CBN: ‘There’s a Spiritual Awakening Underway in the White House’! Bullcrap!

“A spiritual awakening is underway at the White House.

Some of the most powerful people in America have been gathering weekly to learn more about God`s Word, and this Trump Cabinet Bible study is making history.

They`ve been called the most evangelical Cabinet in history – men and women who don`t mince words when it comes to where they stand on God and the Bible.

Ralph Drollinger of Capitol Ministries told CBN News, `These are godly individuals that God has risen to a position of prominence in our culture.
Health Secretary Tom Price, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Agriculture Secretary Sunny Perdue, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo are just a few of the regulars.


It should be noted that CBN is an evangelical television network and production company founded by televangelist con man, Pat Robertson. It would be the epitome of ignorance to rely on CBN to provide an objective opinion on the spiritual state of the Trump administration.

You don`t have to be a political science major or a theologian to deduce that the White House is in political and spiritual chaos. All of the political divisiveness and spiritual turmoil emanates from the president, Trump`s petty, narcissistic and vindictive behavior sets the tone for the White House staff.

Consider the example of the newly appointed White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, if the boss swears like a sailor and publicly belittles his cabinet members, he will do him one better. Scaramucci`s obscene on-the-record rant against Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Special Counselor to the President Steve Bannon made even sailors blush.

If the Trump administration`s anti-Muslim, anti-people of color and anti-poor policies and its hateful tone can be attributed to the Cabinet Bible Study, then I hope they ditch the Bible and seek spiritual guidance from the Satanic Bible.

This isn`t a blanket condemnation of evangelicals, there are sincere Christians who follow the example of Jesus Christ and preach the Gospel, feed the poor, and minister to prisoners.

Jesus Christ wouldn`t recognize the wealthy swine holding Bible studies in the White House while venerating the most evil person ever to sit in the Oval Office.

Only an evil fuc* believes that there`s a spiritual awakening underway in the White House

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The National Enquirer Claims Calling Richard Simmons Transgender Isn’t an Insult

“Richard Simmons` reputation wasn`t destroyed after a story ran he was transitioning to a woman and that`s why he can`t sue … so claims the National Enquirer.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, American Media says Richard`s defamation suit shouldn`t stand because there`s nothing insulting about saying someone is transgender. On top of that, AM says for most of his 40-year career, Simmons created gender uncertainty by wearing flamboyant, feminine attire.”


You don`t need a doctorate on gender studies from Harvard University to deduce that Richard Simmons isn`t a heterosexual. Simmons is an American icon and his reputation as an eccentric and sexual ambiguous personality was established decades before America accepted gays, lesbians and transgender people.

I can imagine a gentleman who shaves his legs and has a penchant for wearing hot pink hot pants dating men, or transitioning into a female, but making love to a woman? Hell No!

The lawyers for the National Enquirer are spot on in their legal reasoning, how can Simmons allege that his reputation was ruined when the tabloid ran a story claiming he was transitioning to a woman named Fiona, when there`s nothing wrong with being transgender?

Gay rights organizations should sue Simmons for implying that there`s something wrong with being transgender.

Exactly how was Simmons damaged, these days he`s a recluse who never leaves his home. He hasn`t lost any gigs, because for all practical purposes he`s retired from public life.

Richard/Fiona needs to put on his big girl britches and suck it up.

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Donald Trump and Anthony Scaramucci: Vulgar Twins From the Pit of Hell

“A week after Anthony Scaramucci joined the White House as communications director, his wife, Deidre Ball, has reportedly filed for divorce.

Scaramucci`s friends claimed Ball was not happy with him for joining the White House and his `naked political ambition,` reports said.”


Scaramucci tweeted:

Family does not need to be drawn into this. Soon we will learn who in the media has class and who doesn`t. No further comments on this.

Scaramucci has never been in the same zip code as class, there`s only one person on this planet who is more crude and vulgar, and that`s his boss. How dare Scaramucci appeal to class in an attempt to persuade the media not to report on his divorce?

This is the same man who said of Trump`s Chief of Staff:

Reince is a fuc*ing paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac.

And who said of Steve Bannon:

I`m not Steve Bannon, I`m not trying to suck my own cock. I`m not trying to build my own brand off the fuc*ing strength of the President. I`m here to serve the country.

I`m not surprised that Scaramucci`s wife has filed for divorce, she wants nothing to do with this reprehensible scumbag.

A White House Communications Director who uses such vulgar language would have been summarily fired by every president, but of course the Vulgarian-in-Chief is proud of Scaramucci`s obscene way of expressing himself.

We must rid ourselves of Donald Trump and his posse of fools, sycophants and scumbags by any means necessary.

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Cat Named ‘Trouble’ Allegedly Attacks Little Girl

“A cat named Trouble allegedly attacked a 7-year-old girl while she was visiting her grandfather in Joliet, according to a complaint filed Thursday in Will County court.

The owners of the allegedly troublesome cat are being sued over the incident that apparently left the girl with claw marks across the forehead. The injury required surgery, the lawsuit said.

Anna Tezak, the mother of the girl, is suing Rena and Kelly Blankenship, who were identified in the complaint as the owners of Trouble. Tezak is seeking at least $50,000 in damages.

“I think we have enough evidence that this was their cat they habitually let run around their neighborhood,” said Jordan Kielian, Tezak`s attorney.”

The Herald News

We know the cat`s name (Trouble), but what`s the girl`s name (Brat)? Felines don`t attack unless provoked, what was the little girl from hell doing? Pulling its tail? Throwing rocks at it?

The only ones more evil than the mischievous girl are her greedy parents who are suing for $50,000 for a few scratches that their daughter sustained on her forehead.

The judge should award them $10.00 so they can buy a jumbo container of Neosporin, and whip them with a cat o` nine tails for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

How the hell do we know anyway that Trouble, or for that matter any cat, scratched the troublesome girl? Her own parents may have scratched her, this could all be a scam.

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Donald Trump Speaking to Boy Scouts is Like a Porn Star Speaking to Girl Scouts

Donald Trump on Monday delivered a highly partisan speech to an audience of 35,000, he was frequently interrupted with applause and whoops and hollers. But this wasn`t a typical Trump crowd that applauds every coarse and idiotic thing he says, he was speaking to Boy Scouts at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Beaver, West Virginia.

Before the vulgarian had finished speaking, parents had taken to social media to register their outrage, some parents even threatened to pull their sons out of the 107-year-old youth organization.

At least Trump restrained himself from making an R-rated joke about thousands of young boys assembled in a town called “Beaver.”

The parents would have been less offended if the Boy Scouts had asked a known pedophile or a serial killer to speak to their impressionable children.

Trump`s address can best be described as “inappropriate,” he waxed apoplectic against his usual targets: Hillary Clinton, Obama and fake news.

Unfortunately, this vitriol is par for the course in a stump speech at a political rally, but the bastard was speaking to young boys. He should have been speaking to them about trust, loyalty, and encouraging them to obey and respectd their parents and attend college.

In a short six months Trump has trampled the Constitution, diminished the presidency, attacked the judiciary and the free press, and now he has tarnished the reputation of the venerable Boy Scouts. It`s high time to impeach the loathsome son of a bitch.

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Donald Trump Proclaims He Should be on Mount Rushmore

President Donald Trump (I cringe whenever I write those words) joked about being added to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial during a rally in Youngstown, Ohio.

At least I think he was joking, after all the narcissist recently declared that the only president more presidential than him was Abraham Lincoln.

The prospect of Trump`s ugly mug being immortalized in the iconic rock alongside the sculptures of former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, makes ordinary Americans want to vomit, but one of his supporters has probably already started a GoFundMe campaign to add the bastard to Mount Rushmore.

Adding Trump`s orange bust to Mount Rushmore would be an abomination, only his hands should be added to Mount Rushmore. They are so tiny they won`t be seen — perfect.

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Trent Reznor: Donald Trump is a Fucking Moron


In an interview with the Village Voice Trent Reznor didn`t mince words in describing Donald Trump:

“The president of the United States is a complete fucking moron. That`s what gets me the most – that he`s this vulgar, grotesque dope, everything I hate in people.”

Reznor may be dismissed as just a rock and roller by people who don`t care for his liberal politics, but the songwriter of “Hurt,” one of the most meaningful songs ever written, deserves to be heard on diverse and sundry subjects.

When describing a piece of shi* like Trump a writer doesn`t need to break open his thesaurus or consult “The Elements of Style.”

Reznor described Trump succinctly and accurately, “he`s a complete fuc*ing moron.”

Trump is a “complete moron,” there`s no spark of intelligence or wisdom that he`s repressing, and he can always be counted on to behave in a moronic fashion.

Trump is a “fuc*ing moron,” there are some morons whose stupidity is somewhat deflected by their good nature, and then there are fuc*ing morons who are as evil as they are stupid.

Trump is a vulgar, grotesque, fuc*ing moron, and he doesn`t have any socially redeeming values.

I`m going to play a Nine Inch Nails album, and try to forget, for a moment, that Trump is president of the United States.

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John McCain Gets Up From Deathbed to Keep Trump’s Awful Health Care Bill Alive

“U.S. Senate Republicans narrowly agreed on Tuesday to open debate on a bill to repeal Obamacare, but the party`s seven-year effort to roll back Democratic President Barack Obama`s signature health care law still faces significant hurdles.

The Senate deadlocked 50-50 on whether to move forward with the health care debate, forcing Vice President Mike Pence to cast the tie-breaking vote and send the bill to the Senate floor.”


John McCain got up from his deathbed, and took a flight from Arizona to Washington to cast the vote that saved the Republican health care bill that would result in anywhere from 20 to 30 millions of Americans losing their insurance coverage, and would cause insurance premiums to skyrocket for those who like McCain suffer from preexisting conditions.

McCain is a millionaire and he can afford to be treated at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, but he just signed a death sentence for millions of poor Americans who won`t be able to afford health care.

McCain received a standing ovation from his colleagues when he walked into the Senate building, but there are millions of poor and disenfranchised Americans who are cursing the bastard.

There was nothing heroic about McCain`s dramatic vote, he reminds me of a dying millionaire who summons the energy to get up from his deathbed one final time so he can piss on his servants beds.

There is a special place reserved in hell for the likes of John McCain.

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‘See Detroit Like We Do’ Billboard Depicts Only White People

“A Sunday-night Facebook post signed by billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert announced that his organization `screwed up badly` when posting a downtown sign that said, `See Detroit like we do.`

Filling windows along the ground level of the Vinton Building, the sign with the Bedrock real-estate company`s insignia was a photograph of nearly all white people. U.S. Census data in 2010 showed the city to be more than 82% black.”

Detroit Free Press

The sign could not have been more honest, Dan Gilbert the CEO of a real estate development company and the Detroit Chamber of Commerce see only the predominantly white people who work downtown and patronize the upscale restaurants and fancy boutiques.

They don`t see and are indifferent to the needs of the vast majority of black Detroiters.

Things aren`t going to change and Detroit will remain a failed city until the powers that be see things from the perspective of a black man with no job prospects struggling to feed his family.

I beg to differ with Gilbert, he didn`t screw up badly, unwittingly he exposed the racism in the Motor City.

If Gilbert is really sorry and he wants to make amends he can start by opening factories in the neglected black areas of Detroit.

Pic of controversial sign:

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Dump Trump! Impeach the Abomination!

When against all odds Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and assumed the presidency, Republicans were ecstatic, they assumed they would enact legislation on tax reform, immigration, and repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Republicans weren`t naïve, they realized that Trump wasn`t a real Republican, but an opportunist who saw his best chance of winning running as a Republican. Nevertheless they had high hopes that after eight years of Obama they would finally pass conservation legislation, after all they controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress.

This week marks the six month point of Trump`s chaotic and turbulent presidency, repealing and replacing Obamacare is a pipe dream, the Wall is a mirage, the infrastructure plan is crumbling and tax reform isn`t going anywhere.

Trump`s only clear victory is the Senate confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Why is the Trump administration such an unmitigated disaster even though the GOP controls all levers of power in Washington?

According to the polls, even the conservative-friendly Rasmussen poll, Trump is the most unpopular White House incumbent of the modern political era.

The Russian scandal has completely consumed the Trump administration, and instead of tamping down the controversy and focusing on policy, Trump has fed the fires with his obsessive compulsion to tweet about Russia.

Time has run out on the Trump administration, and even the most adroit politician wouldn`t be able to turn things around. Certainly an incontinent toddler with the diplomatic skills of a WWE wrestler isn`t going to right the ship of state.

A Monmouth University poll released this week showed that more Americans want to see Trump impeached today than was the case for then-incumbent Richard Nixon at the start of the Watergate scandal.

Republicans are blind if they can`t see that the faux-Republican buffoon isn`t going to lead their party to the Promised Land. They don`t have the luxury of waiting a year or longer until the Special Counsel completes his investigation, they would be well-advised to immediately take steps to get rid of the bastard.

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July 2017Archives Page 2:

John McCain Should Resign Immediately

“Politician Kelli Ward is urging Senator John McCain to resign from the Senate. This comes in light of Wednesday`s disclosure that John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Ward offered her condolences, but according to the Hill, told an Indiana Radio Station, “I hope that Senator McCain is going to look long and hard at this, that his family and his advisors are going to look at this, and they`re going to advise him to step away as quickly as possible, so that the business of the country and the business of Arizona being represented at the federal level can move forward.”

Ward will be running for Senate in 2018, and is pitching herself as a replacement following her loss to McCain in the 2016 GOP Senate primary.


I will preface my remarks by declaring that my thoughts and prayers are with John McCain, his family and his friends; America owes him a ton of gratitude for his service as a naval aviator, prisoner of war, and senator.

McCain is a poster boy for serving his counter unselfishly, however he is also a poster boy for term limits.

The senior senator from Arizona has shown no indication of resigning even though his terminal illness renders him incapable of performing his senatorial duties. He tweeted on Thursday: Unfortunately for my sparring partners in Congress, I`ll be back soon, so stand by.

The feisty and cranky octogenarian should have resigned from Congress decades ago. In his six terms as senator he has urged American presidents to go to war against almost every Muslim country. The bellicose blowhard is always on a war footing, in his mind he`s still in Hanoi Hilton.

Kelli Ward may be self-serving in urging McCain to resign, considering she`s pitching herself as his replacement, nevertheless she`s spot on.

McCain should immediately resign and devote all of his time and energy into fighting his brain cancer. It`s a fight he`s destined to lose within the next few months, if not weeks, there is simply no way that an octogenarian can overcome terminal brain cancer. But McCain is a fighter, and we expect him to battle cancer until his last breath.

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Hillary Clinton is Always on Donald Trump’s Mind

During the general election Donald Trump often implied that Hillary Clinton was in terrible health, to hear him tell it she had one foot in the grave and her lover Huma Abedin was desperately clutching her other foot to prevent the Grim Reaper from dragging her to hell.

But truth be told Trump wants her to live forever, or at least for the next four years.

When a crisis hits the White House Trump returns to campaign-style rhetoric in an attempt to shift attention away from the scandal du jour.

In a series of tweets Saturday morning, the president questioned Hillary`s ties to Russia, as well as her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State.

`So many people are asking why isn`t the A.G. or Special Council looking at the many Hillary Clinton or Comey crimes. 33,000 e-mails deleted?`, Trump tweeted.

First of all, nobody is asking Jack about Hillary, we are doing our best to forget the witch.

Secondly, he is the only jackass in the world who is asking why the Special COUNCIL isn`t looking at Hillary`s crimes. It`s Special COUNSEL, you frigging moron.

Trump would be well-advised to forget Hillary and concentrate on dealing with the scandals destroying his administration.

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Donald Trump: Comey Used ‘Golden Showers’ Dossier As Leverage

“President Donald Trump breathed new life into one of the oddest political scandals in the country`s history Wednesday when he alleged to The New York Times that former FBI Director James Comey may have tried to use the so-called `Golden Shower` dossier as leverage over him.

The memo was generated by former British spy Christopher Steele, and, among other accusations, it contained a wild claim that Trump once hired prostitutes to urinate in front of him on a bed that former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama had slept on at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton. The report claimed that a video existed of the alleged incident, but no proof has surfaced to date.”

Yahoo News

If a political operative alleged that a politician had hired prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed that one of his opponents had once slept on, it would immediately be dismissed as political dirty tricks of the lowest order.

But nobody was particularly surprised or shocked when a former British spy claimed that Donald Trump hired escorts to urinate on a hotel bed that former President Barack Obama had slept on.

After all an obscene and vulgar man who brags about the size of his manhood and boasts that he can get away with grabbing woman by their genitals is capable of anything.

Allegedly a video exists of the whores urinating on the bed while Trump nods in approval, but if it were released Trump wouldn`t lose the support of his base. His followers would insist it was a miracle: Holy water emanating from the nether regions of virtuous women, a prophecy that the Lord would soon be blessing America with golden showers of the Trump presidency.

Trump`s presidency has been anything but a blessing, and it would be in character if a man who has been shi**ing on the Constitution for the last six months hired call girls to urinate on a bed.

Trump is his own worst enemy, he keeps mouthing off about all things Russia. I hope and pray that he will be impeached and showered with rotten eggs.

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Americans Aren’t Naming Their Babies ‘Donald’ Because of Vulgarian Donald Trump

“The name Donald has been losing popularity in the United States for decades, but it took its biggest drop in 2016, and Donald Trump may be the reason why.

The name ranked 488 in the Social Security Administration`s annual report on popular baby names for boys in 2016, down from 441 in 2015 and 418 in 2014. (The most popular boy`s name last year was Noah.)

Of roughly 4 million births last year, 621 babies were named Donald, according to the Social Security report released in May.”


Donald Trump is 71-years-old, and decades of his dissolute and decadent lifestyle has done incalculable damage to his name.

There are many buildings throughout the world that bear Trump`s name, but after only six months in office he has so badly tarnished his reputation that when he leaves office, I doubt that there will be any schools or public buildings named after him.

It`s certainly no surprise that the name “Donald” has plunged in popularity, why would any parents saddle their bouncing baby boy with a name that repulses polite society?

Parents would rather name their newborn “Damien,” “Lucifer” or “Little Bastard,” anything but Donald.

I love my first name, I`m exceedingly grateful that a degenerate son of a bitch hasn`t destroyed the name “Robert.”

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Shock Video! Mariah Carey is so Fat She Can Barely Dance!

“A recent Mariah Carey performance is making the rounds on the internet after fans noticed that she wasn`t dancing on stage.

The video of the singer`s performance in Las Vegas shows her barely dancing while singing her hit song, `Honey.`

As her back-up dancers dance energetically around her, Carey ever so slightly bounces her hips and lifts her arms. She doesn`t actually budge from her spot on the stage until she`s lifted by one of the dancers and set to rest on the backs of a few other dancers.”


Mariah Carey was a huge star in the 90`s, now she`s just huge – she resembles a baby hippo.

Granted even an anorexic dancer would have trouble dancing wearing CFM shoes with tall stiletto heels, but the ageing crooner is moving as slow as molasses.

Had I been in the audience I would have harpooned the fat-ass celeb and put her out of her misery.

The fat cow doesn`t budge from her spot on the stage until she`s lifted by one the dancers. I hope the dancer didn`t strain his back, he should have tossed her off the stage.

I realize this article is focusing on her physique, but do you really want me to address her singing skills? She`s washed up, she can no longer carry a tune.

Link to video:

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Does Fresco Painting Prove UFOs Were Present at Christ’s Crucifixion?

“Aliens were hovering around at Christ`s crucifixion – but the little green swine didn`t lift a finger to help the son of God as he hung there.

That`s the conclusion of conspiracy theorists – who claim to have spotted an actual UFO hovering near the cross in a depiction of the death of Christ.

A fresco painting in a church in Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Georgia shows a little floating disc next to Jesus`s body – and naturally, conspiracy theorists have gone wild.

The website Ancient Aliens says, `The unknown artist seems to be telling us that these flying saucers were present during the death of Jesus.`”


For decades UFO nuts have claimed that fuzzy specks in photographs and videos are flying saucers, but all this “evidence” doesn`t amount to a hill of beans or a ton of megapixels.

In a novel twist a UFO enthusiast is claiming that a painting that depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ includes a flying saucer.

Artists, past and present, use symbols to represent metaphysical or spiritual concepts. For example a modern-day artist might paint an orange piece of dung to represent Donald Trump.

The object in the fresco painting that looks like a UFO is probably meant to represent a demon, certainly there was a lot of evil present when Christ was crucified.

There are no flying saucers in photographs, paintings or in real life. Get over it people, our evil little planet is of no interest to higher intelligence.

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I Can’t Wait Until Robots Rule the World

“Robots will take our jobs, sure-if they live that long.

This we know: There are many dystopian predictions of how our future robot overlords will take our jobs. Two-thirds of Americans believe that robots will be doing the jobs of humans in 50 years.

But thanks to one widely shared photo on Monday, we know that at least we`re still superior in one area: swimming.

Twitter user Bilal Farooqi shared a photo of a robot that wandered into a watering hole at his company`s D.C. office building.”

The photo of the 300-pound Knightscope K5 model Security robot that fell into a pool is giving people the false impression that we are superior to robots.

The first generation robots are logical machines, encumbered by emotions, and therefore already superior to human beings.

In a couple of generations robots will be superior in every conceivable way, intellectually, physically and aesthetically.

They will be pushing us into pools and laughing at our impotency to do anything about it.

Human beings have made a total mess of everything in our dominion, I can`t wait for the robots to take over.

A Furby would do a better job than Donald Trump; I hope I will be alive to witness a super computer as Leader of the Free World.

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Twerk the Twerking Kitten an Internet Sensation

“A kitten that has become an internet sensation thanks to her hot dance moves has been adopted.

Twerk, who is about 4 months old, suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), a brain disorder that causes her body to shake, making it look like she`s doing the dance popularized by pop stars like Miley Cyrus.”


Twerk is a beautiful kitten and her twerking dance moves are adorable. I hope this special needs kitty will be spoiled rotten by her new owners.

Twerk doesn`t twerk because she has a skanky nature, her dance moves can be attributed to a brain disorder that causes her rear end to shake uncontrollably.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus don`t twerk due to a brain disorder, they are afflicted with a disease of the soul that compels them to dance like shameless whores on crack.

When I see Twerk twerk I feel like hugging her and giving her a big kiss, when I see Cyrus twerk I feel giving her a swift kick in the ass.

Link to video:

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Farting Passenger Forces Passengers Off Airplane

“A person who `passed gas` on an American Airlines plane on Sunday afternoon forced all passengers off the jet, officials said.

The incident happened when passengers on the flight became ill with nausea and headaches, according to a spokesperson with Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

All the passengers were taken off the plane and after the incident was investigated it was determined that a passenger `passed gas,` the official said.”


After waiting in lines for hours and being groped by TSA goons, passengers finally board their plane, but their nightmare has just started.

A cattle-car affords more amenities than an airplane, where do I start? A seat with ample leg room — for a midget, overhead compartments that are too small to accommodate your luggage, flight attendants with the bedside manner of a serial killer, obese passengers who invade your precious personal space …

Then there`s always that flatulent passenger, and keep it mind that even if the cabin air was fart-free, it`s already germ-laden, rancid, and fetid.

In almost every public setting if you feel that you are about to pass gas, you can always find a restroom where you can fart away to your heart`s content without sickening others.

But an airplane has only one or two bathrooms, and there`s always a line, you have no choice but to let your fart escape to the dismay of your fellow passengers.

To make matters worse the gross airplane meals are guaranteed to make your farts smell like something that could only emanate from Satan`s arsehole.

I can deal with snakes on a plane, and even with jihadists on a plane, but nobody can deal with a farter on a plane.

American Airlines later released a statement that nobody believes:

We did have an aircraft from Charlotte to RDU this afternoon, that landed at 2:19 p.m. ET, and arrived the gate at 2:21 p.m. ET, that is currently out of service for an actual mechanical issue – and odor in the cabin. But It is not due to “passed gas” as mentioned.

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George the Skateboarding Cat is a Fraud

“There are cool cats, and then there’s a level above that, topped by this skateboarding kitten.

Twitter user @ericaclaire shared some photos of her adorable kitten on Saturday, proving to the world that some cats are just born hip.”

Multitudes of cats have gained Internet fame due to their adorable physical deformities (Grumpy the Cat, Lil` Bub), or because of their peculiar feline antics.

I`ll be the first to admit that the skateboarding kitten, otherwise known as George, is cute as a button, but he`s a poseur and a fraud and underserving of Internet stardom.

There have been many dogs who have achieved viral fame because of their mad skateboarding skills, (Otto and Jumpy), these talented pooches actually skateboard by using their paws to propel the skateboard forward.

But George has simply been placed on top of a skateboard by his owner, he knows as much about skateboarding as he knows about quantum mechanics.

Shame on Erica, the owner of George, she`s one of the great con artists of the digital era.

I have too much integrity to plop one of my cats in front of my computer and claim that he`s the one who`s blogging under the name of Robert Paul Reyes.

George is a fraud, but like I said, he`s a cutie, here’s a link to his pics:

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‘Why is it Lie After Lie?’ Shepard Smith Goes Off on Trump Administration

“In a surprisingly frank outburst, Fox News anchor Shep Smith tore into the Trump administration on Friday for its lack of transparency on the unfolding Russia scandal.

`Why is it lie after lie after lie? Smith said to fellow anchor Chris Wallace. `The deception, Chris, is mind-boggling.`”


The Fox News Network begins its programming in the morning with “Fox and Friends” which can only be described as a chatfest whose main objective is to puff up Donald Trump. At night Sean Hannity wraps things up by serving as Trump`s prosecutor, he rips apart any politician, pundit or newsmaker who dares say anything critical about the president.

Between these two programs, that are rock solid behind Trump, there is a steady stream of less shrill pro-Trump propaganda.

But not everybody at Fox is drinking from the water cooler that dispenses Kool-Aid,there are a couple of journalists with integrity at the Fair and Balanced network, Shep Smith and Chris Wallace.

Smith hit the nail on the head, it`s lie after lie after lie emanating from the White House. Lies of commission and lies of omission. Lies that are calculated to fit in with a false narrative, and lies that are calculated to muddy the waters. Little white lies and huge whoppers.

After Smith in frustration posed the question “Why is is lie after lie?,” Wallace could only respond, “I don`t know.”

Wallace opined: If you`re a fair-minded citizen, you ought to be concerned about the fact that we were repeatedly misled about what this meeting concerned.

Trump`s supporters aren`t fair-minded citizens, they`re zombies who are enthralled and mesmerized by the histrionics and rantings of their Messiah.

I share Smith`s frustration, I`m sick and tired of the lies, obfuscation and coverups of the Trump administration, and I plead with my fellow Americans to join my crusade to do everything possible to impeach Donald Trump.

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Beyoncé Has No Shame, Exploits Twins for Publicity!

If you look up the phrase “publicity whore” in the dictionary you will see a glossy Photoshopped image of Beyoncé.

Beyoncé traffics in racial politics and infuses her music and videos with Illuminati imagery and dresses like a slut to keep her name in the news and move product.

Beyoncé, who is blessed with good looks, married the butt-ugly Jay-Z simply because it gave her street cred and broadened her audience appeal. If Beyoncé had fallen in love with a Country star, there`s no way in hell that she would have married him –that would have been a career-ending move.

Beyoncé posted a photograph on Instagram that depicts her as the Virgin Mary, albeit a slightly skanky version of the Mother of Christ. She`s holding her newborn twins in her arms, but make no mistake about it, she`s the center of attraction.

I realize that those of us who aren`t mesmerized by Beyoncé`s artifice and chutzpah are dismissed as racists and haters, but somebody has to point out that the Empress isn`t wearing any clothes.

Pic of Beyoncé:

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President Trump Tells Brigitte Macron: You’re in Such Great Shape

“As President Trump and first lady Melania Trump met with their French counterparts, Trump told French first lady Brigitte Macron she was in `such great shape.`

According to AFP, as President Trump, 71, and Emmanuel Macron, 39, were saying goodbye to their wives, Trump looked Brigitte Macron, 64, up and down. He then said, `You know, you`re in such great shape…beautiful.`”


President Donald Trump is like that one friend that you don`t like inviting to your party, because he`ll ask the minister “How`s it hanging?,” tell the nun “I`ve been popping cherries since I was 16, just saying,” and who will compliment your obese friend “You look terrific for a lady who`s nine months pregnant.

Whenever Trump has a social interaction with a female you can always count on him to say the wrong thing, in the worst possible way. God forbid if she`s wearing a BAND-AID, he`s likely to scream: Bitc* get the hell away from me, I don`t want you bleeding all over me.

When Trump was introduced to the French president`s wife, he couldn`t help himself from uttering something inappropriate. He might as well told her: You better not gain any weight, or else your husband might trade you in for a younger model. Dear God I wish we could trade in our septuagenarian buffoon for a younger and more intelligent politician.

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Evangelical False Prophets Lay Hands on Donald Trump in Oval Office

“President Donald Trump, who has remained out of public view since returning from Europe late Saturday, welcomed evangelical leaders into the Oval Office on Monday for a prayer session.

Photos posted by some of the invitees show the group surrounding Trump and laying their hands on his shoulders as his head is bent in prayer.

The picture was posted by Johnnie Moore, a former senior vice president at Liberty University, a large evangelical university in Virginia. It also showed Vice President Mike Pence, with his eyes shut, participating in the Oval Office prayer session.

Moore, reached on Wednesday, said the meeting happened after a number of national faith leaders were invited to meet the President as they met with representatives from the Office of Public Liaison.”


President Donald Trump`s approval rating is stuck near 40 percent and he can`t afford to lose the support of his base, therefore he feels compelled to show respect to evangelical leaders, his most ardent backers.

You`d think evangelicals would only visit the Oval Office to lay hands on the most obscene and vulgar president in our history in an attempt to drive the demons out of the orange bastard. But evangelicals are smitten with the profane clown because he`s appointed a conservative Supreme Court Justice, and he`s attempting to repeal and replace Obamacare. American evangelicals are political animals, and they care more about advancing Republican orthodoxy than they care about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was a regular three-ring circus in the Oval Office, and Vice President Mike Pence was in the mix, praying with his eyes shut. You don`t have to be a prophet to discern what Pence was praying: Dear Jesus please let Trump be impeached, or smite his tiny pecker with a deadly STD.

Witnessing these evangelical false prophets laying their hands on Trump as a way of expressing support of the evil buffoon makes me want to puke. I would love to lay hands on Trump, but I`d better not explain exactly what I mean by that, or I might get a friendly visit by the Secret Service.

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Teen Electrocuted Using Phone While Taking a Bath

“A Texas teen died on Sunday morning after being electrocuted in a bathtub by her cellphone.

Madison Coe`s relatives told KCBD that the 14-year-old girl was either plugging in her phone while in the bathtub or grabbed the phone as it was charging before it fell into the bathtub of her father`s New Mexico home.


A cellphone is a teen`s constant companion, they text while they`re eating, driving and sometimes even while they`re making love. The bond between a teen and his phone is stronger than any human relationship, woe to anyone who comes between a young person and his phone.

I`m not a teen or a millennial, I`m a regular human being, and although I am rarely without my phone, I draw the line somewhere: I don`t use my phone in the bath.

My condolences to the family and friends of this hapless young woman, but her death is a teaching moment. It`s dangerous to text and drive, it`s even dangerous to text and walk, you could walk right into a telephone pole. Charging your phone next to a bath full of water is a brain dead idea.

Moral of this story: Don`t be a wanker, put your phone down and discover life. It`s too late for Madison, but hopefully you will discover that there`s 101 better things to do than texting.

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