Lauren Boebert: ‘God Only Cares About Faith’

Rep. Lauren Boebert is the far-right evangelical darling whose stock-in-trade is peddling wild conspiracy theories, babbling about the Biden crime family and brandishing assault rifles.

Evangelicals are very tolerant of the moral and criminal failings of Republican politicians as long as they adhere to their anti-abortion, anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant agenda.

However, since September, 2023 when Boebert was captured on video vaping, uttering obscenities and groping her date’s penis during a performance of the family-friendly Beetlejuice, she has felt a need to burnish her evangelical credentials.

To that end, the woman of God who flipped the bird as she was being escorted out of the Beetlejuice musical performance, gave a Bible study lesson on the Nazi-friendly Rumble network:

“We know nothing pleases God except faith. It’s not our works that please him”, the biblically illiterate bimbo had the audacity to proclaim. Of course, anybody who has a basic understanding of the New Testament knows that good works spring from faith, and that without works faith is dead. In other words, it’s not OK for Boebert to give her date a hand-job in public because she has faith in Jesus.

Bitch please! Stick to musing about how Hunter Biden’s dick pics on his Laptop from Hell somehow leads to the conclusion that Joe Biden must be impeached.

Trump vs Biden? Just Shoot Me!

It’s not even spring and the world’s greatest democracy has now chosen the presidential nominees for the two major parties: Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

The GOP and the Democratic Party have a stranglehold on the presidential selection process, and there’s zero chance that a Third-Party candidate will emerge to seriously compete against these despicable and senile candidates.

This tragic state of American politics can best be demonstrated in a metaphor:

Imagine that both parties are holding political events in Las Vegas at the same time, and naturally all the brothels are doing thriving business. You walk into a cathouse, and the Madam tells you that only two past their prime working girls are available:

Sleepy Joanna: she has a second job doing grannie porn videos in order to make ends meet. She’s emaciated and you fear she may have a heart attack doing the dirty deed, and you wonder about your legal liability. It’s likely that she will forget your name, and blurt out the wrong name when she pretends to climax.

Dorky Donna: she has a second job doing BBW porn in order to pay the bills. She’s fat as a pig and you fear that she may suffer a stroke while you’re knocking boots. You’re certain that the narcissist cow will scream her own name when she comes, and who wants to put up with that shit? 

The madam of the house of ill repute is waiting for you to make your decision, and you finally decide that you’d rather put your privates through a meat grinder than have sex with either of those sorry prostitutes.

Who am I voting for: The senile Biden is better than the senile human excrement Trump, but maybe I should just kill myself.

Bedford, VA Needs an Amtrak Train Station

I’m a senior citizen who rarely drives: the stress of rush hour traffic, the irritation of traffic scofflaws, and the anxiety of skyrocketing gas prices means that my car rarely leaves my driveway.

I’m even more in dread of traveling by air: the humiliation of being groped by TSA Agents, the fear of terrorism, and the boorish behavior of passengers means that I only fly when there’s no other way of reaching my destination.

But I love Amtrak, I don’t have to worry about nodding off at the wheel, or being pinned between two large passengers in a cramped airplane cabin.

Trains invoke a sense of nostalgia when folks weren’t in a rush to get to their destination as quick as possible. Riding a train is a therapeutic experience, the gentle swaying of the cars lulls you to sleep as you sit in your cushy and ample seat.

I love taking the Amtrak to Washinton D.C., and I’m delighted to learn that there may soon be an Amtrak station in Bedford. I’ve lived in Lynchburg for 23 years but I’ve never been to the D Day Memorial, but as soon as Amtrak comes to Bedford, I will purchase my train ticket.

I hope Bedford secure the funding for the Amtrak train station.

When Racist Trump Mistakes Obama for Biden, You Know He’s Senile

I support Joe Biden, 81, over Donald Trump, 77; the Democrat presidential candidate who resembles Mr. Magoo is preferrable over the Republican presidential candidate who resembles a Joe Stalin or an Adolph Hitler.

I will stipulate that President Joe Biden is suffering from severe cognitive issues, the octogenarian has suffered more mental lapses than Carter has little pills.

I will also stipulate that Trump is a blatant racist, he has dog whistled more times in the last eight years than a typical NBA referee has blown whistles during a season.

Even most Democrats will concede that Biden is senile AF, but Republicans are loathe to admit that Trump is senile as all get out.

How senile is Trump? He is so senile that the raging racist has repeatedly mistaken Barak Obama for Joe Biden. During a recent campaign speech in Richmond, VA he said this:

“Shortly after we win the presidency, I will have the horrible war between Russia and Ukraine settled. I know them both very well, and we will restore peace through strength. Get that war settled. It’s a bad war. And Putin has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear word.”

Trump hates Obama simply because he’s black, and when the unrepentant racist mistakes a black former president for the current white president, you know he belongs in a rest home.

Sickening Spectacle: Franklin Graham Embraces Trump at the Border

Part time evangelist and full time Donald Trump fluffer Franklin Graham posted a pic of himself embracing Trump with the caption: “Look who I ran into at the border today! Donald Trump was a great encouragement to many here.”

Franklin is being disingenuous; he didn’t just happen to “run into Trump” at the border. The former president is protected by a phalanx of Secret Service Agents and nobody meets him without making prior arrangements.

Franklin is visiting border towns because it’s an election year, and he wants to amplify Trump’s anti-immigrant message.

The televangelist is preaching a false message by declaring that “Trump was a great encouragement to many here.” Trump’s hateful rhetoric may have been encouraging to his supporters who came to hear his speech, but it was anathema to the predominately Hispanic community of Eagle Pass.

Instead of embracing the blatant racist at the border, he should have been there to welcome migrants who just crossed the border. There are dozens of pro-immigration Biblical verses, including Leviticus 19:34:

 “The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.”

If Jesus returned to Earth, he would deport Franklin and Trump to Mexico, or maybe he would send them directly to hell, and he would welcome all the migrants with open and loving arms.

Biden’s Annual Exam Must Include Cognitive Tests for Dementia

“President Joe Biden spent about 2 1/2 hours at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Wednesday for an annual physical that will be closely watched as the 81-year-old president seeks reelection.”

Associated Press

I have zero faith that the White House will release an accurate and truthful assessment of Joe Biden’s health. After all, after his last exam in February 2023, his physicians declared Biden “healthy, vigorous and fit to handle his White House duties.” This glowing assessment was in spite of Biden’s stiff gait and sluggish pace that’s indicative of a dead man walking, his days are clearly numbered.

Biden doesn’t have to put on a costume for Halloween, with his wispy white hair, prune face and bewildered expression he looks like Mr. Magoo’s ghost.

Biden’s annual exam must include cognitive tests for dementia, and the results must be released to the public. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to ascertain that Biden is senile AF. Anyone who has seen Biden stumble down stairs, lose his train of thought, wander around incircles searching for the exit from the stage, will deduce that he is senile.

If Biden’s cognitive abilities are tested and the results are released to the public, he wouldn’t dare perpetrate the fraud of running for reelection.

Trump Struggles to Pronounce ‘Evangelical’

Joe Biden is in obvious physical and mental decline; he’s like an octogenarian who wandered out of the house in the middle of the night and has no idea how to get back home.

Donald Trump is as senile and demented as Biden but because he’s physically robust, voters don’t consider him as far gone as the current resident of the White House.

One of the ways in which Trump’s senility manifests itself is in his incoherent screeds that barely resemble stump speeches. His diatribes are riddled with obscenities and malapropisms, he mangles the King’s English like a Norwegian on crack.

I give him a pass when he mispronounces or mangles the name of a head of state, but only a senile old man with cognitive issues would stumble over the word “evangelical.”

In a recent speech to the National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville, Trump struggled to say “evangelical” and “evangelist.” It’s been reported that Trump refers to evangelicals in profane terms in private; I give him credit for not slipping and calling them ignorant shitheads in his speech.

What a marvelous democracy we have, we will be only slightly better off if Biden stumbles to the finish line ahead of Trump.

Rep. Bob Good Booted from Trump Store

Virginia’s 5th congressional district congressman Bob Good has sterling conservative credentials, after all he’s slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun and he’s the head of the far-right House Freedom Caucus.

Under normal circumstances such conservative bona fides are enough to discourage any Republican from challenging him in the primary. But Good endorsed Ron DeSantis in the 2004 Republican presidential primary, and he endorsed Donald Trump only after the Florida governor dropped out of the race.

In the MAGA cult that’s the unpardonable sin, and regardless how conservative Good may be, Trump supporters will never forgive him for not endorsing their orange messiah from the start.

Good’s heresy in endorsing DeSantis emboldened VA Del. John McGuire to run against him in the GOP primary, and now Good is running scared. So scared in fact that he made the embarrassing rookie mistake of inviting his supporters to attend the grand opening of a Trump store in Farmville, a McGuire campaign event.

Good joined his supporters in crashing McGuire’s party, and the store’s owner was incensed by the interloper’s sacrilegious action and she was caught on tape angrily asking him to leave.

A Trump store is akin to a place of worship, and the orange buffoon’s supporters will never forgive Good for defiling their temple with his audacious stunt.

I’m a progressive and both Good and McGuire are anathema to me, but Good is substantially more of a rightwing nut, and I hope that he loses his primary.  

Would You Buy a Pair of $399 Trump Sneakers?

“At a sneaker conference in Philadelphia over the weekend, former president Donald Trump unveiled his latest pitch — and it wasn’t a stump speech.

The businessman-turned-politician debuted a new line of gleaming, golden sneakers called Never Surrender High-Tops, which sell online for $399 a pair.”


The sneakerheads subculture is primarily a black thang. The phenomenon has its roots in the NBA and hip-hop culture.

Sneakerheads don’t typically wear their Jordans or Yeezys worth hundreds or thousands of bucks, to preserve their resale value. But on occasion they will don even their most expensive pair of sneakers, and you are likely to end up dead if you accidentally step on them.

You might expect a DJ Khaled, who reportedly has 10,000 pairs of sneakers in his collection, or a Chris Paul or a Lebron James at a Sneaker Con convention peddling their newest line of sneakers.

The last celebrity I expected to see hawking sneakers at a Sneaker Con convention was the noted racist Donald Trump who has nothing but disdain for black culture.

Maybe an Uncle Tom the likes of Sen. Tim Scott might buy a pair of Trump golden sneakers to please his master, but the average guy in the hood wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of Trump sneakers.

And I can’t see the average MAGA head buying a pair of $399 Trump sneakers even if they feature an American flag on the back and a capital T for Trump on the side.

Trump sneakers are destined to be just another failed Trump-branded product, like Trump steak and Trump bottled water.

Trump Once Again Beefing with Adam Schiff

Since the birth of hip-hop, beefs have been a part of the culture, and no rapper worth his salt will refrain from dissing his rivals on record on social media or in interviews.

Donald Trump has more beefs with celebrities, reporters and politicians than anyone in the political or hip-hop realms.

Since Trump never forgives and never forgets his beefs never end, any simmering beef with a longtime adversary can come to a boil for any perceived insult.

The war between Adam (Pencil Neck) Schiff and Donald (Grifter) Trump is once again in full blast.   

Schiff earned Trump’s lifetime enmity by leading the House’s 2020 impeachment, arguing that Trump had solicited foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election, and then obstructed the inquiry itself by ordering his aides to ignore subpoenas for documents and testimony.

Trump challenged Schiff’s allegations with his trademark intelligence, nuanced arguments and eloquence. Just kidding. Trump fought back by calling Schiff a fraud, a pencil neck and a slimeball. And as Trump is wont to do, he christened Schiff with a new moniker, “Shifty Shiff.”

Now that Schiff is running for the Senate in California, Trump is once again taunting him with his juvenile insults. In a recent post on his Truth Social media platform, Trump claimed that Schiff is one of the true lowlifes in the history of politics in America.”

Trump is the one who is the most corrupt, ignorant and venial lowlife in the history of politics in America. It’s in Schiff’s interests to simply ignore Trump’s childish social media posts. He doesn’t need to beef with Trump to fire up his campaign.

War Crime: IDF Kills Dozens of Palestinian Civilians as Cover to Rescue Two Israeli Hostages

The Israeli indiscriminate and saturation bombing of Gaza has taken a heavy toll on civilians, especially women and children, with more than 12,300 Palestinian children killed in the conflict, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

The horrible fact that women and children, not Hamas terrorists, are the main victims of Israel’s unrelenting assault on Gaza, was brought into sharp focus in the aerial bombardment that was used as a cover for Israeli special forces to extract two Israeli hostages from an apartment in Rafah. At least 74 Palestinians were killed in the bombardment, most of these victims were internally displaced residents who had already been forced to relocate several times, and who had sought refuge in Rafah, the last “safe” place in Gaza.

The IDF didn’t bomb military infrastructure as a cover for the hostage rescue, they seemingly selected random targets. A handful of Hamas terrorists and almost a hundred civilians, mostly women and children were killed in order to rescue two elderly hostages.

This hostage rescue at the price of the murder of dozens of civilians was hailed as “one of the greatest rescues in Israeli history” by far-right Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

American evangelicals were equally ebullient in celebrating the rescue of the two Israeli hostages. “Outstanding news that Israel rescued two hostages from Hamas terrorists,” prominent evangelical and former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gushed on 𝕏, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

Israeli Zionists and American evangelicals think that the death of dozens of innocent Palestinians is a small price to pay for the rescue of two Israeli hostages. After all, they no doubt reason, Jehovah and Jesus don’t shed any tears over the murder of Muslim civilians.

Joe Biden Belongs in a Nursing Home or a Hospice, not in the White House

At an impromptu news conference aimed at defending the octogenarian president’s cognitive abilities from his legion of detractors, Joe Biden inexplicably referred to Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi as the “president of Mexico.”

Actually, it’ not inexplicable at all, it’s not surprising that a cognitively-impaired and feeble old man who can’t tell his anus from a gopher hole got his wires crossed, for the umpteenth time.  

The gaffe occurred only hours after the release of the special counsel’s report into Biden’s handling of classified documents which concluded that he willfully retained classified information, including top secret documents, but that he didn’t charge him with any crimes, because no jury would convict a doddering old Mr. Magoo-like character.

Islamic Egypt and Roman Catholic Mexico may be separated by thousands of miles of ocean and desert, but what the hey, they both have world-famous pyramids and maybe we should cut Biden some slack? Should we just look the other way every time he falls down stairs, can’t find his way down a stage or utter a mind-boggling gaffe?

Absolutely, not! Joe Biden isn’t the president of the Bingo Club at a nursing home, he’s the president of the United States and Leader of the Free World, and he has no business running for reelection.

Joe Biden belongs in a nursing home or a hospice, not in the White House.

Special Counsel: No Charges for Biden Over Classified Documents (Too Senile to be Charged)

“A US Department of Justice report on Thursday cast Joe Biden as a ‘well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory’ in a damaging portrayal of the president even as he was spared from criminal charges following a months-long probe.

Financial Times

Special Counsel Robert Hur oversaw the DOJ’s investigation into Joe Biden’s handling (mishandling) of classified materials found at his private residences and offices and famously in a box behind his classic Corvette.

After a months-long investigation, he concluded that Biden, 81, had “willfully retained and disclosed” sensitive documents but he did not file criminal charges as a result.

Why was Biden spared from criminal charges when the special counsel concluded that he had willfully retained and shared the sensitive material with his ghostwriter, among other individuals?

Hur perceived Biden as a ‘well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory’ who would be viewed sympathetically by a jury. Basically, he’s saying that a jury would feel sorry for him and not convict him even if he showed up for his trial with classified materials shoved up his ass. The jury would correctly deduce that Biden doesn’t know his rectum from a locked file cabinet and they would find him not guilty of all charges. I guess a friendly elderly man who is as brain-addled as Mr. Magoo can get away with murder. (As long as he isn’t black or brown.)

Biden may be breathing a sigh of relief, but most Americans are terrified that a hopelessly senile old man will probably be reelected. Biden has no business getting behind the wheel of a Corvette and he has no business running for reelection.

Senile Joe Biden Should Step Aside for Gavin Newsom

According to actuarial tables, the statistical tools used by insurance companies, government agencies and corporations to predict the life expectancy of a potential employee or policy holder, Joe Biden has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, and one finger stuck up his ass, and the other one picking his nose.

But ordinary people don’t have to take into account expectancy tables or mortality tables to discern that Biden is senile old codger who will die well before he completes a second term if he’s reelected.

Donald Trump is still physically robust but he’s almost as senile as Biden. However, he has the presence of mind to realize that Biden is so physically frail and cognitively challenged that he may be forced to drop out of the race.

That’s why in an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo he eviscerated California governor Gavin Newsom who is running a shadow campaign for president. Trump blamed Newsome for almost every problem the Golden State is facing.

“His state is doing horribly. You look at the homeless problem. You look at the people that are leaving. You have companies that are leaving. They’re all leaving for other locations. I think Gavin’s easy because California is a disaster.” Finally, he said Newsome was “bullshit.”

Newsome with his relative youth and good looks is a presidential candidate straight out of central casting, and he would defeat Trump in a landslide.

Biden is a good man but it’s bullshit that he’s running for president, he needs to drop out immediately. Trump is a horrible person, and it’s bullshit that the senile sociopath is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Black Evangelicals Need to Reclaim Their Faith from White Evangelicals

When you hear a news reporter mention evangelical Christians what image comes to mind? A middle-aged white person wearing a MAGA hat, waving a Bible in one hand and brandishing a Trump flag in the other? The operative word being “white”, whether they’re suburban parishioners worshipping in a megachurch, or trailer park denizens attending a revival in a big tent, we think of evangelicals as white.

The white evangelical movement in America is a heretical strain of Protestant Christianity that has corrupted Christianity and infected the Republican Party. White Christian nationalists and other strains of the evangelical faith have taken control of the GOP, the Bible is their political platform and Donald Trump is their messiah. Their orange messiah has embraced their Gospel of xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia and misogyny.

The constant linking of Whiteness with evangelical Christianity, obscures the fact that there are millions of black, brown and Asian evangelicals in America.

Black evangelicals are as theologically conservative and socially conservative as their white counterparts, but black evangelicals aren’t enthralled with the sociopath and amoral Trump. They tend to vote Democratic, and they don’t believe in the heresy of Christian nationalism.

Sadly, homophobia is one sin that black evangelicals share with white evangelicals, hopefully they will come to despise homophobia as much as they despise racism.

Black, brown and Asian evangelicals, the vast majority of whom don’t share the far-right and extremist views of white evangelicals, need to reclaim the evangelical faith from heretical white evangelicals. They can start by being as vociferous preaching unity, love and the brotherhood of man as white evangelicals are in preaching racism and hatred.

White Evangelicals are Clownish Cultists, But We Must Take Them Seriously

White evangelicals are an aberration, they don’t quite fit the national zeitgeist. It’s easy to dismiss them as uneducated and brainwashed cultists who engage in groupthink, mindlessly obeying their pastors and especially their orange messiah.

It’s natural to mock and ridicule Trump’s evangelical regiment, after all they speak in tongues, believe in divine healing and demonic possession, are waiting for Jesus to Rapture them out of this world, and they have sworn allegiance to their orange idol.  

But we dismiss them at our own peril, they are dangerous precisely because they are a monolith voting bloc, who are convinced they are in a spiritual warfare with Biden and his host of godless liberals.

Trump may be a senile buffoon and his MAGA base may be idiots, but we must take them seriously. Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and he may win his rematch with Joe Biden in 2024, if Democrats don’t mobilize and energize their base to defeat Trump once and for all.

If Biden doesn’t win the general election in 2024, Trump will do his best to turn our democracy into a white nationalist Christian theocracy, and public school teachers will be warning our children to prepare for the Rapture and to report any of their classmates who show signs of demon possession.

Snoop Dogg Says He ‘Has Nothing but Love for Trump’ Say What?

Rappers have a penchant for flashing Benjamins, wearing sharp clothing, glorifying violence, demeaning women as “bitches and ho’s”, and beefing with each other. Beef is a verbal conflict between rappers, most commonly manifested in rap songs degrading and demeaning one other.

There have been some epic rap beefs; Nas vs Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur vs. The Notorious B.I.G., and more recently Nikki Minaj vs. Megan thee Stallion.

Snoop Dogg has had some epic beefs, who can forget his rap battles with Eminem? But Snoop’s most infamous beef wasn’t with a fellow rapper, but with former president Donald Trump. For example, in a 2020 interview Snoop has this to say: “I ain’t never voted a day in my life, but this year I think I’m going to get out and vote because I can’t stand to see this punk in office one more year.” Snoop has shouted “Fuck Trump” as often as he has said, “pass me the blunt.”

Snoop has done a complete turnaround on Trump. In an interview with The Sunday Times published Sunday he said:

“Donald Trump? He ain’t done nothing wrong to me. He has done only great things for me. He pardoned Michael Harris.”

Say what? Phony reason for Snoop to all of a sudden start lavishing praise on the twice-impeached, four-times indicted steaming pile of human excrement, after all, it was years ago that Trump pardoned Harris.

Say it ain’t so Snoop! Please tell us that you are punking us once again, just like you did when you tweeted that you had given up smoking and it turned out that your tweet was a marketing ploy for a smokeless fire pit.

I hope you are still hatin’ on Trump, just like you are still smoking fat ass blunts.

Donald Trump is Furious That Nikki Haley Doesn’t Drop Out of the Race

Donald Trump was enraged this week when Nikki Haley vowed to keep fighting him in the Republican primaries, despite the fact that she came in a distant third in the Iowa Caucuses, and suffered a double digit lose in New Hampshire, a state that was tailor-made for her.

Haley doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump, and I predict that she will suspend her campaign before she suffers a humiliating lose in her home state of South Carolina.

However, Haley has every right to continue her quixotic quest to beat the orange behemoth, and if Trump had any sense, he would simply ignore her, but his narcissism and hatred of women won’t allow him to do the sensible thing.

The foaming at the mouth disgraced former president, angry at his rival’s refusal to drop out of the race, resorted to ridiculing her appearance on stage during her concession speech, commenting that she was wearing a “fancy dress that probably wasn’t so fancy.”

Trump, an authoritarian who has nothing but contempt for the democratic process, wants to be coronated before the primary campaign is over, and he wants all his opponents to kiss his ring, and proclaim him messiah.

During his New Hampshire victory speech Trump humiliated South Carolina Senator Tim Scott who was standing right behind him, by telling him that he must really hate Nikki Haley for endorsing him rather than Haley who appointed him senator when she was the governor of South Carolina. The emasculated Uncle Tom stepped up to the podium, and looking directly at Trump, displaying an ingratiating smile, replied, “I just love you.”

Trump wants all of his political opponents to be as submissive, subservient and obsequious as the aforementioned house negro, and he is besides himself that his last remaining primary rival, a woman at that, refuses to bow out of the race. And so, the misogynist pig resorts to juvenile behavior by making fun of her dress. What a fucken chauvinist pig.

Racist Flyers Left on Porches in Lynchburg, VA

When there’s an infestation in your home of cockroaches or any other vermin you don’t ignore the problem and hope and pray it will go away of its own accord. If you see one cockroach scurrying on your kitchen floor that means that there are many more you don’t see, hiding in cracks and crevices under sinks and behind refrigerators.

If you don’t deal with an infestation immediately and decisively the problem will only get worse. At the first sight of a cockroach or a termite I spray them with pesticides and if that doesn’t work, I call a pest control company.

According to the Lynchburg Police Department, last year on Christmas Eve some cretin left racist flyers in neighborhoods on Cabell Street and Peakland Place. The only trespasser we expect to see on Christmas is Santa Claus; it must have been especially disturbing to discover that someone did such a dastardly deed on Christmas, of all days.

The citizens of Lynchburg, especially the residents in the low-income neighborhood that was targeted, are upset over this overtly racist attack. During Tuesday night’s Lynchburg City Council meeting alarmed residents addressed the board about the problem and called upon the city to acknowledge and fix the problem.

I am proud of my fellow residents of Lynchburg for dealing with this racist infestation immediately and for calling upon city leaders to make their neighborhoods safe from racists.

The person(s) who distributed the flyers were bold and brazen, they walked right up to the houses and left the racist flyers on porches.

If you see something, say something. If you see a stranger lurking in your neighborhood, step out on your porch and make sure they see you. Lynchburg is a friendly and welcoming city, we can’t afford to tolerate any expression of racism.

Trump’s MAGA Faithful Aren’t Your Father’s Evangelicals

Trump’s MAGA faithful aren’t your father’s evangelicals, they have substituted the peaceful message of Jesus Christ for the vengeful and hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump.

They despise the hippy Jesus of the Gospels and his liberal Sermon on the Mount blather about “blessed are the poor.” Instead of going to a church that teaches parishioners to love their neighbors and to minister to the poor and needy, they attend MAGA rallies where they soak in the hatred, racism and homophobia that emanates from the sphincter-shaped mouth of their orange overlord.

They aren’t into turning the other cheek, they prefer to pimp slap heretics who doesn’t worship their orange messiah. They perceive themselves as White Christian Nationalist soldiers marching as to war, with their freak flag of Trump flying high, hoping to instill fear in migrants, racial minorities and the LGBT community.

Their mindset is screw Jesus and his liberal blessed are the poor bullshit, give us the ruthless and vengeful sociopath who will own the libs and transform our democracy into a white Christian nationalist theocracy.

Trump’s MAGA disciples aren’t your father’s evangelicals, they are religious scum and we must smite them hip and thigh, metaphorically speaking.

Donald Trump is Physically Repulsive, He’s an Abomination

Donald Trump is a morally corrupt charlatan, an amoral sociopath and wannabe dictator who is arguably the worst president in history. Tomes have been written about his moral flaws, criminal behavior and myriad sins against humanity and God.

But not enough has been written about his alarming and disturbing physical appearance, in deference to his status as a former president.

Donald Trump is the most physically repulsive politician in American history, if he was the monster in a horror flick it would have to be rated NC-17 for the irreparable psychological and spiritual harm it would cause in moviegoers.

Consider his mouth that resembles a porn star’s overworked sphincter, his eyes that remind us of a rabid raccoon, his orange complexion that you would expect to find in a survivor of a nuclear attack, his misshapen tiny doll hands, his urine-colored toupee that looks like a Russian hooker just peed on, his double chin that speaks of his gluttony and his huge ass that testifies to his laziness.

And now consider that white evangelicals worship this ugly as hell abomination as their Lord and Savior. That tells you everything you need to know about white evangelicals.

Jeza Belle Popular Drag Queen Writes Christian Devotional

“Jeza’s Jesus Juice: A Drag Queen’s Christian Devotional, which was published in December, provides a personal history of the author’s religious beliefs and morality.

The book includes chapters on gender identity, Pride, and radical inclusivity. Other chapters tackle forgiveness, guilt, and God’s love.”

Time Blitzed

Jezebel was the wife of Ahab, the King of Israel. According to the biblical narrative she and her husband institutionalized the worship of Baal. Jezebel is the most profane and evil woman in the Bible and her name has entered the vernacular as a generic epithet for any corrupt, vulgar and sacrilegious woman.

Jezebel was thrown from a window to her death. Her corpse was trampled by a horse and then eaten by stray dogs, as the prophet Elijah had prophesied.

Jeza Belle is a drag queen and devout Christian (not mutually exclusive terms) who has just published a Christian devotional, “the first and only mainstream published Christian book written by a drag queen.”

Evangelical Christians, who worship an orange idol more loathsome than Baal, demonize Jeza Belle and all other drag queens. If they had their druthers, they would stone our beloved drag queen and feed her to the wolves.

Jeza Belle is the antithesis of the biblical Jezebel, she is spreading the good news of god’s love for all of His children, be they white or black or gay or straight.

I wouldn’t be caught dead at a Trump-worshipping evangelical church, but I would gladly attend a drag performance or a devotional message by Jeza Belle.  

Trump: ‘If You’re Sick as a Dog, Even if You Vote and Die, It’s Worth It’

Donald Trump demands unquestioned loyalty and total devotion from his supporters. He doesn’t care that the temperature on caucus night may drop to -45 degrees, he expects his devotees to cast their ballot with their frostbitten fingers.

“You can’t sit home. If you’re sick as a dog… even if you vote and then pass away, it’s worth it,” Trump told supporters while at a rally in Iowa on Sunday, January 14.

Trump may have been half-joking but his followers will don their long johns, winter coats and risk hypothermia to caucus for their Orange Messiah.

If MAGA idiots froze to death on their way to caucus, they would die with a smile on their faces counting it a privilege and a blessing to die as a martyr for their Savior.

On caucus night Trump will get a kick out of watching his groupies brave the elements to vote for him, while he sips hot chocolate and watches election coverage in Mar-a-Lago.

The supporters of the other Republican presidential candidates aren’t as dedicated, and many of them will choose to stay in their warm homes. After all, they consider Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley mere politicians and not God’s anointed leader who will lead them to the Promised Land of a Christian theocracy.

Trump is destined to win the Iowa caucuses and the Republican presidential nomination thanks to his legions of sycophants, cultists and fluffers.

Our democracy’s only hope is that in the general election, Trump voters will be no match for the majority of Americans who haven’t swallowed the Kool-Aid.

White Evangelicals Yearn to Turn America into an Iowa Like Dystopia

Monday’s Iowa Republican caucuses formally launch the 2024 primary race that will culminate with the coronation of twice-impeached, twice-divorced and four times indicted Donald Trump.

Iowa is the perfect state to kick off the 2024 GOP presidential race, it’s 90 percent white and white evangelicals dominate the state Republican party.

Republicans long for the 1920’s when American was more religiously and ethnically homogeneous, and it was clearly understood that the nation should be led by a white Christian male.

White evangelicals are on a mission from God to make America resemble Iowa by voting for a sociopath authoritarian who’s promised to deport immigrants, and to revive his Muslim ban that will prohibit travel and refugee resettlement from predominately Muslim countries.

White evangelicals are convinced that Trump will turn our democracy into a white nationalist Christian theocracy.

If you despise democracy, hate people of color, hate diversity, and are afraid of women and the LGBT community, then by all means join Iowan Republicans in voting for the execrable Trump.

Trump’s Toxic Personality Prompts Biden to Utter, ‘What a sick …’

President Joe Biden eviscerated Donald trump during a speech kicking off his 2024 presidential campaign. Biden’s absolute disdain and abhorrence of Trump kept his mind focused and his delivery lively, for once I didn’t notice any signs of mental decline.

At one point in his impassioned political attack on his likely general election opponent, Biden exclaimed, “What a sick … My God.” It wasn’t a declining mental acuity that prevented Biden from completing his thought, his fists were clenched in an effort to stop from uttering an expletive. We all know that Biden wanted to say “What a sick fuck.”

Trump usually sprinkles his campaign stump speeches with expletives, to the delight of the MAGA crowd. But Biden has too much respect for the office of the presidency to make it a practice to utter profanities in public.  

The volume of stupidity, racism, misogyny, and homophobia that emanates from Trump’s sphincter-shaped mouth during a typical speech is enough to make the average person exclaim, “What a sick fuck” a dozen times.

Biden was every one of use when he uttered, What a sick …” It’s incumbent upon each one of us to do everything within our power to make sure that this sick fuck doesn’t ever again return to power.