Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to a San Francisco Hair Salon Exposed Her Hypocrisy and Arrogance

Nancy Pelosi is 80-years-old, and let’s just say that despite Botox injections and plastic surgeries she looks like she needs the services of an embalmer more than she does those of a hairstylist or beautician.

Nevertheless, on Aug 31 she went to a hair salon in San Francisco, at a time when hair salons were still forbidden from operating due to restrictions in place during the pandemic.

We live in an age when security cameras are ubiquitous and they capture the peccadillos and serious crimes of the wealthy and powerful and well as those of the poor and powerless. Cameras captured Pelosi walking inside the salon, with her hair wet and her face uncovered.

It is the height of hypocrisy for Pelosi not to wear a mask inside the hair salon, considering she frequently berates Donald Trump for not setting a good example by wearing a face mask.

When Pelosi was unmasked as a hypocrite who thinks she is above the law, you’d think she would humbly apologize. Instead Pelosi claimed that she had been set up by the hair salon and demanded that the salon owner apologize.

Pelosi shouldn’t be immune from criticism by progressives because she’s a San Francisco liberal. I was born in San Francisco, and I am much more progressive than Pelosi, however I will condemn arrogance and hypocrisy regardless whether it emanates from a conservative or liberal politician.

Shame on Pelosi, she was set up by her own arrogance and sense of entitlement. By the way Pelosi, washing your hair does as much good as a skeleton polishing his bones.

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