Joe Biden Says He Will Run for Reelection, if He’s in ‘Good Health’

In an interview with ABC News Wednesday President Joe Biden said he would run for re-election if he was “in good health.”

“If I’m in the health I’m in now – I’m in good health – then, in fact, I would run again,” Biden said.

Joe Biden is 79-years-old and if ran for reelection in 2024 he would be 82 on inauguration day.

Biden claims to be “in good health” but he’s demonstrably in poor health, physically and mentally. He walks gingerly as if bracing for a fall should his legs give out on him. If he didn’t have a retinue of Secret Service Agents trailing him day and night, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the front door without a medical alert bracelet. He’s not a spring chicken, if he gave up the ghost his remains would be so calcified, they would be rejected as McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

You don’t have to be a physician to deduce that Biden has lost a couple of steps physically speaking, and you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to notice that he’s lost more than a couple of steps speaking in cognitive terms.

Is there a respected Democrat leader with the courage and good conscience to counsel Biden privately that he’s too old to be president? The fact that he’s considering running for reelection is proof that he’s suffering from narcissism, white privilege and dementia.

If Biden doesn’t do the right thing and promise not to run for reelection, Democrats with presidential aspirations should start their presidential campaigns today. Running for president is a years-long endeavor, and there’s no time to waste.

Donald Trump is Suffering From Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease


When your dad develops early signs of dementia, and you notice a marked deterioration in his verbal dexterity due to cognitive decline, you gently persuade him to make an appointment with a neurologist.

If he develops full-blown symtpoms of Alzheimer`s disease, instead of denying reality you take him to the doctor to be evaluated for his cognitive health because you love and care about him.

I`m not a doctor and I don`t play one on TV, although I did play a doctor with the neighborhood girls when I was a little boy, but that`s a story for another time. But when my father`s neurological health got so bad that he was calling his local bank branch every five minutes to check on his balance, and checking the mailbox for his mail every few minutes, even after the mailman had already delivered his mail, I knew he was suffering from Alzheimer`s disease.

We all accept the inevitability that our parents will grow old and die, and that sometimes life plays a cruel trick and robs them of their mental facilities before they pass on.

But what do we do when our septuagenarian president`s cognitive deficits seem worse by the day? Memory loss is a symptom closely associated with Alzheimer`s and Trump famously called his wife Melanie and CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple.” Trump recently said that his Bronx-born father was born in Germany, the stable genius is clearly losing his marbles.

There`s mountains of evidence that Trump is morally, intellectually and knowledge-wise unfit to be president, but now there`s also irrefutable proof that he`s mentally unfit.

Trump`s physicians declare that their morbidly obese patient who eats fasts food and never exercises is in perfect physical health, so we should take it with a grain of salt when the say that he`s in sound mental health.

The American public should demand that Trump be given a full neuropsychological evaluation by independent physicians and share the results with the world.

Forget the Mueller report, what I really want to see are results of medical tests administered by neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists.