Petition Calls for Franklin Graham to be Fired

Franklin Graham

Almost 30,000 people have signed a petition calling for evangelical pastor Franklin Graham to be fired for his support of former President Trump following the deadly Capitol riot. The petition was drawn up by the Christian organization Faith America, which criticizes Graham’s “idolatry” of the former president.”


I wonder how many, if any, of the 30,000 people who signed the petition are evangelical Christians. The vast majority of white evangelical Christians are still under the spell of their Orange Messiah who embodies all the traits of the Antichrist.

And the vast majority of evangelical leaders still support Donald Trump, although a handful, including Franklin Graham, say they will not support Trump for the primaries. Although if Trump wins the Republican nomination, almost all of them will vote for him.

The petition calling for Franklin Graham to be fired for his support of the twice-impeached former president following the deadly Capitol insurrection is a half-measure at best. About 85 percent of white evangelicals and most of their pastors support the Orange Abomination, what we need is a petition calling for the firing of the evangelical movement.

The white evangelical movement is anti-Christian and anti-democratic, when Jesus returns his first order of business will be to smite tooth and nail every last one of the evangelical con artists, buffoons, conspiracy theorists, racist and fascists.

I am on a mission from God to destroy the pernicious influence and power of not only Franklin Graham, but every single evangelical leader and their followers.

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