Jerry Falwell Jr’s Reprehensible Treatment of Russell Moore

“Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, tweeted, ‘The reports of the conditions for migrant children at the border should shock all of our consciences. Those created in the image of God should be treated with dignity and compassion, especially those seeking refuge from violence back home. We can do better than this.’

He posted the comments with a news report saying the government had moved hundreds of children from a Texas border facility after being detained in perilous conditions.

Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University and an influential evangelical voice, replied: ‘Who are you @drmoore? Have you ever made a payroll? Have you ever built an organization of any type from scratch? What gives you authority to speak on any issue? I’m being serious. You’re nothing but an employee – a bureaucrat.’”

The Washington Post

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A little background:

Russell Moore is an evangelical theologian, ethicist and preacher. Moore has spoken out against the display of the Confederate flag, he has called on evangelicals to support refugees, and he’s a leading Trump critic. In short, as a prophet of God he speaks truth to power and has compassion and love for the “least of these.”

Jerry Falwell Jr. is a lawyer, businessman and president of Liberty University. He’s never built an organization of any type from scratch, he inherited his fame, power and prestige from his dad, Jerry Falwell, best known as the founder of the Moral Majority. Junior is the most famous evangelical Trump sycophant, and instead of condemning Trump’s racism, profanity and amorality, he twists scripture to justify the president’s evil policies.

True to his calling Moore spoke out against the inhumane way asylum seekers are being treated, and pleaded for them to be treated with dignity and compassion.

Falwell in turn attacked Moore, arguing that he had no authority to speak on the matter because he wasn’t a wealthy entrepreneur. What kind of twisted logic is that, especially coming from an evangelical leader? By his reasoning Jesus Christ, who didn’t have a place to lay his head, was unqualified to be a public speaker.

I live on a fixed income and I’m not a theologian, but as a citizen of the United States and as a follower of the teachings of Christ I have every right to condemn the immorality and corruption of the Trump administration.

Falwell is an embarrassment to the Christian faith, and he’s unworthy to shine the shoes of a true man of God like Russell Moore.

Every true Christian should be condemning the cruelty and inhumanity of Donald Trump, and speaking out on the behalf of refugees and immigrants who come to our country to escape poverty and violence and to taste liberty and freedom.

White Evangelicals Like Mike Pence and Jerry Falwell Jr. Betray the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The last time Vice President Mike Pence spoke at Liberty University, he used the backdrop of one of the world’s largest Christian schools to vouch for candidate Donald Trump’s faith credentials during the 2016 campaign.

When Pence returned to the school Saturday to deliver the commencement address, his remarks were more personal.

Pence, who has been facing criticisms of his own religious views recently, warned graduates that they have to stay strong against the challenges they’ll get from Hollywood, the media and the secular left.

‘Throughout most of American history, it’s been pretty easy to call yourself Christian,’ Pence said. ‘It didn’t even occur to people that you might be shunned or ridiculed for defending the teachings of the Bible. But things are different now.’

USA Today

Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, was the first prominent evangelical to endorse the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

Ever since Trump and his lackeys have maintained a close relationship with Falwell and his university, so it wasn’t surprising that Vice President Mike Pence made a pilgrimage to the Mecca of White Evangelicalism to deliver the commencement address.

Pence warned the graduating class that they might be ridiculed for defending the teachings of the Bible. Jerry Falwell Jr. and his acolytes have been mocked and castigated by Hollywood, the media, the secular left and true Christians not for defending the teachings of the Bible, but for making a mockery of the teachings of Jesus Christ by supporting and enabling a morally degenerate president.

Pence, who was dubbed, a cheerleader for a porn president, by Mayor Pete is the last person on Earth who should be dispensing spiritual advice to graduates.

WWJD if He was the commencement speaker at Liberty University? He would rail against the university in the same way that he railed against the Pharisees. He would condemn them for turning their backs against poor folks, immigrants, prisoners and other social outcasts. He would condemn them for embracing the spirit of anti-Christ in the person of Donald Trump.

I beseech my readers to be like Jesus and condemn the anti-Christian spirit of Trump, Pence and other reprobated white evangelicals.

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Liberty University Grads Protest Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Sickening Support of Donald Trump

In the wake of President Donald Trump`s stunning Charlottesville remarks in which he embraced White Nationalists every section of our society has repudiated his blatant racism.

President Trump`s Entire Arts and Humanities Council quit.

Trump disbanded his Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum after a rash of defections by business leaders.

The following prominent Republican leaders have denounced Trump by name: Sen. John McCain, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Jeff Flake, Rep. Ed Royce, Rep. Leonard Lance, Former President Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney …

Military Joint Chiefs denounced Charlottesville racism.

Artists, business leaders, the military brass, and Republican leaders have criticized Trump`s bigotry in no uncertain terms.

Only evangelical leaders, who you`d think would be the first ones to condemn hatred, have remained silent.

Only one religious leader has stepped down from Donald Trump`s evangelical advisory board. Megachurch pastor A.R Bernard announced on Twitter Friday that “it became obvious that there was a deepening conflict in values between myself and the administration.”

In January 2016, Jerry Falwell Jr. became one of the earliest evangelical leaders to endorse the degenerate billionaire candidate, and he has remained steadfast in support of Trump through every scandal, every intemperate tweet and every contentious press conference.

After Trump`s outrageous, controversial and racist remarks about the Charlottesville White Nationalists` protest this is what Falwell tweeted:

Finally a leader in WH. Jobs returning, N Korea backing down, bold truthful stmt about #charlottesville tragedy. So proud of @realdonaldtrump

We expect our religious leaders to condemn racism and other moral diseases, and to urge their followers and indeed the entire nation to form a more perfect union.

Jerry Falwell Jr. may be a moral coward, but I take heart in the fact that a group of Liberty University (LU) alumni has condemned him for his continued alignment with Trump. Some LU graduates have vowed to return their diplomas to register their disapproval.

I urge my evangelical friends to join the rest of society in condemning hate speech, racism and bigotry.

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