Trump is Past His Expiration Date

“Michael Cohen testified today that Trump once asked him how long he’d be single if Melania were to leave him and said, ‘How long do you think I’d be on the market for? Not long.’ On the market?

‘Coincidentally, ‘not long’ is how Stormy described it.’ — STEPHEN COLBERT

‘But it’s true — he would be off the market soon. I mean, he is clearly past his expiration date.’ — STEPHEN COLBERT”

The New York Times

Trump is past his expiration date as far as being viable marriage material. The narcissist bragged that if Melania left him over his extramarital affairs, he wouldn’t be in the market for long. Trump isn’t exactly a good catch for a gold-digger, he has mountains of debt, his future residence may be a federal penitentiary, he’s persona non grata in most social circles, and not to mention that he’s butt ugly. Imagine a gold-digger calculating whether it’s worth it to marry a billionaire with a mouth that looks like a sphincter. She’d probably faint the first time he tried to french kiss her.

Trump is also past his expiration date when it comes to his physical condition. Like a sirloin steak that’s past its expiration and has been dyed to make it appear fresh, the septuagenarian with the dyed blond wispy hair and the orange complexion reeks to high heaven. Is it any surprise that lawyers, journalists, court reporters and other court officials have complained that he smells, and not just when he’s farting. Trump is physically deteriorating, witness his double chin, his balding pate, and unsteady gate.

Needless to say, Trump’s brain is past its expiration date. The buffoon can’t complete a sentence, let alone a speech. He doesn’t make sense regardless how much weed you smoke or alcohol you drink.

Trump is past his expiration date when it comes to his neo-Nazi, authoritarian ideology. His fascist rhetoric may have been all the rage in Germany in the 30’s and early 40’s, but it’s past its expiration date in 21st century America. His far-right Nationalist ideology may resonate with his evangelical base, but they are a minority in our secular democracy.

Trump is past his expiration when it comes to being a viable presidential candidate, it’s time for voters to kick him to the curb.