Honest Politician & Wildfire Survivor Susan Gorin: ‘It’s Like God Has No Sympathy, No Empathy

“’I’m sort of numb at the moment,’ said Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin as she drove away at about 1 a.m. from her evacuated home in the Oakmont community on Santa Rosa’s eastern edge. All of Oakmont’s 4,500 residents were ordered to leave.

Gorin has lived this nightmare before. Three years ago, the Nuns Fire consumed her Oakmont home, which is still being rebuilt while she lives in another home in the same neighborhood. While fleeing to a hotel in Novato, Gorin contemplated the horrendous prospect that the same fate could befall her once more.

‘It seems surreal to me that we would be facing this again in some of the same areas that lost so many homes so traumatically just three short years ago,’ Gorin said. ‘It’s like God has no sympathy, no empathy for Sonoma County.’

But Gorin blames the worsening fire threat not on a heavenly cause but rather a human one: climate change.”

Beaumont Enterprise

This summer and early fall California fires have consumed almost 4 million acres, rendering a significant part of the state an apocalyptic wasteland.

In the aftermath of natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes and earthquakes shell-shocked survivors usually praise and thank God, specifically Jesus, for saving them seemingly oblivious that they are implying that the Almighty extended no such tender mercies to those severely injured or killed by the “Act of God.”

Survivors thank Jesus when they are interviewed by reporters, and only as an afterthought thank the first responders who risked their lives to save them.

If just one believer cursed God after nature’s wrath destroyed his home and killed his family members, it would reflect well on his humanity and give an unbeliever pause that maybe his faith has some validity.

Susan Gorin who has experienced the vengeance of Mother Nature more than twice told a reporter:

“It’s like God has no sympathy, no empathy.”

What an honest and human reaction, coming from a politician at that. A typical politician, whether he/she believes in God or not, would automatically invoke the Deity and ensure his/her constituents that Jesus would save the day.

I don’t know if Gorin is a person of faith or an atheist or agnostic, but I sure as hell wish she was the president of the United States instead of the racist buffoon who invokes God frequently to pander to his white evangelical base.