Trump Asks Federal Judge to Force Twitter to Reinstate His Account

When Donald Trump isn’t boldly asserting that windmills cause cancer, he is tilting at them. His latest exercise in futility is his attempt to intimidate a federal judge to force Twitter to allow him back on their platform.

Trump is a sore loser, witness his refusal to accept reality and admit that he lost to Biden in an electoral college and popular vote landslide. However much he may hate losing, he’s certainly had a lot of experience losing, especially in the legal realm. Dozens of his frivolous lawsuits against business rivals, celebrities and political opponents have been tossed out of court. The Trump campaign and allies filed at least 63 lawsuits during and after Election Day in an effort to reverse the will of the electorate, and they lost every one except for a relatively minor case.

Trump is alleging that Twitter is violating his First Amendment rights by censoring him. The pathological liar believes the First Amendment gives him the right to spread his false conspiracy theories and outright fabrications on every social media platform. Trump is as familiar with the Constitution as he is with the Bible, he has the misconception that the First Amendment protects his right to say whatever the hell he wants without limits. The First Amendment protects us against government censorship, a private company like Twitter can ban idiots and liars the likes of Trump.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a lawyer to know that no federal judge, not even one appointed by Trump, is going to force Twitter to reverse their lifetime ban of the short-fingered vulgarian.

The Big Loser is desperate to be relevant, he thrived on the instant gratification and instant feedback he received on Twitter, and he’s suffocating from the relative lack of attention.

Sorry Loser, you are destined to lose yet again in the courts.

Joe Biden: ‘I Give You My Word as a Biden’ Say What?

“I give you my word as a Biden: If you make under $400,000 a year, I’ll never raise your taxes one cent.

But, I’m going to make those at the top start to pay their share in taxes.

It’s only fair.”

Joe Biden September 26, 2021 Tweet

This tweet is patently false, the world’s largest bureaucracy, aka the federal government, can’t survive without ever increasing taxes and inevitably every president feels compelled to raise taxes.

According to the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation, every taxpayer in every income bracket will see a tax increase by 2023.

But today’s essay isn’t about Biden’s tax policies; I take issue with the first words of his tweet: I give you my word as a Biden.

I take every president’s words with a grain of salt, just like you can count on taxes going up every year, you can count on a politician lying as a matter of course.

I’m not comparing Joe Biden to Donald Trump, the short-fingered vulgarian took lying to an extreme level, unusual even in the realm of politics.

No president should preface his remarks with the words, “I give you my word,” that expression just serves as a warning that bullshit is about to ensue.

Biden would be well-advised never to utter the words, “I give you my word as a Biden”, It’s not as if the surname “Biden” is renowned for truth telling.

The only president who could attach his surname to a promise to be truthful was Honest Abe, every other politician is hardly Lincolnesque when it comes to telling the truth.

Biden is a hundredfold improvement over the lying peace of excrement Trump, but please Joe never preface a bold lie with the words, “I give you my word”.

Trump Declined Charity Challenge to Go Vegan for a Month, Claiming it Would Kill Brain Cells

“Former White House Press Secretary and Communications Director Stephanie Grisham writes in her upcoming book I’ll take your questions now that ‘a young boy started publicly challenging Trump to go vegan for a month in TV ads and on highway billboards’ around the new year leading up to 2020.

Ms Grisham adds that the then-president’s answer was ‘swift, and his tone was suddenly very serious’.

‘No, no. It messes with your body chemistry, your brain,’ Mr Trump said. ‘And if I lose even one brain cell, we’re f***ed.’”


Donald Trump looks like a pig, eats like a pig and has the indiscriminate palate of a pig, I can’t see the morbidly obese septuagenarian going vegan for a day, let alone a month.

The charity’s generous promise that they would donate $1 million to veterans if Trump agreed wasn’t enough of an enticement. Even if the charity agreed to donate $50 million to veterans if Trump abstained from meat for just one day wouldn’t convince the former president to be a good sport and accept the challenge.

Apparently, Trump thinks the toxic ingredients in fast food (Potassium Bromate, Propylene Glycol, TBHQ, Calcium Sulfate and Phosphate Additives) don’t mess up his body chemistry or destroy his brain cells.

But he believes that a healthy salad or a delicious been soup would mess up his body chemistry. Trump’s poor diet is evidence that he has precious few brain cells, we were fucked indeed when he was president.

Hero Smears Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star with Dog Feces

“Donald Trump’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been defaced yet again. The former president’s star, which has been vandalized multiple times, was recently covered with dog excrement.”


Donald Trump is the most despised former president since Richard Nixon, and his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has proven to be an irresistible target for his legion of haters.

His loathed star has been spray-painted with graffiti, crushed with a sledgehammer, attacked with a pickaxe, it has been assailed every imaginable way except with a miniature nuclear device.

So, I’m not surprised that Trump’s star has been defiled yet again, this time with dog excrement. Everything Trump touches turns to shit, it’s poetic justice that his star was smeared with canine feces.

The unknown individual will not be prosecuted for his patriotic action because what he did isn’t considered vandalism. If I lived in Hollywood, I would have my pooch drop a load on his star every day and twice on Sunday.

In insurance the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine is a tort law under which a homeowner may be liable for injuries to children who trespass on land if the injury results from a hazardous object that is likely to attract children. For example, if you have a trampoline on your front yard and a little brat in your neighborhood plays on it and cracks his head open, your ass is going to be sued, and you will lose.

Trump’s star should be considered an attractive nuisance for adults and nobody should face any penalties for attacking it with a sledgehammer or axe, and certainly not for having his pooch crap on it.

Trump Provides Commentary for Holyfield vs. Belfort Fight

The twice-impeached former president Donald trump memorialized the 20th anniversary of 9/11 not at Ground Zero, the Pentagon or in Shanksville, Pennsylvania but in a milieu where he is more comfortable: The Hard Rock and Casino in Hollywood Florida where he provided live commentary for the Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort fight.

The match between a 58-year-old Holyfield and the 44-year-old Belfort was a sideshow carnival act, and therefore it made perfect sense for a Barnum Bailey type con artist to provide commentary.

With his diminutive doll’s hands and corpulent physique Trump wouldn’t make much of a pugilist, he would float like a whale and sting like a bunny. But he used his platform to take a few jabs at Joe Biden, especially for his disastrous Afghan exit strategy.

Mercifully, Belfort defeated Holyfield with a first-round TKO, Holyfield might not have survived another round and I would have killed myself rather than endure another round of Trump’s insipid commentary.

The boxing exhibition was a perfect metaphor for the state of celebrity boxing and reality show politics.

Melania Trump as Elusive As Waldo Since Leaving the White House

“During her husband’s last day in office, Melania recorded her farewell address as first lady of the United States and stood by her husband’s side during his. However, the moment the couple landed in Palm Beach, Melania, dressed in a bold Gucci caftan, went viral when she refused to stop and pose for cameras and made a beeline for her car without breaking her stride, as detailed in the Daily Mail. It certainly seemed like she was over and out.”


Melania was the most reclusive and reluctant first lady in history, she rarely made a public appearance and she perfunctorily attended to her duties with the minimum of grace and enthusiasm.

Since departing the White House last January she has been as elusive as Waldo and as gregarious as the late Howard Hughes. She has been seen publicly just once this summer, leaving Trump Tower in New York City, accompanied by her son.

Melania would probably prefer to do a four-year prison term in a Club Fed prison than play at being first lady again.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is dying to return to the White House. He’s made several speeches and attended a handful of MAGA rallies since leaving office, without Melania by his side.

Melania has been negligent in her duties as a trophy wife, she’s not expected to love her husband, but she is expected to appear by his side for social and political events.

But Trump won’t divorce Melania because she’s already demonstrated that she’ll tolerate his racism, pettiness, serial philandering and downright demonic behavior as long as he doesn’t cut her off from his bank accounts.

If Trump runs for president in 2024 Melania will most likely be absent on the campaign trail, but that’s not necessarily a negative, after all during the 2016 presidential campaign she rarely appeared with him.

With or without Melania by his side, Trump will lose again if he runs for president again in 2024. America is sick and tired of the Trumps, every last one of them.  

Donald Trump Turns Down Kanye West’s Invitation to Join Him on Stage at ‘Donda’ Event

“The mercurial Kanye West brought out DaBaby and Marilyn Manson during a song at his listening party for Donda in his Chicago hometown, but according to reports, Ye also had another eyebrow-raising surprise guest in mind.

Reports are the controversial rapper-producer hoped to bring out former President Donald Trump during a set many already considered overcrowded.”

Yahoo News

The Kanye West listening party for his new album “Donda” in his Chicago hometown was a shitshow of biblical proportions. Sharing the stage with West was the notoriously homophobic rapper DaBaby and Marilyn Manson who has been credibly accused by several women of sexual assault. Even West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, was in attendance to enhance the decadence of the event.

Had the Christian rapper been able to persuade the twice-impeached disgraced former president Donald Trump to attend his circus, his listening party would have received the anti-Christ’s seal of approval.

West has been a loyal supporter of Trump, his coonery on his behalf included donning a MAGA hat and warmly embracing him. But with the short-fingered vulgarian loyalty is a one-way street, and since he was soundly defeated by Biden, he no longer needs West’s support.

Anyway, it’s unlikely that Trump would attend any event in city with a large African American population.

I wouldn’t attend West’s listening party if he raised Donda from the dead and she tap danced in honor of Trump. Vanilla Ice has more street cred and legitimacy as a rapper than Kanye West, and I’m going to have my own listening party: “Ice, Ice Baby” on a loop.

Two Septuagenarians in Succession (Trump & Biden) Elected President, Insanity

An op-ed in one of Britain’s largest newspapers has taken aim at Joe Biden, calling the 78-year-old president ‘exhausted’ and ‘too old’ to do the job.

The Daily Telegraph’s America editorial writer Tim Stanley—a conservative commentator—took aim at the president over his handling of the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and claimed he lacked the ‘necessary acuity’ to be commander-in-chief.


Stanley, a staunch conservative, may have a bias in his assessment of the septuagenarian’s inability to serve as president of the United States and Leader of the Free World. But I urge Democrats to take off their rose-colored glasses and objectively consider Biden’s cognitive decline and frail physical appearance.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that conservatives who lament Biden’s suspect mental acuity fervently support Donald Trump, 75, as their preferred presidential candidate in 2024. Biden and Trump are both in mental decline, the difference being that Biden is a gentleman whose moral values haven’t declined whereas Trump is an amoral monster who is as wicked as the day is long.

Stanley is correct in stating:

“Biden has simply exhausted his once formidable talent and energy, and attempts to pretend that he’s a spring chicken have become a bad joke.”

A 78-year-old man is simply physical and mentally ill-suited to handle monumental problems like the coronavirus pandemic and the evacuation from Afghanistan.

Two septuagenarians in succession have been elected president of the United States, this insanity must come to end. Congress should pass a law disqualifying a presidential candidate who will be 65 or older on Inauguration Day from running.

Trump Will Never Make a Serious Effort to Persuade His Followers to Get Vaccinated

The delta variant of COVID-19 is decimating the red states of Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Florida, and if Donald Trump cared about the health and welfare of his fanatical supporters, he would immediately hold a “MAGA Nation Gets the Vaccine” rally, where he would plead with them to get vaccinated.

Trump is the only Republican with the gravitas and influence to persuade his vaccine-hesitant supporters to get vaccinated. Like every dictator and cult leader worth his salt, Trump doesn’t have a second-in-command with the power to influence his devotees to take an action they find deplorable.

Newsflash: Trump doesn’t give a fuck about his supporters; they are disposable useful idiots who live only to serve him.

Trump and his wife, Melania, secretly received coronavirus vaccinations in January before leaving the White House, and in the weeks and months since he’s made only a couple of perfunctory statements to his people asking them to get vaccinated.

Bottom line: Trump will never make a serious effort to get his cultish followers vaccinated, and barring an edict from their Orange Messiah to do the right thing, they will never get the jab.

Therefore, the only way to persuade these Neanderthals into getting the shot is for employers, restaurants, sporting venues, grocery stores, amusement parks, airlines and shopping malls to enact vaccine mandates that apply to employees and customers,

Why Donald Trump is Furious at Rand Paul

The Grand Old Party isn’t a small-d democratic institution, it’s an authoritarian party that demands absolute allegiance to its Dear Leader.

Donald Trump not only lost the election in an electoral college and popular vote landslide to Joe Biden, but he also lost both chambers of Congress.

Nevertheless, Trump holds an iron grip on the Republican Party, it’s a cult of personality where no member is allowed to deviate from the Trump party line.

This week’s Republican primary in Ohio’s congressional special election was a case in point. There were nearly a dozen Republicans on the ballot: Trump endorsed former coal lobbyist Mike Carey and Sen. Rand Paul rallied behind state Rep. Ron Hood.

All of the Republican candidates, including Hood, were stalwart supporters and defenders of Trump, yet he was furious that Paul had the temerity not to follow his lead and endorse Carey.

An enraged Trump issued the following written statement:

“Do you think Rand Paul will apologize for spending nearly $1 Million on another candidate in Ohio’s 15th District congressional race after I had already endorsed Mike Carey? … Rand’s candidate came in a distant third out of eleven. Rand is a different kind of guy…. Do you think he learned his lesson?”

What’s the lesson that Paul is supposed to have learned?

Republican leaders aren’t allowed to think for themselves, they must blindly follow Trump’s lead. If their Orange Messiah anoints a candidate, it’s mandatory for every other Republican to second the endorsement.

The ‘Trump Card’ Worse than the Mark of the Beast

“Donald Trump wants his supporters to carry ‘Trump Cards.’

Trump’s PAC sent two emails on Wednesday asking supporters to get on board with carrying the red-and-gold cards, which look like credit cards and bear the former president’s signature.

‘The card you select will be carried by Patriots all around the Country,’ the first email said. ‘They will be a sign of your dedicated support to our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I’m putting my full trust in you.’”

Business Insider

As if the Dear Leader’s devotees needed to carry a Trump Card to identify themselves. I can see Trump supporters a mile away, considering they have a penchant for wearing MAGA hats and other Trump-branded attire. Their vacuous stares singles them out as MAGA cultists more than a MAGA hat or a Trump Card.

The Trump card is just another fundraising gimmick from the grifter-in-chief, clicking on a link to vote for your favorite design of the Trump Card leads to a fundraising page.

The Trump card is more evidence that being a Trump supporter isn’t about political principles or an ideology, it’s all about the worship of the Orange Messiah. The Trump card bears images that are similar to Nazi symbols, I can’t imagine a more horrible fate than being a card-carrying Trump sycophant. In fact, given a choice between being forced to carry a Trump card or being branded with the Mark of the Beast, I would beg them to tattoo 666 on my forehead.

Mark Meadows Says ‘President’ Trump is Meeting With His ‘Cabinet’

“Donald Trump may no longer be president, but his allies are still acting like he is as he plots his political comeback, saying he’s been taking meetings with his ‘cabinet’ officials in preparation for a potential 2024 presidential.

‘We met with some of our cabinet members tonight,’ Mark Meadows, his former White House chief of staff, told Newsmax on Friday.

‘We actually had a follow up member meeting with some of our cabinet members and as we are looking into that, we are looking into what does come next. I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the president, but I can tell you this: we wouldn’t be meeting tonight if we weren’t making plans to move forward in a real way with president Trump at the head of that ticket.’”

Yahoo News

It’s axiomatic that Donald Trump’s base is made up of gullible evangelicals, brain-addled rednecks, brainwashed QAnon cultists and other assorted riff-raff. They accept as Gospel the Big Lie that their messiah was cheated out of his election victory and that he’s still the legitimate president.

But many Republican congressional leaders and former Trump administration officials are also parroting the Big Lie.

They reside in an alternate universe where Joe Biden managed to thwart the will of God and cheat his way into the White House, and where God’s anointed will soon be reinstated to power.

Mark Meadows, the former Trump White House chief of staff, still refers to Trump as “the president.” Trump lost to Joe Biden in an electoral college and popular vote landslide, and he should be called “the former president”, “the twice-impeached ex-president”, or simply as “the big loser”, but he should never be addressed as “the president.”

Trump isn’t president and he doesn’t have a cabinet, what he does have is a motley crew of sycophants, fluffers and hangers-on. And they only thing they are discussing is whose turn is it to change the Big Guy’s diaper.

Trump’s Republican Support is Eroding

Like an old-time circuit rider evangelist Donald Trump is traveling the country, but other than his fanatical base no one’s paying attention to the circus. Even Trump-friendly Fox News doesn’t air his MAGA rallies and speeches to conservative audiences.

Trump’s evangelical base still worships their orange-tinged messiah, they still accept all of his vain babblings as the Gospel and they still promulgate all of his conspiracy theories.

The Dear Leader’s hold over congressional Republicans, especially House Republicans, remains secure. House GOP leaders regularly make a pilgrimage to his palaces in Florida and New Jersey. The two GOP representatives who actively oppose the Big Lie, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, are treated like lepers and apostates by their conservative brethren.

But the short-fingered vulgarian’s sway over Republicans at large seems to be diminishing.  Trump prides himself on the power of his endorsements to influence the electorate, he makes a Hollywood production over issuing endorsements. He acts like the Pope issuing Papal honors to the most devout Catholics. Trump’s anointed candidate in the special House election in Texas lost on Tuesday to another Republican, embarrassing him to no end. On Wednesday, 17 Republican senators voted to advance a bipartisan infrastructure deal that he had railed against for weeks. Every other week in the Trump administration was infrastructure week, and if Biden manages to sign an infrastructure bill into law it will devastate him.

Trump is still the undisputed leader of the Republican Party, and his base will remain loyal to their cult leader to the bitter end, but there’s enough erosion in his support overall to ensure that if he runs again in 2024, he will lose in a bigger landside than 2020.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump Are Too Damn Old to be President

Septuagenarian, soon to be an octogenarian, Joe Biden mocked 75-year-old Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Virginia.

Biden stopped mid-speech to drink from a glass of water. “Excuse me,” he said before putting the glass to his mouth using one hand in a none too subtle dig at Trump’s penchant for using his two tiny hands to hold a glass of water.

Biden’s schtick drew loud cheers from the crowd at the rally being held in Arlington, Virginia to support Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign.

But Biden doesn’t deserve any cheers, it’s a notable achievement he didn’t raise the glass of water to his ear instead of his mouth.

Biden, 78, shouldn’t be president, the old geezer oozing white privilege and entitlement, refused to gracefully step aside and let younger qualified Democratic presidential candidates battle for the nomination.

Biden is a quantum leap improvement over Trump, but let’s face it, they’ve both lost more than a step. Biden’s mental acuity may be suspect, but at least he’s not a senile, corrupt, obscene, dictatorial, amoral piece of shit like Trump.

The law should be changed to prevent anyone who would be 65 or older on inauguration date from running for president.

Trump Has Destroyed the GOP and the Evangelical Movement

It’s axiomatic that former president Donald Trump has taken over the Republican Party, even mainstream establishment Republicans pay homage to him.

Only a handful of congressional Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger refuse to bend the knee to the orange messiah, and they are determined to save their party from Trumpism.

Any Republican who doesn’t demonstrate unquestioned loyalty to Trump is treated like an apostate. Witness the sad example of Mike Pence, for four years his mouth was permanently affixed to his boss’s rear end, but his act of betrayal on January 6 – refusing to oppose the Electoral College votes that certified President Joe Biden’s victory – is the unpardonable sin for which there is no forgiveness in every future election.

Trump has not only taken over the GOP, he has taken over the white evangelical movement as well. Trump is the Dear Leader of the Republican Party and the Messiah of white evangelicals.

White evangelicals have adopted the temperament of Trump, and they are consumed with hating their enemies instead of loving their neighbors.

The truth that white evangelicals cherish more than any other is belief in the Big Lie that the election was stolen from their cult leader. When their delusion that Trump will be reinstated soon doesn’t pan out, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that some of the most devout among them might launch a violent crusade to restore their messiah to power.

Trump had done indelible harm to the Republican Party and the Evangelical movement, and I doubt that either organization will survive in the long run as a direct consequence of their infatuation with him.  

The Word That Best Describes Donald Trump is ‘Shitshow’

The latest additions to include a series of race- and virus-related terms, such as ‘Black Code’ and ‘long hauler,’ as well as increasingly common expressions like ‘yeet,’ ‘oof’ and ‘shitshow,’ the online lexicon revealed Wednesday.”


I will die without ever uttering the slang words “yeet” or “oof”, but I will probably die muttering the words “what a shitshow.”

Dictionary.Com defines shitshow as “a person or thing that is a total mess, failure or disaster.”

Urban dictionary defines shitshow as “a description of an event or situation which is characterized by a ridiculously inordinate amount of frenetic activity. Disorganization and chaos to an absurd degree. Often associated with extreme ineptitude/incompetence and or sudden and unexpected failure.”

If you look up shitshow in the dictionary you will most likely see a mugshot of Donald Trump.

During the four years of the Trump shitshow I often used a shit emoji to represent him. When I texted a friend an emoji of a pile of crap and the word “sucks”, they knew I was referring to the orange clown.

There is no substance or gravitas to Trump, he has the viscosity of dung. When an aide or a Cabinet member had the misfortune of having an interaction with the crappy Dear Leader, they felt defiled as if someone had just taken a shit on them.

A poop emoji is insufficient to represent the depravity and corruption of Trump, only the word “shitshow” used as a descriptor of the incontinent septuagenarian does him justice.

When you’re walking on the sidewalk and you step on dog excrement in ruins your entire day, but living in the age of Trump is like being caught in a shitshow downpour. The fecal matter that emanating from the Trump White House was unrelenting, and it ruined the last four years of my life.

America has suffered enough! We’re tired of this excrement! What do you do with poop? You flush it down the toilet. Time to flush Trump straight to hell.

Trump Tells Hannity He’s Made a Decision on 2024 Presidential Run

Donald Trump says he’s made a decision on a 2024 presidential run but declined to confirm whether or not he would actually launch another campaign.

Fox News host Sean Hannity pressed the former president if he had ‘made up his mind’ about a potential run – to which Mr Trump answered ‘yes’”.

Sky News

Donald Trump lives in the here and now, he cares about the current news cycle and today’s polls, and he has no worry about tomorrow, for there are Big Macs to be eaten today, porn stars to be screwed today, grievances to be addressed today and political opponents to be humiliated today.

It’s highly unlikely Trump has made a decision on a 2024 presidential run, and if he has, he will probably change his mind a thousand times before the next presidential election.

If Trump has made up his mind not to run in 2024, he won’t announce his decision until the last moment, because as long as he’s perceived as the as a likely 20024 candidate, donations to his Save America PAC will continue to pour in.

More importantly he’ll remain relevant and, in the news, as long as the public and the media think he’s running in 2024. We all know the only things Trump loves more than publicity are sex and money.

Let’s not forget Trump is a morbidly obese septuagenarian with a heart condition, it will be a miracle if he’s even alive in 2024. I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Trump will run, let alone win in 2024.

QAnon Followers Think They See Donald Trump in White House Window Reflection

QAnon and white evangelical Trump supporters believe he is a messianic figure battling devil-worshipping, pedophile Democrats who drink the blood of children they have imprisoned in caves and underground bunkers. They believe their Savior will free the children and execute the thousands of pedophile Democrats, Hollywood stars and Jewish bankers who belong to this Satanic cabal.

These cultist believe their hero will be reinstated in August 2020, and there’s a genuine risk they will attempt another insurrection once they realize Joe Biden won’t let Trump anywhere near the White House.

In the meantime, just like evangelicals who see the image of Jesus on everything from a sour cream and onion potato chip to a toast to a dirty window, MAGA cultists see their Dear Leader in all sorts of places including the reflection of a window in a photo posted on the POTUS Instagram page showing President Joe Biden inside the Oval Office.

These cultists are sharing this image supposedly showing their messiah in a window reflection on social media, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have circle jerks while they gaze at the photograph.

MAGA faithful are as big losers as Trump who lost in an electoral college and popular vote landslide to Joe Biden in 2020, and the epic loser won’t be back in the Oval Office on August 2020, January 2025 or ever again.

Fake Tickets to Trump’s Second Inauguration Circulate on Social Media

“While Joe Biden decisively won the 2020 presidential election, online users are still sharing a viral image of tickets for sale to the second inauguration of former President Donald Trump, without evidence Trump actually won the election.

The two tickets are marked on sale for $1,200 each, and Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are listed as headliners for the event.”


Online trolls and Trump supporters? are sharing a viral image of these bogus tickets on social media platforms, especially on Facebook. It goes without saying that anything presented as fact on Facebook should be taken with a grain of salt, an army of fact-checkers are unable to keep Facebook free from false conspiracy theories and outrageous lies.  

According to the fake ticket, the event is to be held “in front of the capitol steps” on Aug. 15, 2021. Thirty percent of Republicans actually believe Trump will be reinstated as president on that date, and a ticket scalper can make a small fortune selling these counterfeit tickets to members of Trump’s cult.

There won’t be a second inauguration of Trump on Aug 21, 2021 or on January 20, 2025 for that matter, four years of fuckery culminating in his incitement of the January 6 insurrection has diluted his support to the point that if he’s the Republican nominee for president in 2024 he will lose by an even bigger landslide in 2020.

Sorry to burst the bubble of white evangelical cultists but on Aug 15, 2021 Kid Rock will probably be shouting anti-gay slurs from some redneck dive and Ted Nugent will probably be singing “Jailbait” a song about his love for a 13-year-old girl in half-filled concert hall, but they won’t be performing on the steps of the Capitol for Trump’s second inauguration.

30 Percent of Republicans Believe Trump Will Be Reinstated August 2021

“A Morning Consult/Politico poll found that nearly 30% of Republicans believe Trump will be reinstated, which I assume means they believe such a thing is possible under the U.S. Constitution.


Civics 101: The only way a president who failed to win reelection can be restored to power is if he wins reelection in the next presidential election. There is no Reinstatement Clause within the United States Constitution or any other legal mechanism that allows for a defeated president to replace the duly elected president before his term expires.

Anyone with an elementary school education is aware of this basic fact of our democracy, so why do 30% of Republicans believe the twice-impeached Donald Trump will be reinstated in August 2021?

Trump has confided to his aides that he believes in the preposterous idea that’s festering on the internet that he will be reinstated in August. Trump’s base is a cult, and they accept as Gospel every pronouncement that emanates from their messiah. If Trump says he will be reinstated, then it becomes an article of faith for them to promulgate his nonsense.

Some of Trump’s white evangelical followers really believe there’s a constitutional way for their Dear Leader to be reinstated in a couple of months. But most of them know that the only way Trump can be reinstated if there’s another insurrection, and this time they are successful in toppling the Biden administration or if there’s a military coup.

Trump’s white evangelical supporters’ allegiance is to their cult leader and not to democracy or the rule of law, and they don’t have any reservations about using violence to overthrow a president who won in a popular vote and electoral landslide in a free and fair election.

We must always be on guard to protect our democracy from all enemies foreign and domestic. The threat of another January 6 type insurrection is very real, I hope this time our law enforcement agencies will be prepared to protect the Capitol and our democracy.

Title of Trump’s Memoir: Shit Happens

“Jimmy Kimmel thinks he’s found the title of Donald Trump’s memoir — and it came right from the ex-president himself.

Trump at the weekend continued to push his 2020 election lie when he told the North Carolina GOP convention that Republicans ‘had a great election, bad things happened, but we had a great election.’

‘That should be the title of his book, Bad Things Happened,’ cracked Kimmel on Monday.

Huffington Post

Kimmel is spot on “Bad Things Happened” perfectly sums up the Trump administration, although a more Trumpian title would be “Shit Happens.” Shit definitely does happen especially when an amoral, ineffectual and corrupt shithead becomes the Leader of the Free World.

“Shit happens” is a colloquial phrase that expresses the existential, and some would say pessimistic observation, that shitty things happen to people not due to karmic or divine judgement, but for no particular reason.

Even the most optimistic person expects to step on dog crap every once in a while, but nobody was prepared for the shit storm that was the Trump administration. Shit happened as in Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic resulted in over half a million deaths. Shit happened as in Trump’s refusal to concede defeat and his promulgation of the Big Lie incited an insurrection. Shit happened as in White Nationalism was not only tolerated but glorified in Trump’s authoritarian regime.

The functionally-illiterate Trump won’t need a ghostwriter for his memoir, anyone with a third-grade education could write his book: It was the best of times for racists, it was the shittiest time for everyone else. Everything I touched turned to shit, and I turned the world’s greatest democracy into a shithole country. Shit happened every day of my administration, and even now I’m still stirring up shit.

Trump Will Never Be Reinstated and White Evangelicals Will Never Be Rehabilitated

Most Americans view Donald Trump as a demented demagogue who refuses to accept reality and admit that Joe Biden won in an electoral college and popular vote landslide. The twice-impeached former president believes he will be reinstated as commander-in-chief by August.

Trump in not alone in his delusional beliefs, about 35 percent of the electorate is convinced that their orange messiah will be restored to power before the next presidential election cycle in 2024.

Every time I see Trump deliver another disjointed and incoherent speech riddled with lies and conspiracy theories, I wonder how can anybody in his right mind believe that this clown who puts on his pants backwards and is too obstinate to change his diapers will be reinstated as president?

The answer is that white evangelicals and QAnon adherents aren’t in their right minds, and they really believe in the Big Lie and are persuaded that Trump will become president again in the near future.

Johnny Enlow a self-proclaimed evangelical prophet is one of these deluded fools; he believes that God will bless those who refuse to back down from their support for Trump.

Enlow uttered this nonsense:

“It’s not sufficient just to say, ‘Hey I worship God. I’m totally sold out to God or to Jesus. It’s been clearer than ever…. Who’s being advanced and blessed and ministries that are advancing and blessing and who I see in increased anointings, they’re seeing more favor, they’re seeing more revelatory, are people who didn’t back off Trump.”

It’s clear that Enlow and his white evangelical brethren worship the crass and amoral orange messiah and not the kind and loving Jesus of the Gospels.

Trump is leading his white evangelical followers to spiritual and political ruin. There’s no way in hell Trump will ever be reinstated and there’s no way the evangelical brand will ever be rehabilitated.  


Trump Man Up and Admit You Wear Diapers

Former President Donald Trump returned to the stage on Saturday night, delivering a speech at the North Carolina Republican Party State Convention, the start of his summer MAGA concert tour.

Trump’s widely anticipated speech was a bomb of biblical proportions, his low-energy delivery barely elicited cheers from the North Carolina party officials. The much-hyped event wasn’t carried by any of the major cable news outlets, not even the Trump-friendly Fox News.

Twitter was in a meltdown after Trump’s address, but of course folks weren’t discussing the substance of his disjointed, incoherent discourse, they were tweeting about the former president apparently having his pants on backward while he addressed the crowd. To my untrained eye it seemed like the moron had his pants on backwards, I could see no zipper and no creases, but according to Snopes.Com he managed to put on his britches on the right way.

I will defer to Snopes the ultimate arbiter of truth on the matter of whether or not Trump had his pants on backwards, but nobody will convince me the senile septuagenarian wasn’t wearing diapers. Any mother who’s dressed a toddler, and every nurse who’s dressed an Alzheimer’s impaired adult noticed the bulge in Trump’s crotch. I’ll bet my life savings against a dollar that Trump’s diapers were full of crap.

Trump is such a monster that he can’t be humanized but if he admitted that he’s incontinent and wears diapers perhaps it might lessen the hatred we feel for him. Many of Trump branded products like Trump vodka, Trump steaks and Trump bottled water have failed miserably, but if he sold Trump diapers, they would outsell Depend diapers before you could say, “Trump is full of crap.” After all, many of his supporters are aging baby boomers who would love to express solidarity with their messiah by donning Trump diapers. Trump be a man, and admit that you wear diapers!

Donald Trump Shuts Down His Blog After Less Than a Month

Donald Trump may brag incessantly about how much he is winning, but the fact is that he’s on a decades-long losing streak.

Trump campaigned for president promising that his success as a businessman would translate into a success as a politician, but he turned out to be an even worse president than he was a real estate developer and businessman.

The list of Trump’s failed business ventures is long and it encompasses decades of incompetence and ineptitude: Trump Airlines, Trump Magazine, Trump Mortgage Company, Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Casinos, Trump Vodka, and perhaps his biggest failure: his humiliating 2020 presidential landslide election defeat to Joe Biden.

And now you can add another devastating humiliation to Trump’s litany of failures: the premature demise of his blog called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.” The former King of Twitter launched his stillborn blog after he had been permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook.

How the mighty have fallen! When he was president Trump used his tweets to dominate the news cycle, ridicule celebrities, keep Republican congressional leaders in line, intimidate political opponents, and incite an insurrection.

But Trump’s blog wasn’t getting any traction, nobody was up in arms over his latest blog post, and so in frustration and despair he pulled the plug after less than a month.

Donald Trump Remains a Threat to our Democracy

Donald Trump lost in an electoral college and popular vote landslide, refused to concede defeat and promoted the Big Lie that the election was rigged. He then incited an insurrection that ended America’s long history of peaceful transitions of power.

You’d think that a president who mocked the rule of law while he was in office and did everything to undermine his successor who won in a free and fair election would be anathema to citizens of the greatest democracy in the world.

Indeed, Trump is despised by reviled by most Americans who recognize the indelible harm he did to our democracy during his tenure, and he is destined to go down in history as the worst president in our history.

But roughly 40 percent of the electorate sees Trump as a martyr, a savior and as the legitimate president of the United States. Why do so many Americans who are taught from kindergarten the supremacy of democracy idolize an authoritarian leader who undermined the pillar of democracy, the ballot?

Because Trump’s base, white evangelicals, value Christian nationalism over a constitutional democracy, and they worship their orange messiah who feeds them the red meat of racism, misogyny and homophobia over a rational politician who appeals to our better angels.

Trump is not one to go gentle into that good night, unlike every president who lost reelection he hasn’t kept a low profile, on the contrary he’s doing everything possible to undermine the presidency of Joe Biden.

Even though Trump has been banned from the most popular social media platforms he still has a loud voice in politics and popular culture, and we’d be well-advised to prepare for the prospect of him running again in 2024.

Democracy is a fragile thing, and we must constantly defend it with our voices and with our votes. Joe Biden is doing his best to restore our democracy, but Trump remains a threat to our democracy.