Trump’s World War 6 Tweet Sets Twitter Ablaze

“For a guy who couldn’t get approved for the Ambassador to the U.N. years ago, couldn’t get approved for anything since, ‘begged’ me for a non Senate approved job, which I gave him despite many saying ‘Don’t do it, sir,’ takes the job, mistakenly says ‘Libyan Model’ on T.V., and…

…. many more mistakes of judgement, gets fired because frankly, if I listened to him, we would be in World War Six by now, and goes out and IMMEDIATELY writes a nasty & untrue book. All Classified National Security. Who would do this?”

Donald Trump tweet

This tweet vividly illustrates how utterly ignorant Trump is of the realities of modern warfare, there’s no way the world could survive World Wars 3-5, by the end of World War 3 the only entities alive on the planet would be cockroaches, Keith Richards and the Donald.

God watches over babies and fools; the unstable moron has survived impeachment and countless scandals and I’m persuaded that Trump’s irradiated orange face would be smiling benignly at the blood red moon in the aftermath of World War 6.

Trump is so oblivious to the realities of geopolitics, religion and weapons of mass destruction that it’s not surprising he unveiled a Middle East peace plan that ignores and disrespects the Palestinian people and grants Israel everything in her bucket list. This one-sided peace plan in the most volatile region in the world may very well ignite World War 3.

Never mind World Wars 3, 4 and 6, our democracy may not survive a second Trump administration. For God’s sake people, in a sane world Trump would be tweeting from behind bars or from a mental asylum, not from the Oval Office. How many more terrifying Trump tweets must we endure before we kick him to the curb?

Hillary Clinton Should Endorse Mayor Pete

“I certainly feel the urge to run again because I feel the 2016 election was a really odd time and an odd outcome,”

Hillary Clinton

It’s not surprising that the septuagenarian pugilist Hillary wants a rematch with the notorious counter-puncher President Donald Trump, since his inauguration she has witnessed the stable genius trample the Constitution, declare war on the co-equal Legislative and Judicial branches of government, embrace dictators and disparage our allies, and stoke racial hatred in the homeland.

Hillary looks at our country in ruins and she naturally wants to restore comity, civility, and the rule of law. But she’s ran for president twice, and our democracy can’t afford for her to try again and strike out. She’s a deeply flawed candidate whose time has come and gone, and instead of contemplating yet another presidential run, she should mentor and support a younger candidate.

The leading contenders for the Democratic nomination are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, but they’re even older than she is and they’re not the answer. Hillary doesn’t seem to have a lot of respect for Biden and the rancor of the 2016 presidential nomination battle between Hillary and Bernie hasn’t healed, and there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that she would support him.

I would suggest that Hillary consider supporting Mayor Pete Buttigieg, he’s intelligent, young, personable and a centrist in the mold of the Clintons. He’s also openly gay, and by supporting him she can make amends for failing to come out of the closet as a lesbian. I’m not going to bother enumerating the many reasons why I know she’s a lesbian, it couldn’t be any clearer if she wore a “Dykes on Bikes” T-shirt.

Hillary please, for once in your political life demonstrate some courage and endorse Mayor Pete. He is supremely qualified to be President of the United States, but he needs the endorsements of the elders in the Democratic Party in order to be considered more seriously by the electorate.

Tommy Tuberville: ‘God Sent Us Donald Trump Because He Knew We Were in Trouble

The Alabama Republican primary race features a cast of characters that could only thrive in a Bible Belt state:

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore whose love for the Bible is only exceeded by his lust for underage girls.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions who campaigns on his loyalty to the president who emasculated and humiliated him on an almost daily basis when he served in his administration.

Former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville who is running an ad in which he says, “God sent us Donald Trump because God knew we were in trouble.”

Only someone who identifies as a “Christian conservative Republican” could make such a patently ridiculous and theologically suspect proclamation.

America is in trouble, in no small part because the President is an amoral, vulgar, autocratic buffoon who cares only about using his office to enrich himself and his family and to burnish his brand.

If the Almighty’s solution for the sorry state of our union is Donald Trump, I would consider becoming an atheist or listening to what the devil has to say.

Fear not, there is no reason to give up faith in God, only heretical white evangelicals think Trump was anointed by the Supreme Being to make America Great Again. The real God has a special place reserved in hell for the likes of Donald Trump.

White Evangelicals Pray Trump’s Assassination of Soleimani Will Usher in Armageddon

President Donald Trump’s assassination/murder of Iranian general Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force, wasn’t a part of a coherent foreign policy, it wasn’t the first stage of a master plan to destabilize Iran and strengthen Israel, Saudi Arabia and our other Arab allies in the Middle East.

What was the impetus for the stable genius’ self-created crisis in Iran? Perhaps Trump was constipated on that day or maybe it was payback for Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s Twitter taunt that Trump couldn’t do anything about the storming of the American embassy in Iraq.

Trump’s impulsive, illegal and ill-conceived action hasn’t yielding any positive results, it’s only served to strengthen Iran’s resolve to sow terror and sectarian discord throughout the Muslim world. And the inevitable bloody revenge of Iran’s terrorist proxies will make Iran’s measured response look like a diplomatic nicety.

Trump’s assassination of the Iranian military and political leader was universally condemned by the world community and by most Americans, but it was applauded by white evangelicals.

The evangelical community has a religious orgasm wherever violence breaks out in the Middle East, they believe that Trump’s short-sighted assassination of the Iranian general will usher in the return of Jesus Christ. Evangelicals believe that Armageddon will take place when Russia, Iran and other Muslim countries join forces to battle Israel, and they become ecstatic whenever any event in the Middle East seems to expedite this prophesied final battle.

I’m not a religious fanatic with an apocalyptic bent or a geopolitical genius, but I agree with white evangelicals that Trump might just usher in the end of the world. His foolhardy murder of Soleimani has blown up any chance for peace anytime in the near future, and it has lit a fuse in the most volatile region in the world.

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned, Trump will tweet while the world explodes, and white evangelicals will erupt in cheers and praises to God.

Donald Trump is a Liar

Donald Trump has as much of an intimate relationship with the truth as I have with Halle Berry. I admire her intelligence, wit, and grace from afar, and to be frank I lust after his physical beauty, but I will probably never be in the same zip code as her, let alone close enough to steal a kiss. Only in my fantasies will I consummate a relationship with the Hollywood sexpot, and only in an alternative universe will Trump be known as a truthteller.

We all tell white lies to avoid hurting the feelings of acquaintances and friends, and sometimes we tell whoppers to avoid the unpleasant truth, but deceit is the very essence of Trump. He lies in the same way that a serial killer murders and in the same manner a prostitute engages in promiscuous sex with any man or woman with a heartbeat and a wallet.

Please forgive me for channeling Trump in describing his relationship to the truth, he wouldn’t know the truth if it rammed him up the wazoo.

We’re all familiar with the statistics, the Stable Genius has told over 15,000 lies since assuming office. Even the short-fingered vulgarian’s most ardent supporters will stipulate that he’s no Honest Abe.

The most obvious consequence of Trump’s compulsive lying is that we take everything he says with a grain of salt, and we have no faith or confidence that he will even attempt to keep his promises.

Another effect of Trump’s mendacious nature is that in order to remain in his good graces, administration officials are forced to obfuscate and prevaricate to cover up for their boss. An honest person in the White House is as scarce as a virgin in a whore house.

Trump not only folds, spindles and mutilates the truth, he has changed the definition of the word. Trump is always ranting against the “fake news”, but we must always keep in mind that he isn’t referring to newspapers and cable news outlets that spread fabrications and lies, but to media organizations that tell the unpleasant truth about the corruption in his administration.

How do we confront a pathological liar when he has the biggest soapbox in the world? It’s easy to grow weary in well doing, but we must expose Trump every time he lies. A news anchor with millions of viewers or a blogger with a few hundred Twitter followers must call out Trump every single time he misrepresents the truth.

A million lies can’t defeat the truth, and an evil man can remain in power for a season by butchering the truth, but in the end the truth always wins out.

Trump’s Deplorable Martin Luther King Jr. Day Tweet

It was exactly three years ago today, January 20, 2017, that I was sworn into office. So appropriate that today is also MLK jr DAY. African-American Unemployment is the LOWEST in the history of our Country, by far. Also, best Poverty, Youth, and Employment numbers, ever. Great!

Donald Trump tweet

From the day he descended the Trump Towers escalator to deliver an anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican diatribe to announce his candidacy for the 2016 election, to his divisive and racist comments in the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots, to his remarks today commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Trump has rarely missed a day to utter a blatantly racist comment.  

In fact, for his entire adult life Trump’s words and actions expose him as a racist, witness the Justice Department suing him in the 70’s for housing discrimination, his call for the innocent Central Park Five to get the death penalty and his Twitter feuds with almost every black celebrity.

Given Trump’s racist streak I am not surprised that his racism surfaced once again on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. First of all, it’s an outrage for the most racist president in recent history to compare himself to a civil rights icon, and it’s an affront to decency, history and righteousness that he tweeted his accomplishments instead of celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

I have studied the history of civil rights and the career of Martin Luther King Jr, and Trump is no King. He is nothing but an ignorant, vulgar, know-nothing buffoon racist.

Trump Slams Plan for Sea Wall to Protect New York City

A massive 200 Billion Dollar Sea Wall, built around New York to protect it from rare storms, is a costly, foolish & environmentally unfriendly idea that, when needed, probably won’t work anyway. It will also look terrible. Sorry, you’ll just have to get your mops & buckets ready.

Donald Trump tweet

There’s always a Trump tweet that will contradict his current stand on any subject. Wha”t better way to ridicule and criticize his proposal to build a wall from sea to sea on our border with Mexico than to recite this tweet?

Trump tweeted about the proposal on Saturday night after The New York Times reported that a six-mile-long seawall was one of the options the Army Corps of Engineers is considering to protect the Big Apple from severe storms that have buffeted the area since in recent years.

Superstorm Sandy proved that the threat against New York City from severe storms is very real, and being a seawall to protect the city isn’t a bad idea. Whereas there is no real threat of America being invaded by a horde of rapists and criminals from Mexico and Central American countries, and building a wall won’t stop honest and hardworking folks seeking a better life in America.

Constructing a six-mile seawall is a piece of cake compared to erecting a 2,000-mile wall. I can envision the seawall being built in a few years, but I can guarantee that a 2,000-mile wall separating us from Mexico won’t be built in a hundred years.

As usual Trump stretches the truth in his tweet, the report estimated the cost of the seawall as $119 billion, not the $200 billion figure cited by Trump.

Trump’s wall is costly, foolish, environmentally unfriendly and it probably won’t work anyway. Sorry Trump, you’ll just have to go back to the drawing board.

Outrage: National Archives Alters Images Critical of Impeached President Trump

Trumpism is a metastatic cancer that hasn’t just destroyed the Executive branch, but Congress, the Judicial system and many other governmental agencies as well.

The only hope for our democracy is removing this malignant cancer by impeachment, voting the scumbag out of office in 2020 may be too late, and if Trump wins reelection historians might as well start writing America’s obituary.

Case in point the National Archives in Washington, D.C altered a photograph depicting the 2017 Women’s March on display in an elevator lobby at the museum. The Archives admitted blurring out the word “Trump” on a “God Hates Trump” poster and removing the president’s name from another poster that reads, “Trump & GOP—Hands Off Women” that are visible in the image. The Archives also removed the words “vagina” and “pussy” from signs that read, “If my vagina could shoot bullets, it’d be less REGULATED” and “This Pussy Grabs Back.”

The National Archives is charged with the preservation and documentation of government and historical records. It’s anathema for the Archives to photoshop, distort or alter in any way a government or historical record.

Twenty, fifty or a hundred years from now it’s imperative that Americans realize that not all Christians were infatuated with Trump, but that many Christians and non-Christians alike were convinced that God hates Trump.

History shouldn’t be subject to the rules of pollical-correctness, how dare mindless bureaucrats remove the words “pussy” and “vagina” from posters that illustrated how furious many women were at the misogynist president.

As a non-partisan, non-political federal agency, the National Archives shouldn’t be worried about the tender sensibilities of our thin-skinned president. The National Archives answers to history and the American public, not to an impeached president.

Space Force Mocked for Unveiling Camo Uniforms! Camo in Space? Really?

“The US Space Force has defended its newly unveiled camouflage uniforms after they were roundly mocked on social media.

The force, officially launched by US President Donald Trump last month, posted a picture of the uniform to its Twitter account.

The uniform in the picture has a woodland camouflage design with badges embroidered on the arm and chest.”


Donald Trump isn’t a fashionista, witness his long red tie, wrinkled suit and orange ring-around-the-collar. God knows he’s not a rocket scientist judging by his incoherent and rambling speeches and the nonsense he posts on his Twitter account.

It should come as no surprise that our commander-in-chief, aka Cadet Bone Spurs, aka Space Cadet unveiled camouflage uniforms for the US Space Force.

I guess it really doesn’t matter if the space soldiers wore polka dot uniforms, because they aren’t going to be fighting any aliens in outer space, although Trump might put them to work keeping illegal aliens (racist term) from invading the homeland.

If extraterrestrial beings take a gander at the ridiculous uniforms of our space soldiers, they might decide that we’re easy pickings and launch an invasion of our little blue planet.

Trump’s Appointment of Ken Starr to His Defense Team Shocks Monica Lewinsky

“This is definitely an ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ kinda day.”

Monica Lewinsky tweet

The mindblowing hypocrisy and unmitigated gall of former independent counsel Ken Starr joining President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team surprised all of us, but it shocked Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern and former President Bill Clinton’s favorite humidor to the point that she channeled the short-fingered vulgarian by posting this tweet punctuated with an expletive.  

Lewinsky’s sexual relationship with Slick Willy led to his impeachment in 1998, and it made Starr a conservative darling for heading the investigation.

The former White House intern didn’t explicitly make it clear that her tweet was a reference to the hiring of Starr and his successor as independent counsel, Robert Ray, by Trump’s defense team, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, presidential historian or a political pundit to connect the dots.

I feel you Monica, every day since Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States has been an “are you fucking kidding me kinda day.”

We can only hope that our long national nightmare will end sooner rather than later, and the Republican Senators will finally do the right thing and remove Trump from office, leading all of us to exclaim in relief and astonishment:

This is an are you fucking kidding me kinda day!

January 2020 Archives Page Two:

Trump Rallies White Evangelicals by Expanding ‘Constitutional Prayer’ in Public Schools

And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Matthew 6:5

President Donald Trump marked “Religious Freedom Day” by signing an executive order expanding “Constitutional prayer” in public schools, his latest effort to shore up his white evangelical base with the general election just months away.

This executive action is emblematic of his tenure in office for the following reasons:

It illustrates how Trump represents his base, and will do anything to appease them, while ignoring communities that didn’t vote for him.

It once again drives home the point that the king of the white evangelicals issues executive decrees instead of working with Congress to establish laws that will withstand judicial scrutiny.

It demonstrates how Trump loves photo ops where he signs an executive order that is sometimes unconstitutional, and sometimes unnecessary. Although the Supreme Court banned school-sponsored prayer in public schools in a 1962 decision because it violated the First Amendment students are allowed to meet and pray on school grounds.

As long as there are students who haven’t studied for a test, and students who are afraid that their crush won’t accept their invitation to the prom there will be prayer in public schools.

But white evangelicals want their children to pray loudly and openly in the name of Jesus, never mind the sensibilities of atheist, Muslim and Jewish students.

Finally, it shows us that Trump is cognizant that the stench of impeachment won’t dissipate before the general election, and he will take desperate measures to shore up his base.

What the Hell is Wrong With Donald Trump?

There is something seriously wrong with Donald Trump, even his most ardent supporters privately stipulate to this glaring and manifest reality.

Many religious people believe that Trump has sold his soul to the devil for earthly fame and wealth. However, America is a post-Christian nation and most of us believe that environment and free will shape our actions and behaviors, and “the devil made me do it” is the excuse of a bygone era.

Some secular folks believe that Trump has a psychological disorder, be it a borderline personality disorder or a narcissist personality disorder. Fundamentalists believe that all the reasons for humankind’s sins can be found in the Bible, and humanists believe that all the answers for are failings can be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Maybe Trump’s pathological behavior stems from a physical cause, be it dementia or an undiagnosed brain tumor. Have decades of guzzling Diet Coke and eating steaks, hamburgers and fried chicken taken a toll on his body and mind?

Or is Trump on drugs? Trump sniffled extensively and experienced difficulty articulating words during his speech to the nation following the assassination of Iranian General. Qassem Soleimani. A speed freak fresh out of a party with his druggie pals could have delivered a more coherent and articulate speech. The Iran speech wasn’t an aberration, the stable genius frequently has a severe case of the sniffles when delivering an important address. Does the septuagenarian commander-in-chief do lines of Adderall all day to remain conscious?

Or is Trump simply a jerk, the mother of all assholes?

I’m not a theologian, psychiatrist, physician or philosopher, I am merely a third-rate pundit, but in my humble opinion we should spend less time pondering why Trump is such a disaster, and spend more time removing him from office by any means necessary.

Let’s Save Our Democracy and Defeat White Evangelicals and Their False Messiah Donald Trump

When he was a real estate mogul Donald Trump made political contributions to politicians of both parties but mainly Democrats, including liberal icons Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Trump carefully cultivated an image as a playboy by dating movie stars, Playboy bunnies and porn stars.

Prior to Trump’s announcing his run for the presidency in 2015 no politician, theologian, or pundit would have predicted that he would be embraced by white evangelicals as their political savior.

In short, there was little in Trump’s decadent lifestyle to suggest that the real estate developer and reality TV star would enjoy a third career as the Republican champion of family values and religious liberty.

 It’s 2020 and the morally degenerate and politically corrupt short-fingered vulgarian is embraced by white evangelicals more than ever, after three years of spewing vitriol on Twitter, making common cause with white nationalists, supporting dictators and generally acting like the antichrist.

Trump may have been a novice politician but he was a very cunning one and he realized that his surest path to the presidency was by cultivating an unholy alliance with white evangelicals. Other Republican politicians like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush have won the presidency in no large part by pandering to the religious right, but Trump gave them more than just lip service. Trump is the evangelicals wet dream incarnate, he appointed two pro-life Supreme Court Justices, filled the federal courts with conservatives, surrounded himself with a God-fearing cabinet and gave Israel everything on their bucket list.

Is it any wonder that white evangelicals hail the morally repugnant Trump as God’s appointee on Earth and compare him to a Biblical king? Is it any wonder that Trump acts as if the Constitution doesn’t apply to him and he’s above the law, when he’s treated like a Messiah by his base?

Trump has been an out-of-control disaster in his first term, but if he survives impeachment and is re-elected, he will be vindicated and emboldened, and so uncontrollable that he may bring on Armageddon. It’s incumbent upon Americans of all political parties and all religions, including evangelicals who recognize Trump as an emissary of the devil, to save our democracy by doing everything in our power to defeat Trump. For God’s sake and our democracy’s sake vote for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.

Trump Retweets Fake Image of Pelosi and Schumer in Muslim Garb

Reading Donald Trump’s Tweeter feed is as enlightening, illuminating and life-affirming as reading a serial killer’s diary, there isn’t a low he won’t sink to appeal to his racist base.

Trump retweeted a photoshopped image of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in traditional Islamic garb, standing in front of an Iranian flag, with the caption “Democrats 2020.”

The stable genius, renowned diplomat and geopolitical master is implying that the top two Democrats, and by extension most Democrats, support the Iranian regime.

Trump may be unable to find Iran in a map, but even he knows that Pelosi and Schumer aren’t in league with Iran, but he loves feeding red meat to his ravenous base. Many of the rednecks, religious fanatics and assorted riff raff in his base will actually believe that Pelosi and Schumer are secretly Muslim, they will believe anything their Messiah says.

Trump is furious with these Democrats for having the temerity to demand that the administration offer detailed information about the supposed “imminent” threat posed by Iranian general Qasem Soleimani which led to the US military’s assassination of him by a drone strike.

Let’s not forget that one of Trump’s first actions as president was the Muslim ban, there is simply no room in Trump’s America for dark-skinned Muslims. This anti-Muslim image is just the latest manifestation of Trump’s abhorrence of Muslims and other religious and racial minorities.

Trump may be winning points with his racist base, but he isn’t winning hearts and minds in the Muslim world, and the most extreme elements in the Muslim world will respond with bombs and assassinations of their own.

One Million Moms Thongs in a Twist Over Burger King Commercial Using the ‘D’ Word!

Monica Cole is the Director of One Million Moms at American Family Association. This ultra-conservative organization recently got their panties in a twist over a Zola commercial featuring two women kissing at the altar. They were successful in getting the Hallmark Channel to momentarily pull the offensive commercial that was destroying the fabric of American life.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be using plural pronouns to describe One Million Moms, there’s a very real possibility that this advocacy group consists of only one meddling mom, the aforementioned Monica Cole.

I feel inspired by One Million Moms, not to demonized gays and lesbians but to call myself One Million Militant Men (the alliteration should please Cole.) That way when I publish my anti-trump essays online, I can claim that I speak on behalf of a million men.

Cole has found a new controversy to wax indignant about: the use of the D-Word by Burger King in their commercials. It’s not the word “Douche” or “Dick” that offends the tender sensibilities of Cole, but the ultra-mild expletive, “Damn.”

Cole writes:

The language in the commercial is offensive, and it’s sad that this once family restaurant has made yet another deliberate decision to produce a controversial advertisement instead of a wholesome one.

In the Burger King commercial that is currently airing on TV, customers’ responses are being videoed as they taste-test the Impossible Whopper. One man is completely shocked that the burger is not beef, so he uses the d-word to describe how he feels about himself for being deceived by the taste of the burger.

My reaction?

Damn, this woman is bananas! She needs to get laid to make her forget about women kissing and men exclaiming, “Damn” after tasting a delicious Impossible Whopper.

I am willing to take one for the team and give Cole a night she will never forget. Maybe after an hour in the sack with me, she will change the name of her group to One Million Satisfied Women and she will cease her meddling ways.

Pic of Donald Trump Jr. Brandishing Rifle Exposes His Racism

“A photo of President Donald Trump’s oldest son smiling while holding a semi-automatic rifle bearing medieval symbols and a cartoon of Hillary Clinton behind bars drew swift attention over the weekend, with hate group researchers pointing out that the medieval symbols have been embraced by extremist groups.

Donald Trump Jr. posted the photo Sunday on Instagram with a nod in the caption to the controversial design, which included a Crusader Cross — also known as a Jerusalem Cross — and helmet on the lower receiver, as well as a magazine featuring the image of the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee.”


A federal investigation into Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One has found nothing worthy of criminal investigation, but rightwing extremists will continue to shout “Lock Her Up” even until she’s a nonagenarian barely holding on to life in a nursing home.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see Donald Trump Jr. photographed brandishing a semi-automatic rifle with a cartoon depicting Hillary behind bars.

A photograph of the son of the most powerful man in the world brandishing an assault rife is a veiled threat against racial minorities and other disenfranchised communities. After all, Junior is protected by the Secret Service and he has no need for an assault rifle for personal protection. Trump Jr. is relishing in the fact that white privilege allows him to pose holding a rifle without fear of being investigated by the FBI. If I, an Hispanic American posted a pic on Facebook of me brandishing an assault rifle with a carton of Trump behind bars, the FBI would come knocking at my door.

The intimidating firearm also has a Crusader Cross, a medieval symbol embraced by anti-Muslim extremist groups.

Yeah, we get it! You’re just like your dad: a pathetic little man who compensates for his physical shortcomings by brandishing guns. We get that you hate Muslims and other religious and racial minorities, and that you would love to gun us all down.

Global Community Has Little Trust Trump Will Do the Right Thing in Foreign Affairs

“The majority of people around the world have little confidence that President Trump will do the “right thing” in world affairs, according to a new poll published by the Pew Research Center.”

CBS News

The President of the United States is by default the Leader of the Free World and regardless of his personal failings he is regarded by the majority of people around the world as an exemplar of American values: democracy, respect for the rule of law an abhorrence of violence and criminality.

But Trump isn’t your grandfathers’ president, and according to a new poll published by the Pew Research Center the majority of global citizens have little confidence that Trump will do the “right thing” in world affairs.

It’s not just Muslim or communist countries where Trump is held in low esteem, this anti-Trump sentiment is particularly strong in western Europe, where under 25% of people in Spain, France and Germany say they have confidence in the stable genius.

It’s not surprising that Trump is anathema in the civilized world, and the uncivilized world, how can other countries be expected to respect him when he is loathed in America for his despicable words, actions and policies?

Trump’s “America First” foreign policy is rightly interpreted by the peoples of the world as a doctrine that power rules, and as the most powerful military and economic power in the world America, under Trump, acts in its self-interest. Trump’s controversial “America First” actions such as withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Climate Accord don’t serve the best interests of America or the world.

It’s incumbent upon the American electorate to restore America’s international image and reputation by kicking Trump to the curb, and electing the Democratic general election candidate, whomever he or she might be.

Things You Can’t Unsee: Donald Trump as Baby Yoda

Donald Trump has the patience and attention span of a colicky baby, it’s no surprise that he’s often called a “man baby” and often depicted as a baby by political cartoonists.

An inflatable caricature of Trump known as Trump Baby has flown in countless demonstrations all over the world. My most horrifying nightmare is that when I’m raptured to meet Christ is the air, I’m intercepted by Trump Baby and dragged down to hell.

Even Donald Trump Jr. depicted his infantile father as a baby, he shared a doctored image on Instagram depicting his dad as Baby Yoda from the new Disney Plus “Star Wars” spinoff series “The Mandalorian.”

Arguably Baby Yoda is the most beloved character from the Star Wars franchise and there’s a special place reserved in hell for Trump Jr. for desecrating the image of Baby Yoda.

Trump as Baby Yoda is almost as disturbing and mind-numbing as Trump as President of the United States.

For the love of God let’s put this man baby on permanent time-out on election day 2020.

Pic of Donald Trump as Baby Yoda:

Eulogist at Qassem Soleimani’s Funeral Calls for Trump’s Assassination! What Do You Think?

A eulogist at the funeral procession of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani has called for President Donald Trump to be assassinated.

“Anyone who brings the yellow haired lunatic to us will get 80 million dollars from the Iranian people”, said the grief-stricken and outraged mourner.

He wasn’t alone in his grief and outrage at the Trump administration, more than a million people took to the streets of Tehran to pay their respects to the iconic Iranian military and political leader, and to vent their anger at the aforementioned yellow haired lunatic.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Iranians are calling for the assassination of Trump, “an eye for an eye” is a proverb that everyone in the Middle East lives by. If Trump ordered the assassination of an Iranian government official naturally the patriotic people of Iran are calling out for the blood of the feckless leader of America.

I didn’t shed any tears when Soleimani was murdered, the blood of hundreds of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi civilians are in his hands, and likewise I won’t shed any tears if Trump is assassinated, he has destroyed democracy, civility and morality in the homeland and he has made America a worldwide laughingstock.

Defending Trump Won’t Spark Revival in the Evangelical Movement, It Will Only Incur the Wrath of God

In a recent speech in Louisiana, President Donald Trump commended evangelicals for supporting him in the fraught contest over impeachment. He said church leaders were telling him that impeachment was fostering spiritual revival: ‘I got a call from the evangelical leaders the other day, a whole lot of them. They said the church has never been more energized as it is right now because of what they’re trying to do to our president,’ Trump said.”

The Dallas Morning News

Historically the Christian church has been revived when Christians renounce materialism and secularism, and return to the foundations of their faith: prayer, reading the Bible and proclaiming the Gospel.

There is never a political component to true revival, revival doesn’t emanate from Washington, D.C, but from churches, large and small, throughout the country returning to the basics of Christianity.

Anti-abortion judges appointed by the president, or laws bringing prayer back to school won’t spark revival. You can’t legislate morality or revival, revival is a spiritual manifestation, not a political movement.

The controversy over impeachment isn’t fostering a spiritual revival. Consider how absurd it is to argue that for Christians to defend a morally compromised, politically corrupt, racist, homophobic, greedy and serial sexual predator is going to foster spiritual revival in the American church.

If white evangelicals are serious about being spiritually energized, they will speak truth to power, and call upon Donald Trump to repent of his racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, corruption, and moral degeneracy.

Donald Trump to Evangelicals: ‘God is on our Side

Donald Trump is courting evangelicals following a scathing editorial in Christianity Today (CT).  The editor of the mainstream evangelical publication questioned whether evangelicals could justify supporting Trump given his grievous moral failings.

The CT essay is an aberration, the vast majority of white evangelicals are enthralled by their Orange Messiah, and Trump doesn’t have to worry about losing their support.

The short-fingered vulgarian is trying to expand his support beyond white evangelicals by speaking at a Hispanic megachurch in Florida, telling the congregation that “we have God on our side”.

The most successful con artists never doubt their ability to sell a bill of goods to anyone, and the amoral, greedy, serial sexual predator figures that if he was able to persuade white evangelicals that he’s the Second Coming, then he might even win over Hispanic evangelicals even though he’s blatantly anti-immigrant and anti-people of color.

Hispanic evangelicals who support the stable genius should be ostracized by real Christians and disowned by their Latino brothers and sisters.

Real Christians don’t worry whether or not the Almighty is on their side, they seek to be on God’s side by ministering to the prisoners, immigrants and the poor and homeless.

You don’t have to be a theologian to deduce that God isn’t on the side of Trump and his Republican sycophants. The enmity that Trump and white evangelicals harbor toward immigrants, people of color, and gays and Lesbians are anathema to the peace-loving, merciful and gracious Jesus of the Gospels.

Trump Tied With Obama as the Most Admired Man in America

“For the first time ever, President Donald Trump tied with his predecessor, Barack Obama, as the most admired man in America this year, according to the annual poll from Gallup. 2019 marks Obama’s 12th year at the top of the list, tying him with former president Dwight Eisenhower.

Trump has never before topped the list, which is compiled by asking Americans to name which living man and woman they admire most. The question is open-ended.”

Yahoo News

Donald Trump tied with Barack Obama as the most admired man in America.

This isn’t a headline from the satirical publication “The Onion” and the poll wasn’t conducted by the Trump-friendly “Rasmussen Reports” but by the highly respected “Gallup” company.

What can we glean from this headline other than the hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are deafening?

The incumbent U.S. president is usually the choice for America’s most admired living man, even if he is a racist, ignorant and blithering idiot like Trump. Out of 72 prior polls, the incumbent president has placed first 58 times.

Hopefully, Americans will come to their senses in 2020 and Trump won’t be reelected and he will completely disappear from this poll.

The results of this poll speak of the intellectual laziness of Americans, by default they name the current occupant of the White House as the man they admire the most without contemplating if he’s had a positive or negative impact on society.

This poll also reflects the undying loyalty of Trump supporters, they would vote for the short-fingered vulgarian as the most admired living man even if Jesus Christ returned and lived in Idaho.

You’d think that an amoral buffoon like Trump would be thrilled that he’s tied with Obama as the most admired man in America, but I’m sure he’s furious that he can’t overcome the legacy of his predecessor.