USMNT Player Michael Bradley Rips Donald Trump

“We have a president who is completely empty. There isn’t a moral bone in his body,’ There’s no leadership. There’s no leadership from the president, there’s no leadership from the Republican senators who have sat back and been totally complicit in everything he’s done for the last 3½ years.”

United States men’s national team player Michael Bradley

Soccer may be the most popular sport in the world, but it’s hardly America’s pastime and political statements by soccer stars don’t usually receive widespread attention.

But Michael Bradley made some astute comments about Trump and the racial unrest that is wracking our country that deserves attention and analysis.

Bradley said that if America wants to solve the issues of racially inequality and social injustice “then Trump can’t be president, it’s as simple as that.”

Hundreds of thousands of Americans from all walks of life and diverse ethnic backgrounds have been protesting the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, and the police brutality and racial profiling that his murder represents.

This is an inflection point that will lead to society and government finally taking concrete steps to address the decades old problem of racism in the police ranks specifically, and in our society as a whole. At least that’s what many pundits and politicians have been telling us.

But they are dead wrong and Bradley is spot on, the intractable problems of racial inequality and social injustice won’t be solved with the racist-in-chief who has never met a white supremacist that he doesn’t consider a good person is still in office.

Not only must Trump be thrown out of office, but it’s also imperative that Democrats regain control of the Senate. Again, Bradley is spot on, Republican senators have been totally complicit in Trump’s racist agenda.

We will have many more unarmed black men murdered by killer cops if we don’t defeat Trump and Trumpism in the polls this November.

White Evangelicals Praise Trump’s Blasphemous Photo Op

Donald Trump craps on subtlety and nuance, when he panders to his white evangelical base he does so in an over-the-top way. Most Americans were shocked when Trump ordered police and military personnel to use tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters to clear the way so he could walk to a nearby historical church to stage a sacrilegious and blasphemous photo-op.

But when white evangelicals witnessed Trump brandishing a Bible, upside down, outside a church, they praised him as a crusader establishing God’s kingdom on Earth. We may have winced at the reality of an amoral buffoon using a Bible as a prop and a church as a backdrop to appeal to his gullible white evangelical base, they broke out in tongues at the heavenly vision of their orange messiah testifying to the supremacy of their faith.

Jesus said “my kingdom is not of this world”, and history chronicles that all attempts to create a peaceful theocracy culminate in brutal dictatorships. The national zeitgeist is striving for a secular democracy where all religions are respected, all races are treated with equality and people of all sexual orientations are allowed to be themselves.

Trump and his supporters are on the wrong side of democracy and demographics, they will never establish a theocracy, and they may not even win another presidential race.

We will survive the coronavirus pandemic, the metastatic cancer of racism and the Neanderthal Trumpism that is currently poisoning our democracy.

Lo and Behold: God’s Anointed Trump Holds Up a Bible Outside a Church Fulfilling Scripture

Today I witnessed a holy scene that resonated with my white evangelical soul and reaffirmed my belief that Donald Trump is a humble servant of God and a mighty prophet anointed by the Almighty to Make America a Great White Nation Again.

After the President declared himself a “Law and Order President” in the Rose Garden and promised to restore order in our nation divided by Satan’s army of liberals, he mobilized the police and members of the military to clear out a peaceful protest by pacifists and snowflakes so he could make a pilgrimage to a nearby church.

The Lord gave the stable genius the wisdom to hold up a small Bible, God knows that our Dear Leader wouldn’t have been able to hold a giant Bible with his tiny hand without toppling over.

This heavenly photo-op made the angels in heaven rejoice and his saints below cream their paints in holy ecstasy. The stain in my groin area testifies to my righteousness and loyalty to God’s anointed.

This photo-op fulfills Scripture: Lo and behold the women’s moist undergarments and the men’s soiled white tighties testified that the Almighty had elevated a White Messiah to the greatest office in the land.

I’m compelled to state that is a satirical piece, because Trump’s white evangelical supporters are so freaking stupid.  In reality I’m a Latino who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, and is horrified how Trump is making a mockery out of Christianity and destroying our democracy.

The Chaos King, Donald Trump, Will Not Survive the Chaos of the Coronavirus Pandemic and Racial Unrest

Donald Trump is like a whirling dervish in a china shop, oblivious to the havoc and destruction he is wreaking while the shop owner, employees and customers panic and try to stay out of the path of destruction.

Trump has always thrived in chaos; he embraces chaos and draws energy from its destructive fury.

Trump was a novice politician when he entered the 2016 presidential race, but he was a veteran at causing chaos and benefiting from it. The stable genius upended the race, rendering his seasoned political foes impotent and helpless at his unconventional campaign that relied on vulgar insults, childish name-calling, and outrageous lies.

After Trump steamrolled over his Republican challengers and beat Hillary Clinton senseless and became President of the United States, the chaos didn’t end, he didn’t suddenly become presidential and rational.

The Trump presidency has been an endless roller coaster ride, where the roller coaster periodically flies off the tracks only to magically land back on track. Trump has not only survived the chaos of the Muller investigation, impeachment and the Ukraine scandal, but has emerged stronger and seemingly invincible.

But chaos always wins, it will envelop and vanquish even the most horrible tyrants. With the general election only five months away, Trump finds himself paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic and the racial unrest unleashed by the callous and brutal murder of yet another unarmed black man by the police.

Elections are a referendum on the incumbent, and with unemployment at record levels, the economy is shambles, tens of thousands killed by the virus and our cities in flames, not even Trump can survive this unfathomable chaos.

Trump will leave office with America in a state of chaos, it will require the goodwill and tireless effort of a united people to rebuild our democracy.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has Choice Words for Racist Trump

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot didn’t mince word when she spelled out what she wants to say to President Donald Trump:

“It starts with “F” and end with “U.”

The mayor is a black feminist lesbian, and she recognizes the racist, misogynist and homophobic Trump as her implacable enemy.

I’m a liberal, Hispanic senior citizen, and I likewise recognize Trump as a bigot who doesn’t give a crap about someone like me.

If a reporter asked me the same question that was posed to Mayor Lightfoot, I would answer in similar fashion:

“Fuck Donald Trump!”

Lightfoot’s unambiguous message to the stable genius came the morning after he threatened to send the military to Minneapolis to shoot protesters demonstrating this week after George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight by a police officer while he was being detained. It came after the racist-in-chief called protesters “THUGS” in a tweet. It came after he tweeted the racist mantra, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

In his careers as a real estate developer, reality TV star and president, he has exposed himself as a blatant racist, and no intelligent person should waste any words on Trump.

All I have to say to Donald Trump is “Fuck You”, and if you don’t understand my state of mind, fuck you as well.

We Will Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic in Spite of Trump and His White Evangelical Supporters

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel uttered this Machiavellian quote in in the midst of the chaos of the Financial Crisis of 2008, and he’s never been able to live it down.

Donald Trump has never read Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli or any other philosopher, but he intuitively understands Emanuel’s devious machinations.

The stable genius is using the coronavirus to cement his support with his evangelical base. Polls show that his support with white evangelicals is slipping and that’s what motivated him last week to proclaim:

“I call on governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open now. These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united. The people are demanding to go to church and synagogue and to their mosque.”

Actually, that’s not correct. I’m more familiar with Christian theology, so I’ll speak from that perspective. Most Christians realize that the Church isn’t a physical structure, but the body of Christ, that is to say believers. And true Christians don’t’ need to meet in a church building to carry out their evangelical imperative: to preach the Gospel and to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the world.

It’s only white evangelicals who meet in huge megachurches that equate financial prosperity and their magnificent cathedrals with the blessing of God, who have been clamoring for churches to be reopened.

The vast majority of leaders of mainline Protestant denominations have supported church closures and some pastors have even locked their churches to halt the spread of the virus.

Faithful shepherds tend to the spiritual and physical needs of their congregations, and the last thing they want is for Christians to become infected with the coronavirus by meeting in crowded buildings.

Trump is speaking to his racist evangelical choir, and the rest of us do well to disregard almost everything he says. We will survive this pandemic in spit of Trump and his sick and demented white evangelical followers.

COVID-19 Blues

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during a pandemic is almost impossible, we toss and turn at night and somnolently sit during the day binge watching a series on Netflix that we won’t remember a couple of days from now.

Watching TV and eating snacks go hand-in-hand, it’s an immutable law that for every hour of TV that you watch you gain an ounce.

Working out at night at the gym was a reward for a hard day’s work at the office, but when we stay at home all day watching TV, browsing the Internet and doing much of nothing it’s difficult to work yourself up to exercise.

The longer the stay-at-home order lasts, the more we worry about our finances and the more we eat junk funk to calm our nerves. It’s a vicious cycle that will end in a heart attack from gaining too much food or worrying too much.

The average American has put on an extra five pounds since the pandemic started, and keep in mind that the average American was already overweight. The world will end not with a bang or a whimper but with a burp.

I don’t think we well survive the new normal without becoming obese bankrupt pessimists. Our only hope is that CERN will unleash a baby black hole that will put us out of our misery.

Joe Biden Makes 1st In-Person Appearance in 2 Months Looking Like the Grim Reaper

Since abruptly cancelling a March 10 rally in Cleveland at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden has waged his presidential campaign from his basement in Wilmington.

The images that have emerged from Biden’s self-imposed seclusion have been of a besotted septuagenarian totally flummoxed by the video platforms of a virtual campaign.

Biden made his first in-person appearance in more than two months on Monday as he marked Memorial Day by laying a wreath at a veterans’ park near his Delaware home.

With his black face mask and sunglasses, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee looked like the Grim Reaper, not an inappropriate look for a visit to a cemetery, but a disastrous look for a presidential candidate.

Biden briefly spoke to reporters, but his words were muffled through his black cloth mask. I applaud Biden for setting a good example by wearing a face mask in public, but why wear a face covering that makes you look like a ghoul?

Donald Trump is the worst president in history, but if Biden doesn’t step up his game he’s going to lose.

Homemade Face Masks Are as Effective as a Fishnet Condom

The coronavirus pandemic has deepened the ideological divide, wearing or refusing to wear a face mask has become a political statement. Most Democrats consider wearing a face mask a socially responsible action to flatten the curve and an expression of the Golden Rule: Do unto others …

Trump supporters consider a face mask the equivalent of a Che Guevara T-shirt, and they view going out in public maskless an expression of freedom, liberty and fealty to their Maskless Messiah.

I will contemplate face masks in the age of a pandemic from a scientific and common-sense lens and not a political one.

Not all masks are of equal efficacy in protecting us from the coronavirus, far from it.

N95 masks are the gold standard, they provide maximum protection and effectively prevent viral spread. When properly fitted they filter out 95% of particles which are 0.3 microns in size or larger.

In a perfect world no citizen would leave his home without donning an N95 mask and it’s a crying shame that our government didn’t have a stockpile of these masks to protect every citizen.

There is a chronic shortage of N95 masks even for physicians and first responders, and therefore it would be highly irresponsible and selfish for a citizen who isn’t a first responder, physician or nurse to wear one.

Surgical masks are the silver standard, these type of masks allow about 70% of the outside air to move through the mask and 30% travels around the sides. They don’t offer as much protection as N95s, but they do provide a modicum of protection. Unfortunately, there’s also a severe shortage of surgical masks.

Professionally manufactured fabric masks are the bronze standard, only about 2% of airflow is obstructed. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from buying these masks from Amazon or any online retailer.

Lastly, there are the homemade cloth masks an they are the shit standard. They provide zero protection for the person wearing one, and minimal protection for those around him. A homemade mask is as efficient as a fishnet condom. Period. End of story! They give a person a false sense of security and may even embolden him to disregard social distancing guidelines.

We shouldn’t be clamoring for everyone to wear a face mask in public, we should be demanding that our government provide us with 95masks, or at least surgical masks.

Trump is Wrong! White Evangelical Churches are as Essential as Soiled Underwear

“President Donald Trump said Friday that places of worship are essential and should open this weekend, threatening to override governors who have ordered churches, synagogues and mosques not to reopen in the coming days.

“Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential, but have left out churches and other houses of worship. It’s not right,” Trump said during impromptu remarks to reporters. ‘So I’m correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential. I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now.’”

NBC News

Some polls show that Donald Trump’s evangelical support is slipping, it’s not surprised that he felt compelled to personally read this proclamation from the White House Press Briefing Room.

Never mind that Trump has never considered houses of worship essential and the only times he attends church is on Christmas and Easter. Trump doesn’t have a history of donating money to build churches, but he has gone bankrupt building and operating casinos. The only buildings Trump finds essential are the one that bring in revenue for himself.

Never mind that Trump has no authority to override governors, it’s up to them to decide when places of worship and other buildings can open for business. Yes, I am implying that churches are places of business, no different than malls, and other revenue-producing businesses.

Never mind that most governors have relaxed their stay-at-home orders and most places of worship are already open subject to social distancing guidelines.

Never mind that evangelical megachurches are the very definition of non-essential enterprises, especially in the midst of a pandemic. These so-called houses of worship are spreading misinformation about the coronavirus and vehemently defending the commander-in-chief who has totally screwed up his response to the pandemic.

Evangelical churches are as essential as the buffoon false messiah they worship and we would be better off if these houses of Satan were closed during the pandemic.