Lucy Flores Incident Isn’t an Aberration! Joe Biden Has Groped Dozens of Women and Underage Girls!


Joe Biden leads all of the polls by virtue of his name recognition, and it helps that he hasn`t uttered a word as an official candidate. But as soon as he announces that he`s running his ratings will plummet — his gaffes will inevitably derail his candidacy.

Biden has often been compared to Hamlet for his indecisiveness, but he possesses none of the eloquence of Shakespeare`s protagonist. He is a bungling idiot whose foot invariably finds itself in his mouth, and whose hands invariably find themselves groping women and underage girls.

Biden has teased and toyed with the idea of running for president, seemingly forever. He`s talked about how close he is getting to making a decision, last I heard he was 95 percent certain of entering the fray. His supporters, donors and political operatives are desperately waiting for him to declare his candidacy.

But still nothing. Biden must be at home fiddling with his Camaro or diddling a young niece or great granddaughter.

While Biden is doing his Hamlet “to be or not to be act” his political career as a serial groper is crashing down on him.

Lucy Flores alleges that at a campaign even in 2014, when she was running for lieutenant governor, Biden accosted her from behind. The creep inhaled her hair, and planted a big sloppy kiss on the back of her head.

The Flores incident isn`t an aberration, Biden is a serial groper and there are dozens of women, and more disturbingly, underage girls that he has groped and otherwise sexually assaulted in his decades long career as a politician.

I`m hoping and praying that the #metoo movement will destroy his candidacy before it gets off the ground.

A 2020 face-off between serial sexual predator Donald Trump and serial molester of young girls Joe Biden will mean the end of our democracy.

Joe Biden’s Penchant for Pawing Underage Girls is a Disqualifier

In 2007 before he totally flamed out of the presidential race Joe Biden “complimented” Barack Obama:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that`s a storybook, man.”

The guy is a gaffe machine, his foot is always in his mouth and his hands are always caressing underage girls.

That statement could have been uttered by a White Nationalist, but Biden usually gets the benefit of the doubt from the mainstream press that`s transfixed by his quirky albeit creepy personality.

It`s 2019 and Biden still has that glint in his eye, your guess is as good as mine, if it indicative of presidential ambitions or a craving for young girls.

Most political pundits expect Biden to finally enter the presidential race sometime in April. It`s been reported that he is mulling over choosing Stacey Abrams as his vice presidential running mate. Abrams is Biden`s kind of African American: articulate, bright, clean and a nice-looking gal.

Actually Abrams is considering a presidential run herself, and I hope she doesn`t damage her credibility by considering Biden as her running mate.

Biden knows that his time has come and gone: he`s too moderate, too freaking old, and too much of a sexual pervert to run for the Democratic presidential nomination in this woke generation. But I must concede that he would make an excellent Republican presidential candidate.

Biden`s despicable and transparent attempt to appear relevant by invoking the name of a black woman as a possible running mate, is proof positivethat the old fossil should be buried once and for all.

Joe Biden is the Creepy Uncle of the Democratic Party!

Creepy Uncle Joe

Almost every family has a creepy uncle whose presence we tolerate only on Thanksgiving and Christmas. In order to keep the family peace and appease grandma and grandpa the creepy uncle is invited to holiday dinners, but we make sure he`s never alone with any of the children.

Y`all know what I`m talking about, this cretin doesn`t understand the concept of personal space, and he makes us feel dirty and violated by his mere presence.

The safety and well-being of our children should take precedence over family dynamics and the proverbial creepy uncle should always be treated as persona non grata.

Why should we care about the feelings of this touchy-feely psycopath when he demonstrates no empathy for the nieces that he hugs and little bit too closely and the toddlers and young children that he plays with a little bit too exuberantly?

In this “#metoo” era we should have zero tolerance for the creepy uncle who always ruins our holidays.

Joe Biden is the creepy uncle of the Democratic Party, it`s an open secret that he never misses an opportunity to kiss a young girl. Do a Google Image search of “Joe Biden kissing” and you will see multitudes of images of him getting uncomfortably close with women and especially underage girls.

Biden`s enablers will protest that that`s just “Joe being Joe,” but there should be no room in the Democratic Party for a man who has a suspect attraction to young girls. How can we condemn Trump`s predatory sexual behavior if we turn a blind eye to Biden`s creepiness bordering on child molestation?
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Donald Trump Jr. Shares Pornhub Meme of His Dad! Who Does That?

We are living proof that sometime, at least in the distant past our parents had sex, but the thought of our parents having sex renders us nauseous. For the sake of my mental well-being I still cling to my childhood belief that the stork delivered me to my parents` home.

The Trumps are a dysfunctional family, and Don Jr. has no reservations about imagining his father having sex, in fact he even posted a Pornhub meme on Instagram about dear old dad fuc*ing the entire Democratic Party.

Imagining my parents doing the nasty is a wet dream compared to imagining the Orange Baboon having sex with anyone. The horror! The horror!

Clearly Donnie was alluding to the release of the summary of the Mueller Report which cleared his father of collusion, but he could have made his point without making us want to vomit.

Anyways, we don`t need to be reminded that Trump is screwing the Democrats, hell he`s screwing the entire county. Trump may only be packing a tiny mushroom pecker, but he`s screwed over the entire country with that nasty little thing.

Link to Junior`s post:

Donald Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric is Poisoning our Democracy

It`s been three years since Donald Trump descended the golden ecalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.

This wasn`t a god descending Mount Olympus to impart his heavenly wisdom with mere mortals. Hardly. In Trump`s Presidential Announcement Speech he vilified Mexican immigrants, referring to them as rapists and criminals. In the intervening months and years his vulgar, coarse and hateful rhetoric hasn`t mellowed.

I don`t expect every president to have the eloquence of a Kennedy, the genteel charm of a Reagan, or the professorial authority of an Obama, but I do expect a president to exercise a modicum of civility.

But that ain`t how Trump rolls, he traffics in conspiracy theories, engages in racist tropes and sprinkles his speeches with obscenities.

Trump cultists excuse his buffoonery and spitefulness by saying that it`s just Trump being Trump. They counsel us to look past his shtick and consider the substance of the man. But beneath the shtick there`s no substance or gravitas. Underneath Trump`s clownish veneer beats the heart of an authoritarian who delights in demeaning and degrading everyone who doesn`t go along with his patently racist executive orders and mean-spirited tweets.

Trump`s hateful rhetoric in his speeches and tweets aren`t just a harmless quirk that we can ignore. His divisive, racist and vulgar rhetoric cheapens the office of the president of the United States, demoralizes the electorate, weakens the rule of law, and ignites racial tensions.

Woe is unto us if we excuse or normalize Trump`s noxious rhetoric, it`s incumbent upon patriots to denounce his every racist statement and every hateful tweet.

Most importantly come 2020 we must vote him out of office, and retire him to Mar-a-Lago where he can vent his nonsense and racism all he wants to without having a national platform.

Mike Pence the Homophobe Meets Openly Gay Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar

Vice President Mike Pence is the face of homophobia and intolerance, the most important persons in his life share his revulsion of gays and lesbians: Trump and Mother.

The notorious homophobe`s wife works at a so-called Christian school that bans members of LGBTS communities.

As a real estate developer and reality TV entertainer Trump was gay-friendly in speech and substance, after all most gays are unencumbered with children and they have the financial means to afford his condos and apartments. And in the entertainment business he met many gay and lesbian artists and discovered that they are normal human beings, no better and no worse than anyone else.

Trump doesn`t share the religiously based animus towards gays and lesbians as his vice president, but since taking office he has pursued a virulently anti-gay agenda to pander to his evangelical base.

Pence had the chutzpah to invite Ireland`s openly gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to his official residence for a visit. Pence was probably clutching a cross with one hand and a four-leaf clover with the other to protect him from any possible sexual advance from the Irish Prime Minister.

When reporters asked Varadkar how he felt about being so close to a politician who views homosexuality as a sin and works against the interests of gays and lesbians, he didn`t hold back:

“I lived in a country where if I`d tried to be myself at the time, it would have ended up breaking laws.

I stand here as the leader of my country. Flawed and human, but judged by my political actions, not by my sexual orientation, my skin tone, gender, or religious beliefs.”

We are, after all, all God`s children.”

Bravo! That`s what we Americans call speaking truth to power! If only Pence possessed such remarkable courage and admonished his boss whenever he made a racist statement or attacked someone on Twitter.

Kid Rock and Donald Trump: Dumb and Dumber

“Kid Rock`s gleeful pose with Donald Trump on the links at Mar-a-Lago didn`t go over very well on Twitter.

Fans mocked Rock`s goofy flag pants and his choice of golf partners. Some wondered what Trump was doing playing golf Saturday in the middle of his declared “national emergency” at the southern border. Others were perplexed that Trump has a conniption fit when football players take a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice, but apparently found those pants perfectly okay.”

Huffington Post

A true patriot doesn`t wear patriotism on his sleeve, he won`t install a 20-foot flagpole on his front yard and he won`t festoon his vehicle with patriotic bumper stickers.

He will demonstrate his patriotism and love for his country by paying his taxes, voting on a regular basis, giving generously to charities and welcoming immigrants to the land of opportunity for all.

Then there are the yahoos like Donald Trump and Kid Rock who make a Hollywood production out of their expressions of patriotism. Trump has a penchant for dry-humping Americans flags on stage, and Kid Rock routinely wears attire featuring the American flag and the Confederate flag. A genuine patriot would never honor the Confederate flag, but that fodder for another article.

It`s par for the course for golfers to wear goofy pants, but Kid Rock`s American flag pants are an affront to fashion sensibilities and an insult to our democracy.

In the 1990`s Kid Rock achieved success as a rapper and in the 2000`s as a rock star, but recently the hits have been few and far between. Today Kid Rock is trying to achieve legitimacy primarily as a country artist, and he believes that by palling around with Trump and waving the American flag he will be accepted by fans of Country music.

I doubt that Kid Rock will achieve the same kind of success as a country artist, that he enjoyed as a rapper and rocker, but I do know that his clownish antics of late have made him an embarrassment to fans of all genres of music.

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Kitty the Cat and Leila the Chihuahua: A Love Story! Video!

“An unlikely duo at MSPCA-Angell`s animal shelter in Boston is hoping to be adopted together after they were surrendered in the same crate.

A cat named Kitty and her Chihuahua best friend Leila were surrendered to the Jamaica Plain animal shelter on March 14 after their owners lost their home and could not find a new place to accommodate the pets.

The pet pair`s bond is so paws-itively unique and true, that the two were even surrendered to the shelter in the same pet carrier.”


A friendship rarely blossoms between a cat and a dog, the natural state of affairs is them being at each other`s throats.

If you put a cat and a dog in the same pet carrier mayhem and perhaps murder will soon ensue.

But a cat named Kitty and dog named Leila were surrendered to an animal shelter in the same crate. It turns out that these adorable creatures are best buddies, and the animal shelter is trying to find an owner that will adopt them as a pair.

The Palestinians and the Israelis may never live side by side in peace, and Trump supporters and Democrats may never hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but the friendship between Kitty and Leila gives me hope that humans can resolve some of their differences.

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Donald Trump Keeps Punching the Corpse of John McCain

Donald Trump is infamous for being a counterpuncher, for every perceived slight he responds with a flurry of haymakers.

But Trump`s favorite mode of attack isn`t a jab or a haymaker, he`s the master of the downward punch.

When you`re the Leader of the Free World you should be very judicious when and how, and indeed if you punch back, because every punch will be a downward punch. Trump excels at criticizing and ridiculing individuals and communities that are in a position of social, political, or economic weakness.

Trump isn`t content to punch the little guy, he prefers to punch someone who can`t punch back. For almost two years Trump relentlessly attacked Special Counsel Robert Mueller, knowing that he was legally prohibited from responding to any criticism.

But now Cadet Bone Spurs has found his perfect victim: John McCain, a war hero who died eight months ago. When McCain was alive he wasn`t afraid to criticize Trump`s comments and policies, but now that he`s dead he can`t punch back, thus he makes the perfect punching bag.

In a sense McCain is still alive in Trump`s brain, our fearless speaker speaks about McCain in the present tense, as if the cantankerous maverick was still in the Senate turning his thumb down at all his ridiculous proposals.

Every time Trump attacks McCain he succeeds only in diminishing his own reputation and legitimacy, and reminding us of the heroism and integrity of the recently departed war hero.

Mike Gravel for President of the United States

There are a hundred and one reasons why Donald Trump shouldn`t be president of the United States, and we often overlook one disqualifying factor: his age.

The septuagenarian president has been in re-election mode since his inauguration, and the two leading Democratic challengers (former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders) will be in their late seventies by 2020.

It`s not ageist to point out the obvious: if your daily routine includes putting on a fresh pair of adult diapers you are too freaking old to hold the most stressful job in the world.

The aforementioned septuagenarians better make way for an octogenarian that has just joined the crowded Democratic presidential field, former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel.

Gravel, 88, is as energetic as Beto, minus the spastic arm waving, and he`s full of piss and vinegar — eager to shake up the Democratic primary season.

Gravel announced his candidacy not by Telegram but via a tweet:

The goal will not be to win, but to bring a critique of American imperialism to the Democratic debate stage.

How refreshing that from the outset Gravel publicly acknowledges that he doesn`t have a snowball`s chance in hell of winning.

The Eleventh Commandment was a phrase used by President Ronald Reagan during his 1966 campaign for Governor of California. The Commandment reads: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. The Democratic presidential hopefuls have adopted this motto for the 2020 election cycle, they refuse to criticize each other.

Gravel not so much!

This is what he had to say about Rep. Tulsi Gabbard:

She is a wonderful public servant, and she and I agree on many issues. That being said, her campaigning has been ineffective, her stance on Israel needs tweaking, and she lacks the bluntness necessary to get the message across.

He may actually have done Gabbard a favor by reprimanding her, she`s such a non-entity that hardly anybody mentions her.

Gavel cut Senator Amy Klobuchar to shreds with this withering tweet:

@amyklobuchar it`s hard to fight the big tech firms that abuse American workers when you also like to abuse American workers.

Gravel is as old school as a dinosaur and he isn`t afraid of being called sexist by politically-correct wimps for condemning Klobuchar for the horrible way she treats her staff.

Gravel ridiculed Sen. Cory Booker`s Spartacus moment during the Kavanaugh hearing.

Spartacus moment. This is me, in 1971, reading the Pentagon Papers into the record for hours on end, risking expulsion from the Senate. That`s real courage, Cory.`

He reserved his most potent vitriol for former vice president Joe Biden:

I sure do hope the faucets at @JoeBiden`s house are strong, with the amount of Iraqi blood on his hands.

We don`t need old codgers the likes of Trump, Biden and Sanders running for president, but thank God Gravel is running, he`s destined to make the 2020 presidential race entertaining and educational.

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