Trump Called Evangelicals ‘Pieces of Shit’

White evangelical Christians, who claim to abide by the Biblical virtues of purity, honesty, integrity and empathy, worship their Orange Jesus, Donald Trump, the twice-divorced, twice-impeached, and four times indicted serial sex predator and pathological liar.

This is not a case of cognitive dissonance so much as it is an example of pragmatic hypocrisy. They are enthralled with Trump not because he bears any resemblance to Jesus Christ; they worship the orange devil because he will break all laws and commit any sin to enact their agenda: criminalize immigrants, demonize the LGBT community, abolish abortion, and turn our democracy into a White Christian Nationalist theocracy.

White evangelicals are besotted with Trump, and they fiercely defend him against anyone with the temerity to criticize him, but Trump tolerates evangelicals for one reason only: they vote for him in overwhelming numbers.

“Tim Alberta of The Atlantic reported in his upcoming book The Kingdom, The Power, And the Glory: American Evangelicals in An Age of Extremism that the then-candidate labeled evangelicals who supported rival Republican hopeful Texas Senator Ted Cruz ‘some real pieces of shit’ and ‘so-called Christians.’”

Trump is spot-on in his assessment of white evangelicals, they are total pieces of shit, regardless if they vote for him or not. Trump doesn’t attend an evangelical church, never reads the Bible, and he doesn’t have any close evangelical friends. He thinks they are idiots for believing in God, and the only thing he likes about them is that he can count on their support.

Everything Trump touches turns to shit, Trump-supporting white evangelicals were already shit, and the whole lot should be flushed down the toilet.

Outrage: Lynchburg VA School Board Rejects Grant from Pro LGBT Organization

The “It Gets Better Project” was founded in 2021 by gay activist Dan Savage and his husband, in response to the suicides of teenagers bullied because they were gay or suspected of being gay by their classmates. This project does the work of God by instilling in LGBTQ children the good news that they are also children of God, and that things will get better.

The foundation awarded a $10,00 grant for students at a Lynchburg, Va high school’s Gender and Sexuality club to create a “quiet room” for students with sensory sensitivities.  All students struggling with mental health, not just gays and lesbians, would have access to the room that is a peaceful oasis in the cacophony of a high school.

If you’re not familiar with Lynchburg, you might think that the School Board would accept with gratitude this gift, calculated to benefit the mental health of schoolchildren.

But Lynchburg City Schools voted 7-2 in favor of not accepting the grant, because the Hill City is an evangelical wasteland where the evangelical Liberty University wields an undue influence.

I urge my fellow residents of Lynchburg to join my holy crusade to reverse the decision of the school board. Write a letter to the editor, attend a Lynchburg council city meeting or a school board meeting, do everything in your power to prove that things can get better, even in Lynchburg.

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year: Authentic

“As the all-important question of truth and facts continues to dominate current affairs, it may come as no surprise to learn that Merriam-Webster’s word of the year is “authentic.”

The online dictionary says there has been a high volume of searches for the word’s definition for several years, but 2023 saw a ‘substantial increase,’ thanks to ‘stories and conversations about AI, celebrity culture, identity, and social media.’”


In an age of artifice and alternative facts it’s no wonder that that there’s a high volume of searches for the word “authentic.”

In a TV landscape where reality shows are scripted and rehearsed and the very antithesis of reality, viewers are longing and thirsting for authenticity.

In a political realm where pathological liars like Donald Trump and cognitively impaired fabricators like Joe Biden rise to the top, voters are desperate for politicians who are grounded in reality.

In a media domain where, real news is disparaged as fake news, and conservative TV news networks are saturated with fake news, consumers of news and information are cravings for facts, just the facts.

In a technological age where AI is everywhere, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Is a video of a politician captured in a compromising position real or a deepfake? Is an essay written by a student a product of his own intelligence and imagination or a product of AI? Is your favorite pop star’s album authentic or has it been enhanced by AI?

The realist in me realizes that authenticity will soon become a thing of the past, and the future will be as fake as John Travolta’s toupee.

My Annual Thanksgiving List of Things I’m Grateful For

The older you get the more your circle of friends and family shrinks, until you have more memories than loved ones. This Thanksgiving Day I don’t have a long list of people that I’m grateful for, but I am thankful for these three special souls every day of the year.

I am thankful for my pooch Princess, and yes, she’s a person. There isn’t a human alive who will love you unconditionally, even the love of your life will sometimes resent you because of your annoying tics, bad habits and serious shortcomings.

But a dog will love you forever, and Princess will always consider me a prince worthy of love, devotion and loyalty even though I resemble a rouge more than royalty. Princess is always happy to see me, and she always greets me with a wagging tail and smiling eyes. Even now as I’m writing this essay, she’s looking at me with curiosity, everything that I do fascinates her.

I love all of my siblings, but I am especially grateful for my sister Jackie. Whenever we chat or text, whether the conversation is trivial or serious, I always feel better afterwards. I don’t have to walk on eggshells or pretend to be someone that I’m not, we’re on the same wavelength. I’m sad that I won’t spend this Thanksgiving with her, but I’m happy she’s coming to visit me in December.

The third person I’m grateful for is the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. For me there aren’t 12 days of Christmas, but 55, I start playing the Queen’s Christmas songs on November 1.  The Christmas Diva’s vocal register can only be matched by the angelic choir. As far as I’m concerned, every Nativity scene should include Mariah Carey welcoming the Baby Jesus to this sinful world with her heavenly voice. It may be Thanksgiving, but it’s not too early to meditate on Christmas. All I want for Christmas is Mariah Carey on my stereo.

Joe Biden’s Scary Birthday Cake

Photos of old folks celebrating their birthday in a nursing home are heartwarming, who isn’t going to smile when they see an old man blowing a candle that represents 80 or more years?

Joe Biden’s birthday started off on an uncertain note when the old geezer pardoned two turkeys and confused Taylor Swift for Britney Spears in the process. At least he didn’t confuse the turkeys for members of his cabinet.

Setting up a photo op featuring an octogenarian president blowing the candles on his birthday cake should be one of the safest and easiest things for the White House to organize.

Biden’s cake with 81 candles blazing away resembled Snoop Dogg warming himself in front of a fire pit.

Biden’s birthday photo is the scariest photo ever taken in the White House, it’s a miracle the monstrous confectionary didn’t set the People’s House on fire.

Somebody should have snuffed out the candles with a fire extinguisher, but how can we safely and humanely extinguish Joe Biden?

Evangelicals Only Love Jews Who Convert to Christianity

Normal folks have an aversion to bloodshed, the killing and wounding of people, on a large scale during a war or a natural disaster.

But evangelicals, who make a fetish of the blood of Jesus, have a spiritual orgasm whenever blood is shed in the middle east or in a natural disaster, because they view earthquakes and hurricanes and any conflict involving Israel as a sign of the End Times.

Evangelicals like to blather about how much they love Israel, and they admonish us to heed the Biblical injunction to support God’s chosen people.

Evangelicals know very little about the modern state of Israel; it’s not the God-fearing state of the Old Testament but a secular apartheid regime where right-wing Orthodox Jews have an outsized influence in the government. Remind anyone of evangelicals’ disproportionate influence in American politics?

Evangelicals may claim to love Jews but many of them believe that Rothschild bankers control the U.S economy, that Jewish entertainment moguls control the media and the press, and that the Jewish lobby controls Congress.

Evangelicals believe in an eschatological theology that views Jews not as human beings but as chess pieces for a massive, apocalyptic battle, in which the conversion of Jews to Christianity will usher Jesus’ triumphant return to Earth.

Evangelicals don’t value Jews unless they convert to Christianity. American Jews and Jews in Israel shouldn’t be fooled by evangelicals proclamation of adoration for Israel. Evangelicals’ agenda is antithetical to the best interests of the Jewish people.

Snoop Dogg Says He’s Giving Up Weed, Say It Ain’t So!

The only thing constant is change itself. We must always be ready to adapt to changing circumstances. However, in this chaotic world we can count on a few things never changing: the sun will always rise in the east and set in the west, what goes up will always come down, the Earth will always revolve in orbit around the sun, and Snoop Dogg will always smoke weed, in fact he even wrote a song about it: Smoke Weed Every Day

If the sky turns purple, the trees shed all their leaves in the summer, and I hear the hoof beats of the approaching Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, my mind is at ease as long as I know that somewhere Snoop Dogg is smoking a fat ass blunt.

If Snoop is smoking a joint while he’s driving his lowrider, we know that God is on his throne and everything is right with the world.

Snoop shocked his legions of fans all over the world when he announced on X, formerly known as Twitter:

“After much consideration &conversations with my family. I’ve decided to give up smoking. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Say it ain’t so Snoop, for the love of God say it ain’t so! Let’s hope that Snoop inadvertently smoked a joint laced with LSD, and he’s temporarily out of his mind. He’s got to be out of his freaking mind if he’s giving up cannabis, after all he even owns his own brand of weed, “Death Row Cannabis.”

I will pray before my poster of Snoop smoking a refer and smiling radiantly, that he’s just kidding, laughing his fool head off right now and smoking a doobie.

Mike Johnson and His Teen Son Monitor Each Other’s Porn Usage! Freaks!

Since being elected Speaker of the House we’ve become aware of how much of an evangelical nutcase Mike Johnson is, but the latest revelation just boggles the mind.

The expose, via Rolling Stone magazine, is that of at least last year Johnson and his then 17-year-old son monitored each other’s online porn activity in an effort to ensure neither was giving in to temptation.

Johnson bragged about using “Covenant Eyes”, the Christian-created software that is supposed to stop anyone who subscribes to if from browsing porn web sites or looking at questionable images.

WTF? I know evangelicals engage in many creepy behaviors, but this takes the cake. Since time immemorial teenagers have sought to satisfy their curiosity about sex by getting their hands on any sexual matter: Playboy and Penthouse magazines in the 60’s and 70’s, hardcore online sex videos in the digital age.

From tablets to laptops to cell phones, the average teen owns several digital devices that they can use to access the internet, including porn sites. A horny teenager can circumvent Covenant Eyes, or any other software designed to monitor online porn activity.

Johnson’s teen son may allow his dad to install Covenant Eyes on his primary laptop, and he won’t even try to disable it or render it useless, because he can always enjoy porn on his other devices.

A normal dad would tell his young son: I know you’re looking at porn, the temptation is just too great for a normal teen with raging hormones. The human body is beautiful, but just remember that most porn dehumanizes, objectifies and debases women by reducing them to body orifices.

Only an evangelical freak who is afraid of human sexuality would coerce his son to install Covenant Eyes on his computer so they can monitor each other’s porn activity.

WWJD? Jesus would tell Mike Johnson: Listen, you wanker! Stop bringing ridicule to the religion that bears my name! Keep your weird religious practices to yourself!

Tim Scott Drops out of Presidential Race! Good Riddance!

“Tonight, I suspended my campaign for president. Traveling this country and meeting all of you has been of the most fantastic experiences of my entire life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Tim Scott announcing his suspending his presidential campaign on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Republican presidential hopeful Tim Scott abruptly announced that he was dropping out of 2024 race live on Fox News late Sunday, disappointing his dozens of supporters.

Scott had been trailing far behind in single digits in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, otherwise known as Donald Trump’s 2024 coronation extravaganza.

Scott’s gratuitous Uncle Tom smile will be sorely missed on the campaign trail by Republican conservatives who delight in exhibiting the only black Republican in the Senate as “proof” their party isn’t racist.

Scott, who never criticized Trump on the campaign trail, shouldn’t despair, certainly there’s always room in a Trump administration for a court jester, chief butler, or primary fluffer.

I wonder has the lifelong bachelor, who is widely believed to be gay, announced that he dropped out of the race to spend more time with his girlfriend, who made a brief appearance at the 3rd Republican debate?

I wonder who hates Scott more: African Americans who can’t stand Uncle Toms, Gays who have no respect for closeted Gay Republicans, Republicans who hate pretending that they like a black closeted gay Republican or regular Americans who hate wankers who are cursed with the kind of face that you just want to punch?

Ron DeSantis is Incapable of Smiling Naturally

Newsflash: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not a natural politician. He’s not a Bill Clinton who loves kissing babies, making small talk with voters, and delivering a stump speech. For a Clinton smiling at an audience comes as naturally as winking at a White House intern or patting the behind of a Hooters’ waitress.

President Joe Biden may not remember what day of the week it is, but it’s still second nature for him to smile at a campaign rally, shake hands with voters, hug babies and sniff the hair of any little girl with the misfortune of being in his vicinity.

DeSantis is totally lacking in the rudimentary skills of a politician, he’s awkward, slimy and just plain weird. He is incapable of smiling naturally. He’s mastered the skill of imitating a bobble head, but every attempt at flashing a smile is an epic failure.

During every debate nobody pays any attention to his answers or his interactions with his fellow candidates; viewers are obsessed with wondering if he will finally be able to smile successfully. Every awkward attempt to smile ends with a grimace that’s guaranteed to hurt him at the polls.

Tuesday night DeSantis saved his most horrifying attempt at a smile for an interview after the debate. His faux smile included a flash of a tongue.

For the love of God, enough already. No smile is better than a fake smile. No smile is better than a creepy smile that makes you look like a rattlesnake smiling.

Who is More Repulsive: Hamas Terrorists, Corrupt Netanyahu or American Evangelicals?

In the Old Testament, Jehovah commands his people, the Israelites, to kill every single Amalekite:

“Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

This is a textbook case of genocide. The Almighty commands his people to slaughter an entire nation, down to the very last infant.

I will leave it to theologians and Bible scholars to argue whether God was justified in ordering the slaughter of an entire race, because they were evil, worshipped false gods, and ambushed the Israelites on their way to the promised land.

Christians and Jews consider the Old Testament not only Holy Scriptures, but also a record of historical events. Any rational person who reads the Old Testament as history will consider the slaughter of the Amalekites at the hands of the Israelites one of them most horrifying and brutal acts of genocide in the annals of history.

“You must ‘remember what Amalek has done to you,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admonished on October 28, announcing the second phase, a ground invasion, of Israel’s war in Gaza.

Most Americans don’t know the Amalekites from the Klingons or the Borg, but the reference to the Amalekites resonates with American evangelicals who fetishize God’s chosen people, and demonize the Palestinians. They don’t draw any distinction between ordinary Palestinians who eschew terrorism and the Hamas terrorist organization, and they would be quite happy if the Palestinians were wiped off the face of the earth.

The Prime Minister of Israel and most evangelicals don’t think the Palestinians deserve their own homeland, and they have no empathy for their suffering.

Gone are the days when you can justify the genocide of a race of people because they don’t worship your deity. The Palestinians aren’t the Amalekites. They don’t deserve to be eradicated and bombed back to the Stone Age.

On October 7, 2023 the Hamas terrorists went Old Testament on Israeli civilians, murdering, raping, torturing and kidnapping them. Netanyahu wants to return the favor and take an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

In a world where cynical politicians use religion to manipulate people, and terrorists commit atrocities in the name of Allah, will reason, humanity and common sense prevail?

A Nuanced Look at the Israel Palestine Conflict

Since the inception of the latest explosion of violence between Israel and Hamas, American evangelicals have stridently supported Israel. They instinctively and automatically rush to Israel’s defense whenever Israel is attacked.

I condemn in no uncertain terms the October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorist attack on Israeli civilians. It’s beyond me how anyone can justify the rape, murder, mutilation and kidnapping of civilians, including children and babies.

And I accept that Israel has a right, indeed a duty, to respond to this atrocity be seeking to annihilate Hamas.

But Hamas isn’t synonymous with Palestine, Hamas enjoys the support of less than 50 percent of the population in Gaza, and the Palestinians in that enclave are as much victims of Hamas as are Israeli civilians.

Evangelicals see the Israeli Palestinian conflict in black and white terms, good vs evil, democracy vs terrorism. But the truth is more nuanced, Israel is an apartheid state where Israeli Palestinians face discrimination, and Palestinians in the West Bank live under military occupation and are treated like second-class citizens. As for Gaza it’s basically the world’s largest open-air prison.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an indicted corrupt politician who entered into a coalition government with far-right racists in order to cling to power and avoid conviction and incarceration.

The Palestinian Authority that has nominal control of the West Bank under their Israeli overlords is politically corrupt and has never unequivocally denounced terrorism. If the Palestinian Authority wasn’t so corrupt, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups wouldn’t enjoy so much support.

America must advocate for the rights of the Palestinians to their own homeland as much as we condemn terrorist attacks against Israel. We must be concerned about the innocent Palestinians in Gaza who are being killed by the Israeli war machine as much as we mourn the death of Israeli civilian at the hands of the Hamas monsters.

Mike Johnson the New Speaker of the House is a MAGA Extremist

The miraculous elevation of virtually unknown Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La to Speaker of the House has put his extremist views under the spotlight. His ultra-right voting record wasn’t vetted, examined or criticized until after his election.

It’s only now that most people, even people who follow politics closely, are realizing that the politician second in line to the presidency is a MAGA religious fanatic who is virulently anti-abortion, stridently anti-LGBTQ and a fundamentalist who believes in a literal interpretation of the myths, allegories and fantasies of the Old Testament.  This mild-mannered gentleman was the chief architect of the nefarious plan to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

This MAGA extremist has until now remained under the radar because he looks like an accountant or a middle school teacher, unlike fellow radical conservatives like Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs and Steve Scalise who look reptilian and are physically repulsive.

Whereas Jordan, Biggs, Scalise et al shout and scream, Johnson delivers his noxious rhetoric in the measured tones of a Sunday School teacher.

Already Republicans are coming to his defense with the ridiculous claim that the media are exaggerating or misrepresenting his voting record. It’s all fake news, nothing to see here, just another conservative Republican vilified by the media and the so-called deep state.

Don’t be fooled by Johnson’s easy-going manner and polite demeanor, If Trump wins the election, and Johnson remains as Speaker of the House, this evil duo will turn our democracy into a White Christian Nationalist theocracy.

Trump Wants to Deny Entry to Immigrants Who Don’t Like ‘Our Religion’

“Speaking to Republican voters in Derry, New Hampshire, on Monday, former President Donald Trump promised ‘strong ideological screening’ of all immigrants if he’s elected president again—and said he’d turn away those who ‘don’t like our religion.’ ‘We don’t want you in our country,’ he said.”


Donald Trump knows that his xenophobic anti-immigrant rhetoric will resonate with his MAGA base of white evangelicals, QAnon conspiracy theorists, and trailer park rednecks.

White evangelicals believe that America is a Christian nation, and they are on a crusade to corrupt our democracy into a White Christan nationalist theocracy, and they are persuaded that Trump is the messiah who will turn their racist dreams into reality.

Unlike England America doesn’t have a constitutionally established state religion, and it’s anathema to imply that Christianity is our religion. The Constitution explicitly prohibits the establishment of a state religion, and in our ethnically and religiously diverse democracy there’s people of many faiths and no faith.

To screen immigrants on the basis of whether or not they have an affinity for Christianity is so undemocratic that is just boggles the mind. Considering that historically religion is responsible for genocide, slavery, racism and wars, I can certainly understand why people wouldn’t like Christianity or any other major religion.

Trump has promised to resurrect his Muslim ban if he wins the presidential election. Trump’s racist rhetoric may succeed in firing up his base, but I’m convinced it will alienate the majority of freedom-loving Americans and result in his defeat.