Donald Trump Tweets Support for Bible Literacy Classes in Public Schools

Noted Bible Scholar

“President Donald Trump is endorsing a variety of Bible Literacy classes that have been introduced by state lawmakers across the country, including in Virginia.

`Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible,` Trump wrote in a Monday morning tweet. `Starting to make a turn back? Great!`”


Donald Trump who went to Liberty University, a prominent Christian evangelical university, to deliver a speech in which he cited “Two Corinthians 3: 17” is endorsing Bible Literacy classes – how rich!

I realize most of my readers are heathen so let me explain that for a Christian to refer to 2 Corinthians as “Two Corinthians” is equivalent to somebody who pretends to be a physics major saying that he can see black holes when he puts on his x-ray glasses.

If anyone needs to take a course in Bible literacy it`s Trump, perhaps Mike Pence can extricate his head from Trump`s rectum long enough to teach him a thing or two about the Bible.

The vice president and members of the Cabinet hold a weekly circle jerk disguised as a Bible study, Trump would join these wankers if he really cared about Bible literacy.

The Bible should be anathema in public schools, although the King James Version of the Bible is a literary masterpiece, and it could be taught as an optional course for students interested in English literature.

The only time Trump cracks open the Bible is when he uses it as a cover to hide from his wife the fact that he`s actually reading Penthouse Forum.

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Hillary Clinton is Too Old, Too Corrupt, Too Moderate and Too Unlikeable to Run for President


In an effort to break the ultimate glass ceiling in 2016 Hillary Clinton`s reputation was shattered. Hillary should have become a hermit after the humiliation of losing to the most unqualified presidential candidate in history, but instead she` had a book tour, hit the lecture circuit, and now she even has the unmitigated gall of hinting at another presidential run.

In two short years Donald Trump has almost destroyed our democracy, but I give him credit for destroying the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

There is zero chance that Jeb Bush will run for president again, and there`s no room in the Democratic Party for the likes of Hillary. There is a vanguard of credible Democratic female candidates for president (Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Kamala Harris) who are unencumbered by the moral corruption that Hillary embodies and represents.

Hillary is too old, too corrupt, too unlikable and too moderate for today`s Democratic Party. It`s not just this old curmudgeon who`s written her off, according to the NH Journal poll 55 percent of New Hampshire Democrats believe that Sen. Warren best represents the Democratic Party, Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came in second at 28 percent. A minuscule 17 percent said that Hillary was the best representation of the current party.

I`m a baby boomer so perhaps I won`t be accused of being ageist when I say that Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too freaking old to be president.

For God`s sake let`s pass on the torch to a Kamala Harris or a Kirsten Gillibrand. Biden and Sanders can serve as elder statesmen nurturing the new generation of Democratic candidates. Hillary can just disappear, we don`t need to hear a peep from her.

Melania Trump is as Clueless as Donald Trump is Cruel

Clueless Trophy Wife

Our work in the East wing continues into 2019 with online safety, fighting opioid abuse & supporting the well-being of children everywhere! #BeBest

Melania Trump Tweet

Melania is like a madam of a brothel who promises to fight human trafficking by donating five percent of her income to charities that fight the sexual exploitation of children.

I notice Melania dropped the anti-bullying part of her #BeBest campaign, I guess even she can no longer stomach the incongruity and hypocrisy of the spouse of the biggest bully in the world being an anti-bullying spokesperson.

If Melania really cared about the well-being of children everywhere, she could start by publicly calling out her husband for his ruthless and inhumane policies of separating children from their parents at our southern border, and housing migrant children in cages.

Bitch please, just take a short stroll from the East wing to the West wing and have a little talk with the president. Tell him to stop wasting precious time and financial resources trying to get his vanity wall built, and concentrate on fighting the opioid epidemic.

There are millions of Americans who would love to have just two minutes with Trump, and Melania who lives with him wastes her time posting ludicrous tweets and issuing statements supporting her racist, cruel and vindictive husband.

Anyone Who Wears a MAGA Cap Should Pay a Price

Racist Kid

Donald Trump`s red “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hats are ubiquitous, you can`t go to a ballpark, parade or any public gathering without seeing scores of them.

But because something is popular it doesn`t mean that it`s innocuous or harmless; I would argue that the popularity of the MAGA hats are a symbol of the rise of racism and the decline of democracy.

The MAGA hats have become a hot-button topic, in the wake of the racially charged confrontation near Washington, D.C,`s Lincoln Memorial. Alyssa Milano famously called the caps the modern-day hoods of the Klu Klux Klan.

The standoff involving a group of male students from Covington Catholic High School, who were wearing MAGA hats, and Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder, has come to symbolize the racial divide.

During the 2016 presidential campaign the MAGA hats may have been a neutral symbol, but now they are synonymous with the blatantly racist Trump administration.

The MAGA hat amplifies the racist message that America was great in the 40`s and 50`s when America was predominantly white, and that it can be great again if we deport Mexican, Central American and Haitian immigrants and other riffraff.

Those MAGA kids (Is there a more horrifying phrase?) might as well been wearing KKK regalia while jeering the Native American elder.

You can`t wear a KKK hood in public without facing a visceral backlash, you risk being verbally if not physically assaulted.

Nobody should feel comfortable or safe wearing a MAGA hat, as an Hispanic I take it as a personal affront whenever I see a racist wearing a MAGA cap.

I don`t advocate violence, but I`m surprised that there haven`t been any incidents of MAGA cap-wearing racists assaulted by minorities. To wear a MAGA hat is an intolerable provocation, Trump supporters might as well wear a T-Shirt that says: I hate coons and spicks.

We can start making America Great Again by making it crystal clear that it`s not OK to wear A MAGA hat, and that if you wear one in public, you will pay a price.

Adorable Service Dog Cuddles With Cinderella at Disneyland


“Elijah, a Labrador and Golden Retriever mix and service dog in training, vacationed at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, with his handler in December.

The 1-year-old pup was thrilled when he got the opportunity to meet Cinderella at the Royal Hall tourist attraction at the park.

He immediately walked up to Cinderella and dropped into her lap.”

ABC News

Disneyland is a Magical Kingdom where children gorge on fast food, wait for hours to ride a roller coaster for a minute, and hug adults dressed as their favorite cartoon characters.

Enthralled tots struggle to break free from their parents so they can shake hands with Mickey Mouse or hug Cinderella.

Everything in Disneyland is geared to making children happy, but Elijah a one-year-old puppy was as happy as any child when he vacationed with his handler in the popular amusement park.

Watch as Elijah walks up to Cinderella and cuddles in her lap, oh to be a child again! Cinderella is kind of hot, this adult wouldn`t mind cuddling with her for a few moments.

Link to video and photos of adorable puppy:

Nancy Pelosi Has Spine of Steel Unlike Jell-O Man Paul Ryan! Take Heed Trump!

Strong Leader

Nancy Pelosi isn`t a physically imposing figure, the septuagenarian is of small stature, and she speaks in a trembling hoarse whisper. If she didn`t have to worry about how the public perceives her, she would probably dye her hair blue and use a walker to get around.

But looks can be deceiving, when Pelosi speaks people listen. The Speaker of the House has an ironclad control of her caucus, and any Democratic representative who doesn`t bend to her wishes will find himself or herself broken in pieces.

For the first two years of his administration Trump didn`t face any resistance to his controversial policies or racist comments from the Republican Speaker of the House. Paul Ryan was focused on passing tax reform legislation that benefited the wealthy and screwed the poor, and as long as Trump was onboard with his singular goal he overlooked his myriad moral failings.

Apparently Trump didn`t get the memo that the new sheriff has a spine of steel, and she`s going to fight him tooth and nail. Pelosi has questioned Trump`s manhood, called out his lies to his face, and banned him from delivering the State of the Union Speech in Congress until he ends his shutdown.

Trump needs to get it through his thick head that he`s met his match, and he would be well-advised to treat Pelosi as an equal. Pelosi isn`t going to give in to Trump`s temper tantrums, he needs to give up his pipe dream of building a wall and end his shutdown.

Like Eva Braun Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should Stay With Her Boss to the Bitter End


“Donald Trump has revealed he has told his press secretary Sarah Sanders not to bother with the traditional White House daily press briefing.

The US president posted on Twitter on Tuesday, suggesting that the press is unfair to his combative press secretary.

`The reason Sarah Sanders does not go to the `podium` much anymore is that the press covers her so rudely & inaccurately, in particular certain members of the press,` Mr. Trump wrote.


The White House daily press briefing is a misnomer, insomuch as Sanders held only one briefing in November and December, and none so far this year.

I rarely agree with anything Trump says or does, but I concur wholeheartedly that Sanders shouldn`t bother holding any more press briefings.

Sanders approaches the podium like a Catholic nun circa 1970 approaches her classroom of middle school students, with a surly expression just daring anyone to ask her a question of substance.

With her wonky eye and her eye shadow smeared on her pasty face Sanders is a repulsive figure, but even a homely person can be endearing if she would only smile. But Sanders is as stingy with her smiles as she is with the truth, and I doubt she has a single friend in the press corps.

The Washington Post reporter James Downie perfectly described Sanders as “lazily mendacious,” she doesn`t even make an effort to tell a convincing lie.

Sanders is in an impossible situation, how can anyone be a convincing spokesperson for a pathological liar? The answer is of course that`s a mission impossible, nobody with a shred of integrity and decency would agree to be the spokesperson for a vulgar, racist, know-nothing chronic liar.

Like Hitler`s longtime mistress Eva Braun, Sanders should stay with her boss to the bitter end. Like Braun she should avoid the spotlight, we are as sick and tired of her as we are of her boss.

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Racist Donald Trump Has the Gall to Visit Martin Luther King Jr. Monument

Racist Moron

“Trump laid a wreath Monday morning at the foot of the memorial alongside Vice President Mike Pence before quickly returning to his motorcade.

“It`s a great day. A beautiful day. Thank you for being here. Appreciate it,” Trump told reporters as he stood before the large statue of King.

The President`s visit to the memorial site — which is overseen by the National Park Service — came on the 31st day of the government shutdown, which has left the National Park Service unfunded.”


Donald Trump and Mike Pence stood before the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial for about two minutes before making their getaway on the presidential motorcade.

Had Trump made a visit to a Confederate memorial he would have stayed there at least two hours because no doubt he would have been surrounded by very fine people.

The stable genius also left quickly out of resentment that there will never be a Trump monument in the National Mall.

The trip was unannounced because had people known that the brazen racist had the gall to attend the monument of the civil rights leader, he would have been meet with furious protesters.

I won`t even address the issue of Pence comparing Trump to King, that makes my blood boil.

Hope I hope and pray that Trump will be impeached and removed from office before we celebrate Martin Luther King`s holiday again.

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Screw Politically-Correct Stand-up Comics! I’ll Take Louis CK Over Sofie Hagen!

A comedy club is a consecrated temple where political-correctness is anathema, and the lingua franca is profanity, bringing people of disparate backgrounds together in an orgy of laughter.

Asswipes who are easily triggered have no business darkening the door of a comedy club, they dishonor the memory of giants like Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor who have nurtured our souls with their socially-conscious obscene material.

Sacred cows are slaughtered on the stage, and racial epithets shower the audience, and audience members leaves the temple more enlightened human beings.

Never in the history of comedy has the audience broken out in a spontaneous chorus of Kumbaya or We Shall Overcome, a comedy club is a welcoming but tough place that the weak of mind and spirit should avoid like the plague.

A heckler interrupting a stand-up comic is par for the course, and the crowd never urges the comic to hug it out with the heckler. To the contrary, any comic worth his salt will rip the heckler a sparkling new a-hole.

Louis CK is a pervert and a sexual predator for whacking off in front of unsuspecting females, but he doesn`t break any laws with his profane and outrageous comedy riffs. So he made fun of the Parkland Shooting activists, cry me a fuc*en river, as I`ve previously mentioned there are no scared cows in the comedic realm.

However let me stress that what`s kosher in a comedy club is verboten in any other venue. Politicians for example may be clowns but they aren`t stand-up comics, and if they make a joke at the expense of a racial or religious minority, they should rightly be condemned.

A wholesome comic is an oxymoron, it`s impossible to be funny without being profane and politically-incorrect. With all due respect, screw politically-correct comics and the wankers who clamor for such toothless and spineless comedy.

Donald Trump’s Racist Claim About Prayer Rugs Found at the Border


“On Friday, Donald Trump tweeted the headline to a recent Washington Examiner story, which read: Border rancher we`ve found prayer rugs out here. It`s unreal. As the headline suggests, the story is about a New Mexico rancher who claims to have seen prayer rugs-typically used by observers of Islam-near the U.S.-Mexico border. After the headline, Trump added this: People coming across the Southern Border from many countries, some of which would be a big surprise.

Vanity Fair

In Donald Trump`s announcement speech he set a tone for his campaign and for his administration:

When Mexico sends its people, they`re not sending their best. They`re not sending you. They`re not sending you. They`re sending people that have lots of problems and they`re bringing those problems with us. They`re bringing drugs, they`re bringing crime, they`re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump`s anti-Hispanic immigration rhetoric has been a constant drumbeat during his administration. He ramped up the demonization of brown immigrants in the weeks before the midterm elections. Who can forget the infamous web video — produced for the Trump campaign – featuring the notorious Mexican national, Louis Bracamontes, who was convicted of killing two California deputies?

Trump is once again ratcheting up his anti-immigration rhetoric in a desperate attempt to convince the American public that he is right in refusing to agree to a compromise to fund the government that doesn`t include five billion for his beloved wall.

But this time Trump is adding anti-Muslim hate speech to his vitriolic mix of racism. The racist-in-chief tweeted a headline from the ultraconservative Washington Examiner that quoted a border rancher claiming to have found prayer rugs. Of course Trump realizes that his racist base will conflate Muslim prayer rugs with Islamic terrorists.

The Washington Examiner story is totally bogus, the rancher quoted in the article isn`t identified and she didn`t provide any photographic or video evidence of her magical prayer rugs. Those prayer rugs are as real as Trump`s proposed 30-foot concrete wall between Mexico and the United States.

We mustn`t allow Trump`s noxious anti-immigrant rhetoric to persuade us that we need a wall, and I hope the Democrats remain steadfast and won`t give him a dime for his accursed wall.

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