Trump Went ‘Shi*house Crazy’ When First Step Act Failed to Improve Polling With Black Voters

“President Donald Trump reportedly ‘went s—house crazy’ after a criminal-justice policy he implemented failed to improve his polling numbers among Black voters.

Why the hell did I do that?’ Trump yelled at his senior aides, current and former administration officials told The Washington Post.

The legislation in question, called the First Step Act, aimed to tackle major racial disparities in the prison system that disproportionately affect Black people as a result of decades-long mass incarceration.”

Business Insider

President Donald Trump views all of his words and actions through the prism of how they will improve his reelection chances. Trump doesn’t care about blacks, gays and lesbians, immigrants or any other minority, he doesn’t even care about the Republican Party, he cares only about himself.

Trump is a blatant racist and he could care less about the issues of mass incarceration and racial disparities in the prison system, but he supported the First Step Act because he expected his action to improve his anemic support in the African American community.

After the implementation of the First Step Act failed to improve his polling number among black voters, he went shithouse crazy, yelling at his aides, “Why the hell did I do that”.

The First Step Act actually worked, since the bill passed in 2018, about 4,700 incarcerated people have been released or had their prison sentences reduced. But Trump judges his policies success or failure solely on how they benefit his reelection prospects.

In the 2016 election Trump received only about 8% of the black vote, and that figure remains largely unchanged despite his transparent attempts to curry favor with them by throwing crumbs at them. Uncle Toms the likes of Sen. Tim Scott and Dr. Ben Carson will always be a fringe element in the African American population.

The American public, including blacks, aren’t stupid, we haven’t forgotten Trump’s abysmal racist behavior: Charlottesville, the frequent attacks on black political leaders, his refusal to attend Rep. John Lewis’ funeral, and his condemnation of the Black Lives Matter protests.

We will remember Trump’s racism on November 3, 2020.