Melania Trump’s Evil Bloody-Red Christmas Trees

If Donald Trump was responsible for decorating the White House for Christmas the trees would be blinking neon, mistletoe would be hung in the womens bathrooms, and the White House would be lit up like a whorehouse.

The only thing worse than having the fucking moron decorate the White House is having his clueless wife do it.

The entire civilized world is seeing red at Melania`s forest of cone-shaped, crimson trees, the crazy former nude model has turned the People`s House into Dracula`s palace.

I`m a purist and I think a Christmas tree should be natural and green thus reminding us of nature, a red tree evokes images of Christmas in hell.

These are not normal times in the White House and in our country, and I guess blood-red Christmas trees are a perfect fit for our troubled times.

In the holiday season we take comfort in the beloved traditions of the yule log, Christmas carols, eggnog, and a traditional tree, there`s nothing traditional about a red tree, thus reminding us that everything if off kilter and we are living in hell.

I long for the day when sanity is restored, Trump is impeached and spending Christmas in a brothel decorated with red trees, and a normal president is in the White House trimming a natural Christmas tree.

Pic of Melania`s evil red Xmas trees:

Donald Trump Refers to Himself as ‘President T’

So great that oil prices are falling (thank you President T). Add that, which is like a big tax cut, to our other good economic news. Inflation down (are you listening Fed).

Donald Trump tweet

Only a narcissist refers to himself in the third person, and only a fuc*ing moron bestows upon himself a nickname.

The first time I read this tweet, I thought to myself, “President T sounds like a rap moniker,” so I wasn`t too surprised to discover that a London-based rapper uses that stage name.

The rapper President T should take advantage of the situation by releasing a diss track of Trump, he certainly wouldn`t be the first rapper to drop a track mocking the stable genius.

Or better yet the rapper should challenge Trump to a rap battle; I would love to see the famous counter-puncher try to land some verbal jabs. The real President T would spit some nasty rhymes while Trump would drool in fear and humiliation.

Wouldn`t it be nice if President T or Mr. T would pimp slap Trump and force him to resign?


White Evangelicals a Threat to Our Nation! We Can’t Wait for God to Smite Them! We Must Act Now!

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore posted the following meme to his Facebook page:

Rather than putting `Christ` back in `Christmas,` I`d settle for putting `Christ` back in `Christians.

The agitprop movie director has said and written a lot of provocative things in his career, but this meme is fairly tame and it recirculates every year during the Christmas season.

In this bitterly divided nation the left-wing filmmaker`s innocuous message has received a strong reaction on social media. The post has accumulated almost 40,000 likes, 10,000 shares and 1,000 comments.

Now it`s my turn to give you my two cent`s worth of commentary. I strongly agree with Moore`s sentiments, I`d settle for white evangelical Christians putting Christ back in Christians.

White evangelicals have so perverted Christianity that they should be labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I don`t recognize the humility, mercy and compassion of Jesus Christ in the behavior of white evangelicals who demonize gays and lesbians, countenance racism and bigotry, treat women like second-class citizens and display seething hatred of immigrants and minorities.

I could never be persuaded to take up arms against al-Qaeda or ISIS in Afghanistan or Iraq, but I will gladly take up metaphorical arms against white evangelicals in America.

White evangelicals are the greatest threat to democracy and freedom and we can`t idly wait for the Almighty to smite these reprobates, it is incumbent upon us to wage war against them until their pernicious ideology is discredited and defeated.

I`m going to help put “Christ” back in “Christmas” by kicking these religious fascists to the curb.

Shawn Mendes Looks Gay and Acts Gay, But is He Really Gay? Does it Matter?

“How many times will Shawn Mendes have to say hes not gay for people to believe him?

The 20-year-old Canadian star emphasized his heterosexuality in Rolling Stone`s December issue and discussed the constant stress he feels living his life in the spotlight.

`I`d like to say I don`t care about it, but that`s not true,` he said, before adding, `this massive, massive thing for the last five years about me being gay.`”

Page Six

Shawn Mendes exudes a gay vibe, he wouldn`t look gayer even if he tattooed a rainbow flag on his forehead. I`m not saying he`s gay, but most gays are sure he`s batting for their team.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much, he frequently proclaims that he`s heterosexual.

Here`s a good rule to follow: If you look like the gayest gentleman in the world, but you don`t happen to be gay, don`t get your panties in a twist proclaiming you`re not gay. Everyone and their gay uncle is going to think you`re gay!

Clearly it bothers Mendes that a lot of people think he`s gay, he keeps harping on the issue. Listen girlfriend, your true fans don`t care if your gay, there`s nothing wrong with being gay. Haters are going to hate, and Twitter trolls are going to troll, just concentrate on your music.

I don`t care if Mendes is gay, but the fact that he`s a Canadian artist like Justin Bieber and Nickelback — that I just can`t forgive.

Read More:

Crazy Cat Lady Rescuing Her Kitty Gets Stuck in Tree

“A woman in North Highlands got stuck in a tree Thursday and had to be rescued by Sacramento Metro Fire personnel after trying to rescue a cat, according to a tweet from Metro Fire.”

Sacramento Bee

Firefighters rescue a cat stuck in a tree: not news it happens all the time.

Cops bash a young black man upside the head for jaywalking: not news it happens all the time.

Firefighters rescue a crazy cat lady who got stuck in a 30-foot tree trying to rescue her kitty: now we`re talking.

I love Tico, my 25-pound, kitty, and if fatso got stuck in a 5-foot tree (that`s probably as high as he could climb), I wouldn`t risk injury trying to save him. I`m an old codger and my bones are brittle, I`d break a bone if I fell off a step stool.

I bet the woman felt like the biggest fool in the world when she had to be rescued by first responders, especially after the feline descended the tree on its own.

Read more here:

Outrage: RNC Peddling Donald Trump Merchandise

The Republican National Committee (RNC) faced withering online criticism on Black Friday after it hawked items in Donald Trump`s online store.

The RNC tweeted: There`s only one thing better than a Black Friday deal … and that`s a Trump Black Friday deal.

It`s a Black Friday indeed for the Republican Party, they`ve sacrificed their bedrock principles of fiscal conservatism, family values, and a fierce opposition to dictatorships and communist states, for the instant gratification of conservative Supreme Court Justices and tax cuts for the wealthy.

Instead of providing checks and balances on a runaway administration, the Grand Old Party has been reduced to peddling Trump memorabilia. The Trump takeover of the GOP is complete; I`d be hard-pressed to name a Republican leader with a backbone or a shred of dignity.

Thank God the Democrats have regained control of the House, they can provide proper checks and balances on an authoritarian president, and once the Mueller report is released, they will have enough ammunition to impeach him.

I`m not going to buy any Trump merchandise, one day a MAGA hat will be consigned to the dustbin of history along with a Richard Nixon`s the One campaign button.

Jim Carrey’s Latest Anti-Trump Cartoon is Another Masterpiece

Jim Carrey the brilliant comic thespian and genius artist has been chronicling the corruption and ineptitude of the Trump administration with his masterpiece cartoons. I look forward to a new Carrey cartoon as much as I once waited eagerly for a new Carrey movie comedy.

In the latest Carrey masterwork he depicts Trump as an infant inside the brain of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

The cartoon is captioned “Baby on Board,” and the Man Baby is controlling the levers inside Whitaker`s huge head.

Whitaker is as unqualified to be Attorney General as Trump is unqualified to be president. Trump elevated the partisan hack to his position only because he can control him in a way he never could Deputy Attorney General Rod Jay Rosenstein.

Thank goodness the Democrats have regained control of the House, they will make sure that the Whitaker puppet will be unable to derail Special Counsel Robert Mueller`s investigation.

Keep up the good work Jim Carrey, you can bet Trump throws a tantrum whenever you post a new cartoon online.

Link to pic of Carrey masterpiece:

Robert Paul Reyes: My List of Unusual Thanksgiving Blessings

I`ve already posted a serious list of Thanksgiving blessings:


This is my list of unusual Thanksgiving blessings.


Unlike most wankers who have a disabled license plate or placard I have a legitimate disability. I`m thankful for my disabled placard because it affords me the luxury of parking in front of the grocery store, movie theatre or restaurant like the biggest pimp in town.


I`m grateful for Bluetooth technology because when I talk to myself in public, as I am wont to do, folks just assume I`m using Bluetooth headphones.


Thank God for these self-checkout stations, they allow me to avoid human interaction. I`m tired of cashiers looking at me askance when they scan my unhealthy items.


I have access to thousands of films, and thanks to using my sister`s account it doesn`t cost me a dime.


Who doesn`t love cat videos? Fortunately, they are as ubiquitous as porn, and the purring of the kitties is nowhere near as annoying as the fake moaning of porn stars.


I`m a minimalist to the core and sending an angry smiley saves me a hell of a lot of keystrokes.


I can pop a dozen of these in my mouth without feeling like a total pig.

Outrage: Franklin Graham Selling Pro-Trump T-Shirts at Billy Graham Library

“Now Franklin Graham is inviting evangelical Christians to wear their support for Donald Trump, America`s 45th president.

The North Carolina-based evangelist is selling “Pray for 45” T-shirts in the store at Charlotte`s Billy Graham Library.

It`s Graham`s answer to “Impeach 45″ T-shirts, baby clothes and Frisbees that were briefly advertised by third-party sellers on Walmart`s website.”

Charlotte Observer

Televangelists` stock-in-trade is selling ridiculous religious trinkets such as prayer cloths and anointing oil to their gullible followers.

Not to be outdone by his evangelical brethren, the Rev. Franklin Graham is selling “Pray for 45” T-shirts in the store at Charlotte`s Billy Graham Library.

Billy Graham must be rolling over in his grave at the idea of a T-shirt supporting a president who resembles the anti-Christ more than Jesus Christ being sold in a library named after him.

To add insult to injury the online ad for the profane T-shirts includes a pitch from the Bible.

Many sincere Christians pray for Trump regularly, they pray that he will turn from his wicked ways and embrace God. White evangelicals, on the other hand, pray that God will bless the most corrupt, racist and inept administration in history.

The store at the Billy Graham library should sell KKK pointy caps and dunce hats, they would go perfectly with the pro-Trump T-shirts.

Vision of Hell: Taco Bell Selling Taco-Themed Sweaters and Leggings for the Holidays


“Taco Bell is trading turkeys for tacos – and getting in the holiday spirit for Thanksgiving.

The Yum! Brands fast food chain partnered with Tipsy Elves to release a line of taco-themed sweaters and leggings fit for the holidays so fans can showcase exactly what they`re grateful for: Taco Bell.


The red sweater says, `Thankful for Taco Bell,` while the blue one reads, `Happy Friendsgiving,` alongside an images of a taco-turkey.”

Fox News

I occasionally patronize fast food restaurants; I might stop at a McDonald`s for their excellent coffee or drop by a Chick-fil-A for their tasty Waffle Potato Fries, but I`d rather make a run to the border of hell than eat at a Taco Bell.

As an Hispanic I find their menu an affront to my culture, Taco Bell is to Mexican food what a 7-11 frozen pizza is to Italian food. In fact, Taco Bell barely qualifies as real food, they`ve been sued over meat that`s just 35 percent beef.

Taco Bell is probably the only fast food franchise allowed in hell, but I`ll never know for sure because I`m destined for a place where I sit on clouds and munch on Krispy Kreme donuts.

I think it`s entirely appropriate that the God-awful Taco Bell is releasing a line of ugly Christmas sweaters and leggings. I`m a peace warrior and I don`t advocate violence against anyone, but a cretin who wears a Taco Bell sweater and leggings for the holidays should be dropped in a vat of boiling hot Taco Bell grease.

These execrable clothing items don`t come cheap, the sweater will set you back $59 and the leggings are $28.

If I die and wake up only to be greeted by a demon sporting leggings covered in tacos I know that a horrible mistake was made!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all my readers, and may there be no Taco Bell sweaters and leggings in your X-mas stockings.