Donald Trump’s Brother Robert Trump Dies and #wrongtrump Trends on Twitter

“Robert Trump, 71, the younger brother of President Donald Trump, died Saturday at a New York hospital, Donald Trump announced in a statement.

‘It is with heavy heart I share that my wonderful brother, Robert, peacefully passed away tonight. He was not just my brother, he was my best friend. He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace,’ the President said.”


The hashtag #wrongtrump has been trending on Twitter since Donald Trump announced that his younger brother, Robert Trump, had died. Trump’s followers who are unfazed by Trump’s racism, homophobia, misogyny and indifference to the over 160,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 have their panties in a twist over this indelicate hashtag.

To set things in perspective keep in mind that Trump’s older brother was in a hospital dying, when he went to the movies, and yesterday with his younger brother Robert dying in a hospital, Trump played golf.

Trump is a sociopath; he is incapable of empathy or caring about the welfare of anyone other than himself. To fit into polite society sociopaths fake empathy, so they won’t be recognized as the soulless monsters they are.

Trump is such an arrogant sociopath that he does only the bare minimum to pretend that he cared about his brother. If Trump has so little concern for his brothers, why should we extend our condolences to the sociopath-in-chief?

Anybody who isn’t a member of Trump’s cult wishes that the Grim Reaper had come calling for Donald and not his younger brother Robert.

I’m going to do my part to keep the hashtag #wrongtrump alive until Donald Trump is dead.

Herman Cain Tweets From Beyond the Grave to Attack Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

“Although former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain died from coronavirus in July, his Twitter account issued two posthumous attacks on Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, on Wednesday and Thursday, appearing to make good on the Cain family’s vow to use his platforms ‘to share the information and ideas he believed in.’”


The Cain family is beneath contempt, they are using their dead daddy’s (Our Uncle Tom) Twitter account to attack Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Herman Cain shucked and jived, tap danced and performed all sorts of coonery and buffoonery in service of his Massa Donald Trump. But the Cain family and the political operatives who are managing his Twitter feed to send out zombie tweets just won’t let the devil rest in peace.

If Herman Cain could speak from beyond the grave, he’d probably tweet something like this:

I didn’t wear a mask when I attended the Tulsa MAGA rally because I didn’t want to offend Trump; I caught the virus and I am now burning in hell for my sins. Don’t be like me: wear a mask, don’t vote for Trump and don’t be an Uncle Tom.

It’s a nightmare seeing a posthumous Herman Cain tweet, but imagine how horrible it would be to see Trump tweet from beyond the grave. With a demon ramming hot coal up his ass, Trump’s tweets from hell would be even more toxic than they are now, if that’s possible.

Ari Fleischer: ‘Kamala Harris Just Not That Historically Exciting to African Americans’

Senator Kamala Harris the presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee is the first African American and first Asian American to be chosen as the running mate of a major party’s presidential candidate.

Sen. Harris is eminently qualified to serve as vice-president and she’s ready to be president from day one if anything, God forbid, should happen to Joe Biden. She has a distinguished resume: District Attorney of San Francisco, Attorney General of California and the United States Senator from the Golden State.

Republicans are having a hard time finding a line of attack against Harris, witness Ari Fleischer’s feeble attempt to tarnish her:

“She’s just not that historically exciting to African Americans, she certainly wasn’t during the primary.”

Fleisher served as White House Press Secretary for former president George W. Bush, and he’s currently a fluffer for Donald Trump and a paid talking head for Fox News.

Fleischer has the charisma of a wilted head of cabbage and his white bread commentary will induce even an insomniac to sleep. Fleisher isn’t exciting to African Americans, Jewish Americans or any sentient being for that matter. The only exciting thing about Fleischer is wondering if he takes off his glass eye when he sleeps.

STFU Fleischer! Kamala Harris is a hell of a lot more exciting than Trump’s running mate Mike Pence. I’m sick to death of that evangelical freak who calls his wife “Mother” and his boss “Daddy.”

The Infamous Pic of Jerry Falwell Jr With Pants Unzipped is a Perfect Representation of White Evangelicals

“Jerry Falwell Jr. posted and then quickly deleted a strange vacation photo, leaving some to question what was actually going on.

The photo, captured by Relevant Magazine, shows the Liberty University president on a yacht with his pants undone and his shirt hiked up. Next to him stands a young woman identified as a “friend” whose pants are similarly unzipped and Falwell was holding up her shirt to expose her abdomen. In his hand was a glass of dark liquid.

‘I promise that’s just black water in my glass. It was a prop only,’ the caption reads.”

The Raw Story

The famous 1930 painting by Grant Wood, American Gothic, depicts a farmer standing beside his daughter, their rigid postures and stern expressions could have represented how evangelicals were perceived in previous decades.

The now infamous Instagram photo of the married Jerry Falwell Jr. with his pants unbuckled embracing a young woman who’s not his wife whose short shorts are similarly unzipped represents white evangelical Christianity in the 21st century.

Evangelicals claim to believe in family values, God and country and they denounce and demonize Hollywood values, godless liberals and gays and lesbians. But the reality is that the pic of the inebriated Falwell is a faithful representation of white evangelicals. Indeed, the Bible Belt states are the biggest consumers of pornography, and I suspect that many evangelicals pleasured themselves while ogling the image of the hot young girl with her short shorts unzipped standing next to the distinguished president of the country’s largest evangelical university.

White evangelicals have shown their true colors, they have embraced Donald Trump, the thrice married chronic adulterer who bragged how he likes to grab women by the pussy. They not only support Trump, but they treat the short-fingered vulgarian as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

White evangelicalism is a political movement disguised as a religious movement, and the racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and homophobia of Trump is more important to them than Biblical principles.

The next time a white evangelical brandishing a huge King James Bible preaches Jesus to you, just remember that the amoral Trump is the one they really worship.

Trump Claims ‘1917’ Spanish Flu Ended World War II, Which Began in 1939

During a press briefing on Monday, President Donald Trump claimed that in 1917 the Spanish flu probably ended the Second World War.

I suspect Trump suffers from dementia, but I’m certain he suffers from permanent brain freeze.

How preposterous was Trump’s statement, let’s count the ways:

The Spanish flu began in the summer of 1918, not 1917. During the coronavirus pandemic Trump has repeatedly stated that the Spanish flu began in 1917, and I assume that his aides gingerly corrected him in private. Trump, who is no history major, probably made an honest mistake the first time he referred to the “1917 pandemic”, but he is loath to admit a mistake and keeps claiming that the Spanish flu began in 2017. The stable genius can keep repeating a lie a thousand times, and he can even issue an executive order, but history books won’t change the start time of the Spanish flu to 1917.

The stable genius probably meant to refer to World War I, the final months of which overlapped with the spread of the flu.

World War I ended when Germany’s allies realized that it was impossible to win the war, and one by one they withdrew from the global conflict leaving Germany to fight alone. Germany finally signed an armistice, not quite a surrender, but an agreement to stop the fighting. World War I ended with a whimper, not a bang, and certainly not because of the Spanish flu.

If Trump isn’t fired by the American public this November, his incompetence and ignorance might lead to World War III, and the end of human history.

Trump-Supporting White Evangelicals Are On The Wrong Side of History and Demographics

“The Moral Majority was a prominent American political organization associated with the Christian right and Republican Party. It was founded in 1979 by Baptist minister Jerry Falwell Sr. and associates, and dissolved in the late 1980s. It played a key role in the mobilization of conservative Christians as a political force and particularly in Republican presidential victories throughout the 1980s.”


Jerry Falwell Sr.’s decision to establish the Moral Majority went against the traditional Baptist principle of separating religion and politics. When you mix the intolerance and bigotry of Southern evangelicalism with the corruption and moral relativism of politics the result is the corruption of society as a whole.

The Moral Majority wasn’t a majority, they were a minority in our secular ethnically and religiously diverse democracy, but they caused a lot of harm.

The Moral Majority sought to mobilize religious conservatives to become politically active on issues such as pornography, abortion and homosexuality.

You can’t legislate your version of morality, and the Moral Majority was an abject failure when it came to banning pornography, restricting abortion and disenfranchising gays and lesbians.

In the 1980’s it was very difficult to access pornography, you had to be of legal age to buy a Penthouse or Playboy magazine, and you likewise had to be at least 18 to attend one of the few porn theatres that were mainly located in big cities. Today the most hardcore pornography is available online to everyone, including children. A Playboy magazine is considered a quaint and almost wholesome relic of a bygone era.

Falwell had his panties in a twist over Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision of the Supreme Court that protects a woman’s freedom to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. Conservatives are still trying to overthrow Roe v. Wade, and they may very well succeed if Trump is reelected, but for the time being abortion is still legal in every state.

In Falwell’s era gays and lesbians were a persecuted minority, and they weren’t allowed to serve openly in the military, adopt children or get married. They were a despised community, and nobody, evangelical or secular persons, blinked an eye when they were called faggots, dykes or cocksuckers. Today gays and lesbians can marry, serve openly and proudly in the military and adopt children. According to a 2019 Pew Research poll, a majority of Americans (61%) support same-sex marriage and even 29% of evangelicals support it.

White evangelicals are on the wrong side of history common sense and demographics, and don’t let your hearts be troubled, this too shall pass. The white evangelical Trump supporters aren’t our future, these Neanderthals are dead bigots walking.

Bipolar, Narcissist Uncle Tom Kanye West Isn’t Going to Siphon Votes From Joe Biden

Kanye West is an excellent rapper and a gifted fashion designer, but he’s definitely out of his league as a politician.

West’s quixotic White House bid born of a bipolar condition, narcissism and a desire to promote his forthcoming album is doomed. He got in to the game too late, and he hasn’t qualified to appear in most state ballots.

The drama queen’s presidential campaign is getting help qualifying for ballots in key states from Republicans around the country, fueling suspicions that the Trump campaign is propping up his campaign in the hopes he will siphon support away from Joe Biden.

The pathological liar, Donald Trump, denies any White House involvement, telling reporters:

“I like Kanye very much. I have nothing to do with him being on the ballot. I’m not involved.”

Trump realizes that his mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic and his abject failure to address the racial turmoil in the wake of the murder of George Floyd has crippled his campaign and that he can’t win without indulging in dirty tricks. Trump’s dirty tricks include suppressing the minority vote, telling outrageous lies about Biden, and propping up West.

West himself has hinted that he may be in the race to derail Biden. When an interviewer from Forbes implied that he was a spoiler in the race, the rapper responded, “I’m not denying it.”

Does Republican political strategists really think West is going to siphon votes from Biden simply because he’s black? The African Americans I know are sick and tired of West’s coonery and buffoonery and they aren’t about to vote for an Uncle Tom.

If anything, West is going to siphon some of the crazy vote away from Trump. Trump is going to lose in a landslide regardless if West drops out or not.

Trump’s Reaction to Staggering Coronavirus Death Toll: ‘It Is What It Is’

President Donald Trump cavalierly said the United States’ staggering death toll from the coronavirus “is what it is” in his disastrous interview with Jonathan Swan.

The reason Trump’s interview with Swan was a disaster of biblical proportions is simply because the Axios reporter didn’t allow the liar-in-chief to get away with nonsensical statements and outlandish lies. Any interviewer worth his salt must be prepared to fact check the president in real time and not allow him to dodge a question by going off on a stream-of-consciousness diatribe that bears no relation to the question.

“Is what it is” perfectly captures Trump’s dark soul, he has no empathy for the millions of Americans infected with the coronavirus and for the thousands of families who have buried victims from the disease.

Most sociopaths at least fake empathy in order to blend in with polite society, but Trump is so confident that his base will vote for him even if he acts like a soulless monster, that he doesn’t even make the effort to fake empathy.

“Is what it is” also exposes Trump’s ignorance of the coronavirus, how it spreads and how it can be contained. The stable genius just shrugs in surrender, and utters “It is what it is.” Trump is totally unqualified intellectually, morally and spiritually to deal with a pandemic that has destroyed our economy and killed tens of thousands of Americans.

I imagine the Biden campaign is already producing commercials with the tagline: Is what it is. When Trump loses in a landslide, I imagine there will be millions exclaiming: Oh Well, It is what it is!

Jerry Falwell Jr. Posts a Pic of Himself With His Pants Unbuckled Standing Next To a Hot Girl With Her Short Shorts Unzipped

“Jerry Falwell Jr. posted and then quickly deleted a strange vacation photo, leaving some to question what was actually going on.

The photo, captured by Relevant Magazine, shows the Liberty University president on a yacht with his pants undone and his shirt hiked up. Next to him stands a young woman identified as a “friend” whose pants are similarly unzipped and Falwell was holding up her shirt to expose her abdomen. In his hand was a glass of dark liquid.

‘I promise that’s just black water in my glass. It was a prop only,’ the caption reads.”

The Raw Story

This is not fake news, Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, really posted a photograph depicting him holding a glass of what appears to be liquor standing next to a beautiful young woman. She has her short shorts unzipped revealing her navel, and he has his pants unzipped exposing his underwear and his pasty stomach.

This image is aesthetically disturbing, I’m afraid it’s going to be impossible to erase Falwell’s zombie gaze and his exposed pasty stomach.

Falwell is looking straight ahead, not deigning to look at the gorgeous young woman. He is gripping her tightly as if she is a possession, and not a human being to be admired for her beauty and personality.

This image is also spiritually disturbing, are white evangelicals so debased and hypocritical that one of their leading lights has no qualms about posting a picture that documents his infidelity?

As a married minister Falwell shouldn’t be vacationing with a woman he identifies as a “family friend.” I can only conclude that the drink he is holding contains alcohol, and he was inebriated when he posted the pic on social media.

Or maybe he has an open marriage, and his wife has no problems with him posting a pic with a young woman, and both of them appearing as if they’ve just had sex, and were so exhausted from the tryst that they didn’t have the energy to zip up their pants.

Methinks, Falwell is suffering from delusions of grandeur and he thinks that he can get away with anything, just like his hero, Donald Trump. If a video emerged of the Orange false messiah enjoying golden showers with Russian hookers, his white evangelical supporters would either say it was a deep fake video or they would claim that the video depicts angels showering their Savior with golden holy water.

Trump can get away with murder, but I seriously doubt Falwell can survive this indiscretion. Liberty University students aren’t allowed to watch R-rated movies, drink alcohol, or engage in pre-marital or homosexual activity. If a Liberty University student posted a pic like this on Facebook or Twitter he would immediately be expelled.

Trump Brags (Lies) About Attracting Huge Crowds in Coronavirus Epicenters

My visits last week to Texas and Frorida had massive numbers of cheering people gathered along the roads and highways, thousands and thousands, even bigger (by far) than the crowds of 2016. Saw no Biden supporters, and yet some in the Fake News said it was an equal number. Sad!

Donald Trump tweet

This is a typical Trump tweet in that it contains typos, lies, and an obsession with numbers.

You’d think the stable genius wouldn’t misspell “Florida” a swing state that he desperately needs to win.

It’s a blatant lie that there were massive numbers of cheering people gathered along the roads and highways when he visited Texas and Florida. Last week Trump held a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida that had a disappointing turnout. After the Tulsa debacle, Trump should realize that in a pandemic his supporters, many of whom are senior citizens, aren’t going to show up for his rallies in the same numbers as in 2016.

Trump shouldn’t be bragging, or should is say lying, about his campaign stops in Texas and Florida attracting massive numbers of cheering people. These two states have set new records for coronavirus deaths over the past few days, if anything he should be encouraging the residents of these two states to avoid crowds.

Trump points out that he saw no Biden supporters, which begs the question: why the holy hell would Biden supporters show up at a MAGA rally?

This tweet just emphasizes the fact that Trump is a demented lying piece of shit, and it’s high time to kick him to the curb.

Donald Trump: The Grievance Collector

“The most revealing answer from Donald Trump’s interview with Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace came in response not to the toughest question posed by Wallace, but to the easiest.

At the conclusion of the interview, Wallace asked Trump how he will regard his years as president.

‘I think I was very unfairly treated,’ Trump responded. ‘From before I even won, I was under investigation by a bunch of thieves, crooks. It was an illegal investigation.’”

The Atlantic

If you ask any former president how he regards his years in office, he will list his signature policies and major accomplishments. Presidents are strong ideologues, and they want to enact as many of their polices as possible.

For example, if you ask Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, how he regards his years as president, he would probably list his major accomplishments: rescuing America from the Great Recession, signing the Affordable Care Act, ordering the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden and ending the war in Iraq.

Trump is an amoral, apolitical buffoon who’s not really interested in enacting a conservative or liberal agenda, he’s only concerned with burnishing his brand and improving his popularity.

Trump is a blatant racist and his only political goals are to ban immigration, suppress the black vote, and protect symbols of white supremacy: Confederate flags and monuments.

I’m not surprised that Trump, the quintessential narcissist, said that he would remember his presidency by how badly he was mistreated. Trump collects grievances like a chipmunk collects nuts. A chipmunk with his cheeks bulging with nuts, that’s how full Trump’s mind is with grievances.

Trump has been mercilessly criticized by the press, pundits, politicians because he’s a racist, incompetent, unethical, immoral, and amoral buffoon. I hope Trump will have one more grievance to mull over: A landslide defeat of epic proportions to Joe Biden.

For The First Time In Its History ‘O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine’ Won’t Feature Her On The Cover

Oprah Winfrey is a Horatio Alger success story on steroids, born in abject poverty in rural Mississippi she became the richest African American of the 20th century and the first black multi-billionaire.

Her success extended far beyond her incredible financial wealth, she has been one of the most influential women in the world for decades and she’s the greatest black philanthropist in American history.

Oprah has shared her wealth but she has been loath to share the spotlight with anyone, her media empire is a cult of personality dedicated to spreading the splendor of Oprah.

Oprah launched O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine (Yes, that’s the official title) in 2000, and she has appeared on every damn cover.

In July 2020, Oprah announced that O Magazine will end its regular print publications after the December 2020 issue. On the upcoming September 2020, for the first time the cover won’t feature another photoshopped image of Oprah, instead readers will see a digital artist’s rendering of the Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old African American EMT who was fatally shot in her home by police executing a no-knock search warrant.

Really Oprah? Too little, to damn late. Instead of feeding your ego you could have featured a black victim of police brutality, a black entrepreneur, or a black civil rights leader every month on the cover of your magazine for the last twenty years.

Racist Trump is Now Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud! Racist Loser!

As President Donald Trump sees his ratings plunge because of his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, he’s become more desperate and he’s now saying the quiet part out loud. Dog whistles have turned into clarion calls for white supremacy, and the racist-in-chief is showing his true colors.

When the Trump administration rescinded an Obama-era fair housing rule last week, it justified the move as part and parcel of his campaign to do away with onerous regulations.

On Wednesday Trump said the quiet part out loud on Twitter:

“I am happy to inform all of the people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood.  Your housing prices will go up based on the market, and crime will go down. I have rescinded the Obama-Biden AFFH Rule. Enjoy!”

This is how Trump’s base of white evangelicals and white supremacists will interpret his tweet:

I am happy in inform all you good white folks who fled the violent cities to live out the American Dream in the safe suburbs that you will no longer be bothered by having low income housing that attract niggers built in your neighborhoods. Your housing prices will not go down because there will be no porch monkeys residing in your neighborhood. Enjoy, this is the perk of having a nationalist as your president.

“The 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule requires local governments to proactively ensure fair housing in order to receive federal housing funding. It was designed to give more teeth to the Fair Housing Act in combating segregation and was praised by civil rights groups at the time.”

Trump’s racist strategy will not work, suburban white women are turning away from him, as is the rest of America who hasn’t swallowed the Kool-Aid.

Trump Was Bored With the Coronavirus Pandemic Until His Advisers Told Him it Was Hurting ‘Our People’

“President Donald Trump was bored with the pandemic, seeing it — an average of 850 deaths, each day, since February — as a distraction from all of the ‘wins,’ from a new trade deal to a soaring stock market, he wishes he could campaign on instead.

But then senior advisers tried a new approach: they told the president that the coronavirus wasn’t just killing liberals in blue states, but hurting Republicans and could spread in swing states.

‘Our people.’ That’s the term one senior Trump administration official used in an interview with The Washington Post.”


Donald Trump thinks in terms of news cycles and viral moments, I’m not surprised he’s bored with a pandemic that lasts months, if not years.

Trump has the attention span of a colicky baby, and it’s almost impossible for his advisers to get him to focus on the existential crisis that is threatening to derail the Trump train.

Trump was tweeting and golfing while the coronavirus pandemic was raging out of control, he was totally unmoved with a daily death count in the hundreds. Trump’s handlers finally got his attention by telling him that the coronavirus wasn’t just killing liberals in blue states, but killing Republicans in red states as well. “Our people” is the term they used to get the attention of the stable genius.

Trump isn’t trying to expand his base to win reelection, he cares only about his people, his base of white nationalists, white evangelicals and uneducated rednecks.

The appeal to “our people” was genius and it worked, for a couple of weeks anyway. The idiot didn’t veer from the pre-scripted remarks in the teleprompter during his coronavirus briefings, and he took only a handful of questions from reporters. Trump even tweeted that wearing a mask was a patriotic responsibility to flatten the curve. (paraphrase)

Trump was back to tomfoolery on Twitter last night, retweeting a video that promotes hydroxychloroquine as a cure for the coronavirus, and disparaging wearing masks in public.

We’re screwed, a leopard never changes his spots, and Trump is going to continue to be fixated on tweeting, counting how many times he flushes the toilet, and watching cable news outlets while the pandemic decimates our country.

Trump Chickens Out, Won’t Throw Out First Pitch at Yankees Game

“After a weekend golfing at his New Jersey course, President Donald J. Trump backtracked on his announcement that he would throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium on Aug. 15. Trump cited his focus on the coronavirus pandemic and economy as the reason for his reversal, which came less than 24 hours after Yankees Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Hicks knelt during the national anthem in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustice protests going on across the country.

New York Daily News

Donald Trump’s strategy for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that has infected over four million Americans and killed almost 150,00 is to ignore it and hope that one day it will miraculously disappear.

Trump makes time to golf almost every weekend at one of his golf resorts, and when he’s in the White House most of his time is devoted to executive time: tweeting, watching cable news outlets, and counting how many times he flushes the toilet.

Yet Trump had the chutzpah to say that he won’t be able to throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium on August 15 because he’s too busy dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s horrific ceremonial first pitch before the Nationals-Yankees game must be weighing heavy on Trump’s mind. I seriously doubt the morbidly obese president can throw a ball the distance of 60 feet, 6 inches from the pitching mound to home plate.

The good-natured Dr. Fauci laughed off his wild first pitch, but the insecure narcissist Trump would be devastated if screwed up his first pitch and was ridiculed by the press and late-night comics.

The August 15 game will be played without fans in Yankee Stadium, and Trump wouldn’t have to worry about a large crowd booing him unmercifully because of the horrible way he’s managed the pandemic. However, he would certainly not be warmly received by the players, and they might even laugh at him if his throw falls somewhere between the pitching mound and home base.

You made the right move loser, just stay home and don’t tarnish the national pastime with your unwanted presence.

Trump Complains He Has to Flush Toilet a Dozen Times, I’m Not Surprised He’s Full of Crap

“There must be something seriously wrong with the plumbing in the White House or at Mar-a-Lago. For the past few months, Donald Trump has complained about having to flush “toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once” and showers, faucets, and dishwashers that didn’t work, to the amusement of his audiences and the evening talk shows. Last week, on the White House lawn, he again lambasted showers and dishwashers:

‘So shower heads, you take a shower, the water doesn’t come out. You wanna wash your hands, the water doesn’t come out. So what do you do? You just stand there longer, or you take a shower longer because my hair … I don’t know about you but my hair has to be perfect, perfect.’”


Nobody should be surprised that the short-fingered vulgarian often resorts to toilet humor to elicit laughter from an audience. The stable genius revels in the mirth produced by his toilet jokes.

Jokes are the funniest when they are based on truth, and Trump is so full of shit that I’m not surprised that he has to flush the toilet multiple times.

With the world going to hell in a handbasket, you’d think Trump would be worried about the economy tanking or the coronavirus surging in dozen of states. But the narcissist-in-chief jokes about what worries him the most: his toilet habits and the state of his hair.

It’s interesting that the stable genius thinks his hairstyle that defies the laws of physics and is an aesthetic nightmare is perfect. That tells you all you need to know about Trump’s relationship with reality.

There are a hundred and one important reasons not to reelect Trump, and way down on the list is that if Biden wins at least we know that he won’t be staring at himself in the mirror all the time, and he won’t need to flush the toilet a dozen times after every bowel movement.

Stable Genius Donald Trump Doesn’t Need Any Medical Experts at His Coronavirus Press Briefings

“Donald Trump gain held a press briefing focused on the coronavirus crisis, and he again went solo: No Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the White House task force on the pandemic, and no medical experts.

Asked by CNN’s Kaitlin Collins on Wednesday why they were not present, Trump said, ‘They are briefing me. I am meeting them. I just spoke to Dr. Fauci. Dr. Birx is right outside. And they are giving me everything they know as of this point in time and I am giving the information to you, and it seems to be a very concise way of doing it. It seems to be working out very well.”


Who needs medical experts in a presidential press briefing on the coronavirus pandemic when God has blessed us with a commander-in-chief who dispenses excellent medical advice such as swallowing Clorox as protection against the virus.

Who needs medical experts such as Dr. Fauci, the preeminent expert on infectious diseases, who has a penchant for boring laypersons with his reliance on science, statistics and facts?

Who needs medical experts who are terrified of the coronavirus and too cowardly to appear in public without their foolish and useless masks?

Thank God we have a stable genius in the White House who is unencumbered by science and empirical evidence and soothes a worried electorate by telling us that the coronavirus will soon miraculously disappear.

Thank God our president is a man of the people who doesn’t wear a mask and showers us with his spittle as wise counsel emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth.

Trump meets with his medical experts before addressing the nation, and rest assured that he listens to their jibber-jaber and then tells us what we really need to know.

It’s working out well, don’t you think?

If Trump Urged His Supporters to Wear a Kotex Pad Over Over Their Mouths to Fight the Coronavirus, They Would Comply

According to Donald Trump real men don’t eat quiche, they don’t put on prophylactics and they don’t don masks.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s premier infectious disease expert, and other members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force have repeatedly urged the public to wear masks, but Trump’s fanatical supporters have followed his lead by refusing to wear them.

After months of resistance to facial coverings, Trump on Tuesday urged Americans to wear them to help contain the coronavirus outbreak that’s raging out of control throughout the U.S, including many red states.

“We’re asking everybody that, when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask,” he said at White House news briefing. “Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they have an effect, and we need everything we can get.”

The pertinent question is how will Trump supporters react to his epiphany, eight months in to a pandemic, that wearing a mask will flatten the curve? After all, not wearing a mask in a grocery store, mall, or restaurant has become an act of loyalty to their false messiah.

I suspect that if Trump follows up his call for Americans to wear a mask in public by wearing them when he makes public appearances that his supporters will follow his example.

If Trump urged Americans to wear a woman’s sanitary pad over their mouths to fight the coronavirus and he wore a Kotex pad emblazoned with the presidential seal over his sphincter-shaped mouth, there would be an army of MAGA heads wearing sanitary pads covering their mouths.

Nancy Pelosi Says Trump May Need to be Fumigated out of the White House

President Donald Trump declined to commit to accepting the election results during his infamous interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

In fact, Trump is already laying down the groundwork for remaining in office if he loses to Joe Biden, by constantly peddling the conspiracy theory that mail-in voting during a pandemic will result in massive voter fraud.

Trump has the chutzpah to claim to believe in this conspiracy theory even though he, members of his immediate family and many of his most prominent supporters have voted by mail.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is having none of it, she warned that Trump should prepare to be fumigated out of the White House if he refuses to leave.

“Whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving,” Pelosi said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected president of the United States.”

Some of Trump’s hotels and resorts have suffered bedbug infestations, and no doubt the White House will need to be fumigated after four years of Trump and his rats and sycophants living and working there.

I would also suggest an exorcism to cleanse the People’s House from the sins of racism, misogyny and homophobia.

Our long national nightmare will soon be over, Joe Biden will win in a landslide and Trump is going to be kicked to the curb.

Trump Calls Dr. Fauci ‘a Bit of an Alarmist’ as the Coronavirus Pandemic Rages Out of Control

Noted medical genius Donald Trump (How can we forget his sage advice to inject disinfectants to kill the coronavirus) called Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s premier infectious disease expert, an alarmist as the coronavirus pandemic rages out of control in Florida, Texas, California, Georgia and many other southern states.

I guess noted historian Donald Trump considers Paul Revere “a bit of an alarmist” for yelling “The British are coming, the British are coming.” If not for the warning of Revere the unsuspecting colonists would have been wiped out by the British army.

Revere warned the colonists in Concord, Massachusetts of an impending attack, while Fauci is warning all of America about an enemy that is already here and killing tens of thousands.

Trump downplays the coronavirus out of political expediency, while Fauci warns Americans about COVID-19 out of concern for the public. Trump has referred to the raging pandemic as a “flu” and he has repeatedly insisted that it will miraculously disappear.

Is it any wonder that according to new polling from Quinnipiac University only 30% of registered voters say they trust the information that Trump is providing about the coronavirus and 65% say they trust the information Fauci I s proving about the pandemic?

Roger Stone Calls Black Radio Host a ‘Negro’! Stone is a Typical White Evangelical

“President Trump’s reprieved adviser Roger Stone called a black radio host a ‘Negro’ during a heated live interview Saturday — prompting the furious host to later tweet, I’m nobody’s Negro.

At the time, Stone was getting a grilling over the merits of his convictions for lying to Congress by Morris O’Kelly, known as Mo’Kelly, the host of a broadcast on Southern California’s KFI AM 640.”

New York Post

Roger Stone who has a penchant for orgies and a long history of engaging in the politics of personal destruction claimed to have given his life to Jesus some six months ago. Methinks that his conversion was a ploy to encourage white evangelicals to petition Trump to pardon him.

But maybe the conversion was real, because Stone is acting just like a white evangelical. Racism and evangelicalism go hand-in-hand, especially in the South. Stone called a black radio host a “Negro” when he was being grilled over his presidential pardon. Racism is right beneath the surface of your average white evangelical, and it doesn’t take much for them to show their true colors.

Lying and evangelicalism also go hand-in-hand, and Stone lied when the radio host admonished him for calling him a Negro. Evangelicals default mode is to lie when reality contradicts their misreading of the Bible. I bet after the interview Stone told his friends: How dare that nigger embarrass me!

When O’Kelly asked Stone why he called him a Negro he responded”

“I did not!  You’re out of your mind. You’re out of your mind.”

Stone denied uttering the racial epithet even though he did so in a live interview. Evangelicals deny Trump is a vain, racist piece of crap, even though his every utterance proves that my statement is on point. Stone’s spiritual growth is amazing, in only a few months he’s become an excellent example of what it means to be a white evangelical in the age of Trump

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Chris Cuomo Blasts Trump Over Photo With Goya Products

Donald Trump who has never bought a Goya product in his life, and most likely never will, posed for an Oval Office photo with an array of Goya Foods products because its CEO lavished praise on him. Trump has no reservations about cheapening his office by hawking products if the company’s CEO praises him.

Chris Cuomo’s response to this sideshow emanating from the White House was classic:

“You tell me how a president, in the middle of a pandemic, has got time for this bullshit?

Trump is so grotesque in his physical appearance, and most of all in his behavior and philosophy that he elicits a primal response. I can’t count the times I’ve shouted “bullshit” at the TV screen when Trump has told a whopper. I hope Cuomo isn’t reprimanded by CNN management for his very human response to Trump’s fuckery.

Maybe it’s a good thing Trump is ignoring the pandemic, or else he might have posed for an Oval Office photo with an array of Clorox products. I can just see the stable genius gingerly holding a cup of bleach with both of his tiny hands and instructing his followers to drink it to cure themselves of the coronavirus.

Chris you spoke for all of us, thank you for using your platform to register our absolute disgust with the racist pig in the Oval Office.

It’s Time to Change the Name of Lynchburg, VA

I was born in San Francisco, CA, perhaps the most diverse city in America; the City by the Bay welcomes people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations and religious backgrounds. I am proud to proclaim that I was born and raised in San Francisco.

Twenty years ago, for personal and financial reasons I moved to Lynchburg, Va. I was embarrassed when I informed my colleagues and friends that I was moving to a small city in Virginia called Lynchburg. That name has such violent, racist, and horrifying connotations.

The city was named after the city’s founder, John Lynch and was not derived from the crime of lynching. Heaven knows how many lynchings have taken place in the 234 history of Lynchburg, but it’s only in the aftermath of the modern-day lynching of George Floyd that some residents of Lynchburg have considered changing the name of their quaint little town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

I’m a progressive who was born in the city evangelicals love to call Sodom, and naturally I almost never agree with Trump supporter Jerry Falwell, Jr, the president of the evangelical mecca, Liberty University. But I say “Amen” to this press release from Falwell:

“I personally support changing the name of the city of Lynchburg. It’s been an embarrassment to Liberty University ever since we started. That was one of the reasons Liberty’s original name was changed from Lynchburg Baptist College to Liberty Baptist College in 1976.”

When even Jerry Falwell, Jr. calls for the renaming of Lynchburg, it’s time to change the name of Lynchburg to a name that doesn’t embarrass and shame its residents.

San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the world, but Lynchburg is also blessed with natural beauty and friendly residents. I’m proud to say that I’m from San Francisco and if Lynchburg changes its name, I will also be proud to say that I love in this charming city.

Link to petition to change the name of Lynchburg:

Roger Stone Finds Jesus, Must be the Same Republican Jesus that Trump’s White Evangelical Supporters Worship

“President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and campaign adviser Roger Stone says he was never worried about going to prison.

Just days before he was set to begin serving a 40-month prison sentence after being convicted of lying to lawmakers who were investigating whether Russia influenced the 2016 elections, Trump commuted his sentence.

‘Praise be to God. I was never nervous or worried because I had prayed so fervently for deliverance from my persecutors and I knew in my heart that He would Protect me,’ he told me.”


Roger stone is the quintessential political trickster, his hardball political tactics, blind loyalty to his clients and unbridled glee at the success of his politics of personal destruction ensured that there would always be Republican candidates lined up to avail themselves of his services.  

It’s a miracle that Stone’s Machiavellian politics and win at all costs mentality didn’t land him in prison, but he managed to avoid the Big House in his long career from working for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W Bush.

But it looked like working for Donald Trump, who makes Richard Nixon look like a Sunday School teacher, would finally get him imprisoned. Stone was facing prison time after being convicted of lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice.

Stone wasn’t worried about going to prison because in his own words:

“Praise be to God. I was never nervous or worried because I had prayed so fervently for deliverance from my persecutors and I knew in my heart that He would Protect me.”

Praise God Indeed, Stone knew that he would protect him, after all Trump had repeatedly hinted that he would pardon his loyal aide. I’m sure Stone who has a penchant for orgies prayed fervently to his false messiah to save him while clutching a rosary in one hand and a porn DVD in the other.

Stone claims to have given his life to Jesus some six months ago, and I suspect his “conversion” will have zero influence on the hardball and sometimes criminal ways he conducts business as a political consultant. After all, the white evangelical Christians who are Trump’s most loyal supporters, wax orgasmic at the evil machinations of their hero.

Trump Considered Selling Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria

“President Donald Trump considered the idea of selling Puerto Rico in 2017 after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria, the former acting Homeland Security secretary told The New York Times in an interview published Friday.”


Donald Trump did the bare minimum to help Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, besides tossing rolls of paper towels to a crowd of relief workers in San Juan. After all, the racist-in-chief probably calculated, “why give Puerto Rico millions in aid when they can’t express their gratitude by voting for him in the general election?” (Puerto Ricans like residents of the other four US territories do not have the right to vote in general elections.)

The racist Trump wanted to buy Greenland, which is a sheet of ice populated by Caucasians, but he wanted to sell Puerto Rico which is a beautiful island populated by Puerto Ricans.

Elaine Duke, who was serving as DHS’ acting secretary when the hurricane hit the island in September 2017, said that the stable genius told her:

“Can we outsource the electricity? Can we can we sell the island? You know, or divest of that asset?”

It’s a good thing that Trump’s aides, at least early on in his administration, ignored and didn’t follow-up on his insane suggestions.

I wish we could sell Trump to another nation, but who would pay good money for a steaming pile of shit?