As Trump Parade Boats Sink on Lake Travis, So Are His Polling Numbers

Several boats have sunk on a lake in the US state of Texas during a parade to support President Donald Trump in November’s election, officials say.

Authorities say the choppy water was likely caused by the large number of vessels moving closely together on Lake Travis, near the state capital, Austin.

Images showed boats with Trump campaign flags manoeuvring at close quarters.


The Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade is a perfect illustration of Trump’s presidential campaign, his reelection bid is sinking like the Titanic and only his fanatical base remains loyal to him. Trump has steadily been losing suburban women, senior citizens and Independent voters. The chickens have finally come home to roost and they’re crapping all over his chances of winning the election.

Authorities say the choppy water was likely caused by the large number of boats moving closely together on Lake Travis. Is anyone surprised that the Trump-supporting morons failed to practice social distancing?

It wasn’t the Antifa Navy or a nefarious Soros plot that caused this fiasco, it was stupidity and failure to organize. I would suggest that Trump’s supporters try something that is more up their alley, a Hoveround parade. These rednecks have more experience maneuvering around in mobility carts than they do piloting boats.

Many imbeciles had to be rescued from the choppy waters, but there were no fatalities or injuries.

Trump and his racist base better batten down the hatches, they’re in for a rough ride.

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