Trump Posts Fake Mugshot of Biden

“Donald Trump’s attempts to make political hay out of his myriad legal woes continued on Monday when he shared a fake mug shot of President Joe Biden on his Truth Social platform.

The former president ‘ReTruthed’ a doctored image of Biden, next to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office badge, with the caption: ‘The Mugshot America Deserves.’”

Yahoo News

All his adult life as a businessman and as a politician Donald Trump has considered himself above the law as he brazenly stiffed contractors, committed real estate fraud, sexually assaulted women, culminating in his greatest crime: inciting an insurrection in a desperate attempt to remain in power despite losing in a landslide to Joe Biden.

After being indicted four times and facing 91 charges Trump was finally treated like the common criminal that he is when his mugshot was taken by Pat Labat, the Sheriff of Fulton County.

This should have been a “come to Jesus moment” for the twice-impeached, quadruple indicted, serial sexual predator. The humiliation of the former President being treated like a common criminal should have made him realize that he’s not above the law, and that he might finally be punished for a lifetime of criminal behavior.

Instead of showing contrition, Trump has monetized his mug shot to the tune of seven million bucks. Now in an attempt to distract the electorate from his crimes he posted a fake mugshot of Joe Biden on his Truth Social platform.

It’s not going to work, the fake Biden may be seen by a few thousands, but the real Trump mugshot has been seen by billions and it’s permanently seared in our minds.

Trump-Shaped Cloud Appears in Orlando Shortly After Trump Mugshot Was Taken

“Donald Trump was floating sky-high over the great state of Florida … Donald Trump-Shaped Cloud Emerges in Orlando Shortly After Mug Shot.”


In 2014 reality star Kim Kardashian broke the internet with a photo depicting her proudly displaying her very oiled-up butt.

In 2023 reality star and disgraced former President Donald Trump broke the internet with his mugshot. Never missing an opportunity to grift his supporters, the grifter-in-chief has monetized his mugshot to the tune of over seven million dollars.

Like a malicious computer virus, the Trump mugshot has infected social media platforms and online news sites to the point where you can’t log on to your laptop or open your phone without being exposed to the hideous mugshot.

Before Trump’s ugly visage became viral, a Donald Trump-shaped cloud emerged in Orlando minutes after his mugshot was taken.

The giant cloud looks uncannily like Trump’s ugly mug: the protruding nose, the puckered sphincter-shaped lips, the infamous coiffed hair. This cloud that most likely emanated from the pit of hell is more ominous than a tornado headed straight for your house.

The Trump-shaped cloud momentarily blocked the sun, it’s obviously a manifestation of unbridled evil and a portent of the apocalypse. But Trump cultists will interpret it as a sign that they should buy T-shirts and coffee cups imprinted with the mugshot of their Dear Leader.

The Trump cloud quickly dissipated, if only the real Trump quickly disappeared from the national spotlight.

Vivek Ramaswamy Was the Most Eager Trump Fluffer on the Debate Stage

According to the Drudge Report’s unscientific internet poll (there is no limit to how many times a person can vote), tech entrepreneur and novice politician Vivek Ramaswamy was the winner of the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night with 34% of the vote.

According to Donald Trump’s unbiased opinion Ramaswamy was the runaway winner of the inaugural debate of the 2024 presidential campaign. It wasn’t Ramaswamy’s foreign policy expertise or his solid policy positions that convinced Trump that he was the winner. After all the foolish and inexperienced presidential candidate declared that climate change is a hoax, argued that we should end the Ukraine war by making concessions to Putin, and is in favor of abolishing just about every federal department.

Ramaswamy won Trump’s heart by being the most eager Trump fluffer on the stage. Ramaswamy actually declared that the twice-impeached, quadruple indicted, pathological liar and serial sexual predator “was the best president of the 21st century.” He was the first candidate to raise their hand when the debate moderator asked who would support the former president as the party nominee if he is convicted on any of the felony charges he’s facing.

Ramaswamy sold his soul to the devil for nothing, the racist Republican base will never vote for an Indian American Hindu to be their presidential nominee and Trump will never select him as his running mate.

Trump will win the Republican presidential nomination in a landslide, and he will try to balance the ticket by choosing an experienced politician, probably a woman.

Will Trump Cultists Hold a Circle Jerk Over His Mug Shot?

“Former President Donald Trump is expected to surrender on charges connected to 2020 election interference at a notorious Georgia jail on Thursday — and a local sheriff has promised that the ex-commander-in-chief will be treated just like everyone else accused of a crime in the state.”

Business Insider

Twice-impeached former President Donald J. Trump has been indicted four times, but in deference to his status as a former president, he hasn’t been forced to do a perp walk or undergo the humiliation of having a mug shot taken.

But there’s a new Sheriff in town, and Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat has vowed to treat Trump like any other indicted defendant. Although special accommodations may be made for Trump when he turns himself in, he will be weighed, fingerprinted and a mug shot will be taken.

The last time Trump had a physical exam when he was president there was widespread skepticism when his personal physician listed his weight at 239 pounds. In the county jail a Trump lackey won’t be tipping the scales in his favor and I’m betting he will weigh close to 300 pounds.

The process of taking Trump’s fingerprints is going to be incredibly embarrassing because jail officials will have a devil of a time fingerprinting his grotesquely tiny fingers.

Then there will be the demeaning and humiliating experience of having his mug shot taken like a common criminal. Trump’s MAGA cultists may hang his mug shot in a place of honor in their living room, but normal people will think twice about voting for a presidential candidate who has a mug shot.

The intake area of the notorious Fulton County Jail is huge, and detainees are typically processed in front of others who are also being processed. If there’s a God in heaven Trump will be fingerprinted, weighed and have his mug shot taken in front of other criminals.

Evangelicals Worship Trump as the Jesus of the Book of Revelation

You’d think that evangelicals would revile the twice-impeached, quadruple-indicted, serial sexual predator and amoral sociopath Donald Trump as the antichrist.

Instead, these white evangelical cultists worship Trump as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. But it’s not the kind and gentle Jesus of the Gospels who took on human form to save the world that they worship, they see Trump as the Jesus of Revelation, who returns to Earth with a sword in his mouth to judge the righteous, and wage war against the wicked. The Jesus of Revelation makes the holy and vengeful Jehovah of the Old Testament look like a kind and loving Creator.

The orange deity of the evangelicals is on a crusade to save children from an imaginary satanic child sex ring operated by Democrats. The Messiah of the MAGA cult is on a mission from God to take back America from immigrants, godless liberals, uppity women and gays and lesbians and return America to the glory days of the 1940’s when colored people and women knew their place, the Christian religion reigned supreme, and gays, lesbians and trans people didn’t dare come out of the closet.

Evangelicals need to wake the fuck up and realize they have been suckered by a con man who has been preying on them since he was first elected in 2016.

Trump doesn’t have a spiritual bone in his body, if he’s read the Bible, it’s only to wank off over some of the more lascivious passages in the Old Testament. He caters to evangelicals not because he shares their theological views, but because they are an indispensable part of his coalition of the crazy.

The Jesus of the Gospels may weep over the sad spiritual condition of Trump and his evangelical supporters, but I hope the Jesus of Revelation smites them and hurls them into hell.

Jenna Ellis: God’s Not Going to Help You When a Lesbian Jail Bird Forces You to Be Her Wife

Jenna Ellis has a solid pedigree as an evangelical leader, she was as an attorney for many evangelical organizations, including James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family.”

Ellis was a vehement critic of Donald Trump before he became the 2016 Republican nominee for president, at which point Ellis was led by the Spirit to jump on the Trump bandwagon. She joined the Trump administration as a senior legal advisor. In the months after the January 6 insurrection, she turned against Trump once again.

Ellis was indicted in Georgia Aug. 14 and charged with criminally conspiring with Donald Trump to overturn his 2020 election loss.

This is not her first interaction with the criminal justice system, on February 10 this year, she signed an agreement that declared a public censure of her as an attorney who has violated ethics standards and is guilty of dishonesty. She nearly lost her license to practice law.

After she was indicted by Fani T. Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, Ellis tweeted:

“I am resolved to trust the Lord and I will simply continue to honor, praise and serve him. I deeply appreciate all of my friends who have reached out offering encouragement and support.”

Jesus is the first refuge of an evangelical scoundrel, when they are justly condemned for their illegal actions, they cling to Jesus and claim they are being persecuted and prosecuted for their faith.

Bitch please, if you truly trusted the Lord, you would never have joined the Trump administration and staunchly defended all of his anti-Christian actions.

Don’t expect the Lord to hear your cries when you are in prison and one of the more masculine lesbians forces you to be her wife.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Does a Poor Job as Donald Trump’s Fluffer

“Why would President Trump have to debate the other candidates?

He already has a PROVEN track record of the best 4 years in America!!

The American people don’t need to hear his ideas, we’ve already lived his policies, loved them, and want more!! The primary is over”

 Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the new brand of MAGA Republican representatives who aren’t interested in legislating or governing, they are interested only in fluffing Donald Trump and going viral by stoking cultural wars on social media.

Greene has always been contentedly ensconced inside Trump’s rectum, but she is sticking her head out more frequently to run her trap. It’s not that she needs fresh air, for she thrives in the toxic atmosphere, it’s just that she’s brazenly auditioning to be his running mate.

Greene is correct that Trump doesn’t need to debate the other candidates, he is so far ahead that the other contenders are nipping at his heels or kissing his fat ass in hopes that he will include them in his Cabinet.

But the declaration that he has a proven track record of the best four years in America is a ridiculous and absurd lie. Trump’s tenure was marked by corruption, incompetence, chaos and endless drama.

Trump has a proven track record of abject failure. “Infrastructure Week” was a punchline during his administration, it was his successor Joe Biden who passed the landmark bipartisan infrastructure law. He promised to build a beautiful border wall that stretched 1000 miles along the U.S.-Mexico border, only a few hundred miles of wall was erected during his administration. And Mexico didn’t pay a dime towards the building of the wall. He vowed constantly to repeal and replace Obamacare; I’m still waiting for his health plan.

The only thing that Trump proved during his administration is that he unqualified to ever again set foot in the White House.

Joe Biden is Too Old and Too Pervy to be President

“Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown says he once threatened to ‘kick the s**t’ out of Joe Biden for getting ‘handsy’ with his TV star wife Gail Huff.

Brown, 63, said he had given Biden, 80, a clear warning during his swearing-in ceremony in 2010 with the then Vice President – and recounted the alleged incident on Tom Shattuck’s Burn Barrel podcast.

‘I told him I’d kick the s*** out (of him). I told him to stop, so yes,’ he said on Wednesday.”

Daily Mail

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is a left-of-center Republican and not a rabid Trump supporter who will say anything to derail Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

For that matter I’m a progressive who thinks Biden is too moderate and the last thing I desire is to criticize Biden in the hopes that it will redound to Trump’s benefit.

The Qanon conspiracy theory that a cabal of pedophile Democratic and Hollywood stars secretly rule the world is absolute bullshit, but that doesn’t mean Biden isn’t kind of pervy, to say the least.

I prize truth above political ideology, and the truth is that it’s well documented that Biden has a penchant for getting to handsy with women, and a seemingly irrepressible urge to fondle and grope pre-teen girls.

When Biden was vice president under President Obama, he was in charge of swearing-in the new members of Congress. Families, including young children, attended the swearing-in ceremony, and Biden took advantage of the situation to grope little girls and to sniff the hair of the wives.

Most of the politicians let Biden get away with his creepy behavior, but thank God Brown warned Biden to keep his hands to himself or he would kick the shit out of him.

Fuck sociopath, racist and fascist Donald Trump, and even though Biden isn’t a sociopath, a racist or an authoritarian, fuck him too, he’s too old and too pervy to be president of the United States.

Come on America, we can do better, much better!

I Hope Trump & His Evangelical Followers Rot in Hell

Donald Trump is the embodiment and personification of evil. He’s not demon possessed and he’s not the antichrist; we don’t need supernatural evil entities to explain the evil that lies in his cold shriveled heart.

Trump is simply an evil fuck, a sociopath and a narcissist whose ideology and platform is his brand; anything that burnishes his brand is good and anything that detracts from his brand is bad.

The only deity that Trump worships is himself, and if the former real estate developer erected a cathedral where his cult devotees could worship him, he would call it the Trump Temple.

He is a poor man’s fascist, a pathological liar, a serial sexual predator, and a messiah for the evangelical cult.

It’s interesting that evangelicals who do believe that Satan and his army of demons seek to corrupt and possess everybody, but especially the wealthy and powerful don’t condemn the twice-impeached, thrice-indicted rapist as a child of the devil.

Instead, they venerate him as their messiah who will lead them to the promised land, where righteous white Christians will feast on milk, honey and red meat and the heathen will subsist on bread crumbs.

I may not believe that demonic activity accounts for the evil spirit of Trump and his followers, but I certainly believe that they would be right at home in hell with the devil and his demons.

There is No Room for Young Evangelicals in the MAGA Evangelical Faith of Their Parents

The evangelical faith of white Gen Xers and Baby Boomers is anathema to younger evangelicals. It’s usually young people who gravitate to cults but the MAGA cult attracts angry and vengeful older evangelicals who feel out of place in the religiously and culturally diverse America of the 21st century.

Instead of having Bible studies where they seek a closer walk with God, MAGA evangelicals attend meetings that are more political than religious in nature, where they discuss the latest conspiracy theories or the current culture-war hot topics.

Some older white evangelicals have even embraced the Great Replacement Theory which argues that there is an active and covert effort to replace white populations in white-majority countries with black and brown races. Therefore, they are vehemently opposed to immigration from Latin America and Muslim countries. They don’t want to see Christian White American defiled and corrupted by Catholic immigrants from Mexico or Muslim immigrants from places like Pakistan, India or Iran.

These MAGA evangelicals see in Trump a Messiah who will turn back the decades and make America Great Again, the halcyon era of the 1950’s when America was an overwhelmingly white and Christian patriarchy. These religious fanatics are determined to destroy our democracy and replace it with a Christian theocracy.

Young evangelicals are wondering how they can fit in an evangelical movement that is dominated by these MAGA cultists. The answer is that there is no room for evangelicals of any age who are interested in being like Jesus and ministering to the poor and disenfranchised.

I urge young evangelicals to reject the corrupted faith of their parents and grandparents and start their own churches.

White Evangelicals Will Never Reject Their Sociopath Saviour, Donald Trump

Back in 2016, when he was running for President, Donald Trump prophetically and presciently declared:

“Christianity will have power. If I’m there, you’re going to have plenty of power, you don’t need anybody else … remember that.”

These words dripping with toxic masculinity and triumphant Christianity were music to the ears of white evangelicals.

Trump may not know the Bible from a Penthouse magazine, but he innately understands white evangelicals. He knows they’re not interested in spiritual enlightenment or world peace, but in naked power.

Evangelicals lust for political power, and what better way to achieve temporal power than by destroying our democracy and turning America into a white Christian nationalist theocracy.

They want the power to deport immigrants, strip the LGBT community of their rights and their very humanity, gain control over the bodies of women, ban controversial books and turn back America into the 1950’s when white Christian men ruled supreme, and everybody else knew their place.

The twice-impeached, thrice indicted Trump may be fascist sociopath without a spiritual bone in his body, but they worship the steaming pile of human shit because he kept his promise.  He delivered on their greatest wish by nominating Supreme Court Justices who overturned the constitutional right to have an abortion. He moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, another item on evangelicals’ infernal bucket list. Trump can be indicted, convicted and imprisoned and evangelicals will still vote for him. He’s the ruthless and amoral fighter that they’ve always dreamed of to make America Great Again, that is to say turn America into a dystopian Christian theocracy

Louisiana Public Schools Required to Display ‘In God We Trust’ in all Classrooms

“All Louisiana public schools are now required to display the national motto of ‘In God We Trust’ inside of classrooms, under a new law that went into effect on August 1.

The law known as HB8, which was officially signed by Gov. John Bel Edwards in June, states that each classroom must have a ‘minimum requirement of a paper sign’ with the religious motto.

The bill’s author, state Rep. Dodie Horton, said to CNN affiliate WVUE, ‘It doesn’t preach any particular religion at all, but it certainly does recognize a higher power.’”


The blatantly religious motto “In God We Trust” doesn’t explicitly reference the Christian religion, but it does implicitly exclude polytheistic religions.

More importantly it shatters the line separating church and state, a bedrock principle of our secular democracy.

If “In God We Trust” is required to be displayed in every classroom in Louisiana, the adherents of other faiths should sue to have posters acknowledging their deities also displayed:

“In Gods We Trust” for followers of polytheistic faiths.

“In God We Don’t Trust” for theists who believe in Him, but thinks he’s cruel and capricious.

“In Jehovah We Trust” for Jehovah’s Witnesses who always refer to the Almighty as “Jehovah.”

“In Allah We Trust” for Muslims who believe that’s the name of God.

“In Science We Trust” for humanists, atheists and agnostics.

The offensive motto may have been embraced by the culture at large back in the 40’s and 50’s when most of the population was Christian, but it is anathema in the religiously diverse America of the 21st century.

The larger issue is why in the name of God is “In God We Trust” our national motto? It’s an anachronistic, offensive, and divisive lie.

Joe Biden Shirtless on the Beach! The Horror! The Horror!

When Barack Obama was president, he was photographed frolicking, buff and shirtless on vacation in a Hawaiian beach. Those pics of the young and energetic president are what the young kids call a thirst trap. (For definition check UrbanDictionary.Com)

Joe Biden was recently photographed at Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach standing shirtless in his bright blue trunks, tennis shoes, aviators and with a baseball cap turned backward. This is what young kids call a decrepit old man trying to appear cool. No man older than thirty should ever be caught outside wearing a baseball cap backward.

I had a gag reflex when I saw the ghastly image of the shameless octogenarian’s bleach white and bloated stomach, certainly no resemblance to Obama’s six-pack abs.

Sleepy Joe may have thought he looked cool standing on the beach with his hands on his hips, his cap turned backward and wearing cool shades. Sunglasses can make anybody look cool, but when you’re 80-freaking-years-old nothing can make you look cool.

Biden is too old to be shirtless on the beach, too old to venture outside without a walker, too old to be president, and frankly too old to be still alive.

At least he wasn’t wearing a bright red Speedo brief.