Biden’s Annual Exam Must Include Cognitive Tests for Dementia

“President Joe Biden spent about 2 1/2 hours at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Wednesday for an annual physical that will be closely watched as the 81-year-old president seeks reelection.”

Associated Press

I have zero faith that the White House will release an accurate and truthful assessment of Joe Biden’s health. After all, after his last exam in February 2023, his physicians declared Biden “healthy, vigorous and fit to handle his White House duties.” This glowing assessment was in spite of Biden’s stiff gait and sluggish pace that’s indicative of a dead man walking, his days are clearly numbered.

Biden doesn’t have to put on a costume for Halloween, with his wispy white hair, prune face and bewildered expression he looks like Mr. Magoo’s ghost.

Biden’s annual exam must include cognitive tests for dementia, and the results must be released to the public. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to ascertain that Biden is senile AF. Anyone who has seen Biden stumble down stairs, lose his train of thought, wander around incircles searching for the exit from the stage, will deduce that he is senile.

If Biden’s cognitive abilities are tested and the results are released to the public, he wouldn’t dare perpetrate the fraud of running for reelection.

What Will it Take for Democratic Leaders to Force Biden Not to Seek Reelection?

President Joe Biden finally started his presidential campaign with a big gun-control speech in Connecticut. Uncharacteristically, the gaffe prone octogenarian delivered his oration without uttering any embarrassing gaffe, until the very end when he gave a shoutout to the dead British monarch: “God save the queen, man.”

There is nothing unique or unusual about an 80-year-old man uttering a nonsensical statement, if a senile grandfather makes a short speech at the wedding of his granddaughter and congratulates her for getting hitched to an ambassador from Mars, nobody bats an eye.

But when a president who clearly has cognitive issues ends an important speech with the words “God save the queen, man”, it should terrify Americans and people around the world.

After all this isn’t a senile old man who is president of the Bingo club at his nursing home, Joe Biden is the president of the United States and the Leader of the Free World. This is the scatterbrained idiot with his finger on the nuclear button.

In 1986 when two assailants attacked Dan Rather, while repeating “Kenneth, what is the frequency”, it was fun to wonder why they referenced an R.E.M song while beating the hell out of a famous journalist.

But in 2023 nobody is jokingly wondering what Biden meant with his crazy town comment. Even diehard Democrats are wondering why this man who is suffering from dementia is running for reelection.