Cynical Republican Candidates Shift Position on Abortion as General Election Approaches


For decades evangelicals were on a mission from God to overturn Roe v Wade, and when the Supreme Court in the Dobbs vs. Jackson ruling held that abortion was not a protected right under the Constitution, overturning Roe, they erupted in jubilation.

For decades Republican politicians have railed against abortion in an effort to solidify their support with their evangelical base. They didn’t exactly praise the Lord and break out the champagne when Roe was overturned.

The fact is that Roe enjoyed wide support among most of the electorate, including many non-evangelical Republicans, and the banning of abortion is the worst thing that could have happened to the GOP.

Republican candidates across the country are shifting their position on abortion. They know how to read the political tea leaves and have moderated their position on abortion as they pivot from primaries to the general election.

Republican candidates who condemned a woman’s right to choose with evangelical zeal in the primaries have all of a sudden discovered nuance and compromise as they face off against their Democratic opponents in the general election.

Republican politicians were terrified when voters in Kansas overwhelmingly decided to keep abortion protections in their state’s constitution and a few weeks later, a House candidate in upstate New York won a special election in a competitive district by making abortion the top issue of his campaign.  

As the midterms quickly approach, I hope voters aren’t fooled by the Republicans’ shifting position on abortion born out of political expediency. If you believe in choice, vote blue this November.

Trump is Becoming Increasingly Unhinged as Election Day Approaches

In the midst of any presidential campaign truth flies out the window, and the candidates exaggerate their opponent’s weaknesses and inflate their own virtues. As election day draws nearer the candidates look like Pinocchio on steroids, and the commercials contain more lies and fantasies and less truth and facts.

Donald Trump is a pathological liar and he has spent the entirety of his presidency spouting outrageous lies and spreading wild conspiracy theories. Normal Americans are disgusted and horrified by his egregious lies and dangerous conspiracy theories, but his loyal base is inspired and energized by every lie and conspiracy theory that emanates from the sphincter-shaped mouth of their false messiah.

With the election less than two months away and Trump behind in the polls, he’s become even more unhinged and he’s relying even more on lies to energize his base and demonize his opponent. In recent days the stable genius has repeatedly warned about commercial flights to Washington filled with black-clad thugs intent on rioting, looting and shooting cops. In the last few weeks, the president has claimed Biden is controlled by “people that are in the shadows”, and that he’s fine with children being slaughtered. In an interview to be broadcast Saturday on Fox New he claims that the Democratic nominee is using performance-enhancing drugs to improve his mental acuity.

Trump’s base will have no problem believing that Biden is controlled by shadow people and that he takes steroids to improve his debating skills, after all these are the same lunatics who believe there’s a global cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles, including most of the Democratic leaders and most entertainers, who are determined to destroy his presidency.

These conspiracy theorists are not the majority of the electorate and Trump is destined to go down in flames on Nov 3, 2020. On Election Day Biden isn’t going to be surrounded by shadowy people and downing steroids, he’s going to be surrounded by his friends and family, drinking champagne and smiling beatifically.

Biden Doesn’t Need to Reach Out to Trump’s Base to Win Election

“Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that he likely will not be able to reach President Trump’s base, saying that some of the most committed of his supporters ‘support the notion’ of creating division.

The New York Post

Most of Trump’s supporters are evangelical Christians who have been programed to accept the ravings of televangelists like Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham as the Word of God and they have no problem accepting their false messiah’s mad utterances as Gospel.

Republicans supported Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush and George W Bush because they believed in their conservative ideology, but Trump’s devotees stand behind their man because they are transfixed by his bigger than life persona. His followers are more impressed by the Trump brand than they are by Republican orthodoxy.

It is next to impossible to persuade an evangelical to switch his allegiance to a mainline protestant church or to Catholicism and it’s next to impossible trying to convince a Trump cultist to vote for Joe Biden.

The only way Joe Biden will be able to read Donald Trump’s base is by denying his democratic ideals and tolerating the politics of division, racism misogyny, homophobia and xenophobia.

Biden shouldn’t make an effort to reach Trump’s base, instead he should denounce their bigotry and intolerance. Biden is wise enough not to sell his soul by making an outreach to Trump cultists who are anathema to everything the Democrat Party stands for.

As long as Biden remains true to the values of the Democrat Party, he doesn’t need the support of any MAGA morons to win the election.

Trump Will Try to Convince Us that his General Election Opponent Is More Corrupt Than He Is

In 2016, the amoral and utterly corrupt Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in no small part by depicting her as corrupt (Crooked Hillary) and tarnishing her with an email “scandal” that would have quickly dissipated had she dealt with it honestly and forthrightly.

Hillary had more baggage than almost any other presidential candidate in recent history, but she was a paragon of virtue compared to the reptilian Trump. The master of projection, convinced the electorate that he was less corrupt than Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton.

In his 2020 reelection campaign, Trump brought on his impeachment by bribing and cajoling the president of Ukraine to announce an investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter. There was no evidence that Joe Biden was guilty of any illegal activity in Ukraine, and there was no evidence that Hunter Biden was anything other than a slimeball who was profiting over his father’s name. Trump attempted to convince the American public that Joe Biden was a swamp creature and unworthy of the presidency.

Biden was nowhere near as corrupt as Trump was trying to portray him, but he was a presidential candidate with nearly universal name recognition, and not a scintilla of charisma and predictably his campaign soon went bust. It should be noted that this is Biden’s third presidential run and he has yet to win a single primary or caucus.

Trump shot his wad at Biden all for naught, and now how will he deal with the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, whether it’s the socialist Bernie Sanders, the billionaire Mike Bloomberg or the upstart Mayor Pete?

Just remember that Trump is a lying scumbag, and he will lie about his opponent in the general election. Bernie Sanders is a socialist and not a communist, Mike Bloomberg is a self-made billionaire and not the leader of an international cabal of bankers and Mayor Pete is a moderate and not a gay radical.