Study: Standing Up Straight Helps Cure Depression

“People with depression could see their condition improve if they adopt an upright posture.

That was the conclusion of a study by researchers at the University of Auckland, due for publication in the March issue of the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry.

While previous studies have found that that sitting or standing up straight improves self-esteem and mood in healthy people, the new study sought to investigate whether people with mild-to-moderate depression would also experience a benefit.

Study co-author Elizabeth Broadent said: Compared to sitting in a slumped position, sitting upright can make you feel more proud after a success, increase your persistence at an unsolvable task, and make you feel more confident in your thoughts.”


You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a behavioral psychologist to intuitively realize that maintaining an upright posture will brighten your mood and enhance your confidence.

We live in a Darwinian world and if we walk around with shoulders slumped and head hanging down, our colleagues, friends, and strangers will perceive us as losers, and they will treat us accordingly.

Even if life`s trials and tribulations have you down, walk upright as if you have a destination in mind, and people will treat you with respect.

You don`t need to hire a life coach or buy motivational tapes, if your life is on a downwards trajectory simply walk upright as if were walking into your mansion, and things are bound to improve.

I`m not freaking Oprah, Joel Osteen or Dr, Phil, and I ain`t gonna bore you with a tedious motivational speech. Allow me to summarize: Bitch stand up straight, and you won`t be treated like a punk.

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Outrage: Obama Already Criticizing Trump

“Former President Barack Obama is criticizing President Trump`s immigration and travel ban issued on Friday, saying through a spokesman that he is “heartened by the level of engagement” over the weekend in opposition to the action.

`In his final official speech as President, he spoke about the important role of citizen and how all Americans have a responsibility to be the guardians of our democracy – not just during an election but every day,` Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said a statement. `Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.`

It is the first public comment from Obama since he left office just over a week ago and departed for a vacation in Palm Springs, Calif. In his final press conference, Obama signaled he would give the new president some deference, but that he wouldn`t hesitate to speak up if he believed the country`s core values may be at stake, including `systematic discrimination being ratified in some fashion.`”


Former President George W. Bush refrained from criticizing his successor, he didn`t want to undermine the office of the presidency. Even though Obama was enacting a liberal agenda that was anathema to his conservative philosophy, Bush bit his tongue, took up painting and kept a low profile throughout the eight years of the Obama administration.

Instead of paying it forward and giving President Trump time to get his administration off the ground, Obama is already doing his level best to undermine the administration of the new president. Is there anybody who`s surprised that Obama didn`t extend the same respect to Trump, that Bush extended to him?

Like most ideologues Obama thinks his political philosophy is the Gospel Truth, and that it`s incumbent upon him to educate his political opponents.

I`m not going to debate the merit of Trump`s executive order, this isn`t about right or wrong, it`s about respect and knowing when to shut the hell up.

I will never forget the time that I had dinner at a friends house, I went to the bathroom and and I dropped a huge log, that wouldn`t flush. Reminds me of Obama, after serving two terms as president, instead of retiring to Kenya, Hawaii or Chicago he stays in Washington, and he just can`t keep from putting in his two cents.

The American electorate will sooner or later realize that they elected a buffoon, we don`t need any self-serving comments from Obama.

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Woman, 98, Teaches Yoga! You Go Girl! or Bitch Please?

“She is the `World`s Oldest Yoga Teacher` who, at age 98, still teaches five classes a week. But above all, Tao Porchon-Lynch is a poster child for health and positivity in a world obsessed by wellness and longevity.

The former model and Hollywood contract actress — who earned her title from Guinness World Records — still has a delicate, slender physique.
Once in the studio, she happily demonstrates yoga poses, even if she sometimes calls on one of her dedicated students to show off others.”


I`m not exactly lithe and limber, even in my prime I couldn`t touch my toes. I have nothing but respect for a 98-year-old woman who teaches yoga.

But I would by psychologically traumatized for life if a nonagenarian wearing Lululemon yoga pants demonstrated the Kapotasana yoga position before my tender eyes.

I`m sorry but if a yoga teacher is so old that when she is demonstrating a yoga position you wonder if she is displaying fine form or if rigor mortis has set in, it`s time for that yoga instructor to hang up her yoga pants for good.

Tao should be doing the downward-facing dog next to Jack LaLane performing calisthenics in heaven, her work here on Earth in done.

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Donald Trump’s Staff Warns Prince Charles Not to Lecture Trump About Climate Change

“Donald Trump and Prince Charles are reportedly engaged in a diplomatic row about climate change, which threatens to damage US British relations ahead of the new President`s first state visit to the UK.

The royal is a famously vocal environmentalist, who runs Duchy Originals, an organic food company. Conversely, President Trump is a loud climate change denier, who has claimed that global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese.

Members of the Republican politician`s staff have warned that Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth`s son, should not `lecture` him on climate change during the visit in case the fiery politician erupts in return, The Sunday Times reports. He has reportedly expressed a preference that the younger generation of royals, such as Prince Charles` sons William and Harry, meet him instead.”


It`s in the job description of the president of the United States that he must tolerate a lot of politically-correct speech when visiting European leaders.

But Donald Trump has a high aversion for political claptrap when it`s not emanating from his big mouth. I applaud Trump for putting Prince Charles on notice that he isn`t going to tolerate his climate change quackery.

Trump may be a buffoon, but he`s the leader of the Free World, and his pontifications carry a lot of weight. Prince Charles on the other hand, not to put too fine a point on it, is a useless piece of shi*, and nobody should be forced to listen to his climate change nonsense.

Trump is a political hurricane wreaking devastation at home and abroad, but I must admit sometimes he is a breath of fresh air.

Prince Charles would be well-advised to hold his tongue when he meets President Trump, the blowhard billionaire doesn`t put up with any jibba jabba.

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Joan Jett and Mary Tyler Moore: Strong Women Who Rocked the World

A cover of quintessential bad girl rocker Joan Jett performing Love Is All Around, the theme song to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, has resurfaced on social media.

Mary Tyler Moore was the girl-next-door who could turn on the world with her smile, and Joan Jett was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who turned the rock world upside down with her snarl.

You wouldn`t think these women from different worlds would have anything in common, but they both embody “girl power.”

On the Mary Tyler Moore Show Moore played Mary Richards a producer in a male dominated world of a TV newsroom. Richards, a single career woman, wasn`t preoccupied with finding a husband, the focal point of the show was her occupation and her interaction with her colleagues.

Mary Tyler Moore was a successful businesswoman, writer and actress, and a role model for women. Her portrayal of Mary Richards inspired many women to become journalists, anchors and producers.

At the same time that Moore was smashing gender roles on the Mary Tyler Moore Show Joan Jett was smashing the conventional wisdom that rock was a man`s world, as a member of the all-girl rock group The Runaways. Jett went on to even greater success in the 80`s as the lead singer of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Enjoy this video of Jett paying homage to Mary Tyler Moore by singing “Love is All Around” punk style.

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New Study: Dogs Love Reggae

“The Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow have published a paper which suggests music affects dogs` behaviour.

Researchers played a variety of music to dogs at a rehoming centre in Dumbarton and assessed physiological and behavioural changes.

Prof Neil Evans said the most positive behaviour changes were seen when the dogs were played reggae and soft rock.

All though these genres stood out, he said the study suggested each dog had its own music tastes.

The study suggested that dogs spent significantly more time lying and significantly less time standing when music was played, regardless of genre.”


I always have music playing whether I`m at work, on the road or at home, sometimes I even let music lull me to sleep. My pooch, Mandy, seems to approve of my musical tastes, she`s never barked in disapproval even when I indulge in a guilty pleasure like Abba. Although I suspect she may draw the line at soft rock, fortunately that genre is anathema in my home.

I have a library of hundreds of CD`s, my dog is used to an eclectic mix of music, but Bob Marley`s Greatest Hits is one of my favorite albums, and I play it at least once a week.

Catching some rays in my backyard while Bob Marley blares from my stereo with Mandy chilling by my side, that`s as close to heaven as I`ll get this side of eternity. Surrounded by empty bags of Doritos, the music transports us to a higher plane.

With a decent sound system, a loyal reggae loving pooch, and a stash you can survive a Zombie Apocalypse or the Trump administration.

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Doomsday Clock Moved Forward 30 Seconds Thanks to Donald Trump

“The keepers of the Doomsday Clock have moved the symbolic countdown to potential global catastrophe 30 seconds closer to midnight based on President Donald Trump`s comments on nuclear weapons and climate change.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, in a statement accompanying the move Thursday, cited wavering public confidence in the democratic institutions required to deal with major world threats.

The Doomsday Clock now stands at 2 minutes 30 seconds to midnight, the closest it has been since the 1950s.”

ABC News

I concur with the keepers of the Doomsday Clock that nuclear proliferation is an existential threat to humanity, but climate change is only a threat to Al Gore`s bank accounts.The more scientists speak truth to power and debunk the climate change hoax, the more money is siphoned from Gore`s substantial holdings.

We are eons from Reagan`s Morning in America, the midnight hour is quickly approaching thanks to Donald J. Trump. The president`s rants and ravings, usually conveyed on Twitter, could very well spark a global conflagration.

If Trump can be persuaded to cancel his Twitter feed the Doomsday Clock can be moved back to 3 minutes to midnight.

The world is going to end not with a bang or a whimper, but with a tweet.

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Hillary Clinton For God’s Sake Give Up The Ghost!

“Former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton may already be building a 2020 election platform, in the form of a talk show.

Ed Klein — New York Times bestseller and author of the controversial Clinton-focused book `Guilty as Sin` — posted quotes from someone he describes as a close Clinton source on Thursday, and the published excerpts indicate the Chicago native could be eyeing a new endeavor as a way to kickstart a 2020 election run.

`She thinks being the host of a popular TV show would energize the Democratic Party base and her tens of millions of fans,` continued the source. `It`s a way to make a comeback and position herself for another run at the White House starting in a year or so.`”


Hillary Clinton, the lackluster presidential candidate, doesn`t have the charisma to be a shill for a reverse mortgage company, let alone possess the talent and grace to host a TV talk show.

If Hillary hosted a TV talk show it would only be popular with frumpy feminists and geriatric lesbians.

The only way that Hillary can energize the Democratic Party is by setting herself on fire as a protest against the Trump administration.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong; there are second acts in American Lives. But Hillary has already had too many chapters in her life; the only chapter that still needs to be written is an epilogue.

Hillary should live only in history books, not in today`s newspapers, for God`s sake woman give up the ghost.

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New Fad In China: Fake Donald Trump Tweets

“In China, Twitter is blocked but fake tweets by @realdonaldtrump look set to become the latest internet sensation.

Online users are flocking to a new Chinese website that lets them generate images of fake tweets that look just like those sent by President Donald Trump`s distinctive personal Twitter account – replete with his avatar and a real-time timestamp.

Jike, the Shanghai-based startup running the website, says that in just four days, users have created more than a million fake @realdonaldtrump tweets in Chinese and English.”

New York Post

China is the source of 86% of the world`s counterfeit goods, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. Chinese authorities have absolutely no respect for intellectual property — now Donald Trump`s Twitter feed is being counterfeited. (Although I`m not sure that Trump`s Twitter account qualifies as intellectual property.)

Fake Trump tweets are more popular than fake iPhones and real dog meat dishes in China, it`s a fad that will most likely last as long as the Trump administration.

Trump`s real tweets are so outlandish — how do you parody Twitter messages that qualify as parody? I have a feeling that fake Trump tweets will be published in official Chinese publications, and nobody will be the wiser.

What an Orwellian nightmare we live in: Fake news, alternative facts, fake tweets!

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Was Donald Trump’s Bodyguard Wearing Fake Arms at the Inauguration?

“SOCIAL media is awash with sensational claims that one of Donald Trump`s bodyguards was wearing FAKE ARMS at the inauguration.

Astonishing footage appeared to show the rather stiff-looking security guard walking down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House without moving his arms once.

Conspiracy theorists suggested he may have worn prosthetics so that his finger was poised ready to pull the trigger on the gun believed to be hidden under his coat.”

The Sun

Unlike mainstream news outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post this Web site doesn`t traffic in fake news, this Web site does cover conspiracy theories for the edification and entertainment of our readers. Today I will delve into the mystery of Donald Trump`s Secret Service agent with the prosthetic hands.

Whenever you see the word “hand” in a headline about Donald Trump, his grotesque pudgy baby hands come to mind, but this article is about his bodyguard`s strange hands.

After writing over a dozen articles about Trump`s diminutive hands I consider myself an expert on the human hand, and I would bet my right hand that Trump`s guard was wearing a prosthetic arms. He was concealing a weapon under his jacket and his real hand was holding it with his trigger finger ready.

If you disagree with my theory that the Secret Service dude was wearing fake arms talk to the hand, I don`t want to read your emails or tweets.

Examine the video and judge for yourself.

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