Outrage: Kellyanne Conway Disses Black Leaders in the Oval Office!

“Social media erupted Monday night after Kellyanne Conway, a White House senior adviser, was pictured kneeling on the Oval Office couch to snap a photo of President Trump with leaders of the nation`s historically black colleges and universities.”

USA Today

If Donald Trump`s young son Barron was in the Oval Office while his father was meeting dignitaries he would have the decorum, manners and respect to sit up straight.

Kellyanne Conway was casually sitting with her knees tucked under her on the couch, playing with her phone, while Trump met with leaders from historically black colleges and universities.

Conway`s lackadaisical posture was an insult to her boss, and and affront to the black educators. If Trump met with white leaders from community colleges and vocational schools, Conway would have been sitting like a proper lady, not like a wanton floozy.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this image speaks volumes about Conway`s white privilege and disdain for black leaders.

I`m sure Conway believes that she deserves credit for not diddling with a dildo while Trump was meeting with the distinguished African American leaders.

Unlike the Bowling Green Massacre this is a real news item, and Conway should be summarily fired by the president of the United States.

Pic of Conway siting like a slut in the Oval Office:


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Why Doesn’t Donald Trump Condemn Hate Crimes?

“An Olathe man who reportedly told two strangers – Garmin engineers originally from India – to `get out of my country` before he shot them in an Olathe bar was charged Thursday with first-degree murder in the death of one of the victims.

Adam W. Purinton, 51, allegedly shot Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32; Alok Madasani, 32, of Overland Park, and another bar patron, 24-year-old Ian Grillot of Grandview.

At least one witness reportedly heard the man yell `get out of my country` shortly before shooting Kuchibhotla and Madasani. The man fled on foot. A manhunt ensued. Five hours later, Purinton reportedly told a bartender at a bar in an Applebee`s in Clinton, Mo., that he needed a place to hide out because he had just killed two Middle Eastern men, The Star has learned.

The bartender called police, and Purinton was arrested without incident, Assistant Clinton Police Chief Sonny Lynch said. Purinton was not armed.”


Donald Trump has a notoriously thin skin, at any perceived slight he retaliates immediately on Twitter with an onslaught of venom. But when there`s an act of outrage perpetrated against Muslims, Jews, or immigrants, not a word of protest from the president of the United States.

Trump is being derelict in his duties, he`s the president of all Americans, and as consoler-in-chief it`s incumbent upon him to speak out against acts of violence against minorities.

Trump`s silence in the face of a murder of an Indian immigrant isn`t an aberration, Trump has a well-established pattern of failing to speak out against hate crimes.

For weeks Trump remained silent after a rash of vandalism against Jewish Community Centers and cemeteries, even when prodded to condemn these crimes by journalists. It wasn`t until last week that Trump finally unequivocally condemned these vicious acts of antisemitism.

To my knowledge Trump has yet to condemn the arson of several mosques. Whenever any house of worship is vandalized or destroyed it`s a crime against democracy and religion in general, and American of all faiths, and atheists should denounce these hate crimes.

Any president, especially one who been criticized for years for his insensitivity towards minorities, should decry all hate crimes. Trump`s silence speaks volumes about his racism.

If I were an opinion writer for the New York Times, instead of an unknown blogger, Trump would be tweeting his fool head off denouncing this article as fake news.

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How to Cure Donald Trump of His Tweeting Addiction

Donald Trump is a liar. Period. End of story. He is a compulsive and pathological liar, he wouldn`t know the truth if it grabbed him by the groin.

Here`s a list of 99 lies Trump has told just since he`s been president:


Trump has told some whoopers, and folks think his most glaring deception was when he waved his baby hands at the debate audience and declared there was nothing wrong with the size of his manhood.

Methinks his biggest falsehood was when he told Fox & Friends two days before his presidential inauguration: Look, I don`t like tweeting! That`s like Snoop Dogg declaring: Look, I don`t like smoking weed.

Trump loves to tweet, he`s addicted to Twitter, and he needs an intervention. Mr. T, Dr. Phil and Steve Bannon should pounce on him when he attempts to tweet at an ungodly hour of the morning, and take away his phone.

Trump will need something else for his demonically diminutive hands to play with. We all know how he loves to grab them by the pussy; his handlers could give him Taylor Swift`s pussy . . . cat to play with. The pop star owns several felines, and she might donate on for the sake of national security. One inappropriate tweet and Trump could start World War III, but if he handles Swift`s pussy inappropriately, the only damage will be scratches to his baby hands.

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Two Snuggie-clad Goats Terrorize Idaho Town

“A pair of goats dressed in snuggies were found roaming around an Idaho town unattended.

Nampa Police Department shared a photo of an Animal Control Officer holding the two escaped animals, each donning its own blue snuggie, in hopes of tracking down their owner.”


A goat is a universal symbol for evil, Baphomet the Sabbatic Goat has been striking fear in the hearts of men for thousands of years.

I wouldn`t be surprised to see a pair of goats in the backyard of an Illuminati witch like Beyoncé or Lady Gaga, but two Snuggie-clad goats wandering around in an Idaho town scares the Bejesus out of me.

Cops managed to track down the owners, who weren`t identified, but I bet they belonged to a satanic cult.

I don`t give the devil an inch for fear he`ll steal my soul, therefore you will never catch me wearing a Snuggie or petting a goat at a petting zoo.

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Witches Mobilize to Cast a Binding Spell on President Trump

“Donald Trump`s presidency has cast a pall over the nation, so now witches are casting a spell against him.

A document making its rounds among the witch community is asking people who practice the craft to perform a monthly binding ritual until the president is removed from office.

In order to work, the mass spell must be performed at midnight EST on every waning crescent moon.

The first one is happening on Friday and will be followed by similar spell cast events on March 26, April 24 and May 23 and beyond.”

Huffington Post

Donald Trump is enthralled and delighted by this mass spell witches are casting against him, nothing will unite and energize his core supporters more than knowing that they are under attack by a coven of witches straight outta hell.

Trump`s supporters crap on nuance and subtlety, they perceive everything in black and white terms, they don`t see these witches as members of an alternative religious community or as performance artists, but as emissaries of Satan hellbound on destroying their Messiah, Trump.

Millions of feminists and lesbians turned out in droves to support a real witch, Hillary Clinton, and she still lost to an Oompa Loompa from hell. Instead of casting ineffectual spells these witches should focus their efforts on voter registration drives so that Trump can be cast out of office in 2020.

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The President of Iceland Wants to Ban Pineapple Pizza! God Bless Him!

“The food world is riddled with heated debates, and one of the most polarizing fights centers around pineapple on pizza.

This week Iceland`s President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson let us know where he stands.

After taking questions from students at a high school in North Iceland, one bold pupil asked Johannesson what he thought about pineapple as a pizza topping.

The president held nothing back expressing his disdain for the pairing. He also said if he had the power to pass laws, he`d ban it across the land.”


Nobody can find Iceland on a map, and nobody cares what transpires in the island nation, but when Iceland`s President (ceremonial post with no power) declared that he would ban pizza if he could pass laws, suddenly everybody was googling “Iceland” and “President Johannesson.”

I would trust a politician with the wisdom and discernment to ban pizza implicitly, Congress wouldn`t dare oppose any of his executive orders.

I love me some pizza, and it`s not unusual for me to devour an entire pizza by myself, in one sitting. But if a Philistine offers me a slice of pizza with pineapple, I will beat him to within an inch of his life.

Pizza with pineapple is a culinary abomination, and an affront to the Almighty. Period. End of story.

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Outrage: Danish Man Charged With Blasphemy for Burning Koran

“A Danish man who posed a video of himself setting fire to the Quran on Facebook has been charged with blasphemy in the first such prosecution for 46 years.

The 42-year-old suspect put the clip, entitled `Consider your neighbour: it stinks when it burns` to a group called YES TO FREEDOM – NO TO ISLAM in December 2015.

Jan Reckendorff, from the public prosecutor`s office in Viborg, said: It is the prosecution`s view that circumstances involving the burning of holy books such as the Bible and the Quran can in some cases be a violation of the blasphemy clause, which covers public scorn or mockery of religion.”


If an individual was charged with blasphemy by a Western government for setting a Bible on fire the backlash would be intense and immediate. The hashtags #burnthefuckingbible and #separationofchurchandstate would be trending on Twitter, and there would be mass protests in every major Western city.

That said, burning the Koran is an incendiary act (pun intended) that only serves to sow discord and violence. Religion shouldn`t be exempt from criticism and ridicule, but burning the Koran doesn`t bring to light the excesses of Islam, it only exposes the stupidity of the person burning the holy book.

The Koran is treated with reverence by Muslims and any act of desecration of the holy book is perceived as a grave insult worthy of the death penalty. In a democratic country non-Muslims shouldn`t be bound by the prohibitions of Islam. I would never burn a copy of the Koran as a protest against the Neanderthal mindset of Islam, but if I performed such a foolish act it would be constitutionally-protected free speech.

I have written dozens of articles criticizing the abhorrent treatment of women and religious minorities in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, the written word is the best way to fight intolerance and religious fanaticism.

By the way, I have also written dozes of articles criticizing the homophobia and sexism of evangelicals, although I`m not drawing a moral equivalency between the two major religions. When Islam is criticized or mocked too many Muslims react violently, whereas when Catholics or evangelicals are attacked, they write a letter to the editor or post a rebuttal on their blogs.

In a secular democracy whenever we hear hate speech citizens must condemn it in no uncertain terms, but it`s anathema for the government to punish free speech. Denmark is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, not a theocracy, for God`s sake.

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Donald Trump Raised More in Small-dollar Donations Than Bernie, Hillary and Obama

“Donald Trump, who spent more of his own money on his campaign than any other presidential candidate in history, also raised more in small-dollar donations than anyone else ever did.

Trump brought in $239 million in donations of $200 or less, more than Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders combined, according to the Campaign Finance Institute, a Washington-based research group.
He also proved more adept at raking in small-dollar contributions than Barack Obama, who brought in $219 million in 2012 and $189 million in 2008. Clinton raised $137 million and Sanders $100 million in donations of $200 or less.”


Donald Trump didn`t buy the election, he invested a tiny fraction of his enormous wealth into his campaign. Putin`s hackers didn`t tilt the election in favor of the Orange Menace, an enormous backlash against the status quo as represented by Hillary ensured Trump`s victory. The media wasn`t responsible for Trump`s triumph, sure they provided the reality TV star with wall-to-wall coverage of his campaign speeches, but they were unabashedly in Hillary`s camp.

Trump campaigned as a populist, and he`s governing like a dictator, but the irony is that he was elected in a democratic fashion. Trump raised more in small-dollar donations than any presidential candidate in the history of our democracy. It was hardworking patriots in flyover country and frustrated blue-collar workers in the rust belt who sustained Trump`s campaign with their small donations.

Trump`s economic populist message resonated with millions of voters across the country, he owes his unexpected victory to rank-and-file voters.

Like it or not, Donald J. Trump is the president of all Americans, and we shouldn`t resort to undemocratic means (riots, fake news) to undermine and delegitimize his administration.

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Sweden Terror Attack! Never Fjorget!

“President Donald Trump caused confusion during a Saturday rally in Florida when he said: `You look at what`s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?` Trump then mentioned the French cities of Nice and Paris and the Belgian capital, Brussels. The three European cities were all attacked by terrorists over the past two years.

Although Trump did not explicitly say it, his remarks were widely perceived in the United States and abroad as suggesting that an attack had occurred Friday night in Sweden.”

Denver Post

What doesn`t happen in Sweden doesn`t stay in Sweden, the whole world is expressing solidarity with the Scandinavian country over the terror attack that didn`t happen.

Folks are expressing sympathy for Sweden in different ways: Furnishing their homes with IKEA furniture, dusting off their ABBA vinyl records and discoing their blues away, drowning their sorrows in mug after mug of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, trying to forget the Swedish massacre that never happened by watching Swiss porn . ..

We didn`t say anything when the press failed to cover the Bowling Green Massacre, but Never Again! We will smother Sweden with love as they struggle to cope with the faux massacre. We will demand that the fake news networks report this very real story.

Get with the program people, the least you can do is add a Swiss flag filter to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.

With this one silly article I have exceeded my yearly quota of double and triple negatives.

Pray for Sweden! Never Fjorget!

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Painter Paints UFO’s and ET’s He’s Seen Face to Face

“It`s no secret that the U.S. government has been discussing UFOs for quite some time; leaked FBI documents, emails from the Clinton campaign, the black budget secret space program, and even quotes from former U.S. presidents have confirmed that. Even the Vatican has addressed extraterrestrial intelligence, yet many people will simply brush off this subject as if it`s a joke.

Well, that`s not the case for Spanish artist Robert Llimós. After seeing a UFO and ETs face to face, he was inspired to share his experiences through his art. By painting what he saw, he hopes to desensitize people to ETs so that hopefully, if and when they finally return, people won`t be scared of their appearances.”

Collective Evolution

Spanish artist Robert Llimos paints himself as a humanitarian and peacemaker who paints UFO`s and extraterrestrials beings he has seen face to face to desensitize people to ET`s so that when they finally land and reveal themselves, humans won`t be afraid of their appearance.

The only thing Llimos has seen face to face is his paltry bank account, and in a desperate bid to increase sales of his UFO and ET paintings he claims he experienced close encounters of the 3rd kind with little green men from Mars.

I would welcome extraterrestrials with open arms, they aren`t as scary as the greedy and deceitful human heart.

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Donald Trump: Campaigner-in-Chief

Donald Trump`s default speech mode is hyperbole, and that bombastic style was a perfect fit in the worlds of professional wrestling and reality TV.

Trump`s disregard for the truth and over-the-top rhetoric served him well on the campaign trail, enough American swallowed his alternative facts to land him in the White House.

Trump`s shoot-from-the-hip style has been a disaster in the White House, his press conferences and tweets have infuriated and perplexed American politicians and foreign leaders.

The press isn`t seduced by Trump`s shtick, they are determined to hold him accountable for the excesses of his administration. They want the truth about his ties to Russia, and they want an explanation for the chaos swirling in the White House. Unfortunately, the media`s bias against conservatives in general and Trump in particular taints their mission to uncover the truth.

Trump thrives in chaos, but even he needs a break from the freak show, and he is seeking affirmation and refuge on the campaign trail.

The Donald returned on Saturday to the activity he enjoys the most: Running for the office he already holds. “I want to be among my friends and among the people,” Trump told a crowd of 9,000 diehard supporters at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Melbourne, Florida.

The applause from his adoring true believers is an elixir for Trump, but he can`t campaign for the next four years. Trump can accomplish only so much from executive orders, sooner or later he has to govern. Trump doesn`t know the first thing about running a country or being commander-in-chief — we`re screwed.

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Donald Trump is Bonkers

“Al Franken recently raised a provocative question about Donald Trump: Is he mentally ill? On HBO`s Real Time with Bill Maher last week, the Minnesota senator claimed that some of his Republican colleagues have `great concern about the president`s temperament,` adding that `there`s a range in what they`ll say, and some will say that he`s not right mentally. And some are harsher.

Congressman Ted Lieu, a California Democrat, is introducing legislation that would require the White House to have a psychiatrist on staff. `I`m looking at it from the perspective of, if there are questions about the mental health of the president of the United States, what may be the best way to get the president treatment?` he told the Huffington Post.”

New Republic

You don`t have to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist to deduce that Donald Trump is bonkers.

The only thing up for debate is what drove Trump crazy: Untreated syphilis infected his brain? Orange spray tan seeped into his brain? Too many rejections by his daughter Ivanka?

After witnessing Trump`s surreal press conference on Thursday I said to myself:

This presser is so over-the-top it`s parody proof, Saturday Night Live has an impossible task trying to satirize the stream-of-consciousness rantings of a lunatic.

Trump is bonkers! Stark raving mad! Crazier than a shithouse rat!

Trump`s grip on power is secure for at least the next two years; America`s only hope is that in two years the Democrats will regain control of both houses of Congress and immediately begin impeachment proceedings against the Orange Menace.

In the meantime I hope that Pence, Priebus, and Banner will force Trump to sleep in a straightjacket so he can`t fire off any tweets in the middle of the night that will ignite World War III.

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Brewery Offers ‘Paw-ternity’ Leave for Employees with Puppies


“A Scottish brewery has instituted a new policy offering `puppy parental leave` for employees raising young dogs.

BrewDog brewery announced the paw-ternity policy that provides all employees with one week off when they bring home a new puppy.

`BrewDog was started by two men and one dog in 2007,` the brewery said in its announcement video. “And we now employ 1,000 people around the world.”


I commend BrewDog brewery for their dog-friendly workplace, and for their paw-ternity policy that provides all employees with one week off when they bring home a new puppy.

The brewery`s headquarters has 50 office dogs, what an awesome work environment; I can think of at least five co-workers that I wish I could replace with a puppy.

When I adopted a puppy, Mandy, from the Humane Society I took two weeks off from work. That gave my plenty of time to bond with Mandy and housetrain her. It would have been cruel to adopt a puppy, and then go to work, leaving her alone in a new and strange environment.

A paw-ternity policy is a good start, but an employer should also offer its employees pet bereavement leave. When Mandy dies and goes to the Big Dog Park in the Sky, I know I will be too devastated to go to work.

Pet lovers everywhere should support BrewDog Brewery by buying their beers.

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Chris Christie: Trump Made Me Order Meatloaf at White House Dinner

“The New Jersey governor and former Republican presidential candidate, along with his wife, Mary Pat, visited the White House on Tuesday to have dinner with Trump. Christie spoke about the event while guest-hosting a New York sports talk radio show and says that when the diners opened their menus, Trump told everyone to have whatever they`d like to eat – except Christie himself.

Instead, Trump insisted that both he and Christie would have the meatloaf.”

People Magazine

I`m not surprised Christie had the meatloaf, he`s a “yes man,” plus he`ll eat anything that`s placed in front of him. You don`t weigh as much as a baby hippo by having a refined palate. The easiest job in the world is being Christie`s personal cook, all he has to do is fill the governor`s trough with slop, and he`ll be a happy camper.

If Trump told me “You and I are having meatloaf,” I would reply, “Oh, hell No! This is the damn White House, I`m having steak and lobster and I`m washing it down with Dom Perignon,”

Trump is surrounded by sycophants and yes men – for the love of God isn`t there one man who will tell the emperor that he isn`t wearing any clothes, and that`s he`s exposing his tiny pecker?

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Susan Sarandon: My Sexuality is Up for Grabs for People of Any Gender! Yuck!

“Susan Sarandon has described her sexual orientation as open and up for grabs.

The Thelma & Louise star said she would have relationships with people of any gender but added that she is not getting many offers.

The 70-year-old mother-of-three was married to Chris Sarandon for 12 years before a 21-year relationship with actor Tim Robbins.


I had a prurient interest in Susan Sarandon`s sex life circa 1975, she was sizzling hot in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I don`t want to hear Jack about the sex life of 70-year-old thespian.

Americans love lipstick lesbians and hot bisexual women, and there`s no quicker way for a hot starlet to generate buzz than to declare herself bi or lesbian. But a septuagenarian actress can come out of the closet, and she will only elicit scorn and disgust.

Nor surprisingly Sarandon isn`t getting any offers; I wouldn`t touch Sarandon with a ten-foot pole.

Sarandon boasts that her sexual orientation is up for grabs, her morality and self-dignity are up for grabs as well.

If Sarandon writes a tell-all memoir about her romantic life when she was young and hot I might read it, but old hags shouldn`t gross people out by talking about sexual matters.

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President Donald Trump Vs Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! Who Won the Handshake Battle?

“President Donald Trump has a weird way of shaking hands. His herky-jerky grappling style sometimes makes it look like he`s fighting with the other person, and maybe even trying to rip their arm out of its socket. But Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared prepared for an uncomfortable greeting when he visited the White House on Monday.

A video of Trump welcoming Trudeau shows the prime minister quickly grasping the president`s shoulder with his left arm, seemingly bracing for a potential pull. Trudeau then brings the handshake close and toward his center, cutting off Trump`s leverage and ensuring that his shoulder remains intact.”

Huffington Post

Donald Trump is a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) fan, a friend of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, and he even hosted a couple of WrestleMania events.Trump was inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Celebrity Hall of Fame.

Trump has introduced a wrestling submission hold into the world of politics with great success. It`s not the Huge Kiss of Death, although if Trump kissed an opponent with his sphincter-shaped mouth it might kill him. It`s not the Genital Grasp of Domination whereby the Donald grabs a person`s genitals until he or she cries “uncle.”

It`s the Presidential Handshake of Death, typically Trump greets a world leader by gripping his hand, jerking it toward him almost ripping the arm out of its socket, rendering him a quivering mass of jelly. Even strongmen like Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu have been no match for Donald`s submission hold.

Trump finally met his match, and it wasn`t North Korea`s dictator or Iran`s Supreme Leader who got the best of him, it was, believe it or not, the pretty boy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Watch and marvel as Trudeau counters and neutralizes Trump`s signature submission hold.

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Donald Trump Valentine’s Day Memes

Donald Trump is the most meme-worthy politician of our social media age. His clownish physical appearance, penchant for tweeting insults, and his thin skin are just too much of a temptation; the vanguard of the resistance are bloggers, pundits, and politicians armed with memes.

When you think of which holidays are synonymous with Trump “April Fools` Day” and “Halloween” come to mind, a Trump Valentine`s Day meme sees incongruous, but why not? Trump`s twisted love for his daughter Ivanka, his budding bromance with Putin and his pussy-grabbing ways are just begging for memes.

In the last couple of years I`ve created over a dozen Trump memes, but today I want to feature these Valentine`s Day Trump memes created by minds even more twisted than mine. Enjoy:


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Burger King Giving Away Sex Toys in Adult Meals for Valentine’s Day

“While most of us might agree that a Valentine`s Day date at a fast food joint is kind of the worst thing ever, Burger King is prepared to fight that stigma. This year, the Israeli version of the OG chain is offering a romantic boxed food for two called the Adults Meal-designed for those 18 and older, so bring your ID-that comes with two Whoppers, two packets of fries, two beers, and a romantic adult toy. Spoiler alert: That means sex toy.

`Kids` meal? That`s for kids,` the commercial`s narrator seductively declares, before informing us that `Burger King presents the Adults Meal, with an adult toy inside. Only on Valentine`s Day.` The deal will only be available at BK locations in Israel on Feb. 14, from 6 p.m. until closing.”


Denizens of a trailer park may consider a Valentine`s Day date at a Burger King the epitome of romance, but those of us whose teeth and brain cells haven`t been destroyed by meth would rather give Rosie O`Donnell a bikini wax than take our Valentine`s date to a fast food joint.

On the other hand, I`m sick and tired of being asked “do you want fries with that?” as soon as I step inside a burger joint, it would be refreshing to hear: Do you want a dildo with that?

An Israeli Burger King selling an adult meal with a whopper of a toy inside? The toy might as well be a miniature golden calf, divine vengeance will surely follow!

Read More: http://www.glamour.com/story/burger-king-israel-adults-only-meals-with-adult-toys-valentines-day

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Adele’s ‘Black Friends’ Comment at Grammys Evidence of White Guilt

“Accepting the award for Album of the Year for her record 25, Adele instead said Beyonce deserved it.

She said: `I can`t possibly accept this award. I`m very humble and I`m grateful and gracious but my artist of my life is Beyonce and the Lemonade album was just so monumental – Beyonce, it was so monumental – and so well thought out and so beautiful and soul-baring.

`All us artists here, we f****** adore you. The way you make me and my friends feel.

`The way you make my black friends feel is empowering. You make them stand up for themselves and I love you and I always have.`”

Daily Mail

Adele swept the top awards at the Grammys last night, including song and record of the year for “Hello,” and album of the year for “25.”

Adele deserves all the accolades, she has almost single-handedly saved the music industry, “25” was the top selling album of 2015 and 2016.

But her acceptance speech for “album of the year” struck a discordant note. The album “25” was a masterpiece, and not only Adele, but all the producers, engineers, writers and back up singers who worked on the album deserved the recognition. Adele was out of place not only to reject the Grammy, but to break the trophy in half.

Adele`s white guilt is clouding her judgement, she should apologize to her collaborators on “25,” her fans, and the Grammys. On one side of the racist spectrum are the blatant racists who denounce Beyonce as a talentless ghetto skank, and at the other end are the obsequious white folks who bend over backwards praising Beyonce as the Queen of the Universe.

Unlike Adele I don`t separate my friends by race, if I separate them at all it`s by loyalty. There are my loyal friends who stick with me through thick and thin, and then there are my fair-weather friends who desert me when times get tough.

For Adele to speak on behalf of her black friends is patronizing and insulting — maybe she should only open her mouth to sing.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4219178/Adele-faces-backlash-Beyonce-black-friends-comment.html#ixzz4YZSJTAN7

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Dominican Newspaper Runs Photo of Alec Baldwin Instead of Donald Trump

A Spanish-language newspaper in the Dominican Republic mistakenly ran a photograph of Alec Baldwin from Saturday Night Live in place of a photo of President Donald Trump.

Everyone in the civilized world, including the Caribbean, knows that Baldwin has impersonated Trump on the NBC late night sketch comedy show to the acclaim of critics and the mortification of the American president.

The newspaper El Nacional issued a correction, but not before the image went viral.

My thoughts:

If you believe this was an honest mistake, I have beachfront property in Nebraska you might be interested in purchasing.

Before the advent of the Internet a newspaper in a banana republic could run a photograph of an Oompa Loompa in place of an image of President Trump, and Americans would never hear a word about it. Today the mayor of Timbuktu could name his bowl movement “Donald Trump” and appoint it to his city council and it would be trending on Facebook and Twitter before you could say: Holy Shit!

The world has become a village, and the entire world knows we have elected the village idiot president of the United States.

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Moron Sues Mexican Restaurant After Fall From Donkey Statue

“Kimberly Bonn`s lawsuit, filed Feb. 3 in a Lean County court, alleges the woman took a fall Aug. 31, 2015, while posing for a picture atop a popular life-sized donkey statue at El Jalisco in Tallahassee.

The plaintiff`s lawyers allege El Jalisco `permitted and encouraged` climbing on the donkey statue for pictures, and the restaurant`s managers were negligent in failing to warn patrons about the dangers involved in climbing on the piece.

The suit alleges Bonn incurred bodily injury resulting in pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, expense of hospitalization, medical and nursing care and treatment, loss of earning, loss of the ability to earn money and aggravation of previously existing condition.”


My thoughts:

I wouldn`t patronize a Mexican restaurant whose main claim to fame is its life-sized donkey statue.

However, if no other restaurant was open, I might dine there, but I wouldn`t make an ass of myself by climbing on top of the aforementioned donkey.

I wouldn`t ask a friend to take a photograph, thereby immortalizing my moment of ignominy.

Kimberly Bonn suffered a fractured spine, and is now disabled for life. She claims the injury aggravated a previously existing condition, what pray tell was that, stupiditis?

I wonder how many margaritas Kimberly consumed before climbing on top of the donkey? When an individual, inebriated or not, climbs on a statue he assumes the inherent risks of such a foolish venture.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Kimberly is an ass, and she deserves a kick in the ass instead of a financial reward for her stupidity.

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Japanese Prime Minister Survives 19-Second Handshake With Donald Trump

“The internet is on fire talking about a handshake. Specifically, a handshake between U.S. President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe. It`s a weird handshake that goes on far too long even for Abe`s liking. Seriously.”

Huffington Post

During a photo op in the Oval Office, a Japanese reporter asked Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinozo Abe to shake hands. A simple and innocuous request, what could possibly go wrong?

Trump pulled Abe`s hand too close for comfort, patted it several times as if he was patting a woman`s behind, and held on for 19 seconds.

Trump may have felt like smoking a cigarette after the awkward encounter, but after surviving the interminable handshake, poor Abe may be in need of post traumatic counseling.

When Trump finally released Abe, he rolled his eyes towards heaven. We feel you Prime Minister Abe, Trump`s got us all rolling our eyes.

I`m proud of myself; I didn`t make any jokes about Trump compensating for his tiny hands by …

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Elizabeth Warren is an Abomination

The 2020 presidential race is already underway, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren is tweeting and grandstanding as if it were only months away, not years. Warren will stoop as low as necessary to dominate every news cycle.

Donald Trump has been in office less than a month, and already I am sick and tired of Trump`s incompetence and Warren`s intransigence.

The ultimate glass ceiling will be shattered one day, but it won`t be the likes of a Hillary Clinton or an Elizabeth Warren.Is is too much to ask for a female presidential candidate who doesn`t ooze venom and disdain for the 99%?

Warren is even more tiresome than Hillary Clinton, and she`s been in the public spotlight a few years, not decades.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was right to invoke Rule 19 against Warren for her vitriolic attack against her “friend and colleague” Senator Jeff Sessions. What a pretentious, bloviating phony, I`m glad McConnell bitch-slapped her into silence.

Trump`s administration got all kinds of blowback for putting Iran “on notice,” but not a peep from the press when Warren put Sessions on notice:

“If Jeff Sessions makes even the tiniest attempt to bring his racism, sexism & bigotry into @TheJusticeDept, he`ll hear from all of us.”

We`ve heard enough from you already, shut the hell up.

Why do I despise Warren so much? As a minority I will never forgive her for falsely claiming that she was part Native American in order to advance her academic career.

The “Never Trump” movement failed abysmally, hopefully the “Never Warren” movement will succeed in permanently silencing her.

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Does Donald Trump Wear a Bathrobe While Watching CNN in the White House?

“Whether President Donald Trump wears a bathrobe while watching TV in the White House has been a bone of contention this week.

On Tuesday, his press secretary Sean Spicer vehemently dismissed a report that first surfaced in a New York Times article as `fake news,` adding that he didn`t think Trump even owned a bathrobe.

What is clear, however, is that Trump has worn a bathrobe on at least one occasion in the past, as this old photograph shows.”

Huffington Post

According to reporting by the New York Times (an anti-Trump publication) president Trump has a penchant for lounging around in the White House in a bathrobe. The obvious intention is to portray Trump as a slacker, he may be intemperate, racist, and childlike, but he`s not lazy. Trump is the hardest working man in politics, he sleeps only about four hours at night, and he probably fires off a couple of tweets during his sleep.

The New York Times would be well-advised to put a screeching halt to their vendetta against Trump, they are succeeding only in destroying their legitimacy.

In his younger years when Trump styled himself a playboy in the mold of Hugh Hefner, he probably owned dozens of designer bathrobes, but those days are behind him.

However I`m enjoying the memes depicting the blowhard billionaire clad in a bathrobe, click the link at the bottom of this page to see for yourself.


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Rap Song in Praise of Donald Trump (Easy D) Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics

“President Trump sent out a tweet Wednesday cryptically warning that undesirables are entering the country.

But he was quickly mocked on social media for saying the federal appeals court considering his travel ban has an EASY D! — which the Urban Dictionary defines as promiscuous women.

‘Big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people are far more vulnerable, as we wait for what should be EASY D!’ Trump wrote at 12:41 p.m.”

New York Post

Henceforth Donald Trump will be known as EASY D

Trump should trade in his clown persona for a rapper persona.

Here is a paean to Easy D, sure it’s corny as hell, but no less corny than the orange-faced sucka:

Ya’ll know that Easy E was straight outta Compton,
But Easy D be straight outta School of Wharton.

Yeah I knew that bitch named Eric Wright,
We grabbed the bitches pussies by day and fucked the hoes at night.

Easy E ain’t getting coochie down below,
Me I never without a bitch or a hoe.

Tighter than a motherfucker with dem gangsta beats,
Me and my homie Bannon be dicking each other, least that be the word in the streets.

Bitches can’t hang in the streets hiding out in them Section Eight.
But me and my homies living large in the White house, don’t hate.