Year 2020 Claims Dawn Wells Who Played the Beloved Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island

With less than a week to go in 2020, one of the most horrible years in American history dealt us one more devastating blow: Dawn Wells, who played the wholesome Mary Ann among a motley crew of shipwrecked castaways on the classic 1960s sitcom “Gilligan’s Island, died from COVID-19.

Tina Louise who played Ginger the movie star is now the last surviving member from the cast, who made a “three-hour tour” a solid hit during its original three-year run and a decades-long favorite in syndication.

Mary Ann was the only member of the ensemble cast that I wouldn’t mind keeping me company for three days or three decades in a deserted island.

Gilligan was a hapless moron and I would have choked him to death within an hour of being shipwrecked. The Skipper had one default expression, his mouth agape at the shenanigans of his little buddy, Gilligan. His open mouth would have been an irresistible invitation for me to reach down his throat and rip his heart out.  I would have rifled through the luggage of the wealthy passengers Thurston and the Lovey Howell, and if I didn’t find any loot, I would have quickly dispatched them to the great mansion in the sky. The Professor was a bore and it wouldn’t have taken much effort to bash his egghead flat as a pancake. Ginger was eye candy, but she was too self-absorbed to notice a schmuck like me, even if we were the only two persons on the deserted island.

So, to answer the decades long debate, I would choose the wholesome cutie Mary Ann over the hot movie star Ginger. Rest in Peace Mary Ann, a nation grieves.

My New Year’s Resolution: Stop Writing About Trump After Joe Biden is Inaugurated

The slogan of my blog is “your home on the internet for anti-Trump essays”, and hundreds of my essays exposing the corruption, racism, incompetence and abuse of power of the president are posted on my site.

There is no politician less worthy of coverage than Donald Trump: every word that emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth is sheer nonsense and every tweet that he posts is toxic.

The stable genius is inherently an inconsequential idiot and if he was the president of a local chapter of the KKK instead of the President of the United States nobody would care what he has to say about anything.

But by virtue of the fact that he’s the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free World, and his words and actions have consequences that effect the lives of millions in America and around the world, it’s imperative that journalists and bloggers cover the insignificant and inadequate little man.

I will continue to chronicle the chaos of the Trump administration until January 20, 2021, because until noon on that monumental day Trump still has the power to command the armed forces, grant pardons and he will still wield all the tremendous powers of the presidency.

But once Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, my New Year’s resolution will be to ignore the vain babblings of the little pipsqueak.

Only his suicide, assassination or death from natural causes will compel me to write a final article about him.

The New York Post Rips Trump’s Attempt to Steal the Election

“All the News That’s Fit to Print,” is the famous New York Times’ slogan which still appears on the masthead of the newspaper today. If the New York Post had a slogan on the masthead it would probably be, “All the News That’s Approved by Donald Trump.”

The Trump-friendly Post published a scathing editorial Sunday blasting the president for his attempted coup attacking a legitimate, democratic election, admonishing him to get back to work.

Now that the New York tabloid that has been loyal to Trump throughout his chaotic administration has turned against him, the stable genius should realize that the gig is up.

“Mr. President, it’s time to end this dark charade,” the editorial began. No shit! Indeed, Trump has exhausted his legal and extralegal avenues to steal the election from Joe Biden.

The post didn’t appeal to Trump’s sense of morality or warn him that his crusade to steal the election is undermining our democracy. They took a more pragmatic approach and urged him to end his election charade and focus instead on the Georgia runoff races, which will determine which party controls the Senate.

But Trump doesn’t care if the Democrats regain control of the Senate, he doesn’t care about the Republican party, he doesn’t care about democracy, he cares only about himself.

The Post editorial will fall on deaf ears, Trump will sulk and pout and continue trying to steal the election until January 20, 2021.

Geraldo Rivera Says Donald Trump is Acting Like an Entitled Frat Boy

“For almost 4 years I’ve supported Donald Trump who was assailed by leftist creeps who conjured the Russia Hoax to wreck his presidency. Nevertheless he prevailed. Sadly he lost a bitterly contested election. Shit happens. However since he has behaved like an entitled frat boy.”

Geraldo Rivera Tweet

For four years Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera has been a vocal member of the Fox New chorus singing the praises of the short-fingered vulgarian. Geraldo Rivera, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, the Fox and Friends trio of morons and other Fox News stars have defended, rationalized and praised the president’s racist rhetoric, childish behavior and undemocratic inclinations, and therefore are complicit in his crimes against our democracy.

Joe Biden won the election in an electoral college and popular vote landslide, and Rivera has urged Trump to acknowledge reality and “say goodbye with grace and dignity.”

Since his devastating and humiliating defeat Trump has been on a crusade to steal the election from Biden by any means necessary. Of course, the stable genius isn’t going to listen to a sycophant like Rivera who enabled his four years of fuckery.

For four years Trump has behaved like an entitled frat boy, and now in the last weeks of his presidency it’s no surprise he’s acting like a drunk frat boy on the last day of spring break.

Shit happened in 2016 when America elected a blatant racist, chronic liar and incompetent buffoon, shit did not happen in November 2020 when Americans came to their senses and kicked the wannabe dictator to the curb.

Trump won’t say goodbye with grace and dignity, the petulant and humiliated narcissist will continue to crap on our democratic institutions and give the middle finger to the electorate until his last hour in office.

All I Want for Christmas is Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas, Singing Her Iconic Xmas Song

All I want for Christmas is Peace on Earth, snow covered streets and Mariah Carey’s angelic voice singing “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

“All I Want for Christmas” is as iconic a X-mas song as “Rudolph the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Silent Night” and “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”

Christmas without “All I Want for Christmas” is like Thanksgiving without a turkey and Halloween without a Jack O’Lantern.

Mariah Carey is the Queen of Christmas and woe is unto us if we don’t pay her homage by playing her signature song every day on the 24 days of Christmas.

The diva’s classic song just set a record on Christmas Eve, for the biggest single-day stream in Spotify history with 17 million streams. When I go to heaven, I expect her holiday hit to be playing on an eternal loop. Even the angels in heaven have enough sense to shut up and just like Mariah do her thing.

Until St. Peter welcomes me to paradise I will be playing “All I Want for Christmas” every Christmas just as I have been doing every year since 1994 when the Queen of Christmas blessed humanity by releasing her timeless classic.

Trump’s Circle Jerk of Grifters, Conspiracy Theorists and Sideshow Freaks

Donald Trump’s chaotic and dysfunctional term is ending not with a whimper but with a bang that threatens to decimate the Republican party and destroy our constitutional democracy.

The waning days of the Trump regime encapsulates and epitomizes all the corrupt excess of his four years in power.

Did anyone really expect the unhinged narcissist to concede with humility and grace after suffering a popular vote and electoral college landslide defeat to Joe Biden?

Trump is ending his term with an orgy of assaults on democracy, denials of the coronavirus pandemic, groveling before Russia and pardons of political cronies and war criminals.

In a trademark bombshell Trump torpedoed the fragile bipartisan pandemic relief bill that took months to craft. The mammoth legislation was put together without any input from him, but that didn’t stop him from blowing it up with demands that are unacceptable to Republicans in the House and the Senate.

Trump inner circle is compromised of grifters, conspiracy theorists and sideshow freaks like Rudy Giuliani. Everyone else is excluded from his circle jerk, and they are wanking away with abandon and giving the middle finger to the American public.

Let’s hope and pray that Joe Biden will be able to clean and disinfect the unholy mess these wankers are leaving behind.

Kamala Harris Campaigns in Georgia: ‘2020 Ain’t Over Until Jan. 5’

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris campaigned in Georgia on Monday for Senate Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock.

At an outdoor drive-in rally in Columbus, she uttered the all-time worst campaign slogan, “As far as I’m concerned 2020 ain’t over until January 5.” (the day of the Georgia Senate runoff elections.)

The year 2020 has been brutal: wildfires raged out of control in California, earthquakes shook up Puerto Rico, hurricanes devastated Florida and the gulf coast, civil unrest in cities from coast to coast, the coronavirus pandemic killed over 320,000 persons and the unrelenting disaster that is Donald Trump.

Sen. Harris, we understand that it’s crucial that the Democratic Senate hopefuls win if Joe Biden is going to have any chance to enact his agenda and undo the damage Trump has wreaked after four years in office, but as far as we’re concerned 2020 is over on December 31 at the stroke of midnight.

Even teetotalers and members of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers will get plastered on New Year’s Eve, we can’t wait for this cursed year to be over.

According to Sen. Harris’ logic 2020 won’t be over until January 20, 2021 when Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.

It is sheer insanity to extend 2020 by five days or 20 days; I’m getting my drink on December 31 to celebrate the end of the worst year in human history.

I love Sen. Harris and she was my choice for president, but I can understand why her presidential campaign failed to get off the ground. Her campaign slogans are simply awful.

Evangelicals Who Support Trump are Anathema

It’s estimated that there are more than 30,000 Christian denominations worldwide, and more than 1,200 in the United States alone. There is no prevailing view of what it means to be a Christian. Most of these Christian organizations don’t embrace an ecumenical spirit, and they hold a very parochial opinion of who is a real Christian.

Whether a Christian believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ or not, and whether a Christian believes in the infallibility of scripture or not, everyone can agree that the most direct and accurate description of Jesus come from the Gospels.

The basic thesis of the Gospels, indeed of all the Bible, can be distilled into the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Jesus taught his disciples that the basic imperative of Scripture is to love God and to love their neighbors as themselves.

Jesus did not have one word to say about homosexuality or abortion, therefore when evangelical Christians call any Christian who believes in marriage equality and choice evil, they are speaking from their own ignorance and prejudice and not from the authority of the Bible.

Jesus’ ministry consisted of preaching the Gospel (that he was the promised Messiah) and ministering to the material and spiritual needs of social outcasts and marginalized communities. Therefore, when evangelicals neglect to tend to the physical needs of the poor and disenfranchised and instead demonize them, they aren’t exhibiting Christian behavior.

When evangelicals idolize a short-fingered vulgarian whose rhetoric, behavior and actions are the antithesis of the loving and peaceful Jesus of the Gospels we can deduce that their racism and resentment has taken them down a road that’s a long way from true Christianity.

You don’t have to be a theologian to deduce that evangelicals who support Trump are anathema.

Trump is the Biggest Loser in American History

Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father, was a domineering billionaire devoid of empathy and love, and he instilled in his young protégé his zero-sum philosophy, a dystopian society teeming with millions of losers and only a handful of winners.

The result of this loveless upbringing was a sociopath with an insatiable appetite for publicity and self-aggrandizement. Trump measured his success by how much money was in his bank accounts, how many times he was mentioned in the New York tabloids, and how many celebrity-obsessed women he was able to convince to sleep with him.

Donald Trump styled himself as the ultimate winner, but in reality, even though his father gave him $400 million seed money, he bankrupted dozens of his companies, and currently owes almost half a billion dollars.

That’s hardly the resume of a winner, but he was able to convince New Yorkers and most of the world that he was a wildly successful real estate developer thanks to a compliant New York media and his braggadocios personality.

Trump shocked the world when he won the presidency in 2016, and the focus of the grifter-in-chief’s administration was burnishing his brand, pandering to his extremist base, and making a mockery of the emoluments clause.

He promised his base that they would be sick of winning, and he delivered by giving his evangelical sycophants what they treasure the most: pro-life federal judges and pro-life Supreme Court Justices.

Trump thought that his base would carry him to victory in November, and he was devastated when he lost in an electoral college and popular vote landslide to Joe Biden.

The narcissistic stable genius has spent his entire administration holding MAGA rallies, impromptu press conferences, numerous photo ops and frequent appearances on Fox News. Trump has been a ubiquitous presence in the national consciousness, but in the month and a half since his devastating loss on Election Day, he has sequestered himself in the White House.

Trump has become the epitome of what he despises the most, a loser. A petulant loser. A delusional loser. A sore loser. In a rational universe Trump would commit ritual suicide by disembowelment, needless to say we aren’t living in a sane world and he is spending his last days in office undermining democracy, ignoring the worst pandemic of the century and musing about declaring martial law to steal the election.

The Almighty may have a laissez faire attitude towards the state of our democracy, but fortunately the Constitution prevents tyrants like Trump from overturning the results of a free and fair election.

You’re a loser Trump, and your days are numbered.

MAGA’s Last Hope: Trump Will Invoke Insurrection Act to Steal Election

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in an electoral college and popular vote landslide, but almost two months after the election Trump still refuses to acknowledge reality and concede.

For weeks Trump and his legal team have engaged in a quixotic, hopeless and hapless legal battle to steal the election from Biden. They suffered multiple litigation loses culminating in the two Supreme Court decisions that summarily dismissed their meritless claims.

Concurrently Trump’s team waged an undemocratic campaign to convince Republican state officials in the battleground states to overturn the election. Unlike Republican congressional leaders these state officials demonstrated courage and integrity and refused to undermine our democracy by nullifying the results of a fair election.  

Trump’s most loyal sycophant and enabler, Attorney General William Barr, admitted there’s no evidence of massive voter fraud.

Now that Trump has failed to steal the election through the legal process and by intimidating state officials, his cult-like followers see violence as the only way to keep their false messiah in power.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, two prominent lawyers leading the efforts to steal the election are begging their boss to invoke the Insurrection Act, an act that allows the commander-in-chief to deploy troops to suppress domestic uprisings, not to overturn elections.

Others like Mike Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser are pleading with him to declare martial law to force Georgia and the other swing states that Biden won to hold do-over elections.

Social media platforms are saturated with calls for military action to upend the results of a free and fair election. The right-wing digital army is busy on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Parler, attempting to provoke the stable genius to resort to violence to keep this throne.

Believe it or not, the pleas to invoke the Insurrection Act or to declare martial law are even being heard in the pulpits of white evangelical churches. These white evangelicals who ostensibly are followers of the Prince of Peace believe in the Gospel of brute strength; the end justifies the means is their motto.

Unfortunately, all these legal shenanigans, intimidation of state officials and calls for the military to keep Trump in power won’t end until president-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president on January 20, 2021.

Hang tight my fellow Americans, our long national nightmare will soon be over.

It’s Never Been ‘America First’, It’s Always Been ‘Trump First’

“America First” was the major and overriding theme of the Trump administration. The America First foreign policy meant a nationalist approach; Trump didn’t consult with allies and unilaterally withdrew American troops from hotspots like Libya and Afghanistan.

In reality Trump was never about “America First” or “Republicans First”, it was always about him and him only. In domestic policies “Trump First” meant that he hired cabinet members, aides and judges bases on their loyalty to him. Trump didn’t want a “team of rivals”, he wanted a team of sycophants.

Trump declared in September that he wanted to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s vacant seat as soon as possible because he believed the 2020 election “would end up in the Supreme Court.”

Trump expected the 2020 presidential race to come right down to the wire, and he expected the Supreme Court Justices he appointed to decide the election in his favor. Even though Trump lost in a landslide he still expected the conservative Supreme Court to overturn the will of the electorate and hand him the presidency.

Trump’s managed to lose in a landslide at the ballot box and over and over again in courts across the country in his futile attempt to stay in power. The two cases that made it to the Supreme Court were summarily dismissed, by the Justices, including the three hand-picked by Trump.

Trump’s campaign to steal the election has undermined our confidence in free and fair elections, divided the country along partisan lines, endangered election officials for having the temerity to do their jobs, and made a mockery of the peaceful transition of power.  

But Trump doesn’t care about the devastation that he’s leaving in his wake, and he will continue his quixotic quest to steal the election until January 20, 2021 out of spite and petulance.

Bette Midler Eviscerates Donald Trump With a Brutal Tweet

“Sometimes I think Whats-his-name is a kind of vampire and someone needs to drive a stake through his heart, so we can #breatheagain.  Of course, he’s driven a lot of steak through his own heart tho, so…fingers crossed!”

Bette Midler

Bette Midler regularly takes to Twitter to express her disdain and contempt for the racist-in-chief, excoriating and eviscerating him in a manner that would make even Jack the Ripper squeamish.

The Divine Miss M can’t even bear to utter his name, referring to the unspeakable evil as “What’s his name.” I can understand her reluctance to say his name, summoning a demon by uttering his name may open the portal to hell.

The short-fingered vulgarian is a psychic vampire, an evil entity who sucks the life force out of everyone in his orbit. Nobody leaves his administration with his reputation and dignity intact. The White House is littered with the dried-out husks of men and women who were once politicians with at least a modicum of integrity.

But most of the lifeless husks are in churches where white evangelicals who have been fed a diet of inflammatory sermons that defame and demonize gays, immigrants and people of color, rendered them predisposed to fall under the spell of a racist demagogue.

The billionaire buffoon is bloated with the toxic life force of racist white evangelicals and gutless Republican leaders, and someone needs to drive a stake through his shriveled heart.

White Evangelicals Silent After Black D.C Churches Vandalized At Pro Trump Rallies

Tens of thousands of white evangelicals marched in D.C in support of President Donald Trump’s campaign to steal the election from Joe Biden. After the political cum religious rallies four downtown churches were vandalized, and evangelicals have failed to condemn the violence or express solidarity with the congregations of the vandalized houses of worship.

Two of the damaged churches were historically Black churches where vandals ripped down Black Lives Matter banners. These churches have a long history of speaking out against social injustice, a religious stance that’s anathema to the white evangelicals who fervently support their racist false messiah.

The Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church reported that vandals slashed a banner printed with colors supporting LGBTQ rights, and we all know evangelicals are loathe to show any empathy for gays and lesbians.

Evangelicals get their panties into a twist when white churches are vandalized, and they speak long sermons on behalf of fetuses, but it seems they have taken a vow of silence when it comes to condemning violence against gays and people of color, even when they happen to be fellow Christians.

It’s crystal clear that Gay lives don’t matter and Black lives don’t matter to white evangelicals. They don’t have a place at the table, a seat in the pews or a place in line at the voting polls as far as white evangelicals are concerned.

The moral silence is stupefying and an affront to the Almighty and to the Gospel they claim to believe.

Motel 6 Donald Trump Jr. Trending on Twitter: Watch Disturbing Video

“Motel 6” is trending on Twitter because people are dismayed and perplexed by a video of Donald Trump Jr. ranting incoherently about Hunter Biden conspiracy theories.

These crazy theories would be dismissed out-of-hand if they were espoused by an articulate college professor, but when they’re emanating from a seemingly high Trump Jr. slurring his words, they seem even more unbelievable and fantastic.

Junior is clad in a plaid shirt and wearing a baseball cap, and the video appears to be filmed in a Motel 6. Is Junior slumming for the kick of it, or is he snorting lines in a seedy motel where he won’t be recognized.  

Maybe Donnie decided to make a video after having a one-night-stand with a MAGA groupie. I wonder did the groupie bring a tiny dollop of Play-Doh to make a plaster cast of the president’s son tiny pecker?

Trump Jr. has bigger problems than Hunter Biden, he should be concerned that the Trump crime family may be soon living in jail cells that will make the Motel 6 room look like a luxury Trump hotel suite.

MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Turns Against Fox News and Endorses Big Lie That Election Was Stolen From Trump

Mike Lindell is an American entrepreneur with the ethics of B.T Barnum who employs the infomercial aesthetic to hawk his overpriced pillows to the geriatric demographics of The Fox News Channel knowing they are demented enough to buy his fluffy pillows at inflated prices.

The CEO of MyPillow spoke to a crowd at a pro-Trump march in D.C on Saturday and singled out Fox News Channel as being in on a major conspiracy to the steal the election from Donald Trump. “This fraud is real,” he said. “It’s of epic proportions that this election was stolen.”

Let me channel Captain Obvious and point out that the real winner in a popular vote and Electoral College landslide was Joe Biden.

The MyPillow schmuck concluded his remarks by prophesying that the fraud will be proven, and that Trump will still be elected.

Then he suggested that we might already be in the Biblical “End Times”, a remark that resonated with the white evangelical audience.

Lindell bit the hand that feeds him, because Pro-Trump fanatics have migrated from Fox News to even more far-right cable news networks like Newsmax and OANN. Most Fox News anchors and reporters have explicitly or at least tacitly acknowledged that Joe Biden is president-elect, and that’s anathema to Trump’s cult-like followers who live in an alternate reality where their messiah won in a landslide.

Trump is a master grifter and he realizes that he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of stealing the election from Biden; he is using the “Stop the Steal” campaign to raise hundreds of millions he can use for a 2024 presidential run and to keep his name in the news.

Lindell isn’t an idiot and he knows damn well that the massive fraud allegation is hogwash, he is simply pandering to the brainwashing evangelicals who buy his pillows.

White evangelicals will sleep soundly in their MyPillow pillows under the delusion that God will somehow intervene to expose Biden as a fraud and that their hero Trump will be sworn in again as president of the United States.

At least until January 20, 2021 when the president-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

Who Will be Named ‘Time Person of the Year’: Biden, Trump, Fauci or Movement for Racial Justice?

Trump has abdicated his responsibilities as president of the United States, and is wasting away the last days of his moribund administration sulking and trying to stage a coup in broad daylight.

But I predict he will stop tweeting his insane conspiracy theories about a rigged election long enough to watch NBC News at 10 p.m. tonight when TIME will reveal its 2020 “Person of the Year.”

As much as Trump rails against the mainstream news he seeks their validation. Last year Trump was furious when TIME named 16-year-old environmentalist activist Greta Thunberg as “Person of the Year” instead of the man-baby climate change-denying commander-in-chief.

Each year the magazine selects an individual, group or organization who has “greatly impacted the country and the world during the calendar year”, for good or ill.

This year’s finalists are: President-elect Joe Biden, the movement for racial justice, Dr. Anthony Fauci and front-line workers, and Donald Trump.

The movement for racial justice has brought the issues of police brutality against minorities, criminal-justice reform and systemic racism to the forefront, but I don’t think it will win.

Joe Biden is certainly deserving of the recognition; his campaign was given the last rites after his horrible showing in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, but the moderate septuagenarian was resurrected in South Carolina by Rep. Jim Clyburn’s endorsement and he went on to win the Democratic presidential nomination and capture the White House. But if Time anoints him as “Person of the Year”, Trump might lose it completely and nuke North Korea, and Time doesn’t want to be responsible for ushering in Armageddon.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has spoken truth to power and told America the unvarnished truth about the pandemic, and I predict he will be rewarded for putting science ahead of servility and integrity ahead of expediency.

Trump Walks Out on Medal of Freedom Ceremony for Legendary Wrestler and Coach Dan Gable

“The Presidential Medal of Freedom is an award bestowed by the president of the United States to recognize people who have made ‘an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.’ The Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal are the highest civilian awards of the United States.”


Donald Trump presented legendary wrestler and college coach Dan Gable with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House, then walked out on the ceremony when the assembled press tried to ask him questions about the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Gable was the focus of this ceremony, and Trump should have sucked it up and answered the uncomfortable questions about president-elect Joe Biden. By abruptly walking out he made the occasion all about himself, as he has a penchant for doing.

Trump didn’t say goodbye to Gable and his family, he unceremoniously walked out leaving the recipient of the honor befuddled and confused.

Gable was the recipient of a the most significant honor that a president can bestow on a civilian, and he was no doubt humbled and elated.

But when an impeached and disgraced Trump hands out honors to his friends and supporters in the last days of his moribund administration, the Presidential Medal of Freedom has all the gravitas and credibility of a diploma from Trump University.

We are all Dan Gable, Trump a petulant and vindictive loser has walked out on his duties and responsibilities of the presidency and is spending all of his waking hours sulking and trying to overturn the results of a fair and honest election. We are left shaking our heads and praying that we can maintain our sanity until January 20, 2021 finally puts an end to the chaos, division, incompetence and corruption of the Trump administration.

Wise Mall Santa Brings Little Brat to Tears After Refusing to Bring Him a Nerf Gun for Christmas

Santa Claus is a symbol of mindless consumerism and I don’t expect him to be an arbiter of social norms. But I was pleasantly surprised when a child asked Santa for a gun, and he replied, “No, no guns.” When the kid, who looked too old to believe in Santa, clarified that he wanted a Nerf gun, St. Nick replied:

“Nope. If your dad wants to get it for you, that’s fine, But I can’t bring it to you.”

Santa went the extra mile by trying to convince the petulant brat to consider other options – including Legos, toy cars and trucks and even a bike – but the boy wasn’t pleased with his response and cried like a little brat.

Toy guns are anathema, even Nerf guns, because they represent the very real guns that kill thousands of innocent citizens every year, including many children who die in mass shootings in schools.

In a couple of years when this kid gets a BB gun for Christmas, I wouldn’t be surprised if he shoots his indulgent mom if she doesn’t let him play video games.

The mall Santa was pilloried on social media, but it’s worth nothing that he was diplomatic and suggested that his father could get the odious toy for him.

Santas usually promise to give a child whatever he asks for whether it’s a pony, a video game console or an iPhone, thank God this Santa taught this child a valuable lesson: You can’t always get what you want.

‘The People Have Spoken’, Judge Slams Sidney Powell’s Kraken Lawsuit

If a lawyer warns she’s going to release a legal Kraken and instead of releasing a monster of a case she presents bogus allegations and the testimony of suspect witnesses amounting to a sea horse of a case to a judge she should be disbarred.

A federal judge in Michigan denied ex-Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell’s request to decertify the state’s election and slammed her claim of massive fraud as an assault on the foundation of democracy, free and fair elections. The “people have spoken”, the judge thundered in a stern rebuke.

Powell would be fortunate to catch the coronavirus like her fellow lunatic colleague Rudy Giuliani, so she would have an excuse to hide away in shame and humiliation.

Indeed, the People Have Spoken, the result of the November 3 general election left no room for doubt, Joe Biden won in a popular vote and electoral college landslide.

The people have spoken and Trump’s team of incompetent and unethical lawyers should stop trying to undermine the will of the electorate.

The people have spoken and congressional leaders should publicly admit that Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States.

The people have spoken and Trump’s cult-like followers should face reality and beg their God for forgiveness for supporting an authoritarian racist buffoon.

The people have spoken, and the big loser of the election, Donald Trump, should stop undermining our democracy.

Michele Bachmann Begs God to Give Trump a Second Term

“O God, I personally ask, for myself, Michele Bachmann, Lord, would you allow Donald Trump to have a second term as president of the United States?”

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, a white evangelical, begged the Almighty to grant her a personal favor and allow Donald Trump to have a second term as president of The United States.

Bachmann, name-checks herself, apparently, she believes she has a special standing before God by virtue of being a former congresswoman and a failed presidential candidate.

The modern-day Pharisee didn’t pray in the privacy of her home, but before a camera. Bachmann’s real audience isn’t the Lord, but her fellow white evangelicals; she seeks to encourage them to threaten and intimidate Republican leaders to “Stop the Steal.”

The former congresswoman didn’t make this plea before the election but a month after Joe Biden won a popular vote and electoral college landslide. White evangelicals live in an upside-down world where black is white, up is down and the most corrupt and ineffectual president in history is a paragon of wisdom and virtue.

In just a few days the Electoral College will certify Joe Biden’s landslide victory, and evangelicals like Bachmann are desperately appealing to a higher authority to overturn the will of the electorate and keep Trump in power for another four years. That higher power being the Supreme Being and not the Supreme Court. After Trump’s legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani, has suffered defeat after defeat in the courts, they realize that the Supreme Court is unlikely to invalidate a fair and legal election.

I’m not a theologian, but I know God isn’t a partisan who’s going to overturn a free and fair election and miraculously allow a freaking asshole a second term in office. Sorry Michele, but your prayers are as effectual as Giuliani’s farts.

Donald Trump is a Liar

Donald Trump is a liar. It’s impossible to draw a cup of fresh water from a cesspool and it’s impossible to find a semblance of truth and integrity in an administration whose president has lied about 20,000 times in four short years.

Some of those 20,000 lies have been whoppers, for example, claiming that the Mueller Report totally exonerated him and that the Obama administration spied on his 2016 presidential campaign.

Some have been patently ridiculous falsehoods like how noise from windmills causes cancer and how ingesting bleach cures COVID-19.

These fibs big and small have been a relentless assault on civility, common sense, bipartisanship and science and they have done irreparable harm to our democracy.

You’d think that such a transparent and pathological liar would be ridden out of town on a rail, but even though Joe Biden won a popular vote and electoral college landslide, Trump still managed to convince 74 million people to vote to reelect him.

And the master dissembler has convinced about 80 percent of Republicans that the election was rigged, even though he hasn’t provided a scintilla of evidence to support his outrageous allegations of massive voter fraud. A new survey from Bright Line Watch shows that almost half of Republicans believe Trump will be inaugurated in January.

How can we explain the naivete and gullibility of Trump supporters?

Trump sycophants believe that anything that emanates from the sphincter-shaped mouth of their false messiah is the Gospel truth. Trump’s misrepresentations, no matter how ridiculous, are presented as the truth on Fox News, right-wing radio and conspiracy web sites.

Keep in mind that objective news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast channels evening news programs, the New York Times, and almost every other news organization that isn’t endorsed by Trump is considered anathema by his supporters. Trump’s followers are seldom exposed to objective reality, instead they immerse themselves in conspiracy theories, alt-right memes and right-wing commentary.

There is no distortion, disinformation, deception or dishonest statement Trump can utter that his cult-like followers won’t believe. If Trump proclaimed that Ivanka was a virgin prophesied by the Bible to become president of the United States, his followers would bow down before her and worship her as the Second Coming of the Virgin Mary. Fox News would state that she is a virgin, her children were adopted and that she has the gravitas to be president. Newsmax would proclaim that Ivanka’s children were born by immaculate conception, that Sleepy Joe tried to rape her to derail her divine destiny, and that she is the most qualified person for the presidency since Abraham Lincoln.

Toxic Tweets Keep ex-San Francisco Giant Aubrey Huff Off Guest List for World Series Reunion

“When the San Francisco Giants mark the anniversary of their 2010 World Series win this summer, former first baseman Aubrey Huff won’t be there, the team said Monday.

Huff, 43, isn’t invited to the celebration because of controversial statements he has posted online, the Giants said in a statement Monday.

Aubrey has made multiple comments on social media that are unacceptable and run counter to the values of our organization,’ the team said.”

NBC News

An evangelical pastor that I know who uses his Facebook page to troll liberals by posting toxic tweets in support of Trump defended his offensive social media persona by explaining that his online posts were an expression of his individual personality and not his position as a minister.

I’m sorry but you can’t divorce your social media profile from your position in your community, whether you’re a minister, teacher, politician or janitor.

Aubrey Huff may be a talented baseball player, but his Twitter feed is full of sexist, misogynist and xenophobic tweets, and the Giants baseball team is doing the right thing by banning him from a ceremony marking the anniversary of their 2010 World Series victory.

San Francisco is a city that celebrates diversity, it welcomes gays and lesbians, immigrants, minorities and people from all over the world with open arms. The San Francisco Giants organization mirrors the diversity and inclusiveness of the City by the Bay, and I applaud them for cutting ties with the toxic Huff.

In case you think the Giants overreacted here’s just a taste of his divisive tweets:

“I’ve never understood as a man why you would date, or marry a single mother if you’re single with no kids of your own.

Seems to me he doesn’t feel he has options or doesn’t value himself as a man.

I’d feel like I was a backup plan helping raise another man’s kids.”

In November, he tweeted a picture of a gun range with the caption Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event that Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

In January, Huff tweeted about taking a flight to Iran to “kidnap about 10” women to “bring them back here as they fan us and feed us grapes, amongst other things.”

To Hell With White Evangelicals and Their Sky Daddy

I saw “Sky Daddy” trending on Twitter, and as a self-appointed pop culture expert and a critic of organized religion I was surprised that I was unfamiliar with the term.

Sky Daddy is a somewhat offensive and definitely blasphemous term for God. Atheists, agnostics and enlightened believers apply this phrase to the deity worshiped by evangelical Christians.

Only a child would refer to his father as “daddy” and only evangelicals who take pride in their child-like faith believe in a Divine Being who must be cajoled and beseeched into granting their basic needs and greedy desires.

When a father warns his child not to disobey him, he might say: If you don’t stop teasing your little sister the Bogeyman is going to get you! Fundamentalist ministers warn their followers from giving in to the “sin” of sodomy by preaching that Jehovah will cast sodomites into the lake of fire.

White evangelicals deify Donald Trump because the authoritarian, capricious and vindictive Man Baby is so much like the infantile God they worship. They are afraid that if they don’t unconditionally support their false messiah, he will punish them with cruel tweets and banish them from the GOP (God’s Own Party).

Evangelicals should forsake the Sky Daddy of the Old Testament and follow the Jesus of the Gospels who ministered to the poor and disenfranchised and never even mentioned homosexuality. Jesus didn’t live in fear of Sky Daddy and he would have eviscerated a petty, vindictive buffoon like Donald Trump.