‘Von ShitzinPants’ Perfect Nickname for Donald Trump

Michael Cohen’s, Donald Trump’s former lawyer-cum fixer, scatological nickname for his ex-boss broke the internet and shattered the spirts of the former president when social media posts in which he called him “Von ShitzinPants” were read aloud during a contempt of court hearing.

The social media posts were read aloud by Trump’s own lawyer, Todd Blanche. He was trying to argue that it was unfair for a gag order to prevent Trump from talking smack about witnesses when they could say anything about him.

Trump christens his political opponents with silly monikers that amuse elementary schoolyard bullies, simpletons, and MAGA cultists.

It was extremely satisfying to witness the pompous fool get a taste of his own medicine, and to hear his own lawyer say Von ShitzinPants was the cherry on the cake.

Von ShitzinPants is the perfect nickname for Trump, considering he has a penchant for farting in the courtroom. It’s also common knowledge that the incontinent septuagenarian wears diapers.

When Trump isn’t shitting in his pants, verbal diarrhea is streaming from his sphincter-shaped mouth.

I died laughing when I read about this courtroom drama; Trump couldn’t say or do shit when he heard himself being referred to as Von ShitzinPants.