White Evangelicals Are the Most Hated Religious Group in America

The better Americans know evangelical Christians, the less they like them, according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center. In the era of Trump white evangelicals have gravitated to the toxic gospel of their orange messiah, and we have become familiar with their racism, homophobia and misogyny. Indeed, they are the most hated religious sect in America.

In our diverse secular democracy, their brand of white Christian nationalism is anathema. Under Trump they long to make America great again, they’re on a mission from God to return our nation to the 1950’s when everyone knew their place: women in the kitchen and bedroom, Hispanics toiling in the fields, gays and lesbians in the closet and blacks slaving away in menial jobs.

In a technological scientific world, their world view gleaned from scripture written thousands of years ago is untenable. Climate change and evolution denying evangelicals are incompatible with a society where artificial intelligence, social media and post modernism rule the day.

In a religiously diverse society, their tribal faith that regards anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their Neanderthal beliefs as heretics and hell-bound sinners is toxic and divisive.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you hate evangelicals, just as there is nothing wrong with admitting you hate Nazis and Muslim radicals. In fact if you love democracy, it’s only natural that you hate the group that is the biggest existential threat to our way of life.

Evangelicals are an Impediment to Universal Healthy Mental and Physical Health

“Praying, reading the Bible, and having a strong Christian faith can have a positive impact on both mental and physical health, according to a new report.

According to the “Faith and Wellness: Evangelical Insights on Healing and Physicians” report, released by Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts, 99% of evangelical Protestants agree that praying, reading the Bible, and having a strong Christian faith all contribute to positive mental health.”


If only evangelicals devoted their time praying for world peace and brotherly love, and reading the Bible as a devotional.

But the sad reality is that too many evangelicals waste their time reading about conspiracy theories, Christian nationalism and racist propaganda on the darkest corners of the Internet.

And when they do read the Bible it’s not to seek spiritual enlightenment, but to look for verses that they can weaponize against gays and lesbians, immigrants and pro-choice advocates.

Evangelicals don’t pray for global peace, unity and harmony, instead they pray that their God will smite liberals, the LGBT community and everyone who doesn’t subscribe to their Neanderthal beliefs.

That’s why there is no mental wellness in the evangelical movement. How can you be at peace with yourself when you hate everyone who isn’t part of your religious cult?

Having a strong faith isn’t a positive when it inspires vindictiveness, intolerance and inhumanity.

Almost 100 percent of the general population believes that evangelicals are an impediment to universal healthy mental and physical health. The world would be a better place without their divisive rhetoric and evil behavior.

White Evangelicals Still Infatuated with Trump

Donald Trump is worried that there’s some erosion among the rock-solid support he enjoys among white evangelicals. I don’t think Trump has anything to worry about on that front, evangelicals regard their Orange Messiah with awe and reverence. They are blind to his warts and festering sores, they are too preoccupied fawning over the lies, racism, homophobia and misogyny that emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth.

Nevertheless, in an effort to shore up his support among evangelicals, Trump had an interview with a pro-Trump evangelical minister on April at Mar-a-Lago.

In the interview with a sycophant from the Victory Channel, Trump reminisced about his Christian upbringing and claimed that he regularly attended Sunday school. This is just another whopper from the liar-in-chief, there is no evidence that Trump’s father, a ruthless businessman who was solely focused on accumulated wealth at the expense of ordinary citizens, raised him in the Christian faith.

He told the interviewer that the Bible is even better than his coffee table picture book. “I’m glad to hear you say that,” the evangelical fluffer said reassuringly.

Evangelicals know damn well that Trump who has a penchant for holding the Bible upside down at photo-ops, and who attended church only at Easter and Christmas during his scandal-riddled term has no Christian inclinations whatsoever.

Evangelicals will continue to support the amoral sociopath for pragmatic reasons: his hatred of immigrants and the LGBT community, and his commitment to appoint anti-abortion judges.

Trump can stop pretending to be a Christian, evangelicals have shown no evidence that they will stop getting spiritually high by sniffing the odor that emanates from his rectum, regardless what crimes or sins he commits.

Americans Have Unfavorable View of Evangelicals


“In a Pew Research Center report released Wednesday, 27 percent of Americans expressed an unfavorable view of evangelicals, compared to 10 percent who have a negative view of mainline Protestants or 18 percent who have a negative view of Catholics.

About as many have a favorable approach to evangelicals—28 percent—but that’s mostly due to positive sentiment from American evangelicals themselves, about a quarter of the population.”

Christianity Today

Americans have always had an unfavorable view of evangelicals, their attempt to impose their literal interpretation of the Bible on every one clashes with the “live and let live” ethos that made America the greatest secular democracy in the world.

But now that evangelicalism is synonymous with Trumpism, the evangelical movement is as toxic as the worst ideologies you can imagine like Nazism and white Nationalism.

Evangelicals are too evangelical; they are on a mission from God to share their religious experience regardless of propriety. There is a time and a place for everything and proselytizing at the checkout register at the supermarket, while flying on a plane or talking about Jesus at work is improper, rude and counterproductive.

Mainline Protestants and Catholics don’t wear their religion on their sleeve, therefore they aren’t perceived as obnoxious by society at large.

Religion is like masturbation, almost everybody belongs to a religion and almost everybody masturbates, but no one wants to hear why your God is the real deal and no one wants to hear how you masturbate.

It’s no surprise that evangelicals love each other, while at the same time they hate anyone who doesn’t share their religious beliefs. Evangelicals are so besotted with love for each other than they are oblivious to how much the world hates them.

A Few Evangelicals Have Finally Turned Away from Trump


“In his biweekly email to evangelical Christian pastors, David Lane, a political operative based in Texas and leader of the American Renewal Project, described former President Donald Trump as out of touch, driven by personal grievances and self-importance. 

Unfortunately, the former president’s penchant for settling political scores and his compulsion to keep the spotlight upon himself have both become threadbare and trite,’ Lane’s email said.”


In is email to some 70,000 evangelicals, Lane praised Trump’s accomplishments to high heaven before describing the former president as out of touch, driven by personal grievances and self-importance. Lane also decried Trump’s “compulsion to keep the spotlight upon himself.”

Gee, Lane you think so?

Why Lane’s sudden epiphany that Trump is an egomaniacal monster rather than a messiah who will make America great again? Why are some evangelicals suddenly wondering how to quit Trump?

Is it because they finally read the Bible and realized that Trump’s policies, behavior and rhetoric are antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ? Is it because it finally dawned on them that Trump is a petty and vindictive sociopath that will destroy the GOP?

No! A few evangelicals have second thoughts about Trump only because the red wave failed to materialize and most of Trump’s hand-pick election deniers went down to a bitter defeat. It’s pragmatism not a realization that Trump is an evil Fuck that’s made them consider other options than Trump.

Most evangelicals will stick with Trump to the bitter end, only when Trump is defeated once again in 2024 will we see the end of Trump and Trumpism.

Why Are White Evangelicals So Mean?

If somebody asked me to describe white evangelicals with one word, I wouldn’t choose, pious, spiritual, kind, compassionate, friendly or any other word that could be used to describe the founder of their religion, Jesus Christ.

I could choose many of the adjectives used to describe their new Orange Messiah, Donald Trump: vindictive, cruel, arrogant, petty, malicious and hateful. But the word that stands out is mean, they are just mean to the core.

Their favorite ministers don’t preach the values of the New Testament, a humility, love and compassion that’s made manifest by ministering to the poor, friendless and outcasts of society. They prefer to listen to flat out assholes like Greg Locke who thunder homophobia, misogyny and xenophobia from the pulpit.

White evangelicals had a mean streak well before Trump entered politics, but now that he is the de facto leader of their religion it’s bubbled to the surface.

The meanness of evangelicals is evidenced by their hatred of immigrants, demonizing of gays and lesbians, and lack of concern for their neighbors reflected by their refusal to get vaccinated.

Their meanness also comes across in every day interactions with them, if your hairstyle, tattoos, dress or vernacular leads them to conclude that you don’t belong to their tribe, they give you a wide berth.

White evangelicals will be mean to the die they die, because they won’t be happy until turn our democracy into a White Christian Nationalist regime, led by their god, Donald Trump. That’s never going to happen.

Trump and His Evangelical Supporters Will Meet the Same Fate as Jerry Falwell Jr.


In 2016 Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., the son of the late televangelist, shocked the evangelical world by endorsing serial philanderer and pathological liar Donald Trump for president of the United States.  

The blessing by one of the white evangelical community’s biggest names just days before the Iowa caucuses turbo-charged Trump’s campaign, and by election day most evangelical leaders had fallen in line and endorsed him.

On August 2020 Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned in disgrace from Liberty University after a series of embarrassing personal scandals that would have made even Trump blush.

How could almost 90 percent of evangelicals and most of their leaders endorse a sociopath whose words and deeds are the antitheses of their professed religious beliefs?

The simple truth is that the words and deeds of evangelicals are the antitheses of the teaching of Jesus Christ, they are just as racist, venial, vindictive and downright evil as their Orange Messiah.

Giancarlo Granda, a Miami pool boy, had a seven-year affair with Falwell’s wife, Becki, sometimes with Falwell looking on and masturbating during their sexual encounters.

Evangelicals look on and masturbate while Trump owns the libs, destroys our democracy and tries to establish a Christian White Nationalist theocracy.

Before all is said and done, democracy will prevail and Trump and his white evangelical supporters will be brought down just like Jerry Falwell Jr.

Trump’s Sick Joke About Prison Rape Elicits Cheers from His Evangelical Supporters

White evangelicals are so vehemently homophobic that they consider any expression of gay pride as a sign of moral decay and as a portent of the End Times. Whenever a city with a significant community of gays and lesbians suffers a natural disaster, they interpret it as God’s judgment.

When a speaker makes a reference or allusion to a homosexual act, you would expect them to react with groans of disgust and shouts of disapproval.

But when their messiah, Donald Trump, threatened journalists with prison rape at a MAGA rally, they erupted with cheers and laughter.

“You take the writer and or the publisher of the paper … and you say ‘Who is the leaker? National security, And they say ‘We’re not gonna tell you.’ They say ‘That’s OK, you’re going to jail.’ And when this person realizes he’s going to be the bride of another prisoner very shortly, he will say ‘I’d very much like to tell you exactly who that leaker is!’”

This from a politician who has a long history of leaking to the press himself, and who lavished praise on WikiLeaks when they published information harmful to his political opponent, Hillary Clinton.

I’m not surprised that evangelicals laughed at the mention of sodomy, an act that their vengeful and spiteful deity hates, just as I’m not surprised that the largest consumers of girl-on-girl porn in the Bible Belt are the aforementioned hypocrites.

There is a special place reserved in hell for the likes of Trump and his evangelical supporters who exemplify the sins of hypocrisy and irrational hatred condemned by the Bible.

Cynical & Pragmatic Evangelicals Embrace Herschel Walker in Response to Abortion Allegation

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker is running for the senate in Georgia on a campaign emphasizing family values. He’s vehemently opposed to abortion, he calls the medical procedure “murder”, and believes abortion should be banned with no exceptions for rape or incest.

Now he is facing a credible accusation that he paid for an abortion by a former girlfriend and mother of one of his previously unacknowledged children.

In more innocent times the serial philanderer and pathological liar would have been expected by his evangelical supporters to confess his sin, claim that Jesus had forgiven him and continue unabated with his senatorial campaign.

But Walker is following the game plan of his Orange Messiah: deny the accusation, even though his baby mama has the receipts, and continue campaigning while denouncing all disturbing reports as “fake news.”

And evangelicals are vigorously defending the seriously morally flawed candidate, and praying not for him to repent, but for him to win the election.

Fuck the pragmatic evangelicals who don’t even make a pretense of caring about so-called family values. All they care about is owning the libs, winning by any means necessary, and furthering the agenda of their messiah, Donald Trump. Fuck Walker. Fuck Trump. Fuck evangelicals. Fuck their God.

White Evangelicals Are Toxic


White evangelicals’ obsession with Donald Trump has tarnished their reputation beyond salvation. Pre-Trump when evangelicals said grace before eating their meal in a table near us in a restaurant, we just looked at them askance and resumed eating our meals. Now when evangelicals congregate near us in any public setting, we are wont to make a sign of the cross and move far, far away. Simply put, they are toxic.

Evangelical morality is expressly repudiated by the general public, and they are seen as an existential threat to Christianity and democracy. Religious folks of all stripes and the non-religious give them a wide berth.

Evangelicals are cognizant that they are reviled and you’d think they would retreat to their own closed-off enclaves to wait for the rapture.

Instead, they are up on our grill preaching the Gospel of Trump and on a mission from Satan to turn our democracy into a White Christian Nationalist state.

I should copy the modus operandi of evangelicals and pass out tracts with a copy of this essay, and whenever an evangelical starts to spout some MAGA nonsense I can just give him one of my tracts.

The Real Pedophiles Are in Trump’s GOP & Evangelical Church Not the Democratic Pary

GOP Pedo Party

QAnon cultists subscribe to myriad conspiracy theories, but their main conspiracy theory is that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles rule the world.

QAnon cultist and white evangelicals are incestuous cousins and they share many of the same absurd beliefs, and they are always accusing Democratic politicians and Hollywood celebrities of pedophilia.

Although they have no problem embracing evangelical/conservative genuine pedophiles like Matt Gaetz and Roy Moore.

Evangelicals are masters of projection; their ranks are infested with pedophiles and men who sexually abuse women and girls.  The sexualization and grooming of teenage girls into early marriage and pregnancy is common in evangelical and fundamentalist circles.

Pedophilia is rampant is patriarchal organizations like the Roman Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. Evangelicals believe in the same mantra as pimps, “Pimps up, Ho’s down”, although they would phrase it using theological words.

The ideal evangelical woman is married, pregnant, busy in the kitchen and leaves home only to shop for groceries and to attend church.

Evangelical Republicans have an anti-women agenda, and they aren’t content with overturning Roe, contraceptive justice and same-sex marriage are in their gun sights.

Its’ imperative for citizens who love freedom and democracy, regardless if they are mainline Protestants, progressive Catholics, or atheists to come together to defeat the anti-female, anti-democratic evangelical movement.

Pew Research: The Better Americans Know Evangelicals, the Less They Like Them


“The better Americans know evangelical Christians, the less they like them, according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center.

The wide-ranging What Americans Know About Religion study found that, in general, people who are more familiar with a religion other than their own tend to express more favorable views toward members of that faith.

‘One exception to this pattern is evangelical Christians, who are rated most warmly by those at the low end of the religious knowledge scale,’ the study said.”


I wholeheartedly concur with the findings of this study. The more I know about Muslims, Hindus or other religions the more I like them; exposure to people of different belief systems makes me realize that their nomenclature might be different but the ideas that most religions espouse (the golden rule, justice, peace & love) are universal.

White evangelical Christians are the exception to this rule, the more people learn about them the more they hate them. In the Trump era we have learned the depth of the depravity, hypocrisy and sociopathic tendencies of evangelicals.

White evangelicals have substituted the merciful and loving Jesus Christ for the vengeful and hateful Donald Trump, and as a consequence we hate them as vehemently as we hate the stinking pile of human shit known as Donald Trump.

Evangelicals like to say, “hate the sin, but love the sinner”, but evangelicals are sin personified, and I hate everything about them.

Franklin Graham Furious Because America Celebrates Freedom, Democracy and Diversity

Franklin Graham

“We, as a nation, we’ve turned our back on God. We have just left Him behind, basically. We support abortion, same-sex marriage – these are things that are against God’s standards and God’s laws.

And, we celebrate sin. Instead of being ashamed of sin, we’re celebrating sin. Our politicians are celebrating sin.”

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham has his panties in a twist because in his opinion America has turned her back on God and His standards. His God being the Jehovah of the Bible, and God’s standards being white evangelicals’ interpretation of Scripture which is synonymous with White Christian Nationalism.

What are America’s sins that trouble Graham’s soul? Our indifference for the poor, homeless, immigrants and other marginalized communities? Our fascination with guns and lust for violence? Our neglect of the mentally ill?


What really upsets the evangelical blowhard is a woman having autonomy over her own body, he would prefer a woman to be pregnant, barefoot, and trusting a man to know what is best for her.

What really infuriates him is same-sex marriage, he can’t bear the thought of gays and lesbians enjoying the rights of all of God’s children.

If you interpret the Bible or any other holy book to mean that God condemns sex outside of marriage, same-sex love, masturbation and abortion, then don’t engage in any of those activities, and don’t worry what anybody else is doing or not doing. One person’s sin is another person’s pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

Evangelical Church Under Fire for Unathorized Production of ‘Hamilton’ Musical


The musical Hamilton follows the remarkable life story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Its creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, makes history relevant and exciting by using rap music and lyrics that resonates with today’s audience.

Hamilton opening on London in December 2017 and it’s still selling out on Broadway.

 The evangelical Door Church in McAllen, Texas, mounted an illegal production of Hamilton, the pastor Roman Gutierrez claimed that their production was sanctioned and licensed by the Hamilton team.

What could possibly go wrong, right?

First of all, Lin-Manuel Miranda did not give the church the license or his blessing to mount their own production. The pastor, like his Lord and Savior Donald Trump, is a lying piece of shit.

The church’s blasphemous production removes explicit language and references to sex and replaces it with dialogue about how great and marvelous Jesus is, and how awful and sinful gays are.

I hope this god-awful church doesn’t perform Hamlet. In their telling Hamlet sees the Holy Ghost, and He commands him to stop dithering. To be or not to be? Of course, he should be a born-again Christian.

Evangelical Pastor John MacArthur Covers up Cases of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault in His Congregation

John MacArthur is an 83-year-old non-denominational pastor and author known for his internationally syndicated evangelical teaching radio and television program “Grace to You.”

MacArthur doesn’t rely on interesting anecdotes or spell-binding oratory, he is an expository preacher and his sermons are liberally sprinkled with chapter and verse.

The elderly pastor wears a suit a tie, he hasn’t adopted the casual wear of most of his ministerial colleagues, and he doesn’t have an endorsement deal with clothing manufactures like some of his brethren.

He is a dour-looking evangelical godfather and evangelical leaders are afraid to distance themselves from him, even though credible accusations have been levied against him, including allegations of covering up sexual abuse and child molestation cases. Why evangelicals may be fearful of distancing themselves from John MacArthur – Baptist News Global

He reminds me of the moral degenerate and politically corrupt Donald Trump, Republican leaders are afraid to distance themselves from him because it means they would lose influence and power.

MacArthur gets away with covering up cases of sexual abuse and child molestation, because females are the victims of almost all of these crimes, and in evangelical circles they are considered second-class citizens.

If two men kiss in a movie or TV show evangelicals get their panties in a twist, but if women parishioners are sexually abused by clergy its swept under the rug.

MacArthur is reprehensible, and he’s representative of the entire evangelical movement, sick to the core.

Evangelicals Should Love, Accept and Support the LGBTQ Members of Their Churches

The Public Religion Research Institute released a study on sexual orientation and religion.

According to this study 80 percent of white evangelicals said they did not have any LGBTQ people in their friendship network.

I’m betting that some of the white evangelicals who claimed not to have any LGBTQ friends are themselves gay or lesbian. When same-sex love in condemned from pulpits as sinful, unbiblical and unnatural, I can understand why gay evangelicals would be afraid to come out to their fellow congregants, family, friends and even anonymous poll takers. The truth is that there are gays and lesbians in the choirs, leadership and membership of evangelical churches.

If closeted evangelicals realized that there are just as many LGBTQ persons in their churches as there are in society at large, maybe they would demand that their ministers stop their homophobic rhetoric.

Even though women and gay men compromise most of the membership of many black evangelical houses of worship, many black pastors condemn homosexuality from the pulpit, when the choir lofts behind them are filled with gay singers and musicians and the church members who are shouting “Hallelujah” the loudest are gay.

Enough with the unbiblical hypocrisy, self-hatred, homophobia and fear mongering. Evangelicals should love and accept the gay members of their churches.

Church Neighbors Complain Illuminated Cross is a Health Hazard

Although 70% of the Norwegian population are members of the Church of Norway, only 2% attend church regularly and up to 25% of the population is non-religious and do not believe in either God or other higher powers.

But Christians in general and evangelicals in particular are a divisive and disruptive force even in secular countries. Practicing evangelicals may be a minority in Norway, but they cause problems way out of proportion to their minuscule numbers.

An Evangelical Lutheran Church in Skien is a disruptive force in its residential neighborhood. Neighbors are complaining that the light from the cross on top of the church tower is too bright and constitutes a health hazard.

Christians are supposed to be a light to the world, they are called upon to magnify the light of Christ’s love, compassion and peace. But evangelicals, especially in America, have turned their backs on the light of Jesus, and are blinding society with the neon light of extremism and religious hucksterism.

The light of the evangelicals doesn’t warm the soul and it doesn’t illuminate the truth, on the contrary it sears the soul and blinds us to the beauty in the world.

The Skauen church in Skien should replace their illuminated cross with a simple wooden cross, they should seek to minister to their neighbors instead of antagonizing them.

See: https://evangelicalfocus.com/europe/17510/church-neighbour-says-cross-is-a-health-hazard

Evangelicals Are an Existential Threat to Democracy

Evangelical Christians prioritize their “individual god-given rights” over love thy neighbor.

This self-centered sentiment was exposed during the pandemic, evangelicals took pride in refusing to obey mask and vaccine mandates that were put in place by medical experts for the good of society. They trust in Jesus to protect them from the coronavirus, and to hell with the faithless masses who don’t abide by the “Jesus is my vaccine” principle.

It’s easy for them to adopt this egocentric attitude when they consider everyone outside their tent godless sinners unworthy of the almighty’s protection.

Evangelicals are the largest and most pernicious cult in America, and their ultimate goal is to overthrow our democracy and establish a Christian nationalist theocracy.

The “we are God’s chosen people” narrative isn’t confined to COVID narratives. Under a Christian nationalist regime there wouldn’t be any legal protection for religious minorities, gays and lesbians and immigrants. Universal healthcare would be abolished, abortion clinics would be burned to the ground, and universities would be closed down. Evangelicals are an existential threat to our democracy and liberty, and we must fight these selfish bastards with the same energy that we fight Nazis and other racist organizations.

Evangelicals: ‘We Have a Sin Problem, not a Gun Problem! What BS!

White evangelicals have replaced trust in the Bible with allegiance to Republican orthodoxy.  Fidelity to the GOP’s toxic platform of anti-abortion, anti-climate change, anti-science, anti-gays, anti-immigration and anti-gun control is more important than belief in the inerrancy of the Bible, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

White evangelicals are fervently pro-NRA, and they are vehemently opposed to even the most basic gun control measures like red flag laws, raising the age to purchase a long gun from 18 to 21, and enhanced background checks.

Needless to say, evangelicals don’t offer sophisticated reasons for opposing gun control laws. The following meme is ubiquitous on evangelical social media platforms:

“Cain killed Abel with a rock. The Lord did not get rid of the rocks. He blamed Cain, not the rock. We have a sin problem, not a gun problem. “

This meme doesn’t have the eloquence of the King James’ translators, but I admit it’s catchy. We don’t live in the Stone Age when prehistoric Cains and Abels settled their disputes with rocks and sharpened bones, we live in a technological age when sociopaths massacre schoolchildren with semi-automatic assault rifles, not rocks.

We do have a sin problem, more accurately referred to as a mental health problem, and we must allocate more resources to mental health, but at the same time it’s incumbent on us to make it more difficult for psychopaths to purchase assault rifles.

The Lord didn’t get rid of the rocks after Cain murdered Abel, and in spite of billions of thoughts and prayers, he hasn’t got rid of the guns, even though almost every day there’s another mass shooting in America.

Beseeching the Almighty will get us nowhere, we must vote out of office pro-NRA politicians, ridicule and expose evangelicals who are beholden to the gun lobby, and declare a holy war on the gun merchants.

Donald Trump Should Declare Himself to be a Messiah Greater Than Jesus Christ

With the midterm elections only five months from today, Donald Trump has increased the frequency of his MAGA rallies. Once Trump cultists made a pilgrimage to as many MAGA rallies as they could afford to attend, but with a clambake almost every week they elicit shrugs from the faithful.

Trump pep rallies have lost their pep, and are as exciting as watching grass grow. The stilted reading of lame remarks of the teleprompter. The tossing of MAGA caps into the crowd. The ridicule of Rhinos and liberals. The spastic dance moves. The airing of grievances. The familiar refrains of “Lock her up” and “Build the Wall.”  The ennui. The boredom. The angst.

Trump needs to revive his rallies and what better way than by explicitly declaring himself a messiah like the world has never seen before. Not a loser messiah who allowed himself to be tortured, ridiculed and crucified like Jesus Christ, but a messiah who will torment, ridicule and obliterate his enemies.

The time is right for Trump to declare himself the new Messiah, white evangelicals already treat him with awe and reverence. Only by declaring himself the Lord’s anointed will he inspire his sycophants to go to the polls.

White Evangelicals Have Created a God in Their Own Image and He Is a Monster from the Pit of Hell

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Genesis 1:27

This Bible verse states that God created human beings in his own image. Actually, the opposite is true: Human beings create God in their own image.

The Bible is not a single tome, but a library of 66 books written by dozens of writers over a span of 1,500 years.

The Old Testament depicts a vengeful tribal deity who orders his chosen people, the ancient Israelites, to commit genocide and enslave their enemies.

The New Testament paints a more benign portrait of the Almighty as a deity who became man to save us from our sins. The Jesus of the Gospels preached a message of love and forgiveness, and He ministered to the downtrodden and oppressed.

The King James Authorized Bible has 783,137 words, and a person can cherry pick verses from this plethora of material to create a God after his own heart.

White evangelicals mine the Old Testament for scriptures that demonize gays and lesbians, treat women as second-class citizens and posits a theocracy as the best form of government. Their Supreme Being is an omnipotent jerk and in their version of paradise, St. Peter is the gatekeeper who lets in only white Christian evangelicals.

Evangelicals like Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson and Robert Jeffress have created a God in their own venial image. They and their judgmental, xenophobic, homophobic and misogynist Republican Jesus can fuck off.

Evangelicals Torment Airplane Passengers with On-board Cabin-wide Singing

“A video shows a packed flight with a good handful of passengers singing what appear to be Christian songs to the rest of the cabin … jamming out on a guitar and walking up and down the aisle in high spirits. Some of the passengers, however, are clearly uncomfortable and displeased.

The Raw Story

Imagine, after your patience has been destroyed by waiting in a long line at the airport check-in line, your dignity has been diminished by a TSA gestapo agent administering an overzealous pat-down, and your wallet has been drained at an airport restaurant you finally plop down on your airplane seat and begin to decompress.

When inconsiderate assholes, otherwise known as evangelical Christians, begin to sing praise songs to the rest of the cabin. The video at the bottom of this article clearly shows that some of the passengers were displeased, disheartened and dismayed.

If Christians chartered a flight, they could pray in tongues, roll down the aisles, sing praise songs, and do whatever else they wanted. But this was a public flight, and these evangelicals were out of pocket.

Some theologians opine that elevator music will be blared in hell to add to the torment of burning forever, but I think the devious devil will play praise music.

If I was on a flight and some of the passengers walked up and down the aisle singing praise songs, I hope I would have the patience to endure the torture and file a lawsuit as soon as the plane touched down.

But I’m afraid I would probably try to open the plane’s emergency exit door or choke the nearest singing evangelical.

Now we know what’s worse than snakes on a motherfucking plane!

QAnon/Evangelical Charlatan Pastor Greg Locke Rebukes Evil Spirits of Homosexuality, Lesbianism and Molestation

Recently QAnon/Evangelical pastor Greg Locke held a meeting in his circus like tent where he frenetically paced the stage, and howled: “Spirit of molestation, spirit of abuse, get out now.” His wife chimed in: “Every spirit of homosexuality, lesbianism come out, come out. Transgenderism, gender dysphoria, come out.”

This type of buffoonery, corruption of the Gospel message and venomous hatred spewed at racial, sexual and religious minorities isn’t new to evangelicalism.

In prior generations this type of vitriol was confined, for the most part, to tiny congregations of inbred hillbillies in the Appalachian Mountains. But Locke’s meetings are live streamed online and viewed my millions.

Blatant racism, acceptance of wild conspiracy theories, xenophobia and homophobia have become more mainstream than ever before in the white evangelical movement.

According to the Stamford Advocate some parishioners “fell to the ground, pawing at cedar chips, or wretched into silver vomit buckets that had been set at the end of each row of white folding chairs.”

If you attend a church service where worshippers are speaking in tongues, rolling around in the floor and howling like monkeys, there’s something rotten in Demark. If a church feels the necessity to provide silver vomit buckets for their members, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

It’s an indictment of our educational system that in the 21st century there are so many people who believe there are witches who have the power to cast spells, and legions of demons who are possessing hapless souls left and right.

What we really need to do is cast out the spirits of racism, ignorance, homophobia, Islamophobia.

In mainline Protestant churches where gays and lesbians are loved, embraced and accepted as equals you will find none of this ignorance and nonsense.

Locke and his ilk are possessed with the evil spirits of ignorance, racism and homophobia and they need to be banished from polite society.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, a New Evangelical Church Opens Every Week

“Data from Pindograma, a data journalism site, shows that over the last decade, every six days São Paulo city has had a new evangelical church. The data points to their expansion in poor neighbourhoods, accompanied by an increase in the political participation of followers and pastors.”


This is a phenomenal rate of expansion, but perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at the alarming infestation of churches in a city named after the Apostle Paul.

The evangelical movement in Brazil is just as reactionary and anti-science as it is in the United States. Evangelicalism is a global menace and it’s an indictment of American democracy that we export this pernicious Christian philosophy all over the world.

It’s distressing that evangelicalism has been making inroads in poor neighborhoods, the “pie in the sky” mentality discourages poor people from using political means to improve their lives since they are promised mansions in heaven.

Imagine if every six days a new medical clinic, library or school opened in Sao Paulo instead of a tax-exempt evangelical church.

Evangelicalism is an existential threat to democracy and freedom worldwide, and we must destroy it in America to keep it from infecting the rest of the world.

White Evangelicals Should Go Through Deconstruction and Come Out on the Other Side as Exvangelicals

Evangelicalism has gone so far off the rails that it’s led many thoughtful evangelicals to examine their faith to see if they should leave the fold.

When the focus of evangelicalism shifts from evangelizing (preaching the Good News that Jesus saves) to an obsession with fringe beliefs it becomes incumbent upon evangelicals to take stock of where they stand in relation to spirituality, morality and common decency.

Treating a sociopath like Donald Trump as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, believing that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles runs the world, and demonizing Muslims and other religious minorities has more in common with weird cults than with orthodox Christianity.

Evangelicals who are so sickened by the racism, misogyny, homophobia and outright craziness that permeates their faith that they abandon evangelicalism to become orthodox Christians, mainline Protestants or even atheists and agnostics are referred to as exvangelicals, and the process that they went through is referred to as deconstruction.

I urge every evangelical to go through the process of deconstruction, it doesn’t matter if you come out on the other side as a mainline Protestant, Catholic, atheist or agnostic, you will become a better person and more Christ-like.