Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Brutal Attack on Paul Pelosi

Donald Trump Jr

A man who posted delusional creeds online, echoing QAnon and election denial conspiracies, broke into the San Francisco home of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, shouting “Where’s Nancy?”

When he couldn’t find his intended target, he sated his rage by attacking her 82-year-old husband, fracturing his skull with a hammer.

The only acceptable reaction to this shocking act of brutality is to condemn the attacker and the inflammatory rhetoric by Republican leaders that incites such acts of violence against innocent human beings.

Donald Trump Jr. didn’t respond with words of compassion for Nancy Pelosi and her husband, and he didn’t attempt to lower the temperature by pleading for civility and unity.

Instead, Junior posted an image of a hammer and white briefs to his Instagram with the caption: “Got my Paul Pelosi Halloween costume ready”, cruelly mocking the seriously injured husband of the House Speaker.

The briefs are an allusion to a baseless conspiracy theory that Paul Pelosi met his attacker at a gay bar. Nothing could be further from the truth; police have said on record that Paul Pelosi and his attacker did not know each other prior to the assault.

Instead of emulating the childish, cruel and evil behavior of his father, Junior should have followed the example of Mike Pence who denounced the attack on Paul Pelosi and called for a full prosecution of the man responsible.

Herschel Walker Pushes Fentanyl Candy Conspiracy Theory Ahead of Halloween

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker, the Georgia Republican Senate candidate, claimed fentanyl is being dressed up to imitate candy by the people of China and Mexico during a rally on Monday.

It’s not surprising to hear Walker uttering such nonsense, his stump speeches are replete with outrageous lies, wacky conspiracy theories and racist tropes.

This comment resonates with xenophobic Republican voters, who hate Hispanics, Asians and Blacks, although they do have an affinity for Uncle Toms like Walker.

The intellectually challenged Georgia politician warned parents that they should be very vigilant on Halloween in response.

Evangelicals think Halloween is the devil’s holiday, and they are predisposed to believe Walker’s fentanyl conspiracy theory. The only thing voters should be afraid of is that their innocent children might be traumatized if they run into anyone dressed like Walker for Halloween.

Trump’s Sick Joke About Prison Rape Elicits Cheers from His Evangelical Supporters

White evangelicals are so vehemently homophobic that they consider any expression of gay pride as a sign of moral decay and as a portent of the End Times. Whenever a city with a significant community of gays and lesbians suffers a natural disaster, they interpret it as God’s judgment.

When a speaker makes a reference or allusion to a homosexual act, you would expect them to react with groans of disgust and shouts of disapproval.

But when their messiah, Donald Trump, threatened journalists with prison rape at a MAGA rally, they erupted with cheers and laughter.

“You take the writer and or the publisher of the paper … and you say ‘Who is the leaker? National security, And they say ‘We’re not gonna tell you.’ They say ‘That’s OK, you’re going to jail.’ And when this person realizes he’s going to be the bride of another prisoner very shortly, he will say ‘I’d very much like to tell you exactly who that leaker is!’”

This from a politician who has a long history of leaking to the press himself, and who lavished praise on WikiLeaks when they published information harmful to his political opponent, Hillary Clinton.

I’m not surprised that evangelicals laughed at the mention of sodomy, an act that their vengeful and spiteful deity hates, just as I’m not surprised that the largest consumers of girl-on-girl porn in the Bible Belt are the aforementioned hypocrites.

There is a special place reserved in hell for the likes of Trump and his evangelical supporters who exemplify the sins of hypocrisy and irrational hatred condemned by the Bible.

I’d Rather Vote for Corn Pop Than Joe Biden

Corn Pop

“President Joe Biden drew criticism from social media after responding with a long pause when asked in an interview if first lady Jill Biden would support him running for office again in 2024.

‘Dr. Biden is for it?’ MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart asked Biden about a 2024 run in a clip that aired Friday. Biden then paused and looked down at the floor, prompting Capehart to follow up with, ‘Mr. President?’

‘Dr. Biden thinks that, my wife thinks that,’ Biden said before pausing again. ‘That we’re doing something very important, and I shouldn’t walk away from it.’”

Yahoo News

This disturbing episode in not an aberration, the commander-in-chief has a penchant for shaking hands with invisible people, losing his orientation when walking off a stage, and losing his thought while delivering a speech or even answering a simple question.

When a friendly reporter asked Biden in an interview if his wife would support him running for office again in 2024, he slipped into a fugue state, leaving the TV audience wondering if:

The president had fallen asleep?

If he was trying to remember the answer he’d rehearsed with his handlers?

If he was preoccupied wondering if his diapers were leaking?

If he was reminiscing about his halcyon days working as a lifeguard when little black kids rubbed his legs while he fended off Corn Pop, who was a really bad dude.

What’s up with Joe Biden? The answer is that his cognitive skills are so diminished that at this point Corn Pop would make a better president.

Abortion is a Woman’s Choice, Leave God Out of It


Pro-choice advocates usually explain their view on the controversial subject by stating: I don’t believe that any man has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body. It is between her and her doctor and her and her God.

I wholeheartedly concur that a woman should have sovereignty over her body, and that includes her womb. A politician’s or a preacher’s opinion shouldn’t be part of the equation; it’s a weighty issue and the typical woman has the wisdom, judgement and intelligence to weigh the pros and cons without outside interference.

I agree that a woman might consult a physician if the viability of the fetus is in question, or if pregnancy may pose a risk to the mother.

But to say that the decision is between her and her God is patently absurd. God is not in the equation. The Bible was written thousands of years ago when patriarchy was the norm, and women were treated like property, slightly above livestock. The Bible is not a science text or a medical reference book, and it’s folly to try to divine what scripture says about the subject.

Let’s treat pregnant women with respect and let them make their own choices without quoting scripture at them or bringing a deity into the equation.

Comic Gives Herschel Walker a Long Roll of Condoms


“Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia, Herschel Walker, was pranked on stage Thursday after a rally in Macon by Jason Selvig of ‘The Good Liars,’ who tried to hand the former NFL star a roll of condoms.”


Selvig’s prank is a community service, nobody needs condoms more than evangelicals, and no evangelical needs condoms more than Herschel Walker.

Most evangelicals are anti-choice and anti-contraceptives, even though the “be fruitful and multiply” holy rollers indulge in as much fornication as the general population. Maybe evangelical men would be more conducive to wearing a rubber if they were infused with healing oil and sold in Christian book stores. They could come in three sizes: King David, Samson and Goliath.

Walker is vehemently anti-abortion and against fornication, but of course his professed religious beliefs don’t stop him from riding ho’s bareback whenever the Spirit moves him.

Walker has fathered multiple children that were not previously publicly acknowledged. His own son blasted him on social media for being such a hypocrite and admonished him to, “Wear a condom, damn.”

If anybody needs a condom, Good Lord it’s Walker. He suffers from multiple personality disorder, and for all we know each of his personalities could have fathered multiple children out of wedlock.

Selvig did the right thing by handing Walker a long roll of condoms.

America Stuck in a Gerontocracy, We Need Much Younger Republican and Democratic Leaders

Old Farts

Last week’s January 6 Committee hearing featured a video depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressing her desire to punch Donald Trump on January 6, 2021.

Understandably, emotions were running high on Insurrection Day, but since the release of the video she hasn’t walked back her words. I’m sure she would punch Trump if she ever met him in private.

Can you imagine 82-year-old Pelosi delivering a haymaker punch to 76-year-old Trump. Before the punch landed, Trump would have time to change his diapers and comb his urine-colored hair.

The geriatric old farts in leadership positions in the Republican and Democratic parties have permeated the political process with an unspeakable stench.

I would love to see Pelosi and Trump in the boxing ring, but even better would be a Battle Royale featuring Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Grassley, Dianne Feinstein, Jim Risch, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Patrick Leahy, Chuck Schumer, Richard Shelby and Jim Inhofe.

Hopefully none of these old men and women with white entitlement up the wazoo would survive the Battle Royale.

It’s time for a younger and more diverse generation to take over. I’m sick and tired of these old farts, they stink to high heaven, every last one of them.  

Creepy Biden Offers Unsolicited Dating Advice to Teen Girl


It’s well documented that President Joe Biden has a weakness for sniffing women’s hair and a fondness for fondling prepubescent girls.

Whenever Biden interacts with the public his Secret Service Agents and his handlers would be well-advised to keep females, especially young girls away from him.

After delivering remarks about the government’s plans to curb inflation and reduce drug costs on a visit to California, Biden exposed what was really on his mind when he zeroed in on an attractive teen girl, put his hand on her shoulder and creepily whispered some unsolicited advice:

“Now, a very important thing I told my daughter and granddaughters — no serious guys until you’re 30.”

The creepy episode was captured on video and the poor girl seemed uncomfortable.

Where’s Corn Pop when you need him to protect children from the creepy ghoul?

This is yet another example of why Biden is too freaking old and too freaking creepy, and it’s time to put him out to pasture, where there are only cows around, and no women or young girls.

The Big Lie Has Energized Trump’s Evangelical Base


Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election in an electoral college and popular vote landslide, and yet there are still millions of white evangelicals who believe the Big Lie that the election was rigged, and Trump actually won.

Donald Trump, the author and disseminator of the Big Lie, knows he lost, according to former White House aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump told Mark Meadows, “I don’t want people to know that we lost”, after the Supreme Court ruled against him on a key case about the 2020 election.

Trump is too much of an idiot to engage in any Machiavellian political strategies, and he likely didn’t know that claiming that the “deep state” had stolen the election would energize evangelicals.

The Big Lie has turbocharged the evangelicals commitment to restore their messiah to the throne of power. The Big Lie feeds into their eschatological view that the Antichrist will set up a one world government. Stealing the election was a giant step forward in the Antichrist’s goal of setting up his world government.

It’s incumbent upon us who value democracy and liberty to crush the evangelicals’ wet dream that Trump will be restored to power and set up a Christian white nationalist regime by voting against all candidates who support the Big Lie in the midterms, and of course we must vote against Trump if he runs again in 2024.

Donald Trump is the Pigpen of Politics


Pigpen is one of the motley crew of “Peanuts” characters. He is well known for his perpetually filthy overalls and the cloud of dirt that envelopes him wherever he goes.

Lucy, Linus, Sally, Schroeder and most of the other “Peanuts” characters, with the exception of Charlie Brown, give Pigpen a wide berth, because it’s impossible to remain dust free if they are in proximity to him.

Once after bathing and dressing in clean clothes, Pigpen stepped outside his house and instantaneously became dirty and disheveled, whereupon he declared to Charlie Brown: you know what I am? I’m, a dust magnet.

Pigpen is self-aware, he knows that filthiness is an essential part of his being, indeed he dubs himself a “dust magnet.” Trump is oblivious to his toxic nature; he thinks his shit doesn’t stink.

Donald Trump is the Pigpen of the MAGA universe, a cloud of controversy, scandal, and moral depravity follows him wherever he goes. To put in more crudely, Trump is a steaming pile of human shit, and anything he touches turns to shit.

The Peanuts gang avoided Pigpen, but the MAGA faithful embrace the filthiness and decadence of Trump, they thrive in the rancid atmosphere of their evil messiah.

The loveable loser Charlie Brown saw a measure of goodness in Pigpen, but Trump doesn’t have any socially redeeming values, and only moral reprobates like white evangelicals, QAnon cultists and white supremacists seek to be close to the a-hole.

Biden Turns 80 Next Month, God Help Us

Jope Biden

An 80th birthday is a milestone that is celebrated and cherished; you throw a bodacious birthday bash for a man who has beaten the odds and lived to become an octogenarian.

Most 80th birthday parties are held in retirement homes of one kind or another, and the nursing staff reminds the birthday boy to put on his choppers so he can enjoy his birthday cake.

President Joe Biden will turn 80 next month, becoming the first commander-in-chief to become an octogenarian while in office. (How scary is that?)

Biden is suffering from severe mental decline, and I doubt that he will remember his birthday, unless his reminded by his spouse or his aides. The White House will no doubt hold a low-key celebration, because the last thing the administration wants is to remind the electorate that Biden is older than dirt just a few days before the midterms.

If Biden runs for reelection and wins, he would be 82 when he takes the oath of office for the second time.

It’s incumbent upon Biden’s wife, his aides and Democratic leaders to beg him not to run for reelection. It’s time for a new generation of leaders, Trump belongs in an insane asylum and Biden belongs in a retirement home.

Tommy Tuberville’s Racist Comments at Trump’s MAGA rally

Tommy Tuberville

At Donald Trump’s MAGA rallies homophobia, xenophobia and racism runs rampant; the speakers at these hate fests feel emboldened to let their racist flag fly high.

The latest example is Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville who uttered this blatantly racist statement at the latest Trump rally:

“Democrats are in favor of reparations because they are pro-crime. They want reparations because they think the people who do the crime are owed that. Bullshit.”

Needless to say, Tuberville’s odious comments were met with thunderous applause.

It’s unforgivable for a former collegiate coach who for three decades made millions on the blood and sweat of black student-athletes, to make such a racist statement.

Where do I even begin to dissect these execrable words?

First of all, most Democrats are not in favor of reparations, according to a poll conducted by the Morning Consult and Politico in February 2021, only 42 percent of Democrats are strongly in favor or reparations.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents are against crime, the only ones in favor of crime are criminals whether they are drug dealers in the inner city or businessmen committing fraud and tax crimes on Wall Street.

And to suggest that all black people are criminals and therefore undeserving of reparations is flat-out racism.

Tuberville’s words and thoughts are bullshit, and one would hope that the only people who applaud this undisguised racism are the white evangelicals, QAnon cult members, Christian White Nationalists, rednecks, and assorted trash who attend MAGA rallies.

Cynical & Pragmatic Evangelicals Embrace Herschel Walker in Response to Abortion Allegation

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker is running for the senate in Georgia on a campaign emphasizing family values. He’s vehemently opposed to abortion, he calls the medical procedure “murder”, and believes abortion should be banned with no exceptions for rape or incest.

Now he is facing a credible accusation that he paid for an abortion by a former girlfriend and mother of one of his previously unacknowledged children.

In more innocent times the serial philanderer and pathological liar would have been expected by his evangelical supporters to confess his sin, claim that Jesus had forgiven him and continue unabated with his senatorial campaign.

But Walker is following the game plan of his Orange Messiah: deny the accusation, even though his baby mama has the receipts, and continue campaigning while denouncing all disturbing reports as “fake news.”

And evangelicals are vigorously defending the seriously morally flawed candidate, and praying not for him to repent, but for him to win the election.

Fuck the pragmatic evangelicals who don’t even make a pretense of caring about so-called family values. All they care about is owning the libs, winning by any means necessary, and furthering the agenda of their messiah, Donald Trump. Fuck Walker. Fuck Trump. Fuck evangelicals. Fuck their God.

Puppygate Will Dog Dr. Oz’s Senate Campaign


During a 1983 family vacation, Mitt Romney drove 12 hours with his dog tied on top of his car in a carrier. This callous, cruel and cold-blooded behavior dogged his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

Americans love babies and puppies, and God help a candidate who refuses to kiss babies or mistreats puppies.

Mehmet Oz who is running for the Senate in the pooch-loving Commonwealth of Pennsylvania makes Romney look like St. Francis of Assisi. The revelation that Oz’s research experiments reportedly killed over 300 dogs and an entire litter of puppies may be the final nail in the ahole’s coffin.

Not that there weren’t already ample reasons not to vote for the freaking quack:

His crudites video

His belief that abortion is murder

His decades peddling quack cures on his TV show

His acceptance of Trump’s endorsement

It’s incumbent upon the decent citizens of Pennsylvania to vote against this mass murderer of canines.

Ron DeSantis Dooms His Presidential Aspirations by Donning Nancy Sinatra White Boots to a Flood Zone


A picture is worth a thousand words, and a photo op depicting a presidential candidate looking heroic or empathetic can sway votes and win elections.

But a photo op that makes a candidate look foolish or fey can doom a presidential campaign.

Just ask Michael Dukakis who in the 1988 presidential campaign, in an attempt to look credible as a commander-in-chief, rode in an M1 Abrams tank wearing a helmet. That photo of the diminutive (5’8”) candidate riding a tank wearing a helmet tanked his campaign.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has aspirations of running for president in 2024, and who coincidently is also 5’8”, wore white fishing boots to visit a flood zone, dooming any chances that he will ever be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

It’s OK to wear white boots that look identical to Nancy Sinatra’s iconic white boots if you cosplaying the 60’s pop star, or if are making a coming out speech. But you don’t wear immaculate white boots to a flood zone, especially not after Labor Day, if you want to be taken seriously as a presidential contender.

America Doesn’t Deserve to Survive as a Democracy If It’s Biden vs Trump Again in 2024

Biden vs Trump

Most Democrats grudgingly admit that Biden’s mental acuity is on the decline, but they argue that dealing with his cognitive issues is a small price to pay considering his commitment to democracy, racial equality and the liberal agenda.

Their mindset seems to be: Old Joe has always been a gaffe machine, and now that he’s almost eighty the bats in his belfry are in a frenzy, but a kind man suffering from dementia is better than a psychopath suffering from mental decline.

True, Biden is a thousandfold better than Trump, but why should we have to settle for a batty octogenarian in the White House in 2024?

There is nothing amusing or endearing about President Joe Biden’s alarming cognitive decline. I wince, not smile, when he shakes hands with one of his imaginary friends. It’s cute when your grandpa shakes hands with invisible people, but it’s terrifying when the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World is manifestly delusional.

There are too many geriatric incumbents of both parties in leadership positions, it’s time to hand the baton to a younger generation.

If it’s Biden vs Trump again in 2024, America doesn’t deserve to survive as a democracy.