Who Will Prevail in 2024, Senile Biden or Crazy Trump?

Biden and Trump

Donald Trump, the twice impeached, freshly indicted, failed insurrectionist is the most unqualified, incompetent and morally bankrupt presidential candidate in history. Every time he opens his sphincter-shaped mouth, he adds to his litany of batshit crazy and incomprehensible statements. The Republicans have made the Mayor of Crazy Town their standard bearer, and he faces only token opposition in his relentless and inevitable march to the Republican nomination.

In a normal presidential cycle, the Democrats would already be popping open bottles of champagne and looking forward to occupying the White House for another four years.

But there is nothing normal about this election cycle, and nobody has a clue which political party will prevail in 2024.

Joe Biden the incumbent, who is suffering from dementia, is running (dawdling?) for reelection with the cackling word salad champion, Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The somnolent Biden only comes out of his stupor when he spots an innocent little girl that he can fondle and sniff. He shakes hands with imaginary friends, of whom he has an abundance, falls down stairs, and exits stages in a circuitous route that confounds his Secret Service agents.

The age of COVID-19 may be over, but due to his lack of physical agility and declining mental acuity, Biden will be forced to run a virtual campaign from the White House basement.

Who will win the presidential election, the incumbent that the electorate will rarely see, or the challenger who will drive people nuts with his myriad MAGA rallies?

Me? I will continue to warn the public about these two pathetic presidential candidates, and I will be pray that the Grim Reaper will soon kill both of these decrepit old white men who refuse to give up their power.

Down Syndrome Barbie: Good Idea, Bad Execution


I applaud the initiative by Mattel and other toy manufacturers to market dolls of all ethnicities and different body shapes in an effort to be inclusive. It’s a wonderful world when every young boy and girl can find a doll that represents them.

In the homogenous and monochrome world of the 60’s that I grew up in as a child, the only option for children of color was to play with a white GI Joe and a white Barbie.

Now Mattel is launching a Barbie with Down’s syndrome in an effort to help more kids find a toy that represents them.

Mattel said it consulted the NDSS and medical professionals to inform the design process, introducing a new face and body sculpt to be more illustrative of women with Down’s syndrome, including a shorter frame and a longer torso.

Guided by the NDSS, the doll’s pink pendant necklace with three upward chevrons represents the three copies of the 21st chromosome, which is the genetic material that causes the characteristics associated with the condition.”

The Guardian

The idea to launch a Barbie with Down’s syndrome was noble, but the execution was a failure. A child with Down’s syndrome will be unable to discern the subtle differences between a Down’s syndrome Barbie and a regular Barbie. In fact, a child with Down’s syndrome won’t be able to tell the difference between a Barbie, a GI Joe or a flashlight.

A realistic Barbie with Down’s syndrome should have a misshapen face and stubby legs.

Mattel is virtue signaling that they are inclusive by marketing the Down’s syndrome barbie, but they need to go back to the drawing board.

The Passion of Donald Trump


This Easter it became abundantly clear just how far away from Jesus white evangelicals have strayed and how closely they cling to their new messiah, Donald Trump.

In some third world countries like the Philippines, we witness the spectacle of penitents crucifying themselves in imitation of Jesus Christ’s suffering and death.

In America, on Holy Week, we witnessed the spectacle of white evangelicals metaphorically donning sackcloth and ashes and weeping over the prosecution and persecution of their savior Donald Trump.

The twice-impeached president was indicted on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, to cover up his one-night stand with a porn star. The same white evangelicals who wanted to drive Bill Clinton on a rail out of town for having oral sex with a White House intern, totally overlook their orange savior’s dalliance with the porn star, and claim that he shouldn’t be indicted over what they perceive as simply a bookkeeping error.

In the passion play as represented by white evangelicals Donald Trump is the messiah who is suffering spiritual, financial and emotional pain, and damage to his brand on the behalf of White America. It should be emphasized that according to their reckoning Trump isn’t suffering for all of America, just for conservate white citizens.

If you think I’m overstating the case let me remind of the words of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene:

“President Trump is joining some of the most incredible people in history being arrested today. Nelson Mandela was arrested, served time in prison. Jesus! Jesus was arrested and murdered!”

The steaming pile of human excrement known as Donald Trump is worshipped as the savior of white America by evangelicals and they aren’t going to forsake him, no matter how many times he’s indicted, for any pretender like Ron DeSantis.

The faith of evangelicals in their orange messiah won’t be dashed until he loses again, and he becomes too senile to run again.

Biden vs Trump in 2024? Just Kill Me!

Trump and Biden

“With President Biden reportedly set to announce his reelection campaign early next week, more Americans say they feel exhaustion over the prospect of a 2024 rematch between Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, than any other emotion, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

No other sentiment — not fear (29%), sadness (23%), hope (23%), anger (23%), excitement (16%), pride (8%) or gratitude (7%) — cracks the 30% mark among all Americans.”

Yahoo News

Four years after a historically large number of Republican and Democrat presidential candidates, it looks like the field for the 2024 presidential campaign will be much smaller. It will likely be headlined by the same two senile men who ran in the general election last time: President Joe Biden and the twice-impeached, freshly indicted former President Donald J. Trump.

Biden has only token opposition: New Age quack Marianne Williamson and anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Williamson will be lucky to get the support of a few New Age weirdos and Kennedy might get the support of a few anti-vaxxers who have grown tired of Trump’s antics.

Trump has only token opposition: Nickie Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and United Nations ambassador under Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, a millionaire entrepreneur, Asa Hutchinson, a former governor of Arkansas and nutjob conservative radio host Larry Elder. Trump will make mincemeat out of these pretenders, they don’t’ have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is the only one who might pose a threat to Trump, but he hasn’t announced yet, and most political operatives think he’s not ready for prime time.

Unless Biden’s cognitive mental decline approaches Dianne Feinstein’s vegetable level and he’s forced to withdraw or the morbidly obese Trump suffers a fatal attack, it’s going to be Biden vs Trump again. And I’m already exhausted, depressed and bored to death.

What can we expect from the 2024 general election campaign? Biden safely ensconced in the White House running a virtual campaign. Biden does not have the physical energy or the mental acuity to run a conventional campaign. Trump leveling insults at Biden and holding his Nazi-like MAGA rallies.

Biden vs Trump II is evidence that our democracy is broken. Our only hope is for the Grim Reaper to target Biden or Trump, or hopefully both. We desperately need a new generation of presidential candidates to revive our democracy.

Asa Hutchinson: Trump’s Campaign a Personal Vendetta


“Former Arkansas GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson said former President Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party ‘back to bitterness.’

Donald Trump has taken us back to bitterness. He’s taken us back to, you know what, a personal vendetta,’ Hutchinson said. ‘Whenever you look at what he wants to do as president, it’s more about getting even with his political enemies than leading our country, which concerns me.’”

Washington Examiner

All of the announced Republican presidential candidates, with the exception of former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, treat the frontrunner Donald Trump with deference and respect. You’d think the twice impeached, freshly indicted insurrectionist was a statesman worthy of such reverence.

Hutchinson doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination, but as one of Trump’s most vocal GOP critics his quixotic campaign may serve as a reminder that Trump is a steaming pile of shit.

Hutchinson is spot-on, Trump isn’t running to enact a conservative agenda, rather he’s on a mission from God, a personal vendetta if you will, to get even with all of his enemies.

There will be no guard rails in a second Trump administration, he will be in full dictator mode, as he seeks revenge on America for choosing Biden over him.

Hutchinson ain’t gonna win, but hopefully enough Republican voters in the general election will remember his warning to deny Trump the presidency.

Uncle Tom Sen. Tim Scott Announces Creation of Exploratory Committee to Run for President

Uncle Tom

Last week, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott announced the creation of an exploratory committee to run for president in 2024. Scott is the only Republican African American in the Senate.

The 2020 Republican presidential primary seems destined to be a titanic battle between former president Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida.  

Why would any presidential hopeful enter this race between King Kong and Godzilla, when they would be nothing, but a mouse trampled to death by the two behemoths?

Most Republican presidential candidates enter the 2024 race knowing they have little to no chance of winning, they have other motives for entering the fray. They may be auditioning to be the winner’s running mate; they hope to do just well enough to be perceived as a viable vice president. Others are expecting to become part of the eventual nominee’s Cabinet, and the rest believe that their quixotic campaign will burnish their brand name and help them to sell books and land lucrative speaking engagements.

Scott is cognizant that as a black man he has little chance of becoming the Republican presidential nominee of a party riddled with racism. He would never leave his influential perch on the Senate to join an administration, and he doesn’t need the publicity of running for president to increase his value as an author or a speaker.

Scott is running for president hoping that the winner, which he expects to be Trump, will choose him as his running mate. During Trump’s administration, Scott frequently appeared by the president’s side, gratuitously flashing his Uncle Tom smile. Scott would be comfortable in the subservient role as the vice president of a narcissist egomaniac.

Scott knows that the only way he will become president is if Trump chooses him as his running mate, they win the general election, and then the morbidly obese septuagenarian dies while in office.

American Evangelicals Responsible for Uganda’s Brutal anti-LGBT Bill


“In condemning a law the Uganda Parliament just passed that imposes life imprisonment for gay sex, the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality and makes it a crime to even identify as LGBTQ, the White House this week called the measure from the East African nation one of the most extreme anti-LGBTQ laws in the world and said that no one should be attacked, imprisoned or killed simply because of who they are or who they love. Uganda President Yoweri Mouseveni is expected to sign the bill into law.”


The White House condemned this extreme anti-LGBTQ measure in no uncertain terms.

Americans may not be surprised that a third-world nation would enact such a primitive and brutal law. The death penalty for loving someone of the same sex is a legal and moral abomination that shouldn’t exist anywhere in the world.

But what most Americans fail to realize is that it’s American evangelical missionaries who are responsible for the virulent hatred against the LGBTQ community in Africa in general and Uganda in particular. Evangelicals have spent millions pushing an anti-gay agenda throughout Africa.

Instead of spreading the good news that Jesus saves in Africa, evangelicals are spreading the ugly news that gays and lesbians are sinful and deserving of the wrath of God and the condemnation of the government.

Evangelicals aren’t content with trying to turn our secular democracy into a White Nationalist theocracy, they are also quite busy undermining democracy throughout the world.

We must fight evangelicals at home to diminish their ability to corrupt our democracy, and to diminish their ability to spread their hatred to the four corners of the world.

Outrage! Minneapolis City Council OKs Muslim Call to Prayer to Be Broadcast Over Loudspeakers

Call to Prayer

“Minneapolis mosques would be able to broadcast the adhan—the Islamic call to prayer—five times a day under a proposed ordinance unanimously approved March 29 by the City Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee.”

Sahan Journal

“Polls have found that the number of Americans identifying as evangelical Christians is dropping rapidly. And it’s not just the polls. The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest evangelical Protestant group in the country, has lost more than 2 million members over the last decade and a half.”

The Survey Center on American Life

The fact that membership in evangelical churches is rapidly declining gives me hope for the future of democracy in America. Evangelical Christianity is antithetical to democracy, and the sooner homophobic, misogynist and racist evangelicals dimmish to an insignificant minority the better.

Unfortunately, Muslims are increasing in numbers and influence, and Islam is even more reactionary and hostile to a democracy than Christianity.

The bill would allow the call to prayer to be played publicly by loudspeaker between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10

CAIR-MN executive director Jaylani Hussein told Axios the change “sends a message to the world that freedom of religion is practiced here.” This bill isn’t an example of the freedom of religion, it’s an example of the tyranny of religion.

Why the hell should the sleep of citizens be interrupted in the morning and at night by the blaring of loudspeakers calling Muslims to prayer? The only thing this bill will accomplish is to incite hatred against Muslims.

The Concept of ‘The Biblical View’ is Absurd


Evangelicals demand that everyone, regardless of their respective religions, subscribe to the biblical view on hot button cultural issues like abortion, homosexuality and marriage.

The concept of the “biblical view” is theologically absurd, the Bible was written by about 40 authors over centuries in many places to many different audiences.

Not to mention that there are myriad English translations of the Bible that differ widely in their interpretation of the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts.  

If there was such a thing as “the biblical view” there wouldn’t be over 100,000 Christian denominations in the world. You can quote chapter and verse to justify opposing views on every important Christian doctrine.

The Bible is silent on the controversial issue of abortion, and there are only a handful of verses in the entire Bible on the subject of homosexuality.

Evangelicals justify their vehement opposition to abortion by saying, “Abortion is murder, the Bible says it, I believe it and that settles it”, but that’s patently untrue. The Bible doesn’t say jack about abortion, and regardless what evangelicals believe their scriptures teach about abortion, it settles nothing.

Evangelicals are free to hold their medieval interpretation of the Bible, but when engaging with the culture at large they should be cognizant that their views are anathema to most Christians and non-Christians alike.

So, the next time an evangelical tells you that you should adhere to the biblical view of same-sex marriage or abortion, let them know how ridiculous their assertion sounds.

Degenerate Dalai Lama Asks Young Boy to Suck His Tongue


The Dalai Lama has apologized after a video emerged showing the spiritual leader kissing a child on the lips and then asking him to “suck my tongue” at an event in northern India.

In a statement Monday, the office for the Dalai Lama said he wishes to apologize to the boy and his family, as well as his many friends across the world, for the hurt his words may have caused, adding he regrets the incident.”


“Dalai Lama” is not a proper name, it’s a title given by Tibetan Buddhists to the spiritual leader of the “Yellow Hat” school of Tibetan Buddhism. The 14th and current Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso, who lives as a refugee in India.

The “Pope” of Tibetan Buddhism is universally admired; Buddhism in general and the Dalai Lama in particular have a well-earned reputation for achieving change and enlightenment through peaceful means.

This despicable incident exposes the truth that the 87-year-old Gyatso needs to retire, he’s been in power too long and evidentially he believes that he can get away with inappropriate and despicable behavior.

The Office of the Dalai Lama issued an “apology”:

“His Holiness often teases people he meets in an innocent and playful way, even in public and before cameras.”

An octogenarian kissing a young boy on the mouth and asking him to suck his tongue isn’t “innocent and playful behavior” it’s indecent and depraved behavior, that’s nothing short of child sexual abuse.

The crowd that witnessed this scandalous and disgusting episode reacted with laughter. A more natural reaction would have been to pick up stones and stoning the degenerate spiritual leader.

Donald Trump is an Oxygen Thief


Oxygen Thief:

One who does nothing good for anyone and has absolutely no point in being on earth but to deprive you of your precious oxygen.


Trump is the epitome of an oxygen thief; he does nothing good for anyone. He’s a sociopath who is incapable of empathy, and a narcissist who is only concerned with increasing his wealth, burnishing his brand, satisfying his sexual urges and regaining the power of the presidency.

Trump is an oxygen thief who sucks up all the oxygen in the room. He’s fat as a pig and he sucks in all the oxygen through his sphincter-shaped mouth.  He recycles the toxic air in his system by spewing vile rhetoric that stinks even more than the farts and crap that emanate from his incontinent rectum.

Trump’s goal is to be the biggest asshole in politics, and he attracts ignorant rednecks, sanctimonious evangelicals, and racist vermin of all stripes whose main goal in their pathetic lives is to kiss his ass.

Trump sucks in all the oxygen in the Republican presidential primary, his scandals, outrageous rhetoric, and beastly behavior dominates every news cycle.

Trump is depriving all of  his potential Republican challengers of oxygen, and their only hope of surviving is to crawl up his ass and breath in his noxious farts.

Ron DeSantis is No Match for the Ruthless Donald Trump


“Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Sunday knocked Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, who suggested last week his state would not cooperate in any potential extradition of former President Trump over an indictment filed in Manhattan despite having not received such a request.

The Hill

Just hours after a grand jury voted to indict Trump, a resident of Florida, the Florida governor Ron DeSantis declared he would not assist in any extradition request, even though Trump’s legal team had already said they planned to cooperate. Indeed, Trump’s lawyers negotiated a voluntary surrender with the prosecutor.

This was a golden opportunity for DeSantis to draw a distinction between himself and the lawless Trump by urging his constituents to respect the rule of law and let the indictment proceed without any interference from him.

Christie is spot-on, who the hell asked DeSantis for his opinion? The gratuitous remark by DeSantis was calculated to appease Trump’s MAGA base.

We don’t need another Republican presidential candidate who quivers in his boots at the prospect of drawing the ire of the vindictive and ruthless Trump.

We need a Republican presidential candidate like Christie (but not the hapless Christie) who isn’t afraid to rebuke Trump when he breaks the law.

DeSantis ain’t it. The feckless governor of Florida is just another Little Marco Rubio who will wither and die under the pervasive ridicule and criticism of Trump.

Trump to Make Speech Tuesday Night After His Arraignment


Twice-impeached and indicted former President Donald Trump will make a speech in Florida at his Mar-a-Lago club after he’s arraigned in New York on charges related to hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

If Trump had a modicum of integrity, he would declare that the office of the president of the United States is greater than any individual, and that to preserve the integrity of the office he will end his presidential campaign. He would admit that a presidential candidate indicted for charges related to hush money payments and one likely to also be indicted for the much more serious crimes of obstruction of justice and inciting a riot would be well-advised to hand the baton to better qualified candidates.

But we all know that Trump wouldn’t know integrity if it bit him in his fat ass. Trump will puff his chest and attempt to project an image of strength and defiance; he will use the indictment to grift his supporters once again. Trump’s cult members will donate millions to the billionaire con artist.

Trump’s indictment for the relatively minor crimes stemming from the hush money payments will help him in the Republican primary, but the New York indictment and the more serious indictments that will surely follow will doom him in the general election.

Stormy Daniels Brings Down Donald Trump! Thank You Jesus

Stormy Daniels

At the start of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen, made hush-money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her from going public about her one-night-stand with Trump.

In 2016 the relationship between the amoral playboy Donald Trump and the sanctimonious evangelical Christians was brand new, and Trump wasn’t sure how much of his indiscretions his new supporters would tolerate.

That’s why he instructed his fixer to pay off the porn star to keep her quiet. Seven years later, Trump has become the first former president to be indicted, over that payment.

If only Trump had known in 2016 the extent of the hypocrisy and pragmatism of white evangelicals, not only would he not have paid off Daniels but he would have publicly admitted to the affair.

As Trump has learned during the last seven years, white evangelicals will justify and excuse his worst sins in order  to keep him in power, so he can enact their xenophobic, homophobic and misogynist agenda.

If Trump could turn back the clock to 2016, he would admit to knowing Daniels in the biblical sense, and declare her vagina a holy receptacle for his divine sperm. Evangelicals would worship Stormy Daniels with the same reverence that Catholics worship the Virgin Mary, and he wouldn’t be facing indictment today over the hush money payments to Story Daniels.