Evangelical Pastor and Trump Fluffer Hank Kunneman Says That God is ‘Far Right’

For decades Republican candidates have pandered to evangelicals and pledged allegiance to their issues, but once in power they have done little more than offer rhetorical support.

But in the Trump era Republicans have made common cause with white evangelicals and they are now joined at the hip, to the extent that if Trump wins the election, he may very well pervert our democracy into a White Christian Nationalist regime.

Hank Kunneman, the pastor of Lord of Host Church in Omaha, Nebraska, is a prime example of an evangelical leader who thinks the GOP is the party of the Almighty. The self-proclaimed prophet and Trump fluffer said in a sermon that God is “far right” and that Democrats are “black dark evil.”

The Supreme Being isn’t an Attila the Hun monstrosity who orders St.  Peter not to let anyone inside the Pearly Gates if they aren’t card-carrying members of the Republican Party.

And the Democratic Party isn’t the party of Satan, and Democrats aren’t black dark evil.

The truth is that politics is a dirty business and that politicians of all stripes tend to be shady characters. But that’s not to say that there isn’t any difference between Republicans and Democrats.

The only institution more corrupt than politics is religion, and the MAGA Republican Party represents the worst of religion and politics. The leader of the GOP, Donald Trump, is a racist sociopath and wannabe dictator, who will split hell wide open.