Trump and Evangelicals Deserve Each Other

Evangelicals fetishize the Ten Commandments, but most of them are unable to remember more than two or three of them. Not surprising since there are three different versions of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament. To make things even more complicated, the three versions are organized and phrased quite differently.

Evangelicals are always clamoring to have the Decalogue posted in classrooms, courtrooms and other public buildings. You’d expect evangelicals to support a presidential candidate whose rhetoric and behavior demonstrates that he is at least making an effort to abide by God’s most important laws.

Instead, they enthusiastically support a serial sexual predator and pathological liar who brags about breaking the laws of humans and the Almighty. Donald Trump’s biography is antithetical to that of a spiritually-minded person who is seeking to live by God’s Top Ten Laws.  The soulless sociopath breaks them every day, and a dozen times on Sunday.

Moses gave the ancient Israelites the Ten Commandments, and former President Ronald Reagan gave Republicans the Eleventh Commandment:

 “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”

Trump shits all over the Eleventh Commandment with as much glee and enthusiasm as he does over the original ten. The twice-impeached former president eviscerates his political opponents, his attacks on Mike Pence, Nikki Haley and especially Ron DeSantis are crude, vulgar, petty and in most cases demonstrably false.

Evangelicals who would be hard pressed to recite the Ten Commandments, worship a presidential candidate who delights in breaking them. Their hero also makes a mockery of the Eleventh Commandment that was handed down to them by the greatest Republican hero, Ronald Reagan.

My favorite commandment is: Indict Donald Trump. I’m vehemently against posting the Ten Commandments in any public building, but I hope Trump is indicted, convicted and imprisoned in a cell with a giant poster of the Commandments on the wall of his cell.

Don’t Expect DeSantis to Hit Trump Below the Belt

Notwithstanding most polls that indicate the incumbent president Joe Biden would beat Trump and Ron DeSantis in the General Election, the Republican governor of Florida is convinced that he is the only Republican who can beat Biden.

A solid argument could be made that the young gun DeSantis would pulverize the octogenarian in a matchup. DeSantis wouldn’t have to deliver a haymaker to knock out the doddering and hapless Biden, a glancing blow would put him out of commission.

Bur before he can square off against Biden, DeSantis needs to knock out the schoolyard bully, Donald Trump. The only way to knock out a ruffian the likes of Trump is to put on some brass knuckles, punch him in the nose, and then kick him in the head to finish him off.

If as expected DeSantis formally launches his presidential run this week, he will finally have the opportunity to take on his tormentor and pound the hell out of him.

Expect DeSantis to wimp out. The governor will mostly ignore the daily Trump taunts and insults and will decline to take on the twice-impeached, freshly indicted former president head-on. DeSantis has no choice but to risk alienating the MAGA base and rhetorically destroy Trump.

Nobody has ever really landed a solid blow on Trump, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. What are Republican presidential candidates so afraid of, Trump like all bullies is a coward, and he’s not going to hurt anyone with his pathetic doll hands.

DeSantis needs to put on his big boy boxing shorts on and punch Trump on the nose and not hesitate to hit him below the waist.

NAACP Issues Travel Advisory for Racist Florida

The U.S government issues travel alerts to countries where crime, civil unrest, kidnapping and terrorism pose a threat to Americans. The federal government has warned against traveling, at one time or another, to uncivilized and backwards nations like Syria, Somalia and Lebanon.

In Florida, under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis, civil rights, women’s rights, and democracy itself has so deteriorated that the NAACP issued a travel advisory for Florida warning potential tourists that recent laws and policies enacted by Gov. Ron DeSantis and GOP Florida lawmakers are openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ individuals.

If you are a person of color or a member of the LGBTQ community you are making a big mistake if you vacation in the Sunshine State. Frankly, you are out of your mind if you are considering moving to Florida.

I feel a little bit hypocritical because I just visited Florida for a family reunion. I beseech my sister, brother and nieces to please move away from that godforsaken state, so I will never have to return.

The NAACP’s decision didn’t come out of nowhere, Florida has enacted laws that are blatantly racist, and would have been popular under Jim Crow. For example, the DeSantis’ administration rejected the College Board’s Advanced Placement African American studies course. The racist DeSantis administration has advocated for measures that ban state colleges from having programs on diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as critical race theory. And they have passed the Stop WOKE Act (should be called anti-Black Act) that restricts certain race-based conversations and analysis is schools and businesses.

The DeSantis administration has made it crystal clear that blacks and other racial minorities and the LGBTQ community isn’t welcome in Florida. So why the hell enrich the coffers of this racist state by spending your vacation dollars in the land of DeSantis?

Tourism is the biggest industry in Florida, make a statement by staying the hell out of Florida, and really hitting them in the pocketbook.

Evangelicals are an Impediment to Universal Healthy Mental and Physical Health

“Praying, reading the Bible, and having a strong Christian faith can have a positive impact on both mental and physical health, according to a new report.

According to the “Faith and Wellness: Evangelical Insights on Healing and Physicians” report, released by Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts, 99% of evangelical Protestants agree that praying, reading the Bible, and having a strong Christian faith all contribute to positive mental health.”


If only evangelicals devoted their time praying for world peace and brotherly love, and reading the Bible as a devotional.

But the sad reality is that too many evangelicals waste their time reading about conspiracy theories, Christian nationalism and racist propaganda on the darkest corners of the Internet.

And when they do read the Bible it’s not to seek spiritual enlightenment, but to look for verses that they can weaponize against gays and lesbians, immigrants and pro-choice advocates.

Evangelicals don’t pray for global peace, unity and harmony, instead they pray that their God will smite liberals, the LGBT community and everyone who doesn’t subscribe to their Neanderthal beliefs.

That’s why there is no mental wellness in the evangelical movement. How can you be at peace with yourself when you hate everyone who isn’t part of your religious cult?

Having a strong faith isn’t a positive when it inspires vindictiveness, intolerance and inhumanity.

Almost 100 percent of the general population believes that evangelicals are an impediment to universal healthy mental and physical health. The world would be a better place without their divisive rhetoric and evil behavior.

The ReAwaken America Tour Unites QAnon Nuts, the MAGA Faithful and White Evangelicals

The ReAwaken America Tour, founded by former Donald Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, is a traveling religious/political circus that features the biggest grifters, conspiracy theorists and evangelical hucksters, like the MyPillow guy, Roger Stone and Eric Trump.

The audience for this alt-right festival is comprised of QAnon conspiracy theorists, white evangelical Christians, the MAGA faithful and Christian nationalists. In other words, the audience is almost completely white, you will spot only a handful of Uncle Toms.

During the ReAwaken Tour that started on Thursday at the Trump National Doral in Miami, an Uncle Tom preacher, Mark Burns, was actually allowed to address the audience.

The Oreo preacher delivered the toxic goods, he thundered from the stage:

“I believe without a shadow of a doubt, the only man that God has anointed him…to be the next President of the United States of America and that is Donald Trump.”

The pro-Trump sycophant suggested that violence is needed to establish a Christian Nationalist government.

“You got to get to the point where you realize that when they smack you in the face you smack them back two times harder.

The heretical pastor then suggested violence as he noted that the “Bible says the violent take it… and we take it by force,” in reference to Matthew 11:12, which reads, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

Only at a ReAwaken America event would you heard a preacher turn Jesus’ message of non-violence upside down, and suggest that instead of turning the other cheek, you should pimp slap someone who slaps you.

If the ReAwaken America Tour makes a stop in your city, stay the hell away.

By the End of a Second Term Biden Will Resemble a Vegetable More Than a Sentient Human Being

Whiskey, wine, and cast-iron skillets get better with age, but vegetables and the human brain and the human body do not. If Joe Biden, God forbid, is reelected by the end of his second term he will resemble a vegetable more than a sentient human being. A horror flick starring Joe Biden and Dianne Feinstein as brain-eating zombies is guaranteed to scare the BeJesus out of anyone.

Already the 80-year-old Biden shows signs of severe mental decline; I doubt he has the cognitive ability to tell the nuclear red button from the remote control.

During presidential visits at home and abroad Jill Biden has to guide him as if he was a child or an octogenarian in his second childhood.

When Biden delivers a speech, I bet his aides and handlers hold their collective breath, waiting for him to slur or stumble over his words.

Even in his prime, decades ago, Biden was a gaffe-machine, now that he’s a senior citizen it’s unbearable to witness him struggling to deliver a coherent speech.

When speaking Biden has two modes: screaming and whispering. When he screams, he sounds like a cranky old grandpa scolding the neighborhood kids to get off his damn grass. When he whispers, he sounds like an old pervert telling an innocent little girl that he will give her candy if she lets him sniff her hair.

I am sick and tired of watching senile Biden embarrass himself, the Democratic Party and the nation. I want to hear only one more speech from Biden, the one where he pledges not to seek a second term.

The CNN Trump Town Hall Was a Travesty! Boycott CNN

Donald Trump is craven crass, clownish sociopath who thinks he’s Don Rickles. His stump speech is like a stand-up act by an insult comic whose trademark is punching down. The orange clown takes a perverse delight in mocking women, the LGBT community, immigrants, liberals and basically everyone else who doesn’t worship him.

If you gift a national platform to a clown expect him to act as if he’s the headliner in a circus. Trump’s diseased mind thrives under the spotlight, a barrage of insults, lies and profanity will emanate from his sphincter-shaped mouth.

We have witnessed Trump’s clown act on the national stage for the past eight years. Did anyone really expect a man with racoon eyes, an orange complexion and a double chin to utter words of civility and wisdom?

The CNN town hall featured the twice impeached, criminally indicted former president doubling down on the Big Lie, insulting the moderator Kaitlan Collins as a “nasty person” and defaming columnist E. Jean Carroll only a day after a jury found Trump guilty of defaming and sexually abusing her.

CNN knew exactly what they were getting in Donald Trump, but they hosted the shit show for higher ratings.

It’s our responsibility to make CNN pay for their desecration of the noble profession of journalism.

Boycott CNN!

Top 4 Ways CNN Can Make Amends for Televising Trump Town Hall

The CNN town hall was such an affront to humanity, such a tour de farce, such a display of fuckery that I felt compelled to write a series of essays on the shit show from the pit of hell.

In my last essay I wrote that the CNN MAGA rally masquerading as a town hall was an unpardonable sin, but perhaps there is a way in which CNN can make amends. Here are a few suggestions:


Since May 2022, he has been the chairman and CEO of CNN. He has been on a mission from God to transform CNN from a liberal/moderate news organization into a Fox Light clone. This foolish endeavor is destined to be as popular and successful as Bud Light’s marketing strategy.


CNN should profusely apologize to their aggrieved viewers and pledge never again to air any Trump event, be it a speech, rally, photo-op or press conference. The only speech they should televise is the one where he drops out of the presidential race. Don’t normalize a monster, period!


In the town hall Trump made disparaging remarks about E. Jean Carroll just a day after he was found liable in a civil case for sexually assaulting her. CNN gave the serial predator a national platform to defame, insult and mock her once again. The only way CNN can make amends is by giving her a platform to defend her reputation.


Give the Biden town hall audience the same instructions as the Trump audience: be respectful, applaud, but don’t boo.

If CNN fails to take these actions it’s incumbent upon us to boycott the failed news organization.

CNN ‘Town Hall’: a Shit Show of Biblical Proportions

The CNN “town hall” was an unmitigated disaster, a shit show of biblical proportions, a desecration of journalism, an off-the-rails MAGA rally, a betrayal of CNN’s audience, a Lollapalooza of lies, a desperate publicity stunt for ratings and the death knell for the formerly most trusted name in news.

The sorry spectacle had evangelicals shouting “Amen”, Nazis screaming “Hail Hitler, rednecks as happy as pigs eating slop and the demons in hell squealing in delight.

But I’ll pull a pearl out of Trump’s incontinent rectum, and admit that one good thing was accomplished: the televised abomination proved once and for all that Donald Trump hasn’t changed one iota for the better. He’s still the steaming pile of human shit that he’s always been. There is no Trump 2.0, he’s still an asshole.

The town hall from the pit of hell was vintage Trump: he called the moderator a “nasty person” for doing her due diligence as a journalist and asking follow-up questions to controversial subjects, he made disparaging remarks about E. Jean Carroll just a day after he was found liable in a civil case for sexually assaulting her, and he defended the Big Lie.

The CNN town hall was the unpardonable sin, liberals will never forgive the cable news giant. CNN is anathema to me.

Trump turns everything he touches to shit, and he has managed to destroy CNN.

CNN Televises Trump MAGA Rally Disguised as a Town Hall

Under its new chief executive, Chris Licht, CNN is dumping some of their more left-leaning anchors and steering the cable news giant to a more moderate position.

Under the stewardship of the former CNN president, Jeff Zucker, CNN didn’t air any of the fascist Trump MAGA rallies in the last four years.

In a desperate attempt to appeal to a more conservative demographic Licht aired a Trump MAGA rally disguised as a town hall.

CNN chose an audience of Republican and Republican leaning voters for their town hall that they knew would cheer for his lies, laugh at his conviction for sexual assault and revel in his antics.

The all-white audience at the CNN town hall resembled a crowded Cracker Barrel on a Sunday morning after church, a white nationalist convention or a MAGA rally.

Not a single person of color was allowed to question Trump, and the moderator, Kaitlan Collins, was ill-equipped to deal with Trump’s bullying tactics. Why didn’t CNN choose a more seasoned anchor for such an important event?

As I witnessed the cultists clap, cheer and chuckle at the racist and ignorant rhetoric emanating from the sphincter-shaped mouth of Trump, I marveled that this shit show was being televised on CNN and not Fox News or Newsmax.

CNN probably got monster ratings for the sickening spectacle, but they have lost their soul.

White Evangelicals Still Infatuated with Trump

Donald Trump is worried that there’s some erosion among the rock-solid support he enjoys among white evangelicals. I don’t think Trump has anything to worry about on that front, evangelicals regard their Orange Messiah with awe and reverence. They are blind to his warts and festering sores, they are too preoccupied fawning over the lies, racism, homophobia and misogyny that emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth.

Nevertheless, in an effort to shore up his support among evangelicals, Trump had an interview with a pro-Trump evangelical minister on April at Mar-a-Lago.

In the interview with a sycophant from the Victory Channel, Trump reminisced about his Christian upbringing and claimed that he regularly attended Sunday school. This is just another whopper from the liar-in-chief, there is no evidence that Trump’s father, a ruthless businessman who was solely focused on accumulated wealth at the expense of ordinary citizens, raised him in the Christian faith.

He told the interviewer that the Bible is even better than his coffee table picture book. “I’m glad to hear you say that,” the evangelical fluffer said reassuringly.

Evangelicals know damn well that Trump who has a penchant for holding the Bible upside down at photo-ops, and who attended church only at Easter and Christmas during his scandal-riddled term has no Christian inclinations whatsoever.

Evangelicals will continue to support the amoral sociopath for pragmatic reasons: his hatred of immigrants and the LGBT community, and his commitment to appoint anti-abortion judges.

Trump can stop pretending to be a Christian, evangelicals have shown no evidence that they will stop getting spiritually high by sniffing the odor that emanates from his rectum, regardless what crimes or sins he commits.

Trump Can Rape a Woman in the Middle of Fifth Avenue and Evangelicals Will Still Vote for Him

“An attorney on MSNBC on Friday said former president Donald Trump’s deposition video, which some legal experts have said could be devastating to his defense in the case in which he has been accused of defamation and rape, shows that Trump faked his initial reaction to the release of his infamous recordings bragging about committing sexual assaults because he’s famous.”


On October 7, 2016, one month before the presidential election, The Washington Post released the infamous Hollywood Access Grab ‘em by the pussy tape, and pundits and political analysts predicted that evangelicals would turn against Trump costing him the election.

But Trump issued a perfunctory apology, and that was enough for the evangelicals to cling to him and they enthusiastically voted for him giving him enough of a margin to defeat Hillary Clinton.

In an edited deposition video released as a trial exhibit in the civil rape defamation case filed by E. Jean Carroll against the serial predator Donald Trump, he exposed his true feelings about the comments he uttered in the Hollywood Access tape, namely that he had no remorse.

He said that “unfortunately or fortunately” “over the last million years” stars can grab women by the genitals. Trump definitely has acted over the decades as if he had carte blanche to rape, grope and sexually abuse women.

In hindsight, Trump would have won the 2016 presidential election without issuing a faux apology, and he didn’t even need ramrod straight evangelical Mike Pence as his beard, he had evangelicals at “hello”.

If Trump rapes a woman, or even an underage girl. in the middle of Fifth Avenue, he won’t need to pretend to apologize, evangelicals will vote for him in 2024 come hell or high water.

Outrage: Texas Bill Pushes for Ten Commandments in Classrooms

Ten Commandments

“Every public classroom in Texas could be required to display a copy of the Ten Commandment if a bill, which has already gained the Senate’s blessing, gets the green light from the House.

The bill’s supporters insist the Ten Commandments inspired many of the country’s founding documents, but those opposed to the proposal worry it could exclude other religions and infringe on student and teacher rights to free religious expression.”

Austin American-Statesman

Displaying a copy of the Ten Commandments is an egregious violation of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.

Public schools are government-run institutions where children of all religious faiths and no faith attend. The Ten Commandments is a Judeo-Christian document, and the first four Commandments pertain to how believers should worship Jehovah.

Displaying the Ten Commandments in classrooms is an afront to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and followers of thousands of other religions that don’t recognize Jehovah as a deity.

There are millions of people who aren’t adherents of a monotheistic religion, and displaying a poster that proclaims that there is only one God, is anathema to them.

If the Ten Commandments are displayed in public schools, why shouldn’t the main tenets of other religions be posted as well, after all we live in a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious democracy? Why shouldn’t the Seven Tenets of the Satanic Temple be posted next to the Ten Commandments?

America is a secular democracy and we don’t have a state religion, no religious documents should be displayed in public schools.

Woman Accuses Trump of Groping Her: ‘He Was Like an Octopus’


Jessica Leeds testified on Tuesday to support a defamation lawsuit against Trump filed by writer, E. Jean Carroll.

Carroll alleges Trump forcibly raped and groped her in a Manhattan luxury department store dressing room in the mid 1990’s. She is suing the serial pussy grabber for defamation because he denied the rape and, in the process, called her a liar.

Leeds testified in court that Trump groped her on an airplane with what she said felt like “40 zillion hands.” She said that Trump was like an octopus and that his hands were everywhere.

To be raped by a blimp with a mouth that resembles a sphincter must be a horrifying life-shattering experience, and I hope that the jury awards Carroll millions.

But to be groped by a fat ass with grotesque doll hands is also a terrifying experience, and I hope Leeds is under psychiatric care.

Imagine the nightmarish experience of Trump’s tiny hand reaching up your legs trying to grab your vagina? That’s more horrible than having a giant octopus trying to strangle you with his tentacles, or a movie alien penetrating all of your orifices with his myriad appendages. The horror, the horror.

A horror flick that features a Trump-like monster with a dozen doll hands and a tiny mushroom-shaped pecker would be the scariest movie of all time.

Biden: ‘Just Watch Me’ We Have, You’re Too Damn Old!


The octogenarian president often dismisses concerns about his advanced age by saying: “watch me, just watch me.”

Once again on Wednesday Biden said he respects Americans taking a hard look at whether his age is a factor and to decide if he’s fit to serve another term.

We don’t need to take a “hard look” at Biden to determine if he’s fit to serve another term. Even a cursory look at the hapless president is enough to determine that the Grim Reaper should be fired for not retiring him permanently.

Watch me? We have watched Biden shake hands with his imaginary friends.

Watch me? We have seen the old codger take a circuitous route to exit the stage after delivering a speech.

Watch me? We have witnessed the senior citizen repeatedly falling down stairs.

Watch me? We have observed the old-timer react like a deer caught in the headlight almost every time a reporter asks him a question.

Watch me? A baby’s gibberish makes more sense than the typical Biden stump speech.

Watch me? We’ve got more than an eyeful of the geriatric president shuffling along at a snail’s pace.

Watch me? We’ve paid attention to the way his longsuffering wife guides him.

Watch me? We’ve seen enough. Just do the world a favor and don’t run for reelection.

Where the hell is Corn Pop or the Grim Reaper when you really need him?