Trump Biden Debate Was a Shit Show, a Dumpster Fire, a Disaster of Biblical Proportions

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was a shit show, a dumpster fire, a disaster of Biblical proportions …

No debate that includes Trump will ever be compared to a Lincoln-Douglas debate, but to prevent the spectacle from devolving into a WWE Battle Royale there must be a modicum of structure.  

The first presidential debate was divided into six 15-minute segments during which the moderator, Chris Wallace, posed the same question to former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. The candidates had two minutes to respond to each question, and basically the rest of each segment was a free-for-all.

Trump interrupted Biden during the initial question of each segment, and the remaining part of each segment was a torrent of cross-talk, insults, lies, and just general mayhem.

Wallace is an excellent interviewer and a competent moderator, but he had as much control of the debate as a substitute teacher has at a reform school. No moderator, not even the even-tempered and competent Wallace could have reined in the wild animal, unless he was equipped with a button on his desk to deliver a shock to Trump every time, he broke the debate rules.

Trump doesn’t respect judges, generals, legislators, so it shouldn’t have come as any surprise that he wouldn’t respect a debate moderator, even one from his favorite news outlet, Fox News.

Biden has already committed to participating in the final two debates, but since Trump didn’t follow the rules agreed to by both campaigns, he isn’t under any moral obligation to participate in any more debates.

But if Biden decides to debate Trump again, he should demand that the moderator kill the microphone when a debater interrupts or exceeds his time limit.

Last night’s debate was a shit show that left everyone involved including Trump, Biden, Wallace, the viewing audience and democracy itself covered in excrement.

I’ve had enough, the only other debate I will watch is the one between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

Honest Politician & Wildfire Survivor Susan Gorin: ‘It’s Like God Has No Sympathy, No Empathy

“’I’m sort of numb at the moment,’ said Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin as she drove away at about 1 a.m. from her evacuated home in the Oakmont community on Santa Rosa’s eastern edge. All of Oakmont’s 4,500 residents were ordered to leave.

Gorin has lived this nightmare before. Three years ago, the Nuns Fire consumed her Oakmont home, which is still being rebuilt while she lives in another home in the same neighborhood. While fleeing to a hotel in Novato, Gorin contemplated the horrendous prospect that the same fate could befall her once more.

‘It seems surreal to me that we would be facing this again in some of the same areas that lost so many homes so traumatically just three short years ago,’ Gorin said. ‘It’s like God has no sympathy, no empathy for Sonoma County.’

But Gorin blames the worsening fire threat not on a heavenly cause but rather a human one: climate change.”

Beaumont Enterprise

This summer and early fall California fires have consumed almost 4 million acres, rendering a significant part of the state an apocalyptic wasteland.

In the aftermath of natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes and earthquakes shell-shocked survivors usually praise and thank God, specifically Jesus, for saving them seemingly oblivious that they are implying that the Almighty extended no such tender mercies to those severely injured or killed by the “Act of God.”

Survivors thank Jesus when they are interviewed by reporters, and only as an afterthought thank the first responders who risked their lives to save them.

If just one believer cursed God after nature’s wrath destroyed his home and killed his family members, it would reflect well on his humanity and give an unbeliever pause that maybe his faith has some validity.

Susan Gorin who has experienced the vengeance of Mother Nature more than twice told a reporter:

“It’s like God has no sympathy, no empathy.”

What an honest and human reaction, coming from a politician at that. A typical politician, whether he/she believes in God or not, would automatically invoke the Deity and ensure his/her constituents that Jesus would save the day.

I don’t know if Gorin is a person of faith or an atheist or agnostic, but I sure as hell wish she was the president of the United States instead of the racist buffoon who invokes God frequently to pander to his white evangelical base.

Trump Spent $70K On Hairstylist! Who Knew It’s So Expensive to Hire Russian Hooker to Perform Golden Showers and Blow Dry His Hair?

“A stunning New York Times exposé of the President’s tax returns Sunday revealed a pitifully inept businessman and a serial tax avoider crushed by massive debts that could expose him to conflicts of interest given his position as President and power to help undisclosed lenders.

In 2016 and 2017 each, Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes — far less than many Americans who are working hard amid a deep recession to stay afloat. Trump took huge deductions — including $70,000 to take care of his hair.”


The New York Times expose of Trump’s tax returns exposed him as the worst businessman in the history of capitalism, a fake billionaire who owes over a billion in loans, and a vain fat baboon who spends tens of thousands in hairstyling costs.

You’d think it would be relatively inexpensive to maintain Trump’s unique hairstyle: $100 a day for a Russian hooker to rain golden showers on his wispy hair. Five bucks for a comb to perfect his combover from hell. Twenty bucks for a blow dryer to lend his hairdo that defies physics and common-sense look.

The con-in-chief wrote off $70,000 in hairstyling for The Apprentice, arguably the mother of all questionable tax write-offs. I remember last year when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent $250 for a haircut and color and was mercilessly ridiculed by outraged members of the Republican party.

These shocking revelations won’t do anything to persuade Trump’s base that he is a vain con man who doesn’t deserve their loyalty. Trump could kidnap a hairstylist in the middle of 5th Avenue in broad daylight and force him to give him a haircut and he wouldn’t lose any supporters. If Trump made an appeal on Twitter for donations to pay for his hairstylist, he would raise a million dollars in minutes.

I would love to light a match to Trump’s hairdo and watch in delight as the hairspray saturated coiffure erupted in a conflagration. Just a fantasy, I’m not encouraging anyone to punish Trump for being such a tax cheat.

Democrats and Independents Must Turn Out in Droves to Prevent Trump From Stealing the Election

America’s most consequential presidential elections have been decided over how presidential candidates dealt with the following wars: Civil War, World Wars I and II, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Every presidential election cycle we hear the same refrain: This is the most important election in history! Even though America is at peace, this time it’s really one of the most important presidential elections in history, because democracy itself is at stake.

Trump has run roughshod over every pillar of our democracy: freedom of the press, the independence of the judiciary, the trustworthiness of the election process. The choice isn’t between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, it’s between Trump and democracy.

America’s endless wars, Afghanistan and Iraq aren’t even background noise, the central fight is over Donald Trump.

Trump assumed office with no overarching agenda except to burnish his brand, and not just his political brand, but his business and entertainment brands as well.

Trump hasn’t sought to ensure his reelection by expanding his base, instead of making overtures to his political opposition, he ridicules, threatens and demonizes them.

Trump is betting that the blind loyalty of his base will be enough to prevail in a historically close election that may very well be decided by the Supreme Court that includes three Justices that he nominated.

It’s incumbent upon us who love democracy to turn out in droves on election day to prevent this nightmare scenario.

Sick and Tired of MAGA Rallies? Vote Trump Out of Office

This summer, Donald Trump went almost two months without holding a MAGA rally. Even as he downplayed the coronavirus pandemic, he realized that holding super-spreader campaign rallies wouldn’t be politically expedient.

The corpulent demagogue became politically emaciated without the energy he feeds on at MAGA rallies. Trump without campaign rallies is like a televangelist holding Zoom revival meetings, it just doesn’t work.

But with his ratings tanking as a result of his mismanagement of the pandemic and the worsening economic crisis, the stable genius resumed his traveling shit show. Since August he has held more than a dozen rallies in swing states.

Trump could care less if his supporters meet the same fate as Herman Cain, optics are more important than the safety and health of his followers.

Almost all of Trump’s recent rallies have been held at airport tarmacs, he can fly in and out quickly, and avoid mingling with the evangelical fanatics, rednecks and assorted riff-raff. Trump doesn’t mind the wild applause of his supporters, but the infamous germaphobe wants to escape from their presence as soon as he can.

Trump treats his loyal supporters as props and pawns, and his critics like enemies of the state that he needs to demonize and neutralize.

Let’s put a merciful end to these MAGA sideshows, and kick Trump to the curb November 3, 2020.

Trump Went ‘Shi*house Crazy’ When First Step Act Failed to Improve Polling With Black Voters

“President Donald Trump reportedly ‘went s—house crazy’ after a criminal-justice policy he implemented failed to improve his polling numbers among Black voters.

Why the hell did I do that?’ Trump yelled at his senior aides, current and former administration officials told The Washington Post.

The legislation in question, called the First Step Act, aimed to tackle major racial disparities in the prison system that disproportionately affect Black people as a result of decades-long mass incarceration.”

Business Insider

President Donald Trump views all of his words and actions through the prism of how they will improve his reelection chances. Trump doesn’t care about blacks, gays and lesbians, immigrants or any other minority, he doesn’t even care about the Republican Party, he cares only about himself.

Trump is a blatant racist and he could care less about the issues of mass incarceration and racial disparities in the prison system, but he supported the First Step Act because he expected his action to improve his anemic support in the African American community.

After the implementation of the First Step Act failed to improve his polling number among black voters, he went shithouse crazy, yelling at his aides, “Why the hell did I do that”.

The First Step Act actually worked, since the bill passed in 2018, about 4,700 incarcerated people have been released or had their prison sentences reduced. But Trump judges his policies success or failure solely on how they benefit his reelection prospects.

In the 2016 election Trump received only about 8% of the black vote, and that figure remains largely unchanged despite his transparent attempts to curry favor with them by throwing crumbs at them. Uncle Toms the likes of Sen. Tim Scott and Dr. Ben Carson will always be a fringe element in the African American population.

The American public, including blacks, aren’t stupid, we haven’t forgotten Trump’s abysmal racist behavior: Charlottesville, the frequent attacks on black political leaders, his refusal to attend Rep. John Lewis’ funeral, and his condemnation of the Black Lives Matter protests.

We will remember Trump’s racism on November 3, 2020.

Twitter Hashtag ‘She’s 12’ a Reference to Trump? Biden?

“My daughter’s name is Klaire, she’s 12. She hates her first name and wants it to be ‘Ace’. She wants it legally changed. Both her mother and I are against that.

I hate it. I said it’d be ok as a nickname but she’s not okay with that.

What do I do?”

Jason Ernst Tweet

When I want to know what people are talking about, I check out what’s trending on Twitter. When I woke up to see “She’s 12” trending I automatically thought, “is Trump’s latest sexual assault victim only 12?” After all the predator-in-chief has been making disturbing comments about young girls for years. In a 1992 recording, a 46-year old Trump asks a little girl if she’s going to go up an escalator. Then the short-fingered vulgarian turns to the camera and says, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?” A rhetorical question, nobody doubts that he would date a much younger woman. In 2016 a woman filed a civil suit against Trump alleging he raped her when she was only 13. So yes, I thought that the serial sexual predator had assaulted or molested a 12-year-old girl. Can you blame me?

The second thought that came to my mind was: Did creepy Joe Biden revert to his pre-pandemic penchant of groping underage girls? Social distancing rules help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and they have the added benefit of keeping Biden from getting to touchy-feely with prepubescent girls. Don’t believe me, search “creepy Joe Biden” on YouTube and you will find dozens of videos that chronicle Biden’s inappropriate behavior with little girls.

Actually, the hashtag is in reference to a father whose 12-year-old daughter wants to change her name from “Klaire” to “Ace.” I just hope and pray that sexual predators will stay the hell away from Klaire/Ace.

We live in a society that sexualizes young girls, and Trump and Biden aren’t the only ones who take an unhealthy interest in young girls. Twelve isn’t the new 18, and anyone who molests young children should be locked up for a very long time, hopefully forever.

Satan Smiles on Trump’s MAGA Rallies

President Donald Trump’s MAGA rallies haven’t changed since 2015, four years of serving as commander-in-chief and Leader of the Free World hasn’t tempered his rhetoric, curbed his vindictiveness, or eradicated his racism.

A 2020 MAGA rally is almost indistinguishable from a 2015 rally, you still hear chants of “Lock Her Up!” and “Build the Wall”, and an atmosphere of racism and intolerance still looms over the congregation of true believers.

Trump is like a country evangelist with a grade school education, who shuns study and preparation and depends on the Holy Ghost to speak through him to compel sinners to come to Jesus.

Trump doesn’t prepare for his stump speeches and he doesn’t know the Holy Ghost from Casper the Friendly Ghost.  The former reality TV show host relies on his ego to energize and weaponize his supporters.

If an evangelist is exposed as a phony with a predilection for hookers and cocaine, all he has to do is put on a show of repentance and most of his followers will forgive him.

Trump has already been exposed as a phony many times over and he’s never repented or apologized, and he hasn’t lost any of his followers.

There will be no reset, epiphany or moment when Trump becomes presidential, he is who he is: an ignorant and vindictive racist. Indeed, Trump’s ignorance and racism are the reasons why he is so beloved by his white evangelical supporters.

It’s useless praying to the Almighty to smite this evildoer and his reprehensible white evangelical supporters. It won’t be an exorcist but millions of patriots and decent citizens who vote who will banish this demon to hell.

Trump Recalls ‘Beautiful’ Moment MSNBC Anchor Ali Velshi Was Hit by Rubber Bullet

“I remember this guy Velshi. He got hit in the knee with a canister of tear gas, and he went down. He was down. ‘My knee. My knee.’ Nobody cared. These guys didn’t care. They moved him aside.

And they just walked right through. It was the most beautiful thing. After we take all that crap for weeks and weeks, and you finally see men get up there and go right through them, wasn’t it really a beautiful sight? It’s called law and order.”

Donald Trump temperate and oh so presidential remarks at a Minnesota MAGA rally.

So, @realDonaldTrump, you call my getting hit by authorities in Minneapolis on 5/30/20 (by a rubber bullet, btw, not a tear gas cannister) a ‘beautiful thing’ called ‘law and order’. What law did I break while covering an entirely peaceful (yes, entirely peaceful) march?”

Ali Velshi’s response

Velshi was not agitating or protesting, as a correspondent for MSNBC he was in Minneapolis covering a peaceful protest in the aftermath of George Floyd’s lynching by the Minneapolis police.

The only violence was perpetrated by the police who fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the peaceful demonstrators. Velshi was hit on the knee by a rubber bullet, and the cameras captured him writhing in agony.

Only a petty person would gloat when a rioter or an arsonist is hit by a rubber bullet, and only a heartless monster would gloat when a reporter just doing his job has the misfortune of being hit by a rubber bullet.

Trump’s despicable remarks were met with applause and laughter by his MAGA crowd of predominantly white evangelical Christians. Is anyone surprised that white evangelicals are so bloodthirsty and vengeful?

When cops fire tear gas cannisters and rubber bullets at peaceful demonstrators that’s not an example of maintaining law and order, it’s an example of police arrogance and contempt for the people they have sworn to protect and serve, that led to the murder of George Floyd.

Trump and his followers are a threat to freedom of speech, law and order and democracy itself. It’s time to kick Trump to the curb.

Jerry Falwell Jr’s Drunken Fall Perfectly Illustrates His Spiritual Fall From Grace

Jerry Falwell Jr’s sexual hijinks have garnered much of the attention in his epic fall from grace. It’s not surprising the press would focus their attention on the infamous Instagram pic of the Liberty University (LU) president on a yacht with his pants unzipped embracing a beautiful young woman whose pants are similarly unzipped.  It wasn’t just the tabloids but the mainstream media as well that gave saturation coverage to the scintillating tale of the young pool boy who slept with Falwell’s spouse in a hotel room, while Falwell sat ogling in the corner. A pool boy, a cuckold evangelical leader, and his promiscuous wife, impossible to ignore.

But Falwell’s interesting sexual life may have been the least of his sins. Falwell was rewarded with a $10 million severance package, after years of using LU as a cash cow. He even had the audacity to put his two sons and their wives on the payroll.

Liberty tells all of its students that sex should only be between a man and his wife, and that sobriety should be practiced. A student will be disciplined for a single innocent kiss or having one beer at a party.

According to The Wall Street Journal, administrators say Falwell showed up to campus drunk. The lecherous university president once sent a racy photograph of his wife to administrators, and to his own son, they claimed. I’m not surprised Falwell would send a naked pic of his wife to school administrators, for they were aware of and complicit in his unbiblical behavior. But he must have been drunk as a skunk to send a racy pic of his wife to his son.

A few days after resigning as Liberty University’s president, Falwell was injured after falling down the stairs after drinking, according to a 911 call. Becki admitted to the dispatcher that Falwell had been drinking, and the first responders noted that there were several empty liquor bottles in the vicinity of his fall.

This physical fall perfectly illustrates Falwell’s fall from grace, it was decades of financial irregularities, sexual escapades and drunkenness that culminated with Falwell helpless at the bottom of the stairs bleeding and, crying out for help.

Former Model Amy Dorris Accuses Donald Trump of Sexual Assault

“A former model has come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her at the US Open tennis tournament more than two decades ago, in an alleged incident that left her feeling ‘sick’ and ‘violated’.

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Amy Dorris alleged that Trump accosted her outside the bathroom in his VIP box at the tournament in New York on 5 September 1997.

Dorris, who was 24 at the time, accuses Trump of forcing his tongue down her throat, assaulting her all over her body and holding her in a grip she was unable to escape from.”

The Guardian

At least 26 women have accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct since the 1970s, therefore it comes as no surprise that another woman has come forward.

Amy Dorris, a former model, has accused the short-fingered vulgarian of sexually assaulting her at the US Open Tennis tournament more than two decades ago. Models, Playboy bunnies and porn stars are like catnip to Trump, the serial sexual predator simply can’t resist grabbing them by the pussy.

Dorris’ allegation rings true, it’s similar to the accounts of the dozens of women who have been sexually harassed, molested or assaulted by the predator-in-chief.

Trump doesn’t try to disguise his sexual assaults as seduction or flattery, he gropes and grabs his victims with his disgusting tiny hands. Dorris claims Trump forced his tongue down her throat, it’s hard to imagine a more horrible fate that can befall a woman. Imagine if you will Trump’s sphincter-shaped mouth targeting your mouth, and then his reptilian tongue probing your throat. The horror, the horror.

The only detail that gives me a smidgen of a doubt is Dorris’ allegation that she was unable to escape from Trump’s grip. She must have been frozen is disgust and terror, because anybody could escape from the grip of Trump’s tiny doll hands.

Trump thinks he is untouchable, and this latest allegation won’t dissuade Trump’s white evangelical supporters from reelecting him. But I hope one day Dorris and the dozens of other women that Trump has assaulted will get their day in court.

Trump’s Appearance at ABC News Town Hall Was an Unmitigated Disaster

“President Donald Trump faced life outside his own political bubble on Tuesday, where his self-congratulation, buck passing and audacious falsehoods conspicuously failed to meet the moment when he was confronted by undecided voters.

Trump appeared at an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia, and peppered a socially distanced audience with the rhetoric and talking points that delight his loyal base. But if his goal was to satisfy relatively small groups of voters who polls show haven’t yet made up their mind, the President appeared to fall short and rarely addressed the substance of questions about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, race relations and health care.”


When Donald Trump presides over a Cabinet meeting, he usually allows every subordinate present to make a statement, thereby giving them an opportunity to lavish him with praise. The sycophants try to outdo each other in their displays of obsequiousness, and it’s impossible to witness the spectacle without being embarrassed for them.

Trump frequently grants interviews with TV anchors and reporters, but most of them are with Trump-friendly Fox News. These toadies lob softballs that even Stevie Wonder could hit out of the park, and they rarely follow-up when Trump utters an outrageous lie or makes a ridiculous statement.

Trump loves to hold rallies with his loyal base where every insult he hurls, every lie he tells, and every conspiracy theory he repeats is met with hearty applause.

To sum it up, Trump loves to meet with subordinates, reporters and supporters who accept his every ignorant and ridiculous remark as the Gospel.

But he doesn’t have much experience dealing with private citizens who aren’t predisposed to treat him as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. That’s why the ABC News town hall was such a disaster, the folks who attended the event treated him with respect but without the adulation that’s promiscuously showered on him at his MAGA rallies.

When a reporter from CNN or MSNBC asks the president a tough question, he doesn’t hesitate to rudely blow them off. But Trump can’t afford to treat voters with such contempt, and he was off his game the entire night.

The ABC News town hall doesn’t bode well for Trump’s likelihood of winning the presidential debates. The moderators aren’t going to treat him with deference, and the audience won’t respond like Beliebers at a Justin Bieber concert. I predict Trump will lose the debates and the election.

Trump is an Uncaring Monster for Holding Maskless Indoor Ralllies

On Sunday Donald Trump hosted an indoor rally for thousands of his supporters in a factory near Las Vegas. On Monday, the factory was hit with a $3,000 fine for violating Nevada regulations that prohibit indoor gatherings of more than 50 people.

Trump acts as if he is above the law, and he flagrantly violates Nevada regulations and the guidance of his own White House Coronavirus Task Force that warns against holding indoor events where thousands are packed in like sardines.

Trump’s last indoor rally in Tulsa that resulted in a surge in coronavirus cases a little more than two weeks after the event and multiple campaign staffers along with Secret Service agents testing positive for COVID-19 isn’t even in his rear-view mirror.

The only thing on Trump’s field of vision is Election Day, and he is more than willing to sacrifice the lives of his loyal supporters if a packed arena or factory provides good optics for his campaign.

Rallygoers were not required to wear masks even though they were packed together making social distancing an impossibility. Although all of the supporters who were seated on the stage behind Trump wear wearing masks. Trump knows that the coronavirus is highly contagious and he insisted that those closest to him wear face coverings.

Trumpism is a cult and Trump treats his supporters as pawns to be used in any way that will benefit him, and if two weeks down the line hundreds of his supporters who attended his rally in Las Vegas die from COVID-19 so be it, they served their purpose of providing good optics.

Carl Bernstein is spot on when he labeled Trump a “homicidal president” for holding indoor campaign rallies. It is imperative that we vote this homicidal president out of office, his mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the death of almost 200,000 Americans.

Trump Sensing Defeat, Promises to Be ‘Really Vicious’

“Taking the stage at a rally in Nevada Saturday night, President Donald Trump didn’t hold back.

He said his anger about a recent Democratic ad that highlighted his alleged comments disparaging dead American soldiers had freed him to take his campaign to the next level: ‘Now I can be really vicious,’ he said to roars of approval from the crowd of Trump supporters in Nevada.”


Donald Trump is the most vindictive, petty and vulgar president in history, his default mode is unhinged. He doesn’t have an internal thermostat; his rage is always at full boil.

Trump, who avoided military service by citing a bone spur in his foot, was caught on tape disparaging veterans who were wounded or captured or went missing in action. The release of the Bob Woodward tapes was devastating, they exposed Trump’s utter contempt for our hero warriors who sacrificed life and limb for our country.

Instead of apologizing and expressing regret Trump lashed out at Woodward, Democrats and anyone else who justifiably lambasted him. Now the stable genius is warning us that he’s going to take things to the next level, and be really vicious in his attacks on Biden.

Trump’s promise was greeted with roars of approval from the white evangelicals, rednecks and assorted riff-raff who attended his rally in Nevada.

White evangelicals don’t subscribe to Jesus’ message of love and peace, instead of turning the other cheek and forgiving your neighbor, they are as vindictive and hateful as their false messiah, Donald Trump.

The Woodward tapes, the Atlantic article as well as Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus epidemic have sealed his doom. But we must defeat Trump in a landslide to reject the vindictiveness, racism and intolerance of Trump and his white evangelical supporters.


Trump is Becoming Increasingly Unhinged as Election Day Approaches

In the midst of any presidential campaign truth flies out the window, and the candidates exaggerate their opponent’s weaknesses and inflate their own virtues. As election day draws nearer the candidates look like Pinocchio on steroids, and the commercials contain more lies and fantasies and less truth and facts.

Donald Trump is a pathological liar and he has spent the entirety of his presidency spouting outrageous lies and spreading wild conspiracy theories. Normal Americans are disgusted and horrified by his egregious lies and dangerous conspiracy theories, but his loyal base is inspired and energized by every lie and conspiracy theory that emanates from the sphincter-shaped mouth of their false messiah.

With the election less than two months away and Trump behind in the polls, he’s become even more unhinged and he’s relying even more on lies to energize his base and demonize his opponent. In recent days the stable genius has repeatedly warned about commercial flights to Washington filled with black-clad thugs intent on rioting, looting and shooting cops. In the last few weeks, the president has claimed Biden is controlled by “people that are in the shadows”, and that he’s fine with children being slaughtered. In an interview to be broadcast Saturday on Fox New he claims that the Democratic nominee is using performance-enhancing drugs to improve his mental acuity.

Trump’s base will have no problem believing that Biden is controlled by shadow people and that he takes steroids to improve his debating skills, after all these are the same lunatics who believe there’s a global cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles, including most of the Democratic leaders and most entertainers, who are determined to destroy his presidency.

These conspiracy theorists are not the majority of the electorate and Trump is destined to go down in flames on Nov 3, 2020. On Election Day Biden isn’t going to be surrounded by shadowy people and downing steroids, he’s going to be surrounded by his friends and family, drinking champagne and smiling beatifically.

Trump’s Mockery of Biden for Wearing a Mask Will Backfire

Donald Trump aka Cadet Bone Spurs likes to portray himself as a tough guy; in rallies he frequently poses with his tiny fists clenched as if he was a prizefighter ready to take on all comers.

Anyone who hasn’t binged on Kool-Aid knows that he is a sniveling coward who’s subservient to real tough guy dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un. But his tough guy act works with his evangelical base who sees him as Jesus Christ the action hero.

Trump refuses to consistently wear a mask in public, even though as a morbidly obese septuagenarian with heart problems he is particularly susceptible to COVID. He thinks he’s being macho by not wearing a mask in a pandemic, and he mocks politicians and reporters who do so.

At a campaign rally crowd in Pennsylvania Trump mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask:

“But did you ever see a man that likes a mask as much as him? He makes a speech, and he always has it – not always, but a lot of times, he has it hanging down. Because you know what, it gives him a feeling of security.”

Mocking Biden for wearing a mask makes as much sense as mocking him for driving his Camaro without wearing a seat belt. Wearing a mask is an excellent defense against the coronavirus that has killed more than 190,000 Americans, just as wearing a seat belt is an excellent defense from dying in traffic accidents that kill hundreds of thousands each year.

Biden isn’t an idiot and that’s why he wears a mask in public and wears a seat belt when cruising around in his Camaro.

Trump is going to be clenching his tiny fists in rage on November 3 when Americans tired of his macho posturing and idiotic behavior kick him to the curb.

Joe Biden Will Win the Debates As Long As He Doesn’t Pull a James Stockdale

The presidential debates that begin Sept. 29 will be among the most consequential in American history. The incumbent, Donald Trump, doesn’t like to study or prepare for debates, and we can expect him to just wing it, and rely on his typical modus operandi: obfuscate, gaslight, insult and basically make a fool out of himself. Regardless how badly he stumbles, his base will declare him the hands-down winner.

Donald Trump has broken the cardinal rule of politics, in the run-up to the presidential debates never set the bar too low for your opponent. The Stable Genius has relentlessly attacked Joe Biden as a demented old fool who can’t string two sentences together without putting his foot in his mouth. Granted Biden is a gaffe-machine, but Trump has depicted his opponent as a senile doddering old codger who shouldn’t be elected dog catcher, let alone president of the United States.

The bar has been set so low for Biden that as long as his dentures don’t pop out and he doesn’t pull a James Stockdale and opens the debate by asking the rhetorical question, “Who am I? Why am I here,”, he will win.

Biden doesn’t need to come up with a snappy sound bite or plagarize an Obama speech, he simply needs to be himself: a decent, caring human being with the experience and wisdom to be the next president of the United States.

After four years of the drama and chaos of the Trump administration, America is dying for normalcy. Joe just needs to be himself to win. Thank God social distancing is the norm and he won’t be tempted to become too touchy-feeling after the debate and hug a reporter or a moderator.

Michael Cohen: Trump Said After Meeting Evangelical Leaders ‘Can You Believe People Believe That Bulls—?’

“President Donald Trump spoke condescendingly about evangelical Christians after holding a meeting with religious leaders before the 2016 election, his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen has said in a new book.

Cohen, who broke with Trump to cooperate with the special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, is releasing a memoir Tuesday titled ‘Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump.’


Donald Trump is a narcissist and he doesn’t have room in his heart to love or respect anyone. He sees everyone as pawns and useful idiots, and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly if they don’t serve his needs.

It’s manifestly clear that Trump hates the military, the intelligentsia, reporters, but I’m not surprised that he hates his most loyal supporters, white evangelicals as well.

According to Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen, after holding a meeting with evangelical Christians, before the 2016 election, Trump told him: Can you believe that bullshit? Can you believe people believe that bullshit?

Trump regularly meets with evangelical leaders, not because he values their spiritual guidance and prayers, it’s their blind support that he values.

White evangelicals have taken a leap of faith, swallowed the Kool-Aid and in their ignorance and spiritual blindness they see Trump as their Messiah who will make America Great Again.

Like a brilliant con artist Trump recognizes marks and the famously germophobe even allows evangelicals to place their hands on him, as they pray over him.

Nobody should be surprised that the amoral Trump considers the religious beliefs of evangelicals unadulterated bullshit. The short-fingered vulgarian must be grateful that his evangelical supporters don’t expect him to attend church, hold Bible studies in the Oval Office, be faithful to his wife or live by the Golden Rule. In fact, they look the other way when he grabs pussy, utters obscenities, treats subordinates like shit and demonizes immigrants and people of color.

White evangelicals are cool with Trump as long as he holds the Bible upside down in photo ops, and appoints pro-life judges.

The only thing that Trump has in common with white evangelicals is their racism, that’s the bond that cements their relationship. So, I’m not surprised Trump uttered, “Can you believe that bullshit?” after meeting with evangelical leaders. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he told Cohen, “They can all rot in hell for all I care. However, did you notice the Rev. Paula White? She’s one hot evangelical bitch, I think I’m going to make her my main spiritual adviser.”

Gender Reveal Party Blamed for California Wildfire

We are living in a dystopian society, and celebrating the birth of another human being who is destined to consume precious natural resources, destroy natural habitats of wildlife, and generally contribute to the existential dread that is life as we know it is patently ridiculous.

Our little blue planet is overpopulated, and we should celebrate death and not life. I refuse to attend any baby shower, rewarding parents with gifts for their selfishness in bringing another baby into this horrible world is insanity.

Baby showers are anathema and gender reveal parties are just as bad.

 “A gender-reveal party is an event or celebration had during pregnancy. The primary goal of this event is the eponymous reveal of the fetal sex to the expecting parents, family, and friends.”


A fire in California that has torched more than 7,000 acres was caused by a pyrotechnic device used at a gender reveal party. Fireworks that burn pink indicate that the unborn baby is female and blue fireworks denote the impending arrival of a male child.

This news story isn’t an aberration, there have been many instances of gender-reveals causing injury and even death and large-scale destruction.

Why do parents make a freaking Hollywood production about revealing the sex of their baby? What difference does it make if the baby has a penis or a vagina? Gender reveal parties reinforce gender stereotypes, and regardless if the baby is a male or a female it’s destined to pollute mother Earth.

The witless parents should be prosecuted for starting a fire due to their vanity, negligence and illegal activity.

And you wonder why I’m a misanthrope?

As Trump Parade Boats Sink on Lake Travis, So Are His Polling Numbers

Several boats have sunk on a lake in the US state of Texas during a parade to support President Donald Trump in November’s election, officials say.

Authorities say the choppy water was likely caused by the large number of vessels moving closely together on Lake Travis, near the state capital, Austin.

Images showed boats with Trump campaign flags manoeuvring at close quarters.


The Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade is a perfect illustration of Trump’s presidential campaign, his reelection bid is sinking like the Titanic and only his fanatical base remains loyal to him. Trump has steadily been losing suburban women, senior citizens and Independent voters. The chickens have finally come home to roost and they’re crapping all over his chances of winning the election.

Authorities say the choppy water was likely caused by the large number of boats moving closely together on Lake Travis. Is anyone surprised that the Trump-supporting morons failed to practice social distancing?

It wasn’t the Antifa Navy or a nefarious Soros plot that caused this fiasco, it was stupidity and failure to organize. I would suggest that Trump’s supporters try something that is more up their alley, a Hoveround parade. These rednecks have more experience maneuvering around in mobility carts than they do piloting boats.

Many imbeciles had to be rescued from the choppy waters, but there were no fatalities or injuries.

Trump and his racist base better batten down the hatches, they’re in for a rough ride.

Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to a San Francisco Hair Salon Exposed Her Hypocrisy and Arrogance

Nancy Pelosi is 80-years-old, and let’s just say that despite Botox injections and plastic surgeries she looks like she needs the services of an embalmer more than she does those of a hairstylist or beautician.

Nevertheless, on Aug 31 she went to a hair salon in San Francisco, at a time when hair salons were still forbidden from operating due to restrictions in place during the pandemic.

We live in an age when security cameras are ubiquitous and they capture the peccadillos and serious crimes of the wealthy and powerful and well as those of the poor and powerless. Cameras captured Pelosi walking inside the salon, with her hair wet and her face uncovered.

It is the height of hypocrisy for Pelosi not to wear a mask inside the hair salon, considering she frequently berates Donald Trump for not setting a good example by wearing a face mask.

When Pelosi was unmasked as a hypocrite who thinks she is above the law, you’d think she would humbly apologize. Instead Pelosi claimed that she had been set up by the hair salon and demanded that the salon owner apologize.

Pelosi shouldn’t be immune from criticism by progressives because she’s a San Francisco liberal. I was born in San Francisco, and I am much more progressive than Pelosi, however I will condemn arrogance and hypocrisy regardless whether it emanates from a conservative or liberal politician.

Shame on Pelosi, she was set up by her own arrogance and sense of entitlement. By the way Pelosi, washing your hair does as much good as a skeleton polishing his bones.

Rochester Cops Kill Black Man by Putting Hood on Him and Asphyxiating Him

“A disturbing new video shows Rochester police laughing at a naked and cuffed black man with a mesh bag over his head — before shoving his face into the ground until he stops breathing.

The 41-year-old Daniel Prude was left brain dead and died a week later, reports say.

The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, caused by ‘complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint, excited delirium [and] acute phencyclidine [PCP] intoxication,’ according to”

The New York Post

The most disturbing and terrifying horror flicks aren’t produced by Hollywood, but by police body cams and civilians capturing the murderous behavior of police officers.

You can now add #DanielPrude to the endless hashtags of black men killed by cops for the crime of being black.

The police weren’t summoned because Prude was engaging in criminal behavior, his brother called 911 because he was having a mental health episode.

Prude was running in the streets buck naked, obviously the cops knew he wasn’t hiding a weapon and didn’t pose a serious threat to them.

When Prude spit at them, one of the cops put a white hood over his head to protect them from being spit on. Is anyone surprised that the racist cops had a white hood in their cruiser?

The heartless cops shoved his face into the ground until he stopped breathing. The cops’ bodycams didn’t capture them expressing any concern for Prude, to the contrary the audio captured them laughing at his distress.

The autopsy report ruled Prude’s death a homicide, caused by complications of asphyxia in the setting of a physical restraint.” The report further sites excited delirium and acute intoxication by the drug PCP as contributing factors.  

In other words, just another cold-blooded execution of a black citizen by police officers who are supposed to serve and protect us, all of us. When will this insanity end?

Trump’s Kenosha Visit Exposes His Racism

President Donald Trump visited Kenosha, against the advice of the governor of Wisconsin and most of the leaders of Kenosha. These political and religious leaders realized that empathy and goodwill aren’t in his skill set, and that his presence would only serve to inflame passions.

Trump used the backdrop of businesses destroyed by rioters to speak on his campaign theme of law and order. Needless to say, he didn’t visit Jacob Blake who is fighting for his life in the hospital to speak out on the black lives that have been destroyed by police brutality.

At a roundtable event on law enforcement and public safety, Trump took questions from reporters and ignored questions about racial inequality and harped on law and order.

There were only two African Americans seated at the roundtable, they were James and Sharon Ward, who said they were pastors for Julia Jackson, the mother of Jacob Blake.

When a reporter asked the Wards if they believed that police violence was a systemic issue, Trump interjected, “I don’t believe that. I think the police do a terrific job and I think they do have some bad apples.”

Trump prefers subservient blacks who don’t speak and only listen while he rambles incoherently, but he can’t drag Tim Scott and his big ass smile with him every time he holds a press conference.

When the racist-in-chief was specifically asked whether he thinks systemic racism is a problem in the United States, he once again turned back the conversation to law and order answering, “Well, you know you just keep getting back to the opposite subject. We should talk about the kind of violence we’ve seen in Portland and here and other places.”

Trump doesn’t care about addressing the racial tensions that are tearing our country apart, and he ignores the millions who protest against police brutality in a peaceful way, and zeroes in on the few who use these demonstrations as an excuse to riot, and commit acts of violence.

Trump is a racist, plain and simple, and he only cares about harping on the issues like law and order that resonate with his racist base. He will never change, and his Kenosha visit only reminds us that we need to make real change by electing Joe Biden the President of the United States.