enterprise.

If I try to nudge her out of the way, she stares at me as if she`s asking: You let sleeping dogs lie, so why won`t you let a kitty lie in peace in the warmth of your laptop?

God help me if I leave my laptop open, when I return I almost always discover that my mischievous furball has changed the font, deleted a folder or searched Google for “cat treats.”

But cats usually don`t knock over a laptop, after all why would they damage one of their favorite resting places? But here`s a video of a thug cat knocking over a laptop:


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Hillary Clinton Went on an F-Bomb Tirade Against Donald Trump in Debate Prep

“Hillary Clinton unleashed a f–k-laced fusillade about President Trump as they were preparing to debate in 2016, according to a new book.

The former Secretary of State took debate-prep sessions as `cathartic exercises` and her team members understood that she would sometimes go off on them, according to reporter Amy Chozick`s `Chasing Hillary.`

`You want authentic, here it is!` she`d yelled in one 2016 prep session, followed by a f–k-laced fusillade about what a `disgusting` human being Trump was and how he didn`t deserve to even be in the arena,` the book, out on Tuesday, recounts.”

The New York Daily News

Donald Trump is a disgusting pig, and he makes no efforts to conceal his warts. America knew exactly what we were getting when we elected him: A racist, misogynist and semi-illiterate short-fingered vulgarian. You could make an argument that he`s the most authentic president in history.

Hillary is also a disgusting pig, but her handlers work overtime putting lipstick on the pig, in a vain attempt to try to persuade us that she`s a cute kitty cat.

Hillary is phony to the core, she pretends to be a fearless feminist, while she ridiculed and tried to destroy her husband`s victims of rape and sexual assault.

Had she honestly expressed her hatred of Trump in the debates, and cursed him she might have won the election.

The decrepit septuagenarian is on the last chapter of her life, and it`s not too late for redemption.. She can demonstrate some authenticity be confessing that her marriage to Bill Clinton is a marriage of political convenience and divorce the slimy bastard. She can also come out of the closet and marry the love of her live, Huma Abedin. Now that`s some fuckin* authenticity.

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Shania Twain Says She Would Have Voted for Trump, Then Apologizes

“Multi-platinum country-pop star Shania Twain is walking back a statement she made in an interview with The Guardian in which she said she would have voted for Donald Trump were she an eligible voter.

The Canadian songstress, in an interview over the weekend to promote her first album in 15 years, said:

`I would have voted for him because, even though he was offensive, he seemed honest. Do you want straight or polite? Not that you shouldn`t be able to have both. If I were voting, I just don`t want b- – – – – -t. I would have voted for a feeling that it was transparent. And politics has a reputation of not being that, right?`”


I am resigned to the fact that the Russians interfered with our elections with impunity, and without suffering any meaningful payback from the Trump administration.

But we have to draw the line somewhere, and I simply will not abide any interference in American politics by a Canadian.

Shania Twain doesn`t know how blessed she is to live in a democracy with a Prime Minister who is admired and respected in Canada and throughout the world. God only knows how many Americans have fled to Canada to flee Trump`s incompetent and corrupt administration.

Twain made her controversial statement in support of her first new album in 15 years, that`s no way to publicize an album. That Don`t Impress Me Much!

Twain`s apologies are too little too late; I volunteer to spank her until she utters a sincere apology.

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Donald Trump Considering Pardon for Boxer Jack Johnson

“Sylvester Stallone called me with the story of heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson. His trials and tribulations were great, his life complex and controversial. Others have looked at this over the years, most thought it would be done, but yes, I am considering a Full Pardon!”

Donald Trump Tweet April 21, 2018

Jack Johnson was an African American world heavyweight boxing champion from 1908 to 1915. In the Jim Crow era he was Muhammad Ali on steroids, he married white women, and had numerous white girlfriends. Johnson flaunted the societal conventions of his day, and white boxers were terrified of meeting him in the ring. He was a racist`s worst nightmare and an affront to the Southern way of life.

America longed for a Great White Hope to take the tile away from the uppity nigger, but no such champion emerged.

The only way to stop Johnson was to arrest him on charges of violating the Mann Act – forbidding one to transport a woman across state lines for “immoral purposes.” Never mind that the woman Johnson transported over state lines was his girlfriend. Johnson was arrested twice, and served time in prison for violating the Mann Act.

Is Donald Trump serious about granting a full pardon to this African American icon? Trump values celebrity above everything else, and if Stallone recommends pardon for Johnson, he may very well follow through.

But if he does pardon Johnson, it won`t be because he wants to right a wrong that was done to a black historical figure. Trump may want to send a message to Michael Cohen and anybody else who might be considering flipping: If I pardon a nigger I never even heard of before Stallone told me about him, don`t you think I will pardon you? Don`t flip, I have your back!

Trump is a blatant racist, and if he pardons Johnson he won`t fool anyone. Let`s hope that the Great White Hope, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, will strip the presidency from him, so to speak.

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Donald Trump and White Evangelicals: A Marriage Made in Hell

When Americans seek information about anything they google it, I googled “evangelicals” and these articles were in the top ten results:

White Evangelical Support for Trump Is Still Rock Solid – The Atlantic

Are these evangelicals ready to topple the idol of politics? – The Washington Post (The idol in the headline is a reference to Donald Trump)

The non-Trump evangelicals – Back to basics – The Economist

Trump`s Really Unpopular Outside the White Evangelical Pews – NYMag

Poll: white evangelical support for Trump is at an all-time high – Vox

Trump and the Evangelical Temptation – The Atlantic

Trumpism and white evangelicalism have become impossibly intertwined. White evangelicals have gone all in for Trump for immediate political gain, but their unholy alliance will damage their movement for generations to come.

I can`t emphasize enough that blind faith in Trump is a white phenomenon, non-white evangelicals aren`t enthralled by the orange pervert.

“A new survey released this week by PRRI, where I serve as the CEO, finds white evangelical support for Trump remains strikingly high, with 75 percent holding a favorable view of the president and only 22 percent holding an unfavorable view. This level of support far exceeds his favorability among all Americans, which is at 42 percent. Among all non-white evangelical Americans, Trump`s favorability is only 36 percent.”

The Atlantic

When the likes of a Jerry Falwell Jr. or a Franklin Graham make an outreach to minority communities their message is going to fall on deaf ears. A person of color isn`t going to want to hear the Gospel, or anything else, from a minister who supports a blatantly racist president.

Donald Trump and his sycophants in the white evangelical faith are anathema to people of color, whether they be evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, or atheists.

White evangelicals have made a mockery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or to state it in a modern way: They have tarnished their brand name beyond redemption. As an Hispanic American when I hear white evangelicals praise Trump, I can`t help but think of Trump calling Mexican immigrants rapists.

We will never forgive Trump for his racism and misogyny, and we will never forgive white evangelicals for supporting such a moral degenerate.

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Ted Cruz’s Time Magazine Tribute to Donald Trump is an Embarrassment

When Ted Cruz was asked to write a public tribute in Time magazine to the lowlife orange bully who mercilessly attacked him and his family during the 2016 presidential campaign, he would have politely declined if he had a shred of dignity.

But instead In his entry for the magazine`s 100 Most Influential People of 2018, Cruz lavished praise on his erstwhile enemy:

President Trump is a flash-bang grenade thrown into Washington by the forgotten men and women of America. The fact that his first year as Commander in Chief disoriented and distressed members of the media and political establishment is not a bug but a feature.

President Trump is doing what he was elected to do: disrupt the status quo. That scares the heck out of those who have controlled Washington for decades, but for millions of Americans, their confusion is great fun to watch.

Trump is a grenade thrown into Washington by a malevolent deity, a Joker if you will, who enjoys creating chaos and anarchy for its own sake. Trump isn`t just disrupting the media and the political establishment, he`s turning our society upside down.

Do we really need to be reminded that during the course of the 2016 campaign Trump christened the Texas senator “Lying Ted Cruz,” ridiculed his homely wife, and accused Cruz`s father of playing a role in the assassination of John Kennedy?

Where`s the Ted Cruz who called Trump a “sniveling coward,” “pathological liar” and a “big Loud New York bully” during the campaign?

It`s one thing to refrain from attacking the president for the sake of party loyalty, and it`s quite another to lavish praise on a moral degenerate.

Trump and Cruz represent the corruption of politicians in general, and Republicans in particular.

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