Black Friday is Dead, Long Live Cyber Monday

“The mayor of a Texas city hit hard by a recent spike in coronavirus cases says the blame can be pointed at ‘COVID fatigue’ and that many cases are coming from shopping at large retailers.

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo joined CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday to discuss the spike and why his city is getting crushed.

CBS News DFW     

The coronavirus pandemic will continue to surge right through the holiday shopping season and the light at the end of tunnel won’t be visible until the vaccine is widely available some time in spring 2021.

Normalcy isn’t on the horizon and we must adapt to the “new normal” if we want to survive the merciless and unrelenting pandemic.

The new normal means making trips to the supermarket only once per week, and avoiding big box retailers like the plague.

COVID-19 hit El Paso so hard the city hired mobile morgues and paid inmates to carry the bodies of those who died from the virus. Contact tracers discovered that 55 percent of the positives were coming from shopping at large retailers.

Venture to Wal-Mart or Target at your own peril and for the love of God at least try to mitigate your chances of getting infected by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and getting in and out as quickly as possible.  

Avoid the infected teeming masses at Wal-Mart in search of the biggest large screen TV they can fit in their trucks and vans and shop in the safety and comfort of your home online.

Black Friday pilgrimages to brick and mortar stores is so 20th century, Cyber Monday is the norm now and in the future even when we finally defeat COVID-19.

Joe Biden Breaks Foot While Playing With His Dog

This weekend President-elect Joe Biden slipped and fractured his foot while playing with Major, one of this two German shepherds.

This might seem like an inconsequential news item, but it’s illustrative of the differences and similarities between the outgoing president and the president-elect.

Trump’s administration was anomalous in many disturbing ways, for example he didn’t have any pets while in office. Trump is the first president since James K. Polk to not have a pet while in office.

As a narcissist who craves attention, I’m surprised Trump didn’t keep a lap dog who could always be counted on to look at him adoringly and obey his every command. I guess Mike Pence was the next best thing to a lap dog, he not only sniffed his fat ass but kissed it.

Biden is an animal lover; he has a cat and the aforementioned pooches. Major will make history as the first rescue dog to live in the White House. Having a cat and two dogs live in the People’s House will go a long ways to returning normalcy and humanity.

Biden exercises on a regular basis by riding his bicycle and playing with his dogs. The only exercise Trump gets is working out his fingers by tweeting his fool head off and golfing.

Everyone needs exercise even septuagenarians like Biden and Trump, but the president-elect would be well-advised to exercise a lot of caution when riding his bike or playing with his dogs. He’s not a spring chicken and his bones are as brittle as a Dollar General ceramic figurine.

Thoughts and prayers for Biden, may he heal quickly.

Boss Baby Donald Trump Speaks to the Nation from Behind a Tiny Desk

President Donald Trump finally addressed the country and fielded questions from reporters about his unfounded and delusional allegations about massive election fraud.

Trump spoke to the nation not from the imposing Resolute Desk that’s been used by several presidents to speak to Americans in times of crises, but from a tiny desk that would be perfect for Boss Baby.

A presidential seal that was much too large for such a minuscule desk only highlighted the absurdity of the press conference. Affixing the presidential seal to a comically small desk made as much sense as adoring a Ford Pinto with a Rolls Royce hood ornament.

It’s poetic justice that the Man Baby was banished to the children’s table on Thanksgiving. The Lilliputian desk is symbolic of Trump’s diminished stature; thank God that he didn’t defile the Resolute Desk by using it to rant and rave about his conspiracy theories.

The hashtag #DiaperDon swiftly trended on Twitter, with people mocking Trump for using a puny desk that made him look like a toddler throwing a tantrum. What was he thinking, did he speak from a teeny desk in an attempt to make his itsy-bitsy hands look larger?

The miniature desk also served to emphasize Trump’s huge butt, in fact it looked like he was wearing diapers. It’s not unusual for septuagenarians to suffer from incontinence, and Trump shouldn’t be ashamed of having to wear adult diapers. If fact, he should monetize his incontinence and sell Trump-branded diapers.

One of the last images we will have of the Trump administration is of the stable genius holding court with reporters sitting behind the teensy-weensy desk, how appropriate!

Why Did So Many Hispanics Vote for an Unapologetic Racist Like Trump?

“People were surprised about a lot of Hispanic folks who voted for Trump, but there are a lot of evangelical Hispanics.”

The fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans or…puts undocumented workers in cages—they think that’s less important than he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion.”

Barack Obama’s comments on the podcast “The Breakfast Club”

The Hispanic vote isn’t monolithic, for example Democrats expect to lose a sizable segment of the Cuban American and Venezuelan American electorate in Florida because these immigrants equate the Democratic Party with the socialism they fled from.

But liberals were shocked by the Latin support the racist-in-chief gained nationwide. For example, in 93-percent Hispanic Zapata County in Texas, he won by six percentage points while Hillary Clinton carried the county in 2016 by 33 percentage points.

Latinos viscerally feel the racism that emanates from the rhetoric and polices of Donald Trump, and are loathe to support a brazen racist, so why did so many Latinos vote for him?

As always Obama is spot on, there are a lot of evangelical Hispanics who voted against their own self-interest and voted for an unapologetic racist who separated children from their parents at the border and put them in cages as a deterrence against crossing the border illegally.

Too many evangelical Hispanics acted irrationally, illogically and immorally by voting for Trump because he’s a homophobe who appointed pro-life judges. Unfortunately, there’s a strong strain of homophobia in the Latin community and Trump’s disdain for gays and lesbian resonated with them, and overrode any concerns about his blatant racism.

The Jesus of Trump and his evangelical sycophants is not the Jesus of the Gospels, and their version of Christianity is not the Christianity of the New Testament. If Hispanic evangelicals, indeed if all evangelicals, abandoned their faux and heretical evangelical faith and embraced true Christianity they would never vote for an immoral and racist reprobate like Trump.

Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Portrays Trump as a ‘WARRIOR’ and Twitter Goes Nuts

Donald Trump’s sycophants and enablers know that in order to remain in his good graces they must pucker up their lips and make like the best fluffer in the porn industry.

This disturbance deference to the dolt-in-chief explains why Jenna Ellis, a prominent member of Trump’s legal team, posted an image on Twitter depicting Trump leaning on his Oval Office desk, looking down at a camera perched at a low-angle, making him look regal and imposing. Above it ran an all-caps caption: WARRIOR.

This is the same Ellis who in 2015 slammed the then-candidate Trump as an idiot, a bully, and boorish and arrogant.

The image of Trump in an Apprentice-like posture resonated with his cultish followers, and they liked and retweeted the hell out of Ellis’ tweet. Trump’s base of white evangelicals perceive him as a Crusader who owned liberals, defeated the deep state, and won a landslide victory over Joe Biden. They live in an alternate reality where the Supreme Court, dominated by conservative Justices, will overturn the will of the electorate and declare Trump the winner.

But the WARRIOR tweet bombed with those of us who live in the real world and are sickened by the spectacle of Cadet Bone Spurs humiliated by his landslide loss to Biden, hiding out in the Oval Office, battling a non-existent voter fraud.

Trump is the antithesis of a warrior; he is a draft dodger cursed with tiny hands incapable of handling the M27 IAR automatic rifle issued to Marines. The American people are sick and tired of the hype, and we have rejected the reality show president, and kicked the coward to the curb.  

First Order of Business for Joe Biden: Fumigate the White House

When I want to know what’s going on in popular culture, I check out what’s trending on Twitter. When I saw that “fumigate” was trending I immediately knew why that particular word was trending.

Fumigate started trending soon after writer Quancy Clayborne asked in a tweet:

What’s the first thing the Bidens should do when they enter the White House?”

Let me preface my remarks by stating unequivocally that as sure as night follows day, Joe Biden will be inaugurated and sworn in as president on January 20, 2021 after winning a popular vote and electoral college landslide.

Most Twitter users suggested fumigation as the first step after entering the White House, and it’s an excellent idea. The White House is a coronavirus hot spot as a result of the president’s penchant for staging super spreader events in the People’s House on a regular basis. Many of Trump’s family members, aides, cabinet members, Secret Service agents, and White House employees have been infected by the virus.

Fortunately, the Biden transition team won’t have to purchase bleach, no doubt the White House medicine cabinets and pantries are overflowing with the bleach that Trump and his sycophants consumed as a prophylactic against COVID-19.

The White House also needs to be fumigated because it’s infested with swamp creatures. The Trump administration has been plagued by one scandal after another, and too many rats in Trump’s orbit have been indicted.

I would also suggest Biden sprinkle the White House with holy water, or better yet call in an exorcist to banish the demons that were attracted by the devilish shenanigans of Trump’s born-again cabinet members and aides.

Thank God Trump lost in a landslide, because after eight years of Trump in office, a fumigation wouldn’t be sufficient, the White House would have to be set on fire.

Trump’s Refusal to Concede is Doing Indelible Harm to Our Democracy

As sure as night follows day on January 20, 2021 Joe Biden the winner in a landslide popular and electoral college vote will be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States.

The question is not whether the dejected and humiliated President Donald Trump is leaving, it’s how much destruction, division and permanent harm to our democracy will he unleash before he finally gets the hook.

Trump’s refusal to acknowledge reality and concede the election, delusional tweets and even more delusional lawsuits are much sound and fury, signifying nothing. I repeat, the president-elect Joe Biden will become president in January.

Trump may be a lame duck, but he retains the powers of the presidency until noon on January 20, 2021, and if you thought his administration pre-election was chaotic and unnerving, his last days will be exponentially worse.

Book of Revelations 12:12:

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

The white evangelical’s false messiah knows that he has a short time left, and he’s consumed with wrath and vengeance and will ramp up his fuckery.

Trump’s failure to grant President-elect Biden access to federal funding and resources to power up his transition ensures that he will have a rocky start to his administration.

The only way to limit Trump’s power to gum up the works and cripple Biden’s first days in power is for Republican congressional leaders and White House administration officials to speak truth to power and demand that he concede defeat and respect the democratic process.

Unfortunately, so far only a handful of GOP senators have congratulated Biden on his victory, and administration officials have abetted Trump’s tomfoolery. For example, Attorney General William Barr told prosecutors they should examine unsupported allegations of voting irregularities and massive voter fraud.

Is it too much to expect Republicans to put democracy above their fear of reprisals from Trump and acknowledge the obvious: Biden won in a landslide, and Trump’s refusal to concede is doing indelible harm to our democracy?

Rudy Giuliani a Clown Lawyer for a Buffoon President

In a bizarre press briefing led by Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, the outgoing president’s legal team laid out its case for massive and systematic voter fraud in the general election. The 90-minute briefing was totally devoid of facts, logic, sound legal reasoning and testimony from credible witnesses.

Instead the briefing was overflowing with falsehoods, loony conspiracy theories and the usual Giuliani histrionics and physical comedy based on manipulating his fat head for humorous effect. Rudy was in full-effect: his bulging eyes popping out of their sockets, his mouth wide open displaying his perfect upper dentures and rotting lower teeth, his beefy face sweating like a pig. This time the Trump sycophant formerly known as America’s Mayor added the brilliant touch of sweating hair dye. Sweating hair dye is guaranteed to make you go viral on YouTube and elicit saturation coverage on the cable news networks. An attorney doesn’t need proof of widespread election fraud when he can sweat black hair dye.

The current laughingstock of the legal community and former top federal prosecutor, also cited the Joe Pesci legal comedy classic “My Cousin Vinny” during his hour-long rant. I give the legal clown credit for referencing one of my favorite comedic films, but the character played by Pesci could have done a much better job of representing Trump.

Giuliani has utterly failed to prove massive election fraud, but he has demonstrated yet again that old age has diminished his legal acumen, and now he’s just good for entertaining and distracting the electorate from Trump’s nefarious plans.

Donald Trump is a Traitor

Donald Trump has been called many things: authoritarian, senile, racist, narcissist, know-nothing, bigot, vindictive, homophobe, white supremacist, xenophobe, buffoon, misogynist, sexual predator and liar to name a few, but he has rarely been called a name that defines his character and his agenda, traitor.

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again”, but his real agenda was to make Trump great again. Trump used the presidency to try to regain the luster and notoriety that he enjoyed in the 80’s when he was (falsely) considered one of the most successful real estate magnates in the world. Trump monetized his administration to the detriment of democracy and the reputation of the United States.

A traitor is a citizen who values personal wealth, reputation, the interests of a foreign nation or an ideology that is antithetical to democracy more than his own country. Trump’s career as a real estate developer and as the president of the United States clearly shows that he cares about his own wealth, brand name and celebrity more than he does about the Republican party and America.

Trump is actively working against his own country, by refusing to concede an election that was an electorate college and popular vote landslide for Joe Biden. By making baseless and unsubstantiated charges of massive election fraud he is undermining the very foundation of our democracy. Trump has accomplished what the Soviet Union and Communist China tried for decades to accomplish, make Americans lose faith in the integrity of our voting system.

It’s not just QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe Trump won the election, according to a recent poll over 70% of Republicans think that Joe Biden won because of massive and systematic fraud. Trump has weakened the incoming Biden administration and done incalculable and lasting damage to our democracy.

History books will chronicle Trump’s incompetence, racism and buffoonery, but above all I think they will depict him as a traitor.

Trump’s Strategy of Attacking Everyone Guaranteed His Defeat

Donald Trump frequently describes himself as a counter-puncher, and there’s no denying that he is constantly under attack by political opponents, the media, pundits, late-night comics, intellectuals and just about every segment of society.

Trump deservedly has been called every name in the book: racist, buffoon, bully, narcissist, short-fingered vulgarian . . .

When you are a wannabe be dictator with a racist streak and an enormous ego and a thin skin you will elicit insults and condemnation from everyone.

But the pugilist-in-chief’s boxing strategy doesn’t consist only of counter-punching, sometimes he preemptively attacks political opponents who haven’t disparaged him simply because he enjoys lashing out indiscriminately at anyone in his sight.

Trump might be admired for his counter-punching skills if he didn’t punch down, and when you’re the Leader of the Free World, you are always punching down. The stable genius has such a thin skin that he will even attack an unverified Twitter subscriber with a hundred followers or less, if he somehow stumbles onto his critical tweet.

Trump even attacks his cult-like evangelical sycophants, but he has enough sense to make fun of them behind closed doors.

When the incumbent president is a bully who strikes out against everyone, he’s destined to be rejected by the electorate. There simply weren’t enough white evangelical useful idiots to overcome the millions of minorities, immigrants, gays and lesbians and suburban women who Trump has demeaned and denigrated the last four years.

Donald Trump’s Alarming Physical Appearance

Normally I don’t comment on a person’s physical appearance, but when it comes to Donald Trump societal norms don’t apply.

Let’s begin with Trump’s mouth, if a picture of his piehole was used as a Rorschach card, nine out of ten persons would identify it as an anus. If a politician’s mouth looks like a sphincter it sure serve as a warning that anything that emanates from his orifice will be unadulterated bullshit. According to the Washington Post’s Fact Checker Trump lied over 20,000 times during his administration.

Now let’s consider Trump’s complexion, it’s an unnatural orange hue, which brings to mind a hapless fool who fell asleep in a tanning bed or a person suffering from radiation poisoning. If a politician’s face resembles a pumpkin it should be a warning sign that he is toxic and dangerous. Trump is toxic as hell, he has poisoned our political, civic and religious institutions and coarsened public discourse.

The outgoing president has a double chin, and when a layer of fat forms below your chin that’s an indication that you have no self-control and will stuff your face with abandon. Indeed, the stable genius has no self-control when it comes to eating, tweeting, grabbing pussy and just about everything else.

Trump’s urine-colored wispy hair is an aesthetic nightmare that defies physics and is an affront to the Almighty. Word to the wise: If you see someone with such a weird and disturbing hairstyle approaching you: Run! For God’s sake, run away!

Let me end this disturbing contemplation of our impeached president’s physical appearance by considering his tiny, tiny hands. Do I really need to explain or elaborate?

Video: Pastor Jack Hibbs Cries Like a Baby Over Joe Biden Victory

Unlike Franklin Graham, Paula White and Robert Jeffress, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California is not well known outside of the white evangelical realm.

So, allow me to tell you a little bit about this Trump sycophant: In May he argued that two months of abiding lockdown orders was enough and churches should go back to meeting in person without any social distancing or requiring congregants to wear masks. In August, he wore a combat helmet to illustrate his ridiculous assertion that evangelicals are under attack in a predominantly Christian nation. In other words, he is a typical evangelical Trump-worshiping useful idiot.

A video of Hibbs weeping during a church service over Joe Biden’s landslide victory has gone viral. He pleaded with the Almighty: “All Biden knows is his version of Catholicism; he doesn’t’ know You personally.” Biden who is a devout traditional Catholic knows enough about God to know that He doesn’t countenance worshipping a false idol like the godless and amoral short-fingered vulgarian.

Hibbs argued with the Supreme Being: “Kamala Harris had such a crazy exposure to spiritual things, but not the truth.” Harris hasn’t had any exposure to crazy spiritual things, to my knowledge she’s never been an evangelical.

Hibbs is so devastated that Trump lost the election that he’s basically telling God that He made a mistake by allowing Biden to win. He continued arguing with God:

“Please. God, you are pro-life and one man is and one man is not. Will you be pro-life for us? Jesus, Lord, one man is for Israel one is not. You are for Israel. Lord one man is for our military and our police and the other is not.

Lord, have you brought Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State only for that to end now? Have you brought, Lord, Amy Coney Barrett into the, onto the Court, and that’s it? We’re done?”

I’m not a theologian but common sense tells me that the deity doesn’t support the military-industrial complex, a Zionist regime led by a corrupt president who has been indicted on corruption charges, or pro-life zealots who worship fetuses but turn a blind eye to immigrant children separated from their parents at the border and houses in cages.

God has no interest in partisan politics, and the Republican Jesus doesn’t have a residence in heaven. The only important person who will take note of Hibbs ridiculous prayer is Donald Trump. The stable genius is probably thinking: If every American was as stupid as Hibbs I would have won in a landslide.

Donald Trump: ‘It’s All About Me’

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, in Trump’s next to last MAGA rally of the 2020 campaign he made a comment that describes his four-year tenure in the White House, including the transition period.

“This isn’t about – yeah, it is about me, I guess, when you think about it,” Trump mused.

What happened here is that the stable genius strayed from his prepared remarks as he has a penchant for doing, and told the truth.

His speech writers had probably written something like: This isn’t about me, it’s about the Republican party and the future of our country.

But we all know that it’s never been about what’s good for the Republican party or our democracy, Trump adopted the Republican philosophy not of out conviction but expedience, in 2015 he correctly intuited that his best way to become president was by channeling the GOP’s racism, intolerance, xenophobia and homophobia.

Trump has exploited his term in office to enrich himself and his family, burnish his brand, and to punish his critics and opponents and reward his sycophants.

Trump has been soundly defeated by Biden in the popular vote and in the electoral college, and as sure as the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th president on January 20, 2021.

To the surprise of no one Trump isn’t using his last two and half months of his term to ensure that there’s a smooth transition for the good of the nation, and the Republican party.

Trump is spending his last days in power denying reality, sulking, and ensuring that the transition is as rocky as possible. It’s still all about Trump, and never mind that he is putting the security of our nation at risk and harming the interests of the GOP with his baseless accusations that Biden only was due to massive election fraud.

It’s still all about Trump, and to the surprise of nobody his white evangelical supporters, who are the epitome of useful idiots, echo his insane allegation that he won the election and is still the president.

I don’t expect Trump’s cult-like followers to acknowledge the reality that their false messiah lost, but I hope Republican leaders stop coddling the toddler-in-chief and emphatically declare the truth that Biden won. This charade has got to end.

Donald Trump is an Epic Loser

Donald Trump is the poster boy for a failed businessman, despite an inheritance of $60 million from his father, he managed to bankrupt casinos, hotels, and other business enterprises. Trump owes half a billion dollars, and according to most financial analysts his net worth is less than a billion.

Even though Trump is an epic failure as a real estate magnate, he used his publicity machine, friendly relationship with New York tabloids and his outsized personality to convince New Yorkers and most Americans that he was a huge success.

Trump is loser as a businessman and now he will forever be regarded as a loser in the political realm. After Joe Biden’s landslide electoral college and popular vote victory, Trump joins the very short list of incumbent presidents who were rejected by the electorate. In the last 40 years only two presidents, George H W Bush and Jimmy Carter have failed to win reelection.

Loser is Trump’s go-to insult for his opponents and critics, he has called everyone from Mitt Romney to Cher to John McCain to Joe Biden a loser. To make his humiliation complete, Trump lost to a decent and accomplished politician that he derided and denigrated as “the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics.”

It’s little surprise that Trump refuses to acknowledge reality, and admit that he lost the election. This epic loser can continue to tweet and rant that the election was stolen from him, but the truth is that on January 20, 2021 President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated and assume the presidency.

Video: Kenneth Copeland’s Fit of Fake Laughter is White Evangelical Christianity In a Nutshell

During a worship service this weekend at the Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Neb., Pastor Kenneth Copeland referenced the election, declaring: “The media said what? The media said Joe Biden is the president?” before going off on an extended riff of mechanical and mirthless laughter.

Copeland’s fit of fake laughter should have alarmed and disturbed his evangelical congregation; the Holy Ghost should have inspired these holly rollers to enact an immediate intervention, and lay hands on their minister to drive the demon of satanic laughter out of him.

Instead the maskless congregation is seen egging Copeland on, hooping and hollering as they join their pastor in laughter. In fact, the audience gave Copeland a standing ovation for his disturbing exhibition of performance art.

This viral 41-second clip is white evangelicalism in a nutshell. These white evangelicals flaunt their disdain for science by refusing to wear masks and practice social distancing, and they deny reality by refusing to acknowledge that Biden has won a clear electoral college and popular vote victory.

If white evangelicals give their life savings to a 83-year-old demented televangelist, is it any wonder that they worship a 74-year-old demented racist politician?

Joe Biden Will Restore a Sense of Normalcy to White House by Bringing His Dogs

For four interminable years the White House has been a cesspool of corruption, immorality, deceitfulness, incompetence, and most of all lacking a sense of normalcy.

Unfortunately, the abominable Trump administration wasn’t an aberration, over 71 million Americans voted to reelect the stable genius in spite of his manifest racism and ignorance.

President-elect Joe Biden isn’t a paragon of virtue, but he is a fundamentally decent and normal human being who will take his job as Leader of the Free World seriously and restore dignity to the White House and to our nation.

In a sign that Biden will restore normalcy he is bringing his dogs to the White House. Biden’s German shepherd, Major, will make history as the first rescue dog to live in the White House.

If you don’t count Trump’s lap dog, Mike Pence, the White House has been a dog-free zone during the Trump tenure.

The mongrel dog has been banished by America to his resort in Florida, and the Bidens and their adorable pooches are going to make America Great and Normal Again.

Donald Trump Will Never Concede

Conceding a presidential election is an expected and necessary ritual for binging a country together after a divisive campaign.

But it’s not a law or constitutional mandate, and I don’t expect a president who tramples on decorum, societal norms and conventional presidential expectations to concede, ever.

Trump’s path to victory is nonexistent, he has a slim to none chance of winning the election, and None just caught the last train out of Dodge. That’s the harsh reality, but Trump lives in his own reality where his lies and delusions are the only things that matter to him and his cult-like followers.

There are two elements to a concession – a call to the victor and a speech to supporters. Can you imagine Trump making a concession call to Joe Biden, an opponent he has ridiculed as senile, corrupt and the worst presidential candidate in history?

In his concession speech John McCain told supporters:

“A little while ago, I had the honor of calling Sen. Barack Obama to congratulate him on being elected the next president of the country that we both love.”

Can you imagine Trump telling his supporters who consider him the Second Coming of Jesus Christ expressing similar sentiments?

If Trump conceded defeat a few of his supporters would riot and commit suicide, and the rest would find refuge and solace in the dark corners of the Internet where conspiracy theories thrive.

Trump isn’t going to concede, in fact he has told his aides that he will barricade himself in the Oval Office. At this point I could care less if Trump officially concedes, he’s not above our democracy and Joe Biden will be inaugurated and sworn in as the president January 20, 2021.

Video of Paula White Praying for Trump Victory Goes Viral

A video of peroxide blond Paula White, Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, passionately praying for his reelection has gone viral, eliciting over 20 million views on Twitter. The viral video has been remixed more times than a Drake or Cardi B hit single.

In the video, White is heard praying:

“Strike, strike, strike until you have victory, for every enemy that is aligned against you, let there be that we would strike the ground for you will give us victory, God.

For angels are being released right now, angels are being dispatched right now, for angels have even been dispatched from Africa right now, Africa right now, Africa right now, they’re coming here, they’re coming here in the name of Jesus, from South America, they’re coming here…”

White then goes off on an extended riff praying in tongues. It’s hard for a non-theologian like me to discern what is more unadulterated bullshit, when she prophesies that angels from Africa and South America are being dispatched to America to secure the reelection of a president who considers countries in Africa and South America shithole countries or the gibberish that emanates from her mouth when she speaks in tongues.

While White is praying her fool head off on the behalf of Trump a man can be seen nonchalantly walking back and forth across the stage, right behind her. That unidentified man is all of us, we could give a flying fig what nonsense White is uttering.

I’ve had enough of this shit show, once Joe Biden is certified as the winner of the presidential election, I hope that Trump and his white evangelical clowns disappear from the national spotlight.

Kanye West Graciously Concedes Defeat

Kanye West’s enormous ego motivated him to launch a quixotic and improbable presidential run. Unfortunately, the results matched his political naivety and inexperience and not his bi-polar vanity.

Out of about 150 million votes cast he managed to persuade only 60,000 super fans and pranksters to vote for him. Kanye didn’t exceed more than 0.4 of any state’s vote; he wasn’t even a footnote or asterisk in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Ye graciously conceded defeat, and I expect he will now focus his coonery on propping up the most racist president in American history, Donald Trump.

You’d expect these humiliating results to make Kanye give up his presidential ambitions forever, but instead he’s already teasing a 2024 presidential bid. Kanye tweeted: Kanye 2024.

Bye Felicia! Bye Kanye!

Don’t Waste Your Time Urging Trump Cultists to Open Their Eyes and Vote for Biden

Anyone with two brains cells to rub together can discern that Donald Trump is a racist buffoon who shouldn’t be the treasurer of a Girl Scout troop, let alone the President of the United States.

When Trump utters a patently untrue or transparently ridiculous statement, and his supporters exclaim “Amen”, we think surely, they must be on the joke. After all, who in their right mind believes that injecting bleach will cure COVID-19 or that Obama spied on the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

Who would believe such nonsense? Cult members, that’s who! When Trump supporters, many of them senior citizens, are willing to expose themselves and their loved ones to COVID-19 by attending one of his super-spreader MAGA rallies, you don’t have to be a theologian or a psychologist to figure out that they are cult members.

Trump followers believe everything he says, and they will remain faithful to him to the bitter end. It’s a waste of time to attempt to argue with them using facts and reason, when the words of their false messiah supersede science and facts. Instead of wasting your breath on Trump cultists, urge your friends, acquaintances and co-workers who haven’t swallowed the Kool-Aid to vote for Joe Biden today.

Donald Trump and The Rapture

Unlike former presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, Trump doesn’t believe in evangelical eschatology, or even Christianity in general. Christian morals and beliefs have no place in his all-consuming ambition to make as much money as possible while becoming as famous as possible.

The aforementioned former Republican presidents paid lip service to evangelical concerns during their presidential campaigns, but once they assumed power, they ignored their evangelical brethren.

Trump on the other hand is on a mission from God to make all of the evangelical wet dreams come true, he’s given them almost everything they’ve lusted for: stacking the federal courts with pro-life judges, moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem and filling his administration with Bible thumping fundamentalists.

Trump keeps white evangelical support at a fever pitch by playing to the idea that God has anointed him to be president, and that his fealty to evangelical principles will usher in the End Times.

The short-fingered vulgarian is staking everything on the belief that pandering to white evangelicals will guarantee his reelection. Evangelicals believe that their orange-tinged messiah will usher in the Rapture, that Jesus will rapture them out of this world, and leave the godless liberals, limp-wristed gays and feminist lesbians to face seven years of hell on earth.

Trump’s version of the Rapture would be the Almighty rapturing all winners to a heavenly resort where hookers stroll naked on the streets of gold, and there’s not a person of color in sight.

If Trump is reelected, he will no longer need white evangelicals to remain in power, and he will pray that those useful idiots will be raptured out of this world.