Trump’s Mugshot Will Motivate Voters to Vote for Biden

“Former President Donald Trump falsely claimed Wednesday that polls show his support among Black Americans has quadrupled or quintupled since his mug shot was released.”


This is just another lie from the pathological liar; the truth is that in polls taken after his mugshot was released his support in the black population has risen by only two or three percentage points.

Trump is under the delusion that since his booking photo was taken that blacks who are systematically and unfairly targeted by the criminal justice system will identify with him.

Yeah, right!

Trump monetized his mugshot to the tune of over 10 million dollars, but the average black ex-convict won’t be able to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks with $2 and a copy of his mugshot.

Trump has posted his mugshot on Twitter, his own Truth Social media platform and just about every other popular social media platform because it will redound to his political benefit. But the last thing African Americans want to do is publicize their mugshot, it would only serve to kill any chances they have of finding a decent job.

I don’t understand why blacks or any other minorities would support a blatant racist who has discriminated against us when he was a real estate developer and when he was president.

As a Latino when I see Trump’s mugshot I don’t think “he’s just like one of us, another victim of the criminal justice system.” What I say to myself is: the criminal justice system is a joke! Only after decades of committing tax and real estate fraud, sexually assaulting women, and inciting an insurrection and trying to steal an election was he finally subjected to a mugshot.

Dream on Trump, your mugshot will only remind us of your criminality and motivate us to vote for Biden.

Trump Hasn’t Lost Any Evangelical Support

In 2016 Donald Trump garnered over 80 percent of the evangelical vote. Even though Trump’s tenure was riddled with chaos, corruption, confusion and criminality, he didn’t lose any evangelical support in 2020.

When I use the word evangelical, I am referring to white evangelicals. Most African Americans belong to Baptist, methodist and Pentecostal denominations and they hold conservative views when it comes to social issues like homosexuality and women’s rights. Like white evangelicals they believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and they believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but they tend to vote Democratic, and they steer clear of Qanon conspiracy theories.

Even though Trump has been impeached twice and indicted four times, if he wins the Republican primary he will still receive over 80 percent of the evangelical vote in the general election. After he was arrested in Georgia for trying to overturn the results of a free and fair election, he became inmate number p01135809. But even if by some coincidence he became inmate number 666666, he would still be worshipped as the Messiah by evangelicals.

Evangelicals aren’t content with the promise of becoming members of the Kingdom of Heaven after they die, they want an earthly kingdom in the form of a White Nationalist regime right now, and they are convinced that the ruthless and vengeful Trump is the one who will establish this Christian theocracy.

The evangelicals’ Orange Messiah is credited with overturning Roe v. Wade in 2022 due to his appointing of three conservative Supreme Court justices who decided the landmark Dobbs case, which sent the issue of abortion back to the states. Evangelicals see this as proof that Trump gets things done by any means necessary, and they put their faith in him to deliver on their greatest dream: Establishing a White Christian Nationalist regime.

Poll: Trump Supporters Trust Him More Than Religious Leaders, Conservative Pundits and Friends and Families

According to the CBS/YouGov poll results evangelical primary voters who plan to vote for former President Donald Trump in 2024 find him to the most trustworthy, ahead of conservative pundits, religious leaders and even their own families and friends. Seven in ten respondents said they feel that what Trump tells them is true, but only four in ten religious leaders merit the same trust.

The results of this poll should surprise nobody, if Trump told his supporters to jump, they would instantly jump regardless if they were at the edge of a cliff, at the crater of a volcano, or at the shore of the lake of fire.

Of course, Trump cultists trust their orange messiah more than conservative media figures, religious leaders and even their own families and friends, they accept every obscenity, lie and absurdity that emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth as the Gospel truth.

It doesn’t matter that Trump is a pathological liar who told over 30,000 documented lies during his chaotic and turbulent administration. White evangelicals believe that everything that Trump says is true, even if it contradicts the laws of physics and common sense, simply by virtue of the fact that it was uttered by their Savior. Their mantra is: if Trump says it, I believe it, and you can shove your facts up your ass.

Roman Catholics believe that whenever the Pope speaks on matters of faith and morals, he is infallible, but when he speaks on politics, current affairs or any other temporal subject he is susceptible to making mistakes.

White Evangelicals believe that whenever Trump speaks on any subject, whether it’s about religion, politics, sports or entertainment, he is infallible.

It’s foolish to argue with Trump sycophants, they shit on your truth, facts and empirical evidence and lavish praise on every piece of crap that their Dear Leader drops.

It makes no sense to appeal to their friends and family members to intervene and try to make Trump cultists see the truth that Trump is a steaming pile of dung.

It’s a mission impossible to hope that religious leaders will succeed in convincing Trump supporters that he is a false prophet. Trump voters are beyond salvation, they will follow their messiah in his crusade against the rule of law, and democracy itself.

Trump Posts Fake Mugshot of Biden

“Donald Trump’s attempts to make political hay out of his myriad legal woes continued on Monday when he shared a fake mug shot of President Joe Biden on his Truth Social platform.

The former president ‘ReTruthed’ a doctored image of Biden, next to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office badge, with the caption: ‘The Mugshot America Deserves.’”

Yahoo News

All his adult life as a businessman and as a politician Donald Trump has considered himself above the law as he brazenly stiffed contractors, committed real estate fraud, sexually assaulted women, culminating in his greatest crime: inciting an insurrection in a desperate attempt to remain in power despite losing in a landslide to Joe Biden.

After being indicted four times and facing 91 charges Trump was finally treated like the common criminal that he is when his mugshot was taken by Pat Labat, the Sheriff of Fulton County.

This should have been a “come to Jesus moment” for the twice-impeached, quadruple indicted, serial sexual predator. The humiliation of the former President being treated like a common criminal should have made him realize that he’s not above the law, and that he might finally be punished for a lifetime of criminal behavior.

Instead of showing contrition, Trump has monetized his mug shot to the tune of seven million bucks. Now in an attempt to distract the electorate from his crimes he posted a fake mugshot of Joe Biden on his Truth Social platform.

It’s not going to work, the fake Biden may be seen by a few thousands, but the real Trump mugshot has been seen by billions and it’s permanently seared in our minds.

Will Trump Cultists Hold a Circle Jerk Over His Mug Shot?

“Former President Donald Trump is expected to surrender on charges connected to 2020 election interference at a notorious Georgia jail on Thursday — and a local sheriff has promised that the ex-commander-in-chief will be treated just like everyone else accused of a crime in the state.”

Business Insider

Twice-impeached former President Donald J. Trump has been indicted four times, but in deference to his status as a former president, he hasn’t been forced to do a perp walk or undergo the humiliation of having a mug shot taken.

But there’s a new Sheriff in town, and Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat has vowed to treat Trump like any other indicted defendant. Although special accommodations may be made for Trump when he turns himself in, he will be weighed, fingerprinted and a mug shot will be taken.

The last time Trump had a physical exam when he was president there was widespread skepticism when his personal physician listed his weight at 239 pounds. In the county jail a Trump lackey won’t be tipping the scales in his favor and I’m betting he will weigh close to 300 pounds.

The process of taking Trump’s fingerprints is going to be incredibly embarrassing because jail officials will have a devil of a time fingerprinting his grotesquely tiny fingers.

Then there will be the demeaning and humiliating experience of having his mug shot taken like a common criminal. Trump’s MAGA cultists may hang his mug shot in a place of honor in their living room, but normal people will think twice about voting for a presidential candidate who has a mug shot.

The intake area of the notorious Fulton County Jail is huge, and detainees are typically processed in front of others who are also being processed. If there’s a God in heaven Trump will be fingerprinted, weighed and have his mug shot taken in front of other criminals.

Evangelicals Worship Trump as the Jesus of the Book of Revelation

You’d think that evangelicals would revile the twice-impeached, quadruple-indicted, serial sexual predator and amoral sociopath Donald Trump as the antichrist.

Instead, these white evangelical cultists worship Trump as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. But it’s not the kind and gentle Jesus of the Gospels who took on human form to save the world that they worship, they see Trump as the Jesus of Revelation, who returns to Earth with a sword in his mouth to judge the righteous, and wage war against the wicked. The Jesus of Revelation makes the holy and vengeful Jehovah of the Old Testament look like a kind and loving Creator.

The orange deity of the evangelicals is on a crusade to save children from an imaginary satanic child sex ring operated by Democrats. The Messiah of the MAGA cult is on a mission from God to take back America from immigrants, godless liberals, uppity women and gays and lesbians and return America to the glory days of the 1940’s when colored people and women knew their place, the Christian religion reigned supreme, and gays, lesbians and trans people didn’t dare come out of the closet.

Evangelicals need to wake the fuck up and realize they have been suckered by a con man who has been preying on them since he was first elected in 2016.

Trump doesn’t have a spiritual bone in his body, if he’s read the Bible, it’s only to wank off over some of the more lascivious passages in the Old Testament. He caters to evangelicals not because he shares their theological views, but because they are an indispensable part of his coalition of the crazy.

The Jesus of the Gospels may weep over the sad spiritual condition of Trump and his evangelical supporters, but I hope the Jesus of Revelation smites them and hurls them into hell.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Does a Poor Job as Donald Trump’s Fluffer

“Why would President Trump have to debate the other candidates?

He already has a PROVEN track record of the best 4 years in America!!

The American people don’t need to hear his ideas, we’ve already lived his policies, loved them, and want more!! The primary is over”

 Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the new brand of MAGA Republican representatives who aren’t interested in legislating or governing, they are interested only in fluffing Donald Trump and going viral by stoking cultural wars on social media.

Greene has always been contentedly ensconced inside Trump’s rectum, but she is sticking her head out more frequently to run her trap. It’s not that she needs fresh air, for she thrives in the toxic atmosphere, it’s just that she’s brazenly auditioning to be his running mate.

Greene is correct that Trump doesn’t need to debate the other candidates, he is so far ahead that the other contenders are nipping at his heels or kissing his fat ass in hopes that he will include them in his Cabinet.

But the declaration that he has a proven track record of the best four years in America is a ridiculous and absurd lie. Trump’s tenure was marked by corruption, incompetence, chaos and endless drama.

Trump has a proven track record of abject failure. “Infrastructure Week” was a punchline during his administration, it was his successor Joe Biden who passed the landmark bipartisan infrastructure law. He promised to build a beautiful border wall that stretched 1000 miles along the U.S.-Mexico border, only a few hundred miles of wall was erected during his administration. And Mexico didn’t pay a dime towards the building of the wall. He vowed constantly to repeal and replace Obamacare; I’m still waiting for his health plan.

The only thing that Trump proved during his administration is that he unqualified to ever again set foot in the White House.

Joe Biden is Too Old and Too Pervy to be President

“Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown says he once threatened to ‘kick the s**t’ out of Joe Biden for getting ‘handsy’ with his TV star wife Gail Huff.

Brown, 63, said he had given Biden, 80, a clear warning during his swearing-in ceremony in 2010 with the then Vice President – and recounted the alleged incident on Tom Shattuck’s Burn Barrel podcast.

‘I told him I’d kick the s*** out (of him). I told him to stop, so yes,’ he said on Wednesday.”

Daily Mail

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is a left-of-center Republican and not a rabid Trump supporter who will say anything to derail Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

For that matter I’m a progressive who thinks Biden is too moderate and the last thing I desire is to criticize Biden in the hopes that it will redound to Trump’s benefit.

The Qanon conspiracy theory that a cabal of pedophile Democratic and Hollywood stars secretly rule the world is absolute bullshit, but that doesn’t mean Biden isn’t kind of pervy, to say the least.

I prize truth above political ideology, and the truth is that it’s well documented that Biden has a penchant for getting to handsy with women, and a seemingly irrepressible urge to fondle and grope pre-teen girls.

When Biden was vice president under President Obama, he was in charge of swearing-in the new members of Congress. Families, including young children, attended the swearing-in ceremony, and Biden took advantage of the situation to grope little girls and to sniff the hair of the wives.

Most of the politicians let Biden get away with his creepy behavior, but thank God Brown warned Biden to keep his hands to himself or he would kick the shit out of him.

Fuck sociopath, racist and fascist Donald Trump, and even though Biden isn’t a sociopath, a racist or an authoritarian, fuck him too, he’s too old and too pervy to be president of the United States.

Come on America, we can do better, much better!

I Hope Trump & His Evangelical Followers Rot in Hell

Donald Trump is the embodiment and personification of evil. He’s not demon possessed and he’s not the antichrist; we don’t need supernatural evil entities to explain the evil that lies in his cold shriveled heart.

Trump is simply an evil fuck, a sociopath and a narcissist whose ideology and platform is his brand; anything that burnishes his brand is good and anything that detracts from his brand is bad.

The only deity that Trump worships is himself, and if the former real estate developer erected a cathedral where his cult devotees could worship him, he would call it the Trump Temple.

He is a poor man’s fascist, a pathological liar, a serial sexual predator, and a messiah for the evangelical cult.

It’s interesting that evangelicals who do believe that Satan and his army of demons seek to corrupt and possess everybody, but especially the wealthy and powerful don’t condemn the twice-impeached, thrice-indicted rapist as a child of the devil.

Instead, they venerate him as their messiah who will lead them to the promised land, where righteous white Christians will feast on milk, honey and red meat and the heathen will subsist on bread crumbs.

I may not believe that demonic activity accounts for the evil spirit of Trump and his followers, but I certainly believe that they would be right at home in hell with the devil and his demons.

White Evangelicals Will Never Reject Their Sociopath Saviour, Donald Trump

Back in 2016, when he was running for President, Donald Trump prophetically and presciently declared:

“Christianity will have power. If I’m there, you’re going to have plenty of power, you don’t need anybody else … remember that.”

These words dripping with toxic masculinity and triumphant Christianity were music to the ears of white evangelicals.

Trump may not know the Bible from a Penthouse magazine, but he innately understands white evangelicals. He knows they’re not interested in spiritual enlightenment or world peace, but in naked power.

Evangelicals lust for political power, and what better way to achieve temporal power than by destroying our democracy and turning America into a white Christian nationalist theocracy.

They want the power to deport immigrants, strip the LGBT community of their rights and their very humanity, gain control over the bodies of women, ban controversial books and turn back America into the 1950’s when white Christian men ruled supreme, and everybody else knew their place.

The twice-impeached, thrice indicted Trump may be fascist sociopath without a spiritual bone in his body, but they worship the steaming pile of human shit because he kept his promise.  He delivered on their greatest wish by nominating Supreme Court Justices who overturned the constitutional right to have an abortion. He moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, another item on evangelicals’ infernal bucket list. Trump can be indicted, convicted and imprisoned and evangelicals will still vote for him. He’s the ruthless and amoral fighter that they’ve always dreamed of to make America Great Again, that is to say turn America into a dystopian Christian theocracy

Drag Queen Flamy Grant Tops iTunes Christian & Gospel Chart

Matthew Blake performs as a drag queen under the moniker “Flamy Grant”.  He (when not performing Blake uses, he/him pronouns) served as a worship leader for decades in evangelical churches, but since deconstructing his faith he now performs and worships in progressive churches.

The gospel & roots musician from the Bible Belt never had a hit in the Christian charts when he still considered himself an evangelical, but now thanks to Christian recording artist, QAnon enthusiast and prominent Donald Trump supporter Sean Feucht, his single “Good Day”, and his album “Bible Belt Bay” topped the iTunes Christian and Gospel chart.

It all started when Feucht posted this nasty and unchristian tweet criticizing popular Christian singer-songwriter Derek Webb for collaborating with Grant:

“If you’re wondering the end goal of the deconstruction movement in the church, then look no further than former worship leader @derekwebb’s new collab with a drag queen. These are truly the last days.”

In response to the negativity, Grant wrote on Instagram:

“Sean Feucht thinks hardly anyone is interested in a worship song by a drag queen. Good Day deserves a spot on the #christianmusic charts, dontcha think?”

The rest as they say is history, with lighting speed Grant’s single and album zoomed all the way to the top of the charts.

Donald Trump supporter Feucht represents the worst of Christianity, and Grant represents the best.

Take a listen for yourself. Grant may be a flamboyant drag queen, but “Good Day” is a beautiful and understated song that wouldn’t be out of place in a Christian radio station with a contemporary Christian format.

Evangelicals at Tim Scott’s Prayer Breakfast Laugh When Nancy Mace Says She’s Having Sex with Her Fiancé Later that Evening

“U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), appearing at fellow South Carolina Republican Tim Scott’s prayer breakfast, was met with raised eyebrows and some outright criticism after announcing she declined overtures from her fiancé early Thursday morning but suggested she plans to have sex with him later this evening.”

Raw Story

Rep. Tim Scott an evangelical who twice in his life considered going into a seminary, makes family values a central part of his presidential campaign.

Earlier in his career he described himself as a “proud virgin”, and he is a strong advocate of abstinence education.

But Scott no longer claims to be a virgin. After he was appointed to the Senate in 2012, the National Journal asked him if he was sticking to his pledge of abstinence. “Not as well as I did then”, he responded. But he still preaches that sex before marriage is wrong.

We can assume that the 57-year-old bachelor commits fornication with females, or maybe males? As much as Republicans rails against gays, don’t expect him to come out of the closet, if he’s gay.

The twice-divorced Nancy Mace is an evangelical, but she doesn’t make any pretense of abstaining from sex with her fiancé until after she’s married, witness her inappropriate joke at Tim Scott’s prayer breakfast.

I guess when the messiah of your cult has been divorced twice and has been found guilty in a civil court of rape, evangelical political candidates no longer feel a need to pretend they abide by the Bible’s strict sexual guidelines.

But that doesn’t stop them from preaching family values and demonizing the LGBT community.

According to the Raw Story article, most of the crowd, including Scott, laughed at the incident, and remember this was a fucking prayer breakfast.

If evangelicals laugh about an evangelical woman having sex with her finance, then they’re not really serious about their strict interpretation of the Bible and they can shut the fuck up about how God is going to smite gays and lesbians.

The MAGA messiah Donald Trump, Tim Scott and all the rest of his evangelical followers are a bunch of hypocrites, and unworthy of our votes.

Ron DeSantis is a Humorless, Charisma-free Freak Who Eats Pudding with His Fingers

Florida governor Ron DeSantis thought he could win over the MAGA base, and secure the 2024 presidential nomination by being the drama-free, indictment-free, and more sophisticated version of Donald Trump. Instead of sending incendiary tweets he releases policy position papers, and instead of mocking and slamming his political opponents he keeps the focus on his agenda.

DeSantis may be drama-free compared to Trump, but he is also personality-free and charisma-free and he just isn’t connecting with voters. Who the hell is going to be attracted by a freak who eats pudding with his fingers, snarls at reporters and is seemingly incapable of cracking a smile?

DeSantis’ goal of winning the Republican nomination also entails running to the right of Trump. DeSantis signed into law a bill approved by the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature to ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. In contrast Trump has yet to endorse the Republican proposal for a nationwide abortion ban after fifteen weeks. DeSantis is even more racist than Trump, witness Florida’s new slavery curriculum that calls for teaching that slavery gave enslaved people valuable skills.

What DeSantis doesn’t seem to realize is that a small minority of conservatives wants to ban abortion after only a few weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest, most Republicans don’t really want to do away with abortion altogether.

The MAGA base is racist to the core, and they adore their racist messiah. Trump is more subtle in his racism that the blatantly racist DeSantis, and Republicans don’t want to identify with an outright unapologetic racist.

DeSantis is floundering in the polls, and he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of overtaking Trump. MAGA will never reject their vindictive, profane, blabbermouth Dear Leader in favor of a humorless politician who doesn’t know how to deliver a speech with passion, make small talk with voters, or even eat like a civilized human being.

Satan is the Father of Lies, Trump & His Evangelical Disciples are Liars from Pit of Hell

Jesus Christ is the epitome of truth:

 John 14: 6:

“I am the way and the truth and the life.

John 18:28

“For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world—to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.”

Satan is the epitome of deceitfulness:

John 8:44 “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

White evangelicals have turned their back on Jesus Christ and they have embraced Donald Trump as their new messiah. This is evidenced by the fact that they have rejected Christ’s message of truth, mercy and forgiveness, and embraced Trump’s message of lies, vindictiveness and hatred.

Like the Satan of the Bible Trump is a pathological liar and almost every word that emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth is a lie, and like dutiful disciples evangelicals spread his Gospel of toxic lies. The Big Lie that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, and hundreds of other lesser lies are accepted as the truth by evangelicals.

I feel like taking a shower whenever I have a conversation with an evangelical because I’m bombarded with lies like the COVID vaccination and masks don’t work, immigrants are rapists and spread diseases, most Americans are so-called pro-life, Trump hasn’t committed any crimes …

Trump is a steaming pile of human shit, a fascist, a racist and a liar, and most evangelicals are indistinguishable from their master.

Who Would Win a Cage Fight: Trump or Christie? Hopefully They Would Both Die of a Stroke!

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told Piers Morgan in a Fox News Interview that he was eager for a fight with the GOP frontrunner either with words or fists.

These two political behemoths trade barbs on social media almost every day, maybe they should settle their differences in a boxing ring or in a UFC octagon.

I would pay good money to see a fight between these two overweight blobs, but only if it’s a cage fight so that Cadet Bone Spurs can’t roll away in fright.  

You might think that a battle between these fat asses would be as entertaining as a fight between two guys wearing inflatable sumo outfits, but I beg to differ.

These morbidly obese and out-of-shape old men may not have the energy to land meaningful blows, but there’s a good chance they will die of a heart attack or stroke.

Who would win? Trump will break all the rules, land low blows, wear brass knuckles and pull a Tyson and bite Christie’s pecker, but he’s 78-freaking years old. The much younger Christie, 60, will prevail and hopefully do the world a favor and kill his opponent.

Outrage: LA Cops Take Selfies with Trump

“Dan Scavino, a senior adviser on Trump’s 2024 campaign and former White House deputy chief of staff, tweeted a video on Sunday showing officers from a number of law enforcement agencies lined up on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport waiting for the former president.

They are seen applauding as Trump emerges from a vehicle and greets them. Trump then poses for a photo with the officers in front of his private jet. Several officers shake hands and take selfies with him afterward.”


This is a sickening and disturbing behavior by Los Angeles law enforcement officers. L.A’s finest should be ashamed for acting like teen girls going into hysterics over a boy band.

Have these cops forgotten that Donald Trump incited the January 6 riot that resulted in over 100 officers from the U.S. Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department being assaulted and severely injured?

Do they not know that the object of their idolatry is under dozens of state and federal indictments?

Are they not aware that their hero makes a mockery of the concept of law and order by breaking laws as a businessman and as a politician?

It would be bad enough if these lawmen fawned all over the freaking fascist when they were off duty and in street clothes, but the fact that they were in uniform and on duty is unforgivable.  LA peace officers doing a Trump photo-op on taxpayer’s dime, what a travesty!

Cops treating a racist piece of shit like a rock star is evidence that they haven’t changed much since they day they beat Rodney King like a dog. These officers are a disgrace, and they should apologize to the city that they are supposed to serve and protect.

Jack White Speaks Out Against Celebs Who Normalize Disgusting Fascist, Donald Trump

“Jack White, the musician, 48, took to Instagram on Monday to share photographs of various public figures including Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg and Guy Fieri, all of whom he criticized for appearing at events and venues where Trump was also present.

Anybody who ‘normalizes’ or treats this disgusting fascist, racist, con man, disgusting piece of (expletive) Trump with any level of respect is ALSO disgusting in my book,’ White wrote. ‘That’s you Joe Rogan, you Mel Gibson, you Mark Wahlberg, you Guy Fieri. This is a statement from me, not a discussion/debate.’”

USA Today

Jack White is spot-on, shame on these celebrities for appearing at sporting events with Donald Trump. If these celebs see Trump at a public event, they shouldn’t pay homage to him by shaking his hands, making small talk or posing for photographs.

By engaging in such despicable behavior, they are signaling to their fans that Donald Trump is a normal politician, instead of a once-in-a lifetime aberration, a Hitler or Stalin figure who will be despised for generations to come.

Would they take selfies with a pimp, convicted pedophile or famous mafioso if they ran into them at a public event? Trump is a thousand times worse than a gangster, pimp or pedophile, he’s a disgusting fascist, a lifelong racist, a serial sexual predator, a grifter, and a general all-around asshole.

If a celebrity or a regular person sees Trump at a public event it’s incumbent upon them to register their disapproval by flipping him the bird, making the sign of the cross or cursing him out.

You don’t normalize a steaming pile of shit like Trump, you give the abomination a wide berth.

Chris Christie’s Brutal Attack on Trump Will Weaken the GOP Frontrunner in the General Election

There are over a dozen Republican presidential candidates who are chasing the overwhelming frontrunner, Donald Trump. They all treat Trump with kid gloves, only occasionally landing a glancing blow. The only candidate who calls Trump, out, directly and by name, and doesn’t mince words is the erstwhile Trump ally and former New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.

Christie has the moxie to frequently call Trump the only word than can eviscerate him, the dreaded “L” word. Not L for liar but L for loser. You can call Trump a psychopath, serial sexual predator, pathological liar or an orange-faced baboon and it will hardly faze him, but call him a loser and he will wax apoplectic.

Trump doesn’t want to be reminded about his many failed business ventures, and most of all he doesn’t want to be reminded that he lost the 2020 presidential election to the senile Joe Biden, who rarely ventured out of his basement to campaign.

Even though Christie doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination for president, the thin-skinned narcissist always responds promptly whenever he’s attacked by his only Republican tormentor.

Christie’s frontal and brutal attack on Trump won’t win him the Republican nomination, and it won’t weaken the big loser in the primary. Evangelicals know that their messiah is a loser, liar, sexual predator and a psychopath, they just don’t give a damn. They are quite at home with Trump’s rage and racism, because that the toxic message that they hear every Sunday in their churches.

But Christie’s criticism and mockery of Trump will weaken the GOP frontrunner in the general election.

‘I’m Being Indicted for You’ Trump Tells Evangelical Idiots at the Faith & Freedom Conference

Twice-impeached, twice indicted, serial sexual predator and pathological liar former President Donald Trump characterized himself as the King of the Evangelicals who was indicted on their behalf at the Faith and Freedom conference.

“I’m being indicted for you”, Trump declared. This statement is ridiculous on its face. The evangelicals’ orange messiah is basically saying I stole classified documents on your behalf, I committed dozens of felonies on your behalf.

Instead of being dumbstruck by such an idiotic assertion, the Bible-thumping crowd erupted in Amens and Hallelujahs.

Trump was the keynote speaker at the Faith and Freedom conference, and a dozen other Republican presidential candidates played the part of his apostles, heaping praise on their Dear Leader.

The only discordant note was struck by the Judas of the convention, Chris Christie who blasted the Leader of the GOP that he formerly devoutly worshipped.

“He’s a phenomenon, there’s no question about it, “Ralph Reed the president of the Faith & Freedom conference gushed. “I’ve not seen a political figure like him in my career. And when he leaves the stage, whenever that is, I don’t expect to see one like him again.” He’s right, we may not see the likes of Trump again, until the Antichrist takes helm of the GOP.

House Republicans Considering Expunging Trump’s Impeachments! Idiots!

“House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., expressed support Friday for a symbolic resolution to expunge former President Donald Trump’s two impeachments from the House record.”

USA Today

Unless Trump is convicted in any of the pending indictments against him, the first line of his obituary will read: The twice-impeached …

Trump’s impeachments are scarlet letters that are indelibly imprinted in history books, and they can’t be expunged or erased, and they will never be forgotten.

Republican clowns GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., are the ringleaders behind the quixotic effort to expunge both impeachments.

Even if the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is successful in “expunging” Trump’s impeachments the mainstream media, historians, educators and the general public will shake their heads at the pathetic attempt to whitewash history.

Hello! The U.S. Constitution contains no provision for expunging impeachments.

Let’s not forget that Trump was impeached for very good reasons. He was first impeached in 2019 after urging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to dig up (create) political dirt on rival Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 presidential campaign — while Trump was withholding U.S. military aid to Ukraine. He was impeached a record second time for inciting the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Trump has been impeached twice and indicted twice, hopefully he will be convicted on multiple felonies and go down in history as the worst president in history.

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Campaign Tactic is to Ensconce Himself in Trump’s Rectum

Vivek Ramaswamy is an American entrepreneur whose sole claim to fame is the fact that he’s one of over a dozen Republican presidential candidates challenging the overwhelming favorite Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

The only way a longshot like Ramaswamy can make up ground is by differentiating himself from Trump and by attacking him. He can assail the twice impeached, twice indicted, serial sexual predator and pathological liar on many fronts, but instead he’s acting like Trump’s public relations manager.

His campaign tactic is to firmly ensconce himself in Trump’s arsehole, and to periodically emerge to declare that he loves the pungent fragrance of his campaign home and to defend Trump from the indictments and other scandals swirling around him.

The dark horse has even gone as far as to vow to pardon Trump if he is convicted of mishandling government secrets, and he has demanded that all the Republican presidential hopefuls do the same.

His real goal may be to impress Trump so much with his butt-kissing that he will appoint him to his administration. But I have news for the pathetic sycophant, Trump’s indictments will doom his chances of being elected president. The fool’s residence in Trump’s arsehole is in vain.

Samuel L. Jackson Labels Trump a Racist Redneck

“Actor Samuel L. Jackson said Tuesday that Donald Trump reminds him of the same racist ‘rednecks’ who taunted him as a child. ‘When I see Trump, I see the same rednecks I saw when I was growing up who called me “n*****” and tried to keep me in my place.’”

The Daily Beast

Samuel L. Jackson is famous for playing some of the most iconic tough characters in film history, his movie persona is that of a no-nonsense hero or anti-hero with a penchant for swearing like a sailor on crack.

I’ve seen Jackson interviewed countless times, and in real life as opposed to reel life he also keeps it real, and sprinkles his conversation with expletives.

Jackson wouldn’t know nuance or subtlety if it cracked his head open with a sledgehammer. True to his reputation the Hollywood star didn’t mince any words when describing Donald Trump.

Jackson isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade or a redneck a redneck, he sees in Trump the same rednecks who hurled racial epithets at him as a kid.

It’s incumbent upon us to channel our inner Jackson and call out Trump as a mother fucking steaming pile of racist shit. You wouldn’t employ subtlety or nuance when described Hitler or Stalin, and likewise you shouldn’t mince words when describing Trump.

I Hope the Criminal Justice System Doesn’t Fail Us and Trump is Convicted and Imprisoned

The vast majority of Republican leaders have railed against the indictment of Donald Trump over the stolen classified documents as a witch-hunt and a partisan vendetta by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

But the fact is that the DOJ was lenient and deferential towards Trump in the stolen classified documents case, given his status as a former president. They afforded the twice-impeached failed insurrectionist ample opportunities and more than enough time to avoid charges by returning the highly sensitive documents that didn’t belong to him.

According to the Washington Post one of Trump’s lawyers, Christopher Kise, wanted to negotiate a settlement with the DOJ that would preclude charges, but he was shot down by the stubbornly narcissistic Trump.

Ordinary government employees who didn’t have the status and power of the former president were prosecuted and imprisoned for taking documents home from work.

No one is less deserving of mercy and leniency than the vindictive, authoritarian and fascist Trump who thinks he is above the law. Republicans should stop coddling and making excuses for their Dear Leader, respect the rule of law, stop criticizing the DOJ and let Trump’s fate be decided by a jury of his peers.

If a jury decides that there isn’t enough evidence to find Trump guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, I will be extremely upset but I will accept the verdict.

If the jury finds that there is overwhelming evidence that Trump is guilty of mishandling sensitive files, I will conclude that there’s still hope for our democracy, and especially our judicial system. I will celebrate the fact that the career criminal finally was punished for his evil deeds.

Trump Doesn’t Need an Evangelical as His Running Mate

In 2016 Trump’s strategists thought the thrice-married serial sexual predator ruthless real estate magnate, who didn’t have a spiritual bone in his body, needed some credibility with evangelical voters. Therefore, they selected the straight as an arrow evangelical Mike Pence as his running mate.

During the 2016 presidential campaign Pence played his part perfectly, standing by Trump’s side, looking with reverence and awe at his boss, as profanities, vulgarities and malevolence emanated from his sphincter-shaped mouth.

Trump won with Pence as his running mate, but he would have won had he chosen Stormy Daniels. Evangelicals don’t give a shit about being good Christians, and they don’t expect the presidential candidate they vote for to be Christ-like as long as he shares their hatred of feminists, liberals, the LGBT community and racial minorities. Evangelicals didn’t care how many porn stars Trump had sex with or how many business partners he defrauded as long as he appointed conservative judges and attempted to turn our democracy into a white Christian nationalist theocracy.

There are a dozen Republican presidential candidates, including Pence, trying to catch up with the overwhelming favorite, Donald Trump. Pence is vehemently against abortion, LGBT rights, climate change, and women’s rights, you’d think he would be running neck-and-neck with Trump, but in most polls, he’s lagging far behind Trump and DeSantis. In fact, he’s yet to poll in the double digits in any poll.

Evangelicals prefer the faux Christian Trump over the genuine evangelical Pence; Trump’s racist and vengeful rhetoric resonates more with them than Pence’s civil Republican orthodoxy.

Trump will win the Republican nomination in a landslide, without an evangelical as his running mate. He’s learned that his evangelical base feeds of his anger and vitriol, and he will probably choose a firebrand crazy woman like Kari Lake as his vice president.

Trump and Evangelicals Deserve Each Other

Evangelicals fetishize the Ten Commandments, but most of them are unable to remember more than two or three of them. Not surprising since there are three different versions of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament. To make things even more complicated, the three versions are organized and phrased quite differently.

Evangelicals are always clamoring to have the Decalogue posted in classrooms, courtrooms and other public buildings. You’d expect evangelicals to support a presidential candidate whose rhetoric and behavior demonstrates that he is at least making an effort to abide by God’s most important laws.

Instead, they enthusiastically support a serial sexual predator and pathological liar who brags about breaking the laws of humans and the Almighty. Donald Trump’s biography is antithetical to that of a spiritually-minded person who is seeking to live by God’s Top Ten Laws.  The soulless sociopath breaks them every day, and a dozen times on Sunday.

Moses gave the ancient Israelites the Ten Commandments, and former President Ronald Reagan gave Republicans the Eleventh Commandment:

 “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”

Trump shits all over the Eleventh Commandment with as much glee and enthusiasm as he does over the original ten. The twice-impeached former president eviscerates his political opponents, his attacks on Mike Pence, Nikki Haley and especially Ron DeSantis are crude, vulgar, petty and in most cases demonstrably false.

Evangelicals who would be hard pressed to recite the Ten Commandments, worship a presidential candidate who delights in breaking them. Their hero also makes a mockery of the Eleventh Commandment that was handed down to them by the greatest Republican hero, Ronald Reagan.

My favorite commandment is: Indict Donald Trump. I’m vehemently against posting the Ten Commandments in any public building, but I hope Trump is indicted, convicted and imprisoned in a cell with a giant poster of the Commandments on the wall of his cell.