Russia Declares 4 Evangelical Groups ‘Undesirable’, Why Can’t America Declare All Evangelical Groups Undesirable?

“Russia’s justice ministry has put four Evangelical organizations from Latvia and Ukraine on its list of undesirable non-government organizations.The ministry’s list of undesirable non-government organizations contains 46 organizations.The activities of the four organizations were deemed undesirable by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office on August 23 as threatening Russia’s constitutional order and security.

”TASS Russian News Agency

I lament the lack of religious freedom in Russia, and I cherish the freedom to worship that’s enshrined in our Constitution, but a small part of me wishes most of the evangelical organizations in America were declared undesirable non-government agencies.

The Russian government contends that the New Generation International Christian Movement, the New Generation Evangelical Christian Church, the New Generation Spiritual Directorate of the Evangelist Christians, and the New Generation International Biblical College pose a threat to Russia’s constitutional order and security.

The Russian government’s designation of “an undesirable non-government agency” means that these evangelical entities must close up their existing offices or face criminal penalties.My guess is that the only threat these evangelical organizations pose is to Putin’s totalitarian rule, but America’s evangelical organizations pose an existential threat to our constitutional order and security.

Most white evangelical churches pose a serious threat to the safety and security of Americans, because they refuse to mask up, socially distance and get vaccinated. They pose a real threat to our environmental health by denying the science of climate change. They pose an existential threat to our democracy by supporting the authoritarian Donald Trump and by advocating that he be restored to power by a military coup or an insurrection.

I don’t think the leaders of evangelical ministries should be imprisoned or face criminal penalties, but their tax-exempt status should be lifted and they should be treated like the enemies of true Christianity and democracy.

Tate Reeves Says Mississippians ‘Less Scared’ of COVID Because They ‘Believe in Eternal Life’

“Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, in remarks Saturday, said that people in the state were ‘less scared’ of COVID-19 because they believe in ‘eternal life,’ as new infections reach record levels and hospitalizations spike.”

Business Insider

The Bible Belt is bulging at the seams with coronavirus cases, and according to the New York Times, Mississippi has recorded more new COVID-19 cases per capita than any other state.

Evangelicals tend to be anti-science and susceptible to believing wild conspiracy theories about vaccines and the coronavirus.

Evangelicals have the mindset “Jesus is My Vaccine” and they take no precautions against COVID, even when they witness their brethren succumb to the virus. They believe that God will protect them, and even if they die of the coronavirus, it’s OK because Jesus will welcome them to heaven.

This attitude is a perversion of the teachings of Jesus who taught us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and to love our neighbor.

A true Christian will demonstrate love for his neighbors by masking up, practicing social distancing and most importantly, getting vaccinated.

I don’t fear hell, or so called “evil godless atheists”, but I do fear ignorant selfish evangelicals who are spreading the coronavirus.

These wicked and foolish evangelicals don’t need leaders making excuses for them, they need politicians and preachers chastising them for their ignorance, stupidity and selfishness.

Joe Biden, For the Love of God Stop Quoting the Bible!

“Thursday’s suicide bombing at Kabul airport was the most deadly attack on American forces in Afghanistan since 2011. In remarks on the attack, President Biden honored the fallen soldiers by quoting the Hebrew Bible. The American military has been answering for a long time. ‘Here I am, Lord. Send me, ‘Biden said, in an allusion to Isaiah 6:8. ‘Each one of these women and men of our Armed Forces are the heirs of that tradition of sacrifice, of volunteering to go into harm’s way, to risk everything; not for glory, not for profit, but to defend what we love and the people we love.”

The Week

God damn any American politician, especially the president, when he invokes Scripture or the Almighty, thereby making a mockery of the cherished constitutional principle of separation of church and state.

Biden may be a faithful Catholic, but he’s no Old Testament scholar. The verse he quoted wasn’t a call to arms for the Israelites of old to defend their country from their many enemies, it was a prophet answering Jehovah’s call to warn his chosen people to obey his commandments.

America isn’t an exceptional country, every nation on Earth believes it is an exceptional, and Israel isn’t God’s chosen nation, blessed over every other country.

Politicians would be well-advised to leave the Almighty out of political and military matters. Biden may quote the Bible to justify his Afghan policy, but ISIS quotes the Koran to justify employing suicide bombers against on occupying power.

Have we learned nothing in centuries of written history? For the love of God, leave God out of politics!

Televangelist Jim Bakker Thinks God Can’t Hear Your Prayers if You’re Wearing a Mask

“How can you go to church and pray when you’re wearing a mask? Do you think God can hear your prayers through a mask?”

Televangelist Jim Bakker

Thoughts and prayers are as effectual as farts and belches in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Preachers, pundits and politicians are wasting their time imploring the Almighty to end the plague.

Influencers would be well-advised to appeal to the better angels of human beings and not the benevolence of the Supreme Being if we are to win the battle against COVID.

Mask up! Get vaccinated! Social distance! Avoid Crowds! These are simple actions that we can take to once and for all end the pandemic.

Jim Bakker has less faith in the power of the Almighty than a backslidden believer; he thinks a mask can prevent an omnipotent and omniscient from hearing prayers.

Of course, Bakker is an evangelical showman who makes a Hollywood production out of praying: Yelling his entreaties at the cameras in hopes of eliciting donations and showing off his virtuoso as a prayer warrior.

I’d rather suffer through a root canal than listen to Bakker, but if I were at public building where he was on TV preaching his tomfoolery, I would take off my mask and use it to stuff my ears.

Two Septuagenarians in Succession (Trump & Biden) Elected President, Insanity

An op-ed in one of Britain’s largest newspapers has taken aim at Joe Biden, calling the 78-year-old president ‘exhausted’ and ‘too old’ to do the job.

The Daily Telegraph’s America editorial writer Tim Stanley—a conservative commentator—took aim at the president over his handling of the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and claimed he lacked the ‘necessary acuity’ to be commander-in-chief.


Stanley, a staunch conservative, may have a bias in his assessment of the septuagenarian’s inability to serve as president of the United States and Leader of the Free World. But I urge Democrats to take off their rose-colored glasses and objectively consider Biden’s cognitive decline and frail physical appearance.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that conservatives who lament Biden’s suspect mental acuity fervently support Donald Trump, 75, as their preferred presidential candidate in 2024. Biden and Trump are both in mental decline, the difference being that Biden is a gentleman whose moral values haven’t declined whereas Trump is an amoral monster who is as wicked as the day is long.

Stanley is correct in stating:

“Biden has simply exhausted his once formidable talent and energy, and attempts to pretend that he’s a spring chicken have become a bad joke.”

A 78-year-old man is simply physical and mentally ill-suited to handle monumental problems like the coronavirus pandemic and the evacuation from Afghanistan.

Two septuagenarians in succession have been elected president of the United States, this insanity must come to end. Congress should pass a law disqualifying a presidential candidate who will be 65 or older on Inauguration Day from running.

Florida the Epicenter of Trump Cultic Activity, Anti-Vaxxer Mania, QAnon Conspiracy Theories and Evangelical Heresies

“A popular, vociferously antisemitic promoter of the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory was identified as an evangelical Christian man from Florida.

The man, who goes by GhostEzra on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, has more than 300,000 followers and posts ‘explicit Nazi propaganda, including outright Holocaust denial and a slew of conspiracy theories that often range from obliquely to explicitly antisemitic,’ according to Logically, an organization that tracks disinformation online and uncovered his identity.”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

It’s not a surprise that an infamous promoter of pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theories was identified as an evangelical Christian man from Florida. The Sunshine State is the epicenter of anti-vaxxer mania, QAnon conspiracy theories, evangelical fervor and Trump cultic activity.

It’s also not surprising that Florida, a Mecca of evangelical Christianity, is a breeding ground for vile politicians the likes of Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis who invoke the name of Jesus while promoting un-Christian policies that disfranchise racial and religious minorities.

White evangelicals make a fetish of the state of Israel, while at the same time many of them believe Jews control the media and the government in the United States and international Jewish bankers control the world economy. They believe that the United States should financially and militarily support Israel, while at the same time they believe Jews secretly run the world.

QAnon cultists like Ghost Ezra believe Trump is fighting a cabal of Democratic politicians and Hollywood stars who kidnap children, and harvest their blood, this is just a new version of centuries old antisemitic tropes.  

There is nothing new under the sun, religious fascists like American white evangelicals and conspiracy theorists like QAnon fanatics have been around forever, and we must never grow weary of fighting their message of hatred with truth, love and justice.

Evangelicals Abusing Religious Exemptions to Avoid Getting Vaccinated

Many businesses have implemented vaccine mandates for their employees, but most add in language about a religious exemption to fend off lawsuits.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, has recommended that employers make reasonable efforts to accommodate employees with “sincerely held religious beliefs” to comply with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Evangelicals who’d rather please their false orange messiah than do the right thing and get vaccinated to protect themselves and their neighbors think the religious exemption is their “get out of jail free card.” There are downloadable forms Christians can use to claim religious exemptions.

“I am against vaccines on religious grounds” isn’t a magical legal phrase that will exempt you from vaccine mandates by employers or government entities. You have to demonstrate that your beliefs are sincere, and if you are granted a religious exemption your employer may force you to wear a mask, socially distant and take frequent invasive COVID tests. Jesus on a popsicle, just get the damn vaccine.

Why should religious beliefs be held in such high regard considering the world’s major religions accept the following patently ridiculous myths as the Gospel truth:

Sacred underwear protects believers from spiritual contamination and, according to some adherents, from fire and speeding bullets.

A talking donkey scolded a prophet.

Believers can drink poison or get bit by poisonous snakes without being harmed.

Waving a chicken over your head can take away your sins.

A race of giants once roamed the earth, the result of women and fallen angels interbreeding.

In the end times, God’s chosen people will be gathered together in Jackson County, Missouri.

Putting a dirty milk glass and a plate from a roast beef sandwich in the same dishwasher can contaminate your soul.

There will be an afterlife in which exactly 144,000 people get to live eternally in Paradise.

If you have a philosophical or scientific objection against vaccines, tough shit. But if you have a religious objection, you can refuse a vaccine and put your community at risk. Does that make any sense?

95% of Evangelical Leaders are Vaccinated, But Most Refuse to Encourage Their Followers to Get Vaccinated

According to a new survey from the National Association of Evangelicals almost all white evangelical leaders are vaccinated or plan to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and many of these evangelical ministers preside over churches where the congregants are anti-vaxxers.

These fearless men of God are too afraid to encourage their followers to get vaccinated, and they allow false conspiracy theories denying the efficacy of the vaccine to fester in their churches.

Most of these evangelical mega churches are in the Bible Belt where virus rates are surging, and where ignorant Bible thumpers need to hear the Good News that vaccines work.  

This manifest hypocrisy of white evangelicals leaders regarding COVID vaccines makes me wonder in what other aspects of their faith they are hypocrites.

I wonder how many evangelical ministers who rail against sodomy from the pulpit are engaging in homosexual acts in motels. I wonder how many televangelists who preach against porn from their pulpits are watching in their laptops? I wonder how many pastors who thunder from the pulpit that the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, are secretly amazed how their followers can rely on Scripture as the ultimate moral authority when it endorses slavery and genocide?

I wonder at the extent of hypocrisy in the evangelical movement, is it so pervasive that it makes their faith meaningless?

Outrage: Statewide ‘Blue Alert’ Issued in Texas

Blue Alerts are issued for wanted persons who are suspected of killing or seriously injuring a law enforcement officer.

Citizens throughout the huge state of Texas received a Blue Alert on their phones at midnight after a Clay County sheriff’s deputy was shot during an attempted traffic stop on Monday night.

That’s like a flood alert issued for the entire Lone Star state because a water main broke in a one-traffic-light town.

Texans received the Blue Alert in the middle of the night with no information. Keep in mind that most Texans don’t know the difference between a Blue Alert and a Blue Light Special at KMART. Some of the more conspiracy-minded Republicans probably thought the Blue Alert signified that one of the AWOL Democratic House Democrats had been spotted in their neighborhood.

I don’t mind if an Amber Alert wakes me up in the middle of the night, because it’s imperative that an abducted child be found as soon as possible.

But I’m not going to lose much sleep over a cop who is seriously injured or killed in the line of duty, after all they knew the risks of the job when they enrolled in the police academy.

It’s a tragedy whenever a law enforcement officer is shot in the line of duty and I hope the suspect is apprehended, but did a Blue Alert really need to be issued?

Trump Will Never Make a Serious Effort to Persuade His Followers to Get Vaccinated

The delta variant of COVID-19 is decimating the red states of Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Florida, and if Donald Trump cared about the health and welfare of his fanatical supporters, he would immediately hold a “MAGA Nation Gets the Vaccine” rally, where he would plead with them to get vaccinated.

Trump is the only Republican with the gravitas and influence to persuade his vaccine-hesitant supporters to get vaccinated. Like every dictator and cult leader worth his salt, Trump doesn’t have a second-in-command with the power to influence his devotees to take an action they find deplorable.

Newsflash: Trump doesn’t give a fuck about his supporters; they are disposable useful idiots who live only to serve him.

Trump and his wife, Melania, secretly received coronavirus vaccinations in January before leaving the White House, and in the weeks and months since he’s made only a couple of perfunctory statements to his people asking them to get vaccinated.

Bottom line: Trump will never make a serious effort to get his cultish followers vaccinated, and barring an edict from their Orange Messiah to do the right thing, they will never get the jab.

Therefore, the only way to persuade these Neanderthals into getting the shot is for employers, restaurants, sporting venues, grocery stores, amusement parks, airlines and shopping malls to enact vaccine mandates that apply to employees and customers,

Ex NJ State Sen. Diane Allen Blames Surge of Coronavirus Cases on Immigrants

“I mean, right now look at all these people with COVID who are coming across the border, and it scares me. They’re put on buses, I suspect some of them are coming up to New Jersey — not a good idea. But the people pulled over from the border are carrying illegal guns or drugs, or whatever.”

Former New Jersey state Sen. Diane Allen, a candidate for N.J. lieutenant governor, uttered these toxic words in an attempt to blame the surge of coronavirus cases on immigrants crossing the southern border.

Allen’s comments are patently false, immigrants crossing the border are carrying infant formula, bottles of water, important documents, and not illegal guns or drugs. They wouldn’t risk asylum by carrying any contraband.

It’s unvaccinated white evangelicals in Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and Missouri who are responsible for the surge in coronavirus cases, not brown immigrants who would gladly get vaccinated if the vaccine were as readily available in their countries as it is in the United States.

Blaming immigrants for spreading diseases is one of the oldest tropes in the racist playbook. These bigots, many of whom are evangelicals, ignore the words of Jehovah in the Old Testament:

“When the alien resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the alien.  The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt:  I am the Lord your God.”

Undocumented persons entering the United States are tested for COVID, and it’s unfair and racist to blame them for the surge in coronavirus cases.

Let’s put the blame squarely on the shoulders of those responsible for the huge spike: Republican politicians who downplay the need for masking up and getting vaccinated, and white evangelicals who make a mockery of their faith by selfishly refusing to get vaccinated.

Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry in Evangelical Churches Driving Away Young Christians

According to the Public Religion Research Institute the number of Americans who identify as white evangelicals has declined dramatically, from 23% in 2006 to 14.5% in 2020.

Younger evangelicals in particular are leaving the faith of their fathers, because they just can’t abide their antiquated attitude toward the LGBTQ community.

There’s a dichotomy between evangelical ministers who rail against “sodomites” from the pulpit, and the millennials in their congregations who accept gays and lesbians as equal members of society and as children of God.

The Jehovah of the Old Testament may have considered gays and lesbians worthy of death, but the Jesus of the Gospels never even mentioned homosexuality. Younger evangelicals are more likely to adopt the laissez-faire of Jesus toward gays and other social outcasts than the judgmental attitude of Jehovah.

Truth be told, the Bible condemns homosexuality but it also condones slavery and genocide. Christians should exercise discernment and wisdom in how they view the Bible, it’s inspired text meant to be interpreted judiciously not a universal penal code meant to be adhered to slavishly.

Angry White Evangelical Men are a Cancer Deadlier Than the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Gospels depict Jesus Christ as a kind and loving spiritual teacher who turned the other cheek and who sought to win the hearts and souls of men and women with the love of God.

White evangelical men are the antithesis of the gentle spirit of Christ, their main characteristic is an anger that manifests itself against everything and everybody who doesn’t subscribe to their narrow religious beliefs.

Their default mode is an angry spirit, and their hair-trigger temper will explode when they see a Democratic politician on TV, a man sporting a Gay Pride T-shirt in a mall, a woman twerking in a club, a pregnant woman entering a Planned Parenthood clinic, a black youth protesting in a BLM demonstration, or really a black person just having the temerity to be alive.

White evangelical men see themselves as soldiers for Christ, and they fancy themselves fighting a crusade against godless liberals. They seek to establish a theocracy of white Christians, by white Christians and for white Christians.

They justify their racism, homophobia, and misogyny as “righteous anger”, when in reality it’s the naked anger and hatred that Jesus condemned.

It’s incumbent upon us who love democracy, inclusiveness and the brotherhood of men to recognize who are enemy is: white evangelicals. It’s incumbent upon is to defeat out enemy by exposing them, repudiating them, and fighting their lies and hatred with the truth and love.

Many Trump Supporters Believe He Will Be Reinstated as President This Month

Nearly a third of Republicans believe that former President Donald Trump will be ‘reinstated’ to the presidency this year, even as the fantastical August 13 ‘deadline’ for that event approaches with no sign of its fruition.

It has been more than two months since the political media world was set abuzz when The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman first reported that Trump was telling confidants that he believes he’ll be reinstated to the presidency in August, reporting that was later confirmed by other outlets — and fed by delusions floated by Trump allies like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and attorney Sidney Powell.”

Evangelicals believe that Jesus Christ transcended the laws of physics: he walked on water, turned water into wine, restored sight to the blind and even raised the dead.

Evangelicals believe that their modern-day messiah, Donald Trump transcends civil norms, the rule of law and the Constitution.

There is no constitutional mechanism whereby Trump can be reinstated to the presidency this year, but by faith many white evangelicals believe their Dear Leader will make a triumphant return to the White House this month.

Many evangelicals believe that the magical date for their Lord’s return is August 13, 2021.

The grifter-in-chief has moved his base operation from Mar-a-Lago in Florida to his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, for the summer. Trump will be living in his golf resorts for the rest of his life, and he will never set foot inside the White House again.

God, what losers!

Outrage: Matt Damon Only Recently Stopped Using Anti-Gay ‘F-Slur’

“Matt Damon bizarrely admitted in a new interview that he only recently stopped using the ‘the f-slur for a homosexual’ after his daughter wrote a ‘treatise’ on why using the word to refer to people, gay or otherwise, is unacceptable.

After confessing this in an interview with the U.K.’s Sunday Times to promote his new movie ‘Stillwater,’ Damon was the target of many memes as well as pointed criticism as many people online questioned both why he decided to share this information — and also why he was still using such a derogatory term in 2021.

The Boston-born leading man said the ‘f-slur for a homosexual’ was ‘commonly used when I was a kid, with a different application.’”

The Wrap.Com

It boggles the mind that Matt Damon, 50, who works in the entertainment industry where there are many open and proud gays and lesbians, only recently stopped using the slur word, faggot.

I applaud his daughter for having the patience to write a treatise explaining why the f-word is so patently offensive. If I was in Damon’s inner circle and I heard him utter the abhorrent word I would have screamed: Listen you freaking moron, if you repeat that repellent word in my presence again, I will never speak to you again.

Damon tried to justify himself by saying the f-slur was commonly used when he was a kid, with a different application. I’m sure the word “nigger” was also used when he was a kid, but as a grown-ass man he has enough sense not to utter that racial epithet in public, or private for that matter.

Damon claims that when he used that gay slur as a kid, he used it with a different application. That’s doublespeak, there is no context in which uttering that vile word is acceptable.

There is only one f-word to describe Damon: Fool!

Of Biblical Commas, Biblical Inerrancy and Humility

“There is not a single edit you could make to Scripture to improve it. Anything you would do to amend so much as a biblical comma would drastically demote it. You can’t improve the Word of God. You’d only ruin perfection. Keep your edits on the shelf.”

Tweet by Grace Bible Theological Seminary provost and theology professor Owen Strachan.

Evangelical theologians like Strachan who believe in Biblical inerrancy believe that the Bible in the original manuscripts is without fault or error. Most evangelical theologians also believe in biblical infallibility, the belief that what the Bible says regarding matters of faith, science, geography and history is absolutely true.

They believe that every jot and tittle in Scripture is the inspired word of God and woe is unto any infidel who removes so much as a single comma.

I’m not a theologian or a linguist, but even I know that the original Hebrew Biblical manuscripts were written without vowels and without punctuation. In fact, most modern Hebrew is also written without vowels. Vowels were inserted by translators when they deemed it necessary for reading comprehension and to prevent misunderstandings.

The original manuscripts may have been without fault or error, but what most Christians don’t realize is that over the past 2,000 years, the sacred text has changed a great deal. There is not a single “first edition” extant, what we have are copies of copies of copies of copies …

Of course, Strachan knows that there are no commas in the original Hebrew manuscripts, evidently he places a greater importance on trolling rather than teaching the Bible.

The original holy text simply doesn’t exist, the fact is that what we have are English translations of Hebrew manuscripts that were copied scores of times.  The scribes who copied the Hebrew manuscripts made myriad errors and the translators who translated the Bible from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek to English made mistakes of their own.

The provenance of Scripture should instill a little bit of humility in theologians and lay Christians. The Bible of today is an imperfect book for imperfect human beings, which means that Christians should be less dogmatic and more loving, tolerant, and understanding.

Why Donald Trump is Furious at Rand Paul

The Grand Old Party isn’t a small-d democratic institution, it’s an authoritarian party that demands absolute allegiance to its Dear Leader.

Donald Trump not only lost the election in an electoral college and popular vote landslide to Joe Biden, but he also lost both chambers of Congress.

Nevertheless, Trump holds an iron grip on the Republican Party, it’s a cult of personality where no member is allowed to deviate from the Trump party line.

This week’s Republican primary in Ohio’s congressional special election was a case in point. There were nearly a dozen Republicans on the ballot: Trump endorsed former coal lobbyist Mike Carey and Sen. Rand Paul rallied behind state Rep. Ron Hood.

All of the Republican candidates, including Hood, were stalwart supporters and defenders of Trump, yet he was furious that Paul had the temerity not to follow his lead and endorse Carey.

An enraged Trump issued the following written statement:

“Do you think Rand Paul will apologize for spending nearly $1 Million on another candidate in Ohio’s 15th District congressional race after I had already endorsed Mike Carey? … Rand’s candidate came in a distant third out of eleven. Rand is a different kind of guy…. Do you think he learned his lesson?”

What’s the lesson that Paul is supposed to have learned?

Republican leaders aren’t allowed to think for themselves, they must blindly follow Trump’s lead. If their Orange Messiah anoints a candidate, it’s mandatory for every other Republican to second the endorsement.

The ‘Trump Card’ Worse than the Mark of the Beast

“Donald Trump wants his supporters to carry ‘Trump Cards.’

Trump’s PAC sent two emails on Wednesday asking supporters to get on board with carrying the red-and-gold cards, which look like credit cards and bear the former president’s signature.

‘The card you select will be carried by Patriots all around the Country,’ the first email said. ‘They will be a sign of your dedicated support to our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I’m putting my full trust in you.’”

Business Insider

As if the Dear Leader’s devotees needed to carry a Trump Card to identify themselves. I can see Trump supporters a mile away, considering they have a penchant for wearing MAGA hats and other Trump-branded attire. Their vacuous stares singles them out as MAGA cultists more than a MAGA hat or a Trump Card.

The Trump card is just another fundraising gimmick from the grifter-in-chief, clicking on a link to vote for your favorite design of the Trump Card leads to a fundraising page.

The Trump card is more evidence that being a Trump supporter isn’t about political principles or an ideology, it’s all about the worship of the Orange Messiah. The Trump card bears images that are similar to Nazi symbols, I can’t imagine a more horrible fate than being a card-carrying Trump sycophant. In fact, given a choice between being forced to carry a Trump card or being branded with the Mark of the Beast, I would beg them to tattoo 666 on my forehead.

Democrats Slam Kevin McCarthy Over Joke About Hitting Nancy Pelosi With Gavel

“I want you to watch Nancy Pelosi hand me that gavel. It’ll be hard not to hit her with it.”

Kevin McCarthy

The House Minority Leader uttered these disturbing words at a July 31 event with Tennessee Republican state lawmakers.

Hopefully the Republicans won’t take over the House in the 2022 midterms, and McCarthy will remain the Minority Leader and he won’t be in possession of the Speaker’s gavel anytime in the future.

Many Democratic representatives are calling him to resign or at least apologize for his contemptible remark.

“It’s been 24 hours since @gopleader McCarthy threatened violence against @SpeakerPelosi. RT if he should apologize or resign,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tweeted Sunday night.

To be clear, McCarthy wasn’t threatening violence against Pelosi, his comment was a pathetic attempt at a joke. But at the very least he should apologize for his intemperate remark. He may not have been actually threatening to hit Pelosi upside the head with a gavel, but some of Trump’s base may interpret his words as a call to action to physically assault the Speaker.

After all many Democratic congressional leaders are already receiving death threats associated with the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection.

Our democracy is polarized around political lines, and we need a statesman to serve as Speaker of the House, and McCarthy’s sick joke is all the evidence we need that he is unworthy to wield the Speaker’s gavel.

#FearGod is Trending on Twitter and That’s a Damn Shame!

#FearGod is trending on Twitter, and this is an indictment of our secular democracy.

I would understand if #FearGod was trending in a theocracy like Iran or Saudi Arabia where the clerics hold all the levers of power in government, the media and academia.

The mullahs in these Islamic authoritarian countries create an environment where to fear the Almighty is synonymous with fearing the government.

In America evangelicals and conservative Catholics seek to create an environment where to fear God is synonymous with demonizing gays and lesbians, ostracizing immigrants and opposing a woman’s right to choose.

What’s troubling is that it isn’t politicians who decide the trending topics on social media platforms, it’s regular folks who caused #FearGod to trend.

Conservative politicians and evangelicals, who are nothing more than useful idiots, may be praising God because #FearGod is trending but those of who realize that evangelicals are an existential threat to our way of life are muttering curses.  

Mark Meadows Says ‘President’ Trump is Meeting With His ‘Cabinet’

“Donald Trump may no longer be president, but his allies are still acting like he is as he plots his political comeback, saying he’s been taking meetings with his ‘cabinet’ officials in preparation for a potential 2024 presidential.

‘We met with some of our cabinet members tonight,’ Mark Meadows, his former White House chief of staff, told Newsmax on Friday.

‘We actually had a follow up member meeting with some of our cabinet members and as we are looking into that, we are looking into what does come next. I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the president, but I can tell you this: we wouldn’t be meeting tonight if we weren’t making plans to move forward in a real way with president Trump at the head of that ticket.’”

Yahoo News

It’s axiomatic that Donald Trump’s base is made up of gullible evangelicals, brain-addled rednecks, brainwashed QAnon cultists and other assorted riff-raff. They accept as Gospel the Big Lie that their messiah was cheated out of his election victory and that he’s still the legitimate president.

But many Republican congressional leaders and former Trump administration officials are also parroting the Big Lie.

They reside in an alternate universe where Joe Biden managed to thwart the will of God and cheat his way into the White House, and where God’s anointed will soon be reinstated to power.

Mark Meadows, the former Trump White House chief of staff, still refers to Trump as “the president.” Trump lost to Joe Biden in an electoral college and popular vote landslide, and he should be called “the former president”, “the twice-impeached ex-president”, or simply as “the big loser”, but he should never be addressed as “the president.”

Trump isn’t president and he doesn’t have a cabinet, what he does have is a motley crew of sycophants, fluffers and hangers-on. And they only thing they are discussing is whose turn is it to change the Big Guy’s diaper.