Lauren Boebert: ‘God Only Cares About Faith’

Rep. Lauren Boebert is the far-right evangelical darling whose stock-in-trade is peddling wild conspiracy theories, babbling about the Biden crime family and brandishing assault rifles.

Evangelicals are very tolerant of the moral and criminal failings of Republican politicians as long as they adhere to their anti-abortion, anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant agenda.

However, since September, 2023 when Boebert was captured on video vaping, uttering obscenities and groping her date’s penis during a performance of the family-friendly Beetlejuice, she has felt a need to burnish her evangelical credentials.

To that end, the woman of God who flipped the bird as she was being escorted out of the Beetlejuice musical performance, gave a Bible study lesson on the Nazi-friendly Rumble network:

“We know nothing pleases God except faith. It’s not our works that please him”, the biblically illiterate bimbo had the audacity to proclaim. Of course, anybody who has a basic understanding of the New Testament knows that good works spring from faith, and that without works faith is dead. In other words, it’s not OK for Boebert to give her date a hand-job in public because she has faith in Jesus.

Bitch please! Stick to musing about how Hunter Biden’s dick pics on his Laptop from Hell somehow leads to the conclusion that Joe Biden must be impeached.