Evil Mail Carrier Pepper Sprays Playful Pooch!

“One Mid-South neighborhood is calling out the U.S. Postal Service for what it calls “inappropriate behavior.” Home surveillance video shows a delivery driver spraying a dog with pepper spray from inside a vehicle.”


A plumber knows that in the course of performing his job sometimes he`ll find himself in some shi**y situations, and a mail carrier should realize that canines are a hazard of the occupation he or she chose.

This mail carrier was so terrified of a harmless pooch approaching her vehicle that she wouldn`t get out to deliver the mail, but instead reached out from inside her vehicle and pepper sprayed the hapless mutt.

This carrier should be fired for going postal on a harmless pooch who was just curious about the woman who parked on his driveway.

Granted the homeowner shouldn`t let his dog run free on his front yard, but if she was afraid to deliver the mail she should have driven away without attacking the poor dog.

Pepper spraying the dog was gratuitous, cowardly and patently evil, she didn`t deliver mail to the house — what was the point of spraying the animal who wasn`t even barking?

Needless to say the homeowner was doggone mad when she saw the home surveillance video documenting the cruelty of the mail carrier.

I hope the mail carrier is suspended, and required to take an anger management course.

Link to frightful video:


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Trump Will Be Brought Down by Financial Crimes, Not by a Pee Tape

According to a Quinnipiac University poll published last week, the majority of American voters now believe the President of Russia has compromising information on the President of the United States. In other words, they believe Trump is being blackmailed.

This is a post-Helsinki Summit poll after Americans and the entire world witnessed Trump acting like a lapdog, poodle, and treasonous dog in the presence of alpha dog Putin.

Many are wondering if maybe the most salacious allegation in the Steele dossier is true, namely that in 2013 then citizen Trump hired Russian prostitutes to perform a golden showers show in front of him, aimed at defiling the bed of the Ritz-Carlton presidential suite, where Michelle and Barack Obama once slept.

I wouldn`t be surprised if Trump was into golden showers, after all something must account for his urine-colored coiffure. You don`t have to be a psychologist to know that the rich and powerful have a penchant for enjoying sadomasochistic hijinks.

A Trump pee tape may or may not exist, but I don`t think it would be enough to blackmail a freak like him. Everybody, including his base, knows that Trump is a sexual deviant, and the release of such a tape would have no effect on his approval ratings.

If the tape was released online evangelical Christians would proclaim that the Russian hookers were angels in disguise and that holy water was emanating from their holy orifices.

It ain`t about the sex, it`s about the money! Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating collusion and obstruction, but I bet most of all he`s following the money.

Putin knows everything that happens in his dictatorship, and I bet he`s using Trump`s shady deals in Russia to blackmail him.

“In 2008, Donald Jr. told investors in Moscow that Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets, while Eric reportedly told a golf reporter in 2014 that the Trump Organization was able to expand during the financial crisis because `We don`t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.`”


It`s not a deluge of urine that will bring down Trump, it`s the swamp of financial corruption that will be exposed by the Mueller investigation that will destroy the bastard.

Melania Trump Looked Horrified After Shaking Hands With Putin

“Donald Trump`s meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday was disaster-like for many reasons, but one totally overlooked part of it was the precise moment in which Melania Trump shook Putin`s hand and ended up with a look of pure terror on her face. Seriously, it was caught on camera for the entire world to see.”


Like a typical First Lady Melania Trump has a talent for putting on a smiling face when greeting foreign dignitaries and attending public events with her husband.

But sometimes the mask slips and for a brief moment we glimpse her true emotion, whether it be boredom, anger or sheer terror.

On January 20, 2017, as Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, Melania looked ashen, but when he turned around to look at her, her face broke out into a beaming smile, and then instantly turned ice cold again when he turned back around.

Melania is unable to look adoringly at her husband, Mike Pence style, for a sustained period of time, her true feelings of disgust will inevitably explode to the surface.

When Melania Trump shook Russian President Vladimir Putin`s hand in Helsinki, a look of abject terror was frozen on her face. Keep in mind that poor Melania is forced to occasionally hold the grotesquely small hand of her husband, in other words she`s used to holding the hand of a monster.

Melania knows that her husband is an evil and stupid buffoon, but she instantly recognized that there`s no buffoonery or stupidity in Putin, only pure evil, and that scared the hell out of her.

If only Trump realized that Putin isn`t his buddy or a friendly competitor, but a ruthless dictator who`s making him his bitch.

Link to video and photos of Melania`s sheer terror upon meeting Putin:


Kevin Durant Says That ‘Donald Trump Doesn’t Have a Soul’! Amen!

“Kevin Durants distaste for President Donald Trump is well documented, and on Wednesday, the Warriors star stated that the president doesn`t have a soul.

During an appearance on Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum`s podcast `Pull Up,` Durant called President Trump “heartless.”

`He doesn`t have a soul, bro,` Durant said. `I don`t even know, he don`t have a soul. He doesn`t have a soul. The stuff he says and does, bro. Like, you gotta have something deep down … Something`s missing for you to say that type of stuff.`”


How many angels can dance on the head of a pin is a question that philosophers and theologians have pondered, so I don`t think it`s a fruitless intellectual endeavor to consider whether or not Donald Trump has a soul.

You don`t have to be a theologian, philosopher or an intellectual giant (judging by Durant`s grade school grammar) to weigh in on this subject.

Durant`s bold proclamation doesn`t merit a CNN “Breaking News” alert, practically every Christian, Muslim, Jew and atheist will concur that Trump`s speech, behavior and political directives proves he is devoid of a soul.

White evangelicals are the only ones who would argue that not only does Trump have a soul, but that he`s a spiritual brother of Jesus Christ.

Satan has a special room in hell reserved for white evangelicals, but alas that room is destined to remain forever empty because like their false Messiah they don`t possess a soul.

When I hear Trump say that Mexican immigrants are rapists, I say to myself: He doesn`t have a soul! When he decimates Obamacare, a lifeline to the poor and disenfranchised, I say to myself: He doesn`t have a soul! When he brags about grabbing women by their genitals, I say to myself, He doesn`t have a soul! When he viciously attacks his opponents on Twitter, I say to myself: He doesn`t have a soul! Practically every day I say to myself: He doesn`t have a soul!

Kevin Durant is spot on, Trump doesn`t have a soul!

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Jimmy Fallon Raps Donald Trump’s Tweets

Jimmy gets help from Tarik Trotter and The Roots to transform Donald Trump`s Twitter rants from the week into a recap rap.

YouTube video description.

On September 15, 2016, a day that will live in infamy, Jimmy Fallon playfully messed up Donald Trump`s hair. Those few seconds of whimsy almost destroyed the late-night comic`s career, he was lambasted by his fellow entertainers and most civilized people in the world for attempting to humanize a monster.

If he could live that day again I`m sure Fallon would set Trump`s urine-colored hair on fire, instead of tousling the frightful wig.

But Jimmy learned his lesson, and he`s joined his late-night colleagues in pillorying the abominable monster. In this video Jimmy and the Roots turn Trump`s tweets into a rap song.
You may think Sinatra would be the be best music to use for the tweets of a septuagenarian like Trump, but Sinatra was a master of phrasing, and it would be impossible to set his incoherent rants to the music of the Chairman of the Board.

Rap is the perfect genre for Trump`s tweets, in fact he should turn his tweets into a rap album of diss tracks.

Yes, it sure looks like Jimmy has learned his lesson, but if he ever tries to humanize the freak again, I`ll set his hair on fire.

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Patriot Destroys Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star With a Pickax

“President Donald Trump`s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed by a man with a pickax early Wednesday, according to Los Angeles police Officer Ray Brown.

Patricia Cox, a witness, told CNN affiliate KCAL/KCBS that she saw a man “going to town” on the ground “like it was his business just to be tearing up the ground,” she said. “I thought it was work going on over here.”

Police later arrested Austin Clay, 24, on suspicion of felony vandalism. Brown said Clay did not reveal a motive for the alleged vandalism, and the investigation continues. He`s being held on $20,000 bail.”


Trump`s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been a frequent target of vandals and protestors, it`s been defaced numerous times, and a LA street artist named Plastic Jesus built a tiny wall around it.

But a patriot, Austin Clay, took a pickax out of a guitar case and destroyed the damn thing.

The time for measured criticism of Trump is long past, we must take actions to destroy Trump`s presidency, and get rid of him by any means necessary.

I write an article for my blog every day, and my essays used to be a mix of entertainment, current events, odd news, and politics, but now almost all of my editorials are searing indictments of Trump.

We must redouble our efforts to bring down the Trump administration, use your talents and treasure to save our democracy by getting rid of the abomination.

I will not rest until the Trump regime is destroyed just like that damn star. I`m going full-Austin Clay on Donald Trump!

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A Cat’s Purr is the Cat’s Meow

A cat`s meow can be irritating, my felines can drive me bonkers when they meow when I`m concentrating on writing an article or watching an exciting movie.

But when a kitty purrs it`s always soothing, even when I`m in a foul mood, the sound of my cats purring can lift my spirits.

When my pets meow I don`t know if they are happy, hungry, bored or mad, but when they purr I know they`re happy.

I wish women would purr instead of moan when they are sexually satisfied, then we would know that aren`t faking it.

In the cacophony of modern life, thank goodness for a cat`s purr. Cats begin purring when they are a few days old, and thank God most of them never stop purring.

Purr on kitties, purr on!



When the Rapture Comes Donald Trump and White Evangelicals Will be Left Behind

“Days after the news broke that President Donald Trump`s former lawyer Michael Cohen had audio of Trump discussing a payoff to a woman with whom he`d allegedly had an affair, one of Trump`s top evangelical allies came to the president`s defense – with an insult to former President Ronald Reagan. Robert Jeffress, the pastor at the megachurch First Baptist Dallas, told Fox News`s Ed Henry that Trump`s adultery made him no worse than Reagan.

`The reason we supported President Reagan was not because we were supporting womanizing or divorce,` Jeffress told Henry. `We supported his policies. … We`re not under any illusion that we were voting for an altar boy when we voted for President Trump. We knew about his past. And by the way, none of us has a perfect past. We voted for him because of his policies.` (Reagan has never been publicly accused of being unfaithful to his second wife Nancy Reagan, but some biographers have said that he was something of a lothario in Hollywood during his years an actor and that he cheated on his first wife, Jane Wyman.”


If Michael Cohen had an audiotape of a porn star faking an orgasm while Trump was diddling her with his puny presidential pecker, it wouldn`t make any difference to white evangelicals, they would still treat him like the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

If the Stormy Daniels` scandal didn`t dent Trump`s approval ratings with white evangelicals, no bimbo eruption is going to slow down the Trump train.

Is anyone surprised that Robert Jeffress, a member of Trump`s evangelical advisory council, came to the defense of the pussy grabber? Jeffress is Trump`s unofficial fluffer, he`s an expert at fluffing the orange buffoon`s ego, and I`m quite sure he would also gladly serve as a fluffer in the porn flick definition of the word.

Jeffress defended Trump by insulting the beloved conservative icon, Ronald Reagan. I`m convinced that if Trump`s narcissism got the best of him and he tweeted that he was more popular than Jesus Christ that Jeffress and his fellow white evangelical scum would agree, arguing that Jesus Christ`s social media presence is negligible.

When Jesus returns for His Church, Trump and white evangelical leaders will be left behind enjoying a circle jerk.

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What Do You Think Mike Pence Does With All His Free Time?

John Nance Garner the 32nd Vice President of the United States, famously opined that the office of the vice presidency isn`t worth a bucket of warm piss.

This is especially true in the case of Mike Pence, his boss goes apoplectic if any of his underlings steals the spotlight. Pence is usually seen in public only when Trump wants him to stand by his side and gaze adorningly at him when he makes a major announcement.

Pence certainly has the time to screw Mother seven ways from Sunday every day of the week and twice on Sunday, but I would bet my Bible that the only sex he has it with Trump, facilitated with a jar of Vaseline.

The white evangelical scum could corral the Cabinet members into a daily Bible study, but I bet even they are tired of the self-righteous prude. Most likely he has Bible study with the mice who have grown fat and too lazy to run way from Pence, eating the cheese puffs that Trump drops all over the White House.

The evangelical zealot could be spending all his free time plagiarizing the Book of Solomon to write love sonnets for Mother.

The hot pile of evangelical crap is probably making a list of all the fellow white evangelicals he will appoint to his administration once Trump is impeached and gets to sit in the Big Chair.

I really don`t give a flying fig what Pence does with all his free time, I only wish I could tell you what I would do to him if I could spend one minute alone with him in his prayer closet.

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Donald Trump is the Favorite President of Nazis, Racists and White Evangelical Scum

“When asked to name the greatest president of their lifetimes, more Americans named Barack Obama than any other president in a recent Pew Research Center poll.

Thirty-one percent named Obama the best, while another 13 percent named him second best.”

New Jersey 101.5

“Twitter users pounced on President Donald Trump early Saturday after he boasted about being `your favorite President.`

Trump attempted to dismiss a Friday report in the New York Times that his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen had before the 2016 election secretly taped him discussing a payment to former Playboy model Karen McDougal (with whom Trump is alleged to have had an affair) with the following tweet:

Inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer`s office (early in the morning) – almost unheard of. Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client – totally unheard of & perhaps illegal. The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!”

Huffington Post

This is that rare Trump tweet that isn`t total bullshit, the orange clown is correct when he says that our favorite president has done nothing wrong.

Of course Trump has done virtually nothing right and everything wrong since assuming the presidency, and historians will conclude that he`s the worst president in history.

President Obama is living rent-free in Trump`s brain, and given that his noggin is virtually empty, the former president has plenty of room and may never leave.

From the Iran deal to TPP to climate change to Obamacare, Trump is singularly focused on destroying his predecessor`s legacy.

The Pew Research Center presidential popularity poll was released a few days ago, and it was on Trump`s mind when he tweeted that he was America`s favorite president.

Trump needs to wake up and smell the coffee, most Americans hate him and they have made #Notmypresident one of the most popular hashtags of the last couple of years.

Trump is the favorite president of Nazis, racists and white evangelical scum, but mainstream America considers him an abomination.

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Karen Pence Wears Slutty Dress Even Nicky Minaj Would be Embarrassed to Wear

“Second-lady Karen Pence is getting dragged for wearing a mall-bought dress that was too short and tight while meeting the King and Queen of Jordan this week.

To receive King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein and Queen Rania on Monday, Karen, the wife of VP Mike Pence, wore a pink-and-black dress with a halter-and-tank style top, and pink, strappy shoes.”


Mike and Karen Pence are devout evangelical Christians, and they are circumspect in speech, demeanor and dress, in other words they are so ramrod straight that it would take pliers to remove the sticks from their arseholes.

Karen, 61, known as Mother to her hubby and close friends, wore a slutty dress while meeting with the King and Queen of Jordan that even Nicky Minaj would have second thoughts about wearing.

Mother`s belt was only an inch below her ample bosom, old men are known to hike up their pants up to their chests, but I`ve never seen an old hag favor such a look.

What a shameless hussy, I doubt she would don such a ratchet ensemble if she was meeting the Pope or Jerry Falwell Jr instead of Muslim royalty.

Mother must have got her hubby all hot and bothered by wearing such a scandalous dress in public, I bet he gave her the Mother of all holy poundings that night.

I never thought in a million years that I would be slut-shaming Karen Pence of all people, but girlfriend gave me a Mother of a sexual migraine.

I apologize if my essay induced anyone to vomit or to get shit-faced drunk.

Link to pic of slutty dress:


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Donald Trump Tops Google Image Search for ‘Idiot’

“If you Google image search idiot right now, you`ll find images of President Donald Trump. Online activists, in protest of Trump`s policies regarding unauthorized immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community, among others, are pushing his portraits to the top by manipulating the search engines ranking algorithm, as first reported by The Guardian earlier this week.”

The Verge

These online activists aren`t criminals or evil hackers, they are patriots performing a public service by manipulating algorithms to push photos of the stable genius to the top of Google Image searches for “idiot.”


It`s axiomatic that Trump the real estate developer is an idiot, although he`s never declared personal bankruptcy several Trump-controlled businesses have gone bankrupt, and over a dozen Trump business ventures have failed spectacularly, including Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump University and Trump Vodka.

Operating a casino is practically a license to print money, only a fuc*ing moron or somebody who cheats the mafia from their share fails in this lucrative business.


Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was so enraged by Trump`s insane foreign policy that he called him a “fucking moron” in a private meeting, and refused to deny he said it publicly, even though he knew it would seal his fate with the thin-skinned narcissist.

Chief of Staff John Kelly, former chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, and Steve Bannon are the most prominent administration officials who have called Trump a variant of “idiot.” Practically every politician, Republican and Democrat, has called Trump an idiot in private.


Trump doesn`t know the meaning of discretion, he has a penchant for bedding porn stars, Playboy models and other assorted skanks who don`t exactly have tendency for keeping things on the downlow. Then he tries to buy their silence by having them sign nondisclosure agreements for paltry sums. Of course the shit and the semen-encrusted thongs are going to hit the fan.



Who Is More Reprehensible Donald Trump or Mike Pence?

“Conservatives in and out of Washington were alarmed by President Trump`s joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, where the American leader refused to affirm the conclusions of U.S. intelligence agencies that Putin`s Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

`But where some national security experts saw a president who appears to be `wholly in the pocket of Putin,` Vice President Mike Pence saw quite the opposite. `What the world saw, what the American people saw, is that President Donald Trump will always put the prosperity and security of America first,` Pence said, per NBC News` Peter Alexander.”

The Week

What most Americans witnessed in Helsinki was the most obsequious and treasonous display by an American president on the world stage. Even Trump`s most delusional supporters spoke out in outrage against his betrayal of our democracy.

Trump behaved like a fanboy invited on stage to meet Harry Styles, your guess is as good as mine why the Orange Buffoon walked bowlegged off the stage.

Mike Pence declared “What the world saw, what the American people saw, is that President Donald Trump will always put the prosperity and security of America first.”

Pence`s statement would be correct only if he substituted the word “America” with “Russia.”

Never mind alternative facts, Pence is living in an alternative reality. Pence has his head so far up Trump`s ass, and Trump has his head so far up Putin`s ass that you can smell these arseholes from a mile away.

Pence`s incredible statement only proves that we must get rid of Trump and Pence by any means necessary.

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Next Air Force One Will be Red, White and Blue (Same Colors as Russian Flag)

“The next generation of Air Force One will abandon the planes` traditional color scheme in favor of red, white and blue, President Donald Trump told CBS News, confirming reports about changes to the planes` iconic look.”

USA Today

Trump eagerly discussed the new color scheme with reporters, perhaps he wanted to take his mind off another flying machine that`s been in the news lately, the Baby Trump blimp.

The traditional color of scheme of light blue and white is soothing and understated, appropriate for a superpower confident in its own power.

The new color scheme will be red, white and blue, the same colors as the American flag and the Russian flag. I wouldn`t be surprised if the plane`s paint job resembles the Russian flag more than it does Old Glory.

The planes aren`t expected to be completed until January 2025 after Trump leaves office, so maybe he will restrain himself from going overboard with the new paint scheme.

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The Day After Helsinki Donald Trump Attempts Cleanup

Shameful! Disgraceful! A bad day for the United States! The most serious mistake of his presidency! That wasn`t how the usual suspects at CNN and MSNBC characterized the joint press conference Monday by American President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki at the end of their summit. That was the assessment of senior Republicans, even Fox News anchors condemned Trump`s buffoonery.

Trump`s statements at Helsinki were embarrassing, and dare I say it treasonous! Upon his return to America he should have been tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail, or at least censured by the Senate.

When even ” Fox and Friends” anchor Brian Kilmeade panned Trump`s performance he knew he had to do or say something, immediately. And so a day after his much-maligned news conference with his BFF Putin, Trump attempted some damage control saying “I accept the findings of the U.S. intelligence community that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential campaign.” But then he veered off the script that was written for him and suggested that others may have interfered in the election. I guess we`re back to that 400-pound hacker meddling in our elections from his basement.

Nothing`s changed, Trump has claimed to accept the conclusion of our intelligence agencies before, only to almost immediately cast doubts on their loyalty and professionalism.

One of Trump`s most damaging statements at Helsinki was when he said he saw no reason why it WOULD be Russia that interfered. In his ridiculous attempt to clean up his mess he said he meant to say he saw no reason why it WOULDN`T be Russia.

Unfortunately for Trump it wasn`t just one line that ruined an otherwise masterful performance, his entire performance was a travesty. Trump was offered multiple opportunities to speak truth to power, or semi-power, and strongly denounce Russia`s actions, but instead he placed blame on the FBI and said that he had confidence in both parties – the U.S. intelligence community and Russia.

He went so far as to say that Putin`s denial of having been involved in the election was extremely strong and powerful.

Trump`s Helsinki fiasco will live in infamy, his patented strategy of making Americans forget about a colossal blunder by pointing to a shiny object won`t work, he is permanently weakened on the world stage and in the homeland.

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Never Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car

These are the dog days of summer and man and beast are at the mercy of the sweltering heat. The A/C in my car sucks, and in the summer I usually drive with the windows rolled down.

My pooch, Mandy, is my constant companion, and she loves to ride shotgun with me. I always roll the windows down when she rides we me, even in the winter, the look on her face as she sticks her head out the window, is the picture of contentment.

When I`m running errands with Mandy in the summer, I always roll the windows down, even when I make a quick stop at a convenience store. Mandy is more precious to me than anything that a thief can snatch from my vehicle, because I left the windows open.

Before you leave your dog in a hot automobile there are two things that you need to remember:


It takes only six minutes for your pooch to die in a hot car, but it takes only a second to lower the windows.

“If a dog`s internal temperature goes above 41°C (105.8°F) it is at risk of heatstroke, which only 50% of dogs survive. Some breeds are more susceptible than others – large dogs, dogs with short faces such as bulldogs and boxers, and overweight or long-coated dogs are most at risk – but every dog has the potential to suffer from heatstroke. It doesn`t have to be boiling hot for this to happen either – when it`s 22°C, (71.6°F) outside, the inside of a car can easily reach 47°C within an hour(116.6°F).”



Dogs can`t sweat, let me repeat that, dogs can`t sweat.

“In humans, sweating is primarily a means of thermoregulation, which is achieved by the water-rich secretion of the eccrine glands. Maximum sweat rates of an adult can be up to 2-4 liters per hour or 10-14 liters per day (10-15 g/min·m2), but is less in children prior to puberty.[3][4][5] Evaporation of sweat from the skin surface has a cooling effect due to evaporative cooling. Hence, in hot weather, or when the individual`s muscles heat up due to exertion, more sweat is produced.”


Imagine taking a jog in the heat of summer and not being able to sweat, even the healthiest athlete in the world would pass out from heat exhaustion after a few minutes.

A dog is man`s best friend, they provide us with companionship, protect our lives and property, and slobber us with love. The least we can do for them is to never leave them in a hot car without the windows rolled down.

Most of my readers are responsible dog owners and they would never leave their faithful pets in a hot car, but if you see a dog locked in a hot vehicle, call the police immediately, and break the damn window.

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Sean Spicer’s New Book ‘The Briefing’ a Colossal Failure

“`He is a unicorn, riding a unicorn over a rainbow.`

That`s how Sean Spicer lovingly describes his former boss in his new book, “The Briefing,” according to a copy obtained by the Guardian.”

Market Watch

Sean Spicer was mercilessly ridiculed during his short stint as the White House Press Secretary, nevertheless he sought to parlay his brief tenure as Trump`s lying lackey into a career as a cable news talking head and as an author.

CNN, MSNBC and every other legitimate news outlet flat-out turned him down, why would they besmirch their reputation by hiring a lying sack of crap?

Even Fox News home to conspiracy theorists, right-wing nutjobs and assorted assholes refused to offer Spicer a contract, although he frequently appears as an analyst.

Spicer`s career as an author thus far is an unmitigated disaster, his new book, “The Briefing” debuted in 20,0000th place on Amazon`s book chart. I could self-publish a book about Trump`s sphincter-like mouth and it would sell more copies.

Trump isn`t a beautiful mythical figure like a unicorn, he`s a flying pig shitting over a rainbow, and at the end of his rainbow is a faux-gold pot of steaming manure.

There should be no room on TV, indeed in polite society for any former member of the corrupt and racist Trump administration. Sean Spicer can ride his unicorn to an asylum, that`s where he belongs.

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Donald Trump’s European Visit Was an Unmitigated Disaster

Category 5 Hurricane Donald Trump has wreaked devastation on Europe, and on Monday he will arrive in Helsinki, Finland for a summit with Russian Federation president-for-life Vladimir Putin.

Putin will welcome his American comrade with open arms, Trump has done more to achieve Russian objectives than all of the Russian intelligence agencies combined. Helping Trump win the election is the most successful intelligence operation in world history. When Trump dies his final resting place should be in a mausoleum right next to Lenin`s in Red Square.

Trump`s European visit was an unmitigated disaster for America`s reputation and for our relationships with our most valued and trusted allies.

Trump`s first stop was in Brussels, Belgium for the NATO alliance summit. Trump treated the 70-year-old alliance that prevented the Soviet Union from devouring Europe, and has been a bulwark against international terrorism with contempt and disdain. Trump presided over the gathering as if he was a Mafia Godfather lambasting his underbosses for failing to give him his proper share.

At the NATO summit Trump accused Germany of being captive to Russia; German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who grew up in East Berlin under Russian occupation, vigorously defended herself against Trump`s false charges.

It took a lot of chutzpah for Trump to accuse Germany of being captive to Russia considering he owes his election victory to Putin. If anyone is captive to Putin it`s Trump, he has failed to speak out against Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and he hasn`t criticized Putin for his intervention in Syria or for capturing Ukrainian territory by military force.

Trump`s next stop was England where he ridiculed UK Prime Minister Theresa May`s Brexit strategy and praised Boris Johnson was had just resigned from her cabinet over Brexit. With a friend like Trump, who stabs May in the back when she`s at her most vulnerable, who needs enemies?

Imagine the Sex Pistols in the late 70`s playing a gig at the Salt Lake Temple, that`s how much devastation Trump`s European visit caused.

I`m sure Trump will enjoy his bonding session with fellow autocrat Putin, their plan of destroying America`s international reputation, weakening the European Union and diminishing NATO`s effectiveness is working to perfection.

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Chimera the Cat with a Human Face: Video

Cat ladies are notorious for anthropomorphizing their pampered kitties, who doesn`t know a cat owner who says something like: Butterball`s left ear just twitched, that means she wants to watch the Jerry Springer show. Usually she like to watch documentaries on the History Channel or one of the cable news networks, but Springer is her guilty pleasure.

I have two cats and I spoil them to death, but I`m under no illusion that they possess human traits. A cat has a fixed expression, and it`s difficult for me to ascribe to it human characteristics. I can tell when my pets are mad, because they will express their anger by hissing or scratching me, but I really don`t think they consider any specific show Must-watch TV.

The ancient Egyptians went further than your modern-day cat lady, they considered felines deities. Cats aren`t human or divine, they are wonderful and loving animals, and I recommend that everyone adopt a kitten from an animal shelter.

However, Chimera, a two-month-old Main Coon Cat`s face resembles a human face. If Chimera looked at me and hissed when Donald Trump was on the TV, I would wonder if she was telling me that she disagreed with the president`s immigration policy.

Watch this video and tell me that you dont agree with me that Chimera is a sentient creature capable of analytical thinking:

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Twitter Purges Site of Suspicious Accounts

“Twitter users across the globe may see a drop in their followers this week as the social media platform purges the site of suspicious accounts.”

U.S. News and World Report

America is a classless society, we don`t have a religious caste system like India or a social class system like England. When we apply for a job our prospective employer doesn`t care if our ancestors arrived on the Mayflower, or if our parents are members of an exclusive golf resort. Ideally any employer will be concerned only with our education, experience, wisdom and skills.

However in this digital age any employer would be derelict in his duties if he didn`t investigate our social media profile. Whenever I apply for a job I assume that I will be googled and that my Twitter and Facebook accounts will be scrutinized.

A social media presence is more important than a social pedigree or financial success or lack thereof, and it`s incumbent upon us to ensure that there`s nothing negative on our social media sites.

I`m not quite an anal-retentive as Millennials in regularly updating my social media accounts, but for a Baby Boomer I have an impressive presence on the Internet. I have published political essays online since 1998, and thousands of my articles, for good or ill, are available online for anyone to read. I also have a Twitter feed, a Facebook page and a Linkedin account.

I was dismayed this morning when I checked my Twitter feed and discovered that I had lost about two hundred followers. Even though I take Twitter`s word that they were purging the site of suspicious accounts, i.e. trolls and bots, I still feel like I just checked my checking account and discovered that I have $200 less than I expected.

But I`m probably not as shocked as celebrities who have millions of fake accounts, for example a survey has shown that more than a quarter of Trump`s followers are not real people. I just hope that Twitter purged the accounts of celebrities as thoroughly as they did those of regular folks.

My precipitous drop in Twitter followers was a slap on the face, if you enjoy reading my essays I hope you will empathize with me, and follow me on Twitter.

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Adorable Grandpa Records Himself Instead of Marriage Proposal

“Getting engaged can be overwhelming for both the person popping the question and the one getting the ring, which is why many couples ask someone to document the proposal.

For one New Mexico man, that someone was an adorable grandfather he met on a train. And one thing is for sure… the moment was memorable.

The grandfather`s name is John Hart, and he accidentally recorded the whole thing in selfie mode.

That means he only captured his own thrilled reaction to the picturesque proposal.”


It`s axiomatic that old people don`t know Jack about technology, they don`t know a WI-FI hotspot from a burning blister on their butt.

I can`t believe a millennial wanker handed an iPhone to an old codger and asked him to record a marriage proposal, he might as well have handed him a freaking blender.

As sure as night follows day the old coot screwed things up, he recorded the memorable event in selfie mode. That means he captured his own reaction, and adorable as it was, the couple would have beaten the sweetness out of him if another (much younger) person hadn`t recorded the proposal.

Believe it or not, back in the day the old geezer was a photographer in the Navy, and he probably took some great photographs of naval battles during the Civil War, but he sure as hell doesn`t know how to use a cellphone camera.

Moral of this story: By all means include the elderly in important events in your life, but for the love of God don`t ask them to do anything with technology that involves anything more modern than a rotary phone.

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Donald Trump Is Not My President!

The phrase “President Donald Trump” is an oxymoron, and many journalists, commentators and bloggers refuse to describe him in such terms. In fact, a substantial number of Americans don`t consider Trump their president, and they refuse to legitimize his administration in any way.

This is not simply a case of sour grapes over losing the election, Trump is uniquely unqualified, morally, ethically and intellectually to be president of the greatest democracy in history. Expecting patriotic Americans to accept the legitimacy of the Trump administration is akin to expecting Roman Catholics to accept Richard Dawkins as the Pope or Iranians to recognize Cardi B as their new Supreme Leader.

Something went horribly wrong on November 8, 2016, in a multiverse with an infinite number of universes ours is the only world where Trump won the presidential election. Even if you don`t believe in the multiverse theory of quantum physics or a sadistic deity who delights in playing practical jokes, you know there`s something rotten in Denmark.

So what does it mean in practical terms for a journalist or blogger not to accept the validity of the Trump administration? It means that we shouldn`t treat Trump as if he were an Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan or even a George W. Bush. Cable new networks shouldn`t broadcast his campaign speeches live, his tweets shouldn`t be parsed as if they were Shakespeare sonnets, and the White House press conferences, presided over by lying sycophant Sarah Huckabee Sanders, shouldn`t be telecast.

Donald Trump is a clown, buffoon, ignoramus and bully, and the racist bastard doesn`t deserve our respect. To hell with the argument that he deserves the benefit of the doubts that accrue to his office, he is an aberration and an abomination, and it`s incumbent upon patriots to dedicate their lives to get rid of him by any means necessary.

“Impeach Trump” shouldn`t just be the cry of leftist radicals, this chant should be heard everywhere, from the smallest rural towns to our greatest cities.

Not My President! Not now! Never!

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Donald Trump is Right, Elizabeth Warren Should Take a DNA Test to Prove She’s Native American

During a campaign-style speech at a Montana rally Donald Trump once again ridiculed one of his favorite punching bags, Senator Elizabeth Warren:

“I`m gonna get one of those kits and in the middle of the debate when she proclaims that she`s of Indian heritage, because her mother says she has high cheekbones, that`s her only evidence that her mother said she has high cheekbones. We will take that little kit, and say, but we have to do it gently because we`re in the #MeToo generation, so we have to do it very gently. And we will very gently take that kit and we will slowly toss it hoping it doesn`t hit her and injure her arm, even though it probably only weighs two ounces.”

Trump the showman goaded Warren into taking a DNA test, vowing to give a million dollars to her favorite charity if the test proved she was an “Indian.”

No liberal worth his salt is going to rationalize Trump`s gratuitous dig at the #MeToo movement, especially coming from a serial pussy grabber. But we shouldn`t reflexively disagree with everything that Trump says, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and even a jackass sometimes speaks the truth.

Elizabeth Warren claimed Native American status at Harvard to advance her career, and as a minority I find that deeply offensive and frankly unforgivable. Warren hasn`t presented a shred of evidence that she`s of Native American descent, and from all appearances she`s as white as Snow White. Having high cheekbones and two bucks won`t get her a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and it won`t convince anyone that she has Cherokee blood flowing in her veins.

Democrats shouldn`t give Warren a pass because she`s a classic liberal, cultural appropriation in its most extreme form is an abomination, and in this one instance I will make common ground with Trump, and demand that she take a DNA test.

I call on my white liberal friends to join me in holding Warren accountable for her words and actions. If she doesn`t prove that she`s part Native American by taking a DNA test she should be anathema to the Democratic Party.

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Donald Trump Isn’t a Macho Man, He’s a Petulant Toddler

The toxic masculinity of conservatives is having a corrosive effect not just on politics, but on society at large. How can we convince our children they shouldn`t curse when they see Trump uttering profanities with abandon?

Republicans regard Donald Trump as the epitome of masculinity, they believe his bellicose rhetoric has earned the respect of our allies and enemies, and they point to North Korea as exhibit number one. They argue that Kim Jong-un would never have agreed to a peace summit if their Masculine Messiah hadn`t intimidated him into acquiescence by calling him “Little Rocket Man” and “sick puppy.”

The fact is that Jong-un didn`t agree to peace talks because of Trump`s macho words or tough sanctions, he intuited that Trump has built up expectations so high that even if the Singapore summit produced nothing but vague promises and flowery rhetoric, the president had painted himself into a corner and would pronounce the summit a bigly victory.

Indeed that`s exactly what happened, Trump is just the latest American president rolled by the North Korean dynasty. North Korea is upgrading a major nuclear research facility despite Trump`s claim that Jong Un has vowed to disarm, according to new satellite images. To add insult to injury right after Mike Pompeo has described the latest round of talks as “productive and in good faith,” the North Koreans accused the Americans of acting like gangsters.

Trump`s manly demeanor and coarse language has resulted in the coarsening of public discourse, and it`s made America the laughingstock of the world.

Masculinity doesn`t mean that you curse like a sailor and act like a bully, it means that you disarm your enemy with facts and eloquence, and you treat everyone with respect.

Donald Trump isn`t a macho man, he`s a petulant toddler, and on the same day we impeach and remove him from office he will become an irrelevant and cranky loser.

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Donald Trump Thrives Delivering Campaign Speeches

It`s been three years since Donald Trump descended the gold escalator at Trump Tower to deliver his presidential announcement speech in which he described Mexican immigrants as racist. Trump`s speeches during the presidential campaign were must-watch TV, it was intoxicating watching an Elmer Gantry working a partisan crowd.

Trump`s stump speeches were aired on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News, the blowhard shyster was ratings gold, and the cable news outlets covered him as if he were Jesus Christ on his 2nd Coming Tour.

Left-leaning CNN and MSNBC no longer cover Trump`s addresses from beginning to end, they only play snippets that expose him as a moron. Fox News, which behaves as a propaganda arm for the White House, still airs his orations in full.

Ostensibly Trump makes speeches in support of a GOP politician who is running for re-election in November, but he barley mentions the candidate, and he spends almost all of the time bragging about his so-called accomplishments.

But why is Trump still delivering campaign-style speeches almost two years into his term? What is the point of a Trump rally in 2018? His shtick is well-worn and tired: he walks out to the stage to Lee Greenwood and departs inexplicably to “You Can`t Always Get What You Want.” In between there are lies, insults and incomprehensible blather punctuated by chants of “Lock her up!” and “Build the wall!”

It`s a mystery what audiences get out of Trump`s tired routine, but it`s manifest what he gets out of it. Trump is a narcissist and megalomaniac who needs adulation as much as he needs oxygen. When Trump delivers a speech he knows that he will be treated like a rock star, and that his idiotic comments will be covered extensively by the cable news networks.

The Trump rally is a mainstay of his administration, unfortunately we will be subjected to them right through the final month of his first term.

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