Federal Judge Reminds Trump that Presidents Aren’t Kings

“Kicking off a frenzied half hour in Washington on Monday night, federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ordered McGahn to testify before the House of Representatives, which has been trying to force his appearance since April over Mueller’s findings that suggest Trump obstructed justice in the Russia investigation. Jackson dismissed the President’s claim that McGahn was subject to blanket immunity.
Getting right down to the basics that most Americans learn in school, the judge quoted Founding Fathers James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville to explain the nature of the presidency.

‘Stated simply, the primary takeaway from the past 250 years of recorded American history is that Presidents are not kings’, Jackson wrote.”


It’s Civics 101 that America is a democracy and not a monarchy or a theocracy, and the head of our government is a president elected by citizens and not a king born to the purple.

But Donald Trump is hazy about the concept of the Legislative and Judicial branches being coequal to the Executive, and he rules as if Congress has no oversight over his actions and the Judicial system has no power to interpret and clarify the law.

Trump’s sycophants, and by that I mean every member of his administration, do nothing to dissuade him from the notion that he’s not a king. In fact, they treat him as if he’s not just a king but a Messianic figure, a few of Trump’s evangelical cabinet members have called him the chosen one.

Trump has embraced the “chosen one” title, and he goes ballistic whenever anyone in his administration expresses the slightest reservation about any of his ludicrous comments or toxic tweets. Like any king worth his salt he demands unquestioned loyalty from his subordinates.

Federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson curtly dismissed Trump’s claim that McGhan was subject to blanket immunity, reminding him that Presidents aren’t kings. Unfortunately, I don’t think Trump will be swayed by the judge’s ruling, in fact he will vilify her just as he has done with other judges who ruled against him.

As long as Trump is surrounded by aides who have yellow streaks down their backs and brown noses, he will continue to act as a monarch. If the stable genius isn’t impeached by the House and removed from office by the Senate, it’s incumbent on the electorate to kick him to the curb on November 2020.

Trump Pardons White House Turkeys ‘Bread’ and ‘Butter’

Hardly a day goes by that the buffoon-in-chief doesn’t break a presidential norm, so it was surprising that he continued the tradition of pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey.

Trump pardoned Butter and Bread, two beautiful turkeys who must eat a lot of butter and bread because they both weigh about 50 pounds. It was refreshing to witness the national embarrassment pardon two deserving birds instead of a convicted war criminal or a convicted racist sheriff.

But you can always count on the stable genius to screw things up, he ruined the heartwarming moment by making a lame impeachment joke. Trump quipped that Butter and Bread had been raised to remain calm under any condition, a trait he said will be very important because they’ve already received subpoenas to appear in Adam Schiff’s basement.

Whenever I write an article about the freaking moron I’m always compelled to fact-check or to explain his misleading comments. Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, held the depositions in the basement of the Capital Visitor Center because that’s where the secure room is located.

Trump claims that he isn’t worried about the impeachment hearings and that the “witch hunt” will actually help him get reelected. But this story illustrates just how much he’s worried about the impeachment proceedings.

The nation will have a lot to be thankful for if Trump is impeached by the House and removed from office by the Senate.

If Only Donald Trump Had a Smidgen of the Intelligence and Loyalty of Conan the Hero Military Service Dog

President Donald Trump on Monday finally met Conan, a military service dog injured in the U.S. raid that resulted in the death of former Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. After teasing for weeks that the Belgian Malinois would come to the White House, Trump introduced Conan to journalists during a surprise event in the Rose Garden. ‘So this is Conan. Right now probably the world’s most famous dog,’ Trump told reporters. ‘I learned a lot about this particular type of dog. It’s trained that, if you open your mouth you will be attacked. You want to be very, very careful.’

Time Magazine

Almost every president since time immemorial has kept a pet pooch at the White House. A president without a dog is as conspicuous as a president without a wife or a body man.

Donald Trump is conspicuous for many foul reasons, naturally we haven’t spent much time mediating why he doesn’t have a faithful canine by his side.

The stable genius probably figures: Mike Pence is more servile than any mutt, he’s always sniffing my butt and is quick to obey my every command, who needs a puppy?

You can’t argue with the reality that Pence is an obedient lap dog, but still I would feel better if Trump had a pooch around to calm his nerves so he wouldn’t be so reckless.

But I’m glad that for at least one day a dog, Conan the military service canine, was in the White House with Trump. I’m praying that at least a smidgen of Conan’s bravery and intelligence rubbed off on the fucken moron.


Republicans Pretend to Love Trump’s Ass, Nobody Pretends to Love His Mind

In the impeaching hearings the Democrats’ lawyer, Daniel Goldman, asked Ambassador Gordon Sondland if he recalled telling President Donald Trump that the Ukrainian leader “loves your ass” during a July 26 call at a restaurant in Kiev.

Sondland, who isn’t a career diplomat with a penchant for using diplomatic language, conceded that he could have said that because it sounds like something I would say.

The billionaire who bought his ambassadorship by donating a cool million to Trump’s inauguration said “that’s how President Trump and I communicate. A lot of four-letter words. In this case, three letters.”

He explained that he was putting it in “Trump-speak.” I can imagine how frustrating it must be for anyone who interacts with Trump daily, he must dumb down his vocabulary and spice up his conversation with expletives.

I doubt that Zelensky or anybody else in the world loves Trump’s wrinkled orange ass, but there are many who at least pretend to like him.

But there isn’t a single person in the world who’s claimed to love Trump’s head or his intellect. However, there are many politicians with brown noses, a testament to how much they love Trump’s ass.

I don’t love Trump’s ass, in fact I hate his racist and vulgar ass, and I’m going to kick his ass to the curb come election time.

Jim Carrey Paints Donald Trump as Las Vegas Era Elvis Presley

Actor Jim Carrey turned to Elvis Presley to ding President Donald Trump in his latest mocking cartoon, which he shared online Thursday.

Trump as the late King of Rock and Roll performs a tweaked version of the 1969 hit ‘Suspicious Minds’ in the artwork.

‘They’re caught in a trap, they can’t walk out, because they love me too much baby,’ he sings as top members of his administration are tied together behind him.

‘His reign will soon be over,’ Carrey captioned the piece. ‘Woe to the loyal subjects of this counterfeit king.’

Huffington Post

Jim Carrey’s legacy will be as a cartoonist and not an actor, his series of Trump-themed cartoons dwarf his accomplishments as a comedic actor.

Carrey’s latest masterpiece depicts Donald Trump as the Las Vegas era Elvis crooning Suspicious Minds.

Elvis in his Vegas incarnation was a parody of himself: a bloated behemoth bellowing his hits for his besotted fans. But at least Elvis in his youth was really the King of Rock and Roll, an icon who ruled the pop charts and transformed the culture at large.

Donald Trump boasted that he was the King of New York real estate, but in reality he was a con artist and such a failure as businessman that the bankrupted his casinos.

Trump resembles the Las Vegas era Elvis in appearance only, he is a talentless fat slob who belts out all the hits in his campaign rallies (build the wall! lock her up!) to his brainwashed fans.

Elvis died in his porcelain throne with enough drugs in his blood to kill a dozen men; I won’t be surprised if Trump dies is his toilet with his arteries blocked with plaque, his intestines full of crap and his mind full of hate and venom.

Jon Voight’s Cringeworthy Dance for Donald Trump Will Make You Pluck Your Eyes Out

“Jon Voight took his Donald Trump worship act to the White House on Thursday, dancing awkwardly for the president during a ceremony to receive a National Medal of Arts.

Music from Voight’s 1969 film ‘Midnight Cowboy’ played in the East Room when the 80-year-old Oscar winner rose from his chair to provide an impromptu shuffle that earned a fist pump and a finger point from Trump.

Huffington Post

Jon Voight is a celebrated actor best known for his iconic roles as a wannabe gigolo in Midnight Cowboy, a paraplegic Vietnam veteran in Coming Home and of course as a businessman who survived a nightmare canoe trip in the Georgia wilderness in Deliverance.

An actor’s brilliance on celluloid usually inoculates him from his fans shunning his films when the darker aspects of his personal life are revealed, but when Voight became one of the biggest cheerleaders for Donald Trump even his most devoted fans turned away from him.

The last chapter of Voight’s life has been dedicated to singing the praises of the loathsome, vulgar, and racist Donald Trump. The legendary actor is a vociferous defender of the president on Twitter, and he eviscerates anyone who criticizes his idol.

Voight took his “I will do anything to debase myself for Trump act” to the White House dancing awkwardly for Trump during a ceremony to receive a National Medal of Arts. His embarrassing display may have earned a fist pump from Trump, but it elicited winces and epithets from the viewing audience.

Voight’s family needs to hold an intervention, and confine him to a 12-step program or a retirement home for retired thespians.

Rep. Eric Swalwell Blows Up His Political Career by Farting on Live TV! #FartGate

“California Rep. Eric Swalwell might regret appearing on ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews’ this week after his interview on the MSNBC show went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Swalwell, 39, appeared on Monday’s episode to debate whether or not President Trump used taxpayer dollars to cheat in the election, but midway through one of his statements, a loud farting noise interrupted the broadcast.

‘Chris, so far the evidence is uncontradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars to help him cheat…’ he said, before the erroneous noise was heard. ‘…an election. And the complaint that I’ve heard from Republicans…'”

AOL News

Eric Swalwell’s presidential run had all the impact of a wet fart, it didn’t make much noise but the utter futility of his campaign left him soiled.

Swalwell’s brief interview with Chris Matthews made more of an impact that his ill-fated presidential campaign. Usually political hacks like Swalwell make news for the hot air that emanates from their mouth, but this time Swalwell went viral for the tremendous blast that emanated from his butt.

Swalwell’s fart was so prodigiously loud that #FartGate briefly eclipsed #UkraineGate as the hottest topic on Twitter. Swallwell’s fart will linger for far longer than a news cycle, it will doom any future presidential run.

The only way Swalwell could have redeemed himself and saved his political career was by admitting that he was the one that cut the cheese. But nobody ever admits that they farted, and certainly not a politician.

Did Swalwell art on live TV? Watch the video! You be the judge!


Mike Pompeo Should Resign Before He’s Fired by Trump

Regardless how obsequious and subservient a White House official may be Trump will eventually turn against him, it’s impossible to please a colicky baby with the attention span of a gnat.

The vice president Mike Pence may be an evangelical but he never speaks truth to power by speaking out against any of Donald Trump’s outrages against the Bible, the Constitution and plain decency. His unquestioned loyalty to his boss is stamped on his face as he looks adoringly at the Fearless Leader whenever he’s speaking. But if Trump thinks that trading in Pence for Nikki Haley will help him be reelected he will kick the sanctimonious bastard to the curb in a New York minute.

Only the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rivals Pence for his slavish devotion to Trump. Pompeo is so haughty, disdainful and arrogant that his nose is permanently in the air, but it’s brownish tint testifies that even he kisses Trump’s butt.

Nevertheless, the impeachment inquiry has created a rift between Trump and his closest ally. Trump holds Pompeo responsible for hiring State Department officials whose testimony in the impeachment hearings threatens to bring down his presidency.

Pompeo ordered State Department employees not to comply with subpoenas to testify before any impeachment hearings, he did his best to intimidate witnesses in order to protect himself and Trump. Fortunately, dedicated career diplomats like William Taylor and Marie Yovanovitch place country before their careers.

Pompeo is despised by Trump for his failure to prevent State Department officials from testifying before Congress, and he is despised by State Department employees for refusing to publicly defend Yovanovitch after she was disparaged by Trump.

Pompeo should read the writing on the wall, and resign before he is summarily fired by his impetuous boss.

Melania Trump #BeBest and Condemn Your Husband’s Online Bullying

A trophy wife’s main responsibility is to dress stylishly, smile adoringly at her benefactor and keep her mouth shut unless her man is being criticized in which case, she is expected to defend him vehemently.

Donald Trump is a crude, vulgar, misogynist, racist and mean-spirited buffoon who is under constant criticism by just about everyone who isn’t on his payroll, but Melania rarely deigns to defend him.

I’m surprised Trump has traded in the former glorified escort for a younger model, but I guess he stays married to her because at least she doesn’t raise a peep about his serial philandering or any of his other vices.

A First Lady is expected to adopt a pet cause, and instead of choosing one like saving the whales, Melania’s Be Best campaign focus is on battling the scourge of online bullying.

Why Melania’s pet cause is fighting cyber bullying when her husband is the biggest cyber bully in the world is beyond me. You’d think she would have chosen a project that wouldn’t open her up to charges of cowardice and hypocrisy, considering she’s never castigated her husband for savaging people, especially women, online.

But now everyone is excoriating Melania for keeping silent when her husband attacked former Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on Twitter while she was testifying during the impeachment hearings.

I don’t expect Melania to get all legal on us and accuse Trump of witness intimidation, but the least she could do is gently chide him for disparaging a courageous woman and consummate professional who is guilty only of doing her patriotic duty.

Come on now Melania, Be Best!

Donald Trump Jr’s Book ‘Triggered #1 New York Times Bestseller Thanks to Bulk Order by RNC

This week Donald Trump Jr.’s first book “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us” landed on the top of the New York Times non-fiction best-seller list.

Many literary giants have published dozens of books in their distinguished careers without ever hitting the coveted spot on top of the New York Times bestseller list.

Which begs the question, how was the novice writer able to achieve such a remarkable accomplishment?

The Trump name certainly helps, Junior could publish a book entitled, “How to Apply Bikini Wax to the Genital Area and Other Grooming Advice for Republican Metrosexuals” and it would become a bestseller because Trump supporters consider anything published by a Trump holy writ. Trump cultists consider supporting any endeavor by a Trump their religious duty.

It also helps that the Republican National Committee (RNC) bought a gazillion copies to give to donors. That’s why on the New York Times’ list, next to the title, there’s a small dagger, meant to indicate that some retailers reported receiving bulk orders of the item. In other words, the only reason why the book shot all the way to the top was because the RNC bought thousands of copies.

There’s always an asterisk next to any Trump victory or achievement, there’s an enormous asterisk next to Donald Trump’s 2016 victory considering he had help from the Russians and Hillary won the popular election by three million votes.

The simple fact that an idiot like the First Boy was able to publish a book by a reputable publisher is testament to the fact that he isn’t being silenced. Although, how we wish that Junior and his father would shut the hell up

November 2019 Archives Page Two:


Donald Trump’s Racist DACA Tweet

“Many of the people in DACA, no longer very young, are far from ‘angels.’ Some are very tough, hardened criminals. President Obama said he had no legal right to sign order, but would anyway. If Supreme Court remedies with overturn, a deal will be made with Dems for them to stay!”

This is the latest in a series of racist tweets emanating from the racist mind of the racist-in-chief Donald Trump. The president is a blatant racist and a pathological liar, and this tweet highlights both of these character flaws.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court began hearing arguments on the Trump administrations’ decision to end the Deferred Action Arrivals Program (DACA). The immigration policy is an executive branch memo signed by President Barack Obama in 2012 that allows undocumented people between the ages of 16 and 30 to defer deportation, attend school, work and pay taxes for renewable two-year periods.

Let’s parse Trump’s tweet:

“Many of the people in DACA, no longer very young”

According to the PEW Research Center most dreamers enrolled in DACA are ages 25 and younger. Even a senile septuagenarian should admit that people in their twenties are relatively young. DACA recipients are young people with a bright future and many years of service to their country, provided they are allowed to remain in America, their home country, for all intents and purposes.

“Are far from angels. Some are very tough, hardened criminals.”

DACA recipients must undergo extensive background checks, complete education requirements and have a clean police record. They undergo a more extensive background checks than the poorly vetted scammers and grifters who’ve found employment in the White House. Undocumented immigrants commit less crime than native-born Americans, and DACA recipients commit even less crimes. Dreamers are the cream of the crop, and if Trump weren’t a racist he would encourage them to stay in America.

“If Supreme Court remedies with overturn, a deal will be made with Dems for them to stay!”

Trump is a habitual liar, and if the Supreme Court overturns DACA I seriously doubt that he would make a deal with Democrats allowing them to stay.

The reason why the Supreme Court took up DACA is because the Trump administration couldn’t come up with a legal reason why they wanted to deport close to a million of law-abiding dreamers.

Trump wants to expel dreamers simply because he’s a racist, and I hope that the Supreme Court will do the right thing, and allow these exemplary individuals to remain in this country.

Republican Senators Don’t Have Integrity and Courage to Remove Trump From Office

The publicly known facts about President Trump’s interactions with Ukraine support a case for impeachment based on abuse of presidential power. Abuse of power has been a constant theme in the Trump administration, the Ukraine bribery scandal is only the latest and most blatant example.

The transcripts released from key firsthand witnesses in the impeachment inquiry support a case for impeachment based on abuse of presidential power. The summary of the phone conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky clearly depicts a quid pro quo: Ukraine would receive military aid in exchange for investigating Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

This week the public phase of the impeachment hearings begin, and the electorate will hear from William Taylor the top diplomat in Ukraine, George Kent the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs and Marie Yovanovitch the former U.S ambassador to Ukraine. These three witnesses have already testified behind closed doors that Trump’s surrogates withheld military aid to Ukraine, that had been approved by Congress and vetted by the Department of Defense, until Ukraine agreed to investigate the Bidens and the ludicrous conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine and not Russia that interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

In a sane world facts would prevail and the impeachment hearings in the House would conclude with an overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans voting to impeach Trump based on presidential abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

But we don’t live in a sane world, and facts don’t matter, and the right-wing ecosystem of talk radio, Fox News and conservative web sites will create false narratives to protect Trump. They will create alternative facts and promulgate conspiracy theories that depict Trump as a patriotic and powerful president who is the victim of a witch hunt by socialist Democrats.

Truth will not prevail, at least not in the short term and although Trump will be impeached by the House he won’t be removed from office by the Republican-controlled Senate.

But we mustn’t become pessimistic and fatalistic, Republican senators don’t have the courage and integrity to remove Trump from office, but we the American public must kick him to the curb on November 2020.

Donald Trump Relying on His Tweets to Save Him From Being Impeached and Removed From Office

Most Twitter subscribers use the popular social media platform to promote their businesses, keep in touch with acquaintances and friends or to dabble in politics or hobbies. Their lives don’t revolve around Twitter, it’s merely one of several social media sites they turn to when they are bored.

Then there’s Donald Trump, the tweeter-in-chief, the short-fingered vulgarian is addicted to Twitter, his presidency can’t survive without it. Trump uses Twitter to issue major announcements, whether it’s staff firings, troop withdrawals or new policy initiatives. The stable genius uses Twitter to energize his base, ostracize his political opponents, and to defend himself from the scandals that are always engulfing his administration. 

Trump has killed the daily White House briefing, he prefers to be his own communications chief. He prefers to field reporters’ shouted questions himself from the Oval Office in front of the noisy presidential helicopter, which makes it difficult for reporters to ask follow-up questions.

Trump has used Twitter to dictate and dominate the news cycle, and with the impeachment process moving into the public phase this week, he is tweeting at a fever pitch. He is confronting the existential threat to his presidency largely alone, relying on his Twitter feed to save his presidency.

Trump’s base eats up his inane and incoherent tweets, but his strategy of relying on his tweets to sway public opinion to his side will fail miserably with the electorate.

Trump can fire off thousands of tweets, but they won’t save him from being impeached by the House, and there’s even a slight chance they won’t save him from being removed from office by the Senate.

Mayor Pete’s Presidential Campaign Derailed by Pic of Him Eating a Cinnamon Roll Like a Chicken Wing

Pete Buttigieg has a splendid resume: he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, served as an intelligence officer in Afghanistan, married family man, current mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a devout Christian, and a presidential candidate who’s made his faith an integral part of his campaign.

By the way he’s also a gay man who married the love of his life, Chasten Glezman. Mayor Pete has shattered the negative stereotypes and tropes of gay men being effeminate, godless, and hedonistic.

You never hear any credible political opponent assert that Buttigieg is unqualified to be president because of his sexual orientation. The first openly gay presidential candidate of a major party has a legitimate chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

At least he did until a photograph of Mayor Pete Buttigieg eating a cinnamon roll went viral on Twitter. The deeply disturbing images depicts him daintily cutting a cinnamon roll into pieces with a knife and then eating it like a chicken wing. Forgive my politically-incorrect expression, but that shit is so gay.

Real men, and the realness of a man has nothing to do with his sexuality, don’t eat quiche and they don’t eat a damn cinnamon roll like a chicken wing. If a man doesn’t know the proper etiquette for eating a cinnamon roll, how the hell can he be expected to run a country?

Trump is Full of Covfefe

President Donald Trump on Monday revived the mystery – or weirdness – of one of his most famous tweets: ‘Covfefe.’ Re-tweeting a post reporting that a horse named ‘Covfefe’ won a race over the weekend – and noting that the winner was in fact named for the president’s famous mistweet – Trump replied: ‘Great! But how do you know it was a ‘mistweet?’ May be something with deep meaning!’

USA Today

I’m tempted to exaggerate and declare that nothing Trump utters has a deep meaning, but the truth is that speeches that were written for him by professional speechwriters may contain a deep meaning.

But most of Trump’s speeches are delivered extemporaneously, and nothing that emanates from his diseased, demented and deplorable mind makes a lick of sense. There are no hidden meanings in his stump orations at his campaign rallies, the steady diet of racism and intolerance that he dishes out is clearly comprehended and easily digested by his supporters.

Trump’s stream-of-consciousness tweets are even more convoluted and revolting than his speeches, and most of them don’t have a rational meaning, let alone a deep meaning.

The truth is that “covfefe” doesn’t have a deep meaning, it’s just one of hundreds of Trump typos and mistweets that litter the Internet.

The pertinent question is, “who in God’s name would name a noble and majestic racehorse after a Trump mistweet? Dear Lord, I hope and pray that there aren’t any deplorable babies named “Covfefe.”

Donald Trump is the Weakest President in History

Donald Trump struts and preens like the dictators that he admires, but in reality he’s a cartoon strongman who is easily manipulated by genuine authoritarians like Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea and Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

Asked in a recent Post-ABC News poll whether Trump is a strong leader, only 44 percent said yes; 54 percent said no. Americans aren’t fooled by Trump’s act, we recognize him as an insecure preening orange peacock who is totally out of his element in the White House.

The only ones fooled by Trump’s bravado are white evangelicals who’ve been prepared to be brainwashed by the stable genius by preening televangelists who are full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

The buffoon-in-chief may think that his bullying manner and offensive tweets display his machismo, leadership and authority, but the electorate and the world at large perceive them as the desperate cries for attention of an impotent little man.

Like a tone-deaf symphony conductor with freakishly small hands, Trump is aesthetically and materially unsuited for his job.

With real dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping undermining democracies all over the world, America need a real strong leader now more than ever. Let’s throw out the orange weakling out of office, and replace him with a real leader like any of the leading Democratic presidential candidates.

Woman Who Gave Finger to Trump’s Motorcade Wins Virginia Local Election

Juli Briskman, the patriot who was fired after flipping the bird at President Donald Trump’s motorcade, has won a seat on a county board of supervisors in Virginia. She defeated Republican incumbent Suzanne Volpe with 52 percent of the vote.

Briskman was enjoying her daily bike ride in October 2017 and was photographed making the obscene gesture as Trump’s motorcade went by. Her viral moment wasn’t planned, her daily routine was interrupted when the president’s motorcade went by and she reacted instinctively and spontaneously by giving him the finger. 

I can certainly understand Briskman’s reaction, if I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee at McDonald’s and Trump walked in with his Secret Service detail in tow my visceral reaction would be to flip him off.

Briskman told her employer what happened after the photo went viral and was asked to leave her government contracting job or face termination. She fought her unjust termination, sued and won a severance claim. The political novice demonstrated the same drive and energy in her campaign against Volpe as she did in fighting her unjust termination, therefore it’s not surprising that she won.

Briskman’s victory was part of a major victory for Democrats in Virginia, on Tuesday they flipped both the state Senate and the House of Delegates, giving them control of both the governor’s office and the legislature for the first time in more than two decades.

It’s very cathartic to flip off Trump, and very euphoric for the Democrats to gain control of Virginia, but it will be so much cathartic and euphoric for all patriotic Americans if we kick Trump out of office next year.

White Evangelicals Will Never Abandon Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a pathological liar, blatant racist, unrepentant sexual predator, cruel bully and a pitiful buffoon, in short, he’s the antithesis of all the values that evangelicals claim to cherish.

Yet he’s worshipped by white evangelicals, because unlike genuine evangelical former presidents like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, he doesn’t just give lip service to evangelicals, he’s gone out of his way to enshrine their deepest prayers into law. He’s appointed dozens of pro-life federal judges and chosen two pro-life judges to serve as justices on the Supreme Court. He relocated the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel, and he has ostracized the Palestinians and embraced the Zionist government of Israel.

Trump is a lifelong Democrat and he’s not of the evangelical faith, but he’s deeply aware that the only way he can win reelection is if he retains the fanatical support of evangelicals, and therefore he will do anything to curry favor with them.

Still it’s puzzling why white evangelicals haven’t dumped Trump, knowing that one of their own is waiting in the wings. Mike Pence is ramrod straight, would never cheat on Mother, and he’s so anally-retentive evangelical that you couldn’t pull out a toothpick from his anus.

White evangelicals will never hop on the impeachment bandwagon, they prefer the short-fingered vulgarian bully over the mild-mannered milquetoast Pence. It’s Trump the obscene bully who has beaten the holy hell out of the Godless liberals and enacted their agenda into law.

Don’t wait on evangelicals to abandon Trump, they are as pragmatic as they are hypocritical, and they will cling on to him until the bitter end.

Joe Biden Needs to Wake Up, Smell the Geritol and Drop Out

Joe Biden confused former Presidents Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson during a detour from his stump speech at the Democratic Party’s fall fundraiser in Iowa.

‘Look what happened in Charlottesville,’ the former vice president said in Des Moines on Friday, referring to President Trump. ‘He said there were very fine people on both sides. No president, no president has ever said that, including Andrew Johnson before the Civil War.’

Washington Examiner

Whenever Joe Biden takes a detour from his prepared remarks, he enters a wilderness of senior moments, gaffes and inaccuracies. The septuagenarian politician would be well-advised to treat the teleprompter text as Gospel, and any adlibs as a satanic corruption.

I’m not a historian, but I know that Andrew Johnson was Lincoln’s vice president who ascended to power following Lincoln’s assassination, and Andrew Jackson who was president before the Civil War.

I’m sick to death of old white men like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Joe Biden who are so intoxicated with power and so consumed with white privilege that they can’t ride off into the sunset when it’s apparent to one and all, even to themselves, that they no long possess the mental acuity or the physical rigor to be the President of the United States.

Biden’s Polident smile, hair plug enhanced hairline, and his Botox smooth skin, won’t even convince a blind man that he’s too freaking old to be running for president.

Almost every day on the campaign trail Biden utters a wince-inducing gaffe that illustrates that he’s too old to be president. Biden should wake up, smell the Geritol, and drop out of the race. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/joe-biden-confuses-andrew-johnson-with-andrew-jackson-in-iowa

Jeffrey Wright Compares Donald Trump to Charles Manson! Well Played!

Noted thespian Jeffrey Wright is best known for his role as an android in “Westworld”, but as far as I’m concerned, his most iconic role was Peoples Hernandez, a Dominican drug lord, in the 2000 movie “Shaft”.

Superstar Samuel L. Jackson starred as Shaft and Christian Bale co-starred as a wealthy sociopath murderer, but Wright stole the movie from these heavyweights. Peoples is the greatest villain in the history of cinema, he was frighteningly intimating but charming and affable at the same time. In action flicks it’s usually the hero who has all the memorable one-liners, but almost every line Peoples delivered was a memorable quote. If I could have dinner with any movie character in history, it would be with Peoples.

Wright came to my attention recently when he compared Donald Trump to Charles Manson.

Wright tweeted a video of Trump’s poodle Rep. Devin Nunes speaking on the House floor, defending the buffoon against his opponents’ push for impeachment. Nunes had the unmitigated gall to compare Democrats and the media to cult followers.

Then he tweeted this video depicting a side-by-side comparison of two of history’s most infamous villains: one is a mentally ill megalomaniac with dangerous followers – and the other is Charles Manson:


Bravo Wright! You showed us who is the cult leader we should fear the most. Keep it up and your tweets will become almost as well-known as the lines uttered by Peoples.