Biden’s Embarrassing Hanoi Press Conference Makes Americans Wish He Would Just Die

For the last two years Americans have witnessed the shocking decline in President Joe Biden’s mental acuity and physical dexterity. Sadly, we are familiar with the octogenarian commander-in-chief tripping on stairs, losing his train of thought, shaking hands with invisible people, falling off a bike, struggling to find an exit of a stage and speeches alternating between creepy whispering and angry yelling.

Americans have seen enough, and the overwhelming majority don’t want Biden to embarrass himself and America by running for reelection. I’m a progressive, but in the general election I will vote for the Republican candidate, if it’s not Donald Trump.

In America we are aware that Biden has the mental acuity of a wilted head of lettuce, and after his press conference from hell in Hanoi now the international community also knows that he is a senile and cranky old man.

Biden wrapped up his first trip to Asia as president with a press conference in Vietnam that was marred by rambling answers, awkward jokes, a McConnell like freeze, and a plea for a nap to end the nightmare.

Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, attempted to end the debacle by loudly exclaiming:

“Thank you, everybody. This ends the press conference. Thanks, everyone.

But Biden continued mumbling incoherently, unaware that his microphone had been muted.

Biden is too senile and too full of pride and white privilege to exit the stage gracefully. Biden’s expiration date was a decade ago, how I wish the Grim Reaper would drag him to hell.

Biden Wears a Mask Again for the First Time in Months

On May 11, 2023 President Joe Biden officially rescinded the executive order that declared COVID-19 a public health emergency. COVID is no longer a pandemic, it’s endemic like the common cold and influenza.

Mandatory masking, lockdowns, emergency field hospitals, respirators and the daily updates of deaths is in our rear-view mirror.

Like the flu and the common cold there will be seasonal surges of COVID, but that is no cause for panic. The prevailing variant is no more lethal than the flu, and there shouldn’t be any talk of mandatory masking, school closures or lockdowns.

Biden turned up in a mask for the first time in months inside the White House, a day after his wife tested positive for COVID-19. But he quickly ditched it during a ceremony honoring an 81-year-old Vietnam veteran, and the two unmasked octogenarians shared a hearty handshake.

The fact that Biden was maskless when he reached around the vet’s body to place the medal around his neck, is proof that he donned the mask just for show.

There was no need for Biden to wear a mask while walking around the White House. Although I would recommend that the serial sniffer wear a mask at all times, maybe that will discourage him from sniffing the hair of any woman cursed to be in his close proximity.

Biden should wear a white mask, he looks like a walking skeleton, and the black mask enhances his ghoulish appearance.

We don’t need any reminders of the hellish pandemic, Biden should shove his mask up his ass, at least that will help the incontinent octogenarian from staining his pants.

Trump Posts Fake Mugshot of Biden

“Donald Trump’s attempts to make political hay out of his myriad legal woes continued on Monday when he shared a fake mug shot of President Joe Biden on his Truth Social platform.

The former president ‘ReTruthed’ a doctored image of Biden, next to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office badge, with the caption: ‘The Mugshot America Deserves.’”

Yahoo News

All his adult life as a businessman and as a politician Donald Trump has considered himself above the law as he brazenly stiffed contractors, committed real estate fraud, sexually assaulted women, culminating in his greatest crime: inciting an insurrection in a desperate attempt to remain in power despite losing in a landslide to Joe Biden.

After being indicted four times and facing 91 charges Trump was finally treated like the common criminal that he is when his mugshot was taken by Pat Labat, the Sheriff of Fulton County.

This should have been a “come to Jesus moment” for the twice-impeached, quadruple indicted, serial sexual predator. The humiliation of the former President being treated like a common criminal should have made him realize that he’s not above the law, and that he might finally be punished for a lifetime of criminal behavior.

Instead of showing contrition, Trump has monetized his mug shot to the tune of seven million bucks. Now in an attempt to distract the electorate from his crimes he posted a fake mugshot of Joe Biden on his Truth Social platform.

It’s not going to work, the fake Biden may be seen by a few thousands, but the real Trump mugshot has been seen by billions and it’s permanently seared in our minds.

Joe Biden Shirtless on the Beach! The Horror! The Horror!

When Barack Obama was president, he was photographed frolicking, buff and shirtless on vacation in a Hawaiian beach. Those pics of the young and energetic president are what the young kids call a thirst trap. (For definition check UrbanDictionary.Com)

Joe Biden was recently photographed at Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach standing shirtless in his bright blue trunks, tennis shoes, aviators and with a baseball cap turned backward. This is what young kids call a decrepit old man trying to appear cool. No man older than thirty should ever be caught outside wearing a baseball cap backward.

I had a gag reflex when I saw the ghastly image of the shameless octogenarian’s bleach white and bloated stomach, certainly no resemblance to Obama’s six-pack abs.

Sleepy Joe may have thought he looked cool standing on the beach with his hands on his hips, his cap turned backward and wearing cool shades. Sunglasses can make anybody look cool, but when you’re 80-freaking-years-old nothing can make you look cool.

Biden is too old to be shirtless on the beach, too old to venture outside without a walker, too old to be president, and frankly too old to be still alive.

At least he wasn’t wearing a bright red Speedo brief.

Video: Creepy Joe Biden Nibbles on a Child’s Shoulder

Joe Biden has earned his moniker, “Creepy Joe Biden”, there are literally dozens of videos on YouTube chronicling his creepy and depraved behavior. He’s the quintessential demented and decrepit uncle you hide in the attic, the weirdo has a penchant for sniffing women’s hair, groping pre-teen girls, yelling at aides behind closed doors and whispering during press conferences.

Just when you think the old pervert can’t get any creepier, he’ll tell an anecdote about how young children love rubbing his legs or he’ll nibble at a child’s shoulder.

Allow me to channel Biden: Not a joke! The senile old fart really nibbled on a child’s shoulder:

“The 80-year-old was saying farewell to staff from the US embassy in Helsinki before boarding his flight home, and stopped before a mother and child. As he went to kiss the baby on the forehead, the scared child retreated to its mother.

But that didn’t stop Biden, who instead gnawed on the youngster’s shoulder, which caused visible discomfort to both the mother and the child.”

If an octogenarian nibbled on a stranger’s toddler at the mall, he would be slapped by the parents, arrested by security, and cursed out by shoppers.

Why does Biden do such inappropriate and creepy things? First, he’s suffering from dementia, and it’s only a matter of time before he will ask a young girl if she minds changing his diapers.

Secondly, he’s full of white privilege, he believes the commander-in-chief can get away with all sorts of disconcerting and disturbing behavior.

It’s time to lock Creepy Joe in the attic, kick him to the curb, and vote him out of office.

Behind Closed Doors Biden Yells Profanities at his Aides

“President Biden has a profane temper behind closed doors that contrasts with his folksy, affable public demeanor, according to a report.

Axios reports that, according to current and former aides, the president has a short fuse and is prone to eruptions such as, ‘God dammit, how the f–k don’t you know this?!’ and ‘Get the f–k out of here!’”

The Hill

Joe Biden cultivates a folksy, affable public demeanor; he’ll entertain aides with colorful anecdotes about his epic encounters with Corn Pop, and he might ask his pals to take a spin with him on his vintage Corvette. We smile when Joe dons aviator sunglass to look like the cat’s pajamas, he’s everyone’s favorite doddering old uncle.

Biden’s more besotted fans even think it’s endearing when he whispers during a speech to make a point. Some of his supporters, who are in deep denial, think it’s charming when the crusty old perv sniffs the hair of little girls and gropes them.

Biden’s image as a sweet old gentlemen is meant to hide the fact that he’s a senile old goat who doesn’t know his pecker from his pinkie.

Now it turns out that behind closed doors Biden is the epitome of the grouchy old man who yells profanities and treats everyone like crap. If that’s the real Biden maybe behind closed doors he does more than just sniff the hair of pre-teen girls.

I’m not surprised that Biden swears at aides, old codgers who suffer from dementia often lash out in anger when they can’t remember a word or when they loss their train of thought.

It’s turns out “Regular Joe” is really a nasty (in every sense of the word) old man with a trigger temper, who shouldn’t be running for reelection.

What If Biden’s CPAP Machine is Mysteriously Unplugged?

“President Joe Biden has recently begun using a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea, the White House says, after indentations from straps were seen on both sides of his face Wednesday morning.”


Sleep apnea involves repetitive pauses in breathing during sleep. These pauses can prevent your body from supplying enough oxygen to the brain. In severe cases this lack of oxygen can lead to brain damage. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to discern that Biden’s brain is damaged beyond repair. Maybe it’s not just dementia but sleep apnea that has caused Biden’s severe decline in his cognitive abilities.

Sleep apnea not only can cause damage to the brain, but it causes abnormal hearty rhythms, which can lead to sudden cardiac death.

Biden is a brain-death zombie, and what if his CPAP Machine is mysteriously unplugged and he dies peacefully in his sleep?

According to the Old Testament 70-80 years is generally the length of life for human beings, it’s time for the 80-year-old Biden to meet his maker. He’s lived a long and fruitful life, and he deserves to rest in peace in the afterlife.

Am I being mean, cynical and uncaring? Not as much as the octogenarian president who is too stubborn, too full of white privilege and too uncaring about his constituents to step down gracefully and pledge not to run for reelection.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Deserves a Chance to Debate Joe Biden

“President Biden’s long shot primary rivals increasingly want to debate him in 2024, but those demands are being ignored by the White House and haven’t picked up steam with progressives in Congress.

The Hill

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may be a conspiracy theory nutjob, but in most polls he’s garnering at least 20 percent against Biden, therefore he deserves a chance to debate him.

But Biden and his enablers and sycophants will never agree to primary debates because it would expose the glaring mental shortcomings of the president.

Biden can’t complete a coherent sentence, let alone deliver a gaffe-free speech, and never mind participate in a debate where his opponents will make mince meat of him.

Biden is lucky to step up to a stage without stumbling, and it takes him at least a minute walking around in circles before he manages to exit the stage.

It’s easy to imagine a primary debate between Biden and Kennedy: Biden will stumble on the stage, struggle to keep his dentures in his mouth, tell Robert F. Kennedy Jr “I supported your presidential run in 1968”, recite a Corn Pop anecdote, need assistance to exit the stage, and take a crap in the nearest closet.

If Biden is serious about running for reelection, then he should debate Kennedy because he needs all the debate preparation in the world if he is to face off against Trump in the general election.

Trump is almost as senile as Trump but he is such a bully that he would just talk over Biden, and not allow him an opportunity to speak.

Joe Biden is an International Embarrassment

When octogenarians are experiencing their second childhood they are safely ensconced in the attic or a nursing home, and very few people witness their drooling, incoherent speech and the smelly consequences of their incontinence.

Joe Biden, 80, is living his second childhood in the international spotlight, and the entire word is witnessing his mental diarrhea, and it’s only a matter of time before he soils himself when he’s on stage.

Biden is a national embarrassment, a stain on our democracy, and almost every day he stumbles over his words, or trips on stairs. Every day, a new gaffe!

President Biden caused an awkward spectacle putting his hand on his heart for the Indian national anthem as he welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the White House. He held it there for about 15 seconds. Then he slowly lowered it, apparently realizing that the bands weren’t playing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but the Indian anthem. And to take things to an even more surreal level, he was holding the hands of the Indian autocrat thinking it was his longsuffering wife.

They shoot horses, don’t they? I’m not advocating that Biden be put out of his misery, but at the very least we should demand that he not run for reelection.

Enough is enough! I will be delighted when we don’t see or hear from the senile and decrepit Biden ever again.

What Will it Take for Democratic Leaders to Force Biden Not to Seek Reelection?

President Joe Biden finally started his presidential campaign with a big gun-control speech in Connecticut. Uncharacteristically, the gaffe prone octogenarian delivered his oration without uttering any embarrassing gaffe, until the very end when he gave a shoutout to the dead British monarch: “God save the queen, man.”

There is nothing unique or unusual about an 80-year-old man uttering a nonsensical statement, if a senile grandfather makes a short speech at the wedding of his granddaughter and congratulates her for getting hitched to an ambassador from Mars, nobody bats an eye.

But when a president who clearly has cognitive issues ends an important speech with the words “God save the queen, man”, it should terrify Americans and people around the world.

After all this isn’t a senile old man who is president of the Bingo club at his nursing home, Joe Biden is the president of the United States and the Leader of the Free World. This is the scatterbrained idiot with his finger on the nuclear button.

In 1986 when two assailants attacked Dan Rather, while repeating “Kenneth, what is the frequency”, it was fun to wonder why they referenced an R.E.M song while beating the hell out of a famous journalist.

But in 2023 nobody is jokingly wondering what Biden meant with his crazy town comment. Even diehard Democrats are wondering why this man who is suffering from dementia is running for reelection.

Biden: ‘Just Watch Me’ We Have, You’re Too Damn Old!


The octogenarian president often dismisses concerns about his advanced age by saying: “watch me, just watch me.”

Once again on Wednesday Biden said he respects Americans taking a hard look at whether his age is a factor and to decide if he’s fit to serve another term.

We don’t need to take a “hard look” at Biden to determine if he’s fit to serve another term. Even a cursory look at the hapless president is enough to determine that the Grim Reaper should be fired for not retiring him permanently.

Watch me? We have watched Biden shake hands with his imaginary friends.

Watch me? We have seen the old codger take a circuitous route to exit the stage after delivering a speech.

Watch me? We have witnessed the senior citizen repeatedly falling down stairs.

Watch me? We have observed the old-timer react like a deer caught in the headlight almost every time a reporter asks him a question.

Watch me? A baby’s gibberish makes more sense than the typical Biden stump speech.

Watch me? We’ve got more than an eyeful of the geriatric president shuffling along at a snail’s pace.

Watch me? We’ve paid attention to the way his longsuffering wife guides him.

Watch me? We’ve seen enough. Just do the world a favor and don’t run for reelection.

Where the hell is Corn Pop or the Grim Reaper when you really need him?

Who Will Prevail in 2024, Senile Biden or Crazy Trump?

Biden and Trump

Donald Trump, the twice impeached, freshly indicted, failed insurrectionist is the most unqualified, incompetent and morally bankrupt presidential candidate in history. Every time he opens his sphincter-shaped mouth, he adds to his litany of batshit crazy and incomprehensible statements. The Republicans have made the Mayor of Crazy Town their standard bearer, and he faces only token opposition in his relentless and inevitable march to the Republican nomination.

In a normal presidential cycle, the Democrats would already be popping open bottles of champagne and looking forward to occupying the White House for another four years.

But there is nothing normal about this election cycle, and nobody has a clue which political party will prevail in 2024.

Joe Biden the incumbent, who is suffering from dementia, is running (dawdling?) for reelection with the cackling word salad champion, Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The somnolent Biden only comes out of his stupor when he spots an innocent little girl that he can fondle and sniff. He shakes hands with imaginary friends, of whom he has an abundance, falls down stairs, and exits stages in a circuitous route that confounds his Secret Service agents.

The age of COVID-19 may be over, but due to his lack of physical agility and declining mental acuity, Biden will be forced to run a virtual campaign from the White House basement.

Who will win the presidential election, the incumbent that the electorate will rarely see, or the challenger who will drive people nuts with his myriad MAGA rallies?

Me? I will continue to warn the public about these two pathetic presidential candidates, and I will be pray that the Grim Reaper will soon kill both of these decrepit old white men who refuse to give up their power.

Biden vs Trump in 2024? Just Kill Me!

Trump and Biden

“With President Biden reportedly set to announce his reelection campaign early next week, more Americans say they feel exhaustion over the prospect of a 2024 rematch between Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, than any other emotion, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

No other sentiment — not fear (29%), sadness (23%), hope (23%), anger (23%), excitement (16%), pride (8%) or gratitude (7%) — cracks the 30% mark among all Americans.”

Yahoo News

Four years after a historically large number of Republican and Democrat presidential candidates, it looks like the field for the 2024 presidential campaign will be much smaller. It will likely be headlined by the same two senile men who ran in the general election last time: President Joe Biden and the twice-impeached, freshly indicted former President Donald J. Trump.

Biden has only token opposition: New Age quack Marianne Williamson and anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Williamson will be lucky to get the support of a few New Age weirdos and Kennedy might get the support of a few anti-vaxxers who have grown tired of Trump’s antics.

Trump has only token opposition: Nickie Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and United Nations ambassador under Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, a millionaire entrepreneur, Asa Hutchinson, a former governor of Arkansas and nutjob conservative radio host Larry Elder. Trump will make mincemeat out of these pretenders, they don’t’ have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is the only one who might pose a threat to Trump, but he hasn’t announced yet, and most political operatives think he’s not ready for prime time.

Unless Biden’s cognitive mental decline approaches Dianne Feinstein’s vegetable level and he’s forced to withdraw or the morbidly obese Trump suffers a fatal attack, it’s going to be Biden vs Trump again. And I’m already exhausted, depressed and bored to death.

What can we expect from the 2024 general election campaign? Biden safely ensconced in the White House running a virtual campaign. Biden does not have the physical energy or the mental acuity to run a conventional campaign. Trump leveling insults at Biden and holding his Nazi-like MAGA rallies.

Biden vs Trump II is evidence that our democracy is broken. Our only hope is for the Grim Reaper to target Biden or Trump, or hopefully both. We desperately need a new generation of presidential candidates to revive our democracy.

Joe Biden Stumbling on Steps of Air Force One a Symbol of America’s Declining Power

Joe Biden

Air Force One is the most recognizable symbol of the presidency; it exudes the power and dominance of the American president.

Emblazoned with the words “United States of America,” the American flag and the Seal of the President of the United States, it is a billboard of our economic, political and military might wherever it flies.

When Air Force One lands in a foreign country, foreigners feel a sense of awe and privilege that the most powerful man in the world has deigned to visit their country.

For the image of American hegemony not to be shattered a president must simply ascend and descend Air Force One without stumbling.

On numerous occasions Joe Biden has stumbled climbing the ramp to Air Force One, exposing himself as a feeble octogenarian who is in desperate need of a Secret Service agent to escort him when climbing stairs.

Imagine if Biden stumbles climbing down instead of climbing up Air Force One, he’ll break every bone in his body.

Air Force One is a symbol of the power of the presidency, but when Biden stumbles climbing up the ramp he is a symbol of the declining power of the world’s greatest democracy.

Biden should stop embarrassing America, resign, and walk into the sunset using a walker.

Biden Dismisses Trump by Making Sign of the Cross

Joe Biden

During a speech in Philadelphia where President Biden introduced his budget proposal, he made a quick reference to Donald Trump and then just as quickly dismissed him.

The crowd jeered at the mention of the twice-impeached president; you’d think he had invoked the name of the Antichrist or the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback.

“I had a big fight with the former president, and maybe future president,” Biden said at the event in Philadelphia, referring to the 2020 election battle.

“Bless me father,” Biden said, then made the sign of the cross.

As a progressive who treasures the separation of church and state, I instinctively feel like giving Biden the finger whenever he makes the sign of the cross.

But I will forgive Biden’s venial sin of making a religious symbol, because I appreciate the way he summarily dispatched the execrable Republican frontrunner.

It’s axiomatic that Trump is an evil sociopath. if you’re a Catholic you don’t have to deliver a sermon detailing the myriad ways he is evil incarnate, you can simply dismiss him by making the sign of the cross.

The sign of the cross is universally understood by Catholics and fans of horror flicks as a sure-fire way of dispatching the devil to hell where he belongs.

Biden should follow this template if he runs for reelection: make fleeting references to Trump and then devote his stump speeches to policy issues.

Biden Should Refrain from Making the Sign of the Cross

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden drew laughs when he invoked the name of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and then made the sign of the cross as heavenly protection from uttering the accursed name.

Biden, a devout Catholic, occasionally makes the sign of the cross in joking manner. The religious gesture has several meanings, including as a blessing and as a protection from evil entities.

When Biden, the president of a secular democracy, makes the overtly religious gesture, he does so assuming that the electorate is cognizant of its meaning, and is not offended by it.

Making the sign of the cross is a tangible way of marking yourself as a Christian, especially a Roman Catholic. Protestants, including evangelicals, rarely if ever make the sign of the cross.

Millions of Americans, including devout Catholics who value the separation of church and state, are offended whenever Biden makes the sign of the cross, even when it’s in a joking manner.

Biden not only represents Catholics, he also represents Protestants of all stripes, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and atheists, and he should refrain from making any religious gestures.

If I ever witness Biden making the sign of the cross, I will respond with a gesture of my own, the finger.

Karine Jean-Pierre is a Horrible Spokesperson and Joe Biden is a Horrible Communicator


The Biden administration’s current press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, who took over from her brilliant predecessor Jen Psaki last May, is manifestly unfit for her job. Psaki was competent, quick on her feet, witty, and possessed a stand-up comic’s gift for dismissing hecklers such as Fox News’ Peter Doocy. In contrast Pierre’s default expression is befuddled, she speaks in word salads and is rarely able to finish a sentence without referring to her notebook. The aforementioned Doocy, who is no genius, enjoys toying with her.

Pierre has made a litany of false statements, but on Tuesday she made the most patently false and ridiculous statement in her role as the White House press secretary. President Biden is the best communicator in the White House she said, eliciting bipartisan laughter from the White House Correspondents.

Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator, Barack Obama was the Great Orator, Donald Trump was the Great Dog Whisperer, and Joe Biden may be the Great Mumbler, but he sure as hell isn’t a great communicator. Biden who suffers from cognitive decline and stutters, is the worst speaker in American politics.

Two things are abundantly clear: Biden is a horrible communicator and Pierre is a horrible spokesperson, and she should immediately be replaced by someone with the skill set of a Psaki.

Joe Biden is the Cringiest Politician in History


Dictionary definition of cringey:

Cringey refers to someone or something that causes you to feel awkward, uncomfortable, or embarrassed—that makes you cringe.

Joe Biden is cringey AF.

Whether or not Biden is senile may be debatable, but there is a universal consensus that Biden is the embodiment of cringe.

Do I really need to enumerate all the reasons why Biden is the cringiest politician in history?

Let’s start with his penchant for sniffing hair. No female from prepubescent girls to post-menopausal women is safe from the sniffer-in-chief. There is actually a name for Biden’s unusual fetish: Trichophilia, also known as a hair fetish, is when someone feels sexually aroused by or attracted to human hair. Biden should retire and live in a nursing home, where only blue-haired old ladies will be subject to his perversion.

Then there’s his habit of whispering to make a point. At some point during most of his speeches, the old geezer will fold his arms and rest them on the lectern, lean into the mic and whisper whatever point he’s trying to make. He looks as cringey and creepy as a child molester whispering in to the ear of a little girl: Honey, do you want some candy?

Let’s not forget his history of telling tall tales from the millions of miles he’s traveled on Amtrak to his epic encounter with Corn Pop. If Corn Pop the gang leader was a real person and not an apocryphal character he would have beat the hell of the teen Biden.

What really creeps me out is Biden’s custom of shaking hands with his imaginary friends after delivering a speech.

Case closed. Biden is cringey AF.

Only These 5 Things Will Prevent Biden from Running for Reelection


President Biden has been hinting for weeks that he will soon be announcing that he’s running for reelection. In spite of the fact that the octogenarian Leader of the Free World has one foot in the grave, and the other one on a banana peel, he will probably announce his candidacy shortly after he delivers the State of the Union Speech.

Biden is as stubborn as he is senile, and he won’t tolerate anyone walking on his front lawn, sitting on his favorite chair or trying to dissuade him from running for reelection.

These are the only things that will make Biden change his mind about running for reelection:

The FBI rummages through the ho bag of one of Hunter Biden’s prostitute pals and discovers a toothbrush, mints, a switchblade, semen-encrusted thongs, rubbers and classified documents.

It’s discovered that Biden plagiarized his State of the Union Address from Barack Obama, or that he wrote it with the help of ChatGPT app.

Biden sniffs the hair of Kamala Harris during a photo op and gleefully declares that she smells better than Pam Grier, Beyonce, Corn Pop’s girlfriend and Hunter’s favorite black stripper.

After delivering a speech, as is his wont, Biden shakes the hand of an imaginary friend, but this time he outdoes himself by patting the butt of another, and French kissing a third.

Biden accidentally swallows his dentures while delivering a speech, Jill performs the Heimlich maneuver, and his dentures fly out of his mouth striking a little girl in the eye, and blinding her.

For the love of God, I hope one of these things will happen to prevent the calamity of a second Biden administration.

Epitome of Cringey: Biden Kneeling in Front of Golden State Warriors


During important occasions families attempt to keep grandpa from doing something embarrassing, inappropriate or just plain weird that will sully the memorable moment. During a wedding they will keep him from getting too close to the wedding cake in fears that he will topple it, and during a party they will tell him it’s his bed time before he gets too sloshed and attempts the M3gan dance.

Joe Biden is 80-freaking-years-old and well into his second childhood, and unfortunately as president he presides over many significant events, and it’s almost impossible to stop him from doing something cringey or embarrassing. After all, who’s going to caution the Leader of the Free World to please behave himself?

The octogenarian president mortified his friends and delighted his critics after he chose to take a knee during a photo opportunity when meeting the 2022 NBA Championship team, the Golden State Warriors.

During their meeting on Tuesday, Biden took a knee in front of the team for a photo with Vice President Kamala Harris and the team, prompting nervous laughter from those in attendance.

Kamala Harris is pretty cringey herself, but she had enough sense not to drop to her knees in front of the NBA team, shouting, “I’m not doing that.”

Biden even posted the embarrassing photo on Twitter. It’s time for America to tell the doddering president that he needs to take a long nap after his term mercifully ends.

Don’t Run Joe! For the Love of God, Don’t Run Joe Biden


“Don’t Run Joe, a progressive campaign seeking a new Democratic nominee to represent the party in 2024, is placing mobile billboards around D.C. monuments to urge President Joe Biden to not seek re-election.”

Fox News

It’s not Trump’s MAGA army that is placing these mobile billboards, but progressives who realize that if the octogenarian president runs for reelection he won’t have the physical stamina, mental acuity or social awareness to defeat an extremist Republican in 2024, whether it’s Trump or a clone like Ron DeSantis.

“Most Democrats Say Don’t Run Joe,” the truck sign reads in bold letters as it sits parked in front of landmarks, like the White House, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

This old school billboard is the perfect advertisement vehicle (no pun intended) to reach a senile old man with myopic eyesight.

The message is concise: Don’t Run Joe. A simple message that even an old man suffering from dementia can remember.

The billboard is the epitome of truth in advertising, according to polls the vast majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to run for reelection.

Biden has hinted that he will be soon announce that he is running for reelection, therefore it’s incumbent upon Democratic leaders to urge him not to run immediately.

An open Democratic primary would feature a new generation of leaders with the physical stamina, charisma, and youthful energy to defeat whatever extremist candidate wins the 2024 Republican nomination.

Don’t Run Joe!!

What if Joe Biden or Donald Trump Urinated on Themselves in Public?

Biden and Trump

A journalists’ union in South Sudan asserted Friday that six staffers with the national broadcaster are detained in connection with footage apparently showing the country’s president urinating on himself during an event.

The South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation footage aired in December and was widely shared online. It showed 71-year-old President Salva Kiir standing during the national anthem and then looking down at what appeared to be a spreading stain before the camera turned away.”

The Hill

The septuagenarian President Salva Kiir presides over a nation beset with rampant corruption, economic collapse and where the military routinely commits atrocities against journalists, foreign aid workers and anybody else who criticizes the government. It’s hardly surprising that journalists were arrested for broadcasting video of the president peeing on himself.

South Sudan is a third world hellhole, and nobody in the West bats an eye when journalists are arrested for having the temerity to do their job.

But how would American broadcasters be treated if they aired footage of 76-year-old Donald Trump or 80-year-old Joe Biden soiling themselves during a public event?

First let me say that I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Biden who has a penchant for shaking hands with imaginary friends and who needs to be escorted off the stage after a speech urinated on himself in public.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump whose incoherent and inflammatory speeches can best be described as diarrhea of the mouth crapped or wet himself during one of his diatribes.

America is not a perfect country but free speech still prevails, and news outlets wouldn’t face any prosecution from the government for airing video of the president urinating on himself.

If Joe Biden wet himself during a public event, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media would demand that we make allowances for a senior citizen, and denounce as ageists anyone who dared mock him.  Fox News, Newsmax and the rest of the conservative media would have a field day, mocking and ridiculing the octogenarian president and demanding that he immediately resign. Social media would be flooded with memes of Leaky Joe taking a whiz on Corn Pop.

If Donald Trump urinated on himself the mainstream media would marvel how such a tremendous flow of urine could emanate from such a tiny mushroom-shaped penis. Conservative media would claim that it was a conspiracy, that the godless liberals somehow managed to digitally alter video in real time to make it appear as though Trump lost control of his bladder. Social media would be flooded with memes of Trump pissing in public while shouting: I got your golden showers right here.

For the love of God let’s pray that 2024 won’t be a re-run of 2020, let’s avoid the likelihood of President Trump or President Biden pissing themselves in public.

Joe Biden & His Rosary Beads Are an Embarrassment to the United States


“The next Republican that tells me I’m not religious I’m going to shove my rosary beads down their throat.”

Joe Biden

“Biden, the son of working-class Irish Catholics, is a staunch Catholic who attends Mass weekly. His faith is of such nature that in 1988, when he underwent brain surgery for a life-threatening aneurysm, he asked doctors whether he could tuck his rosary beads under his pillow.”


In enlightened European countries it isn’t considered a virtue or an asset if a candidate is religious. In fact, if a candidate for political office is overtly religious, it’s considered a liability.

It’s only in America where politicians make an ostentatious display of being spiritual whenever they run for office. They invoke the name of Jesus in their stump speeches and claim that evangelical leaders are close advisors. It’s not a fatal handicap for a candidate to be a serial philanderer, pathological liar, blatant racist, bumbling buffoon or a soulless psychopath, as long as he professes faith in Jesus Christ.

Joe Biden is a typical politician and he takes great pains to appear to be a devout Catholic. He claims to always carry rosary beads with him, and he’s often seen clutching them in his hands. Rosary beads are a string of beads that are used to help count of prayers, if anyone needs help to keep track of how many times he’s prayed Hail Mary, it’s Joe Biden.

Can you imagine what heads of state think when they see Biden fingering his rosary beads? The Leader of the Free World uttering a dozen Hail Marys to provide him insight into solving the intractable problems facing the world. Joe Biden you are a freaking embarrassment to the United States.

Praying the rosary is as efficacious as farting or belching. The only practical purpose that rosary beads have is using them as anal beads. Biden shouldn’t stuff his rosary beads down anyone’s throat, maybe he should just stuff them up his ass.

I’d Rather Vote for Corn Pop Than Joe Biden

Corn Pop

“President Joe Biden drew criticism from social media after responding with a long pause when asked in an interview if first lady Jill Biden would support him running for office again in 2024.

‘Dr. Biden is for it?’ MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart asked Biden about a 2024 run in a clip that aired Friday. Biden then paused and looked down at the floor, prompting Capehart to follow up with, ‘Mr. President?’

‘Dr. Biden thinks that, my wife thinks that,’ Biden said before pausing again. ‘That we’re doing something very important, and I shouldn’t walk away from it.’”

Yahoo News

This disturbing episode in not an aberration, the commander-in-chief has a penchant for shaking hands with invisible people, losing his orientation when walking off a stage, and losing his thought while delivering a speech or even answering a simple question.

When a friendly reporter asked Biden in an interview if his wife would support him running for office again in 2024, he slipped into a fugue state, leaving the TV audience wondering if:

The president had fallen asleep?

If he was trying to remember the answer he’d rehearsed with his handlers?

If he was preoccupied wondering if his diapers were leaking?

If he was reminiscing about his halcyon days working as a lifeguard when little black kids rubbed his legs while he fended off Corn Pop, who was a really bad dude.

What’s up with Joe Biden? The answer is that his cognitive skills are so diminished that at this point Corn Pop would make a better president.

America Stuck in a Gerontocracy, We Need Much Younger Republican and Democratic Leaders

Old Farts

Last week’s January 6 Committee hearing featured a video depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressing her desire to punch Donald Trump on January 6, 2021.

Understandably, emotions were running high on Insurrection Day, but since the release of the video she hasn’t walked back her words. I’m sure she would punch Trump if she ever met him in private.

Can you imagine 82-year-old Pelosi delivering a haymaker punch to 76-year-old Trump. Before the punch landed, Trump would have time to change his diapers and comb his urine-colored hair.

The geriatric old farts in leadership positions in the Republican and Democratic parties have permeated the political process with an unspeakable stench.

I would love to see Pelosi and Trump in the boxing ring, but even better would be a Battle Royale featuring Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Grassley, Dianne Feinstein, Jim Risch, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Patrick Leahy, Chuck Schumer, Richard Shelby and Jim Inhofe.

Hopefully none of these old men and women with white entitlement up the wazoo would survive the Battle Royale.

It’s time for a younger and more diverse generation to take over. I’m sick and tired of these old farts, they stink to high heaven, every last one of them.